With over 40 Years of Experience in the World of Licensing and Product Development David Lieberstein is the “Dream Product Guru”

Meir Ezra, Founder Guaranteed Prosperity
International Business Man and Philanthropist Meir Ezra Guarantees He can give you the Knowledge and Training You need to Succeed.
February 22, 2017
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February 28, 2017

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David brings a unique, informed perspective with over 42 years of experience in product development, manufacturing, licensing, wholesale marketing and retailing. He has a strong understanding of all aspects of the marketplace and have established long term relationships with factories around the world.

David founded a number of companies including national wholesale gifts, regional sales agency representing 25 vendors and a retail outlet store. Total sales for these companies over the years total more than $100 MILLION.
His passion and expertise in business include product development, overseas production, marketing strategies, art direction, and licensing negotiation. He has traveled extensively throughout Asia and Europe working directly with suppliers as well as attending major trade shows in Canton, Hong Kong, Frankfurt and domestically.

​Companies that David has founded over the past 40 years include:

Wine Things Unlimited

For over 25 years, he created wine accessories and houseware products for the national wholesale marketplace with over $60 Million total sales. He licensed artwork from major brands including Monopoly, Scrabble, Looney Tunes, Star Trek, Cirque du Soleil and unique artists for our products. In addition, my regional sales agency produced over $35 Million in sales with 15 vendors displayed in 30 booths at the local San Francisco trade show.

Grapevine Press was an earlier venture focused on notecards and printed products with a wine theme. ​

Visual Creations was his first company started when he was 17 years old specializing in photographic and whimsical greeting cards. He had the opportunity to act as a licensing agent for two key artists in the U.S. and Japan with licensing sales over $50 Million.

Podcast Notes

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0:00hi everyone and welcome to inventors 0:04launchpad roadmap to success i am your 0:08host carmine danisco and today on the 0:11launchpad we have a true enterpreneur 0:15this gentleman is at the highest level 0:18of business 0:19he's a business owner he is an 0:22international entrepreneur when I say 0:24business owner we're talking about 0:26multiple million dollar businesses here 0:28he's a software developer 0:30he's also a consultant for many of the 0:32top tier fortune 500 companies that you 0:35hear about any news and the great thing 0:38about what this guest has done is his 0:41philanthropy has going in excess he has 0:43switch peers and he's really trying to 0:45help the small team is business owner by 0:49giving them knowledge experience through 0:51his events in different ways of 0:53educating people 0:54his name is Mary Ezra and I think I have 0:56more on the line right now hey Mary over 0:57there 0:58yeah hi how are you good man thanks for 1:01being on the show today I really 1:03appreciate you giving up sometime I know 1:05you're busy i know you do a lot of 1:06traveling through your processing your 1:10new business that you are working with 1:12and I want to go over you heard my 1:14little intro to you i'm sure i left some 1:16things out maybe you can give us a 1:17little bit of background and what you 1:18have going on 1:19yeah so I've blending it in travel time 1:23is ready but I mean it wouldn't even ask 1:26me when you leave i say one thing that 1:27might get on the airplane i really like 1:33to slide you know something that i have 1:34signal i have ground thickness I don't 1:37know why we know we come to get see 1:39people black and have businesses all 1:44over the world and their mean I'm doing 1:46very very well may I started a industry 1:50only by all the varieties i was there a 1:52diver i was approached by sure you need 1:55six years into the saris a travel for 2:00here is not because today very nice bare 2:03minimum and then i started my first 2:06company of the software company and it 2:09was in all the night success 2:11and that led to more companies or 2:13companies and dropped my life I despite 2:17all the texts that i had always thought 2:20of that people have some kind of the 2:23weird idea they thought that the 2:26difficult to become rich and i thought 2:30that was difficult before I think and I 2:37couldn't get them differently not really 2:39difficult to be reaching me that's 2:41enough that was tricky part was because 2:45what what what do you mean because we 2:46already started to pick up lately 2:48what does this mean you need to go with 2:51three curators get me those something 2:54back there is nothing different comes 2:56with you be there 2:57wow I think the visions of in when 3:01you're when you don't have all that 3:04difficult 3:06so someone why is it so difficult 3:09because it is short 3:11it doesn't make sense to be 4y shocked 3:14many people don't like it a lot of drama 3:20and because i have a lot of like they 3:22are you guys going to that and I look 3:25there if you want alright okay let's 3:27decide that we can accomplish them well 3:30and this is not one of them 3:32moderation and then said not this is 3:34very heart of the world life is hard for 3:36you need to find really reason for the 3:41property line there is reason if you do 3:43it is not including the situation in 3:46your situation and likely pass to be 3:49something that you can do and that's 3:52Mike to rule anything i heard was can I 3:56do it and we control the future 4:01ok 4:13rewinding why people don't like it 4:17Wow and he got to power it is soft 4:22single electric field problem with me is 4:25too simple people say not a nice not 4:28gonna have to be complicated i can not 4:32obligatory nothing in reality you have 4:36to be Queen all the great things simple 4:40wow so so and i don't i know that you 4:45work with a lot of business owners 4:47there's no doubt in my mind and i know 4:48that i meant you as you said I hear 4:52you're traveling and mom we had dealt or 4:55work with one of your students and one 4:57of them people out of going to several 5:00your events and with the jobby on the 5:03show in and through your series and 5:05through your teachings what you see is 5:08one of the main issues that are stopping 5:11people from being successful 5:12yeah so I think this is a good time to 5:16visit overall reason why 5:19yeah there is these two partial people 5:22some people think that they just don't 5:24know something and something that a not 5:29so these people think that they don't 5:32know try to grow and learn and the 5:34gospel eastbay instance I mean I've been 5:36reborn and this and this and descended 5:38on incorrectly the end up to a much a 5:41tour there 5:42ninety-nine percent of people that call 5:45me not make a lot of money and the end 5:49up tour was beside ya is this effect 5:54it's not an opinion its effect that 5:56actually complete the second part of 6:00that is some people say that I know 6:02everything 6:03no I'm teaching any decks their cousin 6:06seminars we don't try to learn and they 6:07also have 6:10so because the two kinds of people so 6:13what's the problem the problem is 6:15actually not what you know probably not 6:18what you want 6:19the problem is what I call fake reality 6:23but its fake reality is a piece of a few 6:27hundred percent sure that is true but 6:31when you're right it doesn't bring the 6:33expected result you are sure that if you 6:40talk like that to your wife she was like 6:42hey well and you operating on another 6:45aircraft you know in the invention 6:50business and that's why I think that 6:51what you do is so applicable to our 6:54business in the invention industry is 6:57because over the years and inventor has 6:59convinced themselves that they're doing 7:01the right thing and that's why it's so 7:03important I wanted to bring you on 7:05because i really see that happening in 7:07our industry 7:09yeah it 7:13yeah it's part of it yeah i think 7:18there's a better connection 7:20yeah it's pretty we're losing 7:21back-and-forth hopefully we'll be okay 7:23it's not a big deal it happens you're in 7:26there don't ever let me put me so so 7:33yeah that's why what your teaches so 7:35applicable to the invention industry is 7:38that we see a lot of events and to 7:40believe that they know a little bit 7:43thing but they don't have any actual 7:44experience is what you're doing and yet 7:48why what you're doing and what you're 7:49just takes what you're just explaining 7:51is so important for people to realize 7:55and they need people to help them get 7:57over that I was what i would think yeah 7:59they need people to help them but they 8:02need people that can breathe results so 8:05you know my company's conferencing 8:07prosperity why because I'm going 8:09p the results i think that everything 8:12coaching training is much like selling 8:15cars or chocolate or anything if you got 8:19well they're or a-and 8:22supermarket and the chocolate is bad you 8:25will get the money back 8:26yes why in the coaching industry that 8:31you got the seminar and instead you 8:33don't get your money back that your life 8:36don't be fine the result at the 8:39beginning i say that has to be fine at 8:42the beginning I need to tell you this is 8:43what you're buying 8:44and if you don't get it dad you will not 8:48raining 8:49because it's almost any industry like 8:53that other than the cotton industry is 8:55not documenting and that's why when 8:57people call and start to study of 8:59seminar we need the ending up in a worse 9:03position quite interesting so first of 9:07all you need to find the cost for a 9:09feature that can bring you results and 9:14the teacher is responsible for your 9:18results if I teach you how to live and 9:21you Mac accident i'm the best teacher 9:24you are not a bad driver huh 9:28now i understand that that is true yeah 9:30it's my job to make you finally managed 9:34to see if you have a better future 9:36oh I i agree i agree in that sense do 9:40you ever run into people that and and 9:42you probably see this and that's why I'm 9:44you do what you do with your experience 9:47how hard is it to really break through 9:49sometimes with some of your students 9:51actually i started tens of thousands of 9:57photos i can say that ninety seven and a 10:01half percent of the people it's like 10:03factor 10:04not if you're not obligated killer this 10:06thing that except with more if you not 10:09be its mother because really it's like 10:13anything if he said if an engineer be 10:17the bridge and the bridge collapse when 10:19you take a break because it's not quiet 10:24here in order to soup way if I teach you 10:27a nice build a student that supposed to 10:30become more able and then you're not my 10:32father 10:33it's my problem i did not teach now it's 10:38not your problem 10:40it's not the problem of the reach never 10:42have some pretty exactly the the 10:46students that you see that come and I 10:48know that they they come in from all 10:50over the world 10:51what kind of industry user or what is 10:54the issue that they are facing usually 10:57yes actually be very interesting to know 11:00that being used 11:02it is not different between all of model 11:07and the differences are minor 11:08ninety-nine percent or businesses this 11:13structure is exactly the same is one 11:16percent of different one percent of 11:18jeans but 99 percenters December what's 11:22the problem 11:23it means you can think about it moves 11:25like pressing start 11:27yes that you've got stuff you got from 11:29from that number one and number two 11:32three four five and then we need to move 11:36somewhere it is Andre successful have 11:40seven steps always always service that 11:43never and never anything else 11:46now each has a very specific knowledge 11:50and from what you do in order to jump to 11:54the next step now must learn about one 11:59step which is the technology they know 12:02they become technological growth they 12:05invest 10 years 20 years and they become 12:08the best in the area that engineer of 12:11the best marketer or the red something 12:13but this is only one out of seven which 12:17means they have fourteen percent chances 12:20of success if there are the top of the 12:23thought in the profession and humans are 12:26not have more or less than percent of 12:28success and this is what we see in from 12:31every hundred company your 10 companies 12:34that actually we got last the first idea 12:37because they learn only one that if you 12:40did moment or 71 by what you want 12:44step number one you want to stand on it 12:48you establish anything you do two then 12:50three then four you will succeed need 12:53Marshall have step number one which is 12:56they need a technology the product ok 12:58they tried to jump to step number seven 13:01which is with optical and it in correct 13:05it will never be successful am anybody 13:09be time to be successful it happened 13:12with one because of one of two things 13:14either the Analects filling out any 13:17cheating going on which is ninety 13:21percent of the successful company is 13:23found they didn't they thanks that she 13:26had a bride is it something has been 13:28ever invent percent he better Jennifer's 13:33google TV job he misses its not involved 13:37in anything you want with evil meant 13:39yeah yeah it's like irrelevant but i 13:43believe that one of these are like me 13:45and you're almost people we are not 13:47depend ng maaga we need to learn the 13:51steps if you know the sex you look 13:54better than the Jews i agree building 13:59it's like building a strong foundation 14:00on each step you need to be able to 14:03learn it and you learn it so well that 14:05even if you fall back you were able to 14:07keep building up 14:08yeah I how I describe it is like a 14:11series of calling yes and what people do 14:15you turn the first called wheels and you 14:18started this varies and respect money do 14:20but if you tried to jump the first 14:23government tries to turn the last one 14:25impossible that's what it's trying to 14:29the meeting call them in the middle of 14:31the jumping Congress and then tried to 14:33turn the last month 14:35it's impossible impossible it's like 14:38getting a car in 6th gear and find the 14:41value it's not going to work mean and it 14:44sounds like there's you know if you take 14:47the steps the right way it's actually 14:48easier more enjoyable to run a bit 14:50business because the business is running 14:52without you it's actually going to be 14:55successful and you're asking me 14:58yeah actually what they said is that 15:00happiness three reference for success 15:02you three records for success if you're 15:06not happy and I'm going to be successful 15:08it's weird budget backed up but the 15:10twinkies does only want your successful 15:13and something will be happy 15:15I more step and allow you to be 15:18successful about something and then you 15:21are happy and then you can go to the 15:22next thing you'll be successful 15:25what happened to the prerequisite for 15:27success and you need to study the law 15:30enough step that you can be successful 15:33so you can be happy because the only way 15:35for you to be happy is by a professional 15:38happiness and celery salt of success so 15:43I just want i want to step back a little 15:45bit so i know that you again are you are 15:47very successful you have many successful 15:50businesses where did you see that you 15:52wanted to be this philanthropist because 15:56you at some point you must have just 15:58decided I've accomplishes this now i 16:01want to do this or did you see that need 16:03because it was affecting your businesses 16:05that the people that you were bringing 16:06on board really weren't well educated or 16:09didn't have the knowledge to help your 16:10business grow or something you just saw 16:12that you saw a need and wanted to help 16:14out 16:14yeah i think it's wrong for the 16:16beginning all the way from the moment I 16:19remember myself I had this fascination 16:22that I really enjoy everything more when 16:26I help than when people okay you're not 16:30even with my wife his girlfriend time I 16:34have more enjoyment when she was happy 16:37then when our I waiting one that will be 16:40happy always 16:42I said that helping is the most popular 16:45thing to do now in order to be able to 16:47help someone else you need yourself to 16:49be solved 16:50you cannot help if you are weak yourself 16:54if you cannot send them something you 16:56cannot save someone you need to have a 16:58grand send-off 17:01and I knew I knew that I want to help i 17:03knew i wanted to help and then sure if I 17:06started to be a link to be successful i 17:09tried to help people on me and then more 17:12comfort successful tomorrow we like that 17:15only tell you that front of them have 17:17you been how many people you can help 17:19what actually help 17:21that's the value not how much money you 17:24have my help you can form of how much 17:27anything it's nothing about you if you 17:31want a cool successful happy life help 17:36other people and somehow doesn't make 17:39sure legal mechanism of how you will get 17:43suspect it is really actually if you 17:46think about it your person and let the 17:49UM Eric of you you're beginning your 17:51nature that same amount of classes and 17:53life in you 17:54ok now when you do something with you 17:57keep away at the moment that you people 18:01wait for us to become more minus and he 18:03forced everyone doing actually 86 18:06everyone logically if they want to if 18:09they don't want the only thing that 18:12prevented is when you give the class if 18:15you think about I want something you 18:16actually that moment give miles away and 18:19you become an advocate it actually 18:23mechanically electromechanical menu you 18:27can measure it on a person is definitely 18:31now when you do that you get people 18:34closer to you when you give a class away 18:37and first-time user the last to get 18:40closer to you and he becomes shopping 18:42reports of you 18:44so now when you give the class to get a 18:46bigger club because it's your class 18:50and you edited in a wider sphere of 18:53influence to get more plastic this is 18:57really fascinating so really it's not 19:02important what you do but how much you 19:07do what people think that quality 19:11involved with I say quantity comes way 19:15before quality but quantity and way 19:21before quality is the weirdest thing in 19:25the universe i always said to my things 19:28when they start to market better you 19:30know if I think these glossy paper and I 19:32credits and negatively and the little 19:35piece of marketing the cost me twenty 19:38dollars and I send it to a thousand 19:40people because it's so close it's so 19:43amazing so I invested in the year in 19:45glove up i will get that ok so from 1000 19:50i will get 10 percent will be kidding 19:53yes people however if I think simply for 19:57marketing and put it on a toilet paper 20:00it will cost me one friend and i will 20:03send it to 10 people into the shop and 20:07just on a daughter I'm gonna get open 20:11one percent right i would get a hundred 20:14times Beauregard once i go to require 20:18make money i can increase the quality 20:21most of the speedboat don't get it they 20:25started business and immediately the 20:27ones officers there was a new car that 20:29was when you left off 20:30they want to use they want to do that 20:31and divide all the latest appointment 20:33and all the way everything quantity 20:35quality quality quality before they 20:37actually bring results 20:40yeah that's probably and everything the 20:43mind to it well if I have computer and 20:46if i had the car and get my head is then 20:49I could do that nonsense you first do 20:52123 then you have the public know the 20:58name respect major fake reality the 21:02people walk around 30 that that is 21:06definitely some knowledge to partner 21:09about I i can see exactly what it means 21:11that these are using that that example 21:14of the marketing and it is so true on 21:17the percentages you're exactly right you 21:20want to switch gears a little bit and I 21:21know you're very active person travel a 21:23lot 21:24I'm sure that you eat right you do a lot 21:26of thing because of the Traveling how 21:27important is it for someone's mind and 21:30body to be in good health 21:32oh how very important to me important 21:37but tells us is the result of aspects of 21:40life you never get see if your mind's 21:44life never you actually died when your 21:48last ideal last dream elastic perfect 21:53diet second before I mean people have 21:56stopped working actually very quickly 21:58after that becomes thick and become and 22:00I so really your body is Mark controlled 22:04by the number of guards you 22:06smaller much of you dream of your age it 22:10is how much movement you the more you 22:13move the more you do the healthcare you 22:15be why didn't you more do you mind if I 22:18catch anything actually fascinating that 22:24you become sick in direct ratio to your 22:28left of the moment it's not the opposite 22:32it's not that you become all because 22:35then you double you stop morning and 22:38then you become this is really 22:42fascinating that it's totally the 22:44opposite of what they don't think you 22:47really look at me and you see if you 22:50check more than just building thinking 22:52over because wonderful one quantity 22:56bring about the quality 22:58Wow not the opposite and you feel better 23:02you know one day you have their magic 23:05girl and you are loved and you can't 23:08achieve and you complete the music and 23:10all other great things happening and not 23:13only with your party was great girls got 23:15why you change your mind the mind is the 23:19ball 23:20the mind is the controller device the 23:23computer 23:24the mind is everything it's not often 23:29you would never get sick on the other 23:31hand you see that if you get Ben you you 23:35see that things are starting to fall 23:37apart and when you get one bad news 23:39you got another one and we like just 23:41seems like it's coming in a venture why 23:45because you changed something in your 23:47mind 23:47so actually what you think and is that 23:53whole reason why but in the secondary 23:57investor if you look at the Emmy I'm 24:00completing it was very interesting 24:03phenomena and I respectfully detective / 24:0622 part is a very interesting phenomena 24:09later two more particles from one side 24:11to another 24:12you would think she was more empty the 24:16particle will 24:18move further yet subscribe like and 24:21thankful that and I keep fuel harder it 24:25would be more going for you involved 24:26further yes yes 24:29actually it's not rule on am on a fabric 24:33marker later on an atom atomic level 24:36it's natural 24:38what's happening there if you received 24:40at the frequency not amplitude find the 24:47power that you create which means this 24:49quantity not quality behind the results 24:55if so fascinating and it is such a big 25:02change in mind if she were just going to 25:05start to send him out something there TT 25:09I'll just got and and call him try our 25:13communication our communication our 25:15communication you want to see that alone 25:18will make success because we educate 25:23everyone around release tractor there is 25:25best to give your blanket back the heavy 25:29it's not something that tendencies 25:31happen 25:34it's on a subconscious level it's not 25:36something is determined agreed on a 25:38Tommy clever physically Islamic level 25:41and spiritualism and a bunch of better 25:43they can they must give you particle 25:47back before nine you don't know from 25:50where some opportunity canteen and using 25:54exact is actually very soft of the 25:59quality of communication you put up 26:02that's what makes so much sense it's 26:06just like he said it's the opposite of 26:08what most people think but what you was 26:09away you're explaining it makes so much 26:11sense and i can tell the way you're 26:12swinging it is that you're starting 26:14starting to move around yourself and I 26:17could think that when you're teaching 26:18you probably are never ever standing the 26:22same place or even city now that's 26:25correct time I'm always moving on 26:27that there and I know this is gonna 26:31sound weird but we only have a few 26:33minutes left and I i do i know and i 26:37wanted what you talking about women 26:40talking about i believe that all of our 26:43listeners can benefit from the 26:45information you just gave and how can we 26:48get in touch with you and can you tell 26:49some people what you got going on I know 26:51you have some events happening in hand 26:53we do to maybe take a look and see what 26:55those venture about yeah so I have a 26:58very special event which called mirror 27:01on demand and what I'm doing there is 27:04people have questioned and they don't 27:06want to see you for five hours and 27:09different seminars and try to get it 27:11absolutely serious question 27:13so I've seen something that they're 27:16athletic they're your master gardener 27:18was really successful which is always 27:20waiting are people coming for free 27:22I think any question about any subject 27:24business to friends and your physics AME 27:29anything any such in electronics and 27:34Regeneron it anything anything creamier 27:38imagine anything not give them the most 27:41amazing answer and they can and they 27:45will get relocation that they never ever 27:49ever think about so the next one is 27:51going to a half and on with this 27:55write-up when he started with 20 turn or 27:59heavily everyone deserves like the 28:01American sense you really think anything 28:05ATM using standard time and then 28:09ba-a-a-a-m link to register these launch 28:14those hundreds x your wealth call so i 28:20think you can send it better than me 28:22they ought to put it on our site so that 28:25people can click on it will put a live 28:27link in our in our show notes too 28:29because I think it's important 28:31especially something like this i mean to 28:32me what a great challenge to say long 28:35log in and ask any question I mean to 28:38someone like yourself being able to 28:40ask a question like that i mean it you 28:44know you can't get that anywhere 28:45yeah it's really powerful very powerful 28:48because then people ask me questions and 28:51I'm not answering just the question i 28:53give to Greece why like I find you about 28:56their frequency earlier and I give the 28:59extra to decode reason why marketers who 29:02are you know I think it is like that 29:06they've been any actual proof of 29:08anything I'm doing 29:09actually you can go and check and you'll 29:12see that number one it works that's not 29:15going but number two I believe the why 29:18should become your you don't need me 29:22because you understand the reason you 29:24don't need to remind you that you're 29:26going to like more because once you 29:27understand the reason you don't need not 29:29people like on the market economy and 29:31growing up 29:32oh my god understand she told me you did 29:35you become yours 29:37you don't need enough to remember your 29:38name yeah you need to involve you really 29:42need to get to a level where you know 29:44the only way to get to a level where 29:46they do not is when you only hundred 29:50percent see for yourself 29:52the reason why i was very I would agree 29:56with that hundred percent people learned 29:57so much better when they see actually 30:00working and they understand that I agree 30:02yeah so the difference off their 27 30:06refinancing third at 8pm different 30:08standards I'm you know on demand and you 30:11can ask me any question only one thing 30:13that only a hundred their speech and the 30:16last I did it was totally full and i 30:19think it was i don't remember how many 30:21people like another hundred people that 30:23just couldn't get him i believe it i 30:26believe that 30:27yeah so where will definitely send this 30:29out to our viewers or listeners will see 30:30it on our page and we'll send it out i'm 30:33gonna login myself i'd love to see how 30:35it goes and maybe have some questions 30:38myself because this is really been 30:39fascinating there I I would truly 30:41appreciate you giving us some time and 30:42login today thank you thank you you have 30:46a great day and we'll talk to you soon 30:49yeah and thank you for everyone that's 30:51listening 30:51and then if you have any questions you 30:54will have you can and just got to I 30:58think my website done to prosperity 31:00dot-com and they contact there but 31:03enduring comprehend any question 31:06anything else always be very very happy 31:08to help 31:09Thank You cheeky cast Thank You the last 31:12two