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July 24, 2017
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Pitch 2 the Pros, The Inventors Launchpad Network and Guest Host TV’s Billion Dollar Man Mr. Bob Circosta are on a nationwide search to discover the next Big Thing. In each episode, Inventors, entrepreneurs and product developers are given the unprecedented chance to make their businesses grow immediately. Pitch 2 the Pros is looking for entrepreneurs who can pitch their Inventions and products in hopes of landing that big break. If selected your product could be place on a TV Shopping Channel, Retail Store shelves, in an Infomercial or featured on a major Ecommerce site. The Inventors Launchpad Network and Host Carmine Denisco – Is proud to present The Pitch 2 The Pros Podcast, With Special Guest Host The Legendary Mr. Bob Circosta.

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Podcast Notes

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0:00puttan carmine okay he hits a button I
0:03think alright everybody and I this is
0:06call mine the disco welcome to pitch to
0:09the pros our podcast about pitching your
0:11product to somebody who can get it on
0:13the air get into the stores we are here
0:16to help the American inventor I have
0:18with me my co-host he's the man of the
0:21this guy has seen hundreds and hundreds
0:23of thousands of products and pitches
0:25over the years he is TV's billion-dollar
0:28man mr. Bob Circosta hey Bobby over
0:31there carmine I am here always a
0:33pleasure being with you my friend thank
0:35you thank you thanks for being on we
0:37have some great products for you to see
0:39today we have some people out there
0:41they've been selling their products some
0:43awesome stuff we're going to put them on
0:45they're going to pitch to you for a
0:46chance to get on HSN's American Dreams I
0:49know that prior to starting Lea show you
0:52were given some background in American
0:54Dreams show maybe you could give us just
0:56a five-second description for the
0:59listeners out there about American
1:01Dreams and then we'll get started with
1:02our first stuff
1:03well first of all it's time for me to do
1:05anything in five seconds as you know but
1:08I'll give you a very quick background
1:10HSN in person freeze is a program
1:12segment of HSN is developed to focus on
1:15the entrepreneur and it's a platform
1:18that entrepreneurs can bring their
1:19products on the air share them with the
1:22rest of America
1:23and see what happens so it's a great
1:26great opportunity for everybody because
1:29HSN really believes in entrepreneurs and
1:33that entrepreneurial spirit and so this
1:36is a great great platform for all and
1:39that's what it's all about so I'm
1:41constantly searching for product all
1:43over the world now and because because
1:46of you know what you've set up carmine
1:49to do this for individuals that don't
1:51even have to leave their own they can
1:53pitch to us here we can hear from people
1:56all over the world that's what it's all
1:58no it's great it's awesome that was
2:01pretty fast I know that you really can
2:03grant what all right well it's good know
2:06what to get started I know everybody got
2:08things are all webbed up to go our first
2:10person to pitch their product his name
2:13is Jason
2:13Lowe's and he has a product I'm not
2:17going to explain what the product is I
2:18want them to jump on and get started so
2:20Jason yoga Jason are you there Oh Jason
2:30I think he's little
2:32Jason's very quiet yeah you over there
2:36Jay I don't think I'll get hurt
2:39it looks like Jason's uh my name Jason's
2:43frozen yeah I think so I think you can
2:45log back in we could go get so he's
2:48there he takes me out there okay
2:52can you hear me then we can hear you I
2:55can I can you broke out on me okay very
2:58all right well Bob thanks for that
3:00thanks for having me on I really
3:01appreciate it I might as well thanks for
3:03the opportunity you know I know I guess
3:06my name is dr. Jason Lowe you know I'm
3:08the inventor of dr. Lowe spine aligned
3:10fellow and it was the past 18 years as a
3:12practicing sports chiropractor I found a
3:14major problem that's directly impacted
3:17the health of many of my patients and I
3:20believe it's impacting negatively the
3:22health of millions of people around the
3:24world and you could be one of the
3:26problem that I found is poor sleep and
3:29the main reason for my in my opinion is
3:32due to the pillow and here's why what
3:35happens is most ordinary pillows on the
3:37market they don't allow you to sleep in
3:38correct posture and they don't allow
3:40this because if you the way that they're
3:43made they're designed or the materials
3:47that they're made out of our common age
3:49both of those if he's sleeping in pain
3:52hey and they a tingling and numbness in
3:59your arms and in your hands and also
4:02poor sweet a lot of problems it is
4:04arthritis disc herniation this
4:07degeneration muscle sprains and strains
4:09and then spasms as well and then in turn
4:12can lead to insomnia which the National
4:15Creed Foundation says over 90 million
4:16people suffer from this annual poor
4:19sweet can inhibit you from getting a
4:20restful night's sleep
4:21this can also in turn lead to fatigue
4:23and lack of performance throughout your
4:24day you know that's the reason that I
4:26invented dr. Loe spine
4:27hello I found a problem and I wanted to
4:29fit that meet the spine aligned hello is
4:32a first fully patented customizable
4:34cervical contour pellets invented by
4:36myself a doctor that knows the
4:38biomechanics of the spine and is
4:40specifically made to help people sleep
4:42and correct back and side sleeping
4:44postures and it's different from any of
4:46the other poles out on the market
4:47there's certain things that make the
4:50fellow different than all these other
4:51pillows and I'd like to show you that
4:53the first thing with the pillow is this
4:55is is if you notice them the fellow here
4:57it's got a larger side here depicted by
5:01the logo and then also a smaller side so
5:04as you can if you get a little
5:05representation or a visual of that I've
5:07made it like this so it fit a majority
5:09of the population the second thing that
5:11I did is I made it with three specific
5:13changes so if you look at this you can
5:16name one chamber here and here these
5:20chambers are meant for some side
5:21sleeping while the middle chambers make
5:24for back sleeping so if you can look at
5:26this you can see the differential on the
5:27sizing of that you know when it comes to
5:29the biomechanics the spine when you
5:32sleep on your side versus your back you
5:33need a different amount of support and
5:35in different areas to keep you in that
5:36correct posture and that's what the
5:38design of this fellow takes into
5:39consideration the third thing I did is I
5:42made it fully customizable so it's able
5:44to be fit with each individual person to
5:46their exact postural needs and I did
5:48that by adding a zipper on each one of
5:50these chambers on the back of the pillow
5:51but that zipper allows it allows you to
5:54get access internal to this bill which
5:56allows you to add or remove the fill or
5:59to actually maneuver it again and allow
6:02you to achieve optimal comfort and
6:03posture while you sleep the next thing I
6:07did is I made it with the finest
6:09materials possible and you can see this
6:11outer material it's made of a flush
6:13tencel fabric that's extremely
6:15comfortable to lay on and then the
6:17internal feel that I just showed you is
6:19the shredded gel infused memory foam and
6:22that's the memory foam that's made by a
6:24certain company that actually is a
6:27company that has there are bones free of
6:30any fire retardant chemicals and stuff
6:33like that so it actually allows better
6:34health when you sleep the next thing
6:37that I did is I made it with an outside
6:41mess panel here and this mesh panel
6:42allows for some airflow again that in
6:45conjunction with the shredded bill
6:47allows you to keep airflow and hopefully
6:50stay comfortable at night while you
6:51sleep so those are the main four things
6:54that I did to set this pel apart from
6:56everything else we also had x-rays taken
6:58of someone laying on the spinal line
7:01fellow person the ordinary pillow or the
7:03highest and ordinary pillows on the
7:04market and the results when you look
7:06those x-rays are drastically different
7:08how you can see what most ordinary
7:10colors do to the head/neck while people
7:12sleep at night so that's in my opinion
7:15that I think that the spine aligned
7:17pillow is is the most versatile best
7:20pillow on the market today and can help
7:22millions of people and our website
7:23spinal I'm calm
7:25spinal I'm calm our doctor the ARCA
7:28Jason couple of questions great job
7:30great job
7:31oh you know just for the benefit of
7:33everybody when you're talking about your
7:35product it's always good to start with
7:37that relatable problem that you did but
7:40that credo because you have to
7:42understand when we're talking about your
7:44product that really nobody needs what
7:48you have I say that with all the respect
7:50in the world so you got to create the
7:51need and I think this way to create the
7:53need is by is by you know citing that
7:56problem that everybody can relate to it
7:59the pivot is a very nice job you also
8:02brought out the point of difference
8:04which is great and and and I'd like to
8:08hear you elaborate a little more you
8:11know on the benefits of each and every
8:13one of those things what they would do
8:14for you you know but but would you hit
8:16it just by so I got a very good idea of
8:19what you have it's a great category
8:22first of all I strong believe in
8:24chiropractic I mean right I speak to
8:27chiropractic organizations all the time
8:30awesome not how to position their
8:32product and what they're doing outside
8:35of people Larry Martin do you know that
8:37name Larry Martin I have heard of that
8:40name don't know him but I've heard of it
8:41yes yeah he's like a legend with
8:43chiropractors he's a good friend of mine
8:44like this but anyhow so it's a it's a
8:47category that no sleeping and getting a
8:51restful night's sleep and that better
8:52it's a great category when it comes to
8:54TV shot all right
8:56the only thing when you make claims in
8:58that category upkeeping shopping you
9:01have to have the substantiate you've got
9:03to have the clinicals you've got to have
9:05the studies I'm going to say you don't
9:07have I'm just saying you you need to
9:09have that so if you're going to say and
9:12mention a benefit of something you have
9:14to back it up right now when when it
9:16comes to following it to the medical or
9:19health category you know correct don't
9:21have to back it up and you say I put
9:22zippers in the other so you can
9:24customize if I have to back that up
9:26that's odd but like you're going to say
9:28when you lie on this you know fines
9:31going to do this and this and this so
9:33then you got to have a little bit of a
9:34cup potentiation on that are you selling
9:37the air right now
9:38yeah I'm selling them out of offices a
9:41handful of chiropractic offices and then
9:42also online and then one of the betting
9:45based retailer online retailer and
9:48stores as well what's the price point
9:511:29 at the price point okay and would
9:54you you have room in the margin and
9:55everything too can down from that if you
9:57would you know on TV shopping we had it
10:02at 99 for a short time period and the
10:05margin we had there was small the margin
10:08as the capability to become bigger if we
10:12have a higher quantity of orders
10:13obviously when it comes to manufacturing
10:15so I think there's that potential and
10:17possibility it just depends on what what
10:19all right over court of course because I
10:21mean when you go on HSN American Dreams
10:24best way to look at that from your
10:26perspective is it's a test it's a test
10:29to see if the product works because you
10:32know like the magnets that I told you
10:34about at the beginning that was just
10:36testability know there are no guarantees
10:39but it tested well and now it has legs
10:42and now it's all over in fact we have it
10:44airing up in Canada as well so so
10:47there's many ways you can go from this
10:49so a lot of people have a challenge of
10:52anyone they think okay well I want to
10:54make a lot of money from the get-go but
10:56if you're in this for the long term it
10:59can really work so you know what I think
11:02I convinced that you're kind of doing in
11:04smaller quantities at the
11:06so there's less risk entrepreneur and
11:09and and so margins may not be there at
11:13the beginning but you know getting it
11:16out there and getting it into home it
11:18can really build that so you know we can
11:20take a look at that down you know how do
11:23you make it is the made in the USA or
11:25yeah right now it is but we've also our
11:28manufacturing guy that that makes it
11:32he is just in the process of opening at
11:34his own plant in China purely for the
11:37labor portion of that so depending on on
11:40how quick sales ramped up the numbers
11:42that kind of thing you know and okay if
11:44you get it to that at lower cost point
11:46it might go to China in that sense just
11:51I'm so but okay that's a very good
11:58underlies the materials we have right
12:01now I get that point on so stick I know
12:05anything about the manufacture oh it's
12:07only going to be based on it was yep
12:10yeah for the manufacturing he open his
12:13own place in China so the cutting so is
12:16the high cost on it the labor so he
12:18would utilize the materials we have here
12:20with that labor there to get the price
12:22credit price point down okay
12:23okay where are you located I'm located
12:26in Arizona down in Mesa Arizona is where
12:28I'm at she complaining about the heat
12:31here is in Florida
12:32and you're an Arizona my goodness it was
12:35a beautiful it's beautiful 150 no I
12:39think it 110 okay once you're home no
12:42well know what's gone over to the
12:44whirlpool right exactly
12:47hi Jason great job because I can't get
12:50back to the team and we'll go from there
12:52awesome thank you appreciative up thanks
12:54great Jason thank you very much hey
12:56Jason one question real quick yeah how
12:59many total have you sold total number
13:02boy we do got a beast
13:07ah okay the pelo conception started four
13:11years 100,000 worth of sales in August
13:13of last year
13:14I don't know the exact number of them
13:15but that's that's that's kind of that
13:17stuff also been this
13:19bad at all yeah great okay that's great
13:23good good and you would go on here
13:26obviously and then you know uh and it's
13:28a visual product so we got to keep it
13:31visual you know which won't be a problem
13:33and I need a doctor I mean what else can
13:35you is a doctor and of course I feel
13:39that yes all right David thank you so
13:42much I awesome all right Bob yeah that
13:46was pretty good right yeah like it
13:48that's good alright I am going to unmute
13:53our next product and I have it here I
13:57can't see you at my glasses on hey Paul
14:02Connie who's going to be pitching Paul
14:04you're going to be pitching all right
14:05good good all right good
14:07so what uh so we have our next product
14:09Paul Manning Paul when you when you come
14:13on just this give us a quick overview
14:15product like I said you could take up to
14:17three minutes tell us where you are tell
14:18us about the product whatever you want
14:20to do to get us that visual of of what
14:22you come up with so and Connie is there
14:24too cause there I know Paul will letters
14:28was right there i plus one operand talk
14:33uh so he said okay got made a little
14:39tough up all of a doctor but I
14:40appreciate seven her comma you do the
14:44I'll never forget you for what you've
14:46done so far I would like to show you
14:49trying to tell you what started I had a
14:51valve in my heart I was a 15-hour 18
14:54hours I got de guy working were the
14:57heart that's what I did okay
14:58and no had a little problem they
15:00couldn't find I got very sick all I
15:02could do was sit and my people right on
15:04the jobs been on commercial general for
15:06service for 17 years here in Ascension
15:08Parish into your opinion care and he
15:12they are sick I like seeing little room
15:14a little bone in a shop a little brain
15:16poll from lovers I think we have two
15:18dollars I think they were and I said I
15:20need to help I can't get my limits from
15:22base course we have thousand square feet
15:23of energy a face force I said I got to
15:26do something I got to help this but I
15:28always help Ben don't ask them do what
15:30you want
15:31so anyway socket before
15:33didn't go to my bench I just set out on
15:34forward Oh quick and I start wiping away
15:36it I'll put a fitting in and this is the
15:38O's and I just had a piece of PVC I'm
15:41here with Laura storm bald head it's a
15:44duster and I I had a big drill when I
15:47first started the first four people
15:48wanted to buy things 107 once at 140 to
15:52do because we could make a girdle enough
15:54for them because I work in a restaurant
15:55there's my brother at nights and this
15:57match so we started this little we put
15:59this fill this is one pound of this
16:01gonna go that was less than three times
16:03I'm sorry but it is very very like that
16:06this is what kind of started yes
16:07people fell in love I was thrown for $35
16:10in they would leave and they would
16:11simple piece of PVC and a little tube
16:13without the drill so you show me the
16:16other end Paul when you press the
16:18trigger I would imagine it way it not
16:20sorry I'm sorry
16:21there you go right here this is the new
16:24young that's why I started okay and this
16:28is where I started this is we're on that
16:29today this has been I call all the
16:31design because it really like I took an
16:34extension full of what I did then and I
16:37thought they like that they're going to
16:38love this stuff well we've done some
16:40real close tenses with it it's kind of
16:41got a vacuum on you'll see it pull
16:43itself back it's it's well designed to
16:45where can spin okay the head is a
16:48two-piece so we can snap other heads on
16:50it at the factory okay and this one here
16:54is very important so the locking systems
16:55all of them to read one across in the
16:57last five years you couldn't win and
16:58kids everybody loved the product that
17:00they could unpack so that's design real
17:03well so now we have a product then we go
17:05buy this is a $25 grill from Lowe's and
17:07they spoke we don't need big drills its
17:09core in fitting at fifth any drill any
17:12drill out there you can have a quick
17:13connect with a locking system or you can
17:16just put the put the up well just put
17:23the drill okay and then at that point in
17:25here you are your oh this is one pound
17:28nine ounces and this is one pound three
17:29ounces so we're like two and a half
17:31pounds 2 and 3/4 and if you'll notice it
17:34runs very smoothly very you can see
17:37that's without a guide because the
17:38reason if it was your hand it Lily you
17:41feel like you got lost on everybody
17:43right Thank You H extension how long can
17:46here we say it reaches up to ten feet
17:49okay this one here okay
17:51so when you reach up like my wife is
17:52fight but she can clean the motor home
17:54and forty-five minutes and it's eleven
17:56half of fall so it works well not only
17:58that we but we built them a design to
18:01where they can I built this for sick
18:03people and elderly people so where they
18:05could do something okay three if you see
18:08someone in a wheelchair then this was my
18:10thinking wasn't that money you said for
18:11this much if you get it out there we'd
18:13sell them and have fun with it
18:14well it's turned into more than that
18:16course as time is went but uh just rung
18:19up said great product we use it on our
18:21jobs every day you know it leads into
18:25your exterior run across and also will
18:28show you that if you just take a little
18:30pledge and when you spray that pledge
18:32inside this head it starts spinning well
18:35it brings that material off the fibers
18:37and then with the static electricity
18:38spent two years in this head it's pretty
18:41Universal head but I have a lot more of
18:43the products that I'm not gonna head of
18:45store somewhere which I made I know this
18:47is called a bar oh just a non oh yeah
18:52it's not stiff it's not literally its
18:57way talk a lot of people at that
18:59question dick was it works great you
19:02spray a little pledge in there and it's
19:04not only dust but it shines it together
19:06and if you see any don't spreadable
19:08question but it's quite amazing what it
19:11clam down what's it called what's Anita
19:15leather what is it gonna let it spin
19:20spin away go away spin away am i doing
19:25all right so far you're doing great oh
19:27there is just spin away yeah okay I got
19:29your perfect perfect and then I got
19:31packaging you're you're selling these
19:33now well I just got in a two weeks ago
19:36from China they're waiting two years
19:38so whatever off two years I put out
19:40probably a thousand of them I did and I
19:42want people to break them use them tell
19:44me what you got tell me what you need
19:46and I'll make them up to I started with
19:48a complete package when I started this
19:50and I had to driven a few batteries
19:51charged for to their 403 different heads
19:53well it's come back to this hoped I can
19:56start here I'll make them teenagers long
19:58when they've been twenty
20:00you want to 12:15 your weeks like we
20:02just did a church 21 foot tall with
20:04arguments what do you sell it for
20:07well I have to I kind of go back to the
20:11products that are out there that just
20:13going to this would be my competition
20:15sure all the people that I give it to
20:18and I tell them I kids total strangers
20:20and I say when you use this for a month
20:22and I'll come back
20:23now they're willing to pay when I get
20:25there 75 hours okay Oh what because it
20:29helps them that much that's why you got
20:31a bird or a motor home or inside your
20:34you know what we're thinking at 39 to
20:38is where we're at turning anything on
20:41the market people honestly something
20:43spicy net on your show they you just
20:45can't really touch it I have no nuts
20:47boats or washers if the head does not be
20:50changed a head you want to use it as
20:51extension oh you mean if it really goes
20:53out and get another thrill so you can
20:55put different heads on there so you can
20:57extend the product line now absolutely
21:00and that was my habit for different jobs
21:02pure life when Apple calls different
21:06types of poles for different
21:07applications I went to Vegas with it the
21:10only reason the only time I ever put it
21:11out besides on LinkedIn about the
21:14hundred days ago I was there and I had
21:16from McDonald's to two feet of dust
21:23people don't work I really the first one
21:26I bought bond said hey I like to have it
21:27for my desk I thought he's been smart I
21:29was here but they kept coming to me I
21:32said oh yes they're talking about what
21:34cleaning and exactly but I was at all
21:38does it answer that this fella product
21:41and I did do it I try to make it light I
21:43wanted this I want everybody to be able
21:44to use it you see a HIVs you can finally
21:47get in between your room for this phone
21:48and the lightness is that I have a lot
21:51of women work for me and they have to be
21:53able to use this comfortably and safely
21:56no more climbing
21:57norm and each stooping it just it really
22:00does a wonderful job yeah I mean that
22:02that that's the beautiful part of it
22:03that you can reach difficult to reach
22:05areas without having to bend over you
22:08know never
22:09I kind of love to introduce divers pads
22:11disc bonnets all
22:13time if I could you know mister this man
22:16mr. Hong
22:16what do you say to people that say well
22:18you know I I don't have a drill well I
22:22found it I did some research and let me
22:24tell you what I did with it I gave away
22:26hundreds of them okay if you was going
22:28to eyes I'd give it to you okay with a
22:30promoter tops and what I did was that
22:32they said what drip I knew no matter at
22:35that time I sit him down for ready for a
22:3840 table which is $99 for 12 they all
22:42spend $100 on drills so they could use
22:45hmm see these people aren't really
22:47people to set behind a desk or these are
22:49you know these are the people is
22:50cleaning working together the heaven
22:52cabinet whatever so uh that's kind of
22:57where it's at I have two patents on it I
22:59have a patent on a guy yourself I have a
23:01kind of internal air space between the
23:03gods and oh and I had a professional
23:06which is turning into a full patent and
23:08by September 22nd I have already given
23:11the OK to start it this is for options
23:13it stop the water from coming in because
23:15you're using it wet and when it comes
23:17down to stop the stopper but I know that
23:19if you mean your drill up interrupts
23:20away from your trip nice how to fix a
23:23feedback round my whole life's getting
23:25cleaning I've been you know sorry but uh
23:27to get it to get it this like this easy
23:31but those people has no problem and I
23:33have handsome connection I've had
23:35somebody come offering my parking from
23:37standing like a Deckard that's been
23:39talking to me for three years I've been
23:40to my house a couple times but that's a
23:42very hard world divorce and there's no
23:45any money Jews they want to take it from
23:47you no we've had we've had a lot of that
23:50but that's negative stuff but no they
23:53they they really they're so big and we
23:55don't eighty-five percent of the world
23:56market or something I think me and their
23:59thing is that they want you to pay them
24:01to use what they have kosher balance but
24:04even in Vegas I had people want to buy
24:06hundreds of them already when I'm when I
24:08ask I get one of you know Santa so but
24:12if it's gonna it just works well idea
24:15I'm just wondering what is there any
24:18alternative device to the drill that you
24:22could put on the end of that
24:24any alternative really the through
24:26dynamic to makes it all one complete
24:28piece and I know what an employee annoys
24:36happy if that's good and if ever fall
24:43bit is there some other trigger I mean I
24:46would imagine the the velocity and the
24:49ability for that spin is totally related
24:53to the power of the drill right but what
24:58made it possible they've been trying to
25:00do this for 4050 years I probably
25:01thought of something like this when I
25:03was 13 in my corner but that's core
25:05business soon but yeah it's more or less
25:07I think it's time to go to lithium
25:08batteries they articles are so light and
25:11they last 45 minutes to about 15 minutes
25:14one eye using a brush so diff elongated
25:18you know we kind of just we we don't
25:21want to just hold it like a drill so
25:23much my wife is it's just whatever is
25:26comfortable with you you know family
25:28character sure okay saying why I got you
25:31like after you connect the next
25:33something inside the grill I think it's
25:35time those absolutely but you need that
25:38battery you still need that space in
25:40that motor yeah you have to have the
25:43motor I mean there's some because that's
25:44what causes us to spin the velocity and
25:46the bigger the velocity the quicker you
25:49can clean all right so yeah I have to
25:52have something like that okay okay I get
25:55it I mean the cleaning category is huge
25:58in TV shock I mean there are all
26:00different types of products out there
26:02and and it doesn't matter if it's so
26:05repeating something that's already on
26:07there are lots of cleaners you know
26:09polishes that no redundancy is fine in
26:13that so you have to worry about that um
26:15and how many do you have right now I
26:18just got 24 in weekend half ago okay
26:22okay so time let me uh let me let me
26:25check it out you have a you have a video
26:29I mean what what I'd like for you to do
26:34is possibly do a video on it
26:37you know just with a year your phone
26:40camera here was that time formerly just
26:43a demo okay Carmen has one that I sent
26:46them have a say if you can show that it
26:49cleans it just has on some really nasty
26:52stuff showing it does clean we have
26:54other stuff we can put together defense
26:57executives are looking for I can I get
26:59the model yeah because we never thought
27:01much it does not play because I'd rather
27:04you know taking it back to the team I'd
27:06rather them here you about you know what
27:08I mean you're from you I mean I can
27:10describe what it is but but you know if
27:13I need to send one of these to you
27:15people let me let me go back to the team
27:19first of all okay and we'll go from
27:23there okay no I like it
27:25congratulations and I admire your
27:27perseverance been dealing with it thanks
27:30for few years two years yeah I tried to
27:33build in the United States the first two
27:35years I really had no help done
27:37seriously it's been five years now we've
27:42had our two packets now just we just hit
27:44three years yes it's been it's good well
27:47I congratulate you and Frank persistence
27:50I mean that's what you gotta do gotta go
27:53you know you got to go because if you
27:55don't you'll be kicking yourself over to
27:57a pin to hear yes sir
27:59now follow us in three to four months
28:01yes we need a little help there I'd like
28:03to get those prizes shaved up a little
28:05bit I like somebody look at my tags make
28:06sure that like my labeling the rival
28:08labor for the brush and everything it
28:10just little things I need to tidy up
28:12before I go to order make a brand yeah
28:14yeah okay good good good good very good
28:16art we'll be in touch like all right
28:19thank you
28:20great job great job really happy so look
28:23I love that pro that's great you know
28:25Bob Bob you could use one of those is
28:26I'm Bob's office is a mess so that thing
28:28already okay I love the be there I can
28:31stay numb behind yeah yeah yeah that'd
28:37be good I like it
28:40Tim you can use it outdoors could use
28:42only early I be the boats the cars wet
28:45or dry into your exterior okay on low
28:48multi-purpose go she had indoor/outdoor
28:50a little dry
28:51you can spin away extension poles on
28:53cars trucks boats are these RVs
28:56kaitlin's you're sitting fans criminals
28:59by the way life is filled with home
29:01extras dusting both stores or beads you
29:03wash it with water you throw what you
29:05wash the mission which it's pretty
29:07simple oh I'll send a video over Bobby
29:10the video not to say that well video
29:12looks good okay super sorry thank you
29:15great oh great job logo Connie Connie
29:19Wow always there for support
29:22absolutely yeah and we're in Louisiana
29:24because you always tell her what you can
29:26we do Yeah right now yeah yeah well in
29:32Louisiana what's hard what we do we're
29:34between Baton Rouge in New Orleans and
29:37calcio and Dallas ah
29:38God's country I love it what follows
29:42okay she won the redfish turning for
29:44breast cancer in Grand Isle last year
29:46and says man she just wants take
29:48everybody fishing ah
29:50I'm not much your fault unless you're
29:53are that's great
29:54I you two are great thank you faltering
29:57guys good job good job
29:58all right so next we're going to have
30:01Roseanne Clemente up she is a Tampa
30:05native I'm going to unmute her mic and
30:07Rosanna from Tampa yeah right here
30:10downtown campus I mean let me look out
30:12the window I could almost see you can
30:14I'm gonna close my blinds to cat a lot
30:18of people tell me that it okay nice to
30:22meet you Rosie is a nice what casual
30:25atmosphere thank you yeah thank you
30:27and what do you have for me I have I
30:30want to show you my pain point this is a
30:33small electronic tablet a few years ago
30:37I won one and a raffle I swore I wasn't
30:39going to use it I got hooked on reading
30:42of electronic books the problem the
30:45problem is is that I have arthritis in
30:47my hands and the other problem is is the
30:51cases of these devices is not a
30:53ergonomic so I kept saying I want to put
30:57handles I want handles on this so I can
30:59get a better grip so that I don't run
31:01the risk of dropping my tablet
31:05and it was also painful reading a book
31:08for an hour - I said you didn't ask I
31:12said I scoured the internet that's what
31:14you do today you scour the internet to
31:15look around you know I couldn't imagine
31:18that I was the only one who's had a
31:19problem holding these tablets because
31:22again they're not ergonomic seems like
31:24today is the day talking about our
31:26health in our body and taking care of it
31:28or the pillow using the device to clean
31:31your house so that you want to bend over
31:33it's - well the I I came across a
31:36designer to help me design and and many
31:40time in building this it's called the
31:42pad go round pad go round everyone
31:45because your tablet can go around in any
31:48direction I'll be it is made with four
31:53points of contact I'm marketing it with
31:56two handles and two clamps of these are
31:58the handles you can put four handles on
32:01it and that way you never have to
32:02reorient your tablet or you could have
32:05four clamps and not have any handles
32:08depending upon what you really want to
32:10do with it the beauty of the product the
32:12versatility of it is there's a quarter
32:14twenty insert on the back uh-huh yeah
32:17okay I said any camera and the camera
32:20accessory known to man is a quarter
32:23twenty ah the camera handle it's screwed
32:27in the back of the pad go around and I
32:31can hold the pads around now this way
32:34just like that if I needed it for
32:37whatever reason I have on my table here
32:40a gooseneck I can screw the pad around
32:44eyes go to stand pod same slide the only
32:48product that that quarter-twenty is the
32:51GoPro but there's there's a third-party
32:54connector that will turn your GoPro
32:57attachments into a quarter 20 look what
33:01does the pad Quran look like when you
33:02have a tablet at it well it looks like
33:04this my god this is my iPad Mini and I
33:09don't know if you notice my my my
33:11jewelry here my fashion statement yeah
33:13yeah I have the pad go around hanging
33:16around my neck so that if I draw
33:18that that's a farm my tablet is going to
33:22go so that's sturdy there's a little
33:24it'll stay in there the the back has
33:27lanyard loops on each corner and the
33:31bottom of the pad go round sorry if I'm
33:33fumbling a little bit on four legs all
33:38elevate it so that when you set your
33:40tablet down on a flat surface it's
33:42elevated a quarter of an inch that way
33:45if somebody spilled something when you
33:47have your tablet laying down on the
33:48table it'll go right underneath it so
33:51I've looked for ways to not only make it
33:54easy for people to hold the tablet but
33:57to in a way protect it somewhat I'm not
34:00marketing this as a case that will will
34:03protect your tablet if you drop it what
34:05I'm marketing it as if you have a
34:07lanyard around your neck the tablet's
34:10not going to go any farther than the
34:11length of the lander run and allow you
34:14to get a firm comfortable grip on your
34:17tablets allows you with one hand to
34:20easily and I'll just use this tablet
34:23here to easily hold it with one hand and
34:26do the functions that you want on the
34:30face of the tablet and/or its turn
34:32around and get that good comfortable
34:34grip what true are those handles are
34:37they padded order they just are they
34:40plastic they're plastic it's ABS here
34:43the whole product is made of the same
34:45nice sturdy ABS it can be sanitized
34:49because I've attempted to do that myself
34:51so it's very easily be cleaned I've run
34:53it through the dishwasher it's a washed
34:56up really well the other beauty of it is
35:00is that you can turn your tablet into a
35:03small laptop I don't know about you but
35:08I wasn't raised on typing on the keys of
35:12the electronic face of a tablet so for
35:15$10 or $11 you can buy and a wireless
35:20keyboard set this up on your table it
35:24can you can get your tablet to go
35:26totally vertical you can get it to go at
35:29any angle depending on the type of
35:32that you purchase so this is just an
35:35ordinary family bipod know you can buy
35:40larger tripods I have a larger one that
35:42I use when I display it that shows so
35:45that the versatility of the product is
35:47in the fact that the handles are
35:50adjustable so I have two sizes of the
35:53pad grants there's a small that the
35:55holds tablet the size of the mini and
35:57this Android tablet that I was showing
36:00you before that was an Android and at
36:02the large pad around 50 tablets up to
36:05nine point nine inches so it's
36:07accessible so it's very easy we we
36:11designed these thumb nuts so that they
36:12were easy to turn they weren't too small
36:15for you know people with hand
36:18limitations and it's very easy to put
36:20the hands back on cut kubera I like it I
36:24like you thought of everything
36:25right where do you sell it where you're
36:27selling it now this is one of them in
36:31the package so we it comes to me it came
36:34to me from China totally packaged with
36:37directions on it and in the showing the
36:41device uses for the product I'm selling
36:44it on Amazon I'm selling it on my own
36:46website pad go around calm I've gone to
36:50some home shows I exhibit as many places
36:53I can write get a nice point what are we
36:57talking the small one is 39.99 and the
37:00large one is $49.99 you have room
37:03linearity a margin remember I do have an
37:07with wisdom but again with volume orders
37:11I can bring the price point down right
37:13now and it's landed to me in the
37:17packaging so all of my costs oh wow air
37:20with this packaging now we could just
37:22come to you involved yes I had a
37:25thousand of each okay I was my minimum
37:29order where it comes do you have a
37:31warehouse here yes I have a warehouse or
37:35at I have another business so I have
37:37some warehouse here in Tampa they have
37:38about 1800 of each okay okay all right
37:42great super I love you I mean you your
37:45in problems and that's what every great
37:47product does it solves problems that's
37:49what we're for yeah yeah very very good
37:52very good with my life I like it I like
37:54it so let me take it back to the team
37:57and you know we'll go from there
37:58oh great that's all it is yeah yeah
38:01would you see what can happen you never
38:03know never know building and they look
38:07that's right that's right and TV
38:10shopping is such that you know not every
38:12product fits into TV shopping that
38:15doesn't mean it's a bad product but you
38:17have to find that that market you know
38:19that but you know hsn.we they sell a lot
38:23of laptops they sell a lot of tablets
38:25you know and things of that nature so
38:28the audience I think is there you know
38:30all right great
38:32super job nice to meet you thanks all my
38:36pleasure thank you
38:37I like that product too because the Bob
38:40knows the tablet and phone market is a
38:42tough market because they're constantly
38:43changing what I like about the product
38:45is it is adjustable yeah yeah seems like
38:49a tough product made of ABS like that
38:51and adjustable for you know for any of
38:53the sizes that are out there so that's
38:55one thing that I was going to ask about
38:56with the adjustability but you covered
38:58that so pretty cool little products yeah
39:00it really is she I could see that being
39:03used you know in hospitals or sports you
39:06know coaches you only see the people
39:08with the tablets walking around you
39:09coconut here it's just you know if you
39:12if you have a camera or I normally do
39:14like I keep my and then I have to put my
39:18hand underneath it right you know and I
39:21that becomes a problem right there so
39:24like what was it the folio cover adds a
39:30lot of weight yeah it did my device is
39:33the small one is six point three ounces
39:35and the large one is seven point three
39:37ounces oh wow Jerry learned about for
39:40your hands and it's not adding
39:42significant weight right okay very good
39:45very very good thank you for a guy are
39:48good we have next right me I have a
39:51feeling it's Lisa I don't know why I
39:53didn't have that feel you're like a
39:55psychic well you know
39:59been doing this a while are you kidding
40:01I go to Vegas and I lose money in the
40:02carton how many how many pictures have
40:07you heard Bob over your years when they
40:10added it up one time a few years ago and
40:13I've been able to make on the air
40:15present over seventy five thousand
40:18presentations unbelievable so I
40:21obviously have heard more than that but
40:24over 40 years yet it seems to add up
40:27well you say 29 years he said 29 right
40:30right I wish I have socks older than
40:34that all right great so um last but not
40:39least we've had some great products we
40:41have uh-huh yeah she's going to
40:43introduce herself she's gonna introduce
40:44her product and and get right into it we
40:47see it do you have the mic they say
40:51everybody see me yes you are you know I
40:55have hands on by the way Bob okay I
40:58don't from another another interview but
41:04I wrote I thought that was good
41:06I can't reward my bikini here we are be
41:15very good Rustin what would yeah here
41:17too long
41:18sorry hi I'm Lisa was busy bee peg and
41:22these are reusable washable sports bag
41:25so when my kids were younger about three
41:28years ago I'm going through a bad
41:29divorce and they were flutter all over
41:33the house whether its toys or snacks
41:36being a mom there's often chaos with
41:38their kids so I decided I wanted to have
41:41a bag that wasn't a ziplock plastic bag
41:44that wasn't safe for kids
41:46it wasn't reusable it wasn't waffles I
41:49couldn't find a bed like that so I have
41:52a bunch of mom friends and I decided to
41:54kind of this road idea at them and it
41:56looked online did a bunch of research
41:58and decided that I was going to make
42:001,600 bags and how to source in the u.s.
42:02which is you know the cost is too high
42:05but I'm like you know what I'm going to
42:06test it I got season netting in Florida
42:10laminated cotton and New York I got
42:13zippers I found eight many factors and
42:15I'm in Portland Oregon everywhere from
42:17the little shops of the bigger factory
42:19and later with too high but being kind
42:22of a businesswoman I kind of have to
42:23guess I guess I was going through a bad
42:26I kissed a little and I really had this
42:27on zero spirit with the marketing
42:29background so we sold in 1600 and then
42:33the name was Bambino toy bag and so I go
42:36to website do everything and then I'm
42:37like okay I'm going to take a leap and
42:39I'm going to go into retail distribution
42:41but I need to come up with a different
42:42need so we came up with dizzy D dies
42:45which is Pat lawyer and corporate it
42:49wasn't patentable because it's you know
42:50it's a bag there's not anything
42:52specifically you know technology wise
42:55but we went through probably a hundred
42:56needs because it sounds like so many
42:59different things so we came up with busy
43:00d-bag so we want the CD bag in 2014 so
43:04to show you the bag is simple but
43:06instead of plastic it's see-through so
43:09you can see stuff it's not plastic so
43:11you can wash it this is an example for
43:13summer that comes among shoes all the
43:15where do you put all your bottles your
43:17sunscreen your kit you know this all the
43:21stuff of the pool you keep it in here
43:23all summer long even in the winter when
43:25you go on a trip and you just take it
43:27out and you put it in you can hang it on
43:29a hook the kids can find it and then
43:32it's washable and the colors are really
43:34bright so since we launched Suzie D we
43:37order 20,000 bags from China and
43:39obviously the leader was too low or too
43:41high excuse me and we scored about
43:4420,000 bags and we were selling well
43:47we're on the Today Show and a bunch of
43:48stuff we're in an urban luggage and
43:51music doctrine and doing the online
43:53sales and got this press and
43:54unfortunately we had a little product
43:57complication with the cotton and so we
44:01have sold 70% of our inventory and 30%
44:04has been quality control on the mess
44:07here excuse me the polyester here so we
44:11were really not happy because I had
44:13worked so hard and so I they're packaged
44:16in three packs and this is our packaging
44:19now but I'm looking for other packages
44:21the retail and I'm open to opinion
44:23we basically decided that we need to
44:26stop selling leaves because our top
44:28colors were tainted and do a quality
44:30product so we took her product off the
44:33market for a little while which is
44:34really hard because this was my you know
44:37not be emotional but this was my you
44:39know selling well we have lost a your
44:41product is life-changing you love it and
44:43our whole kind of problem with like I
44:45said moms don't feel organized when you
44:47don't feel organized little kids older
44:49kids there's already enough chaos so
44:51moms were coming to me I love your
44:53product like and it's their repeat
44:55customers will order create order
44:57another really they find uses for this
44:59so then we met inventors Launchpad
45:01carmine in red which I love them they
45:04were an amazing product which is so
45:07happy with so we changed the material we
45:10came out with eight new colors and
45:12different sizes and we came out with our
45:15new this is our dirty laundry bag that
45:18we joke about but it's for traveling and
45:21these I sold a hundred and two weeks on
45:23Amazon basically should don't even see
45:27it a good sure that people that travel
45:30especially moms and families don't know
45:32order for their stuff so they throw them
45:34in a plastic bag and they don't feel
45:35organized so I'm kind of saying this
45:37funny but it's the basic stuff that
45:39we're talking about where normal to feel
45:41organized and they feel like they
45:43haven't had the right products that they
45:44can throw in the washing machine as a
45:46break color but they can see they can
45:47hang it in your kid's room to organize
45:49their choice so that's that's that and
45:54we're basically we launched in January
45:57so as we've been doing well um you know
46:01we're trying to get back into more
46:02weekend they're on Amazon are there
46:04other distribution areas right now are
46:09you selling it well right now probably
46:11just relaunch we're right now we're on
46:13Amazon my online for everywhere coaching
46:17retail now okay what is the three pack
46:19go for $19.99 in regards and they were
46:23small $15.99 and it makes is 18 we feel
46:28like our prices are really competitive
46:29we're also trying to go into kind of a
46:32travel market
46:33you heard of people Creek France yeah
46:36why should then around four years if you
46:39vote in those travel stores they used to
46:42be kind of dull and black and and they
46:45beat their Smashing easy like that and
46:48see-through but they want some new
46:49products but their products are going
46:51for 3995 and they still not all the way
46:53see-through so I've gone to the
46:55Container Store a bunch of luggage
46:57stores going out for the trouble mark
46:59now refuse do the dirty laundry bag and
47:02then you can market these for how these
47:05over here sorry there's lingerie in here
47:07but women and older women use these for
47:10traveling now they organize their clocks
47:11they're you know they go traveling that
47:13Europe and they want to see everything
47:14if you look at a lot of travel products
47:16out there they're cubes but they're not
47:18see-through and they're not really fun
47:19colors they're not that bright accent
47:22where you actually get to like see your
47:24stuff and the price point is great or
47:26consumers love it but toiletries to TSA
47:29people been using them for this to be so
47:32right through TSA run the crap I could
47:36go on with uses you can call me to stop
47:37it we've come up with so many uses cents
47:40the toy stores which was originally when
47:42my chips were little and now it's not
47:44it's isolated using them for to bonds
47:46that are car people using them for
47:47knitting needles so I'm complete getting
47:50these new uses then we build it up this
47:51locker bag which I don't have one but if
47:54it goes in your locker I'd want to a
47:56club they just redid 250 of their
47:59lockers and the old Locker begs some
48:00space so that we they used to be the
48:03baggalini you're probably familiar with
48:05egg lean really sure so we came up with
48:08sewing river bags together and putting
48:10the grommets and the type so we're
48:11selling those for twenty-five dollars
48:12and we've sold 30 in the last two weeks
48:15so you have a lot of product extensions
48:18you have a lot of good they said it
48:21started as a toy stores but really now
48:23it's people are giving us use of people
48:25are wanting more uses and it's just I
48:27think like I said they're the price
48:29point is good and then the fabric is
48:31colorful and the see-through that's what
48:34people like they don't want the plastic
48:35bag because you can't wash it so I mean
48:38we hear from our consumers and not what
48:40I hear we try to evolve and do different
48:42things because people that just say well
48:45it's a bad well no it's more than
48:47beg it's not just a bag yeah that's a
48:50good point if people will come up and be
48:52like what is that
48:53and then once they buy it they love it
48:56and they buy ignore and then some people
48:57just get it right away they're
48:59organizing they're like I haven't found
49:01anything I'm tired of any I ask so many
49:03people I've been to a few trade shows
49:05and I'm like first thing I say if you
49:07pass or do you have some organizer like
49:09oh my god I have so many is it one thing
49:11you don't know that one for my packing I
49:13have one in my purse so my purse I have
49:16my purse butter bag with all that stuff
49:19at the bottom of your breath move oh
49:21yeah I guess women we need to be
49:23organized but we all need to be ordering
49:25Karen when anything we do have some end
49:28customer system exploration I understand
49:30eye to eye 23 stranger you know whatever
49:36you need very good very very you know
49:38it's interesting that every single
49:40person today it's a category that is
49:44well established in TV shopping viewers
49:47being organization eyes Oh big day I
49:50mean you've heard of joy right Joey my
49:52god she's a good friend and she she's
49:56very very entrenched in the organizing
49:59category and there are a lot of others
50:01that are doing that type of thing to
50:04their travel shows that you you know
50:07just just shows up just for travel you
50:10know suitcases a different way which you
50:12can fit into so it's very very
50:15interesting yeah I want to take it back
50:17to the team you see what they say we
50:22have room in there to move on the margin
50:23a little bit nice we are curling so
50:27wearing that hands yes you are no doubt
50:30about it
50:31yeah we do we got new ok ok all right
50:34that's good that's good I mean I like it
50:36I now you mentioned you came up with
50:38different names oozb
50:40how did you come up with that I know you
50:42know what everyone keeps asking me and I
50:44need to go back into my paperwork I had
50:47a lawyer in Seattle that was super
50:49conservative so my kids names are Lilly
50:52and Parker so I came up with Tilly lark
50:55as an example and he went way back in
50:58the search themes and I had
50:59Larke division of lebanese project were
51:03eight years ago that's right
51:05you're my name was retail distribution
51:07when I try to do it smart I took away
51:09Bambino and said if I'm not a venture to
51:11get into retail distribution you I'm a
51:13business major you hear about who's
51:15doing who the little and the big
51:16companies right when I need you the
51:18trademark and I work with a great lawyer
51:20and it was really frustrating so closes
51:23I gotta find a newspaper because I have
51:24something to make but the wine busy bees
51:29and well I would be in be no way bag and
51:33the bee was our Lobos who can that he's
51:35a be I stuck with that hi and then Susie
51:39just came up and now my friends orchids
51:42hey mom I need a doozy I need it yeah
51:45it's great
51:46I think it's I just wondered what the
51:47story was yeah there wasn't anything
51:49special between spending hours on paper
51:52with my kids trying to figure out I mean
51:54yeah give me as Izzy I mean another
51:57yeah but it's a you know you have a
52:00background in marketing so you're well
52:02aware of the importance of the name and
52:04if it's catchy and if people you know
52:07get on to it and everything it says that
52:09could make or break a product right
52:11there so lead innate you know very
52:15what's a Kleenex McDonald right what do
52:19you mean of course I mean how many
52:21people saying you know take this piece
52:23of paper and make me a Xerox yeah you
52:27know and you're not making a Xerox
52:29you're making a cup you know people you
52:32know I mean the name is critical that
52:33aim is critical so that that's that's
52:35great I love it okay so well I want to
52:40take it to the team obviously we may be
52:42reaching out for samples you know
52:44depending on how they respond and and
52:47we'll go from there
52:48Eileen it's great I think make sure to
52:51meet you congratulations
52:52well thank you I get very good wait we
52:57said a real cool question and I can't
52:59remember those in different sizes
53:01yeah we have two different sizes your
53:05free time is everything a three back
53:06yeah because once they buy a you know if
53:09I run and retailers too low and they
53:11need three and then the
53:12you mark but you have different color
53:14combinations different color
53:16combinations you can mix and match and
53:17then like I said the locker bag and we
53:19have some other bag ideas too and one
53:21and you know down the road other stuff
53:24okay okay great
53:26great where do you live Portland Oregon
53:28we pour it all all the way out to
53:30Portland the wet coaster that's all
53:34right let you go that's right oh you
53:36were the one that got the time every
53:38what I'm supposed to tell you
53:41Wow bob was very oh my god on it we're
53:51happy to have you
53:52yeah thank you I didn't get to take a
53:54shower because I just worked out but
53:55hopefully this would really look great
53:57you look crazy
53:58all right very good we have videos I
54:03think I think that we're done for today
54:07I think we got great items great product
54:09no I gotta be honest usually when we do
54:11some you know in a couple of them are
54:13more borderline no great products today
54:16really super super I thought they were
54:18good and like you said they cover and
54:20we're trying to look for different
54:21categories and yeah so I think it I
54:24think it's good and oh and and also for
54:27all your listeners out there you know
54:28obviously go out to youtube or inventors
54:31launch pad and and watch the videos
54:32you'll be listen to the audio but watch
54:34the videos and you get to see what these
54:36products look like how they function and
54:38also if you know if you're more
54:40interested in hearing about Bob and a
54:42story you know he has a book out called
54:43Lysa pitch so go ahead okay thanks guys
54:48that you know four years in here so many
54:52people want me to write a book air and
54:53they want to kiss and tell stories of
54:56behind the scenes and the celebrities
54:58and and you know that's interesting I
55:00guess so that's that's not who I am so
55:02so I finally wrote a book that would
55:06help entrepreneurs and people in all
55:08businesses you know create a need for
55:10their product how to present their
55:12product doesn't sell their front and I
55:14really created it for to be more of a
55:16reference manual that you could go back
55:18to a on the way to make a presentation
55:20let me look and see you know do i am i
55:23hitting all the points am I getting a
55:26five keys to any successful presentation
55:29whether you're talking to somebody
55:31face-to-face or looking at a camera or
55:34on the telephone doesn't matter
55:36because it's all about communication so
55:38yeah that'd be great
55:40yeah if you want the book when we you
55:41know that looks great I mean I read
55:43through it and like you said anybody
55:45that's looking to present there's as you
55:47said Bob there's no one and I don't I'm
55:49not just saying that there's no one has
55:51done more presentations in you
55:52especially on live TV it's not on
55:54recorded TV we talked about why the
55:55presentations which yeah it's how live
55:57and many people are surprised to find
55:59out it is why it is now they're starting
56:02in August are going to go on pay for
56:042:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. but uh but other
56:07than that it's it's its life and I'll be
56:10honest uh we look makes Wednesday nights
56:15yeah what is today Wednesday making that
56:19a week from today up yonder 7:00 p.m.
56:22Eastern okay yeah good all right we're
56:26we're going to start wrapping up and I
56:28said earlier I appreciate everybody
56:30being on you guys did an awesome job I
56:32mean I love all the products and I know
56:35my hat's off to Bob thank you for giving
56:36us this time bye you're busy my pleasure
56:40creative always looking for products I
56:43mean if you if you run into somebody and
56:45maybe they have a product and they don't
56:48know where to go you know get such a car
56:49mind and and and you can get involved
56:52that way too I have lots of people out
56:54there that I call them product finders
56:56and they're constantly referring
56:58products to me and then if it goes on
57:01the air it sells I pay in the commission
57:03so it's uh you know I have people I've
57:06never even met everybody sent Bob your
57:10address maybe a product finder we're
57:16sure just buy the product you never know
57:19you never know but you know it send it
57:22to carmine and then we'll go from there
57:25good guys thank you everyone everybody
57:28out there listening you'll be able to
57:29find this podcast
57:31as long as and all of our other podcasts
57:34on inventors launchpad comm all of our
57:37show notes if you want to
57:40asked us a question or present a product
57:41you can get on to Bob Circosta comm if
57:45you know anybody that has a product as
57:46Bob said or if you have a product or
57:48inventors launch pad com
57:50go ahead reach out there and let us know
57:52we appreciate everybody being on and
57:54thanks to all the people that pitch
57:56products today and again to mr. Bob
57:59Circosta forgiving us this time today
58:01all right