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How does a conductor of orchestras and choirs teach leadership - very enthusiastically! Hugh Ballou teaches leaders around the globe how to build synergy with teams and how to build effective processes that bring success to any organization - no matter how small or how large. "I travel around the country and around the world and find that you can change the name of the organization, the location and the type of structure and you will still have the same issues - leaders not leading effectively!"

Ballou brings 40 years of experience as conductor to his leadership training. "I call the training The Quintessential Leader: Four principles for transforming your organization and your teams, but no one can produce effective teams without fine-tuned leadership skills. I teach business executives how an orchestra conductor brings out the best skill of the players that have been hired. The conductor is a dictator, however, if the conductor hires a good oboe player, then it's best to let that oboe player use his or her skill rather than tell them how to play the oboe!" It sounds silly, however, leaders who micro-manage those whom they lead only receive a fraction of the performance that is ultimately possible. Let the team perform!

The skill set of planning for success, constructing powerful goals, and delegating with authority are consistent themes where many leaders underperform.

Ballou's unique ability in inspire and motivate event the most difficult of audiences has made him the expert in the field of Transformational Leadership. Transformational Leaders build strong leaders on teams that are motivated, focused and highly effective in setting and implementing powerful goals.

As author of 5 books on Transformational Leadership, Ballou works as executive coach, process facilitator, trainer and motivational speaker teaching leaders in many diverse fields the fine-tune skills employed every day by orchestral conductors.

Podcast Notes

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0:00 hi everyone and welcome to inventors 0:03 Launchpad roadmap to success i am your 0:07 host carmine danisco and today on the 0:10 launchpad we have a gentleman who is a 0:13 transformational leadership strategist 0:15 he's a team builder process strategist 0:18 coach a conflict resolution advisor 0:21 author of several books which is awesome 0:24 and run out of room on this paper he's 0:26 also a keynote speaker he's done so much 0:29 that I was so glad to see him on the 0:31 schedule for the show his name is Hugh 0:33 Beaulieu and I think I have them on the 0:35 line hey Hugh are you over there I'm 0:36 here come on hello how's it go my friend 0:40 thanks for being on a sunny day here in 0:42 Southwest Virginia in the mountains love 0:44 it no yeah how do you like it in the 0:47 mountains over there were you guys 0:47 snowed in at all yep we have our share 0:50 this was a pretty light winter but it's 0:52 so the leaves are coming out and the sun 0:55 shining is going to be 72 today it's 0:57 southwest virginia blacksburg so I I'm 1:00 happy man today wow it's nice air you 1:03 probably get a lot of visitors who like 1:04 to go visit and then they leave that's 1:07 right they tell you how beautiful it is 1:11 you like well stay a little off go see 1:14 the rounds I'm good yeah oh I live in 1:17 the middle of woods it's just it's great 1:19 that's nice and i could see then why you 1:21 have so many books that i was rios going 1:23 through some of the things that you've 1:24 done and you have a vast list of 1:27 educational knowledge building 1:29 informational programs and and i was 1:32 looking at some of the books that you 1:33 have which is which are awesome i was 1:34 wondering where you found the time to to 1:36 get all that done well it's it's a 1:39 byproduct of life and if we want to 1:42 write i started my first book after 40 1:46 years of church music ministry that's so 1:48 like a middle leadership corporate 1:50 position except it's a lot harder 1:52 because you don't have the leverage of a 1:53 paycheck you get all these volunteers so 1:56 i created a lot of my systems in a place 1:59 that was very difficult to lead and in a 2:02 place where there's no paycheck and 2:04 you're in the middle so you're not the 2:06 ultimate authority but i've created a 2:08 whole bunch of leadership systems and 2:10 strategies for culture creation and 2:12 being 2:13 a canoe school conductor I know how to 2:15 create high-performing cultures so I 2:17 just transferred all that into 2:19 non-musical settings so after 40 years I 2:22 decided I would help people build out 2:24 their enterprise so I work with 2:25 entrepreneurs our capacitors I work with 2:28 inventor or Stephen you know people who 2:31 have great ideas and that's ten percent 2:33 of what they need the ninety percent is 2:34 all of the structure and the ability so 2:37 if I'm answering your question about but 2:39 I have a passion for helping people 2:41 achieve their dream my podcast is called 2:44 converting your passion to profit 2:46 orchestrating success very cool very 2:49 cool well somebody who has done as much 2:51 as you do it has to be for passion I 2:54 mean you know people get a job or they 2:56 do things but they don't accomplish as 2:58 much you've accomplished so much so you 3:00 have to be passionate about what you do 3:02 so that's kind of proof positive that 3:04 you are passionate about helping people 3:06 and that's why I was so glad to have you 3:07 on the show our listener base is is 3:11 mostly inventors small business owners 3:13 entrepreneurs and I know that you are 3:16 passionate about helping them and some 3:19 of the many questions or things that 3:21 they do is that a lot of the people who 3:24 listen to show or are very non own 3:26 estate in the wrong way their fear base 3:27 to move forward the fear base to do 3:29 things or to put their products out 3:31 there and i'll owe a lot of the material 3:33 and things that you talk about is just 3:35 giving people the confidence in and the 3:38 processes and systems to do that that's 3:40 some of the things that you have going 3:42 absolutely and the reason i wrote and 3:44 and you know you people say i don't have 3:46 time for this i don't have time for that 3:48 we make time for what's important and if 3:51 your life's worth living and you've got 3:52 a message you should write something 3:53 every single day and if you're right a 3:56 little bit every single day then pretty 3:58 soon you got a series of blog post you 4:00 got a podcast you got a book and i find 4:04 that i can put the same things in 4:05 multiple posts into a book and it's all 4:08 in a concise form that people want to 4:10 digest all together so finding time to 4:13 clarify your thoughts comes to me 4:16 through writing and I'm lucky to have 4:18 good editors been with me a while they 4:20 can fix me you know make it make it look 4:24 good and not have stupid typos and then 4:26 can edit it in my voice so we each have 4:30 inside of us unlock potential for 4:35 something in my job and I don't really I 4:38 used the word you introduce me saying 4:40 transformational leadership strategist 4:43 and I trademarks that term I'm not 4:46 really a coach I'm not really a 4:48 consultant I moved from being a 4:51 consultant to an insult to a result 4:53 completely and now the leadership 4:55 strategist because it's the integration 4:58 of planning and performance like I know 5:01 as a musician if you have a piece of 5:03 paper which is the dots we call music it 5:06 doesn't make any sound we have to make 5:08 something happen and like you are run 5:11 across people with brilliant ideas that 5:14 never see the light of day and and so 5:18 what I did has helped create a sequence 5:19 one two three four this is what you do 5:22 next because we are in fact 5:24 entrepreneurs and we do a lot of stuff 5:26 at the end of the day we're right where 5:28 we started and we've not really made any 5:30 progress because that's not our gift our 5:33 gift is what we're creating our vision 5:36 our product our idea that's our gift and 5:39 we think we have to know at all when 5:41 actually we don't and so problem part of 5:45 what I do I would say a big part of what 5:48 I do is helping people rethink 5:51 leadership because we think we know 5:52 leadership but we really don't and 5:55 leadership to me is making things happen 5:57 yeah no I totally agree and a lot of 6:01 times even even when you're talking 6:03 about an inventor sinks for some reason 6:06 he has to be in business and he has to 6:07 be the boss and he has to read people 6:09 and he has to do all these things and I 6:11 think that kind of slows a banner they 6:12 get nervous about it if they're not that 6:14 type of person yeah yeah they're 6:17 creative person there are people who are 6:19 visionary and they're people who are 6:21 tactical and if you partner those two 6:24 skills now you can be an inventor and I 6:28 find that often inventors are prolific 6:31 they have more than one idea to manifest 6:33 so why should you think you can be this 6:37 no sir and 6:40 tactical the same time it's important to 6:44 let go and it's it's it's a wise leader 6:47 who surrounds themselves with people at 6:50 filling your gaps I interviewed a friend 6:54 of mine Cal Turner on this on my podcast 6:56 series and Cal into his team at dollar 7:00 general I'm sure you've heard of that 7:01 rant and he said ed I'm the I'm the 7:05 president and CEO and I got this job 7:07 because my dad founded the company and I 7:10 got the job because of my jeans not my 7:12 skill you've got the skill we're going 7:15 to go public they raised the bar on 7:18 their performance they filled in his 7:20 gaps they had skills he had the vision 7:22 they went public later I read in some 7:26 news media that he's they sold dollar 7:29 general for 7.3 billion dollars 7:32 everybody one and Cal said to me Hugh 7:35 leadership is about defining your gaps 7:38 in finding really good people to fill 7:41 those gaps and you learn to work 7:43 together there that's one thing that 7:45 that we don't know I'm a musician a lot 7:49 of our thinking happens inside the 7:50 conductor learns how to influence people 7:52 as a leader and it's primarily 7:54 influenced it's not push its pool 7:56 leadership how do we influence people 7:59 inventors work in a vacuum we think of 8:02 stuff it's a creative internal thing the 8:05 other part of creating money from your 8:07 idea is is not part of your skill set 8:10 and it's not supposed to be so I created 8:13 a lot of my programs for entrepreneurs 8:16 inventors included who've got great 8:18 ideas but no idea how to manifest that 8:21 into profit yeah you know and that takes 8:25 a lot of a lot of pressure off of those 8:28 inventors because they think they have 8:30 to do everything and they don't I mean 8:32 having a great team around you is so 8:34 important no one really does anything 8:36 without no one really does anything by 8:38 themselves nothing great by themselves 8:40 no matter what I mean cannot do it all 8:42 by yourself what is the best way for say 8:45 an inventor or even a business owner 8:47 small business owner wants to start a 8:49 business is there like a process of 8:50 trying to find those right partners or 8:52 those right team members 8:54 absolutely absolutely you want to list 8:59 what competencies you are all of this is 9:02 part of defining your solution map or do 9:05 I want to be and how am I going to get 9:07 there so we start with defining the 9:09 future what does this look like now we 9:12 could have a business that produces and 9:14 markets products where we could have a 9:17 business that that creates products and 9:20 prototypes and then sends them out to 9:22 people like Bob Circosta to put on the 9:24 TV shopping or we license it to other 9:27 people to take at the market or there's 9:29 a variety of choices so we still need to 9:32 create an enterprise so we retain the 9:35 intellectual property and we can 9:37 monetize our ideas and so the first step 9:40 is to clearly define the future what do 9:43 you see this could generate a lot of 9:45 money and a lot of people give up too 9:48 much too early they want to sell out and 9:50 get investors and lose control over 9:52 their ideas their intellectual property 9:54 so the first step is to define the 9:59 future come backwards and figure okay to 10:01 get there I need the following 10:03 competencies these these are all pieces 10:06 of your strategic planning your solution 10:09 mapping process so what kind of skills 10:12 do I need around me so we start listing 10:15 those skills and then looking for people 10:18 to fill in those positions skill is one 10:20 what role responsibility with a half 10:22 free I'm creating a culture of 10:25 high-performing collaborating leaders do 10:28 they fit to culture are they going to be 10:30 a pain in my butt the whole time because 10:31 they don't know how to be a team member 10:33 and lastly what are my expectations of 10:35 that person we don't do those four steps 10:37 the competency their role responsibility 10:40 they're fit to the culture do they fit 10:43 with us are they going to be a pain in 10:44 the butt all the time and for what will 10:47 they accomplish and we define those four 10:49 steps now we know they've been a good 10:52 fit in between here we do a background 10:54 check before you wanted to find out that 10:57 they don't have a criminal record or 10:59 something that's going to be really 11:00 disturbing yeah that's important 11:03 especially when you're trying to build 11:04 eight a hyperlink you said I 11:05 high-performance call me this is really 11:07 look 11:07 into the future so it's having things on 11:09 paper planning that out communication 11:11 and even me I'm the bad communicator and 11:14 I don't you might or bad and I work on 11:16 my communication skills because I find 11:17 it's so important to communicate and 11:20 have to make sure everything is so clear 11:23 everybody hears something different it's 11:24 the oddest thing and I'm sure you see it 11:26 so much well when we a conductor has a 11:31 musical score and everything had 11:32 happened this is like our strategy for 11:34 the piece of music everything it happens 11:36 is written now now everything that 11:38 happens in our business should be 11:39 written down and what people say to me 11:41 is no that'll limit my creativity that's 11:43 an excuse that's not a reason excuse you 11:46 don't want to do the work of thinking 11:47 through and getting clarity and wildomar 11:50 I could really pay for your product do 11:53 we can we create a prototype and test 11:55 that there's a whole lot of steps before 11:58 you waste a whole lot of money and a 11:59 whole lot of tough on a creating 12:02 thousands of products that needed one 12:04 little tweak sleeve created thousands of 12:06 worth let back and doing nah the one 12:10 because you learn something so in that 12:12 strategy you spend your upfront dollars 12:15 a little money the low cost is doing the 12:18 plan helps you save big costs later so 12:22 the excuses I don't have time well so 12:24 you got time to waste everybody's time 12:26 waste money and have to start over 12:28 numerous times when you could really do 12:30 it right the first time and everybody's 12:32 in a rush well let's slow down let's 12:35 build a foundation and you can actually 12:37 get to results faster if you don't go 12:41 fast and and so the fallacy is that we 12:45 don't need to create the piece of paper 12:46 piece of paper is a commitment its 12:49 clarity mm-hmm it's a document that 12:51 others know how they can participate 12:55 with you what's their role 12:56 responsibility three targets and really 13:00 it's complicated once in products and 13:02 building a business but we make it a 13:04 whole lot harder than it really is so we 13:10 need to get that clarity then we know 13:11 what competencies then we know what our 13:13 budget ought to be then we know what 13:15 what are the potentials for bringing in 13:17 income it's it's not just one it might 13:19 be most of 13:20 it needs to be multiples as the matter 13:22 of fact now and know your product might 13:26 be offered through a business it might 13:28 be offered through some charities it 13:30 could be offered in numerous places and 13:33 we usually don't think about the 13:35 fullness of our market and where do we 13:38 start there's that there's a target we 13:40 have a single customer we build that and 13:44 build a reputation we what we call a 13:45 wedge into the market then we grow that 13:48 market then you go and you do another 13:50 market but we put in some really good 13:53 business principles and here's what 13:55 people don't realize when you've done 13:58 the planning when I've got my piece of 14:00 the music i can now be creative so 14:03 because I've got the structure now my 14:05 energy goes to performance I can now use 14:09 them my creative and making it happen 14:11 not figuring out what to happen or what 14:14 went wrong because I didn't think 14:16 through it so it really it gets you 14:18 there faster it lets you access your 14:21 full creativity and it takes that stress 14:24 thing it puts into a system so we take 14:29 the stress out of our brain we've been 14:31 it liberating yeah I just it seems like 14:35 exactly what you're saying you know 14:37 people need to plan that out and it 14:39 seems like they're fearful to do they 14:42 want to only do the things they know and 14:43 they're fearful to venture into and put 14:45 those things on paper that they don't 14:46 know but those seem like those are the 14:48 most important pieces the people that 14:50 you don't know are those legitimate 14:53 bricks that will hold the whole 14:54 foundation together the balut n90 rule 14:57 ten percent is where you know that's 14:58 your product and service ninety percent 15:00 is all that part of the iceberg on the 15:03 water that supports the ten percent so 15:05 the ten percent won't work if you don't 15:07 figure out the 90 and you're not 15:08 supposed to know that you're in a dinner 15:10 and then you're creative you're supposed 15:12 to get support so you can be creative 15:15 that's relational leadership is what I I 15:17 champion it's letting go of the things 15:19 that other people can do and mostly they 15:22 can do it better yeah and and I love 15:24 what you're saying because it is so hard 15:27 for an inventor to let go of his baby 15:29 let go of control let go of the decision 15:32 making but there 15:33 holding their process they're holding 15:35 their profit there their forward motion 15:38 or holding everything back by hope by 15:40 holding onto it you got it we're our own 15:44 worst enemy we like it's like we're 15:47 riding a stationary bicycle I see so 15:50 many inventors with absolutely great 15:52 ideas just hit a wall never gets to 15:56 market yeah and and they use the end and 16:00 again I'm an inventor I know that you 16:02 know hundreds of adventures and they use 16:04 the fear tactic or they use I don't know 16:06 that what's I don't know the next step 16:08 they use that I don't know where the 16:09 fear to stop themselves it's in like an 16:11 excuse it's like you are pre-programmed 16:16 to fail yeah that's a good way thats a 16:20 perfect way to say and here there's 16:22 people out there you and I know there's 16:24 people out there has met this technology 16:25 out there there's information there's 16:27 free advice information that you've done 16:29 and you have hundreds of things that 16:31 you've done I know you do talks about it 16:33 and besides that the internet there's so 16:35 much information out there for people to 16:37 be able to move forward it's just 16:38 getting over that fear factor well we 16:41 want to do it and you said earlier we 16:43 cannot do it alone and it's so important 16:47 to build a team around you and people 16:50 want a would you help me and I'll tell 16:52 you later well there needs to be a 16:54 commitment on your part to actually pay 16:56 a coach pea strategist pay somebody to 16:58 help to create that because it's a 17:00 commitment on your part and there's a 17:02 bigger difference in New your 17:03 participation when you have that 17:05 commitment so I started early doing 17:09 three things for people and I didn't do 17:11 them a favor or me because they didn't 17:13 go anywhere and and so the advice I 17:16 would have her people's is go through 17:18 those steps find a competent 17:19 professional that will help you move 17:21 through a sequence so your your idea 17:24 will actually see daylight and actually 17:27 pay you some income for which you create 17:31 it and that's reasonable you provide 17:33 value you saw the problem it generates 17:35 revenue yeah now i agree i'd one hard 17:38 percent so so in getting it getting 17:41 someone outside of your you know it 17:43 again you probably frown upon whether 17:45 it's relatives or neighbors or people 17:47 that 17:47 you know you want to get some of the 17:49 external who's not emotionally attached 17:51 probably it's probably the best person 17:53 to get right yeah sometimes our friends 17:57 and family are naysayers and they want 17:59 to steal your dreams much too ah it's 18:01 not for you you can't do that and I call 18:05 that motivation I say watch me three and 18:09 I have people write their goals it's 18:10 very tangible specific last week I was 18:13 at the Napoleon Hill foundation 18:14 interviewing the executive director and 18:16 I learned a lot of stuff from Napoleon 18:19 Hills writings because he as you know 18:21 interviewed some of the most successful 18:22 people on the planet and found these 18:24 consistent Reds they provided value to 18:27 somebody but they had a very definite 18:29 purpose here's where we're going very 18:31 clear statement of the result the 18:34 provided value to people they they 18:36 actually surrounded themselves with very 18:39 competent people and they had the snow 18:43 lose I'm not going to fail it's a 18:45 positive mental attitude which programs 18:47 your subconscious we it's like the 18:49 little engine that could I think you can 18:51 I think you can I think you can we're 18:52 programming our subconscious which then 18:55 attracts a different kind of person to 18:57 us we do have negative scripts on my 19:00 podcast a few weeks ago any of you 19:02 somebody whom you might know dr. David 19:04 Gruder organizational developments 19:06 middle psychology and and he talked 19:09 about the chateau what do we have inside 19:11 of us that limits our success and we 19:13 have a money shadow that repels the very 19:16 thing that we need to get over the hump 19:18 and we all have shadow it's just 19:20 learning to recognize it and then work 19:23 through it so we actually create the 19:26 desired results so in effect oftentimes 19:28 we are our own worst enemy know that 19:32 it's awesome again and that's why I was 19:34 so excited to have you on the show 19:35 because the way that you're expressing 19:37 it in the way that you're explaining it 19:39 I want inventors to go wow I I think 19:42 that could be me you know I make things 19:45 i'm a product developer i'm a 19:46 manufacturer so for me to get into it 19:48 deeply like that it just wouldn't help 19:50 but coming from someone who is 19:51 knowledgeable experienced like yourself 19:53 I want inventors I want entrepreneurs to 19:55 realize that these things happen it is 19:58 nothing wrong with having an issue or 20:00 having a 20:01 of Fear Factor song but you can overcome 20:03 it and that's the thing don't let it 20:04 stop you and that's why I was so happy 20:06 to have you on the show so you could 20:08 explain it right away well we want to 20:11 get out of any emotional decision making 20:13 we when we make emotional decisions it 20:16 puts us in a bad place we want to stay 20:19 in fact based decision making we are 20:22 thinking people and Napoleon Hill 20:24 discovery we could not hold in our minds 20:27 a positive and negative thought 20:29 simultaneously so people who were 20:32 successful replace the negative with the 20:34 positive they had a very clear 20:36 definition of the future and and people 20:40 are fearful we're all fearful I I do 20:42 keynotes you refer to that I haven't 20:44 gotten up once that I wouldn't you know 20:46 had some anxiety about will they like me 20:49 and I just had this little little thing 20:52 I said okay you you don't care if I like 20:54 you there's already people who don't 20:56 like you so what's a few more so you 20:59 know I just go for it it liberate one 21:02 time its CEO space where you and I met I 21:04 had to fuck likes I had to follow les 21:06 brown that's like must having to set 21:09 yourself on fire like oh come on and so 21:12 I was dressing and I've done my keynote 21:14 many times and tails is this is what a 21:16 conductor knows about leadership and I 21:17 just looked in the mirror and I accept 21:20 what am I going to do he had these 21:21 people going wild now look in the mirror 21:23 and I said you're going to go out there 21:25 and you're gonna be Hugh Ballou and I 21:28 was the best one I ever did I just was 21:31 me and part of we think we need to be 21:34 something different than how could I 21:35 created us we are who we are and the 21:38 transformational leadership always 21:40 models authenticity and your model of 21:43 what you want to see and learning to 21:46 manage anxiety so we remain calm and we 21:49 approach our business in a very systemic 21:51 way here's the steps and to find 21:54 somebody that can guide you through I've 21:56 spoken at CEO space 53 times in a row 22:00 well over the past 11 years and I've 22:04 seen lots of inventors like I said just 22:06 hit the wall because they really didn't 22:09 reach out and they say Oh leadership I 22:11 can review the book well we don't use 22:14 that word anymore 22:14 in figuring out the sequence and the 22:17 systems for getting things done that's 22:19 leadership you get it done you know how 22:21 it gets done and then you learn the 22:23 power of influence you attract the right 22:25 people to you and you know how many it's 22:28 a whole lot simpler just to start it out 22:30 right and build a system and it is to 22:32 hunt and peck you wouldn't dream of 22:34 going out the airport and written a 22:37 plane at you never took lessons to know 22:39 how to lie but you're going to start 22:43 this business and waste your money on 22:45 other people's money it doesn't hurt as 22:47 much but it does hurt Oh inherit is no 22:50 doubt about it and you're exactly right 22:51 I see and there's nothing wrong with 22:52 putting a sequence together putting a 22:53 plan together putting the things 22:55 together taking the emotion out and 22:58 saying this is the business have any 22:59 right people together I don't see any 23:01 problem with that and there's nothing 23:02 wrong with doing and I think people 23:04 think they're less of a person or less 23:05 of a leader if they have a team or they 23:07 have somebody consulting with them or a 23:09 coach I can't believe it bingo bingo get 23:14 rid of the ego bingo and that's a good 23:17 leadership position is to find people 23:20 who are competent you do not need all 23:22 the right answers as a matter of fact 23:24 good leaders don't have all the right 23:26 answers good leaders have good question 23:30 true true they have good people around 23:33 them to be able to answer this question 23:35 today it has seems so logical as the 23:39 problem with common sense is that it's 23:41 not very common mmm good stuff I mean 23:44 you and I make it sound easy we live it 23:46 you know and and I make I make issues I 23:48 made mistakes I'm sure as you do we make 23:50 it sound easy but if you're trying and 23:52 even if you're eighty percent there are 23:53 ninety percent there it's a lot better 23:55 than not trying you make mistakes oh my 23:58 sir dissipated I better get off here 24:01 okay we I don't make mistakes I call 24:04 those learning opportunity really I 24:06 don't even like the word mistake you're 24:08 exactly right I did a blog post called 24:11 mas te AK and did a play on that you 24:16 know it's not like it's a learning 24:18 opportunity if you apply it the people 24:21 who succeed get up one more time than 24:24 the people who don't I I totally agree 24:27 one 24:28 % and and we see it you see it I mean 24:31 being at CEO space being at other 24:32 networking functions you've seen so much 24:35 probably and you could sometimes tell 24:37 the person who's on their way and the 24:39 person that needs help break within 24:40 talking to him within probably five or 24:42 ten minutes and then there's the people 24:47 that just get all this and put them 24:58 nothing with it mmm Betty too I just got 25:03 a thing on my computer screen says my 25:05 connection was unstable like that I 25:07 didn't say I was unstable yeah well I'm 25:11 an entrepreneur yeah we're all unstable 25:13 that's right that's why we're doing this 25:16 people ask me all the time to all of you 25:19 entrepreneurs suffer from insanity I say 25:22 heck no we enjoy it yeah if you're you 25:26 use the word on spray it's one of those 25:27 nice words are saying insanity there is 25:31 no doubt about it and you know I've been 25:34 doing this a long time and yeah there's 25:37 not too much saying about starting a 25:39 business or being an entrepreneur yeah 25:43 we have you may have met every lyric to 25:46 and he says entrepreneurs move so fast 25:49 they could thread a sewing machine while 25:51 it's running and so we want to get it 25:55 done and I get it done down the urgency 25:57 really works against us and I said 26:00 before it's already difficult why do you 26:02 want to make it harder and we skip some 26:05 of the steps so it takes longer and cost 26:07 more money so finding a mentor that 26:11 helps you build whether you're going to 26:13 market it or not pretty going to top it 26:15 out to other people you still need to 26:17 build an enterprise to receive the money 26:19 you want to set up a corporation as a 26:22 pass-through there's there's there's tax 26:25 benefits to that there's liability 26:27 protection there's lots of good reasons 26:28 to set up a small corporation and a sub 26:31 S corporation is fine you can be the 26:33 only officer and it's a pass-through 26:35 like an LLC even to pass-through entity 26:38 so the entity itself does not pay income 26:41 tax you pay income tax all you draw out 26:43 and so there's lots of things that we 26:46 don't know and we're not supposed to 26:48 know so we want to get rid of the stress 26:51 part of this and partner with somebody 26:54 who's actually made some real mistakes 26:56 and does what not to do yeah and those 26:59 missteps I mean it you'd rather have 27:01 somebody who has made several you know 27:02 and they say okay you know you're just 27:05 going to move that much quicker when you 27:06 have those people on your team because 27:07 they don't know what to do when you have 27:08 to have trust obviously you have to 27:10 trust that those people are in 27:11 for the right reasons and they are going 27:13 to make the right decisions well and you 27:15 want to do your due diligence those four 27:17 students but do you want to ask for 27:18 references in that what is that I have 27:22 met people who hire someone to do a 27:23 strategic plan with no idea if that 27:28 everybody does the strategy is a little 27:29 different so you want to see if that 27:31 strategy matches what you want what you 27:33 need what does it look like and have you 27:35 talked to people when they got fatter G 27:40 could they then implement it I do this 27:42 integrative process it's not just 27:43 writing a piece of paper it is it's 27:46 moving it into the intimate 27:48 implementation piece that's where 90% of 27:50 the plant sale is making it happen oh i 27:53 think i just saw one its own one 27:56 contiguous piece for me yeah so not 27:58 though not only is it a strategy but 28:00 taking that right strategy getting the 28:02 right person to fit it into what you're 28:04 doing is just as important because you 28:06 know you could say okay this is our 28:07 strategy but it's not the right strategy 28:09 for that type of business yeah yeah kind 28:14 of a different plan for for charities 28:16 and churches than I do for entrepreneurs 28:18 a different one for you know larger 28:21 corporations that are multinational so I 28:23 I work with I still work with thought 28:25 leaders we got ideas we want to make 28:27 them happen and it's really not any 28:30 different in a multinational corporation 28:32 you got more people and the impact to 28:34 your decisions has more financial impact 28:37 so it you know the work is very careful 28:40 because we have more impact but I work 28:41 with startups who have napkins and right 28:44 there's where you start working on 28:46 yourself and you work on your plan you 28:48 implementing and you haven't done those 28:50 two you're cutting your potential for 28:53 success way back yeah yeah and just to 28:56 step back a little bit a lot of the 28:58 inventors or entrepreneurs that I deal 29:00 with here at inventors launch pad and 29:01 you might too they're looking for either 29:03 either funds or investment opportunities 29:07 so so having that strategic plan having 29:10 that paperwork everything in the right 29:11 order it's probably so important when 29:13 you're looking for funding it's crucial 29:16 I you get the clarity going through that 29:19 and and we want to tell people 29:21 everything about it and that really it 29:25 works again 29:25 as well we need to have the essential 29:28 message why do people need this and 29:31 they're going to look at your team's you 29:32 want to have a will 29:35 look at the people on your team investor 29:37 looks at your potential to implement so 29:40 if you're the inventor type the creative 29:42 type they're already going to score you 29:44 down because you're the creative you're 29:46 not the tank column so having people on 29:48 your team that are tactical and have had 29:50 experiences and then having a strategy 29:52 to say here's here's the phases phase 29:56 one is this phase two is this phase 29:57 three is this and here is our due 30:01 diligence we've actually done a market 30:02 test people want it and they would pay 30:05 for it and right now it's a concept and 30:09 then we don't give them a full-blown 30:11 business plan especially if we're 30:12 nothing but an idea you want to give 30:14 them a limb page overview have a light 30:16 presentation deck they're buying the 30:18 concept you can do five years of 30:21 financial projections and they know it's 30:23 all made up so if somebody wants to sell 30:26 it for Giants are looking for a place to 30:27 push punch holes in it in others 30:30 potential you've done some research 30:32 because that's what we need to do for 30:34 the strategy so your invention is 30:35 solving a problem or giving people a 30:38 specific value and you get paid because 30:41 you bring value to people and solve 30:43 problems and and so we want to know why 30:46 it's important a lot of people need it 30:48 what does it look like what's the impact 30:50 of lifts in their lives and what's your 30:53 potential market and we've done some 30:56 research on that and then you've put 30:57 these people around you and we really 30:59 don't need to pay them before we get 31:01 money we need to have people say yes I 31:04 want to be part of your team and they're 31:05 going to give you some I'm front 31:06 thinking but he'll they're going to have 31:09 a paid place on your team and they're 31:10 strategically and validating your idea 31:13 and validating the fact that they're 31:15 going to support it and that the team 31:18 the end result the clarity of the need 31:21 for the product and have you tested the 31:23 viability of the idea and then there's a 31:26 lean lunch you don't make 10,000 of 31:28 these until you've done a little lunch 31:30 and people actually say okay I wish this 31:32 knob over here yeah and easier for my 31:35 little hands if you did this so you can 31:37 make those little tweaks I don't know 31:39 how many products get revised at you you 31:42 help people with but it bitch it's a 31:44 large stumper 31:46 confident it's a confidence a living 31:47 thing you're exactly right and you know 31:49 that about it but what it seems like you 31:51 could be making a widget and there's a 31:53 market for a widget you just got to find 31:54 it but the team the core is so important 31:57 that it seems like the investors or 31:59 fundings that's who they're really 32:01 looking at a good team can probably make 32:03 almost a mediocre product work and if 32:07 you don't have a strategy the strategy 32:08 is going to fine your risk and how 32:10 you're going to mitigate those risks and 32:12 the investor wants to know can you 32:14 really make it happen and what are the 32:16 risks and it's our duty to tell them 32:18 here's the risk mr. investor you might 32:20 lose your money but here's what we've 32:22 done to lower the risk it's not your 32:25 night preneur we are high risk period no 32:29 matter what you think we're high risk 32:30 look at the statistics ninety percent of 32:32 a sale yeah um you're in a high-risk 32:35 business I don't care what you think 32:36 I've said before you nobody will need it 32:38 well we need to understand how to tell 32:41 them why they need it Bob Circosta such 32:44 a such a gifted presenter though is get 32:46 what's so good about that and it's those 32:49 fundamental things that we define when 32:51 we do your strategy and carmine it's 32:54 it's really clarity it's really clarity 32:58 we go through it and i've had people 33:01 actually take a little different slant 33:03 okay this is my primary market this is 33:05 my primary market and wow I'm glad I 33:08 thought of that because that's an easy 33:09 market that I can access maybe you know 33:12 people that have access to that market 33:14 and you need to spend marketing money 33:16 you can just pay an affiliate fee they 33:18 can market it for you mmm they'll have 33:21 the business you still on the product 33:22 they can sell it they make money you 33:24 make money everybody wins yeah yeah no 33:27 no that it's again it's all part of that 33:30 plan it's all part of that strategy I 33:31 mean a lot of people come to us they 33:32 tell us who they believe their market is 33:34 or you know the whole world is the 33:36 market which is totally wrong but they 33:38 believe they know who the market is and 33:40 what we find through testing is they're 33:43 totally off which is okay there's 33:44 nothing wrong with an inventor being 33:46 wrong I'm glad that they came to us and 33:48 said this is what I think but when we're 33:49 able to stop them from wasting all the 33:51 time and we went to the right market and 33:53 a product is successful so you're 33:55 exactly right it's okay to be wrong but 33:57 don't throw all your eggs in one basket 33:58 thinking you know 33:59 it's good advice our job is to ask good 34:06 questions and listen carefully to the 34:07 answers we never give up our ability to 34:10 make the finalisation but we've got good 34:12 people around us leadership skill 34:14 listening so underutilized leadership 34:17 don't want to hire you don't want to 34:21 hire the best leaders in the world and 34:22 then help us because they won't be 34:24 around for too long because they're not 34:25 less you said they're not really doing 34:27 it for the money no no what we do need 34:30 to pay the bills of course of course and 34:32 that's the good part but a good leader 34:34 somebody that's passionate about a 34:36 product or a theory or how that products 34:39 going to be used a lot of times some of 34:41 those team members are going to do it 34:42 for the theory or for the reasons yeah 34:44 and you spoke earlier about my writing I 34:47 do writing in podcasts and I have online 34:49 programs and I really created them to 34:51 address all of these situations and I 34:54 even find people who've got an MBA from 34:56 Harvard who don't know what to do next 34:57 because it wasn't real world experience 34:59 that they learn boys in words so I've 35:02 got the leadership knowledge and the 35:04 formal training however I've got the 35:06 here's what you do in real life one two 35:07 three four and there's there's there's 35:10 nuances along the way there's not one 35:12 plan that fits everybody but there 35:15 certainly a logical sequence to get to 35:17 market and you want everything you do to 35:19 lead toward creating revenue that's the 35:22 gas that drives the car you're building 35:24 we got to put gas in this car no doubt 35:27 and it's the proof and the things that's 35:29 going to keep you going to build your 35:30 business you have to build revenue 35:32 there's no doubt about there's no excuse 35:34 about it it has to be revenue building I 35:37 agree so you I can't believe it but our 35:42 time is slowly coming to an end which I 35:44 can't believe this time has gone by this 35:46 fast I do want you to mention all the 35:50 knowledge information your books and 35:51 things where those can be found because 35:53 I truly believe that they're helpful to 35:55 some of the people and not even so much 35:57 people almost all our listeners will be 35:59 able to get something from the things 36:00 that you have written spoke about or 36:02 even some of your videos and then also 36:04 how people can might be get in touch 36:06 with you or contact with you 36:08 well I have a for free SQ of the podcast 36:12 Huebel ooh hu gah ba ll oh you 36:15 you Baloo podcast calm and 36:19 you could go there you see all the 36:20 episodes and it's all of these placing 36:22 concepts in a whole series and I have 36:25 people brilliant people on there like 36:26 carmine which you know oh no yeah but 36:29 you will be um I have people that have 36:31 different pieces of advice and there's 36:34 some fundamental principles about these 36:36 things that I go a little more depth to 36:38 and if you want to learn you can go to 36:41 the URL a leader unbound leader unbound 36:47 we're bound up with our own ignorance 36:49 with our own lack of expertise so leader 36:53 unbound if you're in a business is calm 36:55 if you're a charity torg leadership 36:58 unbound and there you have my anti 37:01 webinar I give you a lots of good stuff 37:03 and I don't talk about me I'm kind of 37:05 webinars or people tell you how great 37:06 they are and then by my saying you'll be 37:08 great too and then there's for a little 37:09 content this is content-based so it's on 37:11 the page leader unbound it's unlocking 37:14 your inner potential that's a course but 37:18 it's a six-month pattern you can be 37:20 making capital presentations in four 37:22 weeks your business your fairy you get 37:25 enough clarity in four lessons and every 37:27 if you sign up pretty soon you can get a 37:30 live Q&A every two weeks you get me 37:33 along with this self study Wow and if 37:36 you can't pay the anglers payments it's 37:38 really i created this out of these ten 37:41 years of seeing people hit the wall and 37:42 I'm tired of it so here's all the things 37:45 you need in a stepwise pattern and it 37:48 will actually say maybe a whole lot of 37:50 money than you it's a very inexpensive 37:52 program it saved a whole lotta money so 37:54 Cuba Lou podcast calm you can get all 37:56 the free podcast stuff and then that's 37:59 my blog on that blog you'll find other 38:01 things other articles free other free 38:03 resources and then leader unbound is 38:06 paid course but it's spot on what we're 38:08 talking about today it's your own valcom 38:11 is how you build your business yeah we 38:13 found org is how you build your charity 38:15 yeah and that's kind of one of the 38:17 reasons I want to make sure that you 38:18 mentioned that because it is super 38:20 important how 38:21 information is kind of like like your 38:22 course is kind of like having a coach 38:24 for these sort of some of these 38:25 entrepreneurs to get going in and then 38:27 they won't make any missteps I don't 38:29 want to say mistakes missteps because 38:32 they'll have that information it's so 38:33 important to do that so I think it's 38:35 great all of the things that you just 38:37 mentioned of course with his podcast and 38:40 I invite everyone to get out to that 38:41 podcast if you do with the huge podcast 38:43 please leave him a review and rate his 38:46 podcast you could use it on itunes we 38:48 all can and all of this information will 38:51 be on our show notes on inventors 38:53 launchpad calm also and it's been great 38:57 to you having you on the show I 38:58 definitely want to be able to to invite 39:03 you back on as we progress because the 39:06 information we ran out of time so fast I 39:08 had so many other questions and so many 39:09 things written down the information was 39:12 vital to anyone who's starting a 39:14 business or an inventor i think it was 39:16 great and I appreciate you coming on the 39:17 show today well I'm happy and on my site 39:21 you can find a link to be on my calendar 39:23 if you want to talk to me in my email 39:24 you can find that on the site so I'm 39:28 happy to help people think through it 39:31 the next but we spend too much money on 39:33 pie-in-the-sky things when we really 39:35 need to spend a little money and get 39:38 clarity on where we need to be going so 39:40 my tip for people is spent and more free 39:44 time I working on yourself and your plan 39:50 but from spend less money and you'll go 39:53 much further no doubt about it great 39:55 great advice and thank you very much for 39:57 being on the show you take care and we 39:59 all will talk soon thank you karma