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March 20, 2017
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Tom Storm was an early pioneer of performance-based media in the online sector. Tom has firsthand experience in virtually every web based customer acquisition and lead generation strategy available. He has helped companies successfully deliver sales and leads from registration paths to sophisticated behavioral data mining and marketing. As Chief Interactive officer at Venture Direct, Mr. Storm was responsible for building a $50 million dollar interactive division with products ranging from online lead generation to search engine marketing.

Working in publisher development, Tom has extensive experience creating new revenue streams for publishers through lead generation, list management and site representation. Mr. Storm has spent his entire career helping companies build scalable customer acquisition and revenue generation programs within interactive media.

Prior to launching Tanventure Media, Mr. Storm was the EVP of Business Development for Adzoomi, a viral video platform built to create measurable word of mouth marketing campaigns in social media

“Tom Storm clearly belongs in the top tier of Internet marketers. He is a knowledgeable and energetic resource for his clients. He was a highly valued resource to us while he was at Venture.” November 11th, 2009 Glenn E. Tanner

“You would be hard pressed to find a human being with more capability, experience and knowledge in interactive marketing than Tom Storm. He was an amazing manager and leader, and while working for him at Venture, I learned more about Internet Marketing then I ever thought I would. If you ever need a king of internet media on your team, Tom Storm is your guy.” August 4, 2009Charles Davis, Publisher Relations Manager

“Tom is one of the most knowledgeable interactive marketing pro's I have ever met. His knowledge spans direct mail to internet lead generation and he provided me with my foundation of success in the interactive marketing industry while I worked for him at Venture Direct. Bottom line is he is a wealth of knowledge and will benefit anyone who has the opportunity to work with him.” July 15, 2009 Tony Randazzo, Sales Manager

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Podcast Notes

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0:00hi everyone and welcome to inventors
0:04Launchpad roadmap to success i am your
0:07host carmine danisco and today on the
0:10launchpad we have a gentleman who can
0:13help almost every small to medium-sized
0:16business even large businesses I mean
0:18this is something that everyone needs
0:21everyone talks about everyone believes
0:23they know how to do it you get
0:25information from everyone everyone's a
0:28pro at it but this guy actually can help
0:31generate business for everyone he is an
0:35expert in email leads generating email
0:40leads everything about email the
0:43internet how to create ads his name is
0:46Tom storm and we're going to get some
0:48insight this guy knows his stuff hey
0:51Tommy over there I am thank you hey Tom
0:55thanks for being on the show today and I
0:58was kind of excited about the show
0:59because I hear so much about email
1:04marketing and it's such a huge subject
1:08that I want to be able to kind of dig in
1:11and talk to you about now how did you
1:13get started in this let's go go back a
1:15little bit how did you get started in
1:17this business of email marketing and
1:20driving traffic welp I'm you know thanks
1:23for having me on I appreciate it Oh
1:25going back 20 years and thank you for
1:29dating me but you know we started in a
1:32as a direct marketer you know a list
1:35company so we worked in direct mail
1:38cooperative direct mail inserts
1:40traditional old-school postal marketing
1:43and as the internet matured that
1:46industry changed dramatically and you no
1:49longer needed to mail out you know
1:51hundreds of thousands of pieces and
1:53across the tens of thousands of dollars
1:55to generate qualified sales leads with a
1:57click of a button you're able to send
1:59out a message to thousands of
2:01individuals of fractional cost and then
2:03only respond to those to take action so
2:06here it's an efficient feed scale and
2:08allows you to target with the same type
2:13laser beam about you know laser approach
2:16that you would with traditional direct
2:17mail you know we were always looking for
2:19the specific target audience email
2:22offers the same thing so that's how i
2:24started Matt visit in this business over
2:26you know at this point 20 years ago hmm
2:28so and again you're making it sound
2:31you're making it sound somewhat easy
2:33because you know everyone has an idea
2:36and I'm sure that you have seen your
2:37share of so-called experts out there and
2:40you've been doing this for like you said
2:42over 20 years which is phenomenal I mean
2:44being able to stay in the same industry
2:46and you seen probably changes as you
2:48said drive different technologies and
2:50different ways of doing things now
2:53everyone talks about building an email
2:55list or getting marketing out there and
2:59I know that's something that you do for
3:01large small medium companies now is
3:04there a trick to get started with
3:07building an email list I don't think
3:12there's any tricks in this I think it's
3:14a matter of roll up your sleeves you
3:15know getting to work you can't I can't
3:18emphasize the importance of building up
3:21a prospect database every day you know
3:24every week every month and continuing to
3:26build that funnel and then speaking to
3:29those individuals on a consistent basis
3:32so we talk about lead generation we talk
3:34about email you're really looking at two
3:37different animals one and you can I go
3:40out and rent and find list and send out
3:42email to the right audience
3:43cost-effectively to drive traffic to my
3:46website or generate qualified leads the
3:49other is can I go out and build a
3:51database that I own myself can I go out
3:54and come you know and then mark it to
3:56those individuals unknown going basis
3:58through trip marketing content marketing
4:01send them you know relevant appropriate
4:05messaging to an audience that recognizes
4:07you and eventually if you do it
4:10correctly starts to trust you and starts
4:12to seek out you know your knowledge base
4:14that's what we're all looking for so
4:16that your constituency when they have a
4:19need thinks of you and calls you hmm so
4:23that's really our approach to approach a
4:25can I go out and buy media outright
4:27you know good email and be efficient and
4:29secondly how do I go out and build my
4:30own database like don't have to buy as
4:32much media yeah do it myself yeah
4:35exactly and i know you do this you know
4:38for companies which you know you might
4:41you might be making it sound easy but
4:43you know there's a lot of work that goes
4:45into targeting the right clients doing
4:47it the right way because obviously
4:49everyone gets what they call spam or
4:52email you have to make and it's your job
4:54to make it relevant for people to open
4:56that email I mean it must take a little
4:59while for you to prepare to get this
5:00going it does but you know you don't
5:04have to be a rot you don't have to go
5:06crazy oh you know all at once you know
5:08it's not something that has to happen
5:09yes call you don't to go out and spend
5:12twenty thousand dollars day one you know
5:14you can start small you can you know it
5:18really as simple as adding you know a
5:22few names your database every single day
5:24you know through social media through
5:26just traditional link building go out
5:29there are a great there are a large
5:32number of websites that offer lead
5:34generation services on a cost per lead
5:37basis so you could go to accompany a
5:39survey company or a company that offers
5:42free newsletters offers a consumer some
5:45type of content and in exchange for that
5:49content whether it be a newsletter or
5:51coupon or information about how to do
5:54something they give sponsors give
5:58advertisers like your clients or
6:00yourself opportunity to put their
6:02message out there at a very inexpensive
6:04price and then if someone says yes to
6:06that you get their name and their phone
6:09number and then you can start that
6:10process that's what we call online lead
6:13generation or opt-in lead generation
6:14where you're out literally out there on
6:17a website and when someone is
6:20registering for a newsletter they see
6:21your ad and say yes I like to speak that
6:23company as well and you can get you can
6:25do that for you know not for twenty
6:27thousand ology to do that for a hundred
6:29dollars you know come on dollars and a
6:31day and then go from there so you can
6:34you can start somewhere like what you're
6:36saying you start somewhere and spend
6:38what you have with you can scale up
6:41it shows that it is working absolutely
6:44and companies like a constant contact my
6:48decorative or their vertical response
6:52there are fairly inexpensive email what
6:57we call application service providers
6:59you know web-based email platforms where
7:01you as an entrepreneur business owner
7:03can come in and put your 1,000 or 2,000
7:06prospects into their system and send out
7:08very professional-looking emails to
7:10those individuals every single day you
7:13know at a fairly nominal price and
7:16that's really the key is is making
7:17keeping yourself and your product top of
7:20mind so then you know you're not looking
7:23at a big expense here individuals come
7:24in for a few hundred dollars a month to
7:26be able to send out emails to thousands
7:28of prospects without breaking the bank
7:31so when you're creating a list or a
7:36small business owners creating a list
7:38and I hear you mentioned it a little
7:39earlier and I wanted to get a good
7:41definition from you is optimal the time
7:44opt in and then double opt-in or things
7:47like that because i have used some of
7:48those email services and they're asking
7:51me if the emails were confirmed or
7:54opt-in or or you know they have an issue
7:57with people that i'm just generating
7:59with so there's a way to confirm that
8:00these people have opted in yeah that's
8:04correct that's correct and that's an
8:05important to make sure that you know how
8:08individuals do is receiving your
8:11information how you're receiving their
8:13you know their contact information and
8:15then fact that it's being done correctly
8:16so often is a term in the industry's use
8:20where users taking action they are self
8:23selecting and choosing to request
8:26information your company so they're
8:28checking a box and yes send me
8:29information on your arm so as we
8:32consider an opt-in it normally complete
8:34or normally includes a prospect main
8:36phone number email address the time and
8:39date stamp when they request the
8:42information along with their IP address
8:44so that you are then able to take that
8:45information upload it or send it to your
8:48email provider and legally market to
8:51them because they've requested
8:52information from you
8:54specifically if you don't have that then
8:56you're just sending out spam you're
8:59sending out illegal email and you won't
9:01be doing that long before we just not
9:03seeing the results yeah and get shut
9:06down i right exactly I totally agree and
9:09that has happened to me before we've had
9:11some pretty big list and I didn't have
9:14the opt-in information I didn't happen
9:16and we had a couple people that say I
9:18don't know this person or whatever they
9:19call it and they you know should our
9:21list down and they call us and they want
9:23to verify so too in order to bypass that
9:26you know tom is giving you know everyone
9:29that's listening the exact ways to do
9:32with the correct way and and it's very
9:35important that you go the list of your
9:37qualified people people that want to
9:38hear from you having that list is super
9:41important so stepping back over tom I
9:45mean you work in a certain industry I
9:48know you work with a lot of different
9:49clients is there are certain industries
9:50you excel in or certain industries that
9:52you like to work in too
9:55anyone that really needs anyone that
9:59needs a qualified sales lead it's
10:01looking to target a consumer that needs
10:03to educate them a little bit before they
10:05get that lead as a prospect so we work
10:08with with excuse me a wide variety of
10:12companies from real estate firms you
10:14know people in tercera selling property
10:16financial services firms franchise
10:19companies that are looking for
10:20individuals that may be interested in
10:21buying a franchise into a lot of work
10:23with self-publishing if you've written a
10:25book and you want to get it published we
10:28can you know when we introduce you to
10:30self you know companies that publish
10:32books and as you know we we also work
10:34with you know a dozen or so product
10:37development firms firms that help just
10:39like adventures launchpad people take
10:42idea to bring them the mark for all of
10:44them at the model is the same it's you
10:47know understanding what your cost is
10:48understanding what your what it would
10:50cost you to acquire a new customer so
10:53that you can come up with a model or a
10:56dollar amounts of fixed bag in a lie I
10:59make X for every new customer they spend
11:01y over the course of two or three years
11:03therefore I can spend you know Z on
11:06marketing and advertising knowing your
11:09costs knowing what it costs you to
11:10require customer and how much that
11:12customer spends or potentially can spend
11:14with you is is very important for direct
11:16market because it's money in and money
11:18out you're not looking to build a brand
11:21here we're looking for individuals to
11:23raise your hand and say yes I'd like
11:25more information so i can potentially
11:26buy and in that's perfect because again
11:31you know having those development are
11:33having that that targeted ads is super
11:36important because some people do have
11:37limited funds when they're first
11:39starting out is there a certain platform
11:42so I know email your big with email is I
11:45know there's a lot of other platforms
11:46out there that people can advertise on
11:48and I know those things called pay per
11:50click and and impressions and things
11:53like that is the different platforms
11:57like Facebook and Google+ or different
12:00platforms that would be better or a
12:02lower cost or is email kind of the best
12:05thing to start out with
12:08every client is different depending on
12:10your needs and what you're looking for
12:11whether it's your customers are regional
12:13you know in a particular town when you
12:16can do business nationally that
12:19certainly makes a you know make sure you
12:21know that certainly makes a big big
12:22difference but to answer your question
12:25the benefit of email is benefit of lead
12:29generation is that you have in your
12:31hands a prospect you have their name you
12:34have your phone in their phone of you
12:35have your email address you know where
12:36they live and you have an unlimited
12:38opportunity to walk her to them over and
12:40over again not to take anything away
12:42from impression based advertising or in
12:46certainly Google's you know or
12:47pay-per-click advertising the only the
12:51only drawback there is that you don't
12:53have a guaranteed name phone number and
12:55email address to Washington you have an
12:56impression someone's sore net someone
12:59clicked on an ad you know someone came
13:01to attain to your website but that's you
13:03know at the end of the day you have to
13:06take that next step you need them then
13:08at that point to take action and request
13:10information so you have their name on
13:12route address so the benefits of online
13:15lead generation is there many cases
13:17those firms like ourselves we're taking
13:19that the risk away we absorb the cost on
13:23the impression on the click and when you
13:25only pay when you get the league so if
13:30you're new in the business and you don't
13:31know how does a lot and advertise on
13:32Google you know not exactly sure we kind
13:35of had a place today a facebook or
13:36instagram at working with a lead
13:38generation company that does all that
13:40for you and where you set up a fixed
13:42cost per lead or cost per action helps
13:45take a little bit that risk away I see
13:49you're saying so if if a small business
13:52owner and I'm just giving a quick
13:53scenario gives you a call or contacted
13:55you they say hey Tom I have a thousand
13:58dollars five hundred dollars a week or a
14:01month to spend you could put together a
14:03plan to reach a certain amount of
14:05clients and there will be a lot a lot
14:09stronger of a lead then if you just
14:12created a you know a pay-per-click I bad
14:14and didn't know what was clicking on it
14:16that that's kind of what I'm getting for
14:17what you're telling me that is
14:19correct and then that you have the
14:20opportunity to remarket it would some
14:22big buzzword this business today
14:23remarketing retargeting we have a name
14:26of phone number and email address you
14:27can take that name now not only an email
14:29into them but you can use it with your
14:31you can profile it online so when you're
14:33buying online advertising you are
14:35running those impressions you're able to
14:38say here's my database that customers
14:40this what they look like this who they
14:41are profile this exact one is because I
14:44know if they see my my offer they're
14:47going to respond that's another reason
14:49you want to have your own proprietary
14:50database so we work with thousands of
14:52invention company and product
14:54development companies and individuals
14:55that want to get on a small and large
14:58level that are looking to grow there and
15:00everybody's different but it comes after
15:02that same same metric once how much one
15:06product cost how much you know how much
15:09am i selling it for and what's the
15:11lifetime value of that customer 1p buys
15:13one does he buy again and again and
15:15again and once I not know that number I
15:18can put a plan together and help a
15:20company grow their grow their customers
15:22cost-effectively because that's when it
15:23comes down to cost effective customer
15:26acquisition I can acquire a customer
15:28less expensively tomorrow than I did
15:31today I'm doing my job you know it's I
15:35mean again you make it sound so easy to
15:37me it's like kind of like a science I
15:39mean you're taking this client that you
15:41don't know too much about your learning
15:43about them and then you're going to try
15:44to find out who their target clients are
15:46the who they're trying to reach to me it
15:49sounds it sounds like there's a science
15:50to it it sounds like it's you're making
15:52it sound easy but I mean there's
15:55probably people out there that are
15:56trying this on their own not doing the
15:58right thing and probably using up a lot
16:01of resources and funds and really not
16:03getting results I haven't all day long
16:06and it is a science it's pure math it's
16:09pure mathematics so people that's where
16:12I say dollars in dollars out it's about
16:14knowing exactly what your costs are what
16:17the opportunity is and how to how to how
16:20to leverage that and squeeze as much you
16:22know revenue from every source we
16:23possibly can so your hundred start right
16:27there signs to it pure metal it's pure
16:29math it's direct marketing
16:32it's about low-cost customer acquisition
16:35the great part about it is that if you
16:39brought Tom on board you're a small
16:41business owner you're an inventor your
16:43product of L you bring Tom and his team
16:44on board you can concentrate on other
16:47things in your business let a
16:50professional that's been doing this for
16:51this long he can target exactly the
16:53right people and that's what's important
16:55I mean I've tried it myself and I find
16:57myself trying to create ads and doing
16:59all these things and it's not working
17:01for me you know and then I get all mad
17:02that no one likes my product no one
17:04likes my idea no one likes my business
17:05but i'm probably not trying I'm not
17:07reaching the right people that's the
17:11biggest waste in advertising right
17:12that's the old cliche single largest
17:15waste in all marketing is targeting the
17:18wrong customer that's so now the benefit
17:21of email is that you're able to really
17:23target chillin like direct mail you know
17:27I want widget users in Wisconsin that
17:29have three left feet and I may have to
17:32spend a lot of money to get those
17:33individuals but I target very
17:35specifically this way which is what you
17:38need to do you know and not to go off on
17:42a tangent here but you have two
17:44approaches in this world it's either i'm
17:45going to spend a lot of money to acquire
17:46the exact right potential customer and
17:48i'm going to invest a lot of time and
17:49energy to get that customer by or i'm
17:53going to throw a lot of stuff against
17:54the wall and if not a huge amount of
17:57expense and not a huge amount of time
18:00invested in each individual and hope
18:02that something sticks you know those are
18:04kind of the two approaches you go with a
18:06shotgun well right and we want for both
18:09depending on each client's needs their
18:12business model and how they want to grow
18:13no I I totally agree a hundred percent
18:17it's very important just because I've
18:19experienced it myself no one could be an
18:21expert at everything you have to bring
18:23the right people on no one to cheese
18:25great things by themselves you have to
18:28bring the right people on board and
18:29email marketing and targeted advertising
18:32just seems like it's one of the biggest
18:35parts of getting not only your message
18:37out there but your business or your
18:38product out there so
18:40I totally agree with you Tom I think
18:42it's a hundred percent it's so important
18:44what you do and you know I was glad glad
18:47that you were going to come on the show
18:48and talk to people about it because
18:50coming for me people aren't gonna listen
18:52to me but coming from some someone like
18:53yourself who has many years of doing
18:55this knows exactly what they're talking
18:57about I'm hoping that people are
18:58starting to listen and get the right
19:00idea well thank you it's you know it's
19:03all about teaching people how to fish I
19:05almost think that Google you know they
19:08they they hand out a lot of fish
19:09occasionally and they stay charged for
19:11it but they don't teach at a fish you're
19:13talking about online lead generation
19:15you're talking about building a database
19:16and content marketing and having to cook
19:20you know having a what's called a a
19:22calendar or an editorial calendar where
19:25you know every week every month you know
19:26what you're going to spend you save your
19:28prospects back fishing you know let's
19:31put it out there and having them come to
19:33you that's what we do every day here
19:35yeah I like the part where you can have
19:38a budget you can have a set budget and
19:39say I'm going to spend this much money
19:40and and if you get whatever back you can
19:43calculate that and say well now I spent
19:45this much if I spend a little more I can
19:47calculate that what's going to come back
19:49and it's very important and then just
19:50throwing things against the wall and
19:52hoping for the best especially when
19:53you're first starting out you have
19:54limited resources we're bringing
19:56somebody like you want you could almost
19:58predict after a while how much you're
20:00going to get back by how much you spend
20:01you hit the nail right on the head
20:03that's exactly a 75-percent here your
20:06advertising budget month in and month
20:07out should be almost an investment you
20:09should know what the results are going
20:11to be based on past experience and then
20:13you have twenty-five percent protecting
20:15new things that aren't proven but it
20:18hits an element is knowing however your
20:20media performs what and what you're
20:22going to get out of it so that you know
20:24day to day week week once a month you
20:25can scale that and then enemies in all
20:28media is diminishes you know eventually
20:29things won't work as well as you were
20:30before which is why as a direct marketer
20:32we're always forced to test new things
20:34because what you know that you know that
20:36cheese is going to dry up someday
20:38somewhere and you know and it's a no I'm
20:40quoting an old book who stole my cheese
20:42but the point is that you need to
20:44continually go out and look for new ways
20:46to acquire customers cost-effective mmm
20:49well it seems like the medium that
20:50you're in it may change the tech
20:53knowledge ending like that but i believe
20:55that radio and television they're
20:57they're slowly going away there's going
20:59to be advertising things like that but
21:01with the advent of more digital
21:03marketing it seems like the email side
21:06is going to be the most solid of the
21:08advertising again to what what what I
21:11think and I think you being in this a
21:13solid a jar i think it's it's a great
21:15opportunity for everyone to go to reach
21:17out to you thanks we thought we've seen
21:20great success with it so it's a
21:21cost-effective way to get your message
21:24out to the masses without rank in the
21:27bank know and and and letting them self
21:30select themselves as qualify because you
21:32know think about it someone sees an
21:33email to click on they've got to open
21:35that email then they've got to click on
21:36that creative go to your website now
21:39they've taken three or four steps before
21:40you've gotten there that alone is
21:42qualified them and then it's our job you
21:44know then it's our job to you know to
21:46sell our services ya know exactly i mean
21:49the qualification part you're you're
21:50telling you're running them through a
21:51filter for for your customer and when
21:54that client gets there and signs up for
21:56something they said they're saying i am
21:58your target customer i think that's the
22:01way that you're talking about it is is
22:02perfect is exactly right now we run a
22:05little bit low on time i do want to have
22:08you give out any information so people
22:10that are listening to the show either
22:11they have a question or want to contact
22:13you what's the best way that for them to
22:16do that sure i'm on linkedin so it's
22:20calm storm the company is tan venture
22:22you know tan venture calm we own
22:25invention ideas org so you can honest
22:27there are you know you know yeah and we
22:31can venture tamb en tu re calm perfect
22:35enemy will put all of this information
22:37on Tom in the show notes on our website
22:40inventors Launchpad calm and we'll have
22:43all that information out there so if you
22:44are driving couldn't write that
22:47information down you can always replay
22:48the podcast or you can go out to the
22:51show notes and get the links to contact
22:54tom askim any questions you want he's
22:56very very knowledgeable as you see we're
22:58going to invite Tom back on because I
23:00know I'm going to get a lot of questions
23:03and hopefully we'll go to get them back
23:04on the show and kind of drill into some
23:06actual steps will give some of our
23:08listeners some ways in which they can
23:12try to do some target marketing would
23:14that be okay there tom that'll be great
23:16look all right Tom we'll listen man
23:19thank you very much for being on the
23:20show I appreciate I know you're busy out
23:22there and I'm hoping that information is
23:24great for our listeners thank you I
23:27appreciate it have a great day now you
23:30too Tom take care