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0:00I am welcome inventors Launchpad roadmap
0:05to success
0:06I am carmine danesco your host and today
0:10on the launch pad I thought it would be
0:11great to bring in an expert in the
0:14manufacturing of apparel his name is
0:17Shawn Hendry and he is actually a
0:19contract apparel manufacturer he knows
0:23almost everything that needs to be done
0:26to get a product to you if you want to
0:30create a bathing suit line a clothing
0:32line your t-shirts hats whatever you
0:35want that dream that you have of making
0:37your clothing making your name out there
0:40making that clothing line that you've
0:42always been dreaming about Shawn can do
0:44it for you I have them on the line hey
0:46Shawn you over there yeah so how's it
0:50going thanks for being on the show today
0:51and I did a quick little intro and I'm
0:55sure I didn't cover too much I mean I
0:56know that there is so much intricacies
0:59about getting clothing made outside of
1:03this country's outside the US and
1:06there's a lot to talk about I mean I was
1:08so excited to have you on the show today
1:10because we here at inventors Launchpad
1:12are constantly getting calls and
1:15inquiries about getting clothing me not
1:19only going to take clothing there's hats
1:21and jackets and t-shirts and different
1:25types of things in that sense but
1:26there's also when I say apparel it
1:29probably breaks out into handbags and
1:32backpacks and different kind of bags in
1:35that sense but before we get started
1:37into that I want to get a little
1:39background on you you know where you're
1:41from how you got into this business
1:42right so I'm from Kentucky
1:47originally and I got into this business
1:52mostly from my uncle who started a
1:57flower business and he imported his
2:02flowers mostly fake ones but imported
2:05from China and so I started talking with
2:10him and he introduced
2:13we to some people over there and it's
2:18history from there you know with went to
2:21China met some people make some very
2:24very evil and but I mean I didn't pursue
2:27the flower uh business but so so you've
2:33got the manufacturing bug right off the
2:35bat so you actually went over to China
2:38though exactly yeah yeah so I met up
2:42with the flower people at first but I
2:45didn't want to do flowers so unlike in
2:49China there's so many people doing so
2:52many other things so you can meet one
2:55person they'll be doing whatever you
2:58know so it was great too but that was my
3:01little gateway into China because like
3:03who knows very many people in China that
3:07you know can speak English and kind of
3:11give you a helping hand towards
3:13everything so well that's how ardennes
3:16oh yeah well that's what kind of thing
3:18that I realize you know when I'm dealing
3:20with people I mean a lot of the people
3:22out internationally whether it's
3:24Bangladesh the Philippines Taiwan even
3:27China the people are really really nice
3:29and helpful I know that you get bad raps
3:31just like this bad raps in and there's
3:33bad I don't even want to say bad you
3:35know there's people in the US that you
3:37may not want to deal with this people
3:39all over the world that you mean on what
3:40to deal with but it seems to me and and
3:42you probably know firsthand that there's
3:45some good people whenever almost
3:46everyone I have dealt with I'm trying to
3:48have really been actually very
3:50knowledgeable and they've been really
3:52nice oh yeah of course like but I mean
3:56with everything like especially doing
3:59business with China is it's all about
4:01trust you know late like if you're going
4:04to send thousands of dollars someone
4:06like you should know that know that
4:08you're going to get your product they
4:11keep they for life and I know a lot of
4:14guys that men took so but you know they
4:19lives and life goes on themselves I'm
4:23here and I want it I'm here because I
4:26want to help
4:27you know achieve their dream and so so
4:32yeah no that's awesome great now let's
4:35get into a kind of soul I know you got
4:38into the apparel business because I
4:41would think you know nothing wrong with
4:43the flower industry or anything that I
4:45know that it you got that the apparel
4:47before we talked about this on the on
4:49the start of this show it was a little
4:52more exciting because there's there's so
4:54many different ways there's so many
4:55different things to make when you say
4:57apparel I mean a branch is all like
5:00right so let's just kind of get into it
5:03when uh when someone is approaching you
5:05and they say hey I hey Sean I want to I
5:08want to create a clothing line or I want
5:12some special product made what's kind of
5:16the first thing you have to do or
5:18information you need to get from them so
5:21first you probably want to have a good
5:24idea of what product you want so like
5:26for instance the shirt so if you say I
5:30want a shirt like American Eagle or
5:33something like I don't know you most
5:36like for me it'd be easier if you
5:38brought the American Eagle shirt and
5:41then kind of annotate or diagram or
5:44whatever you want to call it your logo
5:46or what you want on and then from there
5:50I mean it's really nice to have the
5:53artwork at the beginning so that saves
5:57us time I mean we could do that but and
6:01then from there you said made the
6:03documents and files and I communicate
6:07with my people so so so okay so we hear
6:13a lot of stories I mean when we're
6:15making products here at the launch pad
6:16we want drawings CAD files prep Nats and
6:20so when it's in a way you're kind of
6:21talking about that also if they have a
6:23shirt and they say I love the feel of
6:24this shirt I love the material right I
6:27mean I don't even know the actual
6:28language that you would know about it
6:30it's better if they just bring it to you
6:32and say here this is kind of what I want
6:33to match yes yes exactly it's not art at
6:36all it's just like
6:38in the factory can take any piece of
6:42clothing and basically they can make it
6:45they know exactly what it's made out of
6:47so that's the best way to do it
6:50otherwise you we're not going to really
6:53have an idea of what you I mean we'll
6:56know you want a shirt with a certain
6:58kind of polyester whatever but yeah see
7:03this way okay well that makes it easier
7:05because everyone had probably cat come
7:07see it says I love this t-shirt that I
7:09have on or or this is what I want
7:11instead of I mean when they talk about
7:13blends what do they mean by material
7:15blends I hear that all the time I know
7:21they just made it I'm not like 100% sure
7:25but yeah the materials together but it's
7:30easier to have the actual shirt now when
7:32you get that shirt or pants or whatever
7:35they they want made you actually end it
7:38over to your people over there yes
7:40correct so we would even send us
7:43whatever you want and then they send it
7:48to them and then they would look at it
7:50and see what it's made of what what
7:52quality is and it release it's not
7:57rocket science at all well you know it's
8:00not rocket science obviously you're used
8:01to it so it's very it's understandable
8:05because you know you do it all day but
8:08you know again somebody who has never
8:09done it they're just saying hey I would
8:11love to get these shirts made with my
8:12company name on it or whatever and you
8:17know they're just looking for somebody
8:18to do it correctly alright why you know
8:20again you know you're busy that's why
8:22people come to you because they know
8:24that you're not only going to get the
8:25product done in the right way but also
8:28at a good price was obviously price is
8:30important if they're looking to redo a
8:31resale I mean some people are looking
8:33for t-shirts or hats for their company
8:36all right I mean you can go online and
8:39find these custom t-shirt websites or
8:42whatever but if you want the
8:45the retail quality product like this
8:51I mean it's best just to come to someone
8:53who like me who knows the quality of
8:56retail quality you don't like no yummy
9:02if they're alarmed when somebody comes
9:04to you then if their difference in the
9:07quantities or does that does that kind
9:09of dictate the pricing oh yeah of course
9:12oh yeah like that's probably one of the
9:14main keys of how much you want to pay
9:16you know like you got to make sure I
9:20mean you can do small quantities but
9:23it's just going to be a lot more but if
9:25you want to compete with the likes of
9:26like Walmart and get their prizes you're
9:31gonna have to do a lot you know you're
9:32gonna have to do big quantities because
9:34that's how they get theirs cheaper so
9:37yeah of course
9:40yeah I think so I mean if you have like
9:44a company that has like 250 employees
9:48you know like again get that made but
9:51it's gonna cost you lumps yeah okay well
9:55of course I mean obviously as quantity
9:57grows or the price is going to come down
10:00no doubt about it and in in your in your
10:04experience is is it something that I
10:07should have all the artwork done should
10:09I have everything done ready to go or
10:11can your can you and the people that you
10:13have I guess representatives in China or
10:18in other countries can they help with
10:19the artwork differences um there's a hat
10:23a job that we've got done in life all I
10:27had was a picture of the Hat and so it
10:32was it wasn't even there was no artwork
10:35or anything it was just a picture of the
10:36Hat with with with like the design of
10:41what the customer wanted so they sent me
10:44the picture and I sent the picture to
10:47the factory it like a few days later
10:49they got back to being there life is
10:51this one a bus there is exactly what the
10:54customer wanted is actually really cool
10:56because I did it pretty
10:57but um yeah so like you don't
11:01necessarily have to have like it's nice
11:04to have your own place you need your art
11:06March but you don't have to have you can
11:10just make a silhouette of a hat and
11:13paste it on there Microsoft pain or
11:16something but like and then they can do
11:18the rest so they know what they're doing
11:21good well I think that's all of what
11:22that really holds people back sometimes
11:25is because they feel they need to have
11:27everything all their ducks in a row they
11:29need to have the material and the design
11:32and the fonts that are involved in the
11:34pictures the artwork and it's expensive
11:36to gather all of that especially if you
11:39don't do it to get a graphics artist and
11:41do all that so I think it holds people
11:42back but with having somebody like
11:44yourself that I can just draw a picture
11:45or show you a picture I mean that's huge
11:49oh yeah like people like once they start
11:52it a lot of people just want something
11:55like they want to get it done quick in
11:57fact and like and like that's it that's
11:59good because if you start thinking about
12:01it too much you talk yourself out of
12:03wanting to get something done because oh
12:05if you can you know get it done fast
12:09like it doesn't have to be perfect
12:11because there's always room for
12:13improvement you know most of the
12:16projects I do are trial and error anyway
12:18so like just get the idea on paper and
12:23get something done and you know we'll
12:28get the movies of people to get that
12:30done the hard part well yeah that's
12:32that's actually great that you said that
12:34because nothing I mean especially if
12:37they don't have anything except an idea
12:39of course it's going to be trial there
12:41you're going to get a couple samples so
12:42so let's talk about that I have this
12:44idea I put it on paper and I say hey
12:46Sean I want this design I want these
12:50cool shorts done you know whatever it is
12:54what's the process so you send it over
12:56there they make a few or they send you
12:59fabric materials or what's it what's the
13:02next step after I give you the design or
13:04the idea so after you it depends if you
13:07give me an actual physical
13:10like for instance your shorts so if you
13:14have your shorts that you gave me a
13:18physical sample of then that's what's
13:20going to get made but if you don't then
13:23and you just have a picture or whatever
13:26they're going to try to make that as
13:28best as they can at the factory so once
13:31that's made most of the time they make a
13:35sample and which cost you a little bit
13:39but um you get that sample back and if
13:44you like it then they they produce it
13:47once you go through production your
13:49sample price will go down but yes this
13:54this main step what happens so well you
13:58make it sound easy I'm sitting you're
14:00going I'm going be sure to pay it I'm
14:02you decide this sounds really easy but
14:05what I like about the process is that
14:07you're saying that you're going to get a
14:08sample and if you say hey go ahead and
14:11make them then you know what you're
14:12getting if you say I want this change or
14:14I want this little bit change you know
14:16you're going to make that small change
14:18and a big surprise so you could kind of
14:20kick off production fairly quickly right
14:23and there's another thing like the great
14:25thing about it is you get that sample so
14:28you just when you get that sample like
14:32you're going to instead of investing
14:34thousands of dollars in something that
14:36you don't even like you're not even sure
14:39of what it's going to be making like I
14:41don't know how their companies are but
14:42like if you get that sample that really
14:45builds your confidence you're like okay
14:48yeah I can invest this money because you
14:51know you're investing a lot of money and
14:53you want the right product so it's great
14:56to have that sample just you know know
15:01what you're getting well I'm going to
15:03make you feel a lot better to move
15:05having that sample yeah you bug
15:09you've probably heard some horror
15:10stories and you probably get a lot of
15:12people that are very hesitant to move
15:14forward right yeah because it's all
15:22like it's all about the trust it's all
15:24about like even if you write up a
15:27contract and they send you your their
15:29money and stuff like that they're still
15:31like there but you know it's just once
15:36you fruit once you know I know what I'm
15:38doing you get your product they're happy
15:41this is a great learn life for that it's
15:44a great learning experience so well it's
15:49probably fun for you too because I mean
15:52giving these giving this customer this
15:54client something that they've been
15:55dreaming about making for whatever
15:57amount of time it could be six months it
15:59could be five years but being able to
16:00say here is your product I mean we love
16:03it here in Venice launchpad but it's a
16:05good feeling to say here you go
16:07oh yeah no doubt like and like knowing
16:11that I can help them without them having
16:14to deal with the stress of most people
16:17it's amazing it's a great feeling you
16:19know like I love having that those
16:21connections to China and it's just I
16:26just want to help as many people as I
16:29okay that's great I mean that's why
16:32you're in business man and doing a good
16:34job helping your clients succeed is is
16:37kind of what we do so I'm right with you
16:39let's go off a little bit - I know you
16:43apparel with me and you were talking
16:45before we started the show about other
16:48items that you make and maybe you could
16:49give a little bit of background on other
16:51things also that if if the listeners
16:53have an idea that you want to make how
16:57they can mostly do was like apparel
16:59pants well it's just that's a very broad
17:02term but like mostly keeping whatever
17:07you guys want to do if you want to do
17:08like shoes socks like like t-shirts
17:14jeans you know has gloves still any
17:19anything that runs the handbags if you
17:22want your own handbags you know it's
17:24just it's it's all there for it's just
17:29it's all about really I know everyone
17:31hears this all the time but it's all
17:33about like you know
17:34and trusting a lot of to do is with
17:41China's trust it really so I know the
17:45right people
17:45well it sounds like a yeah I know you
17:47keep going back to that it is so
17:48important because once you send the
17:50funds over there it's not like the funds
17:53are coming back unless you're gone
17:56they're gone so and it does we're all
17:59with that I mean you know you just have
18:01to make sure you're dealing with the
18:02right people and you have the right
18:03connections and they're in a way that's
18:05why like I wanted to come on your show
18:07because you know late I felt there was a
18:11need for someone like me that can really
18:15help others just having that security
18:18and that insurance like it's not it's
18:23really women too if you're not used to
18:25it it's really far fetch like like
18:27getting in the china and stuff like that
18:30so and it's not easy but for me since
18:34I've done it all I know everyone you
18:36know it's super easy and I just like to
18:39help but you know like if they want to
18:41build a brand you know I don't want
18:43there to be barriers or limits to their
18:46dreams or success you know like so
18:49that's why I'm here
18:51yeah well that's why we want to be on
18:52the show because you're kind of low-key
18:55and you're not talking about how great
18:57of a job that you do I mean from from
18:59some of the clients that you had that we
19:01spoke with I mean you really delivered
19:03some outstanding products and quality
19:05and I think it's just like you said
19:07between what you do here in the States
19:09but also your connections overseas
19:12putting those two together can really
19:15deliver a great product not only that
19:18then there's a lot of other things even
19:19when sort of products done there has to
19:21be somebody there to make sure the
19:22quality is good
19:23make sure the packaging is right it's
19:25got to be delivered support then you
19:27have shipping logistics so is that
19:29something that you kind of handle - even
19:31like having one of your reps go to the
19:33factory making sure the best course yeah
19:36of course is you know like I have people
19:42over there you know that do pretty much
19:44okay ask and they're really nice
19:48and they want to help you know yeah it's
19:52important it really is because we hear
19:54that the launchpad we've manufactured
19:56products and even after we get a sample
19:58and package the we show it to the client
20:00and they say is every one of the ten
20:03thousand or fifty thousand a hundred
20:04thousand units going to be the same
20:07quality and the communication is key to
20:10like like if nobody wants to be doing
20:14business with a factory that's kind of
20:16just like oh yeah I won't look at
20:18invader or yet and then like you you
20:21want like I said we guarantee that
20:25assurance for you you know what I'm
20:27saying like yeah this it's very good
20:32like I said like to have people that you
20:36can trust yeah oh no I agree and that's
20:39part I mean that's probably the biggest
20:41thing you can go on all a whole bunch of
20:44websites you can go on Alibaba you can
20:46go in all these places and you can get
20:48that product or you can order it but
20:50it's still that unknown and they ask you
20:54to hey send us this money
20:56a lot of people are still going to
20:59hesitate unless they have something like
21:01yourself that is going not only going to
21:04receive those funds make sure it's done
21:06right and then the quality assurance
21:08part of it it's just huge to me well
21:11yeah and the customers want updates you
21:14know I mean so like and okay so you send
21:17that money to that person from Alibaba
21:20and they're like get we're making and
21:21then two weeks later you haven't heard
21:23nothing from them and then you're
21:25emailing over sending the message and
21:27they're not replying so they look at you
21:29you're you're you just send them five 10
21:32grand hoping something like someone's
21:36going to reply back to you is what are
21:38you going to do like fly over there to
21:39try to find them like you know today so
21:42yeah you're right this is great - like I
21:47said know you're insured pretty much
21:50cute and like what we do is we we pretty
21:54much notify the customer every stage
21:57along the way and in community
22:01is key you know like they wanted the
22:03customer wants to be updated on what
22:05what they're getting yourself like how
22:07long we going to date you know like
22:09stuff like that so so we do very good no
22:13it's awesome let's back up a little bit
22:14to when you've mentioned not only shoes
22:17pocketbooks and kind of backpacks and
22:20things like that
22:20that is interesting community because if
22:23that sounds like a whole business
22:26division on its own I mean backpacks and
22:28pocketbooks are the the quality of it
22:31obviously has to be good but there's so
22:33many different designs and things in
22:36that sense and obviously the materials
22:37if that's something that is a little bit
22:40more intricate to manufacture or it's
22:42kind of the same process
22:43yes it's kind of the same process it's
22:47just like these factories are so good at
22:50what they do
22:51like like you take a bag from like Oh
22:55wherever you want like it's like a looks
22:57like I said before like you have that
23:01product or that handbag or wallet or
23:04whatever when you send it to them
23:06they're going to know exactly what their
23:08because they're making it for everyone
23:10else you know so like they're going to
23:11know exactly what leather you're using
23:13whether this cow skin or snake in
23:16whatever they know exactly was being
23:19used so honestly is it for them this
23:23cake especially if you have that yeah I
23:27think that's kind of what with Rose even
23:30a lot of our clients and vendors
23:32Launchpad and probably some of your
23:33clients is is the ease in which the
23:37Chinese manufacturing operates they do
23:39it they live it they've been doing all
23:41yours right and and we're just like you
23:44know it's it's it's it's detrimental to
23:46us we're like Mike how to make sure that
23:47we double stitch this so we do this at
23:49that and when you send it over to them
23:51it's it's it's uh you know it's second
23:54nature right oh yeah is that's what they
23:58you know like there's factories
24:00everywhere in China you know like so
24:03that's what they do and I think that's
24:06what's so great about it is that we can
24:09take advantage of that you know in the
24:12old days and all we can't
24:15only the big retailers can get stuff
24:17made over there or whatever but now with
24:20social media and in the way okay is the
24:25smaller guys turn to make a move you
24:28know open your own boutique have your
24:31own custom stuff so and I think I think
24:34a lot of that is I think you know small
24:37smaller businesses I think it's coming
24:39back here I like I'd love to see that
24:42part grow and I want to be a part of
24:45that you know like yeah well I think I
24:50think you're doing it I think that being
24:52able to do small quantities low
24:55quantities be very quick to market and
24:57the small business owner doesn't have to
25:01spend hundreds of thousands of dollars
25:02dollars on the design work on the time
25:05frames on the prototypes on the sample I
25:09mean really you are increasing the small
25:12business owners speed to market and I
25:14think that's what's making them
25:15competitive right it's like I mean yeah
25:19you're not always going to be able to
25:21compete with you know big retailers but
25:25at the same time that you have your own
25:27little niche you have your own little
25:28design that nobody else has so you can
25:32charge more for that because your
25:34constant probably going to be a little
25:35lower you know but yeah it's just it's a
25:39great up like a great opportunity and
25:42instant I'm glad yeah well you're again
25:46and that's why again I wanted having the
25:48show because I again you're I think
25:50you're downplaying the importance and
25:52your your expertise 15 that you head at
25:58you because the worry that you already
26:00because right on that niche because if a
26:02business owner knows their niche and you
26:05are getting their product to them at a
26:07low cost speed to market without a bunch
26:10of iterations
26:10I mean you are helping that business
26:12grow and not make those mistakes that a
26:15lot of businesses make that that
26:17ultimately make them fail right and you
26:22know I know it's hard sometimes for for
26:27people to
26:28do this stuff but
26:30it's just it's just great this is great
26:34to be able to have someone you can go to
26:37and say hey I want this made and yeah
26:43it's pretty cool oh it's great it's
26:45awesome so we're going to start kind of
26:47wrapping up the show again I did want to
26:50have you I was appreciative that you
26:52made some time for us today the apparel
26:55business is explode it's big it media do
26:59we get people a lot that call us and
27:04that's kind of why we sought you out
27:05whether it's bathing suit lines clothing
27:08lines niche niche businesses whether
27:13it's football cheerleading that jerseys
27:15football jerseys uh all different people
27:18have approached us you know before I
27:19close up let me actually a little bit
27:21about that
27:22there are leagues out there sports
27:24leagues and will you be able to do
27:26jerseys and things in that sense also
27:28yes yes any anything to do is a parallel
27:34it can be done there's no limit so don't
27:37just like if you have this fabric that
27:40you think you can't get we like it or if
27:45you think oh they can't make that trust
27:48me we can your mind we've blown what can
27:52be done like it's unlimited and uh yeah
27:58straight yeah well again that I would
28:00surprise myself very seldom um surprised
28:02we doing manufacturing and design for a
28:05long time but once we started speak with
28:07you and you showed us some of the things
28:08that you've done for your past clients
28:11we were blown away and that's why we
28:12wanted to take you on board and be able
28:15to to tell people I really want to use
28:19the word advertise and just get the word
28:21out about your expertise and what you
28:23can do to help because we've heard
28:25horror stories just as you have about
28:27people circumventing thinking they can
28:30just go out and contact somebody
28:33internationally and get something made
28:35they've lost money they've lost times
28:37and lost materials they walk their
28:39samples some people only had one and
28:40they sent it out to a factory somewhere
28:42in Bangladesh or China
28:44and not only did that factory disappear
28:46it wasn't even really a factory but then
28:48their one prototype or their one sample
28:51disappeared so not only are you helping
28:53people see their dreams and their
28:57ambitions to start a business but you're
28:59saving them that heartache which is huge
29:01and that's kind of why really what I
29:03want to get you on the show today is to
29:05answer some of those frequently asked
29:07questions that you get but also let
29:09people know that there is help out there
29:11if they want to go after their dreams of
29:14design designing tacos and don't let the
29:17don't let everything
29:18overwhelm you because that's what we're
29:20here for you know like this is we want
29:23to make this as easy as possible and if
29:27we can do that then best amazing so well
29:31it sounds like you are and you know oh
29:34yeah way back as you are I could tell
29:36you just like listen this is what we do
29:38I think is correct yes pretty
29:40straightforward you know and I what I
29:44love about it is that you could do like
29:46you could do almost anything so you know
29:49anybody that's listen to this show if
29:51you have a shoe which i think is cool
29:53you can do sneakers you can do shoes
29:54back that loves to you know any hat so I
29:59think that's awesome and you know so
30:01there's no more question of it wondering
30:02oh I don't want to you know call them
30:04because they probably don't do this the
30:06best thing to do is contact us and we're
30:08going to talk about content and show on
30:10contact we're in learners launch pad and
30:12we'll get and get you in touch with Sean
30:14to be able to get your dream get your
30:17product made whether it's a an
30:19advertising type product for your
30:21company you know with your company name
30:22on it because I'm tee shirts or hats or
30:24whatever or if you're looking to start a
30:26product's aligned clothing line bathing
30:29TV line sports jerseys you know I just
30:33unlimited which i think is really cool
30:35so one question I do want to ask you
30:38when you went into China did you visit
30:40some of the factories and you know I
30:43know how big the plastic factories
30:45aren't things like that but your pal
30:47factories are are they just as big or
30:49whether they look like they're crazy
30:51they're they're not as big as what I
30:54thought they would be no but uh they
30:57these machines are crazy they got a lot
31:00of like people on sewing machines like a
31:03lot of it's done by hand it's pretty
31:09cool like I can't really describe it
31:11because you'd have to just have to be
31:13there to see it but one thing about
31:17China is they do everything big like
31:21like is that everything just think this
31:24you like there's nothing you can't stop
31:28them like they're all right I see
31:32pictures of apparel being made and you
31:35have rows and rows as far as you can see
31:37of that fitting at sewing machine
31:40they're all doing the same thing at the
31:43same time and and the workers are so
31:46fast like it it'll blow your legs if
31:50they're just so skilled they're really
31:52you know they're really skilled workers
31:56like it's a really good attention to
31:59no not pretty sure it's in their blood
32:04all right Manuel also we're going to
32:06we're going to wrap it up and just let
32:09all the listeners know we're going to
32:11have all these show notes on inventors
32:14Launchpad a podcast website well how the
32:18show notes will have Sean's contact
32:20information which I think Sean is just
32:21strong SaaS EA n at inventors launchpad
32:25comm is his email address and you can
32:28send us a note or you can visit me ask
32:31me to get in touch with Sean for you but
32:34you can email them directly or email me
32:36carmine at Aventis launchpad comm you
32:39can visit our website and if you're
32:41looking to create your dream your
32:44apparel whatever that product is get in
32:47touch with us and that's why we brought
32:48Sean on again he's an expert in doing
32:51this and I can tell you from this past
32:53projects that I've seen who really knows
32:56what he's doing so Sean thanks for being
32:58on the show today not a problem
33:00thank you for having I appreciate it and
33:02we will catch up with you soon