Brian Fasulo Invent Invention Patent Manufacturing
Dreaming Of Getting Your Product On TV. Brian Fasulo Can Do It!
January 25, 2017
Shark Tank Invent Invention Patent Manufacturing
Shark Tank Guest Brian Kleinschmidt Pitched His Invention To The Sharks. Learn How He Did It.
January 26, 2017

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Podcast Notes

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0:00hi everybody this is Carmine Denisco welcome to
0:03another session of inventors launchpad
0:06roadmap to success today on the
0:10launchpad we have someone who is a
0:13champion for small businesses because
0:15he's always everywhere I go every event
0:18whoever i'm talking to in this area that
0:21I mean the Tampa Bay area and sometimes
0:23it's uh the surrounding areas are
0:25talking about Chris Krimitsos Chris
0:28he's a founding member of the podcast
0:32for podcasting Association he's putting
0:35on a huge event in orlando called pod
0:38set multi media expo the great part
0:41about Chris he's not just a person that
0:43puts on these event I mean he's an
0:45expert he specializes in getting the
0:47word out your products/services the
0:50organic platforms
0:51I mean this guy can help you no matter
0:53what business you're in he can connect
0:56you with people he can do what he says
0:58he does I mean there's a lot of people
1:00out there that talk this guy does we've
1:02talked about so let's get him on here I
1:04think he's on it Christie over there i
1:06am carmine and Chris thanks for being on
1:09the show today my man i know you're busy
1:11I know you've got a bunch of events
1:13going on you're pretty much traveling
1:14the state or tri-state area talking
1:17about the events and podcasting how did
1:19you get into this and and tell me a
1:21little bit about the Florida pad casting
1:23association so yeah the short story is i
1:27have my run associations I i enjoyed
1:30community building and one of the
1:32associations are used to run actively
1:34with emarketing groups and i was one of
1:36the first people to train the arm push
1:37media i know now it's like kind of seems
1:40like yesterday's news but in 07 08 09
1:43when you're teaching people at Twitter
1:45Facebook it was all revolutionary stuff
1:47so at one of those meetups it was in
1:512013 imagine five years later I started
1:54these meet the speed-up system someone
1:56comes up to entertainment in an idea you
1:59can talk about podcasting and I go you
2:02know people doing like these online
2:03radio things and I'm not interested in
2:06featuring that I ago if you do
2:07podcasting do you really know what
2:09you're talking about it goes although I
2:11I know
2:12we don't talk about it because I do I
2:13cast it on itunes that's alright well
2:15bring a presentation let's see I'll
2:17picture you at the meetings now this
2:20meetup that I would do I would promote
2:22all month and about 30 people show up
2:25the great meeting great group of people
2:27and after this guy was done honestly and
2:30his name is teacher being a week we
2:31affectionately called the father is in
2:34the local area after he was done i said
2:38to him how many people do you have
2:39listening to your show because you know
2:41trying to get my numbers up but i have
2:43about 4,000 people that listen for
2:44episode and i said is that weekly he
2:47said yeah but why you apologizing for
2:50that so you realize that we have spent a
2:51whole month promoting for 30 people to
2:53show up in through here do you look at
2:56me puzzles like he thought I was kidding
2:58and I was not getting you know coming
3:01from New York and you know I do have a
3:02sarcasm to my sense of humor but i
3:05seduce you see your 4,000 people when
3:07you go home i just spent almost getting
3:1030 people in the room
3:11you gotta realize that's kind of funny
3:13that you're apologizing for your number
3:14but when I would give f what else people
3:16listen to any message so long story
3:19short and you said I do a lot of the
3:21platform two bigger ones with a hundred
3:23people that show up and wander people
3:25and it's very rewarding for me having
3:27the physical connection but to have a
3:29scalable component of one communication
3:34platform like podcasting for me was
3:38I have a TV background I used to do like
3:40TV shows so when I saw that podcasting
3:43knows no boundaries
3:44it could go all over the world and back
3:46i was intrigued i want to tell my wife
3:49I'm starting podcast she looked at me
3:52like I had to head when i explained
3:53through what was going on she then said
3:55I want to start a podcast now we had a
3:58competition in the family who's going to
4:00start a podcast first luckily we had a
4:02really great business consultant that's
4:03the guy you're both to the people i know
4:06there's no way how the two of you could
4:08start a podcast at the same time and all
4:11the other place you have up in the air
4:12will keep going
4:13luckily i'm so grateful for his stage
4:16advice he said why don't one of you
4:19start a podcast and the other one
4:21support that podcast by being you know
4:23the marketing person
4:25that podcast that's what we did my wife
4:27had an itch and I know one thing in
4:29business if you have an inch
4:31ok and you know your audience then you
4:34got something special because the most
4:36people can be just that part so she said
4:38I want to start a podcast called his
4:40women rock
4:41here's a couple fun facts about that
4:42part is we cut the name by buying
4:44facebook ads to see if you're resonated
4:46is this women which it did we have two
4:49thousand people on her Facebook page
4:50before we ever launched her podcast that
4:53we launched a podcast 2014 and I got
4:56into the top of itunes rankings and ever
4:59since then you know the podcast has been
5:01downloaded 230 countries just over 4,300
5:04women in a private facebook group that
5:06she consults and does business with my
5:08wife in the last five six months if I
5:11figures on a monthly basis thanks to her
5:13following are due to our podcast
5:16wow that is that is phenomenal i mean
5:18even back then you did some testing
5:20destiny and just from the name testing
5:23it you actually started building up the
5:24following that quickly
5:26yeah we rebuilt so this is a really
5:27great thing especially when you're
5:28dealing with adventures we built the the
5:32brand before we launch the podcast now
5:34two things when you want we were going
5:36to watch the podcast so for us this was
5:38like preventive it's like we've been in
5:41we've done enough this is not my first
5:42rodeo we're like okay well we know we
5:45want this neighbor let's test it is not
5:47gonna hurt us we're going to launch this
5:48anyways but does it really hurt we know
5:50it's contagious at two months because
5:52interviewed in and chest time we had a
5:54whole one strategy so that means that we
5:55built up an audience for weaving you
5:58don't launched it out on on the itunes
6:02let's do it in like you said I mean
6:04being having a business background
6:05internal background you know you want to
6:07testing you want to make sure that it
6:09does that it's going to work so you can
6:11tweak it a little bit you know that's
6:13awesome being able to have both of you
6:15support each other and whoever gave you
6:16that advice was obviously very smart a
6:20great way to approach it and since then
6:21I mean now you have so much more going
6:24on and even like that when you were just
6:26saying podcast i mean back in 2008-2010
6:29even 2013 I didn't even know what a
6:33podcast was a little let alone how to
6:35spell it
6:35so now it's taking over by storm
6:38and you knew about this several years
6:40ago yeah you know I've heard the podcast
6:42for quite some time since I was starting
6:44a lot of the social media back in
6:45orlando 92 challenges there wasn't a
6:48large audience for a lot of different
6:50topics there was a large audience for
6:52technology podcast certain things some
6:54comedies about to another
6:57business-centric material and all of a
7:00sudden in 2013 what happened was more
7:04podcasts is depicting muhammad qasim at
7:08the beginning of 2013 we're listening to
7:10be at a computer by the end of 2013 is
7:14flip to a smartphone so what happened
7:16was all these new listeners came online
7:18and the people that were listed and had
7:21shows they're not their numbers
7:23I'm justifiable went through the roof in
7:25other words let's say you have a show in
7:272013 and you're getting 500 download all
7:30of a sudden by the end of the hearing
7:32your show is getting five thousand
7:33downloads press and you couldn't figure
7:35out what just happened but it was with
7:36the users were able to get through their
7:39phone access bluetooth connected to
7:42their cars and listen all day long
7:44podcast and the numbers went through the
7:46group that's when in 2014 with the big
7:49when I was a lot of people got in my
7:51wife was one of them and they were able
7:53to build brands right off their podcast
7:55that dental students beyond the other
7:57activities and platforms stuff she's not
7:59just a podcaster oddity of medium she
8:02uses for her business but it is 11 of
8:05the last 8 three legs of her business
8:07that with salad in our business would be
8:09as strong as it is today
8:11oh this is me for what you telling me it
8:14it sounds like he got into it you'll
8:16just that the cost just at the right
8:17time and having the ability to really
8:20reach out to anybody at any time it
8:23actually seems almost like you're you're
8:25you're on the radio in a sense but you
8:28can go over the world at any time
8:30yes you have to understand the radio is
8:33a very antiquated device because we had
8:38a radio in our car we would have to
8:40listen to a set number of dials that the
8:42FCC sanction for us to listen to nothing
8:45wrong with that other than let's say I'm
8:47an inventor and I want to let listen to
8:50up about inventions 24 step that's not
8:53possible there's a show right now about
8:55our being people that love are being
8:57where the heck are they gonna listen to
8:59a radio show about our being
9:00but personally Darby is literally
9:03traveling all the time and they would
9:05love to hear more about their RV
9:07lifestyle therefore there's a podcast
9:09that started niche that went viral
9:10almost immediately so certain things in
9:13the podcasting pretty much most of the
9:15shows on the podcast of medium would not
9:18exclude existed radio because it's a
9:20niche group of people when you said in
9:22that all over the country that niche
9:24could be a million people it just wasn't
9:26big enough for letting a marketplace
9:28individually in one geo-target so now
9:31it's tough
9:32the rules are changing everybody's going
9:33to undermanned audio it's going to
9:36displace radio I don't think radio will
9:38exist because right now people are using
9:40their TV sets as a radio people in their
9:43homes are playing music on their TV I'm
9:45the holidays on my father-in-law put the
9:48fireplace on the TV there's a enough
9:50plus the 10 most downloaded things at
9:52that time is a firefight he puts that on
9:54the TV the TV is when I looked in the
9:57room where all opening a present the TV
9:59explain a fireplace literally the
10:01fireplace right and my father was
10:03watching his ipad i'm looking at my
10:05phone always in the room are looking at
10:07our mobile devices while the TV is
10:09playing are fireflies that while walking
10:12up gift just tells you the consumer is
10:14going to get all their stuff Eric via
10:16their mobile devices
10:17yeah it's it seems almost at almost any
10:20business that has a nice even if you
10:23don't you can actually utilize this
10:26podcasting medium for either advertising
10:29just your business a certain people i
10:31mean you don't have to have hundreds of
10:33thousands of listeners in order to
10:35attract new customers so if i have a
10:37small business in my area I could just
10:39do a podcast to attract or give
10:42information to those customers say they
10:44went on my website and they want to
10:45learn more information they could go on
10:47my podcast and getting more information
10:49but i don't care if I get a hundred
10:51thousand years so I could use it either
10:52as a podcast you to make money to get
10:55advertising or i can use it as a tool to
10:59attract more customers what cats could
11:01be for almost any business
11:03i I really have seen people use
11:07podcasting across all spectrums and you
11:10know one quick tip I give people that
11:12you don't want to do an interview show
11:13you don't want to do with daily show
11:15literally its dynamic content that
11:18searchable through the internet so you
11:20could you could create a dish of
11:22frequently asked question podcast that's
11:2510 episodes long where you answer each
11:28frequently asked question that you get
11:30asked for your business and put in audio
11:33and then link it up to your signature
11:34line so then people could see all let me
11:37invest as much bad oh i just sent out an
11:40email to carmine let me check the
11:41casting he's got to show that it's in
11:44his signature line he recommended and it
11:46might be something that I could listen
11:47to comments and I could get more
11:49knowledge about what you do those three
11:52things will happen one is if I'm not as
11:55i read consumer you just educated man
11:56who you work with who you would like to
11:58work with so now I could be referrals
11:59for if I am someone that's in your niche
12:02I'm an adventure
12:03I don't know no better how to
12:04communicate with you I know how you work
12:06how you are you know consult with your
12:09clients and then the third thing is I'm
12:11not interested but you know I know that
12:13it's there and I might pass it on to a
12:15cousin or someone that's like you know
12:16what hey this guy's got some content my
12:19nephew is an inventor i think i should
12:21send this silly it's a no-lose situation
12:22and the United I just don't know why
12:25people aren't using it at the same time
12:27is searchable so if you have a couple
12:29keywords in the title of your show and
12:31someone searching content on the
12:33hi your episode possibly might come up
12:36and now people might listen to the audio
12:37us pretty just read my mind is exactly
12:42what we use our show for to educate our
12:44clients our current lines or just the
12:46inventor population altogether we love
12:50using the podcast for not only
12:53educational purposes but the information
12:55outer get information from other
12:57adventures people like yourself who can
12:59help the invention industry so that's
13:01exactly what we use in our podcast to do
13:03we use it as a frequently asked
13:05questions page and use it to get the
13:07information out there so you're exactly
13:08right house in not only inventors but
13:11almost any business can use the pod
13:12castle so let's go into how you are
13:15helping on businesses
13:17maybe launched a podcast because again
13:19what you were saying I mean there's
13:20probably such a small group of people
13:22that are using podcast I'm not only to
13:25their advantage but using in the right
13:27way I know you started several ways to
13:30get information after or the ways to
13:32help people in the area starts oh so I
13:35know you you have the Florida podcast
13:37association is that something that you
13:39started or or how's that going yeah we
13:41started the Florida podcast Association
13:43shortly after my wife's monster podcast
13:45because you have to understand or know
13:47it sounds crazy the 23 years ago was a
13:48lot harder to do a podcast technology
13:51has gotten infinitely easier since but
13:54you know it was just difficult now here
13:57you have USB cable microphones very
14:00no that's not really text that to 2 pi
14:03kapp so when I saw how hard it was for
14:05her with their intros and outros in my
14:07wife is 3x Abby herself we despite i
14:12decided to start okay because we had
14:14already helped nine other people start
14:16the podcast we all got together it was
14:19August of 2014
14:21since then that group now you know we
14:23launched over a hundred podcast out of
14:25Florida podcast association which meets
14:27once a month and people can look it up
14:29at second tuesday of the month but we've
14:31done to open it up internationally for
14:34everybody all over the world that need
14:35help we do a conference called processed
14:39multimedia expo and the website is fast
14:42at us and separate 23rd through 25th we
14:47literally have a three-day conference
14:49that people all over the world they're
14:50sending we have people from Israel
14:52taiwan Germany are trinidad you know
14:55Canada all over the US coming in to
14:59participate they learn more about their
15:01podcast we teach them how to monetize
15:03their podcast but here's the number one
15:06thing that you do you need to attend the
15:08constant communication anywhere else if
15:10you create very specific and powerful
15:13strategic alliances with other content
15:16creators to have audiences that cannot
15:18be duplicated that you can do interviews
15:21but when you meet them and and you know
15:22in the flesh
15:23there's just certain things that that
15:25can be done that you into one
15:27when its life so when it's live people
15:29get to meet each other they get to see
15:31if they like each other and then before
15:33you know it
15:33people aren't different shows they're
15:35collaborating and that's what helps grow
15:37people's audiences while he answer and i
15:41totally agree are being being here on
15:43the online and talking back to fourth
15:45year when you're working with people
15:47hand-in-hand and having this type of
15:51it is that you establish a lifelong bond
15:53with some of these people there's no
15:54doubt about it and if they're in other
15:55countries or throw the parts is parts of
15:57the world are just a couple states over
16:00being able to connect them can really
16:02open up your business to other parts of
16:04the country to other parts of the world
16:06if you're looking to start a podcast or
16:09you need information probably even
16:10people that have high caste are
16:11successful if they go to process i'm
16:14sure that they will be able to grow
16:15exponentially just by the education and
16:17knowledge that they learn
16:18here's the interesting things many of
16:21our attendees are extremely successful
16:23podcasters hot look at actually the
16:25majority of them are podcasters that
16:27have very successful following its the
16:31beginners that we have trouble getting
16:32we do get beginners but what they don't
16:34realize is they're actually going to be
16:37mingling with people have built a huge
16:38audiences we actually have a i would say
16:41at least 30 of our attendees that
16:44millions of downloads like each one node
16:46so it's not we attract more veterans
16:49because with the veterans know that the
16:51beginner stuff figured out yet
16:52in order to grow your face and expand
16:55from the audience you built the only way
16:57you can do that is by meeting the other
16:59content creators have the audience's
17:02that'll put your audience work on
17:05plus you can be an expert guests on
17:07other platform and then there's a lot of
17:10comparing of notes and I just try this
17:12did you try what happened so within one
17:15you know two or three-day concentrating
17:17to compare notes and started the sauce
17:20so to speak so when you go back out
17:22I you're ready to rock and build your
17:24audience stronger so we actually have a
17:26lot of like a veterans that attendance
17:29and they they're more asked to attend
17:31then beginners beginners i have to i get
17:34a lot of beginners because I go around
17:35speak you know me mr mobile place
17:38have to kind of convince them here's why
17:40you need to attend the people that are
17:41veterans podcasters I really don't need
17:43to ditch a much more than what are the
17:46days when is it
17:47let me check my calendar that's the
17:49conversation so it's two different
17:50conversations beginners or what am I
17:52getting out of it what is it
17:53people have audiences great when is it
17:55wasn't days let me check my schedule and
17:57that is very different conversation yet
17:59so to me again you're if you're a
18:02beginner using and you probably hear
18:04that all the time i'm planning on
18:06launching my podcast I'm working on it
18:08it's going to be done soon and you're
18:10going just launched it just get it going
18:12you know and there's people that will
18:14contemplate for months and months so
18:15those are the people you need to just
18:16pushing the door process get him in
18:18there so they see that it's not as hard
18:20as they think that they just got to get
18:21you myself i'm learning I learn
18:23something everyday that i talked to it
18:25to an interview somebody I learned
18:27things about my pocket to make it better
18:29husband and then you have those veterans
18:30there that are just going to build up on
18:32top of what they're doing and having
18:34both of those teams together
18:36I mean much just a fun event is it's an
18:40amazing event and then like for
18:41beginners we actually have to do on-site
18:43state record their first show for free
18:45because their own audios technical crew
18:48every hosting company in the world of
18:50their given way three hardware things
18:52that cost you know three hundred to a
18:54thousand dollars and obviously don't
18:57give it away to everybody but when you
18:59have you know for 500 people in
19:00attendance and i'm giving away about a
19:03hundred different items 1 in 4 people
19:05gonna walk away with something that's
19:06probably close to the value of the
19:09tickets that they purchased so it's you
19:11know it's a very unique opportunity and
19:13it's because of the relationships i do
19:15then I'm able to get more out of my
19:17sponsors and they want to give more
19:19because because of the interaction we
19:22create it's a lot of on one of our
19:24podcasters right now working with
19:26magazines within his niche and the sick
19:29of people for the magazines are
19:30cross-selling not only selling as for
19:33the magazines but now they're selling ad
19:35space for his cap
19:37that yeah and in its it's hard to
19:41explain you know without trying to be
19:43sailing and without trying to get people
19:45to think what they talk about it is so
19:47important i'd meet Ruby use and after i
19:51spoke with you about this actually
19:52believe that this is the future of
19:54getting a new business of really
19:56bringing people in together because when
19:58you have this podcast you have you going
20:00to reach out and do interviews and talk
20:02to people you can build your business
20:04exponentially I can interview people
20:06that I would never have the ability to
20:08talk to you know presidents of companies
20:10investors investment groups guys out in
20:12Silicon Valley I could call and say hey
20:14guys can you be on my Ticats I'm trying
20:17to give people information that you
20:18might have and in and when I'm doing
20:20that I'm building up a relationship with
20:23them it's not like I'm trying to get
20:24more call in and ask for something from
20:26them so I believe that the podcast is a
20:28relationship builder
20:31yeah I just one aspect when you were
20:33mentioning it earlier i was thinking
20:34about that we have individuals that have
20:36used that gap to get in front of the
20:38heads of their association their
20:40organizations and has made them into the
20:43top influencers in the marketplace
20:45within a hero stuff because they were
20:47able to get into no doors that would not
20:50never open any other way
20:51now you can have an informal
20:53conversation with that individual half
20:54hour to an hour at the end of
20:56conversation if you're knowledgeable you
20:57know what you're doing what they say
20:58like hey what do you what do you do
21:00besides the catchment oh I on the market
21:02called a nice i deal with you know
21:04business is like yourself or whatever it
21:06is they might say you know what you
21:07should talk better enough so that
21:10happens all the time we have someone
21:12that created Medicare nation or name's
21:14Diane Daniel associations that Medicare
21:16expert her business was not called
21:18medication choose we branded it now
21:20because they're processed name is
21:22spot-on she got to talk to the head of
21:24the Red Cross so on and that's like one
21:27of the many who she talked to the heads
21:28of all these amazing Association who
21:30gets what when it came time for renewals
21:33I medical reviews but there's a reason
21:35for it she was so busy consulting
21:38getting paid consulting because she's
21:40getting referred by always because um
21:42has a huge social like you should have
21:45today and let's put her as a service
21:46providers that can help people in the
21:48she said it was the best year she's ever
21:50had you know you were at the meeting
21:52where she just came up for air and she
21:54was talking about how podcasting has
21:56revolutionized entire business now this
21:58is someone that's what the course wrote
22:00a book about what you did
22:01folks are great but the problem with
22:03book is their old-world i can use it
22:06right now is correct
22:07more and more people are coming online
22:08listening to the podcast and they're
22:11much more acceptable because most people
22:12have more time to listen to the stuff in
22:14the car on the go when you go travelling
22:17we've got earbuds in there you know ears
22:20listening to something whether it's
22:21music podcast think I'll go to an
22:23airport i guarantee you six out of ten
22:26you should count next time let me know
22:29from wrong
22:30six out of ten people are suggesting
22:31some form of content whether it's earbud
22:34whether it's watching a video just go up
22:37through an airport do accountants le67
22:39people are actively by Justin content no
22:42one hundred percent now the eighth to me
22:45and how it's gonna sound odd but it's
22:47actually safer say it's a safety issue
22:49for me when I when I Drive I always like
22:52to go and get places as fast as i can i
22:54am always in a rush i'm always trying to
22:56get places where i found is listening to
22:59the podcast I actually look forward to
23:02the ride and that's what kind of sold
23:05beyond the whole thing with podcast i
23:07found myself not only be in commerce
23:09taking my time and not wearing if i can
23:12get there as quickly as possible
23:14I actually look forward to the commute
23:16and and I think that's actually working
23:18with a lot of people it really is is
23:21because they say a university of shorts
23:24and you get well with if you look at
23:26educational stuff great but there's
23:27comedy podcasters two hours long but I
23:29listened to that are enjoyable for their
23:32own reasons so it's the estimated three
23:35just kids if you don't know what the
23:37answer is audio content it's pretty much
23:40free you know some people have premium
23:43content that if you want more you could
23:45by the way the podcaster makes money
23:47usually have a business they have some
23:49other products they may offer my wife
23:52says consulting she barely mentioned it
23:54but she does every so often and she has
23:56so many listeners that she got quite a
23:58bit of
23:59there's different ways you could have
24:01commercial like radio like people drop
24:03in commercial after there's many
24:05different ways these content creators to
24:07modifies and for you the consumer you
24:09get to listen to something really
24:11amazing for free as you're driving
24:13common like you said to get to somewhere
24:15but the the fun fact i would mention
24:17car- everybody remembers back in the day
24:21for most people remember back in the day
24:23there's one premium set of headphone
24:26that if you were speak for you traveling
24:29people would tell you to get and it was
24:31the Bulls noise cancelling headphone
24:34there are about 250 230 dollars is about
24:3710 years ago
24:38yes if you go to a store okay i have got
24:42to tigerdirect before they close down
24:43and I want to go look for something and
24:47I want up in denial and that's awesome
24:48headset then I looked on the other side
24:50of the island for more husband then I
24:52walked it was about 20 feet of us to the
24:54right and left
24:55why our headsets analogy go up to a
24:58thousand dollars if not more
25:00$200 now is a lower price has that ok
25:04get Richie ten twenty dollars for people
25:07are buying 2 307 hundred-dollar be test
25:10thousand dollars
25:11what happened that now we have headsets
25:13there was so much money the values that
25:16were placing on the content that we are
25:18digesting between our ears are worth
25:21spending seven hundred to a thousand
25:23dollars in s so that tells you where the
25:26on-demand revolution for audio is going
25:28just by looking at all the different
25:30types of people by yes that's a great
25:33way to look at it here you're exactly
25:34right i mean i see people walking around
25:37and I say to myself wow there's some
25:39expensive headgear walking around this
25:42area i mean you everyone that's
25:44listening to this podcast there's no way
25:46not to notice that I mean bright red
25:47bright silver you know these people
25:49where the pod could be listening to the
25:51podcast or listen to the different
25:52content and there's an expensive
25:55hardware walking around it's become a
25:56fashion statement and it's um yeah it
25:59kind of sort of think about this 10
26:01years ago a few some people have said it
26:03be a weird thing to think about that now
26:06it's normal to go anywhere and people
26:09have headset
26:10or they have that bluetooth thing around
26:12the neck here for the phones or whatever
26:14that they put there's all kinds of
26:16different here we use but the way here
26:18but thanks to apple they made him very
26:20popular on everybody has a little bit of
26:23white ear but when they're traveling or
26:25you and I have because just like yours
26:28as the bigger stuff i like the big bulky
26:30you know like the piece kind of stuff so
26:34everybody has a different thing but
26:35they're now a fashion statement a part
26:37of our life I and that goes to show you
26:40that the headset is what was digesting
26:43from the headset that we deem valuable
26:46and that's something really important to
26:48understand because ten years ago the
26:52premium has that was posed in a hundred
26:54dollars now some young people might not
26:56even know what Moses they know peace
26:58that's right it's Chris listen man I
27:03know you're short on time I appreciate
27:05you coming on the show today and if we
27:08did our job correctly there's going to
27:10be some people out there that are going
27:11to want to start a podcast so if you can
27:13give us to read baby tips on someone who
27:16wants to get going listen to this and
27:19they say next for me
27:20look at those three little steps d well
27:24one thing is if you're not the technical
27:26person do not get distracted by the so
27:29you comin here fairly technical you can
27:31figure things out but a lot of people
27:32are not so let's just say you're not
27:34technical to me a huge favor don't get
27:37distracted by that fight and ATR 2100
27:41audio-technica that is a kind of
27:43microphone and i'm using right now it's
27:45plugged in here for all your laptop USB
27:49plug enable and that allows you to
27:52record now for my news using zoom a lot
27:56of podcasts the other you soon for skype
27:58that is something that you used to
28:00record your audio now besides the
28:03technical stuff there's more on that
28:04they either go on youtube recorded find
28:07a video let's say you're not a
28:09technician like you don't want to do
28:10anything with that after there's
28:12literally service providers that will be
28:14a part of that and this is important to
28:16know that show up and they will edit
28:18your heart like you sent him the
28:19audiophile don't put your intro outro
28:21they'll put
28:22up into the ice you don't have to worry
28:23about any of that look up for forty to
28:26fifty dollars in episode and many times
28:28of episodes short they could charge of
28:30$15 level at which is really cheap if
28:32you think about it
28:33so for you if you can budget a hundred
28:35twenty dollars you even have an expert
28:37gambling the stuff on a monthly basis
28:38where you don't all you have to do is
28:40the good stuff and then you send the
28:42files of them to do the rebel that's
28:44that's that's like two chips you want
28:45the third tip and I can't stress this
28:48please have a niche know who the
28:50audience is within your niche unless if
28:53you're going to do a generalized stop
28:54arguing example everybody in today's
28:59that we live in everybody's a consultant
29:01I'm not hating on suffice
29:03all I'm saying is please have a niche
29:05within being a consultant like combines
29:08you at you and consulted investors but
29:10then you do specific things that I can't
29:12find anyone else to do
29:13therefore when I think of anyone that
29:15needs help in the inventing niche online
29:18in front of risk are the only two people
29:19i know to refer because they were very
29:21specific about what these now if you're
29:24a break it fix consultant let's say
29:26there's like a diamond dust and I got to
29:28figure out of the hundred people i know
29:30who do i refer them to so if you have a
29:33please make sure you understand what's
29:35an itch that you're trying to facilitate
29:36and what's the message you're trying to
29:39match and don't be pathetic in concrete
29:42you might start to show it might not
29:44that's ok effect we started to show it
29:47your way ahead of the rest of the game
29:48now you want to figure out where do you
29:50need to pivot based on the feedback you
29:52got for you figured out something better
29:54pivot start another show and I guarantee
29:56you that show will more than likely be a
30:00hit we've had three or four podcasters
30:02in our association and started shows
30:04that were unsuccessful that pivot is and
30:06have some of the top shows in all
30:08podcasting all because they started and
30:11they figured it out as they went along
30:12i'd rather you do that then do what they
30:15call appreciating appreciating his
30:17podcast is that fade out before they
30:19ever stop which is a weird thing that
30:21happened they actually there's ppl
30:23carmine this is no joke with me I've had
30:25the interview hosting companies because
30:28we're making a documentary on podcast
30:29they told me that there's people that
30:31will record five shows upload them to
30:34the hosting company and never released
30:36the show's canceled wow that that is
30:39really some critics of everything
30:42ah well you know a distant he said to me
30:45those those hints those tips that you're
30:48giving are basically across the board
30:50I mean failure is imminent you are going
30:53to fail at some of the things you do if
30:55you try what you think someone we're
30:56going to fail but you have to learn from
30:58those move ahead
30:59it's just like rebranding a book or or
31:01whatever you're doing you have to keep
31:02going you're not going to hit it on the
31:04head perfectly every time that's like
31:06hitting a lot of if you do that's great
31:08but for the other 99 so the other 999
31:11people you gotta try things gotta get to
31:14the right education you can work with
31:15the right people saying yes to surround
31:18yourself with the right people you're
31:20going to Florida podcast Association
31:23joining their go into pod set it is so
31:25important to get the right information
31:26before starting off know Chris I know
31:28around the short time that this is so
31:31p for people launched a podcast how
31:33could care should they be you know back
31:37in the day and i'll be able to be really
31:39prepared now i'm at the point where i've
31:42seen people running gun and they kind of
31:44get it done probably just they have 33
31:47recorded interviews before you go live
31:49so that way if you're doing all once a
31:51week show
31:52let's just say that your frequency
31:53Alicia know you have the first three
31:55weeks covered as you figure out the rest
31:57i won't be too overly prepared because
31:59what happens is for those of us that are
32:01perfectionists which I am one when you
32:03start over preparing it it becomes like
32:06a six-month project instead of a
32:08four-week let me get it done with by the
32:10end of the month at lunch and night I
32:12don't think you should place that kind
32:13of important you bet
32:15speed of implementation in today's world
32:17ok is more important than perfection so
32:22I heard a speaker by naming Gary
32:23Vaynerchuk stages someone ask them is
32:26good the enemy of great and he said good
32:29is the gateway to great and i totally
32:32so start with good use that as the
32:34Gateway to get into great now you're
32:36already ahead of the train you know why
32:37because your peers are still waiting to
32:39perfect within their mind and you're
32:41already doing it
32:42yeah now that's at that has some great
32:45advice and Chris I know you got to get
32:48I do want to thank you so much for being
32:50on the show I i owe you so much for for
32:54getting me started on this five cast
32:55road it's really helping not only myself
32:58but helping a lot of inventors a lot of
33:00the bottom you seeing a lot of people
33:02some information that again you know
33:05peace equality email me and I would work
33:07with each person that contacted us
33:09this is giving them the ability to learn
33:11some information learn from other people
33:13that we have on the show and its opening
33:15up got only the world it but its opening
33:17up the inventors to store information so
33:20i really thank you for doing a lot of
33:22this podcasting stuff and I want
33:24everyone to know that if they are
33:26looking at to start a podcast get
33:28information on exhibition at least again
33:30joining podcast associates but if all 10
33:33do they should go to process they should
33:36get out there and it's in orlando you
33:38have to get on register and Chris real
33:40quick how can the how get the content
33:43very simple on for me my emails Christie
33:46hrs at odds best at us but if you want
33:50about the process because comments a
33:52good friend and I've been asked to be on
33:55one or two pockets but we created a
33:57coupon code if you're an adventurer and
33:59you'd like to go you'll get a discount
34:01because you're listening to this audio
34:02make sure to use the code join me it's
34:05all lowercase no space join me
34:07it will get you a discount to the
34:11remember this is a three-day conference
34:12in orlando the first day Thursday is the
34:14start of workshop so that's if you know
34:16nothing and you want to get started so
34:18if you're a beginner i would recommend
34:20you buy the three days that if you're
34:21extremely busy you kind of know the
34:24nautical cast and we want them to
34:26marketing into manifestation and just by
34:28the two-day tap on and the last piece of
34:30advice from I'll give any inventor let's
34:33say you have no interest in podcasting
34:35which I totally understand and you find
34:38this very interesting i want you to
34:40understand as a content creator as an
34:43adventure that needs to get out your the
34:45word of mouth as the content to content
34:47creators there is a tour that is
34:50happening people do book tours right
34:52the new way to tour your product
34:54invention or book or whatever it's
34:56called the pod tour is going on hundreds
34:59podcast the only way you can get on a
35:01pod tour
35:02there's two ways one you could have a
35:04representative that represents the
35:06podcast have a big download big numbers
35:08and you get on that way which is awesome
35:11because basically the PR agencies or two
35:14you can do it the freeway which is
35:15showing us the process me to press the
35:17flesh with amazing podcasters meetup
35:20people in the business niche and if they
35:22see your invention they see what you
35:23representing a bunch of them might put
35:25you on the hot gas and when you put that
35:27out into the world you get to think when
35:30you get hundreds sometimes thousands of
35:32people listening to your episode and you
35:35just never know when you put things out
35:36into the ether of the universe howl and
35:38come back i think you know this I know
35:40that you might be speaking in front 10
35:42people you don't know that one person is
35:43the connection you've been waiting for
35:45but a podcast it's a lot more the second
35:47thing is when a podcaster upload their
35:49episodes to their website because many
35:51people then put their podcast on their
35:53website they have a thing called show
35:55notes and many podcasters will then
35:57linked to the adventures website and
36:01actually tagged things that the inventor
36:02mention that show notes issue with
36:05called organic backwards which is an SEO
36:07term and those are all our organic no
36:10tricks no nothing
36:11that's one of the best ways to get PR
36:13out of value of product their invention
36:15is by being on other people's podcast in
36:18the back set my mind you guys have
36:20adventures which has to help the country
36:22and the adventures that you work with
36:23just show you that your your head of
36:26this your head of the curve are but you
36:29know this has been talking about it for
36:30three years
36:30the thing that I'm very fortunate that
36:32the majority of people know what the
36:33word podcast three years ago I would
36:36spend 30 minutes talking about what the
36:37word I'd cast me
36:39yes that i believe and anyone is
36:42listening to this you can tell Chris
36:44knows his stuff and this is just a
36:46sampling of what he offers what they
36:49offer at the best multimedia explode if
36:53he's thinking about doing a little bit
36:55getting worried about your product your
36:58this isn't so play it again I thank you
37:01so much reduced fine
37:02hoping that that we get some people out
37:05there with some listeners and we
37:07appreciate the help my friend thanks
37:08Carmen I really appreciate brother take
37:10care enough you