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May 15, 2017
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May 19, 2017

Ashley has been in the Health and Fitness industry since 1990. She has always be been an advocate of education while continuing to always strive to grow as a person. She currently is on the faculty of the CHEK Institute traveling around the world teaching certifications, conducting seminars, and presenting at conferences on Holistic Health and Exercise. She has a practice in Tampa with her company Balanced Body, LLC. There is no particular type of client as she treats the person and not the disease and this can range from the acute and chronic pain patient to pro athlete. Due to the energy commitment, Ashley hand picks her clients that are committed to learning about their own health and their body to create a new consciousness “ageless mind, ageless body.” The process of working with Ashley is “the journey to Self”. The journey to creating the person they wish to become in this lifetime. Ashley’s physical training focuses on pulling the body into postural alignment with neuro-somatic therapy, mobilizations, a pre-corrective stretch program followed by a stabilization/strength program. Her programs create balance within the body to then replicate movement patterns that are in properly aligned which will create neuromuscular efficiency and motor control over all the joints. This process allows for the client to enjoy life or activities without the fear of getting hurt. The body always moves towards strength so, training consists of strengthening the primal patterns that are used all day long with daily movements ie. lunge, squat, bend, push, press, and twist. The coaching aspect of change and discover of self creates an understanding to the mental emotional blocks that people can Nutrition being a key element to success, Ashley does an extensive nutrition analysis/program to guarantee her work in making sure clients DO reach their goals. After going through the program, clients are in awe realize all the benefits that come that they never even expected. For example, a younger healthier look and feel to their skin, increase energy and stamina throughout the day, motivation for life, sleep better and increase self-esteem. One of Ashley’s favorite quotes is “Everything happens for a positive reason” and Ashley enjoys reminding clients all the beauty life has to offer and to enjoy the journey we are on as it is where we need to be in life to appreciate what we already have or don’t yet have in life. She has always been active and after being a Triathlete for 9 year, she received an honorable mention in 2002 for being top 15 % of female triathletes in the U.S. She has also competed in Fitness America pageants ranking top 10%. Ashley is living proof of what a person can be like if they follow the plan of eating right, sleeping right, drinking right, moving right and thinking right. Ashley’s wisdom in the field of Health, Fitness and Nutrition has always been a dream and a love of hers to share with all people that willing to take that next step.

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Podcast Notes

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0:02hi everyone and welcome to inventors
0:05launchpad roadmap to success
0:07I am carmine danesco your host and today
0:10on the launchpad we have a special guest
0:12she's not only an entrepreneur and a
0:15business owner
0:16but she is an expert in holistic
0:18corrective exercise I'm going to read
0:20some of the things that I wrote down to
0:22in order to introduce her because there
0:24was so many things she works with
0:27nutrition and lifestyle coaching she's
0:29pulled together several styles to
0:32integrate different healing therapies
0:34she has a bachelor's degree in wellness
0:36from the University of South Florida
0:39she's worked with and taught for some of
0:42the most respected companies in the
0:44health and wellness field she's also
0:47been a Nike advisor she's trained with
0:49title Performance Institute not only
0:52competed in triathlons but actually five
0:54Ironman competitions as well as the
0:57fitness America pageant her name is
0:59Ashley mazurka and I have her on the
1:01line now hey Ashley are you over there
1:03hey Carly hi thanks for being on the
1:06show today I know that was a little bit
1:09of a long intro you've done so much and
1:12I know you're busy I wants you to have
1:14you on the show for a number of reasons
1:16personal on my end and also for our
1:19listeners and again can you give us a
1:22little bit of your background I again I
1:23went to the intro but how did you get
1:25into this and it seems like you've been
1:27doing this for a long time well I have
1:31been doing this for a long time at least
1:33I feel like I have about 26 years and I
1:37started in the health and fitness
1:39industry back in 1990 and I started by a
1:45teaching group exercise and for me I've
1:48always been active always been an
1:50athlete a dancer and that sort of
1:55sparked a transition from high school
1:58into college and at the time trying to
2:02figure out what I want to do which I
2:04thought I knew but once I started
2:06teaching at a Bally's health club and
2:09then started working on the floor I fell
2:12in love with health
2:13business and the opportunity to service
2:16and help people be better and so from
2:19there it's it's kind of spawned off into
2:22every different facet of the health and
2:25fitness industry I feel like I've done
2:27it all which I know that I haven't but I
2:29just feel that way and for about 17
2:32years I actually have been most focused
2:35on the holistic side or you could say
2:38integrative aspect of health and fitness
2:41as it applies to helping people become
2:44stronger healthier and just overall
2:49increasing their vitality to live this
2:52that they choose to and I know that my
2:58listeners are probably wondering why
3:00I've invited you on the show and I'm
3:01going to get to that in a bit my
3:03question for you as something you
3:05mentioned what do you mean by holistic
3:07yeah you know Alissa can mean lots of
3:10different things and sometimes people
3:12clients will say your Nightingale who do
3:15what will me are you not going to go you
3:16loo on me and no it didn't mean lots of
3:19different things you know we can talk
3:21about the spiritual aspect of
3:23dysfunction or we could just talk about
3:24how the root of your issue your chronic
3:28pain or persistent pain as we call it
3:30now why it's happening and it's always
3:33about the Y it's always about getting to
3:35the root cause so rather than saying
3:38holistic we could say the integrated
3:40approach so at the end of the day the
3:43question is why and for me if the
3:45holistic approach would be as a
3:47practitioner is answering that question
3:49why because a lot of people go from
3:51doctor therapists surgeon whatever it is
3:54massage therapist acupuncture therapist
3:57and they don't know why they're in pain
3:59they're just getting treatment after
4:01treatment and it came to don't persist
4:03so for me I'm like that's going to stop
4:05right here and we're going to find the
4:08root behind it and whatever that may be
4:11whether it's the mental emotional side
4:13or aspect that dr. Sardo talks about in
4:16his books whether the visceral component
4:19of reflex into the musculoskeletal
4:20system which causes an inhibition which
4:23causes conversation which ultimately to
4:26my response which leads to pain but I've
4:29never in my career thus far have been
4:32been unable to find the root cause
4:35totally get somebody out of pain into a
4:39healthier place and I think that yes to
4:43a service of education I'm a big
4:45education person I love learning about
4:48this field there's so much to learn and
4:50part of being a clinician of
4:53practitioner I'm also an educator so I
4:58teach this part of the modality of what
5:02I do all around the world to
5:04practitioners who want to be like myself
5:07and and then I also have a big educator
5:10with my clients because it's I don't
5:12really want people depend on me getting
5:14out of pain and want them to understand
5:16why and how they got there and typically
5:20what happens and what you do to your
5:23body prior to the age of 40 years old
5:26will be indicative of what happens after
5:30the age of 40 and typically you'll start
5:32to see the symptoms so it's for me it's
5:35a mystery and I love what I do because I
5:38love the challenge and mister behind it
5:41well from the people I've talked to
5:44about you and that's what brought you
5:46over to the show today you are amazing
5:48at what you do and being able to peel
5:51those roots back and find out what the
5:53root cause is is something that as you
5:57said a lot of people don't have the
5:58ability to do that and I know that you
6:01work with clients from all over the
6:03world c-level executives well as well as
6:06professional sports and athletes and
6:09things in that sense and as I said
6:11earlier one of the reasons I wanted you
6:14on the show I'm going to get to that
6:15right now is that here as you know and I
6:19and I think you're listening to the show
6:20as you mentioned these are our people
6:22are entrepreneurs their inventors their
6:24innovators and even myself we tend to
6:28push ourselves past the limit I
6:30sometimes experience pain or headaches
6:32or lack of sleep I probably don't eat
6:35right I don't drink enough water or I'm
6:37pushing myself too far because I'm
6:40trying to
6:40get to that next step that next level
6:42and we have a lot of inventors and
6:44business owners that are experiencing
6:46some of these things and I wanted to try
6:48to pick your brain and figure out not
6:51only what that is doing to our chances
6:53of success by doing the things that
6:55we're doing that probably aren't right
6:57and and our brains in our body or
7:00feeling that and then also how we might
7:02be able to mitigate those things and
7:05maybe feel the differences well that's a
7:09loaded question
7:10so I might have behind me all of that a
7:13little bit later is I try to see only in
7:16the present moment and because I can't
7:19remember okay so how I'm going to start
7:24with your particular question is when
7:28you ask me I'll be on the show and I do
7:30listen to your podcast I was like why
7:34would you have me on the show like whoa
7:35I'm not an inventor I do have a couple
7:38of ideas but it seemed odd but as you
7:43had pointed out everybody needs some of
7:46the knowledge that you have and
7:47everybody strives to be better in some
7:51way and that would mean everyone wants
7:56to have energy everyone wants to have
7:59stamina everyone wants to feel like they
8:02can conquer their task list for the day
8:06including myself
8:07there's always 20 things on the task
8:09list and I strive to get the 20
8:11completed but sometimes can only conquer
8:14the 10 and that's okay so part of that
8:18is don't put so much on yourself that
8:22you become how I say this over
8:25judgmental itself and then ultimately
8:27create all this guilt and shame on how
8:30unproductive you may be in the day now
8:32that's another aspect let's get what I
8:34think - what you're asking me and that
8:37is what are some tips that I can give
8:40your listeners there are typical tips
8:44that you do already I just maybe refine
8:47them and make them better options and
8:50that's one is yes
8:52headaches sometimes can caused by
8:57dehydration not all headaches not every
8:59headache but sometimes the headache can
9:02be because your dehydrator you're not
9:03getting enough water in your system it
9:06also can lead to mental fatigue so if
9:09you're trying to be a student or create
9:13novel solutions for problems then you
9:17need that that mind to be creative and
9:20be able to function at its best
9:23and so being hydrated with good water
9:26good quality water is very important and
9:30the basic behind that would be the body
9:33needs on an average half of its body
9:37weight in ounces ok so it means the
9:40example would be if I was dealing with
9:42somebody who was 200 pounds they would
9:46need 100 pounds 100 ounces of water per
9:51day now for some that seems like quite a
9:56lot and it may be because you're just
9:59not used to it in your body
10:02over time you don't automatically go out
10:04tomorrow art drinking 100 ounces slowly
10:07you build your kidneys to the capability
10:09of taking on that much water and you'll
10:12increase maybe by 10 ounces and make
10:15sure that your water is is good quality
10:18water the the best water that I do out
10:22there that has enough solute or minerals
10:26which your body needs to hold on to hold
10:28on to the water is a be on the
10:31second-best is Fiji below that we're
10:33dealing with the water that somewhere in
10:37the nature of like a tap water which you
10:40do enough castings and research on it's
10:42not very healthy and sometimes can be
10:45somewhat we call it acidic water which
10:48you know you're drinking in a fit of
10:49water when you drink maybe 10 ounces of
10:53water 8 ounces right when you get up and
10:55within 15 minutes you go have to go to
10:58the bathroom and chances are when you're
11:01drinking water and you're having to go
11:03to the bathroom all the time the water
11:05may be made
11:06a lot more balance to it maybe a more
11:09alkaline do I believe in out limits
11:11alkaline water maybe depends on the
11:14quality so some tips for that which is
11:19kind of the goal for somebody like
11:21myself as a coach it's giving you lot of
11:24vacations giving you recommended like
11:26how in the world am I gonna drink 100
11:28ounces that are you kidding me you not
11:30only drink potentially 20 ounces right
11:32now which can be a scary time I always
11:35say get to my class hear about this feel
11:38really good now because this water is
11:41going to give you so much air in the
11:42healthy right now that it's going to
11:44help you think clearer and so I would
11:47start out with a regiment and it does
11:50require a little bit of structure get up
11:52in the morning drink your 6 to 8 ounces
11:53and then Midway the morning drink
11:57another 6 to 8 ounces then 15 and 15
12:00minutes to a half hour after your lunch
12:02drink another six eight ounces and two
12:05you can reach your requirements in right
12:07around 6 p.m. I would start declining in
12:11that because as you'll probably already
12:14jump the gun and realize if you drink
12:16too much it might be end up going
12:18bathroom on line and that doesn't help
12:20you get a good amount of sleep which is
12:23probably my next line item for
12:26recommendations and that would be to get
12:28enough sleep sleep is so very important
12:32for the body to recover itself to recoup
12:35from the stress in the day or the
12:37previous day so they always say Oh in
12:40about six to eight hours of sleep
12:42tonight and that's very true and what I
12:45would say it also depends on the
12:48individual person okay so some people
12:51can get by first and that's fine and
12:54some people need like myself I would
12:57need around 8 or 9 and I feel
12:59comfortable so you have to play with
13:01what feels with what makes you feel
13:04comfortable in the morning where you
13:06wake up to the point where you're ready
13:07to start your day you wake up and you're
13:10jogging your body and you're tired
13:12chances are you didn't get enough sleep
13:14or I would recommend investigating why
13:17you feel that way which we'll talk
13:19about a little bit so the other aspect
13:21of sleep that I want to go into is there
13:24is our natural circadian rhythms and no
13:29matter if you live in Europe whether you
13:31live in Australia whether you live in
13:33New Zealand or you live in the u.s. MA
13:37there is the optimal time frames of
13:40about 10 P segments and the 10 o'clock
13:46to 2:00 a.m. is where you can get your
13:49work is where you get your physical
13:51recovery and from 2 a.m. to 6 p.m. is
13:54where you get your psychological
13:56recovery so when I am saying to you and
13:58what often times happens with clients
14:00that are in physical persistent pain is
14:03they don't sleep very well and they
14:06don't get to bed as early as they should
14:08so if you're going to bed at midnight or
14:111 a.m.
14:12can you see how you miss two to three
14:15hours of the optimal time to repair your
14:18physical body and so that's a really
14:21important aspect of feeling really good
14:24and healthy and repairing your body when
14:27it needs to okay
14:29you got all that - I have it I didn't I
14:34didn't know my my question was going to
14:37make me think so much about what I do
14:39what go ahead if you if you want to it's
14:44very interesting yeah so that's the
14:47point is the point of this what I tell
14:51my clients is is this is a journey of
14:54you're about to learn it's all about you
14:57it's all about discovering who you are
15:00and what your body needs and part of
15:03doing that is paying attention to your
15:05body for instance it's really not normal
15:09to fart and burp and have little tics
15:13little kernels in your shrimp all the
15:16time that is not normal and you know
15:19it's if it's important for people to
15:22know that because you know they often
15:24say oh I always do that in a case an
15:27example would be when I was on a flight
15:28because I do travel a lot I was on a
15:31flight and
15:32a gentleman just ate this I'm not really
15:35sure what was it being with us some sort
15:37of sandwich
15:37yes she's and all the stuff on it and
15:40soon after that can been decorated the
15:43entire two-hour flight he's a good and
15:47had a lot of mucus now cuz it's been
15:50doing this for a long time to be working
15:52with a lot of clients with these types
15:53of issues I instantly knew that his body
15:56was rejecting Gary because Gary
15:59typically you get a lot of mucus buildup
16:02you get a stuffy nose or or you
16:04constantly have to clear your throat and
16:06you know there was part of me that just
16:09wanted to bend over and safety hey do
16:11you know that Gary sir me buddy and so
16:16my point is that is listen to your body
16:19because it can't talk to you but I can
16:22give you lots of symptoms and if you've
16:24gotten to the point where you're in
16:26persistent pain your body's been telling
16:30you for a long time that something's not
16:33good it has been going on and you just
16:35haven't been paying attention so that
16:38would be something that I would such
16:40suggest it would also suggest moving
16:43moving your body and whether that be a
16:47work out type of exercise or work in
16:50type of exercise and what I mean by that
16:53is not everybody is able to go out in
16:57one five miles walk five miles or even
17:02ride for thirty five forty five minutes
17:04or two in power that that may be a lot
17:07and if you have a lot of stress whether
17:10it's in internal stress or external
17:13stress we have to evaluate how you feel
17:16and I always say what what is it what
17:19does it feel like to you when I say work
17:22out my god it just makes me tired
17:26thinking about it as well well then what
17:29we may need based off of what all the
17:32paperwork that comes back to me I
17:34determine whether they really need just
17:37stress their body break it down with a
17:40catabolic slash workout program it may
17:43be what they need is a
17:45cow program work in program which means
17:48something very simple which it would be
17:51simply going for a relaxing type walk in
17:55nature preferably or just that a slow
17:57moderate place great place where they
18:00can think about their breath and just
18:02kind of diffuse all the stress that they
18:04have incurred in their day and it may be
18:08something like Tai Chi or a very simple
18:11meditative type yoga that would be more
18:14of a work in where actually what you do
18:17is that you accumulate energy working
18:21out expend energy and it's important
18:24that when you do finish your work in you
18:28should feel energized you feel good you
18:32feel relaxed and that's the biggest
18:35thing that I would suggest as far as
18:38moving your body because part of moving
18:41means pumping and part of pumping means
18:44detoxifying and because we have so many
18:47stressors that surround us we have to do
18:50something with our body to mitigate and
18:53get all those stressors to some degree
18:56out of our body and do the best we can
18:59with what we've got and so the last
19:03thing that I would suggest and I know
19:05I've been talking quite a bit here I
19:07tend to I tend to be very passionate
19:10about what I do and so I get excited for
19:13him to talk really fast or I tend to not
19:16take a breath so stop me asking me to or
19:19interrupt but the last thing would be to
19:24watch what you eat eat food is so
19:30important I could talk for hours on it
19:33literally hours no stop that yeah I'm
19:38just on food alone but if I could
19:42recommend something simple simple and
19:47try to eat foods that are whole food in
19:52nature okay so something that God
19:56created and in our program one of the
19:58phrases that we use
19:59our if it wasn't here 10,000 years ago
20:02don't eat it some people look at me like
20:05I'm crazy
20:06so to make it even simpler nicking with
20:10fruits and vegetables and meats and fats
20:15that would be the primary thing and this
20:20to stick with and staying away from
20:22packaged stuff processed stuff because a
20:27lot of those additives a lot of those
20:31synthetic items put in our foods are
20:36create what we call guttin flavors and
20:40basically it can make your tummy not
20:42feel so good and it could create that
20:46belching or farting type thing or make
20:50you feel really gassy or full but the
20:54symptom you'll have is I'm really full
20:56but I don't feel satiated now that's
20:59really important part of part of the
21:04aspect of Whole Foods in non health this
21:06we call them denatured foods denatured
21:10foods are foods that are like I said I
21:12get your process and these foods
21:16actually pull energy from our body body
21:19they use our reserves and our nutrients
21:23in our body to assimilate it process and
21:27eliminate it and so what that does is it
21:30leads somebody to feel tired after they
21:33eat not when you eat if you're eating
21:36energy nutrients vitamins and minerals
21:40the good stuff you should feel pretty
21:43peppy in in or energized afterwards
21:45shouldn't feel heavy tired and like you
21:48want to go to sleep and so it's
21:51oftentimes a really good idea to pay
21:53attention to that and there are lots of
21:56sources out there the metabolic typing
21:59diet by dr. Walcott in trip Tricia hey
22:02it's an excellent book eaten women be
22:05healthy by Paul check is another
22:07excellent book that really does a great
22:10job of it
22:11these types of things and you know often
22:14times you can get things on the internet
22:18that can really give a lot of great
22:20information but you have to be really
22:22careful about what you read and so those
22:25are some really good tips that I would I
22:28feel are on a kind of beginner scale for
22:31people to begin doing and know you
22:34already um
22:36drink something so my suggestion is
22:39drink water and you already eat the
22:42suggestion is to eat a little bit better
22:44and you already sleep but maybe juggle
22:49down a little modify that just a little
22:51bit I have had clients that you know
22:54frankly their whole life they've gone to
22:55bed at 1:00 to 3:00 in the morning and
22:57it hasn't served them obviously because
23:00they're coming to see me but what we do
23:03is we know take it step by step and day
23:06by day it's easy steps with just process
23:08always yeah that's some great
23:13information as you were speaking I'm
23:14thinking back to my experiences and and
23:17you probably get this a lot I'm actually
23:19thinking about some of the things I ate
23:21and how I felt after I ate them and it
23:23does it rings a bell and you get so used
23:25to those feelings after you eat that you
23:28think it's normal and now that you're
23:30mentioning this I realize that it's not
23:33it's not normal so drinking more
23:35drinking more water is so important and
23:37eating good food and eating the right
23:39food it just sounds to me like like it's
23:41not one size at all like you see these
23:43diets out there it doesn't seem like it
23:45seems like everyone's different the way
23:46you're explaining it is it's specific to
23:49each person and you have to know your
23:50own body it's very very individualized
23:54and what I would say that is we are
23:57different on the inside is we are on the
24:00outside there's about 1,500 books on
24:04nutrition and diet and what that means
24:09to me is that they haven't nailed it yet
24:11that people there's no perfect
24:13can diet for one size fits all in this
24:17industry and just because we even in the
24:22your own family you
24:25be so diverse and the nature of
24:28consumption of vitamins and minerals
24:29that just because ie a certain way and
24:33it helps me doesn't need my sister or my
24:36brother or my mom are going to get the
24:38success that I did so it is very
24:40individualized and personalized and
24:43previous your to your question and how
24:46we can relate to the listeners that are
24:49hearing this especially because it's you
24:52know you talk about invention but for
24:55everyone who is trying to Gillan gently
24:59work very hard to succeed at getting
25:01their inventions out there and being on
25:05phone calls and talking to people and
25:07sometimes distress the mental fatigue
25:11can you have hard time coming up with
25:15the right words are coming off as a
25:18person who really knows and is really
25:21invested and it's excited about their
25:23work and at times we can become
25:25depressed if we don't get a call or the
25:27answer or the response that they want so
25:30eating helps you stay balanced and
25:33positive and enthusiastic about life
25:36whether it's we know or whether it's a
25:39yes about that's one thing that I can I
25:42can say to your listeners that are
25:44looking maybe like well be more
25:46interesting hear about inventions this
25:49diet health nutrition industry is an
25:53industry that really can talk with
25:56anyone yeah well I totally agree and I
26:00think that you know people say that you
26:02got to be sharp you got to stay sharp
26:03and just knowing about your product your
26:07company your business is one thing but
26:09if you can't think and your mind is
26:11foggy you haven't got enough sleep and
26:13you've been striving for the last five
26:15years for that one big break and
26:17somebody hands it to you and all of a
26:20sudden your mind goes blank or you're
26:22tired and you can't think straight what
26:25ashley is talking about is this is going
26:27to allow you to get your big break you
26:29you can't have a big break if you can't
26:31think if you can't think straight if you
26:33can't function during that elevator
26:35pitch or somebody's asking you an
26:37important question you can't read
26:39the answer so eating right drinking
26:41water sleeping is what she's saying is
26:44probably the most important thing to be
26:46successful and just real quick as I know
26:50you have a hard stop and and the
26:54information you're giving us so one
26:55quick question I have for you and this
26:57is something that I have noticed it took
26:59me a little while is when I'm thinking
27:01of something or I can't come up with an
27:02answer I'm working on a project or
27:04working on an invention for one of our
27:05clients I find that when I go ride my
27:08bike or I do some exercise it seems like
27:12the answer to the problem becomes a lot
27:15clearer or it pops into my head why is
27:17that well I think that part of the idea
27:24of what I was talking about moving and
27:26the aspect of pumping releases
27:30endorphins and it's sort of like in
27:34other words what specifically you're the
27:37bike the repetitive writing is like a
27:41meditation and don't forget to that I
27:45will try not to get a little technical
27:47here but the process of breathing it's
27:51so underrated and when you're exercising
27:54or moving or doing something that
27:57requires your body to resist gravity
28:00there is a process of the breath that
28:04basically we call it imbibition and it
28:07has to do with also the cerebral spinal
28:08fluid that is in your spinal column that
28:13it is rushed to the brain and back down
28:17through the spine to nourish and feed
28:20the nerves that give you that kind of
28:23rush that give you that sympathetic
28:25response that give you that ability to
28:28be excited and to be on your toes and to
28:31think that and come up with those
28:34creative ideas and so the answer that I
28:38would say simply is because you're
28:40moving and you're you're creating that
28:44sort of meditative process that allows
28:47your mind to either let go which don't
28:52but when we're always thinking the mind
28:55is always going going going going going
28:57and when you're able to just release
28:59that constant thought and just relax it
29:02you can create a lot of ideas that can
29:06come from you know greater source is
29:09what we would say in our industry so it
29:12comes from a but you know whether I
29:15don't know whether it's got or great
29:17spirit or whatever you want to believe
29:18in but it comes from another source and
29:23when you're always thinking about the
29:25same thing then you don't have the
29:28ability to stop the mind and have a
29:31creative idea come through and and then
29:34again the other aspect would be the fact
29:37of the breath is really increased and
29:42able to have the spine pump more due to
29:47that breath and then because the breath
29:51in stimulates the pump there are
29:53cerebral spinal fluid and then the
29:55nourishing of the discs and the nerves
30:00get their nourishment so that's really
30:04really important
30:05from the aspect of moving your body and
30:07I think that would be the best answer
30:09that I can give you in relation to your
30:12question no it makes sense it makes
30:15sense a lot and that's something that I
30:17have experienced multiple occasions is
30:20that you know I think like you said my
30:22mind was just in this loop trying to
30:24come up with an answer for a product or
30:27an idea and I just couldn't come up with
30:29it and then once I did some exercise or
30:31I started doing some I was thinking
30:32about something else and and it has
30:35happened several several times and I
30:37just thought you'd be able to make sense
30:39of it and I understand exactly what
30:41you're saying about that now I know that
30:43you have executives that come to you
30:45people from all over the world and one
30:50thing I have asked other executives and
30:53people who seem like they're successful
30:55they're there there are obviously many
30:57forms of success that people look at but
31:00it seems like upper level executives
31:03people that are very successful one
31:05thing I notice about them is
31:06they seem to always work out they seem
31:08to always be moving as you said and
31:10thinking or doing something I don't know
31:13if they eat well or drinking up for
31:15water or something but they always seem
31:16to be in some kind of shape maybe to you
31:19they're not as in shape or they need to
31:20be but it seems like they are and and I
31:23could see now and I don't know if you
31:26agree with me that you need to be
31:28healthy - really not - it's hard to say
31:31you need to be healthy to be able to
31:33make the right decisions to go to take
31:35advantage of opportunities when they
31:37come I don't I wouldn't necessarily
31:43judge that anybody isn't as healthy as
31:46they should be
31:48I think everybody is exactly where they
31:51need to be in life whether in pain or
31:54not in pain
31:54miserable depressed I think it there is
31:58no judgment whatsoever I feel that there
32:02are a lot of executives a lot of
32:05business owners that I have seen that
32:09value the importance of health and
32:12fitness in their life and you know we're
32:15always working at the level that we can
32:17and we're always hopefully always
32:20striving to be better we're always
32:22looking to reflect on our today or
32:28yesterday so that we can move forward
32:31the next day now I feel like the
32:34importance of the importance of anyone
32:37at a higher level or trying to achieve
32:40success in their life part of getting
32:43there and being happy with yourself in
32:46your success is living a balanced life
32:49and part of living a balanced life
32:52creates the sense of peace and happiness
32:55inside of you because and I feel be the
33:01road to that creating peace and
33:04happiness wherever you're at and just
33:07striving to be better and happy at that
33:10point is about being healthy okay if
33:13you're working all the time 100% of your
33:17day is work work work and you don't
33:20you and what makes you happy what makes
33:22you healthy then your your level of
33:27balance meaning your sympathetic versus
33:30parasympathetic the balance in your body
33:33becomes out of balance if you come and
33:36you can can become reactive versus
33:39responsive and so people who are very
33:43successful are very responsive they
33:47exude a balance and that's because
33:50they're in some regards they're forced
33:52to because they've got so much stress in
33:54their life and when you're that
33:57catabolic or that sympathetic or that
34:00stressed for that matter why is this not
34:03fun life is not happy and there is no
34:05sense of peace inside of you and I do
34:08believe that every person that living on
34:11this earth ultimately is striving for
34:14peace and happiness and part of and I
34:19don't believe because I've experienced
34:21this with many many millionaires out
34:24there there are people that will come
34:26into my office who have the Jets have
34:31ten cars all over the world but don't
34:35have peace and happiness okay so now
34:38it's about going backwards and finding
34:42that and discovering that and that's
34:44just about going within and creating
34:48that for yourself they've got all the
34:50other stuff but it's it's the inner work
34:53that needs to be done and that's a very
34:56very fun aspect of what I do so going
35:00back to you if we're climbing the ladder
35:03people that are trying to become
35:05successful but trying to get their
35:06inventions out there they're trying to
35:08make money to survive or or secure their
35:12family then with all that pressure it's
35:17really important that you take at least
35:19an hour to out of your day to focus on
35:22being able to handle all of that stress
35:25and being successful and dealing with it
35:28by staying balanced in yourself and that
35:31is drinking water
35:33getting good sleep eating Whole Foods
35:35and moving and I think that is for easy
35:41things but at the end of the day and I
35:44you know I hear it all on social media
35:46and TV the buzzword is is balance it's
35:50all about balance and I do a group that
35:53is interesting that years and years ago
35:56when I was to come up with once I close
35:59my Wellness Center down and I started to
36:03downgrade my business I wanted to come
36:06up with a new name that was that was
36:08more attached to who I was in that
36:10moment because you know we all evolve
36:12and change and instantly and came to me
36:15once I started thinking about it was
36:17balance funny and that is that's the
36:21name of my company in it I mean for what
36:24I do is actually the most perfect name I
36:27could ever think of as to what I do and
36:31what I recommend for everyone well it's
36:35certainly a good name is no doubt about
36:37it if it's everything you've been
36:39talking about and if there was on any of
36:41our listeners who were wondering why we
36:46brought you on the show today
36:47just the yeah the last phrases will
36:51explain it real quick real question and
36:56we got to get to closing out dammit
37:01if I had a client or myself and I needed
37:06to prepare say a week in advance for the
37:09biggest pitch of my life and I had an
37:13appointment that picks my product to
37:14whom I was preparing and they gave me a
37:16week to do it
37:18I hadn't really been eating too healthy
37:20I've been burnt out from studying my
37:22invention and working hard what what
37:25should I do for that week would you
37:27recommend obviously I can't turn my
37:29whole life around but what would you
37:31what would be a quick three tips you
37:32would give me
37:34what a easy I would just reiterate what
37:37I just saw already said I would say
37:40first of all you didn't give me a lot of
37:41time but Lisa gave me some time so for
37:44the next seven days I would take value
37:48in those four tips and I would at the
37:51level that they can at the level that
37:54they want with everything else that's
37:56going on I would focus on their sleep I
38:00would focus on getting a little
38:02relaxation movement in their body and
38:06the I would address Whole Foods to the
38:10level that they can and the water and
38:13what's always very interesting because
38:16you you you get personality types and
38:20those that can commit to doing a little
38:25bit of those four items see a rumor
38:29Occulus change it it's always
38:33interesting because when a client says
38:34that you know to come and say I need
38:36help with this in this and I think the
38:39process of what we're going to do with
38:41you is going then be like that plus key
38:47other things that are going to be the
38:48ramifications if you can do a couple
38:52little things to change your life that
38:55we've already said it's not that hard if
38:58you can do those four things
39:00consistently and make progressive
39:03changes when you can you'll see a big
39:06difference and I would be very
39:08interested to see how the pitch went
39:11after doing is as much as they could in
39:14that seven days with those four items
39:16yeah I would love to have some of our
39:19listeners give us some feedback if they
39:20implement some of these changes that
39:24Ashley has been talking about as we're
39:26going to switch gears a little bit and
39:27talk a little bit about you and your
39:29practice and we're going to kind of wrap
39:30up so my question would be is since
39:33everyone's listening who would be your
39:35kind of target client
39:38well my target client is pretty one
39:41pretty much anyone who is looking to be
39:46better grow the healthier the biggest
39:50client that proton that I get is
39:52somebody who's in chronic pain I've just
39:55over the many years have created such a
39:59referral system with getting people out
40:02of pain and specifically lower back pain
40:05as I join cane so you know there's
40:09always the shoulder pain neck pain and
40:11all that but anybody who's who's in any
40:14kind of pain or it can anybody who's
40:17looking to to dissect and figure out why
40:22they've got some sort of munities which
40:25is a pretty simple case and a big
40:29educational sector fatigue somebody who
40:35is wondering why they're always fatigued
40:37or distance as simple as somebody just
40:41trying to find their purpose in life
40:44trying to figure out what they should do
40:48with their life so I would say the
40:53majority of life my clients have been
40:55chronic pain and I always have my
40:59feelers out to my practitioners that
41:01refer to me typically gets to
41:03challenging cases that the difficult
41:06ones and that's that's the ones I enjoy
41:09because you know this is this is fun to
41:12me of the mystery and people can read
41:16about myself on my website if you're
41:20looking like what about this girl me see
41:24what she's all about you can only show
41:26my website it's www balanced bod calm so
41:31we took the Y off the body and bounce
41:33bog because body wasn't available and
41:37that's a place that you can visit my
41:40website yeah I know a lot about me and
41:43my services and their fees and I do a
41:46lot of mentoring with practitioners and
41:48I do a lot of
41:51Skype coaching as well my clinic in
41:54Tampa that I have come people see see me
41:57where we need to work on issues with
42:00their body and so forth Wow some that's
42:04one of the great things about that so
42:05you're able to help people through
42:07videoconferencing which is awesome
42:10because some people might not be able to
42:12even get out to you in the Tampa area
42:14and I know prior we were talking before
42:16we started interview about you know some
42:18pain mitigation things and that you were
42:20actually helping people avoid surgeries
42:22and back surgeries which I thought was
42:25fantastic because I'm a firm believer
42:28that those back surgeries are very very
42:31very small amounts may be successful huh
42:35yes and you're in you're absolutely
42:39so far I'm a hundred percent on the
42:43people that have come that were supposed
42:45to get back surgeries so to get hip
42:47surgery and we were able to alleviate
42:50that through corrective programs and
42:53getting to the source and then following
42:56that program through my oversight and we
43:00were able to help with that so I'm very
43:03very grateful for and I don't say that
43:08it's all me I would say I was don't like
43:11you're the one that has to do the work
43:13I'm just giving you the information so
43:16you know you have harvest job I'll just
43:19coach you through it and give you what
43:21you need to be successful well well
43:24actually definitely under estimating how
43:26important she is in the process and just
43:29from hearing about that all the great
43:30wonderful things she does with her
43:31clients I appreciate you being on the
43:35show today and giving up some of your
43:36time to you don't help some of our
43:39listeners you know our listeners I'm
43:40sure are and I don't want to use the
43:42word suffering but experiencing a lot of
43:45the things that all of us inventors
43:47entrepreneurs and innovators face
43:50whether it's health issues pain from
43:52leaning over your computers all day or
43:55whatever it is nutrition is so important
43:57and being healthy in this field and
44:00that's kind of why I wanted you to have
44:01you on the show today I know it didn't
44:03really fit in and
44:04a lot of our listeners were saying why
44:06is she on the show but now hopefully I'm
44:09hoping that they realize how important
44:12being in good health is when you're
44:15trying to be successful I think it's one
44:17of the most important things that they
44:19can be is healthy though balanced body
44:22calm Ashleigh Mazurek look her up on
44:25Facebook on LinkedIn definitely visit
44:29our website send us some notes send us
44:30some questions if you send them on our
44:33website internet inventors Launchpad
44:36send more Gus we'll make sure we get
44:37them over to actually but certainly if
44:39you have some questions or you need to
44:40ask actually anything or you maybe you
44:43need her help um don't hesitate to go to
44:47our website contact her because I can
44:49almost guarantee that you will be
44:51helpful to whatever your needs are
44:54Ashleigh I say it again thank you very
44:56much for being on the show today and we
44:58look forward to maybe getting back here
45:00down the road well thank you very much
45:03for having me on the show
45:04I really really appreciate you what an
45:07honor for me I'll just speak and help
45:10anyone that I possibly can and good luck
45:13to you and yeah we'll talk soon thank
45:16you you take care bye