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Inventors Launchpad has disrupted the invention industry by reimagining the development process into the fastest and most cost effective way to monetize an invention.

Your journey begins here, learn how it works below.

The following stages describe the steps your project will take when launching your product.

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Stage OnePreliminary Manufacturing and Supply Chain Research

Preliminary Manufacturing and Supply Chain Research

Stage One provides the invaluable data required to make an educated decision on how best to proceed.

Complete Product Production Evaluation

Review Material Specifications and Design Requirements

Identify Manufacturing Facility

Verify Production Capabilities

Qualify Product Cost

Identify Minimum Order Requirements

Determine Manufacturing Price Break Points

Determine Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Determine Wholesale, Distributor and Retail Pricing

Stage Two3D Renderings and Animation

3D Renderings and Animation

Stage Two provides a three dimensional animated representation of the invention. Developed to properly illustrate ideas to engineers, manufacturers and investors.

Complete Investor Quality Visual Proof of Concept

Complete Product Rendering

Create 3D Product Animation

Design 3D Product Package Rendering

Test Product Assumptions and Variables

Stage ThreeProduction Strategy

Production Strategy

Stage Three determines budgetary, engineering and inventory requirements for your manufacturing project.

The Inventors Launchpad’s team will work with you and your investors to determine project objectives, timelines and budgetary goals.

A deposit payment equal to 30% of the Estimated Product Cost is due to proceed.

Stage FourProduct Design and Engineering

Product Design and Engineering

Stage Four determines product specifications and manufacturing requirements.

The Inventors Launchpad’s team will work with you to develop a Design For Manufacturing (DFM) to detail production specifications, requirements and objectives. This includes materials, molds and tooling.

A deposit payment equal to 100% of Estimated Molds/Tooling Cost is due to proceed.

Stage FivePreproduction Sample Evaluation

Preproduction Sample Evaluation

Stage Five delivers a Preproduction Sample for your approval.

Inventors Launchpad will jointly work with our selected factory to ensure the DFM produces a Preproduction Sample as required. Preproduction Sample will be delivered to you for your approval.

Once Preproduction Sample is approved, production will be ready to begin.

Upon approval of Preproduction Sample, project balance will be due to proceed.

Stage SixManufacturing Launch

Manufacturing Launch

Stage Six – Production begins!

Your manufacturing run will be officially queued for production. Inventors Launchpad will manage production timeline and quality assurance per Stage Four requirements.

Molds/Tooling average timeline of 45-60 days
Product production average timeline of 30 days for minimum order requirements.

Stage SevenShipping and Logistics

Shipping and Logistics

Stage Seven delivers your inventory to your facility or fulfillment center.

Inventors Launchpad will ensure your product is prepared for pick up and delivery of your inventory to any facility chosen. Most clients choose an Amazon or E-commerce fulfillment center.

Shipping and logistics fees will be due prior to shipping.

Final StageProduct Launch

Product Launch

Final Stage – Congratulations, you are ready to launch!

Inventors Launchpad will be here for every step of the way. Our ultimate objective is for your product to succeed. If your product succeeds, you will re-order and we share in your success.

Inventors Launchpad will guide you through the world of marketing, distribution and intellectual property strategies. It is our goal to be forever tied to your success and therefore a part of your team for life!