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June 14, 2017
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Mike Pepper Inventor of The Ultimate Cup Talks How to Move Your Invention into Retail by Finding Your Niche
June 15, 2017

If you are an inventor, we are the path to As Seen On TV and retail like Walmart, Walgreens, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, CVS and many more top retailers.

We are looking for products to sell on TV. TV is the starting point to large retail roll-outs.

We do not charge any fees of any kind. We license items and pay royalties when they sell.

You do not even need a patent or patent pending.

If you have a product that you think has potential to sell on TV please contact me through LinkedIn or at

We can get your product to market fast AND AT NO COST TO YOU.

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Podcast Notes

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0:04hi everyone and welcome to inventors
0:07launchpad roadmap to success
0:09I am carmine disco your host and today
0:13on the launchpad we have a special guest
0:15someone who has been in the as seen on
0:18TV industry for over 20 years and he's
0:22seen so many products run things through
0:24knows what works knows what doesn't
0:27using some special software as he uses
0:29people use his focus groups I'm sure to
0:31see what is going to work his name is
0:33Bob greenstone and he is the CEO of as
0:37seen on TV wholesale and I have my line
0:40hey Bobby over there I sure I'm good to
0:43see it hey Bob thanks for being on the
0:45show today and I appreciate that you've
0:48given us some time you know we hear all
0:52the time about as-seen-on-tv and
0:53products we see them on television I see
0:55in myself and you know I'm sure you when
0:57you're watching TV you see them and a
0:59lot of people aren't sure what it takes
1:03to really get a product on TV and you're
1:06one of those guys that's been doing it
1:08for a long time and before we get into
1:09that but give us a little bit of your
1:12background and kind of how you got into
1:13this industry the I got into the
1:19industry a little bit through the back
1:20door the a lot of people in the industry
1:22were kind of there was a small cluster
1:24of people in different parts of the
1:26country in New Jersey and the Upper
1:28Midwest in LA I got into it through a
1:32local channel I was running a lot of
1:35advertising local market advertising in
1:37San Diego for local retailers and my my
1:42rep came to me one day and he said you
1:44know they've just put me in charge of
1:4630-minute time on TV and I never heard
1:49of that before this is a very early
1:511990s and I said I don't know what what
1:55does that have to do with me he said
1:56well I can get to you 30 minutes to
1:58reach 450,000 or 500,000 people for $15
2:02on channel 4 Oh prime time Wow that's
2:06that does sound interesting to me he
2:08said the only thing is you have to
2:09create content for it
2:10so we said about starting to create
2:13or the same local retailers that were
2:16selling carpeting in cars their malls
2:18plastic surgeons and we started making
2:21these these commercials we'd make a ten
2:24minute commercial and then loop them
2:26three times in the thirty minutes and
2:28they work so much better than anything
2:30else that was out there people were
2:32still channel surfing they're their
2:34cattle clippers not like today where
2:36it's all digital and the menus and stuff
2:37and also the none of the faces were
2:41digital so there was a lot of a lot of
2:43airtime available and we started doing
2:45this was extremely successful and more
2:48and more people started to approach us
2:49to do it that there was a fellow from
2:51New Jersey guy named Ron Gore I am good
2:54friend of mine who is a hypnotist and he
2:56was putting on seminars around the
2:58country lose weight with hypnosis and he
3:01was advertising the newspaper and he had
3:02guys running around the country giving
3:04me seminars of local hotels and he was
3:06in San Diego saw one of our phones and
3:08he said uh you know you think you can
3:10make one of those commercials for me um
3:12I said yeah sure he said the only thing
3:17is you got to buy the time for me all
3:19around the country not to San Diego they
3:22said sure no problem I didn't know what
3:24was involved at that point but back in
3:26when we did this 1993 or so there were
3:2911,000 cable systems in the US I mean
3:32there were cable systems I had 10 people
3:34so so uh we didn't know which ones there
3:38were some bigger ones but even LA had 30
3:41cable systems so it was it was
3:43phenomenal but we we got this book it
3:45was about the size of a small phone book
3:48and it had the list of all the cable
3:49systems how many subscribers what
3:51channels and stuff like that and we
3:53started contact them and built up a
3:55database of who would accept this
3:5730-minute time advertising and literally
4:01built built a whole business over that
4:03which was thriving till the late 90s
4:05buying air time and doing commercials
4:08and then buying time for other people
4:10like Ferran Tokyo
4:11Carlton sheeds Donna pre if anyone
4:14remembers him a lot of these guys are in
4:16jail or have been in jail since then but
4:18but the we became a leader in that space
4:21and a lot of people were giving us their
4:24commercials to run on a on a like a CPA
4:27we've run the commercial and we'd all
4:29get paid depending on the number of Wars
4:30but as everything digitized towards the
4:33late 90s early 2000s all those if you if
4:38you're old enough to remember flipping
4:40through the TV and seeing blue screens
4:42that doesn't exist anymore but back then
4:45they're all the Egan's flip through the
4:47channels orbiting space but all that's
4:49gone now and we ended up in the in the
4:53process of doing that we became very
4:55expert at running websites as well so we
4:57started running websites for the shows
4:59that we were doing and eventually we're
5:03able to accumulate a vast amount of
5:06experience and data related to what was
5:10going on in the marketplace and the
5:12types of people responding to
5:13commercials and stuff so that was that
5:15was how he genesis and we got into I
5:18mean you kind of created created that
5:21industry I mean and and being able to
5:24coordinate putting your commercials on
5:27that many stations it must have taken a
5:29lot of work it was a lot of work I mean
5:32if we created anything it was that kind
5:34of unbound network of local cable
5:36systems certainly there was the people
5:39that are thought were far further along
5:41than we were though the industry itself
5:44gen was all TV everything that was sold
5:49was sold on the TV as people saw and
5:52they call the 800 number where they send
5:53in a check to the to the mail order
5:56address but there was really very little
5:58or no retail content for today the
6:03industry is entirely different we're at
6:05least for the short form what we call
6:06short form of the two-minute commercials
6:08you see like on Fox News or or on MSNBC
6:12or CNN trying to be political correct
6:13correct or whatever you like to watch
6:17the the those are really geared towards
6:21a bigger program which ultimately
6:23results in the product getting into the
6:25big-box retailers Walmart being the most
6:28important Bed Bath & Beyond Target
6:30rite-aid CVS etc so the industry
6:33gravitated from being selling on TV make
6:37a buck to drive
6:40some TV to offset costs and then mainly
6:42get it into the big-box retailers which
6:45is where all the money's paid today wow
6:47that's a and that's a huge difference
6:49the the technologies that you have seen
6:52you know come and go through the years
6:55must be astonishing to you I mean like
6:58you said you mentioned and some of our
7:00listeners would never even dream of
7:02actually sending a check in to buy
7:05something too now where you can
7:07intimately purchase something and almost
7:08have it the next that day or this day
7:11you have seen so many changes well I got
7:16to tell you the one of the biggest
7:17changes recently that's driving that I
7:19wouldn't say it's the technology changes
7:21though more and more going to the web
7:23but Amazon has really changed the entire
7:27game because they've up the they've
7:30upped the bar on everything so while
7:32that's a good thing a lot of sales of a
7:35seen on tv products now that we run in
7:37another marketers are on different does
7:39come in through Amazon Amazon also can
7:43Amazon can make or break a product
7:45today's because if you get a two rating
7:47or a one star rating on something that's
7:50going to kill your product and the
7:51retailers won't take and if they have it
7:53they may want to get out of it so you've
7:56got have got to be in the mid freeze
7:58plus to to really have a product work so
8:03Amazon has that huge effect plus so much
8:05stuff being sold Ramazan which kind of
8:07lowers our margins a little bit but
8:10they're a huge influence are definitely
8:12a game changer for sure yeah what an
8:14amazing something that you wouldn't see
8:17coming a few years ago really I mean you
8:19knew they would be big but to really
8:21change the industry to have a company
8:23how that kind of effect is it's pretty
8:25phenomenal it really is yeah well Jeff
8:28gives us I think is the richest man in
8:30the world now or will be soon
8:32I'm as I was trading it I looked at this
8:34morning a thousand twelve dollars a
8:36share not that it broke a thousand
8:39dollars that's amazing yeah I know my
8:42wife and I buying stuff on Amazon all
8:43day why go why go to the store you know
8:46we just we just open up the app or go
8:48online but it sounds like I'm doing a
8:50little commercial for Amazon you know
8:52that they're in
8:53but they've definitely changed not only
8:56asking on TV they've changed every
8:57industry this lottery I agree and it's
9:00hard not that it's hard to talk badly
9:02about them they really are good at what
9:03they do their values a huge respect for
9:07Jeff Jesus brilliant guy and I'm glad to
9:10be able to ride on his coattails a
9:11little bit no doubt about it now just
9:15kind of switching switching gears a
9:17little bit a lot of products that come
9:18into my facility I know that you see
9:21hundreds of products what are you
9:26looking for like like like when somebody
9:28comes to you and I'm sure you hear it
9:29all the whoo the products that you're
9:31looking for as seen on TV are there
9:33certain characteristics that you look
9:35for right away that's for sure the B
9:39it's really two sets of rules that I
9:42have kind of just internalized in my
9:44mind so I can I can look through huge
9:46quantities of product sometimes I'll
9:47just get on Amazon or Alibaba and just
9:50start scanning through it I can look at
9:51thousands of products a day and maybe
9:53find one or two that that meet the
9:56criteria what I'm looking for the most
9:58important thing and when I talk to an
10:00inventor or an inventor wants to submit
10:02a product to me particularly a lot of
10:04them are rightfully paranoid about
10:06sharing stuff people they don't know
10:08nobody really knows you know who sue at
10:10their the the first thing I say is or I
10:15want to know is what problem does the
10:16product solve it's got a the whole thing
10:19about as seen on TV and for any product
10:22you want it to solve a problem you're
10:23going to buy a product self bra the
10:25pressing on TV it's got to be stronger
10:29in that area to get somebody to get the
10:32impulse to go online in order or to make
10:35the phone call in order on this it's
10:38about 60 70 % web orders now and the
10:41balance phone order some two percent
10:43those mail orders let's still come in
10:45and money or believe it or not but the
10:48the first thing I want to know is what
10:50problem does it solve and um the next
10:54the next thing I want to know about is
10:56what will it sell for because the short
10:59form as seen on TV tends to be an under
11:02$100 market under mainly under 50 mainly
11:06like $10 $20 $29.99 that's that though
11:11there are some products breaking the
11:12rules on that recently so I want to know
11:15what what it will sell for and but the
11:20problem is really the main thing if you
11:22if it's a problem that resonates with me
11:24because I get to see a lot of problems
11:25solution then I want to kind of figure
11:27out how how unique is it doesn't have to
11:29be like no one's ever thought of it or
11:31done it before you may even be able to
11:33go to Amazon and look up things about
11:35that category and see if people are
11:36buying products like that but the the
11:40problem that solves is if it resonates
11:42with me and I go wow I'd like that you
11:45know it were I'll ask my wife or ask a
11:47friend that's that's the animal one what
11:49problems is it solved and then kind of
11:51kind of solve a problem at a at a
11:52reasonable cost and are there a lot of
11:56easy substitutes for it so those are
11:59those are the initial things I will yeah
12:01those and those are big pieces I know
12:03that you you know price I'm sure is a
12:05big thing but the problem is is very
12:08important and you probably hear this a
12:09lot and you know want to when a
12:12potential client brings a product to you
12:16they at you ask them you know who's it
12:18for they tell you that it's for everyone
12:19in the world you find yourself having to
12:23figure out who that target market is for
12:25or does the inventor agree with you or
12:28is there a quick way for you to figure
12:30out who that market is you know I'm
12:33looking for mass market stuff the
12:36advertising TV advertising is extremely
12:39expensive and there's been fewer and
12:42fewer people watching TV and but the
12:44cost haven't gone down in fact in a lot
12:46of cases the cost of got out in buying
12:47commercials the end even though there's
12:50so many more stations the you've got to
12:53be able to cross that threshold of
12:56achieving an effective result when you
12:59do put it on TV so the size of market is
13:02extremely important we're looking for
13:05things like all men all women all
13:08seniors all dog owners all cat owners
13:12but yet deal still you'll find some
13:14products out there City through watching
13:16you know late night TV you'll find
13:18people or commercial
13:19about catheters and things like that now
13:22that's an important item for the person
13:25that that's buying those and it's also a
13:27market where they'll continue to buy
13:29over and over so improves the economic
13:30that's a relatively small mark I'm not
13:32sure how many people use catheters in
13:34the United States but it's a relatively
13:37small compared to dog owners for sure
13:40and dog owners that use catheters I'll
13:42allow what that market is is the hair is
13:47there a category that stands out of your
13:49mind or as you said you know it just got
13:51to be a mass the categories that tend to
13:55do well the products that did well in
13:57the early 80s kind of pioneered by
13:59people like Ron Popeil
14:01our total marketing genius things like
14:05the slicers and Dicers very good stuff
14:10the choppers is veg-o-matic some hair
14:13products household products kitchen
14:16gadgets storage gadgets it's pretty
14:23eclectic lawn and garden I mean there's
14:25categories in fact is a great website
14:27out there as seen on tv comm not to be
14:31confused with our company as you know TV
14:32wholesale but as seen on tv comm they're
14:34kind of a catalogue of everything that
14:37that's out there and has been out there
14:38for many years and an inventor could
14:41kind of go through that look at their
14:42categories and bust through and see the
14:45types of things that are there so that's
14:47really a good reference for the types of
14:49things that are interesting but some of
14:51the things we take on like one of our
14:53one of our biggest products for our
14:55company's product called wonder wallet
14:56and basically not not too many wallets
14:59that there's been a couple of wallets
15:00ever sold on TV through a wallet Aluma
15:04wallet the aluminum one ours was brought
15:06to us by an inventing we met on LinkedIn
15:09and great guy and the the he invented
15:15and patented effect when he opens up the
15:18wallet instead of the cards being this
15:20one horizontal they're they're vertical
15:23so he's able to lay out more and have
15:26the wallet be thinner so and he got a
15:28patent on the way that lays out and so a
15:30lot of you
15:32excessive million so so but that's I
15:35wouldn't necessarily think about wallet
15:37category but the reason people like that
15:39men liked it because it took away this
15:41fat wallet there's actually a medical
15:43condition called fat wallet syndrome
15:45that causes sciatic pain and a lot of
15:47guys have you know it's like they go to
15:49their chiropractor say you know take the
15:51wallet out of your pocket move me a
15:53hundred bucks so and then women like it
15:56because when they when they open it up
15:58at the checkout counter they can see all
16:00their cards everything's there and in a
16:02kind of a photo album view so they love
16:04that so and it solved the problem that
16:06people didn't really think about too
16:08much and there's other thing wallets out
16:10there but for some reason this one
16:12resonated it was solve that problem for
16:15enough consumers to achieve the
16:18necessary result when offended necessary
16:21result is one really super important
16:23concept in the asking on TV it's called
16:25CP o finish shows for cost per order and
16:30CTO is if you buy a hundred dollars
16:33worth of television time and you get ten
16:35orders ten into 110 it's a ten dollar
16:38Cpl if you get five orders of $20 CPR
16:41two orders of $50 CPM and that CP o cost
16:45per order is a very very critical factor
16:48in terms of determining whether or not a
16:51TV campaign can roll out and other words
16:54were hundreds of thousands or millions
16:55of dollars meaning it can be purchased
16:57effectively so in order to get to retail
17:01the alt the end result of all this stuff
17:04is to get it into Walmart so to get it
17:06into Walmart you have to run a bunch of
17:08TV so the Walmart as seen on TV buyer
17:10will say okay your skills support this
17:13with TV we'll take it into our store but
17:15in order to get there you have to have a
17:17low enough CTO to make the program work
17:19so all roads lead to on one end Walmart
17:22the other end getting a low enough CTO
17:24to work and that whole kind of
17:29infrastructure works together in unison
17:33most inventors are surprised to find out
17:36that products that are advertised on TV
17:38now in the short form can't really speak
17:41too much for the 30 minute sign but in
17:42the short form almost all the products
17:44being out
17:44guys are losing money they're being run
17:46TV on a loss and the purpose of the
17:50running the TV is to support the
17:54retailer in getting those products
17:56moving off the shelf in asking on TV
17:59which is one of the most productive
18:00categories in in retailers asking on
18:03some date because we're driving people
18:05to it Wow
18:06I mean the way you explain it it sounds
18:08how about you're easy you're saying talk
18:11about oh they're losing but it's it
18:13seems like it's a science I mean the
18:15strategy that you're putting together
18:16and it's all towards that end game and
18:19you know it's just it is to me it sounds
18:22like you know it's like it's like
18:23putting together a site it's like a
18:24science there's no doubt about it I mean
18:26it's very cool the way you guys do that
18:28is what I love is about the way the
18:32commercial way the commercials are run
18:34is they're very creative I like actually
18:37watching some of the too many
18:39commercials because some of the products
18:41that make it sound like a product are so
18:43fun or that they are being used so well
18:45and that a lot of the products are good
18:46but the way that they're the way that
18:49they're presented it's like in a you
18:51know it makes you want to watch you know
18:54the it is very much a science it's
18:57definitely a very process the the
19:01process is specific each company has its
19:04own process we have our process other
19:06marketers out there have their process
19:08but there's there's a method to it you
19:13know they almost all start up you know
19:14oh no is this your you have a belly like
19:16this you know now we've got em it's in
19:18black and white to it the person you
19:20know looking like deaf communities where
19:23our and then no not anymore because now
19:27there's whatever the electric belt it
19:29you know maybe make you they could give
19:31you a six-pack just sitting and drinking
19:33a beer you know so and then you go
19:36through seizures and benefits and try
19:37and show the extended uses of it and
19:39eventually build an offer that's that's
19:43stimulating to the public and everyone's
19:46always experimenting what's a lot
19:48especially with shipping lately because
19:50Amazon and prime has really shaken up
19:54the whole shipping aspect of products
19:57which used to be a very big
19:58sources important source of products to
20:00us kind of going back to the Walmarts
20:02affected things cut our profit margins
20:04because the consumer won't let us get
20:06away with charging them a lot of
20:07shipping out there they're calling us on
20:10and saying no we're not going to we're
20:12not going to order if you try and do
20:13this out so yeah well it all works
20:17together but it's a science I was
20:19trained as a scientist I was trained as
20:21a geologist so the scientific method is
20:24really what we're doing you know it's
20:26yeah system you know you got to put a
20:29lot through it because our experiences
20:31you got it you got to touch fifty
20:32potential products that look like they
20:34have potential to get one to work on TV
20:36and we might have two out of those 50 we
20:39might make five commercials
20:40none of those five commercials one may
20:42get an acceptable CTO and make it
20:45through the jump all the bars to get
20:49them into the Walmart and it makes a
20:51million Wow it took brings you to a
20:53quick question so if you're testing say
20:56say 50 products do you run small tests
20:59of the product like you make a
21:01commercial I guess do you run tests
21:03somewhere you know a compressed area to
21:07do some testing you know we do like
21:11surveys and we have this predictive
21:13process that we use where we can dip
21:17into databases of people that have
21:19purchased asking on TV products from us
21:21in the past and depending on that we we
21:24sell to the profile from that it gives
21:26us an idea as to whether or not there's
21:29there's interest in it for every 10
21:33products we send out maybe one makes it
21:36through the process strong enough to say
21:40hey we should make this a TV commercial
21:41that's really where the investment
21:43starts when we start to get a commercial
21:45aspect I will yes we want to really want
21:51to screen out as much as possible and
21:53you never know which one I mean I'm
21:55always shocked I'll send up 10 and it's
21:57you know if I had to bet my life on it
22:00it's definitely Russian roulette with
22:02nine bullets in the gun in one empty
22:04chamber the chance you don't know which
22:06one they're going to be empty so we just
22:08keep testing and testing and testing
22:09testing it's a
22:13it's I want to say it's fun because
22:17we're always looking a lot of product
22:18it's scary because you never know which
22:21one's going to work and we have to talk
22:22to a lot of inventors and try a lot of
22:24things and a lot of people kind of go
22:26away disappointed with our our system we
22:30don't charge inventors anything we're
22:31strictly we pay all the expenses we take
22:33off 100% of the responsibility for
22:36everything from beginning to end because
22:38we're not looking at we're not selling a
22:39service to them not that it's anything
22:41wrong with that but our model is just
22:43find the product and find the one in 50
22:45that works and not try and make anything
22:47off adventures the inventors like that
22:49so we'll scary to them because they get
22:51approached by a lot of people that say
22:54hey we're going to sell you this service
22:56of that service so we're just we're just
22:57trying to see if their product will fit
23:00our system and then go from there yeah
23:04well that's one of the reasons that I
23:06thought and then wanted to get you on
23:08the show because I thought that your
23:09process could fit into a lot of people
23:12that are looking to get their product
23:14out there and I n you know that the
23:17process of you guys taking on that risk
23:20is super important for a lot of the
23:22inventors a lot of the inventors don't
23:23have those funds to move their product
23:26forward what I like about what you guys
23:27do is there's very minimal risk and
23:30resources to be put in with the inventor
23:33so it kind of opens them up to really go
23:34and work with you you're even saying
23:37earlier that even if they don't have if
23:39they're not patented or even patent
23:41pending you'll still look at the product
23:43and maybe be able to move it forward yes
23:46what will even look I'll even look at
23:49and talk to someone who's identified a
23:51problem because sometimes from the
23:53problem then we can brainstorm together
23:55how do we take it to the the next stage
23:59how do we actually manifest it
24:01physically and and B and that's we do a
24:05lot of our own inventing ourselves where
24:07we've invented a product that it's going
24:10to be rolling out our students a nail
24:12clipper special nail clipper and
24:14becoming older and fatter and less
24:16flexible I found myself bending over to
24:18cut my nails you know it's like dark
24:20down there and the shadow of my own body
24:22on it well and it's so
24:25I thought there's got to be a better way
24:27to do this and I found a line an ounce
24:29leopard that has kind of a rotating and
24:31not it which was good it was it was good
24:34but I still couldn't see it was dark so
24:36I thought okay you know I'm going to put
24:37a light on this thing and so we have a
24:41prototype built with a light at the end
24:43of it LED light and it rotates around
24:46would be would be the angle of the
24:48Clipper and that we call a wonderful
24:51affair it's going to be rolling out got
24:52a patent on it and and solving the
24:56problem for ourselves so the problem was
24:58you know clipping your toenails when
25:00you're older and fatter there's a lot of
25:02older battery guys or women - god bless
25:05and and everyone that looked at it that
25:08was in my demographic just went that's
25:10like amazing I want that I need that so
25:13it's really the problem and then we can
25:15go from problems in the next day now in
25:18terms of royalty value and things like
25:20that a product that's just an idea is
25:23worth a lot less than a product that's
25:26prototypes as inventory sales history
25:28etc but it's proportional to the to what
25:33it is and we're connected with several
25:37thousand inventors on LinkedIn and I'm
25:38always challenging them almost yelling
25:40out to like you know like just keep
25:43inventing stuff keep coming up with
25:44ideas just send me the idea is well you
25:46know if there's something that will work
25:48work with you on it and develop it so
25:51everything from just an idea to
25:52something that's already proven and
25:54selling and going we're interested in
25:57all and they have different values tips
25:59no that's great and any of you listeners
26:02out there you know Bob greenstone look
26:05them up on LinkedIn if you're not
26:06connected to them you know this he's
26:09telling you to submit your products
26:11don't he is always right Bob I mean
26:13you're constantly looking for products
26:15you there's never all oh right every day
26:17when I'm eating my rice krispies and my
26:20cup of coffee I'm looking through
26:22thumbing through Amazon or Alibaba or
26:24looking at catalogs looking for ideas
26:27looking for problem solutions that
26:29nobody's really commercialized on TV one
26:32one tonight once a problem has been
26:33solved on TV chances are no other
26:37product will tend to work in that cat
26:39I worry for a few years - it's a pretty
26:41big product so we're looking for
26:43products where the promised solution has
26:45not already been exploited once it's
26:47been exploited you know it can take here
26:49you can bring things back after five to
26:51ten years but generally once that gap is
26:55filled it's filled so but there's a lot
26:58of problems out there I'm I'm amazed you
27:01know I know somebody back in the old
27:02days the Patent Office they said no you
27:04know you can close the Patent Office now
27:06because there's no new inventions you
27:07know it's like 150 years ago
27:09it's amazing to me everyday but I can in
27:13fairness your listeners of a lot of them
27:15seem to like to come up with new ways to
27:18poop or scoop though no no no Hooper's
27:22good first and then I think time a
27:24wonderful solutions are incredible no
27:26Chris Cooper's another popular one that
27:28I get several week is how to keep a bag
27:30open a trash bag but there's some
27:33products that you know everybody seems
27:35to be better consumers but but but
27:39beyond that there's still like thousands
27:41and thousands of problems to be solved
27:44and it's gotta be just so and we don't
27:47know what it is that's why we do these
27:49these little market tests we don't know
27:51what percentage of the population is
27:53going to respond like on the wallet
27:55thing you set that out there and a lot a
27:57lot of people responded the you can send
27:59out something else it just seems like
28:01amazing and so everyone's going to want
28:03this and you know it's crickets so you
28:07know you don't get any response
28:08whatsoever so we don't know yeah we just
28:10sold it well I like that you're doing
28:12testing we get that question a lot here
28:15when somebody brings us an idea they ask
28:17us you know what do we think of the idea
28:19and I say whether I like this product or
28:21not that doesn't mean that I'm the
28:23target market I'm the niche I'm the
28:25demographic and that's why you know
28:28having somebody like you being able to
28:30test their look at it now I know you
28:32have a system that you run some of your
28:34products through what's it called
28:35it's called predictive hit predict a hit
28:40and there's actually a website out there
28:42predict a hit calm where we have some
28:44information about it we used to sell it
28:46as a service to others and we offered it
28:49initially when we
28:51discovered it we actually discovered the
28:53fact that this email database that we
28:56had if we sent offers to it it would
29:00tend to emulate how a product would do
29:02on TV so we kind of stumbled across that
29:05ten years ago and then then we started
29:07to realize that even if a product hadn't
29:10been on TV if we if we put a product
29:12through that system that the be it would
29:16be tend to be a predictor and we
29:19predicted a lot of products a lot of
29:20successful products that have been on TV
29:22in the last ten years ran through that
29:24system since then other companies have
29:26kind of replicated that in their own way
29:28for themselves so which is uh you know
29:31big compliment to us it's become the
29:33industry standard for for identifying
29:36potential products not every company
29:37uses that some of them just go ahead
29:39they like a product they make the
29:41commercial and they put it on TV putting
29:43it on TV is the ultimate test but this
29:47definitely screams out a lot of products
29:50that just um they look they're fool's
29:52gold but they look like they have
29:53potential but they just they're just not
29:56going to sell so we want to get those
29:58out of the way as fast as possible and I
30:00gotta say in ten years of running tests
30:02there hasn't been one product that we
30:05tested that fails our system that we
30:08screened out that then became successful
30:10on TV later with some other marketer so
30:16that's too little time I phone you but
30:19but yes so that's that's uh that's
30:23that's estimate and if it's really
30:24powerful we don't we don't offer it as a
30:26service to anyone anymore
30:27um because we were just kind of greedy
30:32in myself and I uh a partner young young
30:34fella half my age innate Paquette he's
30:36not only my dear friend but I my partner
30:39and he does most of the work so I can
30:41play with my grandkids and we just have
30:44a system for taking these products
30:45putting them through this kind of like a
30:47wood chipper you ever see the wood
30:48chipper you put the wood in one side it
30:50comes without chips the other side we've
30:52run the wood chipper business and but
30:55it's a products when something's works
30:56it's great when it doesn't work it's you
30:59know it's could be sad for the inventor
31:02which is why we encourage inventors to
31:04really bring
31:05to us at the earliest possible stage you
31:08know if you feel compelled to take your
31:10kids college time in your retirement
31:12fund and hock your house I've seen a lot
31:14of stories like that and some of them do
31:16work out but I've seen some that you
31:20know just putting them through a rule
31:22set on our quick testing I could have
31:25saved a lot of time effort energy
31:26heartache and money in persons and you
31:29know we don't charge anything so and
31:31some people even want me tested they
31:33charge on and they continue you know
31:35they believe in their product and that's
31:36good to some there's some products out
31:38there that have become having gone
31:42through that have gone through a system
31:43that that didn't pass they became
31:45successful at retail so there's other
31:48ways to skin that cat yeah
31:50well that's why I'm actually glad you
31:52brought that up and that's why I like
31:53what you're doing so well because it's
31:56good to have competition out there
31:57there's no doubt about it
31:58but what I like what you're doing is
32:00you're segment and you're saying the I
32:01am doing as seen on tv products I'm not
32:04licensing the product you know you know
32:07there are people that want to license
32:08there are people who want to manufacture
32:09and go to retail right away so so you're
32:12saying I'm looking at as seen on tv
32:13products and I think that's great
32:15because if the product doesn't work well
32:18with you you could you could probably
32:19still give them some knowledge some
32:21experience on how to move it forward you
32:23might say I don't know how many you get
32:25this is a great product but it's just
32:27not good for as seen on TV I mean you
32:29get that most I mean I've got to look at
32:33some times I was mentioning that we test
32:3710 to find one to make TV commercial to
32:39find those 10 I'm a look at thousand so
32:43you know it's it's a very broad funnel
32:46and one little droplet out of the bottom
32:49so the get we look at a lot we really
32:53don't know people do ask us that the the
32:56bringing product to like a Walmart or a
32:58Bed Bath and Beyond
32:59what's called in line like we have a
33:02plumbing product in the plumbing
33:03department or you have a dog product or
33:05a department pet department that's a
33:09whole different value chain a whole
33:11different buyer Walmart has the as seen
33:14on TV buyer that's that that's they're
33:16asking them to be bars most of the
33:18sources that are selling
33:19lot of estimates we have as-seen-on-tv
33:20buyers and there they're a different cat
33:23then the person is buying plumbing
33:25supplies or office supplies or whatever
33:27so and what we just were not familiar
33:30with those chains so most of the time I
33:32have to say you know I just don't know
33:34I'd like to but I don't know I don't
33:36know the other parts of the taking and
33:38haven't really developed that expertise
33:39oh no no no yeah that's good you want to
33:42be focused I mean you actually know what
33:44you you know this is what you do and
33:46you're really helping the inventor by
33:48doing just what you do because you know
33:50an inventor is always looking for that
33:51one you know bright word that you're
33:54giving them so if you say listen this
33:55product is just not gonna work I
33:57wouldn't put any more money into it but
33:59you might want to try Walmart they're
34:02going Walmart you know so so it's kind
34:04of good that you stay focused on what
34:05you do you do it well but like we said I
34:08mean just because it doesn't fit in what
34:10you're doing it doesn't mean it's a bad
34:12product it just means that you have to
34:13go talk to somebody an expert in that
34:15side so that's what's good about it yeah
34:18I mean rarely will I tell an inventor
34:20Don yeah oh yeah forget it you want to
34:25be kind but but honest but I really
34:29don't know beyond as you know TV I don't
34:31I know I'm just ignorant of the other
34:34parts because I haven't put my attention
34:36there but I've seen a TV that's
34:38definitely an area where I have a lot of
34:41information knowledge and can screen
34:43things in or out rather quickly and
34:45there's guys out there a thousand times
34:48more more knowledgeable and successful
34:50than me that have had sold billions and
34:53billions ability installers with the
34:54product so there's a lot of guys out
34:56there that are they're super sharp break
34:58ties to other companies well you know
35:01the ass on TV area is a good place to
35:04start if you have an idea whether it
35:06works or not in that you know segment is
35:09is okay but it's a good place to start
35:12because you can read that out pretty
35:13quickly with not only a software but
35:15your your experience anyway and at least
35:18they can get that out of their head or
35:19they can move forward because a lot of
35:21people are making a product going I'm
35:22going to get this on an infomercial you
35:24know for five years they're building it
35:25for that and instead of you know weights
35:28in those five years I don't want to mean
35:29wasting but instead of using that we are
35:31the resources to go towards
35:32see on TV they could have spoken with
35:34you and you would say hey it you know
35:36you should try to go to retail or you
35:38should try to license it so I mean if
35:39again I can say is if so many out there
35:42has an invention has an idea they
35:43haven't reached out to you it's a it's a
35:45good time to reach out to Bahaman and
35:47ask them about your product send it over
35:49to them I mean we can give people very
35:52quick feedback I'll put it through my
35:55even just mental you know mental
35:58checklist of things like I said one of
36:01the first things that I'll want to know
36:03is what problem does it solve and if the
36:05problem sounds intriguing you know that
36:06way then we can continue on down the
36:08road a little bit on that and sometimes
36:11I have to look at it to see what problem
36:13solve that understand sometimes the
36:14inventor doesn't quite under can't
36:15articulate what it is the B but it's I
36:21think if somebody has a product and
36:23they're thinking about taking it to
36:24market and they think it has the
36:27potential for a scene on TV it solves
36:29the problem and has good impulse value
36:32it's worth getting professional
36:35information or opinion on yeah it does
36:39have potential you know we should we
36:40should see go down the road a little bit
36:42or no I don't think it really has any
36:44potential and and you know of course go
36:48talk to others as well people and people
36:50in my business are pretty accessible
36:52because we're always looking for ideas
36:54always looking for ideas so um I would
36:58encourage somebody if they think a
36:59product has a potential for TV check it
37:01out check it out we're happy to look at
37:05things we give really really quick
37:06turnaround a lot of times you know I
37:09could you and I contacted first by inna
37:11I was back to be pretty fast because I'm
37:12just waiting waiting for the email light
37:14to blink you know and I used to like my
37:17blackberry now it's an iPhone but the
37:19the red light would link you know you
37:21know the red light would blink I'd jump
37:22on my blackberry and so maybe it's a
37:25good invention sometimes there oh yeah
37:27no that ain't like you said you you know
37:29you need to look at a lot of products
37:31you know to get to that 10 or 15 and
37:35down to 10 and then to one or two and
37:37then through some testing so to you it's
37:39it's kind of like an assembly line in a
37:41way not to give away from the ideas or
37:43the inventions but you need to move
37:45pretty quickly
37:46you know tooktook i'm always encouraged
37:50by the fact inspired by Thomas Edison
37:52took 10,000 tries they say to come up
37:55with a light bulb you know he was
37:57iterating the whole time you know to get
38:00there but that it's really a game of
38:02persistence which is probably the key to
38:05success in anything in life keeper
38:07system sticking sticking with something
38:09that's worth sticking with you I totally
38:12hey Bob listen man we are we're out of
38:14time and I can't believe that we are
38:16ready but what I would want you to do is
38:19we spoke about LinkedIn getting in touch
38:21with you how else or should should there
38:24be a different way for somebody get in
38:25touch with you you know um LinkedIn is
38:28great my my email address can I give
38:32that okay oh yeah it would be Bob at ASO
38:37TV like s you know TV W core wholesale
38:41com baa-baa SOT BW calm and I'm always
38:45watching the red light blink and I'm
38:47always chicken by my LinkedIn account
38:49and have them contact you and you
38:53contact me so that would be great yeah
38:55yeah we appreciate it and for all you
38:57listeners we'll have all of Bob's
38:59information is contact information as
39:00well as the video here and information
39:04on our on our fate our Facebook page and
39:07also on inventors launch pads note page
39:09so you can go and get it there I send us
39:12a question we'll make sure we get it
39:13over to Bob also and Bob listen thank
39:16you so much I know you're a busy guy I
39:18wish we had some more time I would love
39:19to invite you back on the show at some
39:21point and hopefully we can get you get
39:23some time blocked out to do that I'd
39:26love to do it again have a great day a
39:27great week god bless and tight everybody
39:29out there thanks Bob take care