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February 27, 2017
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March 1, 2017

Watch Chris Yingling launch his product, The Multibrush Pro on HSN's American Dreams.

Check it out at HSN.com.

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y're so much fun listen and what I
0:02love about the products that you bring
0:03in is everybody but there's something
0:05everybody can utilize guys and if you
0:07don't know about our American Dreams
0:08it's an opportunity for entrepreneurs
0:10out there to get their policies exactly
0:12you know there's a line
0:13it's what people like little children
0:15like get in line that's about four miles
0:17long and weigh two years maybe you might
0:19be getting just want to be by Marion
0:21dreams mister shortcut
0:22yeah yeah and by the way all you have to
0:24do is go to hsn.com american dreams and
0:27you can submit your product and who
0:29knows you might be on the air with this
0:30one's right well right you may sit there
0:32and you may have an idea let's say for a
0:35paintbrush bug well that just decimate
0:37brother lots of paintbrushes out
0:39extricating sister can you imagine how
0:41many products I've seen in 40 years
0:44yeah I wanted products rice what I have
0:46for you right now is one of the most
0:48innovative one of the most creative a
0:51ball product i know you're looking at it
0:53and saying wait a moment
0:54it's a paintbrush it's a 2-inch
0:56paintbrush and it is
0:57don't get me wrong it's definitely a
0:592-inch paintbrush but wonder if you're
1:01painting and you don't need a 2-inch
1:03paintbrush maybe you need one and a
1:06quarter inch brush we've made it comes
1:08to plant but there's your
1:10one-and-a-quarter inch but maybe you
1:12need the 2-inch you go back to that but
1:14maybe you need a squad three quarter
1:17inch brush you've got it right here okay
1:20it is magnetic it's one brush but its
1:22really three brushes in one you're
1:25getting this brush the 2-inch you're
1:27also getting the inch and a quarter and
1:30you're getting the three-quarter inch so
1:31you're getting three brushes in one and
1:34we're giving you to a 2-pack are
1:36basically getting two of these are going
1:40to that pollen just getting social
1:42justice you are you're gonna get extra
1:45getting to the last time you're getting
1:46to these so let me understand this for
1:482495 i have six separate brushes here
1:50there yes two of each
1:52it's brilliant and show everybody that
1:54the magnetic connection because this is
1:56it's really powerful just so you know
1:58they're not they're not gonna come apart
1:59when you're using it as a single brush
2:00just as such a creative by their the
2:02magnets right there I want you to meet
2:04the inventor yeah the guy that put it
2:06this tingling and Chris come on here are
2:08buddy all right how is how a guy here
2:12alright Chris is all the way from Ohio
2:13correction is ok he invented it and I'm
2:17racing you folks everybody should have
2:19one of it while you're not getting one
2:21you're getting to where you're really
2:22getting sick
2:23yeah sure six total brushes that's what
2:26you're getting at
2:26tell us how you came about this grip
2:29well I was painting in my kitchen and I
2:31went to a spot where the cabinet stopped
2:33in the drywall return was and i had a
2:36two-inch brush and I needed a detail
2:37brush and I felt so I go to my garage
2:39and get the small brush
2:41no I just jabbed the two expression
2:43there and I didn't get a very good job
2:44on the next day I saw the bad job in the
2:47next day the same thing for a couple
2:49years and finally I thought one day
2:51what if I just cut the brush in hand and
2:54you did it is absolutely brilliant and
2:57you know for those of you that have 16
2:59different brushes for whatever it is
3:01think about this we're giving all that
3:03you're going to need to be able to do
3:04another week of a detail painting on
3:05whether you're doing cabinetry or
3:07whether you're cutting in like we were
3:08just talking about their last product
3:09with there's going to be a time when you
3:10need to cut him and you're going to need
3:12a finer brush why have to get down off
3:14that ladder go look for another brush
3:15make sure that that was clean and then
3:18and then you know its prime it's
3:19starting all over again when all that
3:21you need to do is simply take it and
3:23pull it apart i want you to understand
3:24the strength of that sod is really
3:28strong so when you're using it just as
3:29your regular paint brush and you'll take
3:31like this and then also you come into a
3:32tight body like that look I can use this
3:34brush or I can use this really fine
3:36brush to get in really great detail
3:38painting the nice thing is it all in one
3:40brush that clicks right back together
3:42today and your broad brush to be able to
3:43do what you want to brush you can get a
3:45case of it but also you can turn it
3:48around you can separate these and you
3:49can turn it around and look you've got
3:51the access of you they're going at the
3:54same time as great internet right
3:56carries everything in one hand so you
3:57don't have to such a brush down and get
3:59the table dirty or whatever it is you
4:00keep everything in one hand they have a
4:02non-slip grip on it as well which is it
4:05so good
4:06the most people would brushes that you
4:07buy you know you'll see the cheap ones
4:09for six or seven dollars and use those
4:11ones and you throw those away
4:12these are so well made you're going to
4:13use these over and over and over again
4:15but I think they're easier to hold her
4:17easy-to-clean they have some other
4:18advantages as well which Bob we're going
4:20to talk about writing and math I here's
4:23the pain catalyst so you want to use one
4:24of the brushes yeah whatever but you
4:26don't want to hold the other brush
4:27simply just attach it right there and
4:30it's going to stay the night in camp
4:32right just like that's brilliant
4:34there you go that's all right here we go
4:35it's only four dollars and ninety-five
4:37cents it's only twelve dollars in
4:39forty-eight cents on flexpay as well I'm
4:42reminding you to you get two of the most
4:46impressive how you get to so you
4:47actually get six precious altogether
4:49right so each one remember each one
4:51becomes two separate brushes or it
4:53becomes the third as a census of a
4:55single brush is gonna get two of these
4:56packages to go so I ideal for anybody
4:59that's going to be doing any kind of a
5:00painting job
5:01let's be in action I guess must see how
5:03it works because going through it
5:04happens so often when you think you have
5:06the right brush for a job and then you
5:08wish you had one maybe that was a little
5:09bit smaller so you can get in so here we
5:12are Christmas tickets my love the trip
5:13crew yeah that's right now I know
5:17also you guys are working together like
5:18a team you guys are all welcome to come
5:20to my house and we can shoot a video
5:21will be there this afternoon I've got a
5:23spare room needs to be managed box here
5:25we go
5:26you know typical painting with the
5:272-inch brush but then you get to the
5:29spot where you need a smaller brush and
5:30you don't have to go find another brush
5:32you can just split the multi brush apart
5:34and gave me unless you everybody at home
5:36but they missed the beginning how did
5:37you do that okay
5:39you started with the 2-inch then what
5:40did you do so the multi brush and
5:42painting with 22-inch prussian then I
5:44get to the spot where I need a smaller
5:45brush i can just simply separate it with
5:48the magnets and then go to the
5:50three-quarter inch brush and then do
5:52whatever detailed work i need to do
5:54right and then i can put it back
5:55together and go back to the 2-inch for
5:57cutting in the walls or the trim or
5:59whatever it is fantastic and remember
6:01you know it's all right here in your
6:03hand there's no running back and forth
6:04know we're looking for the next to brush
6:06this is truly a two-in-one brush that
6:08does it all and you get two of them and
6:10his father's showing you it when you're
6:12ready to use it just isn't single solid
6:13brush it clicks back together
6:15there's no break up in the bristles of
6:16the brush those always you can show them
6:18the one with the paint on it it's
6:20completely straight line across and you
6:22can see there's no break up in the brush
6:24so it becomes a solid brush again it's
6:26just what you're doing / yeah and then
6:28when you pop it apart when you pull it
6:29apart affect both the bristles
6:31individually active the three quarter of
6:33the inch and a quarter when you go back
6:35together and reduce the brush its then
6:38back to the single two-inch brush
6:39because there is no other paintbrush
6:41like this anywhere in the world and it's
6:43available right here on HSN everybody is
6:46part of the American Dreams but in
6:48addition to that if you're wondering
6:49where you talking about six brushes and
6:51everything what does that mean okay this
6:53is one brush right here you're getting a
6:55two-inch brush if you just joined us now
6:57I can just separate just like that
7:00so all of a sudden I have a
7:01three-quarter inch brush and I have a
7:03one and a quarter inch brush right over
7:05here so that's one brush 23 so you got
7:08three brushes you're getting two of
7:10these brushes so you're really getting a
7:12total of six pressure seven it will make
7:15different styles and shiny live session
7:18for 2495 remember also today I'm and
7:21like we've been doing every day you get
7:22ten dollars off I you get an extra
7:24credit card today which will cost you
7:26anything extra
7:26I'll get carded now you'll pay $14.95
7:29for this so it's even better way to get
7:31great y'all go down about anybody that
7:33has to do any kind of a painting job
7:34will love this not only that more often
7:35than not you have you got one of these
7:37brushes you've got sort of the two or
7:39two-and-a-half inch brush but you don't
7:40have a little one-inch or three-quarter
7:42inch brush this this is hard to find and
7:45you know and you know you should be
7:46using this on some jobs but you try to
7:48use that one and you wind up making a
7:50mess again like we're talking with
7:52Desiree before it's about being prepared
7:54ahead of time making sure you've got the
7:56right size restoration of the job making
7:58sure you've got the little of the roller
8:00guide so you don't get to ceiling
8:02those are all things that had time to a
8:04job and nobody wants neither everybody
8:06is that you know I was painting my room
8:08would take longer for someone's really
8:11nobody wants that you wanted to get it
8:13done quickly
8:14this is one of those great tools that
8:15professionals would have that you see it
8:17you see a professional picture do that
8:18maybe like that
8:19is that where he's going to cut it any
8:20thought to party like that's why you
8:22throw you've got that cool brush we have
8:25to have the right yeah stroke to do the
8:27job right gift have the right tools now
8:29this is the original prototype writers
8:31tell us about this so this is the
8:32prototype one morning i'm an
8:34empty-nester and my wife Mary Jo and I
8:36woke up in the morning and she looked at
8:37me as only wise can and said why don't
8:39you make that brush you've always been
8:41talking about so I headed down into the
8:43basement I had a cheap two-inch brush
8:45down there I cut it in half and just by
8:47hand i put the magnets in and then I
8:49glued it together and I used to our glue
8:51longest two hours of my life and I want
8:54to thank you loose and when I opened the
8:58tape up it actually worked and I said oh
9:00my gosh i have a great pressure you
9:02remember that moment I remember that
9:03particular it was worried all started
9:05this turning we have a shot a moment ago
9:07on the screen and then you went through
9:10I amazon this prototype it right and so
9:13we went through all of those Christmas
9:15draw those but ended up with this right
9:17here which is called the multi brush and
9:19I know if you're just seeing it for the
9:21first time it looks like a regular paint
9:23brush but it is not it is a two-inch
9:25brush but when you take it apart just
9:28like that his guide pointed out those
9:29magnets are very sturdy they're very
9:32strong okay i think that you're going to
9:33be able to paint normal but when you
9:35take it apart you have the one and a
9:38quarter inch and you have three quarter
9:40inch brush and you can even do it like
9:42that so they're always handy you don't
9:44have to you know put something down go
9:46looking for the right pressure the right
9:47time you will always have access to it
9:50and because of the Magnus if you want to
9:52store one you can put it right on the
9:54side of the paint kids if you want yeah
9:57i think when I think how strong they are
9:58as well so they will stick on there very
10:00very securely this is only 2495 by the
10:04way I'm as i said before you can get ten
10:06dollars off of the HSN credit card but i
10:08wanted to also reminded recently got
10:10eight or nine hundred of these that's
10:11all you know when when when these guys
10:12come to us and they create these
10:14products you know they go on their first
10:15run we don't have a ton of inventory to
10:19bring out we bring out very loving very
10:20little so minimal order so if you want
10:23to grab these this is the only place
10:24that you can find these right now you
10:26grab them here
10:27absolutely love them the shipping and
10:29handling is reduced to five dollars and
10:31you do get two separate brushes each one
10:34is one that becomes too so it's Bob said
10:36it's like getting six brushes altogether
10:38are the uses of six separate brushes
10:40what are you doing a regular cutting and
10:42are you doing some fine cutting in work
10:44you need to do something somewhere in
10:45the middle the Christian brushes take
10:47care all that stuff
10:48it's also we like to say by one brush
10:50store one brush line one brush clean
10:53brushes longer very nicely from talent
10:55that's the way to do it you know this is
10:56that time of year as we get into spring
10:58when everybody's gonna be doing some
10:59training and getting her house
11:00refurbished second i think they do this
11:02sort of the they do like I must have the
11:03exercise thing first nobody gets tired
11:05of that they come they move in and then
11:06what about handy right now I I'm kind of
11:08getting exercise going up and down a
11:10this will make again make your life
11:12easier with painting and any contract
11:14okay this is and any builder will tell
11:16you this it's about what you do a hand
11:18side that makes the job easier having
11:20the right brushes having the right
11:21rollers attachment device we said with
11:24it with the kill the crown the paint
11:26candles from all things that are going
11:28to make your life so much easier when it
11:30comes to do a job that's relatively
11:32boring and relatively talk to because
11:33we're not exactly pros right then and I
11:36know it's happened to me many many times
11:37i'm painting with one brush you know I
11:39need a smaller yes I've got to put the
11:41one brush down and then I've got to go
11:43hunting for that other brush all right
11:44now you don't have to do that
11:46here's what you're going to get you're
11:47going to get two of these packs all
11:49right so you're really getting on the
11:51run through it very quickly once again
11:52you're really getting a total of six
11:54pressures because here's one there's two
11:57there's three and then you're getting
11:59two of these to the same brushes are
12:01getting a total of six precious for that
12:04low of a price it is an absolutely and I
12:06mean this is it's a genius idea
12:08congratulations anybody that turned 90
12:10to do have anything to do is let really
12:12lucky because these are all things that
12:14anybody would want you standing in the
12:15hallway and is dutifully I've got to
12:18have one of those two guys were
12:19rehearsing yesterday that was watching
12:20all the products and I'm just like a
12:22look at these cool products you think
12:24you're fantastic
12:24so you can get them all moments that you
12:26can buy everything in the show today for
12:28about a hundred bucks and let me tell
12:29you if you're painting something too
12:31soldered and something that's going to
12:32change the absolute look of an entire
12:34room in addition to your patients a
12:36really good idea but with the paint goes
12:38away these you use over over over over
12:40these aren't railway brushes these are
12:42once you take care of rinse them out
12:44they're going to be there for the last
12:45years and years and years to John my
12:46friends good idea
12:48alright guys you know you have a little
12:49free time is it