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Inventors Launchpad Approach

The proven Inventors Launchpad approach has changed the face of product development forever. Our focus is on speed to market and product viability with an approach that gives our clients the best opportunity of reaching the marketplace and recouping their investment. We invite you to contact us and learn how Inventors Launchpad can help move your ideas forward.


Product Development

Whether you are a start-up inventor or an established company, Inventors Launchpad’s Product Development team brings its own unique perspective to the development process. We integrate innovative and creative designs while remaining cognizant of budgetary and end-user requirements. Our ultimate goal is to give you a marketable product at the lowest up-front cost.


Product Launch and Distribution

Our Product Launch team of multi-line reps, brokers, distributors, licensing partners and investors give our clients the greatest opportunity for a successful launch. We understand the ultimate goal is to sell your product and make money. Inventors Launchpad is tied directly to your manufacturing giving us the incentive to sell your product. We make money when our clients make money.


Global Sourcing and Manufacturing

Inventors Launchpad Global Manufacturing team understands the nuances of domestic and international manufacturing and logistics and can ensure products are manufactured and shipped anywhere in the world. We have team members qualifying and monitoring manufacturing facilities globally ensuring the quality of products through delivery.


What our clients have to say

Inventors Launchpad kickstarted my product and took it from a homemade prototype to a finished retail product in just three months.

Lee S. , Product Development

My 30 minute consultation was more educational than two years of my own research and work.  It was a great experience.

William T. , Inventors Roadmap

The guys at Inventor Launchpad dropped my manufacturing cost by 30%, helping me reach the price I needed to get a deal done.

Lori H. , Manufacturing

Within a month I had my product in front of buyers and distributors from all over the country.  I couldn’t have done it without them.

Mark L. , Distribution