The ABC’s of Successfully Getting Your Product Ready for TV
January 22, 2017
Chris Krimitsos Invent Invention Patent Manufacturing
Chris Krimitsos Talks about Podcasting for Business and Podfest Multimedia Expo!
January 25, 2017

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Podcast Notes

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0:00hey everybody and welcome to inventors 0:04launchpad
0:06this is Carmine Denisco your host and
0:08today on launch pad we have a real treat
0:11for everyone and expert in the field of
0:13the infomercial producing products
0:17getting your product out there in the
0:19right sequence the right order in the
0:21exact way to do it
0:23his name is Brian Fasulo and he is a
0:27president or CEO and I’m sure they’ll
0:30explain over at one book and let them
0:35grills bring him on and let him kind of
0:37fill in the gaps of what I mr. Brian you
0:39over there it was always for me to cross
0:42Q another handsome Italian man haha well
0:47thank you thanks for the compliment
0:48brian anderson i don’t know if you heard
0:49my little intro there i’m sure i miss
0:51the whole bunch of stuff maybe you can
0:53give a the audience a little bit i’ll
0:55still win on what you can do over there
0:57and what you’ve been doing in the past
0:59yeah no sweat hi i’m annular you can i’m
1:04getting feedback if you’d be so kind can
1:06how’s that
1:07let me say hello a look at it so much
1:11next to that gas the pro at everything
1:14so i got my first of all thank you very
1:17much for having me on the show I while I
1:19am an owner in the company i don’t like
1:21the title of anything because I try to
1:25run creative around here so i had mostly
1:27deal with um with creative business
1:30development whereas other people do
1:32accounting and all those sort of things
1:34but a lot my story is is actually very
1:37very fun i came out of college as a
1:39sportscaster I work for ABC NBC CBS and
1:42Fox are primarily in a sports the
1:44penalty then I moved on to talk and I
1:47talk shows on television are there not
1:51many of them right you don’t just become
1:52a talk show host i did an hour a day on
1:55WFLA which is held for its most-watched
1:57television station and it was an
2:00advertorial concept so on five years
2:03every single day live five different
2:06guests all these different products all
2:08these different people
2:09and over a thousand different live
2:12guests and really gained an appreciation
2:16for entrepreneurship but most
2:21importantly how to position that product
2:24on television show that you can sell Wow
2:27in turn one of my guests on my show was
2:31a guy named Kevin Harrington who many of
2:33you know who hosts a shark tank
2:35I’m and when I when I blew up with NBC
2:38kevin was my guests quite often and he
2:41admired me for what I was doing I
2:44admired him for his 30,000 square-foot
2:46home and all the money he was making and
2:48I and I decided to come over to the
2:50direct response side or full-time direct
2:54response of course be I’m another term
2:57for infomercials or what we like to call
2:59performance space marketing because we
3:01have to sell product or we don’t eat
3:06it’s just that easy you know I
3:08understand that no doubt about it now
3:09when you talk about performance space
3:11you know what is like you know a number
3:14that you want to hit how does it work
3:16well how do you calculate it
3:17that’s a fantastic question you know I’m
3:20many of the marketers I work with
3:21entrepreneurs and marketers and which
3:23can benefit everyone somebody comes to
3:25me with a product I there’s two things
3:27that can happen and they’re both the
3:29challenge their success and failure doll
3:32optiv like failure is tough but success
3:36can be very very tough as well because
3:38the the average entrepreneur doesn’t
3:40have the resources to for example put 1
3:44million products on the water from china
3:47to get it over here I work with people
3:49that do so i can often bridge the gap
3:51between marketers and entrepreneurs or
3:54just work with entrepreneurs or
3:55marketers but to answer your question I
3:58you know it’s not unlike American Idol
4:01we will take a product we will put it we
4:02will write it
4:03we will shoot it you will edit it we
4:06will cast it we will deliver it to all
4:10the television stations will put it on
4:11TV and one of three things going to
4:12happen it’s going to be a hit
4:16which we can go into i have many hits
4:17right now which is you know it’s going
4:19to return three dollars for every dollar
4:21you spend on television for dollar for
4:22dollar spent on television
4:24it could be a turd in the punch bowl and
4:27you and I have experienced those where
4:30we’re even though we made what we
4:31thought was a great commercial and
4:33really wonderful representation of the
4:34product that just didn’t hit with the
4:37consumer at home doesn’t want and the
4:39third thing that can happen is it can
4:40get very very close meaning for every
4:42dollar and media you spend testing it
4:44are you receiving dollar back and when
4:46that happens you’ve got a free
4:48advertising campaign but most
4:51entrepreneurs need to make a profit so
4:54those those are sort of the very generic
4:56metrics that we do the with while it
4:58goes much much much deeper into cost per
5:00called hospital cost per acquisition
5:02media efficiency ratios and all that
5:05stuff I want for your your viewership at
5:07right now but we can get into it you
5:10know it should anyone really want to
5:12learn about you know exactly right well
5:14you know the thing about it is with
5:16everyone that you run into this all the
5:18everyone thinks they have a billion
5:19dollar product and then you hear that 10
5:21* dead and in when somebody comes to you
5:24with a product but they really be
5:26telling a cake what’s the truth before
5:28they come to you today we will be
5:30talking about how do i know i have this
5:32million-dollar product yet another
5:35wonderful question
5:36you know I rarely have people come to me
5:38and say this is the second best thing
5:40you’re going to think that good
5:42I i will i will defer to one of my
5:46clients she is the CEO and owner of
5:48all-star marketing and a dear friend
5:50see I was speaking with him on a ride
5:52into work this morning his company
5:54created the snuggie they sold 150
5:58million units right at twenty dollars to
6:00the map there’s a billion dollars right
6:03and scott i believe has a has a little
6:06sign in his office that says don’t fall
6:08in love with your file so even though
6:12you think it’s the best thing and then
6:14and everybody in the world files you can
6:16follow your dreams
6:17it is often wise to get advice from a
6:21professional you and me a stock boy at
6:24all-star marketing to really so that you
6:27don’t over-invest in the wrong
6:29own place and so you don’t go through
6:32generations that you might not have to
6:34because you fell in love with your
6:37yeah no no I so agree that what i see
6:40though is what you guys are doing your
6:42you’re actually helping people because
6:44everyone that has this million-dollar
6:45product you could actually have them
6:47come in
6:48you could put something together for
6:50even if it’s five thousand or ten
6:51thousand dollars it’s better than
6:52spending a hundred thousand filling up
6:55their garage with product that no one
6:56wants to buy or could be a big hit but
6:58you’re giving them that shot to be able
7:01to test their ideas sure and there
7:04there’s lots of things out there who
7:06will make false promises and and it
7:09hurts my industry as a whole
7:11we’ve been very fortunate that we’ve
7:12seen tremendous success and we don’t
7:14need to misrepresent our shelves to a 22
7:18entrepreneurs yet there are still a lot
7:20of people who will show you gotta find
7:22the right person you’ve gotta trust them
7:24you know are your NBA is intact and and
7:27all that kind of stuff I’m but you know
7:30i’m i’m looking at a product on my desk
7:33right now that i think i went and i
7:35found at a show it was the impact show
7:40Bob chooses organization and and I saw
7:44it and I said to the guy what in the
7:46world is this is spectacularly well
7:48thank you
7:49I’ve been developing it for years but
7:50haven’t been able to properly market i’m
7:52looking for a partner and i’ll share
7:54those that the entire story which is
7:57I’m and they leave names and out but I i
8:00took that product to some of my
8:02well-funded groups and they turn it down
8:05and I was bombed and myself in the
8:09inventor state and touch and I wanted to
8:11do everything I could to help him
8:13I two years later I get a call from the
8:18vegas numero uno marketer in the reasons
8:22that we know he is sold but probably 70
8:26million hoses that grow haha you know
8:29that 10 yeah almost two billion dollars
8:32in revenue and they said we’ve got an
8:34unbelievable product Ryan it’s called
8:36this and i went i know it works
8:39I know it’s all there were friends so
8:42they hired me
8:43to do the commercial we’ve done the
8:45commercial and carmine there is a there
8:50is an absolute chance that we could sell
8:5320 million units and this guy’s got a
8:57lifetime royalty he’s going to be a rich
8:59man and so much and and they’re there is
9:05nothing nothing better than no there’s
9:08no doubt about it i mean basically
9:09making people’s dreams come true i mean
9:11you spotted this product I mean it just
9:13shows the two years before you got this
9:16yeah and and the thing is in and while
9:19that was you know what amounts to be
9:21three or four years ago I now if i find
9:25that product i do have the connections
9:28to blow it out so i’m and and that’s
9:31good i have these guys in my rolodex as
9:33I said Scott called me this morning i’m
9:35sitting in my car and I’m like hey look
9:37who’s coming this is nice because he
9:41knows that I to have my finger on the
9:43pulse of what he wants and he has his
9:46finger on the pulse of what i want so we
9:48can all come together and and sorcery
9:51the best ideas out there together we can
9:53make an under godly amount
9:56no there’s no that I mean there’s so
9:58many products out there and that’s one
10:00of the questions that i was going to say
10:02for later in which kind of let into it
10:04is there some kind of metric or some way
10:06to know for processing to be hit or you
10:08just have to test it you have to get out
10:10there and see if people want it you can
10:12certainly stack the deck in your favor
10:14there’s a there’s a blogger out there
10:16his name is Jordan time and his his his
10:20uh his website is the side mark report i
10:24would have to google it or something and
10:26he put together a very good outline for
10:30success in our marketplace and I can
10:32paraphrase and of course I deal with
10:34them every day so I to know them he’s
10:35just the one and put it on paper but to
10:39stack the deck in your favor to bring a
10:42unique and innovative product to market
10:44is just that is it you can impact if
10:46it’s already on amazon and 20 different
10:48places on ensign doesn’t solve the
10:53problem you know in the beginning of a
10:56lot of our infomercials are my over
10:58simplified here but we would say are you
11:00sick and tired you know if there’s gotta
11:02be a better way and that that rings true
11:06to the
11:07to the American viewership you know like
11:08I really am sick and tired of that you
11:12know when you’ve got your blooming and
11:13you’re you’re sweeping it into the
11:15little sweeper and that little line is
11:16there and you just keep moving up but
11:19the line back but we we just launched
11:21the broom which is going to be
11:23wonderfully successful and and and notes
11:27demos we use you know it does it solve a
11:30I’m so you know another thing as you go
11:32down that hierarchy of needs you know
11:34I’m do I can everyone uses you know on
11:39the phone call this morning with Scott
11:41we discussed a couple of products which
11:42i figger are unbelievable and in
11:45seasonality can be difficult if it’s
11:47something that’s used in the snow can
11:50use sell a quarter million even a
11:52million yes but can you sell 20
11:54no I’m because while marginal want it on
11:58their shelves and your iron dog you know
12:01and walk read all these guys show I’m
12:04does everyone want it is if it’s a new
12:06spin on a mob grown and its unique
12:10innovative and nobody else is selling it
12:12everybody needs different I if it’s if
12:15it’s for people with classes there’s
12:17still a lot of people but you’re you’re
12:19segmenting yourself so I’m you have a
12:23low cost of goods you often swim in our
12:25waters you gotta hit that 1995 price
12:28points very fortunately right now we’re
12:30starting to see a lot more success in
12:31this forty dollar coin was saying orders
12:34the new party which is correctly
12:36I’m so those are some of them there’s a
12:40you know is there a continuity play
12:42will it fit properly on a shelf at
12:45Walgreens Walmart CVS I’m so up but
12:51unique innovative and demonstrable does
12:54it make your whites whiter like Billy
12:55Mays said does it make your whites
12:57whiter your brights brighter you know it
13:00is going to anthony sullivan since long
13:02hair short hair in my head you’re half
13:05you have animals you have kids you have
13:07animals and kids that act like animals
13:09that you need to get up
13:12uh so yeah so you’ve got a stack the
13:16deck in your favor and there are
13:17certainly many ways in which is
13:19yeah yeah it seems like there’s a
13:21process you know you’re you’re getting
13:23it on you doing a direct response but it
13:25seems like you want to move it over into
13:27retail so there’s it’s a lot of timing
13:29involved but as you progress into retail
13:31obviously the orders grow bigger and
13:33that’s where the the real money comes in
13:36obviously even though the direct
13:37response i’m sure there’s a lot of money
13:39involved in it but it seems like there’s
13:41a plan sequence and that’s what really
13:42what these inventors needs they don’t
13:44they don’t have any idea any clue what’s
13:46involved in taking a product three
13:48sequences know it’s i call it herculeans
13:51it is very few products actually make
13:55money on television these days Bob
13:57Packwood number 13 channels and kevin
14:00harrington and and ron popeil and these
14:04guys were doing that kind of stuff did
14:07you was it was a lot of money on TV now
14:12it is more or less is a retail play by
14:15driving it in there and and again it’s
14:19really hard for an inventor to do that
14:21and then they will have to go in and
14:22solidified deals with walmart with a
14:25million of a mama water from China mr.
14:28it’s you know it while it is the
14:31American dream it is a lofty
14:33expectations not very very very long
14:37that I agree and you need help you need
14:40the right team is no doubt about it
14:41obviously somebody does it by themselves
14:43and they do make it but also people
14:45Atlanta but in the real world you need
14:48to get the right people on your team and
14:49that’s where you guys come in I mean to
14:51what you guys have done in the amount of
14:53years that you’ve been businesses is
14:55really astronomical i did some research
14:56on the company I’ve seen the facility
14:58that you’re in
14:59it’s amazing the things that you guys
15:01can do and you just not doing videos and
15:03an infomercial there I mean what are
15:05some of the other stuff that you do
15:06there at the facility you know I
15:08probably ninety percent of what we do is
15:11direct response
15:12I’m we we manage the largest online
15:18travel agency including world and so
15:23that I you know I could I I’m not really
15:27probably to drop my account names but
15:30you know some of the bigger ones out
15:32there are
15:33our travelocity I’m trivago
15:40it’s happening right there so that that
15:44is an enormous account on we have a full
15:50meeting with team we have a God comptine
15:53we have an amazon team so we want to be
15:56able to help people go from from concept
15:59to you know to completion all on there
16:03one roof and you’re gonna do you know
16:05why knock on wood man i I’m just the guy
16:07who loves what he does and comes up with
16:11these crazy demo I’m working today
16:14call us today to get a shark to bite one
16:20of my products get ahead and actually
16:23that’s what I do for a living it’s the
16:25silliest thing in the world but I’ve got
16:27I’ve got three offers I’ve got an
16:30I’ve got a professional sharp guy who 45
16:33thousand dollars is going to go under
16:34and get the shot i want and then working
16:36another angle so I can lay my
16:38circumstances to get it done but that
16:40you know it’s oftentimes these very
16:42grandiose marketing positions that can
16:45help differentiate yourself from my
16:47friend Bill Swift down in Miami who I do
16:50not work for you know ever since he took
16:53that boat and and painted his product on
16:57I he’s he’s made generation money from
17:00yes yes everybody knows that you said
17:03some of those infomercials some of those
17:05direct response just stick in your head
17:07that you when you start talking about
17:09and you just start imagining you know
17:11this product and it’s just awesome being
17:12able to see that and and actually seen
17:14people make money obviously is is the
17:16end result but it is a lot of fun to to
17:18see somebody’s face when you tell hey
17:20the product was a hit I mean you’ve
17:22probably had some great conversations
17:23phone calls obviously some bad ones too
17:25but some of the conversations must be a
17:27lot of fun
17:28yeah and don’t kid yourself we have more
17:29bad ones when we have good nights it is
17:31so is you know a record the industry
17:35will tell you somewhere between one and
17:37twenty or one and sixty will work
17:40I’m depends on your school’s sure I’m
17:43you know if you use one of the jobs you
17:46promises the world
17:47I and he takes your money and gives you
17:49an average commercial average media
17:50placement average website you’ll never
17:53you’re not average results i’m even when
17:55you engage me and I’d like to think i’m
17:57i’m right up there with the best i have
17:59many contemporaries who are phenomenal
18:01I’m they fail but to answer your
18:05question informing someone that they’ve
18:09created a global brand and to strap on
18:13their seatbelts is since there’s nothing
18:16better I I honestly i launched probably
18:19a new product or a media campaign every
18:22week and I still on sundays on the
18:28look at my phone and watch results come
18:30in because I’m horribly addicted to
18:34people success but you’re not a real
18:37secret there
18:38yeah that’s that’s a picture right there
18:40but it’s like it’s just that i think is
18:44what you know again I’m you know we see
18:46you here at the launchpad a lot you know
18:48inventors think they’re the only ones
18:51that are out there beating the spirit
18:52inside was trying to get their products
18:54and that the numbers are phenomenal and
18:57that’s the thing that you guys see daily
18:59and some of the things you touched on
19:00there are hundreds and thousands of
19:02people fighting for that position to get
19:04their products on store shelves on TV
19:06and then to be able to whittle it down
19:08to 160 180 better to do that is really a
19:12phenomenal thing
19:13well I that’s quite frankly where you
19:15guys come in which is a great resource
19:17you know as we work together
19:19I i try to only take the high-end
19:23reputable board liaison and listen to
19:27them lawyer
19:28yeah and and then they’ll make their
19:30pitch comedian will make decisions based
19:32on that I could I sit here all day every
19:36day and look at everybody’s product no
19:3880% are going to be crap twenty percent
19:41are going to be okay and of that one is
19:44going to be really good and and and I
19:47don’t have the time or resources to help
19:49the people with the product that I say
19:51crap i said crops for breakfast
19:54perspective they could be great product
19:56for any for retail for anything I mean
20:00there’s a lot of products that i passed
20:02on that a big hit something wrong
20:04I’m but for what tailor-made to my
20:07expertise which is creating telling
20:09commercial that makes people by I can’t
20:12get through everyone else’s you guys
20:14have the ability to find resources for
20:18everybody and then you pull me and when
20:20you whittle down your top 20 we look at
20:22those together and hopefully we can find
20:24out which ones we want to invest that no
20:27it is I totally group in and again for
20:30you know listeners out there we’ve we
20:32worked with the blue water and Brian and
20:34and you don’t find too many people out
20:36there is honest and giving of
20:39information as these guys they’re not
20:40looking to just take products they just
20:42want to tell you truthfully one what you
20:45can expect and that’s what’s so
20:46important about what these guys do is
20:48giving you the truth full what you can
20:50expect out of this product and as Brian
20:53said you know you’re going to get the
20:54smoking mirror guys that are going to
20:55tell you and full show your head up with
20:58you know flowers and butterflies until
21:00it hits the fan and what’s good about
21:02looking sad since they can actually do
21:05what they say they can do you know I had
21:07lunch with the guy last week and he’s a
21:09phenomenal entrepreneur and he got a lot
21:12of inroads and he’s doing well and work
21:14with him on numerous occasions and he
21:15made a pitch to me where a BBQ John you
21:19so excited about it and and and that can
21:23cloud your mind and I said the lungs
21:26well I’ll tell you what it is he
21:27wouldn’t give a crap what he said it was
21:30he said you know when you drop like of
21:33your glass of milk
21:35you know you would have to pick up all
21:37the shards of glass and then the
21:40why don’t we make an attachment that
21:42goes on this you know on a sweeper back
21:44it goes on there and cleaned up okay
21:46glass in the milk and and my reaction
21:50was while that would be a convenience
21:53i’m not going to the closet and getting
21:57my sweeper back plugging it in then
22:03getting my attachment putting it on that
22:07accurately this then taking it off then
22:12go into the garbage then disposing of it
22:14then putting it back then unplugging the
22:18sweeper and then putting the sweeper and
22:22he looked at me like oh my god you’re
22:23right i said i’m just cleaning the damn
22:26mess like you know with a sponger of
22:29paper towel and I’m going to throw the
22:30glass away happened to my heart my home
22:32all the time and I have more inventions
22:34around my house that anybody but you
22:37know it was he just he took it you want
22:40ok you’re right i’m sorry i don’t know
22:43for every one of those are every 190 of
22:46those going to be somewhat actually
22:48resident and then unless they come then
22:50we’re all at crack crack lone inventor
22:52is going to invent and sometimes even
22:55myself I’m an event we invent the
22:58problem and we think we need to fix the
23:00problem that we’ve invented yes you and
23:03I worked on 12 have I I thought it was
23:06going to be a hit i thought it was
23:07unique and innovative and it solved the
23:10upon further review probably was a
23:12solution looking for a problem breath
23:14correct and and you know we have spent
23:17some money on and we failed and we shook
23:20hands and that’s that’s that’s very very
23:23real now very very real
23:26exactly and that’s what we try to do
23:28prepare you know prepare even our
23:29viewers people are coming and people are
23:31going to go to see you guys you know
23:32they have to be prepared on both sides
23:34some adventures aren’t you know they
23:36know I’ve had invented storm out of our
23:40telling don’t know what we’re talking
23:41about i don’t know if that’s important
23:42to you guys but you know like you said
23:44you have to give them the real
23:46yeah and-and-and again if it do a real
23:51church-going people search online in
23:54with the hopes that you’re not going to
23:56find it
23:57there’s a place out there called Amazon
23:58our jaw with all due respect what you’re
24:02trying to sell is on amazon or alibaba
24:06in some manifestation if it’s not
24:09fantastic but don’t go to Amazon don’t
24:12not go to Amazon because you don’t want
24:15to dispel the myth that you’ve got the
24:16greatest idea in the world
24:18corrections i will end and you’re done
24:22so when I get the call hey brian is a
24:24hotdog that whistle Dixie i’m going to
24:26go to amazon is there a hot dog got the
24:28whistle Dixie you can be 70 over there
24:30I don’t want it no no you’re exactly
24:33right we call blind searching and this
24:35is trying to tell our investors that
24:37being first to market isn’t what it’s
24:39cracked up to be so even if you are
24:41first and it’s not out there there’s a
24:43reason and I’m sure you’ve run into that
24:46yeah I’ve had marketers tell me I you
24:48know I don’t have to be first to market
24:49but as long as I’m first to be second
24:50and market and and you’ve got the money
24:52you’ve got the power you’ve got the bc
24:54you’ve got the marketer you can beat the
24:57guy that first to market which wasn’t
24:59entirely corroborating what you had said
25:01earlier but I along the same vein if
25:04your product is strong enough and there
25:07is one person out there and they were
25:09not well funded or their patent doesn’t
25:11hold up or they’re not getting what they
25:13do they don’t have a marketing team to
25:16that’s right i totally agree know so I
25:18agree I agree and you know having the
25:21product out there and giving people with
25:23real information is one of the greatest
25:24parts about it and and the people don’t
25:26have to agree with us they don’t agree
25:27with you but the main thing is you can
25:29go to sleep at night knowing that you
25:30did whatever you could do to help
25:32that’s exactly it if you know what I
25:38went into the double eagle steak house
25:41in new york city and i saw quote that
25:46it should tell the truth and fear no
25:53alright that’s very good sounds exactly
25:56I i looked at it and I probably had a
25:58lovely manhattan in my hand and I looked
26:01up at that matched up man you know
26:03because I’m in an industry that a lot of
26:05people think it’s shady a lot of people
26:07think there’s do that they’re liars and
26:09bakers and cheaters and lower
26:11yeah but as long as you tell the truth
26:14and you fear no man now and and by the
26:17way that’s all over
26:19yeah that is everywhere every industry
26:22has those shady characters it just seems
26:26for some reason because of the invention
26:28and what we do it seems like it sticks
26:30out so much you know so it will let me
26:33ask my own question here so Brian how do
26:36you tell the fakers from the Pretender
26:38good i have to figure the pretenders
26:40from from the from the real deal
26:43one common question you can ask is show
26:46me your rollout and a rollout is a
26:48simple term for a commercial that tested
26:51did well and load out and went into you
26:54know either shoulder and an outstanding
26:56amount of product on television went
26:58into retail and and lived for a while
27:00and everybody made and oh I’m if said
27:03company can’t show you a rollout and and
27:06I can walk you into walgreens tomorrow
27:08and show you i think in walgreens right
27:11now in winter I probably have to but
27:14come summer there will be six or seven
27:16and that’s when you go okay this guy
27:18knows what the hell you doing
27:19that’s one of many check references and
27:25talk to you guys you’ve got your finger
27:27on the pulse of all of us you know who’s
27:28good and who’s bad oh yeah I’m but now
27:33you’re right
27:34transparency is a is gigantic and in
27:37this business deal
27:39alright so let’s switch gears a little
27:40bit i know however that is there any any
27:44other little tips that we can give one
27:46or two other typically covered a lot
27:47before we go switch gears a little bit
27:49that you could pick up before an
27:51inventor came to see you I think we
27:52covered a lot with their one or two
27:53little tips that you can think of you
27:55know here’s one
27:56I’m oftentimes inventors will come up
28:00with an idea engage with a patent
28:03attorney manufacturer prototypes and
28:06even manufacture product i’m and and i’m
28:12not saying that this holds true every
28:13time but the way most of our products
28:20and services from people who really know
28:22what the hell they’re doing like Scott
28:24up in New York and the guys that you
28:26know snuggie they will warn the not test
28:30the product with a prototype before they
28:33go to manufacture I’m we don’t hit the
28:36credit card if people will buy from us
28:39on television or on the web
28:41there’s lots of web testing platforms
28:43where you can gauge a certain need for
28:47your product and viability will people
28:49buy it there’s algorithms that that can
28:51help predict our success so I guess you
28:54one piece of advice would be despite how
28:57much you love your product
29:00I don’t order 50,000 of them unless
29:02you’ve got a place for those things to
29:03be sold
29:05I’m because you might end up with a
29:07gigantic warehouse in those guys rough
29:10full of product and and broken dreams
29:14conversely if you do test something on
29:19TV or on the web and it works very very
29:21well be prepared align yourself with the
29:27right people who can help you scale
29:29because if you don’t someone else will
29:33agree i think once like you said that
29:36once once that product TV and other p
29:39when the industry see you do well you
29:41have to be ready to move quickly zestril
29:43you simply have to be funded we have to
29:45be ready to move quickly you’ve got all
29:48it’s because it’s a crazy game my friend
29:52you gotta be ready if you have a retail
29:54everything ready
29:56I mean this is not this is not tens of
29:58thousands of dollars this is not
30:00hundreds of thousands of dollars
30:02yeah I’m this this is a million-dollar
30:05proposition at least when you start to
30:10talk about rollouts of products yeah so
30:13assembling your team if you’re if you
30:15have a fluent or venture capital money
30:19that you have access to a fantastic
30:22you’re going to need it if you didn’t
30:23meet your funding get it in place but
30:26the really do yourself a favor and see
30:29if there’s if there’s a consumer needs
30:31their consumer what if they’re going to
30:33buy it at the price you’re selling at
30:35and then then start i totally agree and
30:40no doubt about it being prepared is uh
30:43is probably the biggest thing having
30:45having a good project good idea is
30:47probably a piece of the puzzle but all
30:49the rest of the things that you guys do
30:50is probably the most important
30:52I you know from your mouth to God’s ears
30:55i hate to say that i oftentimes just
30:57you’ll hear it as well as I do I just
30:59having to do it for a living and so you
31:01but you’ll hear people say man I need
31:03the next million-dollar idea and it’s
31:05like no you need to make a
31:08million-dollar kidneys step because
31:10ideas are a dime a dozen the day and i
31:13hope this isn’t sobering information for
31:15people watching it just happens to be
31:17real you
31:19you know it’s like if you have the next
31:21year I my last little story i don’t know
31:24whether it makes sense or not let let’s
31:26say that’s that your viewer right now
31:28has found the Fountain of you i was
31:34walking through Kentucky and I fell in
31:37the lake
31:38I haven’t grown older ever since it’s
31:40the gdp-bound love you
31:44ok that
31:46is phenomenal you are bound for riches
31:49the challenges is that may believe Kathy
31:55rancor and all these manufacturers of
32:00and marketers of high-end cosmetics have
32:05already said we found the Fountain of
32:07you right so how are you gonna get your
32:11message out there who’s gonna listen to
32:14you how are you going to verify how are
32:17you going to be able to make claims to
32:19the federal trade commission that you
32:20called the round of your first first
32:23show you
32:26you need to to align yourself with
32:28people who can take this and and
32:31immediately set up a licensing deal and
32:35have them spend 250 thousand dollars to
32:37get a 510 K or together to get clinicals
32:40done that mean it’s not just as easy as
32:43saying well here’s the fountain of youth
32:45let’s turn on the money tree now and and
32:50hopefully that’s that’s a reasonable
32:52analogy arm but it that happens to be
32:56the amount of you can imagine you found
32:58something that’s that you know not the
33:00founder of you and your pretty excited
33:02about it there are many many hurdles
33:03with which you have to jump through
33:04properly in order to the world to engage
33:09the message now I i3 1% following right
33:13onto so vital and having the proper
33:16funding the proper resources during that
33:18sequence is imperative there’s no doubt
33:20yeah right i totally agree so we only
33:23got a few minutes left
33:24Brian and I just wanted to kind of
33:26switch gears real quick talk about your
33:29company real quick how great and again I
33:32I I think you guys are awesome
33:34done that’s very kind yeah you don’t
33:37talk about i mean i know you talked
33:38about going from like three or five
33:40minutes where feet to your current
33:42situation when you guys knew you have a
33:44huge facility right now if you can just
33:46give a quick you don’t send out the foot
33:47overview of when you started and how you
33:49got to where you are
33:50well that’s very kind we started you
33:53know about 10 years ago and we’ve had a
33:56meteoric rise all that stuff is true i’m
33:59i’m humbled by
34:00and I’m only far as I go far as I’m
34:02concerned I’m only as good as my last
34:04commercial if it failed
34:06I hang my head low and I kicked myself
34:08and I go home and I can I and I mean my
34:10wife and despite the fact that I’ve had
34:15I’ve had what what could be perceived as
34:18tremendous success
34:20I’m so I know how I’m looking around
34:25here and I don’t necessarily want to
34:27show you know products but you know I
34:29could we achieve sales of fifteen
34:34hundred million this year I yeah I’m
34:38could we achieve product sales of 500
34:46million this year
34:48conceivably I’m but I I that to me that
34:55means nothing to music continues about
34:57you know finding that next product
34:59striking a deal bringing it to market
35:01rockin and rollin drinking wine eating
35:04steak and you know that that’s that’s
35:06what it’s all about for me but it’s okay
35:09not great but that will teach you the
35:12ability to get out there and talk to
35:13people and having fun doing what you do
35:15and actually being successful at you
35:17know there’s I i will i will defer the
35:19credit to my team to because you know
35:21when we started it was four guys and we
35:23wrote shot edited and delivered all
35:27these spots and now I’ve got guys who
35:29execute my wishes from a very high level
35:32so I’ll 10 i’ll write the script and
35:35I’ll executive producer which means i’ll
35:36take care of the money side i’ll send it
35:38to my guys and brush the adjustment and
35:40Brandon and Micah and my remark and Adam
35:46and they just brush it so that I can you
35:53know spend more time with my marketers
35:54more time people like you more time with
35:57entrepreneurs so that we can you know
35:59make fields and and feed that that group
36:03back there who without them I’m
36:06absolutely none of us or anything work
36:08for crap you know
36:09no now you definitely have to have a
36:11between behind and it seems like you
36:12guys do
36:13any awards i know that you guys are up
36:15for some oxy worth anything that came to
36:17run oh yeah we wanted to last year but
36:20again you know I know I know but still
36:23it’s nice for people with that that’s
36:25that’s very kind of our are we have a
36:27sort of a a oscar awards you know for
36:32infomercials which is inherently funny
36:33within itself right you know this but
36:37it’s like billy mays and and good Marc
36:40Gill and anthony sullivan are accepting
36:43yeah i think last year we won best short
36:45arm I and best website i will always
36:49liked best short form housewares and
36:51best website and it’s fun to be
36:53recognized in front of your peers and
36:55and and see the rainmakers we go on
36:58these are conventions and whatnot if
37:00your electronic retailers association
37:02which is a great governing body anybody
37:04wants to look at up there they’re the
37:06people who who oversee our group and
37:08it’s a good group to join to be part of
37:10this part of this community there’s also
37:14another one called response they that
37:18the that’s what the magazine’s called
37:19there tonight they’re both reputable
37:23organizations and and when you embed
37:26yourself inside these things that’s
37:28that’s who you’re going to meet at these
37:29conventions is means that may J and
37:32Keith and all these these guys who and
37:37and the other producers who were
37:39ridiculous I mean John Miller and i’m
37:42brad cole and anthony sullivan and I
37:47mean these guys Derek Schwartz there
37:49there we are
37:52and I say this with myself you know
37:55Christy we were small community that
38:00you know we may do 250 billion this year
38:04but there’s there’s really only a
38:08hundred people in our fraternity so you
38:12know i would advise that to look into
38:14you know the response group and look
38:17into john harrington and then and look
38:19in the ER a and Jim Paris reputable
38:23people with when you join these you your
38:25part of our group you know Bob Susan
38:27does a great job and impacts and invent
38:30help and you guys do a great job but it
38:32is it is important to align yourself
38:34with these groups migrating dropping all
38:36kinds of names without the great i mean
38:38people we need to know and somebody like
38:39yourself was dropping these names it
38:41shows that you are you know one of the
38:43top guys in the industry and you’re not
38:45scared to talk about it the people that
38:46won’t talk about people who try to try
38:49to not allow you to talk to anyone have
38:50to listen to those are the guys that
38:51have to watch out for and you the
38:53information and and the hints and tips
38:55that you given really show that you know
38:58you know what you’re doing you’re not
38:59worried about giving out information
39:00like that
39:01no I I encourage my clients who are
39:05vetting me to talk to you know five
39:08people who might know will take great
39:09care of them and make their decision
39:12based on that i would hope that they
39:14speak highly of me as well get together
39:16we help hold the industry up where
39:18there’s probably a hundred people who
39:20are trying to pull us down now exactly
39:22I i totally agree so all right Brian I
39:26think we’re us we’re kind of at a time
39:27and it’s been very very interesting i’m
39:29so glad i got to have you on the show I
39:31know you’re busy
39:32is there anything real quick there any
39:34events coming up that somebody can visit
39:36get that you have coming up in the near
39:38that’s a wonderful question and it’s
39:43okay I’d like to go to LA next week
39:46pra is actually having a mixer out there
39:48where I see all my clients in one place
39:50and my children have a volleyball
39:52tournament so I am in gasparilla down
39:54here in Tampa sigh it’s not actually
39:57guess that’s a couple arm you know look
40:00look into electronic retailers and look
40:02at response and they even have inventors
40:06corners and places where you can go and
40:08you can put your product and we’re all
40:10going to wash bottle
40:11oh yeah and one of us many licenses one
40:13of us may I give you encouragement on
40:17how you can make it better
40:18like what if you could do the business
40:19then women would like haha oh maybe you
40:24know maybe never thought of that right
40:26oh yes LOL how the best way to get in
40:29touch with not you but with with someone
40:31in your hand on your team or their best
40:33we just go to the website or there
40:35wasn’t no I I got a kid and I call him a
40:38kid because that that’s how old he is
40:40like he’s incredibly bright and he’s
40:44he’s fielding a lot of the Inquisition
40:47you well I’m inquiry
40:50his name is austin buck and he is is one
40:56of our gatekeepers if I feel that
40:58everyone’s then I would I wouldn’t be
41:02able to do my job properly
41:04I’m I don’t know why we would go any
41:06further than you because you’re you guys
41:08are fantastic is that you’ve proven
41:10you’re headed you’re in the upper
41:12echelon of people that do that but
41:14Austin at bluewater media dot TV is it
41:19is a great resource again it’s a USP IM
41:21at bluewater media dot TV and healer
41:27he’ll be able to very least point you in
41:30the right direction have come to study
41:31comes to the studio which were shooting
41:35these crazy commercials every single day
41:37and editing them and it’s it’s it’s like
41:40the Willy Wonka of information that i
41:43was your theory on one time and it
41:45smelled like the greatest restaurant I
41:48could think of was actually hungry in
41:50there you want to be shooting some kind
41:51of order and he was in the studio
41:53Wow see there you go now like what I’m
41:56getting hungry just standing in here or
41:58to go in Lord Ramsay out what we
42:00currently have an infomercial with
42:01Wolfgang Puck i’m in it called its
42:05called I like to imitate Wolfgang Puck
42:07when I do it but it’s not the wolf and
42:09park question Owen so it’s a pressure
42:14oven that we produced and selling very
42:17well and I actually went out to
42:19Wolfgang’s restaurant and I did a whole
42:20story on how this pressure oven works
42:23sometimes I insert myself into these
42:25commercials because I used to be really
42:28haha you know it’s great i mean not that
42:34I could see that you do what you do you
42:36haven’t won and that’s what it’s all
42:38about and making some money on the side
42:40I mean what more could you want that’s
42:41it man that said where you know I like
42:44to think we’re dream weavers
42:45unfortunately we fall on our face just
42:47like everybody else but when the dream
42:49comes true they say nothing like it my
42:52man here yeah all right my man will
42:55Brian I thank you so much for being on
42:57the launch pad today I would love to
42:58have you back at some point because
43:00there was so much more that we could
43:01have covered on sure but again I wish
43:04you luck in the future and
43:05congratulations on all your successes
43:07thank you thank you i hope you hit three
43:09procore button because there was a lot
43:10of good craft you take care my friends
43:14thank you buddy well okay