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Podcast Notes

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0:00hi everyone and welcome to inventors
0:04launchpad roadmap to success i am your
0:08host combine danisco and today on the
0:11launchpad we have an inventor
0:13he's a businessman use a product
0:15developer you've been traveling the
0:17country out of his home town just
0:19outside of Cincinnati Ohio trying to get
0:21his invention into stores the reason we
0:25have a mom today is because he just came
0:27out of the HSN studios where he had his
0:30product on television on HSN he's also
0:33fulfilling his dream of getting this
0:35product on there he's been selling it
0:36and let's bring him on his name is chris
0:39jingling hey Chrissy over there and
0:41carmine was a first i want to show
0:44another long and thanks to you all know
0:48phone Chris thank you so much i know
0:49it's a busy day for you you just came
0:52out of the HSN studios and I wanted to
0:54get some feedback on how that went
0:57the preparations that you did to come
1:00out here and go on the on the show but
1:02first give us a little background on
1:04your invention which is called the multi
1:06brush pro like to hear about the product
1:09how you came up with it and also maybe
1:12some of the trials and tribulations that
1:13you have faced during its development
1:17surely this is the multi brushes appears
1:21to be physical to instruct the
1:23interesting thing is its little heart
1:25condition individual three-quarter-inch
1:27initiative for smaller groups so that
1:30you can do some work and then put it
1:32back into the human configuration show
1:34it so there's a lonely first crush you
1:37can only think the right pushing your
1:39hand at anytime acid pretty cool you
1:42know i have seen that brush myself here
1:45within our facility and each time i use
1:47it or show it to one of our inventors
1:50are one of our clients or someone just
1:52as in your facility they're kind of
1:54blown away by the simplicity of it but
1:57that they've never seen anything like it
1:59how did you come up with that idea when
2:02I moved into my new house has transition
2:05there was a stock Christian intended
2:07the window is there with the balance to
2:10the curtains and i was eating with the
2:12two instruction and still stopping and
2:15running out to the garage and getting
2:16the proper brush i just took the two
2:18instruction jazz in their direction but
2:22I got a job that was less than perfect
2:24so finish my job well on the next day
2:27though I gotta wash my hands just was
2:30staring me in the face that thang on
2:32spot that I should have got the detail
2:34brush work and it did it every day for
2:37two years or so until finally that's
2:40just on in my head while I just trust
2:42the brush and so you did just like any
2:48inventor would do now you have a
2:51background in construction or do you
2:54build things for a living I mean just
2:55being able to cut a brush in half or
2:57have that idea
2:58it's pretty phenomenal i have you future
3:01years of training while I construction
3:06guys from there I went into the cabinet
3:08making in that tight and stuff so I was
3:11at home in all those places so that made
3:13it up
3:15yeah well it sounds like you're a little
3:16handy which is always good for an
3:19inventor to be when you have an idea of
3:21being able to make it yourself is this
3:23pretty cool let's um let's just jump
3:26ahead a little bit to getting the
3:29product developed to getting it may be
3:32going through your prototype stages
3:34what kind of work was that and you know
3:36did you run into some roadblocks and
3:38some headaches but also i can see
3:40obviously you you you pushed through
3:42them because you're your products
3:43selling right so who's the tech tonight
3:47so restrictions of engineering drawing
3:49major of the invention first and then I
3:52started telling people that I ought to
3:54help me find a manufacturer actually um
3:58I thought we really gonna be easy to be
4:00on one of the biggest surprises was you
4:03know there are several Russian makers
4:05and non things that I thought would be
4:07great partners and we love that the man
4:09not a sticker on this
4:11but for whatever reason American
4:15manufacturers he didn't want to have any
4:17part of this session don't know if they
4:20wanted to keep with rush market the way
4:22it's been always or whatever their
4:24reasons are
4:25I would talk to him three or four or
4:27five times surely and present couple of
4:29these in our office
4:30great now that for you to go over sheet
4:35and that was a really challenging
4:37process found the broker up in my austin
4:40that actually has boots on the ground in
4:42China several folks in country on they
4:45were able to go through the different
4:47processes of getting out of
4:50manufacturing facilities to make a
4:52product like this let's look up with
4:54your very very fact a lot of work
4:57yeah had not and we get that a lot here
5:00through at the at the launchpad that you
5:02know it is a battle I don't want to say
5:04the word stressful but it takes a lot of
5:07push you have to really be a go-getter
5:09to take a product from idea stage and
5:12get it through manufacturing get to
5:13prototyping because you know people are
5:15are constantly getting pushed back or
5:18something doesn't go right and they're
5:20not they're getting discouraged so an
5:23adventure such as yourself that was
5:25those discouraging times you can't let
5:27those hold you back and it's obvious
5:28that they didn't and you move through
5:30the process and you know having a
5:32product that's selling on the market is
5:34it's it's really commendable a lot of
5:37people it never gets to that point
5:39oh thank you and you're right the loans
5:43to those notes you can even stack them
5:45up how many notices the music of our
5:48house and it does you just shake it
5:50cheap after the next day today the next
5:54person is another Shira later you're
5:56going to find that way you guys are my
6:00so that's straight and hoping in the
6:05well I think that were on that way
6:07you're exactly right everyone show this
6:09product to including the guys at HSN to
6:13everyone loves the product it's finding
6:15that sweet spot is finding that right
6:16person to take that product to the next
6:19level and and that's what we're all
6:21looking for because I do believe the
6:22product is good so so what's that
6:25forward a little bit too to your trip
6:29down here to to HSN studios where did
6:32you get the word that that the product
6:33was going to be featured on HSN it was
6:36about two months ago that we don't you
6:39go right for solely with this product
6:41was accepted and it will be hearing on
6:43HSN I'm another that three months ago
6:45you shouldn't medium Allen said would
6:47you want to show you can imagine how
6:51many times i've read that look
6:54no what no what huh really you know do I
6:58want to be on hsl you know immediately
7:00the reply was no you might the one
7:03that's crazy but then we thought about
7:05and talked about my wife and my head
7:08what an adventure
7:09how long will that be let's do it yeah
7:12that the great part about having and
7:14invent their product developer speaking
7:17about their product whether it's on
7:19camera whether it's on a radio on a
7:21podcast such as this is that the the
7:24level of of exotic anxiety i want the
7:29level of enthusiasm comes through when
7:32the inventors talking about the product
7:34and you it's hard to get that from
7:36someone that you just say hey can you
7:38sell my product on error can you talk
7:39about my product on the radio
7:41what we found from when an inventor is
7:44talking about their idea when it come to
7:46they are so excited about it and being
7:49on the air be on HSN that actually would
7:52be pretty nerve-racking all i gotta tell
7:57you we came down saturday so we got on
8:01playing Saturdays in static chain down
8:03enjoy your wonderful slave Florida for a
8:05couple days friday about when i was
8:09leaving work that's 110 anxiety was just
8:14thinkin you're going on an adventure
8:16that's going to end you on a on a studio
8:19show with some guy online video the
8:21shoulders and giving you three years it
8:25was a it was taunting the student
8:27well the good part is that
8:31you got to work with one of the legends
8:34of TV shopping
8:35mom mr. bob circosta he is
8:38world-renowned he knows everybody within
8:41the TV shopping industry obviously the
8:43retail industry and also he's been doing
8:45this for so long so being able to work
8:47with Bob and up and going and doing a
8:50little bit of training so you want the
8:51day before to HSN studios can give me a
8:55little background on that and and what
8:56they ask you to do
8:57sure we showed up at HSN and about ten
9:01o'clock in the morning and bill green
9:03leaves you with the guys from HS and
9:05talk about half of those nose and the
9:08first we went into a proper true that he
9:11went through trying to bone live
9:13shelling on TV shelf tactics so you know
9:16basic stuff look at the chamber is short
9:19because we don't run off and chic slowly
9:22sure people can understand it hold of
9:24russia in front of the camera don't know
9:27Lou fast those kind of things kind of
9:29some of the technical stuff to make sure
9:32that we're ready to she won't you know
9:34to be in front
9:36yeah then and you know it's funny that
9:38you say that because a lot of times we
9:40would never think of those things you
9:42know because we watch television all the
9:44time you and I and we watch those shows
9:45and and we think how they're just out
9:48there and they're talking about their
9:49product but there's a lot of training
9:51into a lot of things and you know
9:53they're not tricks but there's a lot of
9:54ways to stop you know things from
9:57looking looking bad on TV or allowing
10:00the viewers to see the product for a few
10:02more seconds
10:04you know so giving you that information
10:06it's pretty important things that you
10:07probably never even realized how about
10:09the set itself was what the actual HSN
10:11set or you just kind of in the green
10:13room or a different room for that first
10:16class we're upstairs and come true- let
10:18us know your glass water and trash allow
10:21for a little bit just drinking from a
10:23fire hose you there's so much
10:25information coming action and then make
10:27sure sounds around i'm going to say was
10:2920 by 20 a state set on edge cameras and
10:34had a a like a calendar so you could
10:37pretend that you were somebody and Bill
10:39presented that he was faster faster
10:42and we teach in the picture that's got
10:44like a five-minute time to put little he
10:47removed and get my stuff and then we
10:50were kind of did just the monster on hi
10:52I'm Christy link multi brush it does
10:55this of that and then did not like five
10:58minutes time I found 437 things we got
11:04all our job we have some fun and that
11:07was pretty much today monday that was
11:10yeah that's that even that was probably
11:14a little bit you know nerve-racking in a
11:16sense knowing that you're preparing to
11:19go onto a live set and that's the one
11:20thing about what people don't realize
11:22that other people might but they're
11:25watching on TV and they think they're
11:26fine and but when you walk on there that
11:29is a live feed right to people's homes
11:32it's not recorded if the house there may
11:35be a second or two delay but this is a
11:37live feed and did they mention those
11:39things through that was like oh
11:41definitely there was what you have to
11:44shovel others and viewing a part of the
11:47reason why don't you go into this just
11:48set there are monitors in front of you
11:51have multiple areas that show you what
11:53you're about to be on TV what's on TV
11:55now so that it you know if you're
11:58looking at those things if you see like
12:00I'm framing the brush now and you're in
12:02your universe is that was showing in
12:04about to be on set I wouldn't want it
12:07over here we have to be positioning
12:10yourself when you're out so that people
12:12can see her because like you're saying
12:14it's like there isn't reached if they
12:16cut to be my god my brush over your
12:19registration five seconds people in the
12:21molten brush across the world
12:24yeah yeah I can see that and it's good
12:26that they bring you for training I mean
12:28obviously you want to do that and it's a
12:30year i'm sure it was a lot of fun to go
12:32through that and then actually practice
12:35because you don't want to just go there
12:36live without having to do that today
12:39that they give you information on like
12:41what to wear and and kind of what time
12:44to get there the next day and kind of
12:46prepare well I was trying to learn so i
12:48want to i was planning on wearing the
12:50next day it was ok on 65 so hold it
12:54physical challenge sometimes for us said
12:57just standing next to somebody I'm so
12:59I'm world happen to know where was a
13:01gloriously button-down shirt nothing
13:03fancy make sure that would be fine and
13:08then they didn't go over the next week
13:09so they told us you're going to get your
13:10you know our our slot was shutting the
13:13eight in the morning four of us that
13:15we're going to go on and that slot that
13:17our um we have to get there
13:20I city in the morning you may pick up as
13:23many more they put stuff on the machine
13:26and shinedown when you you know every
13:28camera makes you look all I haven't been
13:30able to figure that
13:31yeah I say the same thing just have a
13:35full ahead is camera they can get
13:37involved get to run down how they would
13:41be the number one from here to show up
13:45today we were we were asked to show you
13:47laughs yeah yeah that's one thing I I i
13:51know for me to send they don't take they
13:53don't take anything to chance on a live
13:55show they want you there super early in
13:57case anything happens there's an
13:58accident on the road there whatever
13:59happens they want I mean I know when a
14:03nice to go with HSN day that I saw
14:06people sleeping on couches sleeping in
14:08the hallways just because they were
14:10there so early and they just wanted to
14:13make sure since the live show that
14:15they're going to be there so it's super
14:17important and that's kind of what makes
14:18the whole thing fun is because it is a
14:20live show there's no second chances that
14:22you said so when you get there in the
14:23morning on your kind of preparing did
14:26you meet some of the other guests that
14:27were on the show cause what I found and
14:31you know for my experiences everyone's
14:33nervous everyone there most of the
14:34people at this time slot our first time
14:37going on HSN and you'll have a lot to
14:40talk about because you're you're
14:41experiencing the same thing right
14:44we were on this lot where we were in the
14:46slot for other folks three of them were
14:48where with who
14:50it was myself and then Dom industrial
14:53and we spent pretty much the morning
14:54together we will confer make it up and
14:57then back to the waiting on and we went
14:59to they call it the green room more
15:02often guy I was the host of the show was
15:05time to get social you will involve and
15:08guy can walk through all of it was
15:11really about that time that was about 30
15:14minutes or seven o'clock when you're
15:17going to start everybody was doing there
15:20I mean every story you could you hardly
15:22could to form your senses your mouth
15:25starts driving up and start with my gosh
15:27what am I going to say why my standard
15:29you want to hold your hand brewing all
15:31those things you were told not to do
15:33about seven-thirty when that that just
15:37fireflight she's really well all
15:40yeah and and now you see why bob was
15:43there as a guest host no it's definitely
15:46help out because you know you I saw the
15:49show I thought you did a great job
15:50actually all of the guests did a great
15:52job in that hour but i have seen where
15:55people do freeze up and having a guest
15:57host just takes up that slack now it's
16:00because they don't know they don't know
16:01what's going to happen because it is
16:03well I was talking to one of the HS
16:05centers while the other folks were wrong
16:07and my desperation to ensure that i said
16:10to the guys exchange next time you
16:12decide to approach
16:14I mean that you can go up there and
16:16literally not anything cool information
16:19out of you in ways that they won over
16:22now my plans they know you know
16:24hopefully work and hopefully for
16:26Baltimore brush but then I just went up
16:29there to say hey I got a million things
16:30to say but these final approach
16:33I'm gonna just drop i'm here with
16:37whatever they ask for and that's what I
16:40practice last time with my collection
16:42hopefully all the mall
16:43now I did it it did you did a great job
16:45having Bob guy on there obviously those
16:48are some some great hosts and you had a
16:51good time slot also that you were on you
16:54were on right after joy Mangano which
16:56brings a lot of viewers you remember
16:59from the movie joy it brings a lot of
17:01viewers he has an hour's spot just
17:04before you went on so it brings a lot of
17:05viewers and then I want you to host that
17:07you had like i said bob is is an expert
17:10at the stuff he doesn't even hesitate
17:12which is good and I I I thought you did
17:15an excellent job for first time being on
17:18live television so what real quick i
17:21just wanted what kind of close up with
17:24just some your view on on the whole
17:27experience with doing HSN and and how do
17:29you think everything went well we don't
17:32have any financial information that's
17:34going to take all their fathers you
17:36should get back as we were walking out
17:38that went really well all times which
17:40means that the people calling in more
17:42able to actually contact show that means
17:45a lot of people were calling to feel
17:47pretty good about that the show is an
17:49experience at oh my gosh i'm going to be
17:52a plus a plus to the move my wife and I
17:56had just had a flash
17:57they welcomed us and she was able to go
18:00with me almost every step of the way we
18:02had fun everybody was a great trip to
18:06move the office you're with this whole
18:08time and he was able to go into motion
18:10the area's my home it was just it was a
18:14spectacular ending bears out there if
18:17you have the chance to be modest
18:19oh my gosh jump in believing you just
18:24jumped it was great
18:25that's good cause I'm glad you had a
18:28good time
18:29HSN I needed even shopping channels it
18:31was so much fun
18:32the great part about this whole
18:34experience is that you see your product
18:36all of the years all the time that you
18:38spent on it coming to come to
18:40accumulating to this particular
18:42experience and being able to sell a
18:44product live on HSN I am so glad that it
18:47got to this point and as I said I
18:49thought you did a great job and and I
18:51appreciate you coming on the show right
18:53after your experience at HSN
18:56doubt you know we wish you best luck and
18:58selling that product and retail stores
19:01alright well thank you guys you know
19:03will for the police torture sound here
19:06at HSN show yourself some of the big box
19:09retail commercial she was tomorrow
19:11thanks so much for mine and rich in
19:14Greece or thank you crazy take carefully
19:17all right