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February 1, 2017
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Dr. Anna Akbari is a sociologist, entrepreneur, innovation consultant, and writer. She is a former professor in the department of Media, Culture, and Communication and the department of Art and Art Professions at New York University, as well as the Art and Design History and Theory department at Parsons The New School for Design. Her research focuses on visual and virtual self-presentation, technology and human intersects, dating and interpersonal relationships, and happiness and well-being. Akbari is the founder of Sociology of Style, which takes an intelligent approach to image and well-being and offers holistic image consulting and life coaching services. She also created the Sociology of TV, which offers videos and white papers on the social significance of television media in public spaces. She is a partner in HVCK, an innovation consultancy, and the co-creator of the Silicon Valley Insider's Edge video series for entrepreneurs and enterprise employees. She's worked with Cisco, Samsung, DIRECTV, Converse, Avon, Coca-Cola, Lenovo, Tata Communications, SABMiller, Toyota, CableLabs, LG, Sprint, Vitamin Water, Pepsi, Converse, Beverage Marketing Corp., Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy, KBS+, Northstar, Sense Worldwide and many more. A prominent thought leader, she is a frequent guest and writer for such outlets as TED, CNN, The Atlantic, DailyWorth, The Bulletproof Executive, Huffington Post, and the Financial Times, as well as a keynote speaker and lecturer at universities, professional conferences, and corporate events. Order her book, Startup Your Life: Hustle and Hack Your Way To Happiness (St. Martin's Press), watch her TED talk, take the Sociology of Style quiz or sign up for her image transformation video courses for women and men, check out the HVCK video series for entrepreneurs and enterprise, follow her on Twitter, sing with her, hire her (or just say hello).

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Podcast Notes

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0:00hi everyone and welcome to it is
0:03Launchpad this is your host carmine
0:06 denisco and today on the launchpad we
0:09have a special treat for all those
0:10entrepreneurs want to be centers out
0:13there we have somebody that actually we
0:14going through all the ropes has done it
0:17all has had her ups and downs
0:19she's usually really making a name for
0:21yourself all across the country really
0:23throughout the world
0:25she is an entrepreneur if you ever heard
0:28of one she helps people with every
0:30aspect of the business a world now she
0:34has a PhD in sociology
0:37she teaches at some of the top schools
0:39in the country her name is Anna Akbari
0:41and I'm gonna bring her on and let her
0:43kind of give us her rendition of where
0:46she started and how she got to where she
0:48is now we'll take a few minutes and let
0:49her introduce yourself and then we'll
0:51just dive into what she's been up to and
0:53are you over there
0:54yes I am right hi how are you doing
0:57thanks for being on the show today I
0:59really believe that our listeners can
1:01benefit from some of the things that you
1:03have of your great successes but also
1:05the things that might not have gone
1:06right from the beginning of your career
1:09what's that what's been happening what
1:11did you start off I know you were living
1:13in New York is that were you born or
1:15where do us no now I did not grow up
1:20anywhere exciting or glamorous i was
1:22born and raised and the Midwest in a
1:26town called Waterloo Iowa and I you know
1:30I was born to single parent mother I've
1:33never met my father on the grew up a
1:37rapport and I grew up hustling I was
1:42hustling from the day I was born and I
1:45it as I eventually made my way I was
1:48actually focus on the art for a lot of
1:51the first part of my life and I made my
1:54way to New York and I you know I'm i
1:59shifted into academia and while in
2:03academia I got the entrepreneurial bug
2:05and that's why I was in grad school I I
2:09started dabbling in start-up and
2:12launching my own companies my first one
2:14of my first company was a company called
2:17brain right which are offered lessons
2:21and the arts and humanities to learners
2:24of all ages and it was a way for my
2:26partner and I to employ a lot of really
2:31really talented creative people in New
2:35York City on while off tho bringing
2:37their expertise to the masses and so you
2:41know we had everyone from acting coaches
2:43to flower arranging coaches to
2:45everything in between mom and I was it
2:48was it was like you know early 2000
2:51we're working on this and we were we
2:54were definitely not well equipped to be
2:58doing a start-up and it you know it it
3:00ended up not kind of sailing after about
3:03a year to on but I learned a lot and
3:07went on to create other companies from
3:09well yeah you had a few things again she
3:11obviously sweet not you know being yeah
3:13New York is a good thing but it's also
3:15very expensive to live there and and to
3:18operate out of there and then you were
3:20doing started now with that is a
3:22web-based startup that wasn't what they
3:25start out yep and then my second i also
3:29failed startup was a company called
3:33twice which look to incentivize
3:37in-person real connection on with your
3:41you know your relationships and tapping
3:43into the networks that we that we've
3:45been building digitally and not making
3:48them are beautiful and perfect that we
3:50ended up pivoting to we were more
3:52successful in the sense that we
3:54partnered with them really we pivoted to
3:56i'm from consumer to enterprise and we
3:59partnered with been pretty big players
4:01and the face and then we also were
4:02accepted in you a tracking debater on
4:06but ultimately you know the pivot while
4:10while while mar left our feet left
4:13between are unable to to have this year
4:17we can have the skill sets that we
4:18needed to really execute on that
4:21so ultimately you know we didn't end up
4:24getting attraction in the funding that
4:25we needed and after about 18 months
4:28working on that we we close up shop on
4:30but i also have a few other companies
4:34that are still operating and they are
4:38physiology of style where i work with
4:40individuals to help them optimize both
4:44their image and their lives in general
4:48how they operate and then I have a
4:50partner in an innovation consulting
4:53company called half and we do everything
4:56from hackathons an idea on to corporate
5:00innovation to internal innovation
5:03competition you know really helping
5:06large organizations think and operate
5:08like a start-up not so those are the two
5:10places that I go get my attention now if
5:13only to an end so don't hold back hold
5:18back to the academia side of it i know
5:22you have your p @ know you have your PhD
5:24and obviously you had once was
5:27prestigious school New York University
5:29how how does the the academic side of it
5:33fit into what you doing out like the the
5:35entrepreneurial side
5:37I mean is it a good mix isn't i know a
5:38lot of people always say an old you know
5:40I went to the school of hard knocks or I
5:42went to this I mean I i also went right
5:44school and I I thought it was
5:45instrumental how do you feel about that
5:47but i think everyone has a different
5:51path when it comes to how they learn and
5:54what they learn
5:55yes i have gone through a lot of very
6:00expensive schooling and i have on the
6:02student loan debt prove it but you know
6:05I i think that which is a whole other a
6:08challenge but i but i think that you
6:11know everyone has their own has their
6:14own past when it comes to when how and
6:18what they learn i happen to excel with
6:21in an academic environment you know I I
6:25wanted to be able to teach to be a
6:28professor and so that's something i did
6:29at NYU and the new school on for
6:34about uh about six years after i
6:37finished grad school you know and while
6:41I was doing that I was off those still
6:43operating in an entrepreneurial space so
6:45for me I've always seen career paths as
6:49as being able to operate a sort of
6:51interdisciplinary non-traditional way I
6:54never wanted to feel that I was stuck
6:59exclusively as this academic nor did I
7:03want to be sort of like a businesswoman
7:05you know I wanted to be able to sports
7:08my own path and I knew the things I
7:10really love which are being creative
7:13speaking writing and consulting with
7:18individuals and those are those are the
7:19things that I'm stronger fat and those
7:22are the things that I thought I could do
7:23the most good at and so you know I don't
7:26I didn't feel I needed to choose just
7:28one particular thing to do or one
7:31particular path so if you know it's
7:33accident academia they're the right
7:36well for me it was because you know my
7:40disappointed theology and so essentially
7:43you know I study human behavior culture
7:46and how we how we interact and how that
7:50shapes culture how that affects you know
7:53for instance when it comes to image i
7:56infused my work at sociology of style
7:59with my research because I look at how
8:00the way that we self presents affect our
8:03claim to power in any given contact
8:06those those micro decisions that we make
8:08about our image are ultimately signs and
8:11symbols that were constantly giving off
8:13and that people are reacting to
8:14so if you think about it it's just
8:16another tool you know if you find your
8:19image you're able to better control your
8:24how you're perceived the reactions
8:26you're given and the opportunities that
8:28are presented to you um you know people
8:31invest in trainers they hire plumber
8:36when they need when they need help with
8:38that and so your image and you know
8:41getting your life together is another
8:44area that most people could use a lot
8:47outside senseless I didn't care for
8:51company now there's no and i totally
8:53agree i mean i agree that and and it
8:56seems like you said like your your
8:58education the things that you don't fit
9:00almost no for my being on the outside it
9:02almost perfectly with what you're doing
9:04and striving to do now and i think it's
9:08i think it's great now going back to the
9:10image style and things in that sense
9:12yeah we have a lot of our clients that
9:15come to launch pad and they're looking
9:17for funding they're looking for
9:20investment huh you know and we try to
9:23you know read them along a path and the
9:26I feel and maybe it's not the right
9:28thing but I feel that the image that
9:30they present is so important when
9:31they're going for investment yeah it is
9:36you're right it really is and it's
9:37something that they need to pay
9:39attention to are you know one of the big
9:42challenges that everyone faces whether
9:44you're interested in fashion or not take
9:46that off the table that's irrelevant the
9:49way you present is how people understand
9:53you and how they judge whether you get
9:57so when you're presenting to investors
9:59you need to demonstrate that you
10:01understand the rules of the game in that
10:03space your your self-presentation need
10:07to adequately reflect that
10:09so for instance if your meeting I if
10:12you're meeting in New York versus media
10:14in San Francisco there's a lot of
10:16different aesthetic and those two places
10:18if you show up in its high and in
10:21Silicon Valley you're gonna look out of
10:25it's not going to work in your favor
10:27even though you might think okay this is
10:30an important meeting important meetings
10:32require dressing up and I showed respect
10:35I should wear a student type
10:38actually will not work against you so
10:39you need to understand the aesthetic
10:42rules of a space otherwise your regarded
10:46as not getting it and that's going to
10:48seep into what is your peak you're
10:50pitching mhm yeah I i totally I agree we
10:54we see a lot of the we see the the
10:58inventor or the person pitching people
11:01tell just looking at the investors
11:02they're just not connecting with them
11:04and their maybe yeah right
11:06probably see it I mean I your you you
11:09you're an investor or and you you have
11:11people probably pitching ideas of
11:12products and businesses to old-time it's
11:13I mean and if you're not trying to I'm
11:16not trying to be mean it was probably
11:18when people walk in the room you're
11:20already saying wow what are you gonna do
11:21or they weren't prepared or what's going
11:23on with them in and you want to try to
11:25cover all those bases if you're going
11:27for investment money you can really put
11:30your time it you do and and i think that
11:35you know a lot of times we think image
11:38doesn't matter because we think it's
11:40superficial and that we're going to be
11:42judged based on what it is we're
11:45presenting the the content our words the
11:48work we've put in but you have to
11:50remember that you have to be seeing
11:53before you can be heard and what people
11:57see it how they filter what they're
11:59hearing from you so you need to make
12:02that work to your advantage take that as
12:05a risk off the table
12:07just don't don't make that part of the
12:09equation and that often takes a bit of
12:13refining it takes some study it takes
12:16you know working with a professional to
12:18make sure that you're sending the right
12:20message and and once you are you know
12:24you you will likely find that whether
12:26it's you know your personal life and
12:29you're trying to like me to mate or ask
12:31someone out or whether it's looking for
12:33for money from an investor whatever it
12:36is you're speaking from your audience
12:38those doors start to open up one you
12:40refine the way your aesthetically
12:44and and I know that you have some
12:48expertise in the relationship side and
12:50you probably help people down there
12:53maybe next time Jack that you can we can
12:55talk about that but i agree whatever you
12:57are pitching or whatever you're looking
12:59to receive it is important to put it
13:02together the right image i agree
13:04everyone is looking for something
13:06different i guess this is what you said
13:08yeah yeah i mean you need to be and this
13:11is where the sociological piece comes in
13:13you need to be able to read your
13:15audience and read the contacts that
13:18you're that you're operating and and be
13:20able to be fluid now that doesn't mean
13:22that you become such a chameleon where
13:24you completely lose yourself in each in
13:27each setting it's always a balance
13:30between what a context for an audience
13:32demands and what feels right and true
13:35for you based on your background based
13:38on your beliefs based on the body that
13:40you're working with all of those
13:42elements so it's the combination of the
13:45two it's what I call distinguished
13:47compliance that means you are saying
13:50look at me i have something to say
13:52while office saying I get it I
13:55understand where you're coming from
13:57I'm part of that mindset or that group
14:00we can connect so you need both to be
14:02effective that is so important that that
14:06is it is it's really important seems
14:08like it and I know it I looked over your
14:10website and something the things that
14:11you guys do the image consulting like
14:13coaching and the style school is just is
14:16awesome all those things it seems like
14:18it's BS probably kind of fun for you
14:20guys to to be doing this when you get a
14:22a client that is really open to change
14:25well i think you know what's interesting
14:27is that you that you say that because
14:29change and being open to change
14:31something that I talked about a lot of
14:33the book and the majority of my clients
14:35both with those galaxies of style and
14:38with hack our agro are any point of
14:41transition so on a sociologist outside
14:45it might be that they are looking for a
14:48partner or recently divorced it could be
14:50that they recently lost weight or
14:52they're changing direction from a
14:56professional perspective maybe they move
14:58maybe they are getting older and they
15:01want to refresh I mean these are all
15:03amazing points to come to something like
15:07sociology of style from because when we
15:10are going through transition and the
15:12same is true for company you know a lot
15:14of companies that might feel they are
15:16going to be disrupted or have undergone
15:18organizational change or add a
15:21leadership transition they often are
15:24very ripe and ready for some kind of
15:27innovation infusion and it's when we
15:30think about you know that the moments in
15:31our lives that we either fell down and
15:35failed or you know were caught off guard
15:38and had to adjust or you know pivoted
15:42sharply these are moments these
15:45transitional moments are when more most
15:47receptive 24 most effective at
15:51implementing change and absorb e
15:53everything new and making sense of it so
15:57your trip point of transition are
15:59significant and if you think about it or
16:02always transitioning and if we think
16:04that we aren't were in denial
16:06change is always happening no doubt
16:09about it and and again that's you know
16:11one of the things i want to point out is
16:12yet people can go and they could come
16:15and make it pay for you know a trainer
16:17they can come to a gym because what they
16:19have to want to change and like you said
16:22yeah better than I did is it is going to
16:25come to a point where they're going to
16:26have to be open to change
16:27there's no doubt about it brings me to
16:29you mentioned it to your book which is
16:31something that before you see a new
16:33client or before somebody comes is
16:35usually do you recommend you recommend
16:37they read your book or where how does it
16:39really work when you when you're working
16:41the new client will talk to look after
16:43ya he wanted turned on what they come to
16:47me for right so if it's someone that's
16:50looking to want to start with their
16:53image which is where for so tells us
16:54that were a lot of people that point
16:57that they come to the eyes is when there
16:59is another interesting thing is when
17:01we're going through a transition
17:02whatever the transition we often want to
17:06revamp our appearance
17:08we know we where were hungry to actually
17:12physically transform during that time
17:16whenever we feel kind of mental or
17:18spiritual transformation we want we want
17:20our outward appearance to reflect that
17:23transformation that we feel that we're
17:24going through so what would I have them
17:27do if they come to me for image stuff or
17:32fit for more of a life coaching life
17:34optimization perspective i have
17:35different assessment that i offer i have
17:38one specific image i have one that is on
17:42you know life in general I have another
17:45that specific to professional pursuits
17:48and i have been fill out those
17:50assessments and that is incredibly
17:54revealing to the individuals just going
17:58through that process and pondering the
18:00question they give up and then you know
18:03and then we we talked it through and we
18:05we identify where the challenges and the
18:08opportunities are and how we can move
18:09forward but I start with an assessment
18:11and then when it's a when it's a larger
18:13organization you know it really depends
18:16on where they're at in their innovation
18:19journey or some of them you know they
18:21might not have a leadership team that's
18:23fully on board and that hamstring
18:25everyone quite a bit though we might
18:27start with something smaller like a
18:30hackathon or you know we have some
18:32corporate innovation video series and we
18:35might like those to start educating the
18:38general population on this concept of
18:40innovation rethinking how they do their
18:42business every day so you know we have
18:45to do a bit of an innovation audit
18:46figure out where they're at or sometimes
18:48they come to it specifically knowing
18:50what they're looking for and we start
18:52there and then see how we can evolve
18:54that into something bigger that must be
18:57a great feeling to actually see the
18:59changes developed you know I I'm sure
19:02sometimes it's not enough to get there
19:03but to actually see and then the people
19:06that you're working with whether it's a
19:07corporation which is i forgot to mention
19:09you have worked with some large
19:10corporations which is great but to see
19:12that yeah when they notice the changes
19:14it must be like a light bulb going off
19:16yeah it really is so wonderful odd who
19:21could be with them throughout that
19:23transformation and then get their
19:25feedback afterwards so frankly from an
19:29individual perspective you know it might
19:31be someone who like I mentioned was
19:34feeling they needed a refresh in their
19:36lives and and I've seen that also not
19:39only not only affect the way that they
19:41are perceived in their office but also
19:43revitalize marriages I've had I've had
19:46clients where you know maybe the wife
19:48team me and a good wonderful
19:51professional on the mature age and was
19:55was thinking about it more from a
19:57professional refresh and has been the
20:00unexpected reward was that her husband
20:04suddenly we had renewed interest in her
20:08romantically so I'm really great for
20:11marriages and relationships Christmas
20:13been of or I've worked with I've worked
20:16with then who have never had women
20:19approach them you know they're always
20:21the pursuing and and we work together
20:23and suddenly they have women approaching
20:27them to compliment them and they don't
20:29have to be the one breaking the ice
20:31anymore and that's a pretty thrilling
20:33feeling for a lot of guys um or you know
20:37from an organizational perspective I've
20:40been innovation workshops with some
20:42large companies where you know in the
20:44workshops that will do with them that
20:46are intended to get from A to B for a
20:49specific project you know we have them
20:52start contemplating a lot of how
20:53business gets done every day and all
20:56these light bulbs start you know going
20:59off in their heads and their
21:01interactions and they just feel
21:03completely refreshed and recharged to go
21:06back to the same business they've been
21:08doing only with new fresh eyes which is
21:11really wonderful to see ya
21:14oh man that's it sounds good just tell
21:15me about it you know always things that
21:17pop and huh you know anything is in the
21:21basically you could drop you into almost
21:23any company and you're going to
21:25institute change there's been no doubt
21:27about it
21:28probably what people don't realize when
21:29you walk into a room how much knowledge
21:31and experience you have and you're
21:33already figuring out who's going to be
21:36the trouble maker and who you're gonna
21:37have to work on more and this is gonna
21:39be a trouble you know I can see you your
21:41mind probably going to work just from
21:43the first second you walk into a room
21:45well i think a lot of that also comes
21:47from years and the classroom as a as a
21:51professor is you know you immediately
21:54have to learn to manage different
21:56personalities and strength then
21:58challenges in the moment you are i have
22:02so many stories from those days but you
22:05know that that's something that that you
22:08were fine
22:09I it the the classroom is a wonderful
22:12space to refine those skills that's for
22:14sure and and you know and the many years
22:17that I've been been working with both
22:19corporations and individually with
22:21clients you know the more people you
22:23encounter the more people you help the
22:25better understanding you have on how
22:28they operate and how to connect with
22:30them so you can help them achieve you
22:32know what it is they're thinking wow
22:34it's amazing you could talk about these
22:36things I mean I just amazed at the stuff
22:38that you're accomplishing its really
22:40great and I know that we're short on
22:42time but i do want to talk a little bit
22:44about the book and I could the reason I
22:45want to talk about this book is because
22:47I believe that this is instrumental for
22:49for almost anyone to read everyone has
22:51changed to make everyone can better
22:53themselves and I really when I read
22:55through your book it really touched me
22:56that there's something in it for
23:00well I appreciate you saying that and
23:02it's interesting I the book is called
23:04startup your life
23:05hustle and hack your way to happiness
23:06and you know it's interesting because
23:09when you when you're when you're
23:10pitching a book and when you're writing
23:12it going through that process there's
23:14always the question of who the audiences
23:16and and and and so there is a desire on
23:23the part of some of the entities
23:25involved sort of say okay we're going to
23:27be women can be professional
23:29let's say you know because women read
23:31self-help books and women buy books and
23:34whatnot but this book is not
23:36gender-specific in fact it connects with
23:40men a lot i have that has been one of
23:43the demographics that I've been so
23:45please just be embrace it
23:47uh are men of many different
23:50socioeconomic backgrounds and not
23:53necessarily it does you know someone
23:56that has the highest level of education
23:58but but people who really understand the
24:02value of of hustle and want to take
24:06their take control of their lives one of
24:09the critiques I have with a lot of
24:10self-help this out there is that it
24:13gives you a really broad sweeping
24:16general suggestions some of which are
24:18terrific like just meditate or just
24:23think positively or you know Dan
24:26spontaneously and these are all great
24:28recommendations and things i love and
24:31embrace and do in my own life but the
24:33challenge in the problem is that there's
24:35no single one of those things that's
24:37going to get you from A to B that's
24:39going to deliver the happiness that you
24:42want in between getting from A to B as
24:45well and so my hope with this book is
24:49that it offers a practical tool kit for
24:52actual izing that your happiness
24:55potential today not someday while also
24:58keeping you on the path to success and
25:02it might not be the success that you had
25:04envisioned for yourself but it's gonna
25:06be the one that ended up being right for
25:08you and it helps you to flourish along
25:11the way
25:11and and you know I hope as you say that
25:15there's something for everyone from the
25:17recent graduate who is ready to go out
25:20and tackle the world but isn't quite
25:22sure where to start to the recent
25:24retirees which is another really great
25:27demographic that it's connecting with
25:29you know individuals who will be baby
25:31boomers they're pretty young and they're
25:34my mom just retired for instance and of
25:36course she's my mom she has to love the
25:38book but but you know she and and some
25:42other retirees that I've connected with
25:44a there they say you know no one's
25:46writing this book about you know what
25:48can we do with these decades that we
25:51have left I'm not ready to play golf all
25:54day though you know and then the people
25:56in between who maybe feel a bit of
25:59malaise about where they're at they
26:01might be part of the the corporate
26:04machine and they feel they're into deke
26:06to make a transition and and I like to
26:08think this book might might give them
26:10the courage and the tools to make the
26:14pivots that they need to be happy in
26:16their lives no matter where they're at
26:18well i think i think that you hit it on
26:21the head i was very impressed by the
26:22book not only the amount of research
26:25that was done to get this books in their
26:27way was written everything way was laid
26:30out I thought it was very easy reading
26:32in a sense where you could take any
26:34information but it wasn't overwhelming
26:37and as a guy i can tell you that most
26:40guys they they need to be open to change
26:42because we need to always be bettering
26:44ourselves there's no doubt about it
26:45yeah I'm not afraid to say that I I love
26:49learning things i know that i always go
26:52into things the exact right way it
26:53should be done or dress right way or
26:55whatever it is i love changes that would
26:56like to teach me it keeps me awake it
26:58keeps me thinking you know just like one
27:01exercise I get my best ideas when I
27:03exercise when I'm exercising my mind and
27:06really that's what we do you know why
27:09you know why that happens in part it's
27:12because you're reaching a flow state and
27:14your brain and when we are in a flow
27:16state whether it's in the work that we
27:18do see an exercise hobby can get it from
27:22gaming even
27:24you can find flow and relationships in
27:26the way that you connect and communicate
27:27with people i mean we're in a flow state
27:30right now anytime that you are
27:32completely focused on one activity and
27:36if you think about it in our a very
27:39distracted technologically mediated
27:42lives we don't have a lot of outlets for
27:45that we're constantly multitasking and
27:48when we do that we we diminish our
27:52ability to find flow and flow is where
27:54we find the most happiness so it makes
27:57sense that when i run also and I have I
27:59have I have many of the same experiences
28:03that you're talking about one of the
28:04things i recommend in the book of course
28:06is it's creating play outlet because
28:09when we create clay outlet that's where
28:11our minds wander and making reimagine
28:13our reality and start to think beyond
28:16the immediate productivity oriented
28:19lives the most of us focus on its adult
28:21I remember that yes exactly right and a
28:25lot always need to play more there's no
28:27doubt about what you said yeah yeah your
28:30hands I mean everyone's one-handed now
28:31in the world everyone has a phone in
28:33there other hand and they they can't go
28:34play or do things fun because they can't
28:36go with her phone so i totally agree
28:38with you more
28:40well I always say that the the greatest
28:43gift that you can give someone in this
28:46technological age is your undivided
28:50it is so rare to have someone truly
28:53focused on you not not waiting for their
28:57phone not having their phone sitting
28:58there not having other distractions but
29:01to be a hundred percent present with
29:03someone is truly the greatest gift that
29:06you can give them but that's some Nazi
29:09that some wisdom right there i know that
29:10when people listen to this they're going
29:12to be thinking about that you know and
29:14it doesn't cost anything different
29:16you're exactly right and so I totally
29:19agree now
29:19now as for me and after in your book
29:23what would be something that else I can
29:25go on the website and what else can i
29:28get to listen to or watch
29:30yup so so if if your listeners i have
29:35read the book which they can get at
29:38amazon or barnes and noble is also an
29:41audio book available and if you haven't
29:43got enough my voice on this segment then
29:47you can look into it for eight hours i
29:49nary a book on inaudible and then I've
29:53also created a web a video series what
29:57you can find at startup your dot life
30:00which is also where you can find out all
30:03other all kinds of other things about
30:05the book but what I've done with the
30:08video series and my purpose for creating
30:10it and that I felt like while the book i
30:12hope gives you a lot of the tools and
30:15you know structures that for the at the
30:17end of each chapter you really kind of
30:19know what you're being charged with to
30:22do how you can start implementing it
30:23into your lives
30:24I knew that some people are going to
30:25want to take it a step further so the
30:28video series on that you can subscribe
30:31to allows you to dig deeper in each of
30:35the chapters everything from image to
30:37your virtual presence to your
30:40relationship to the way to manage money
30:43and beyond and it allows you to then
30:45have interactive kind of work look style
30:49engagement with the recommendations that
30:52I make so there are actual worksheet
30:54that you can fill out you get access to
30:57media a private forum on and it allows
31:01you to really start living the
31:04philosophies and the series of of the
31:07book starting today so that's one thing
31:09you can do another option in addition to
31:12that is you know if you decide okay I'm
31:16enthusiastic I like what you're saying i
31:19would like to talk to you more about my
31:21situation you can absolutely contact me
31:24you can email me at anna at sociology and i am happy
31:32q you know talk to you about how we may
31:34be able to work together one-on-one or
31:37you may work for an organization and you
31:40may say i would love these concepts
31:43to be brought into my company so that's
31:46this book is interesting in that it has
31:48crossover appeal to both my sociology of
31:50style clients as well as my corporate
31:52clients because a lot of large
31:54organizations to their credit are now
31:57very aware that employee well be their
32:00health and happiness is incredibly
32:02crucial to the bottom line if they're
32:06going to be more productive employees
32:08that they want to have employee
32:10retention then they need to pay
32:11attention to whether their employees are
32:14happy and healthy and so this video
32:17series and book can also be licensed and
32:20and implemented into large organization
32:23as well and then finally you might say
32:26well you know I like what you have to
32:30would you be willing to come and speak
32:31at my company or conference or
32:34organization and you can also reach out
32:36to me and I'm happy tix for that as well
32:38name so there you got it all Ulysses
32:41there is no reason
32:42anna has given basically any way that
32:45you can better yourself haha
32:47Isabel both look so if you're making up
32:50excuses it's just an excuse because no
32:52matter what i do i recommend the book
32:54great me the next step would be all the
32:57things that Anna just recommended i
32:59would love to just to see and at work in
33:02a corporate environment I think it would
33:03be awesome to see that all of the
33:06information and i just gave also put in
33:07the show notes so you guys can go out to
33:10our website and be able to link up over
33:12to anna's websites also and get
33:14information that way so i think we're
33:17going to create do anything else you
33:19wanted to add them now I mean I would
33:23just go to speak you know maybe for a
33:25minute directly to your audience those
33:28of adventures and I think you know as
33:30you might recall in the book I speak to
33:33some of our greatest inventors like
33:34Henry Ford and thomas edison and and you
33:39might recall these guys were failures
33:42most of their life he really they really
33:45failed and failed and failed again and
33:48to the point where people started to
33:51think they were a little crazy and yet
33:53they persevered and they continued to
33:56learn something and reflect on their
33:58failures and they use that knowledge of
34:01what went wrong and what did work to
34:03make himself stronger going forward they
34:06they didn't become overnight successes
34:08those are those are rare and anomalous
34:12and not the past for most individuals
34:15but what they did do is they persevered
34:18and they actively reflected in and made
34:22something of the knowledge that they are
34:23and I think those are those are really
34:25the lesson that the book drive home that
34:27will be most relevant and talent for
34:31your for your audience
34:33I I agree and I was one of those are
34:35some of the things that I was impressed
34:36by the research that you perform but
34:38also that touch base with what I do for
34:41a living because you have any telling
34:44everyone you know hundred times 50 times
34:47they're running these experiments race
34:48parts of pasty ass gamers that it took
34:51150 several you know 50-something times
34:53you angry birds if you track 52 games
34:57before Rovio entertainment launched
34:59angry birds it be to acting so you know
35:03when an inventor gets down or their
35:05first prototype doesn't work and they
35:08need to realize that they are you know
35:10committed to that no one hits it on the
35:12head the first time and if you do with
35:14you know you weren't a lot of what it's
35:15about it's other night that other
35:17thousand other nine people that we need
35:20to work at it there's no doubt about it
35:21so again
35:22yeah it was it was astonishing how and
35:26when I went to the book that I really
35:28wanted to get our audience to to look
35:32into it because they're not coming for
35:34me it's coming from someone like Anna
35:36that is an expert in this and as you can
35:38see from what you keep about and from
35:40her credentials and when she's done
35:42she's an expert in this
35:44well thank you i hope that it resonates
35:47with with your audience and you know i
35:49love getting feedback from from real
35:52people who who read it and apply it to
35:55their stories so if anyone does go out
35:57and get it part of your life
35:59I you know please feel free to reach out
36:01to me and tell me your story and and how
36:04it relates to your life I really
36:05genuinely love hearing that
36:07great yeah and and i would recommend if
36:09you can if you like the book you get out
36:11there and leave a review friend and
36:13those reviews are very powerful so if
36:15you could do that would be great
36:16yep at it that's very true amazon and
36:19goodreads are those are very valuable
36:21don't just talk about to get out there
36:24and those reviews so and i know you got
36:28to go very busy and I again I appreciate
36:30you being on the show today hopefully
36:32down the road if you have something cool
36:33going on let us know we'd love to have
36:35you on the show again luv ya that you're
36:38out what you're up to and again thank
36:41you very much and hope to talk to you
36:42soon thank you so much and thanks to all
36:46your listeners time you take care