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The Licensing Jungle Welcomes Eric Huber UIA Board Member Product Licensing Professional and Brilliant Inventor.
July 24, 2017
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July 27, 2017


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0:00I invented Launchpad family this is
0:03Colin danesco your host for inventors
0:07launchpad roadmap to success I wanted to
0:12get in touch with you guys and talk a
0:14little bit about some questions that
0:16I've been fielding about some of the
0:18other shows on our network and how those
0:22questions came about a lot of times and
0:25this is true even with myself when I
0:28have a good idea when I have an
0:30invention idea I guess you would say I
0:32don't really start with the end in mind
0:36a lot of times I'll have an idea I'll
0:39get to work I'll start designing and
0:41I'll start prototyping it start testing
0:43you talking to people about this idea
0:45but I won't really think of it as a
0:48business until sometimes it might be too
0:51late a lot of times I'll get further
0:54down a path that I wanted to without
0:58really having a plan or a strategy in
1:00place and these are some of the
1:02questions and some of the things I
1:03wanted to talk about today as some of
1:06you may know our listeners we have it
1:10been adding several shows to the
1:13inventors Launchpad Network we've been
1:17launching different shows in order to
1:20help inventors move their products along
1:23make the right decisions maybe having
1:26that strategy or getting that plan
1:28together because it is a lot of work to
1:32take an idea from your head move it all
1:34the way through to having a success with
1:38the product actually selling it
1:40licensing it making money with that
1:43product and turning it into a business
1:45so I wanted to talk a little bit about
1:47the different ways that you can have a
1:50strategy and have a plan a projection on
1:55what you want to do with that product
1:57maybe with that end in mind because it's
2:00not as easy as people think about it is
2:02a lot of work it is hard there are some
2:04people that have an idea have a product
2:07have us have a prototype and they get
2:10very lucky and their product maybe gets
2:13market gets into a retail store or onto
2:16some TV shopping channels very quickly
2:18there are products that that happens is
2:21no doubt about it
2:22but a lot of times those big products
2:24that we talk about those talked about
2:25those big products that we hear about
2:26making millions and selling hundreds of
2:30thousands of units you know those
2:31products have been along around those
2:34products have been around for a long
2:37time it's just that you're just now
2:39hearing about it a lot of times that
2:41overnight success that you hear about
2:43it's really a 10-year overnight success
2:47it's just that you're hearing about it
2:50at that time and that's why you believe
2:52that it's an overnight success but
2:55people who have taken those products to
2:57market most of the people most of the
2:59inventors the companies it's a bit a
3:02long road and I just want you not to get
3:05discouraged not to think hey why is
3:07everyone else putting their products on
3:10the TV putting them into retail stores
3:12or or you know putting them on to a see
3:17on TV or moving them along even
3:18e-commerce sites and Amazon eBay it's
3:22not that easy
3:23and I want people to realize that it's
3:25not it really is a lot of work and again
3:28you have to have the right product to
3:31make it and you have to target the right
3:36market with the correct product if you
3:39have a great product a great idea but
3:41you're targeting the wrong market talk
3:43targeting the wrong niche or in most
3:46cases if you're targeting everyone it's
3:50going to be a lot tougher for your
3:53product to catch on for your product
3:55would be successful so the trick would
3:57be is to have a strategy and that was
3:59going to be some of my point today is to
4:01try to put a strategy in place in the
4:06direction that you want to go the
4:07success that you want to have could
4:10might be multiple strategies but a
4:12strategy a plan is very important I am a
4:16big believer
4:19in just trying things throwing things
4:22against the wall seeing how they work
4:26experimentation I say beats planning
4:30every time in a lot of cases that is
4:33true but in the long run planning is
4:37very very important
4:39experimentation can get you answers
4:42quickly okay but it's not good for the
4:45long run and that's why you need to have
4:47a plan you need to have a strategy when
4:50you have an invention when you have an
4:52idea for a product when you want to get
4:54to a certain place from point A to point
4:55B you need to have that plan now
4:58certainly experimentation can give you
5:00the idea on which route to take which
5:03road to go down
5:05a lot of times we'll experiment with an
5:07advertisement or packaging we'll create
5:11three or four different types of
5:12packaging we'll send them out and we
5:15will see what kind of feedback we get
5:17overnight or within a couple of days
5:20whereas if we were trying to plan on
5:23which type of packaging we should use
5:25they could take a month or two months so
5:27a lot of times I will say an outside an
5:29experimentation does B planning but only
5:33in some circumstances planning is very
5:35important so so first thing I want to do
5:37again we're getting a lot of questions
5:39on the different types and different
5:42directions that you might want to take a
5:45product if you have an idea or have an
5:47invention and there are several
5:49different routes to take some of them
5:51could be multiple type of routes so you
5:53need to have a product that can go maybe
5:56on a TV shopping channel say like HSN
5:58QVC the jewelry channel but you can also
6:01take that product maybe to retail so
6:04there are different types of paths to
6:07take with a product but it's good to
6:09just plan on one and let the product or
6:13let the public take it down the other
6:15path as it grows and gathers momentum
6:17it's very important to just go and find
6:20one route one path so that you don't
6:24overextend yourself so that you don't
6:26get your resources too thin these truly
6:29have a good product the product that's
6:31going to catch
6:32on you don't have to worry about talking
6:36to everyone you don't have to worry
6:38about trying to sell your product to
6:40everyone in the world you don't have to
6:42give that that speech that all of us
6:44know about where if you sold to 1% of 1%
6:47we'd all be millionaires you don't need
6:50to say that the trick is and I shouldn't
6:53even say a trick
6:54the plan is you can find your niche
6:56market find out where they are who they
6:59are where they buy things why they buy
7:02things what they like what they don't
7:04like and go after that niche market from
7:07there your product will grow your
7:10product will extend out of that niche
7:12market because it's a good product so
7:14other people are going to notice they're
7:16going to take notice and they are going
7:18to want to buy it also but if you try to
7:21talk with to everyone as the saying goes
7:25no one listens so again I just want to
7:28let you know that planning is very
7:30important if you need help and a lot of
7:32people do I mean there's nothing wrong
7:34we're talking to someone who's in this
7:37industry about putting together the
7:39right plan going after the right
7:42demographic the right niche it is very
7:45very important and and that's kind of
7:47why I'm talking about this process so
7:50much because there are so many good
7:53products that are out there so many good
7:55inventions that are out there that they
7:57were just their resources were just too
8:00thinned out by going after everyone
8:02saying everyone loves this product
8:04everyone's going to want one and you
8:06cannot sell to everyone until your
8:10product catches on and let everyone know
8:12even somebody like Apple or coca-cola or
8:16some of the largest brands in the world
8:20they're not selling that everyone maybe
8:2330% of the market maybe 40% of the
8:26market there are still other brands that
8:28are taking bites out of that percentage
8:30of the market you cannot sell to
8:32everyone and I tell you the truth you
8:34don't want to sell everyone you want to
8:37build up your following your tribe your
8:39family of loyal followers the ones that
8:43will buy whatever you put out
8:46that is who you want to sell to I mean
8:49when people stand on line as they do the
8:52Apple product when people stand on line
8:54or sleep overnight for the doors to open
8:57to come and buy your product you've made
9:00it my friend that is a brand following
9:04that is a family that will follow you
9:07and buy your products and that's what
9:09you want you try to sell to everyone and
9:12you may cost a factor okay and you make
9:17your product a commodity then you're
9:20dealing with price and you're not
9:22dealing with your family your brand you
9:25need to sell to people who are going to
9:28buy your product they're not going to
9:30ask how much it cost they're not going
9:32to ask when is it going to be on sale
9:35they're going to line up and they're
9:37going to buy your product but it's very
9:39tough to do that not all products and
9:41fall into that category I don't want you
9:43to think that if you have a product that
9:44is a seasonal item or something that is
9:48you know specific to a certain small
9:51demographic that that's going to happen
9:53I'm just using as an example of building
9:56your brand going after your correct
9:59niche market and then let it expand from
10:02there and that's the reason I'm using
10:04Apple as a as a experimentation or a
10:10product that is unbelievable
10:15when they come out with a new product
10:16and to have people sleeping or standing
10:20on line and buy just to buy their
10:23product to give the company money
10:25they're standing on line and sleeping
10:27there it's amazing to me so so let's
10:29just just go ahead and end and go
10:32through the different types of ways and
10:35planning that you may want your take
10:37your product to market there are four or
10:39five different ways and again you can
10:42have both there are four or five
10:44different ways to take a product to
10:46market and I just wanted to go over
10:48these because let me just start the
10:50clock to yours I don't want to talk too
10:53long and guys Elissa can be talking
10:56there are several different ways to take
10:58your product to market and I don't want
11:01you to thin out your resources I want
11:02you to say this is the best for this
11:05product I'm going to go after this
11:07demographic and this is how I'm going to
11:09do it because it's very important to do
11:11that you only have a certain amount of
11:13time especially if you followed a
11:14provisional patent application you have
11:17maybe a year to go after the correct
11:19demographics before you have to dish out
11:21the money for a full patent or maybe
11:23just give up or see what's happening in
11:27roll the dice and say hey I'm not going
11:28to file a full provisional patent a full
11:32patent application because I do the
11:34provisional I didn't get too much
11:36traction but have some interested
11:38parties and I'm going to wait and see so
11:40there's a lot of things you have to do
11:42and that within that year and a year
11:43goes by fast my recommendation would be
11:47before you file and again I'm not an
11:50attorney I'm not a intellectual property
11:53attorney but if you are going to file
11:56and a provisional patent application
12:00where you get a year to claim
12:04patent pending I would wait to the last
12:07possible second to put that application
12:10in meaning that gather up all of your
12:12paperwork if you have samples if you
12:15have prototypes cell sheets maybe even
12:18setting up appointments but not giving
12:20out all the information needed and then
12:24the day before that you're actually
12:26going to start showing this product go
12:28ahead and file that provisional patent
12:32application so you get a full amount of
12:35time that you will need because again a
12:38year ago does go by pretty fast so so
12:40the first a first category that I want
12:44to talk about that you may want to go
12:48after with your product idea is
12:50basically the easiest one one we all
12:52know about is ecommerce whether you are
12:55going to sell your product on your own
12:58website on Amazon on eBay or any of the
13:03large e-commerce sites that allow you to
13:06do this most the most common being your
13:09own website or a site like like eBay or
13:12Amazon which is huge ecommerce selling
13:16your productivity commerce is not an
13:19issue but you will have to have
13:21inventory so if you have an idea or you
13:23have an invention there will be some
13:26steps that you have to go through to try
13:30to sell your product online on
13:32e-commerce so the first thing would be
13:34is you're going to want to prototype it
13:35you are going to want to test that
13:38prototype make sure your product does
13:40what it's supposed to do the worst thing
13:43that you can do is is go ahead and get a
13:46product made because you believe it's
13:47the greatest thing since sliced bread
13:50get that prototype made not test it not
13:54put it in the hands of your intended
13:56user again your niche market I'm going
13:59to say that word a lot guys you're going
14:00to get sick I mean here in niche market
14:02or demographic but it is very important
14:04to get your prototype or your fully
14:07produced product before you've gone to
14:09mass production maybe you made 50 or 100
14:12and you're testing that product it's
14:14very important to get that product in
14:17the hand
14:18of your target market homes though who
14:20is going to use that product you don't
14:22want to stand over them you don't want
14:24to stand behind them and say okay you do
14:25this you do that give them the product
14:28and let them use it like if they bought
14:30it in the store or they bought it online
14:32and it got delivered to their house okay
14:35that means it's got to be very
14:37self-explanatory the packaging isn't as
14:40important to unny commerce or Amazon
14:43which is great but if you need to have
14:46instructions pictures tools whatever the
14:51accessories are I mean this product has
14:54to be complete I don't care if it's in a
14:55white box but if the product has to be
14:59assembled it has to be some kind of
15:02instructions make sure that the product
15:05is ready for testing so again ecommerce
15:09is great because you don't have to spend
15:11as much money on packaging it's very
15:13nice to get packaging there's a little
15:16trick to that so I'm going to talk to
15:18about you it's about the packaging in a
15:19second but ecommerce is good what you
15:22will have to have inventory depending on
15:25how much product you need to buy so
15:28there's a couple different strategies
15:30for that so you can go with prototypes
15:31talk about how great the product is if
15:35the prototype is good enough to show on
15:39camera or on video you may want to do
15:42what we call a dry test which means you
15:45use the prototype in the pictures in the
15:48videos you talk about how great it is
15:50you throw it up on your website or maybe
15:53even on eBay for sale you discuss the
15:59pricing or maybe you can do a split test
16:01where people on the west coast are going
16:03to get one price people on the East
16:04Coast are going to get a different place
16:06and you see if anybody wants to buy your
16:08product at those prices now when they do
16:11go to buy your product obviously you
16:13don't have any you haven't manufactured
16:15it yet but if they do go to buy the
16:17product as they go to check out your
16:21website is going to say sorry we are out
16:24of inventory right now we've let us know
16:27if we would like to be notified when the
16:32is fill when we get more more product in
16:34stock so that's what's called a dry test
16:37and if you wanted to do a dry test you
16:39can use your prototype as long as it
16:41works and shows good and that's a way to
16:43do that
16:44so again ecommerce you just need to put
16:47a plan in place and that's what I mean
16:49about planning certainly I would say
16:53certainly go ahead and get a few if you
16:56can get them you have to have
16:58manufacturing in place so if you're
16:59going to do this dry test there are
17:01something you need to have in place like
17:03you're manufacturing your prototypes if
17:06you need molding if you need any kind of
17:09specialty equipment to manufacture that
17:11product you're going to want to be ready
17:14to go because you don't want to you
17:16don't want to waste all of the
17:18information all the stuff that you did
17:19that if the dry test test
17:22the dry test works out where your
17:25product is going to be a big hit but you
17:29can't manufacture it because you didn't
17:30do any of the preparation you're
17:33probably going to lose out because
17:34there's a lot of people watching to see
17:37new products that hit the market and if
17:40it's going to be another six months or
17:43four months before you can actually
17:44deliver real-world product where you can
17:47stock inventory it might be too late
17:50so that's what I mean about planning and
17:52strategy I'm going to go through these
17:54somewhat quick because I don't have too
17:56much time and there's a lot of things to
17:58talk about if you need more information
18:00on any of these strategies just go ahead
18:03and get in touch with me at inventors
18:04launchpad comm you can get me on social
18:08media linkedin on facebook and then as
18:11long as you care we run several sites
18:13several groups on Facebook and obviously
18:16I'm LinkedIn you can search for me there
18:18also so if you have questions on what
18:20I'm covering or if I miss something
18:22because I'm going through these quickly
18:24I'll just reach out and I will cover
18:26them either through you directly or I'll
18:29jump on on our next podcast and cover
18:31them at the beginning of the show so
18:33that you know we can get you answers to
18:35your questions so again the e-commerce
18:37side is is a great way to to test your
18:41product and if you have a hundred units
18:43or maybe you did a
18:45a small batch run and you get some some
18:50good feedback or you get some people to
18:52buy you know again you're going to sell
18:54sell your product is this tricks though
18:56on the e-commerce side also you got to
18:57drive traffic to your website it isn't
18:59the if you build it they will come
19:02world anymore there are so many websites
19:06so many people that are stealing traffic
19:08or directing traffic to of some of the
19:12larger ecommerce sites that is very hard
19:15to get just organic visitors to your
19:20website so as you see on the e-commerce
19:25side there are a lot of things we can do
19:29but it's not that's cut and dry as
19:33people would think but it is a way to
19:35test your product if you plan it
19:40correctly and again planning this is
19:43very important to have that strategy
19:45when you have a product next the next
19:48product the next item I want to talk
19:50about that we hear about and you guys
19:53talk about is huge its its retail
19:55everyone wants to get their product into
19:58retail and now I don't want to say
20:01everyone some people or a good
20:03percentage of inventors dream of having
20:06their product in Target Walmart
20:09Walgreens a lot of the big retailers out
20:13there and I can tell you that it is a
20:16pretty pretty cool thing to have your
20:19product walking into a store like Target
20:22or Walmart and seeing your product on
20:25the shelf it's a great feeling we have
20:28seen products that we have developed
20:29here for our clients make it into retail
20:32and being able to call and say hey you
20:36know your products should be out on the
20:37shelves go ahead take a look send us a
20:40picture if you see it and it's just a
20:42great feeling to see that product it's
20:45like a living thing it's like a you know
20:47it's like a dream that the clients have
20:50these product their inventor is that you
20:53know just it was in their head recently
20:55and an idea and they came to us here at
20:59venez on Japan and we got to develop
21:02their product it's out on the store
21:04shelves which is pretty fantastic but
21:06there are some issues again with going
21:10after retailers 12 and again we'll be
21:13planning it will be a strategy and what
21:17a lot of people don't realize is that
21:19it's very costly to have a product land
21:23on a retail space unless you go with a
21:26wholesaler or someone who is going to
21:29handle all of the steps and things that
21:32you need in place in order to get a
21:35product retail ready retail ready
21:38meaning is your product is fully
21:40developed it is tested it is done every
21:43claim everything you talk about has been
21:46tested and made sure that it functions
21:49as it is talked about as its said to be
21:53also the packaging for a fully retail
21:56ready product is much different than
21:58selling on e-commerce as you know a lot
22:01of times you get a product from Amazon
22:03or Ebay or one of the larger ecommerce
22:06store sometimes they come in just a way
22:08pop which is a good saving a cost saving
22:12way to get a prior to you but on retail
22:15but on a restore shelves in retail the
22:18packaging has to be very very complete
22:24as when I say the design of the
22:26packaging is so important because you
22:28will be going up against a lot of the
22:30products in your category even though
22:32your cookie even though your product is
22:34different it's the only one like it out
22:37in the market I can guarantee you that
22:39they're going to put it on the Shelf
22:41that if your packaging is not nice it is
22:45an eye-catching
22:46people will people's eyes will go to a
22:50different product or they just won't buy
22:52it so the trick with going to retail is
22:57packaging and is very important so again
23:01but but the big thing is this with
23:03retail okay so with retail you're going
23:05to have your product you're going to go
23:06show it to a retail buyer he's going to
23:09say I love this product again it's the
23:13very few and far between I congratulate
23:15you if you have taken a product to
23:18retailers and you've made it out into
23:21the market it's very tough to get a
23:23product in retail because shelf space is
23:26so hard to come by now retailer is going
23:30to say you know I like your product and
23:33you're going to say ok great and they're
23:35going to tell you we're going to do a
23:36test even if they do a test and you get
23:39a large retailer I'm not even talking
23:40about Walmart but if you get a large
23:42retailer like Target or or Walgreens and
23:45they say we're going to do a test in
23:49Florida or the southwest region of
23:53California or New York it could be
23:56several hundred stores and even if they
23:58buy a hundred units you know you have to
24:01fill that order of ten thousand 50
24:05thousand a hundred thousand units of
24:06your product and then you have to not
24:09only fill that order but you have to
24:11ship the product to their warehouse so
24:13the product lands in their warehouse and
24:16then they distribute it amongst the
24:18stores and then it starts being sold now
24:21as it's being sold they start getting
24:23returns maybe of one or two two or three
24:27percent return is a is a normal scenario
24:30I don't care if your product is perfect
24:33I don't care if your product is is
24:36developed under the strict strictest
24:38guidelines someone's going to return
24:40your product these that are not happy
24:42with it they really didn't want it they
24:43got it as a present whatever it is the
24:46returns will be charged back to you is
24:50just it's not a big deal but it happens
24:52so now you have several months or three
24:55or four months that your product is
24:57going on the market now you're going to
24:59get paid by the retailer it could be a
25:0260 or 90 day payment terms in the
25:07interim there's going to be some other
25:08things that have to be done you have to
25:11either order more product they may want
25:14to go to national rollout now all of
25:17that money that you put out for the
25:19local test you're going to hopefully get
25:22that money back but here's the trick do
25:24you have the money even for that local
25:27so sale 10,000 units 50,000 use 100,000
25:30units for local tests that you're not
25:32going to get back maybe for 90 days or
25:35more so the trick will be is if you want
25:38to go to retail you have to have the
25:41ability to fill purchase orders now when
25:44I say fill purchase orders you have to
25:47have that money liquid where it does not
25:49have to get back into your bank for at
25:53least 90 days I'm talking minimum 90
25:56days you might get paid sooner but just
25:59to be on the safe side it's got to be
26:01minimum 90 or even 120 or you know try
26:05to get as much time as possible if
26:07you're not going to fund it yourself and
26:08you're going to go with purchase order
26:10funding or you're going to get a loan or
26:12maybe a venture capitalist some kind of
26:15investor just you know let them know
26:18that because you don't control the
26:21vendors or you don't get you don't
26:24control how the vendors get paid even
26:26though they say they're going to pay you
26:2790 days something can happen a check can
26:29get lost but sometimes you're going to
26:33get a check right away I'm kind of again
26:35jumping through here real quick because
26:36there's a lot to cover so so sometimes
26:38you may get a check for the first
26:40payment I have seen that happen where
26:44you get checks I've seen electronic
26:46checks I've seen Bank wires it all
26:48depends on how that particular company
26:52pays their vendors their first time
26:55after that they are going to want to set
27:00up electronic communications with you
27:03now that is a software that they will
27:07not only place orders with but they will
27:09also pay confirm in order to receive
27:12when product is received Oba to tell you
27:14how many units they sold so there's a
27:16software that they will expect you to
27:19have if you're going to deal with a
27:20retailer that costs money it's not a lot
27:24of money but it is a software that
27:25you're going to have to get set up and
27:27maintain in order to process orders from
27:31retailers okay maybe you only have one
27:34retailer but you could have Walgreens
27:36you could have CVS Target and maybe some
27:40other stores
27:41all placing orders to you they are not
27:43they don't call you or they don't email
27:44you with a purchase order they place the
27:47orders through a software and you need
27:50to have that software so that you can
27:52process those orders you can accept
27:54those orders and then you can get paid
27:57through that software but again for the
27:59first time the first orders a lot of a
28:02lot of the retailers will not set you up
28:07in the system until they make sure that
28:10you can not only deliver the product you
28:12can accept payments the products
28:13delivering on time is it's like it was
28:16supposed to be they do a test with it so
28:18they don't want to go through all the
28:20trouble setting you up within the system
28:23until you have actually delivered the
28:27product successfully so it's very
28:29important in that first order that you
28:31get so retailing going to retailers is
28:35it's fun but it's very very expensive to
28:39fill orders with retail especially large
28:42retailers it is very expensive once you
28:45get rolling it's all part of again your
28:47strategy your business plan to be able
28:50to keep that company functioning be able
28:53to keep rotating from inventory getting
28:57the funds in placing orders you'll have
28:59an order in China being manufactured
29:01you'll also then you'll have product on
29:03a boat being delivered you could have
29:05depending on where you make the product
29:07whether it's in Guatemala China Honduras
29:09the Philippines
29:12wherever that product is being made you
29:14have to maintain the manufacturing you
29:17have to maintain the logistics of the
29:19product being delivered and then you
29:20have to maintain the inventory so again
29:23going to retail is fun but it is a lot
29:26of work I'm not saying not to do it but
29:28you have to put a plan in place a
29:29strategy in place to make sure you will
29:31have the capacity to be able to deliver
29:35retail ready product constantly because
29:38you don't want to miss that opportunity
29:40if a large retailer wants your product
29:44but you do have to have the resources at
29:46hand to be able to complete the orders
29:49so so again that's a retail so we went
29:52through e-commerce
29:53we went through II went to retail which
29:56again feed into each other if you go to
29:58retail and they say hey how many units
30:00have you sold you know watch Shark Tank
30:01the first question they usually ask one
30:04of the first questions is how many units
30:05have you sold so same things going to
30:08happen when you go to the retailers
30:10retailers going to say hey listen we
30:12like that product how many have you sold
30:13and if you say hey I sold 10,000 on my
30:16website or I sold 5,000 Ramazan just
30:19this month the retailer is going to like
30:21that answer but if you say oh no we
30:23haven't sold any the retail is going to
30:25be a little iffy about it so selling on
30:28e-commerce first going towards going to
30:32ecommerce selling some product is very
30:34very important you're going to want to
30:36be able to report sales to retailers
30:41when they have so okay recruit we're
30:45cruising through here pretty good
30:46as I said I'm going a little fast so
30:48might be talking over myself might be
30:50repeating myself just because I'm trying
30:53to get through this within a certain
30:54amount of time without boring you what
30:56giving you as much information as
30:57possible I can't answer your questions
30:59if you email them to me I'll be able to
31:03either get back to you directly get us
31:06on inventors launchpad comm linkedin
31:09social media of facebook you know hit
31:12one of them ask this question if i'm
31:14missing something or if you think i'm
31:15saying something wrong or if you don't
31:17agree with me you do agree with me
31:18either way i would love to hear it
31:20either either way I would love to hear
31:22from you guys the inventors Launchpad
31:25family has been growing exponentially
31:26over the last several months so we have
31:30thousands of listeners I get a lot of
31:32emails a lot of questions I try to
31:35decipher I do answer all of them
31:38but I do try to pull out the questions
31:40that are repeated all you know several
31:42times because then usually means that
31:45you know there's people out there who
31:46even haven't sent in questions they
31:48probably want to know something in with
31:51either the exact question or something
31:53close to it so that's one of what I'm
31:55covering now is the different ways of
31:57getting your product out there I'm
31:59trying to answer how to get that product
32:02ready and the basic planning involved
32:05it's used I could spend
32:07I could spend hours on one of these
32:10subjects and I'm trying to cover five
32:13different ways in which to get your
32:15product to market within half hour 45
32:19minutes so that's why I'm going through
32:20this quickly so the next one we've
32:21covered e-commerce we've covered retail
32:23the next thing I want to talk about is
32:26you guys see all the time on TV as seen
32:29on TV so when you talk about an As Seen
32:33on TV product we're talking about a
32:35product that you see on the infomercials
32:38could be a long-form infomercial maybe
32:4110 minutes 15 30 minutes you guys know
32:45exactly what I'm talking about but wait
32:47there's more.they constantly pushing the
32:50products making outrageous offers and
32:54the product is is a cool product I mean
32:57it's something that you know catches
32:59your eye the script the video the
33:02commercial itself sticks in your head
33:04you talk about the product you see it
33:06out there kids are buying on parents are
33:08buying you go to the beach and the
33:10product you see the product there
33:12there's ads seen on TV aisles in retail
33:15stores but the as seen on TV industry is
33:20huge I mean it's really really big now
33:24the problem being is that there aren't
33:26enough products well there are a lot of
33:28products but the ones that are good for
33:32as seen on TV are very very few and far
33:35between I mean we're talking about you
33:37can go through hundreds of products
33:39maybe to get one that might work I mean
33:43even ourselves here at a venez launch
33:44pad we've actually tested products on
33:50acid on TV and they didn't work we've
33:53had products that did work but we've had
33:55multiple products that we thought were
33:57great products and they just think they
34:00were okay they sold okay but not they
34:03didn't hit that benchmark as a as seen
34:06on tv product that is going to make
34:08money because it is so expensive for
34:11television airtime the product has to be
34:14gangbusters it has to a certain number a
34:16certain cheap key number for it to be
34:20are a success and some products have
34:24made it and ones that we thought we're
34:25going to be huge or gangbusters they
34:27just didn't make it and and we find out
34:30why and we can change the product and
34:32reinitialize it and run it through again
34:34or we say hey listen let's just go to
34:36retail with it or let's go to e-commerce
34:38with it but there's always again that's
34:40where that plan comes into place where
34:42if you say hey this is an As Seen on TV
34:44product if I ever saw one and also you
34:47find out didn't didn't really work that
34:49greater than I've seen on TV it's still
34:51a good product so you have a plan to go
34:54somewhere else with it
34:55you go to retail you can you know you go
34:59to e-commerce you maybe license it out
35:01to someone a larger company of something
35:05in that sense but the ASEAN TV product
35:07is a huge market it's a lot of fun to go
35:10on set and watch them film these as seen
35:13on tv products and just see the
35:15excitement in the air I mean they
35:16actually as exciting as those
35:18commercials are that's how exciting it
35:20is when they're actually creating a
35:22commercial because you know you're
35:24looking at these products that no one
35:25has seen before and you know when it
35:27hits the airwaves that you know people
35:29going to be watching that they're going
35:30to be call and they're going to be
35:31emailing they're going to be connected
35:33online so you get this product and it's
35:36a lot of fun so I've seen on tv products
35:39again are very few and far between now
35:42the trick with AD see on TV a lot of
35:45times if you if you break even if you
35:48see and I'm just going use round numbers
35:50so you can spend a million dollars in
35:52airtime a month on an as seen on tv
35:56product if you break even and you make a
35:59million dollars that's actually good
36:01you're actually doing very good if you
36:04break even if you make more money dollar
36:08for dollar if you make a dollar ten and
36:10you maybe say you made $100,000 you
36:13spent a million dollars on airtime and
36:15you made a million million one hundred
36:17thousand dollars that would be
36:19phenomenal now the trick is and the
36:21reason being is that if you break even
36:24with a product it's all to go to
36:28see now retailers want people to know
36:31about that product so just say if there
36:33was some crazy product out there like
36:36the chia pet okay now the chia pet took
36:38off on as seen on TV it's sold for years
36:41on asking on TV and it was so easy for
36:43them to go to a retailer and say hey
36:46listen we want to sell our product in
36:49your store is that okay and they said of
36:52course I mean everyone knew was a
36:55household name people knew that if
36:57they're walking through the store and
36:58they saw the chia pet that people would
37:01know what it did they heard it they knew
37:04about it and instead of having to go
37:06online and order it or we're ordering
37:08over the phone they could just pick it
37:09up for almost the same price in some
37:11cases maybe even less but the trick is
37:14with asking on t v-- is to either make
37:17money obviously again it's all part of
37:19the plan or get it to where it's a
37:22household name not really lose any money
37:25great even and then move it into real
37:29retail so that as people foot traffic in
37:32the store see the product you're not you
37:35don't have that huge amount of money in
37:37ads spent in television airtime spend so
37:41that the product being at $10 or $20 or
37:441995 whatever it was you don't have that
37:49so now your margins are higher you can
37:51actually make money on the product but
37:53it's already embedded in people's heads
37:55so that's the fun part about an ad see
37:57on TV product it's all part of that
37:59strategy so a part of that plan to make
38:03it a household name maybe make some
38:05money on it
38:06even if you break even you move it to
38:09retail and now retailers are selling the
38:12product at a great price all of those
38:15costs all of that advertising costs all
38:18the things you did to get that product
38:19into people's houses at whatever time
38:23for 30 minutes at a time all that cost
38:25is gone and in the retailer's everybody
38:28wins because you know you said oh man I
38:31want to order that product and now I see
38:34it here and I could buy it now you don't
38:35have to give away to like wait there's
38:37more if you order now we're going to
38:39give you a second
38:40whatever eg a pet
38:42had an all pay for the shipping okay you
38:44don't to do that anymore you sell one
38:45product you sell it make your money and
38:48and you're done so the I see on TV
38:51industry is awesome it's a great
38:54industry it's a lot of fun a lot of
38:56times people think hey I want to get
39:01this product on TV I want to be an asset
39:03on TV product now don't get me wrong
39:06there's products that make gangbusters
39:08maybe for every million dollars a month
39:10sold and making four million dollars a
39:12month or three million dollars a month
39:13there are products that are out there
39:15that will stay on a/c on TV and they're
39:18going to sell and sell and sell they'll
39:19still going to move it into retail but
39:21they'll just keep selling the Nayan seen
39:23on TV because it's doing great it's a
39:25great product it works perfectly for
39:27that market there are some products that
39:29don't and the people that are big and
39:31asking on TV they can spot a product
39:34very very quickly and and no I mean I
39:40would say within minutes now if not even
39:43if it's a product for the as seen on TV
39:45market or not I can tell you that our
39:48friends that somebody has some of the
39:50larger as seen on TV companies we send
39:54them hundreds of product ideas and as I
39:58said maybe one out of a couple hundred
40:00they'll even look at just because not
40:03only is a product been done before or
40:06something close to it but it just won't
40:08fit their exact specifications for that
40:13for a product for as seen on TV it's so
40:15important for it to hit be exactly what
40:18they need those marks for them to spend
40:22the amount of money they have to spend
40:24to try and get that product to be a hit
40:28so the ad see on TV industry is a lot of
40:30fun it's very very tough to get a
40:32product and to be asking on TV space but
40:34when you do it could be it could be a
40:37pretty big hit alright moving on we've
40:43covered ecommerce you covered retail
40:46we've covered as seen on TV we're now
40:50going to cover the TV shopping industry
40:52which as all of you know
40:55or should I say as all of you may know
40:58is television networks I only want to
41:04say shows because there are actual
41:06networks like QVC HSN the jewelry
41:10Channel different different other
41:12shopping channels throughout this
41:14there's many many shopping channels QVC
41:17HSN are probably tops on the list but
41:20there are a lot of shopping channels out
41:23there some are trying to make their mark
41:25still so they're easy to get on those
41:27shows but the great part about TV
41:30shopping is that it's 24 hours a day so
41:33they need products they always need
41:36products for these shows they may test
41:39your product they might put it on a two
41:41o'clock in the morning or we're going to
41:43say hey listen we like your product come
41:45back to us in six months or three months
41:47because we're doing a special on
41:51barbecuing and your product just happens
41:53to be an outdoor picnic or outdoor BBQ
41:56type products so the great part about TV
41:59shopping is that they always need
42:02products it's just trying to get into
42:04the into the into the see the buyer so
42:07that your product can be seen there are
42:09some nuances about TV shopping that you
42:13might want to know about and HSN is
42:16doing a great job to help the American
42:18inventors and we'll talk about that in a
42:19second so with with TV shopping I don't
42:23know when you're listening to this show
42:24but just recently QVC announced that
42:29they are taking HSN over they're doing a
42:32full stock purchase of HSN so QVC will
42:38be the I guess the owner of HSN they're
42:44going to they're going to run each as a
42:46company I don't think they're going to
42:47break it up I think they're going to
42:48leave the two companies separate the two
42:52channels separate because they do cover
42:55different demographics HSN is a little
42:58bit older of a demographic as where TVC
43:01of the younger demographic so I think
43:03they might just keep them impacted and
43:05just run them autonomously so but anyway
43:09that was just
43:09that was just announced about a week or
43:11so ago but so what are we getting back
43:14to TV shopping channels there are some
43:18myths about TV shopping that you may
43:21have heard may have enough you haven't
43:24heard and maybe you want to get your
43:25product on an HSN or QVC - Jewelry
43:28channel or or one of these channels so
43:32so it's kind of going to like going
43:35after retail or e-commerce okay so you
43:38can't get onto TV shopping with a
43:41prototype or a sample of your product it
43:44has to be retail ready packaged it has
43:47to have a great price point and you have
43:50to have inventory in some way now when
43:54you go to talk to the buyer at one of
43:56these shopping channels you don't have
43:58to have inventory at that time but you
44:01have to have an actual product or you
44:05don't want to blow your chance with just
44:06a prototype and in case the buyer says
44:08hey I love this product
44:10when can I put it on TV and you go oh
44:13this is just a prototype I don't really
44:17have any other products the the buyer
44:20might not be too happy about that or you
44:22may say well listen let's get this
44:23product moving in which case you're
44:26going to have to get going pretty
44:27quickly and get full manufacturing so so
44:30with TV shopping you don't want to
44:33approach a buyer with a sample or a
44:36prototype you want to have a
44:39manufacturing ready I'm not saying you
44:41have to have you know 100,000 units of
44:43your product but you should be able to
44:45manufacture your product pretty quickly
44:49and and the only real way to do that is
44:51if you have a few hundred units or maybe
44:53a few thousand units maybe you're
44:55selling on e-commerce or you know you've
44:58gone to retailers and you sold some but
45:01you want to break into TV shopping it's
45:05a great way to roll into TV shopping
45:08category and get rid of some extra
45:10inventory so a lot of these these TV
45:14shopping channels will be good if you do
45:16have some inventory you are already
45:18selling your product they're a great way
45:22to get some extra sales TV shopping I
45:27want to say that that they're good to
45:31break into but if you have e-commerce
45:33going or retailers going it's kind of
45:36good in a way now the trick with TV
45:38shopping in most cases is that the same
45:41thing with with retail is that you you
45:46are going to deliver your product just
45:48use around number of somebody at the QVC
45:51or HSN says they want 10,000 units
45:53they're going to do a test next month
45:56they're going to run your product at 7
45:59o'clock at night on a Tuesday they need
46:0110,000 use in their warehouse by next
46:05week within 10 days they want so you
46:08have to send that product into their
46:10warehouse it's going to sit there in the
46:12warehouse until it goes on air now
46:16whilst before you send a product there
46:19they're not only going to test the
46:20packaging they're going to test any
46:22claims that you make on the packaging if
46:24you are going to have to prove that
46:26those claims that your product does what
46:29it says on those claims it does if it
46:30doesn't you're going to change the
46:32packaging or you're not going to get on
46:35they they have very stringent QA Quality
46:38Assurance on TV shopping channels is
46:41very very important they want to make
46:43sure that the people are going to get
46:46what they buy because they're not going
46:48into a retail they can't just go in
46:50there and read the packaging they can't
46:52put it in their hand so they're trusting
46:55the TV shopping channels to deliver what
46:58they say the product does so it's very
47:01important Quality Assurance
47:02in TV shopping is huge so again any
47:06claims that are on your packaging you
47:08will have to make sure that your product
47:10does what it says the packaging itself
47:13is very stringent there's going to be
47:15certain things that have to be on your
47:17packaging and probably certain things
47:19that they will not want on your
47:21packaging if it's a retail ready
47:23packaging and you're already selling the
47:25product in retailers it's probably fine
47:28I don't mean to scare you
47:29again packaging means is very important
47:31so again if it's retail ready and you
47:34are selling your product ready
47:36probably okay so again with with the TV
47:40shopping channels is that let's go back
47:42to our example they want 10,000 units
47:45they're going to sell a product soon now
47:48you're going to deliver that product
47:49into the warehouse once it gets to that
47:52warehouse it's just going to sit there
47:54until they try to sell it you don't get
47:56paid for the product until after it's
47:58sold after it airs I should say after
48:02the show airs and then also there could
48:04be a 60-day wait or for 30 days 60 or 90
48:08day wait before you get paid for the
48:11product that you delivered so just check
48:14the contracts talk with whoever you have
48:15to and just go through it make sure that
48:18you can handle the timeframes of the
48:21delivery of the product and waiting they
48:23also will hold some money back for
48:25returns because some people when they
48:27get the product they have a certain
48:29amount of time before they can return it
48:32to get their money back so they will
48:34hold some money back on that to the TV
48:38shopping channels are great most people
48:40are super nice it's like a machine don't
48:43think that if they're pushing you or
48:45they're trying to get things done quick
48:46is because they're mean or they don't
48:48know they're just trying to trick you
48:49they just have to get things done quick
48:51it's a 24 hour a day operation and they
48:54can't mess around so you know as they
48:57ask you for things make sure you get
48:59them as quickly as possible because it's
49:01very important for them to follow the
49:03strict guidelines that they have to sell
49:05things on Telus I do want to talk about
49:08one item that HSN is doing and HSN is
49:13doing an awesome job trying to help the
49:17American inventors they do have a show
49:19on HSN
49:21it usually airs earlier in the morning I
49:24don't want to say too early probably
49:26between 7-9 or maybe even a little after
49:28or maybe all different times and it's
49:30something you can look up but it's
49:32called the American American Dreams show
49:36and it's on HSN it's hosted by Bob
49:40he's been around on HSN for for a number
49:44of years he's a legend Award winner from
49:48HSN but he's
49:50great guy and he hosts the American
49:53Dreams show on HSN what's great about
49:55the American green show is all the
49:57things that I just talked to you about
49:59all the stringent guidelines all the
50:01things that are I want to say roadblocks
50:05but all the things that are very tough
50:06for us inventors to to adhere to because
50:12of either resources or funds or
50:14inventory whatever it is shipping
50:18fulfillment all of those things are
50:21taken care of for the American Dream
50:23show so if you have an idea and you have
50:25a product the only trick is you do have
50:27to have some inventory okay it has to be
50:29packaged it has to be retail ready but
50:33it doesn't have to be huge amounts and
50:35here's a good part you don't have to
50:37wait you know 60 90 120 days to get paid
50:41the show itself says hey we're going to
50:45take 500 units we're going to take a
50:46thousand units 5,000 units and they pay
50:48you for the product it's totally
50:51separate from the other systems away the
50:54HSN and QVC run and again it's nothing
50:58wrong with the way they do it it's just
50:59a talisay be done by the American Dream
51:01show is basically built around helping
51:06the American inventors get their
51:08products on television get them sold and
51:10then either launching them into the
51:13standard HSN time slots because their
51:17product does good or moving them into
51:19retail because they said hey we sold
51:215,000 of these in 10 minutes or sold the
51:23thousands we sold out in seven minutes
51:25whatever that whatever that is whatever
51:27that product success is you can take
51:29that success and move to e-commerce you
51:33can move to retailers or all of the
51:36above so again the the HSN American
51:39Dream show is an awesome show if you
51:41want to know more about it up we're
51:43doing a podcast with Bob Circosta to
51:46host the American green show on the
51:48inventors Launchpad Network so go ahead
51:50and scroll through the shows and you'll
51:53see some podcasts that are explaining
51:56the show you're going to have people
51:57pitching their products right to Bob on
52:00our podcast if you have a product and
52:01you want to pitch it to us
52:04you want to pitch it to Bob's or for a
52:06chance to get on the American Dream show
52:08on HSN go ahead and send me a note go on
52:11two minutes launchpad comm in the
52:12contact section go to Bob Circosta comm
52:16but get in touch with one of us and let
52:18them know that you heard about the
52:20podcast you want to pitch your product
52:22and it's a great it is it's a great show
52:25it's a great thing that HSN is doing I
52:28think I mend them for really helping out
52:31the American inventors because it is so
52:34expensive to take a product to market so
52:36much so much resources are involved so
52:39many things are involved that I think
52:42they're doing a great job so so that's
52:44kind of the TV shopping model I wanted
52:47again it went through that very quickly
52:49there's a lot involved again if you have
52:52questions on that get in touch with me
52:54and the last but not least there are
52:56other things the last thing I wanted to
52:57talk about a little bit is is for
52:59getting all the things I just talked
53:01about and trying to license your product
53:05licensing is a whole different animal as
53:08to selling your product in any way or
53:12fashion licensing your product and
53:15basically you developing an idea and in
53:19any stage of it giving it to a company
53:22or a wholesaler or someone who's going
53:24to take all of that read all the things
53:28that we've been talking about take it
53:30off your hands and give you what's
53:31called a royalty it's going to be very
53:33small or or large depending on how much
53:37you have done to prepare that product
53:41for the licensing industry so so let's
53:44just go through it so you you developed
53:47an idea for a widget you haven't done
53:50too much you've thought about it you
53:53maybe done some drawings you've done
53:55some research online you realize there's
53:57nothing really out there like it you
54:00haven't done a provisional patent you
54:03haven't done really any prototyping you
54:05haven't proved the actual theory you've
54:08proved that there's really nothing else
54:09out there like it and you've done that
54:12much and you want to go and license it
54:13you're going to get a very small amount
54:15if anything if
54:18company picks it up now if you go a
54:20little further you have done a
54:22provisional patent or maybe a full
54:24patent you have a prototype you're
54:26approving the product works or your idea
54:29works and you go to somebody and you say
54:32hey listen here's my idea blah blah this
54:34is it myself sheet this is this is what
54:37I've done it does work here's the market
54:40the niche market this is who you know
54:42targets the more work that you do the
54:44more you may Realty payments you would
54:48get a standard is probably anywhere from
54:502% maybe to 7 or 8% and anywhere in
54:54between I can tell you that 7 or 8
54:56percent will be phenomenal if you ever
54:59even get to that much percentage of a
55:02royalty because there's so much money
55:04that has to be laid out to make that
55:06product reality that the margins and and
55:11costs are super expensive so licensing
55:15is a great way to have ideas develop the
55:19ideas as far as you really need to
55:21develop them depending on who you're
55:23going to talk to you who you're going
55:24after the type of product develop them
55:27just to the point where it gives you the
55:30ability to license it now licensing
55:34means that you don't control that
55:36product anymore you had the idea you
55:38took it to this stage and you're handing
55:41it off to a company that is going to do
55:44whatever they want for if you design the
55:46product and it was blue and you think
55:48blue is the greatest color in the world
55:50and you license your product to them
55:52unless it's written in the contract that
55:55they can't change the color and they
55:57want to make it red you can't do
55:59anything about it nor that nor she
56:01didn't matter to you as long as they're
56:04paying you you're royalty and they're
56:06selling the product now we could go into
56:09the contractual issues of Licensing you
56:14know for four hours because it's very
56:17important that the contract is written
56:19in a way that you're going to get paid
56:21you know licensing your product is very
56:24very important but that's just the
56:27you get somebody who license and signs
56:29that licensing product that licensing
56:31deal with
56:32it's really just a beginning you got oh
56:34you're going to want to make sure that
56:35the product is being sold you make sure
56:39that the amounts of product that they're
56:42reporting to you or their correct amount
56:44that they're even working on selling
56:47your product that is even being marketed
56:49as being manufacturer that's being you
56:52know shipped correctly I mean there's
56:54just so much because again you don't
56:56have anything to do with that but
56:57everything that happens it goes against
57:01your royalty payment so you want to make
57:02sure that that product is going to be
57:04sold and not just shelved somewhere for
57:08years I mean while you aren't able to
57:11you know take that product back no one's
57:14selling it so you're not getting any
57:16royalty payments and and you both lose
57:19out because another product that's
57:20similar to it comes out on the market
57:22and it's selling like gangbusters and
57:23because you license and you didn't go
57:25through that documentation correctly
57:28you've got you know you just stalled so
57:32so the allow licensing agreements I've
57:35heard likes horror stories about
57:36licensing it's very important to to know
57:40what you're talking about with licensing
57:41if it's not if it's not written down it
57:44was never said so you got to make sure
57:46that that licensing contract is set
57:49correctly we also do a podcast with
57:52Jeffery mangas who runs the licensing
57:56jungle go ahead if you're interested in
57:59learning about licensing go ahead
58:00through our podcast
58:01there's licensing podcast a lot of
58:03information in these in these podcasts
58:05to help if you do have other questions
58:09you can contact me at Amanda's Launchpad
58:11calm or again get get a hold of Jeff
58:14from Magnus at the licensing jungle or
58:16product coach if you have
58:20questions about licensing you know and
58:23again that's that's the five items that
58:27I wanted to cover today because I did
58:29have questions about several those over
58:31the last week that came in from some of
58:34our podcasts and I understand that I
58:36want to is pretty quickly because you
58:39know I just I just wanted to cover them
58:41an overview if you have a specific
58:45question on either ecommerce retail as
58:49seen on TV TV shopping or licensing go
58:53ahead and get in touch with me I would
58:55love to answer any questions you have if
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59:01would love to talk to you about that
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59:31and until then this is Carmine danesco
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59:38Network signing off and we will talk to
59:41you soon you take care