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February 28, 2017
Jim Debetta
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March 1, 2017

This CEO of PRODUCT COACH USA has been inventing since 2005 but developing since 2015. A full-time product Developer and Professional Product Licensing Coach. Jeff is also the President of The West Virginia Inventors Association and is the CEO of JAM INNOVATIONS LLC a product Development Company.

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Podcast Notes

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one and welcome to inventors
0:04launchpad roadmap to success
0:06I am car- go your host for today and on
0:11the launchpad we have a business owner
0:14he's been a business owner for over 25
0:16years she's an entrepreneur
0:17he's also an inventor which always is
0:20enthusiastic and great for me to have a
0:23fellow inventor on the scroll and the
0:25great thing about it is that he's a
0:27licensing coaching i read a little bit
0:29about this particular guests and I
0:32really want to dig into that lesson
0:34coach side and see how he's inventing
0:37and his experience and knowledge brought
0:39him into this side of it because i read
0:42about a minute feels like he's really
0:43killing it out there helping other
0:45inventors and helping entrepreneurs but
0:47let's bring him on it you got on a few
0:49minutes ago with the name is Jeffrey
0:50mangas and I think he's on hf you over
0:53I'm here thank you carmine age how's it
0:56going out their menu appreciate you
0:57being on the show today and I really
1:00want to just kind of gig in real quick
1:02and maybe get a little bit of background
1:04i don't know if you heard my quick intro
1:06you want to fill in a little bit of what
1:07I might have missed about your
1:08background and and we'll get started on
1:11some things about what you have going on
1:13now and in the future
1:15sounds great yes thank you so much again
1:18is jeff Magus and how I started
1:20businesses back in 2005 i had my first
1:24basically shot of light and Bennett a
1:26product called chest lock and it was I
1:28worked in cardiovascular surgery not
1:30there for 12 years this this device I
1:33invented and actually just recently
1:36license that product to a major
1:38manufacturer and but it took me all
1:40those years of doing things up to that
1:42point and but what where I'm at now is
1:47with the license in coaching at I couple
1:51years ago um I went back and
1:55unfortunately I was a victim of the
1:57inventor scheme uh and that's where it
2:02set set the tone for me to truly truly
2:04want to help inventors license your
2:07products and actually help them steer
2:10through the waters of invention we all
2:12we know this is a huge
2:13industry but it's also a very close-knit
2:15industry and and there's a lot of people
2:17out there that's that's willing to take
2:19inventor down the wrong path and take
2:22your money and into your bank accounts
2:24and that's what I'm here to do you save
2:25them that no no I know and I would agree
2:28with you the the invention industry
2:30itself there are some great players in
2:33the invention industry we have some
2:35theorists novel people to really out
2:37there helping and of course like almost
2:38every industry but it seems like the
2:40invention industry is something that is
2:42kind of full of smoke and mirrors and
2:44your i agree with that whichever that a
2:46hundred percent you have to be very
2:47careful and that's what's great Jeffrey
2:49about is it Jeffrey Jeffrey which is a
2:51it you can call me Jeff that's fine it's
2:53totally totally that's what people call
2:55ok yeah that was great about what you're
2:58doing is that you took kind of negative
3:01and you turned it around and I have
3:04talked to some people that you worked
3:05with and coached and they tell me that
3:09you are have some extreme knowledge in
3:11the invention side not only through
3:13product development manufacturing but
3:15also on the license excited real quick I
3:17want to kind of go back to your
3:18invention which is kind of awesome i
3:21didn't even realize that that was the
3:23adventure talking about you had said you
3:25would be worked in the medical field
3:26that's correct are working
3:27cardiovascular surgery for 12 years and
3:30not my device was a was admitted for a
3:33procedure called delayed journal closure
3:36which is a lot of people don't realize
3:37it that in forty-five percent of time
3:40with someone has heart surgery they
3:42can't take the chest wall is back around
3:43the heart the heart can't take the
3:45pressure of the chest wall so they have
3:47to leave the chest open and it's a
3:48surgical technique but at the time it
3:51was not a device invented for that
3:54persists sorry specific procedure i saw
3:58the need to solve that the niche so i
4:00invented it took me around
4:02two-and-a-half years to secure
4:04everything and get that cause I didn't
4:06tell anybody what was going on no one
4:08else happening until it's all said and
4:11done but now that device you know it's
4:13going to be coming out on the market
4:15it's an FDA testing as we speak so we're
4:18really excited about
4:19wow that that's amazing and it's one
4:21thing to invent a product and that is
4:24awesome in its own but to invent a
4:27that is going to actually help people
4:28and probably save people's lives is very
4:31commendable high neck
4:33yeah well let me tell you real quick
4:36mind you know this this product the
4:39inventors after listening to it was a
4:42hasn't been an easy road not going to
4:44say it's been easy and also you know i
4:47was invited to come to a Michigan to
4:49pitch this product and it was it was
4:53like shark tank but but x 10
4:56he said I was told that you know who was
4:58going to be in the room after it was
5:00gonna be ten executives in the room and
5:01the CEO little flying from Japan just
5:04for me so i was i was able to stand in a
5:07boardroom in front of 10 executives and
5:09pitch this product they gave me two and
5:10a half hours to speak it was a great
5:12experience to be able to do that and at
5:15the end of the day in the you know that
5:17getting a licensing agreement with this
5:20with this product is you know that's
5:22that's pretty nerve-racking i'm sure you
5:24know you knew inside sweating
5:26I've talked to so many adventures and
5:30I've help inventors prepare for their
5:32pitches and even though you know your
5:34product inside and out
5:36it seems like no matter what you're
5:38still so nervous
5:39absolutely it's that it's not only a
5:41full it's not always fun
5:43I'm pitching your product but it's it's
5:44very nerve-wracking I'm gonna be
5:45absolutely i've picked my product so
5:48many times and it's nerve-racking even
5:51though you know anything about it so
5:52real quick
5:53during your tenure of the testing this
5:57okay what are some of the ups and downs
5:59that you experience that we can kind of
6:03give the listeners something maybe
6:05lookout for some of the while the ups
6:08and downs that number one cup was
6:10inventing the product and seeing it
6:12basically goes from the drawing to an
6:15actual concept prototype holding it in
6:18my hands and seeing that and and then
6:21but then taking it to companies and
6:24actually getting in the game you know
6:26locating companies and locating key key
6:29people over the over the time and then
6:32finally getting through the doors
6:34without giving up you know some
6:36inventors late the problems they give up
6:39too soon then again there's also
6:41fine line between do you do you give up
6:43when or do you finally just say this
6:45one's not gonna make it
6:46I mean we want to new idea but that's
6:48totally up to the end of inventor that's
6:50you know but the apps you know the up
6:52was actually this you know that the
6:54pursuit of you know to get this thing on
6:56the market the belief in it and then you
6:58know in the product itself and what it
7:01stands for and what it can do to save
7:02loss that's that was important
7:04yeah it seems like that was a definitely
7:07a driving force and you knowing the
7:09industry so well which is a perfect
7:11example of an invention that is made to
7:15stick a problem or issue I mean you were
7:17in it and I saw the issue you saw the
7:19problem and you immediately attack that
7:21and as you said nothing gets done unless
7:24you get up and do something correct all
7:26those events is out there that are
7:28talking about their invention and what
7:30they're going to do with it in when it
7:31when they get it made and those types of
7:34things get up and do it you have to
7:37start but if you have to start and you
7:39are going to move that adventure forward
7:41make sure you get some education makes
7:42you talk to some people in the industry
7:44like Jeff and and get that background
7:47get that information because again as he
7:49said it's a jungle out there
7:52yes it is haha so fast forward I mean
7:55that's great that your licensing your
7:57product can you tell me a little bit
7:58about how you really decided that with
8:03all the information that you had and
8:06after you have those issues time trying
8:08to invent your product and getting on
8:09the market with with the invention
8:11companies and and moving some fun in
8:13that sense are having this problem
8:14you've decided to help inventors and I
8:17see he's been a part of inventions
8:21yes actually I here in West Virginia
8:24where I'm located uh there there was not
8:27a specific statewide organization for
8:30inventors we have surrounding states
8:32course Kentucky Pennsylvania how they
8:34all all those states have statewide
8:36organizations so I have stepped up to
8:39the plate and organize this organization
8:41is the West Virginia Defenders
8:42Association it is open to it is open
8:45nationwide we are listed on the UI
8:47Warren total has a has given me the
8:51access to that organization listed with
8:54in United vs Association case one
8:57doesn't know well speaking about so
9:00we're really excited about it you know
9:01gonna you know we open up the doors to
9:03allow investors to come into the gym
9:07uh it's only fifty dollars a year you
9:09know but it there won't be getting
9:10webinars and all kinds of Education
9:13we're gonna be offered to the
9:14organization really excited about that
9:16now that's the that's exciting
9:17especially for that area and I'm if they
9:20don't have something like that which we
9:23all know inventors a lot of people have
9:25ideas and a lot of emotions out there
9:27they have ideas they're scared to talk
9:28to people they don't even know where to
9:29go to write having these local invention
9:32clubs is phenomenal
9:34so starting up it is awesome to know
9:37that about it so you've after you've
9:38done this you've kind of moved into a
9:41piece of your business and I know your
9:42business owner for years and yet sweet
9:44successful anyone else out there listen
9:46I've you know just didn't just jump into
9:49this game he's been together for over 25
9:52years just really know though a with
9:55your knowledge and and he'll want to
9:56help people it seems like you've moved
9:57into now you know this product
10:00development now does your your company
10:02or your consulting services kind of give
10:04us some background on what you offer and
10:06how you go about bringing on a client's
10:09okay well that i will just go back just
10:12a second here you know talk about it
10:14being an entrepreneur i have them for
10:16over 14 years I was a real estate broker
10:19I'm to real estate companies group
10:21managed over a hundred agents you know
10:23over that 10-year of time that but what
10:26a broker did and what my main job was to
10:29coach and realtors at the time to be
10:33I would teach them how to do that so
10:35I've taken at into the into full-time
10:37product development and product coaching
10:40out what an inventor contact me about my
10:44program i love to take it and take them
10:46and and start from scratch and start
10:49over start from where they are and then
10:51get them to the level where they want to
10:52be to my coaching program i will say
10:56that you know III study within bent
10:58right with Stephen key i was there for a
11:01year I was actually more full-time
11:04product development here before enjoying
11:06event right but
11:07that arm that experience having a
11:09one-on-one coach I was a truly truly
11:13life-changing thing for me it showed me
11:16what I wanted to do in and and they
11:19encouraged me to be a coach outspoken
11:21Stephen he's given me about my it's his
11:23blessings on this and they're they're
11:26supportive of what i'm doing and helping
11:29I you know with this program it goes
11:32in-depth I'm not what you know it's not
11:34just a workbook and then I work
11:36one-on-one with my with each inventor of
11:38the sounds up with me
11:39it's an hour session every week and it's
11:42it's a truly a one-on-one it's me
11:46getting there where they are and then
11:49taking them through the obstacles
11:51together to get them to whether product
11:54you know where they were they want to go
11:55with your product
11:56wow you see you mentioned some key stuff
11:58there you're exactly right i'm working
12:01with an inventor each inventor is like
12:03on they think they're on their own
12:04Island and can you tell me if you think
12:07I'm mistaken about this here is at the
12:09launchpad we do the same thing is it
12:11seems like each inventor thinks that
12:12they have their own separate issues but
12:15in reality each inventor is not only has
12:18fear or wondering where to go or what to
12:21do next and you experience that the
12:23adventures kind of have the same thing
12:25yes is that they that they run into
12:28right there well though
12:30yes the same thing I run what I find
12:33most of all as they are they are afraid
12:35you're afraid of someone stealing your
12:37idea or there or there mixed up because
12:39they are so many avenues that they that
12:42there are there is they're exposed to
12:45you know that they lose track of the
12:47road they want to be on and that's as a
12:50coach that's what i do i keep you on
12:52track on the track that where you want
12:54to be from the onset you know I
12:56interview each each and dinner and asked
12:59them where they want to go ask their
13:01goals and then we start from there and
13:03then also you take you know the
13:05information that they already have do
13:07they have cell sheets where are they in
13:09there in the business and and they're
13:11not instead of you trying to get them
13:13get them from where they are that at
13:15this point and then get them on the
13:16right track
13:17if that makes any sense
13:20is it definitely it definitely makes
13:23sense is there will know that about it
13:25and again everyone has their own process
13:27and that's what's most important that
13:29the inventors get to see what is next
13:32and it sounds like that's what you're
13:34doing you don't know where you are and
13:36this is where you want to go and this is
13:38how we're gonna get there
13:39that's correct hot i keep them on the
13:41track and I i enjoy you know here and
13:45what each one brings to the table but
13:47what I do experience most of the time
13:49with it with two others who have talked
13:51to clients
13:53it's just fear they're you know they're
13:55so that's good fear is a good thing to
13:58have to a certain point but you have to
14:00be able to get past it to move forward
14:02and a lot of inventors have knowledge
14:05about contacting manufacturers but they
14:07don't really know what to say how to say
14:11how to put your marketing materials
14:12together how to actually do a
14:13professional sell sheet if you don't
14:15know how to do it
14:16working you go to give it their all this
14:18information is out there that I provide
14:21you know and i can I get them on the
14:23right track and keep them on the track
14:24i'm an accountability person as well but
14:26each week you know we talked you know we
14:29can we quickly get updated on where they
14:31are and each week each inventor has an
14:34assignment to do on their own so that
14:37way they're going to progress their you
14:39know their product forward so no I i
14:42totally agree it sounds it sounds almost
14:44exactly and you know this might not be
14:45perfect for everyone is know that and I
14:48mean you know some of these inventors
14:49they need to experience what what
14:52Jeffrey or jeff is trying to not happen
14:55to them and it happens we have clients
14:57come to us and we say if your heater and
15:00this is what we need to do to get you on
15:02the right track on the path as as just
15:04as talking about and sometimes they
15:06believe they know and then there's
15:07somebody maybe a year or somebody's
15:09trying to change their mind but once
15:11they got a sequence yeah he's it's a lot
15:14harder to get them back on track right
15:15that's correct and you're right what you
15:17just said about someone being in their
15:19ear at the experience at daily with
15:21inventors date you know that they'll say
15:24all this person contacted me about and
15:26they want to do this and that and I say
15:28we'll look you know we need to do this
15:30you know that's where again I guess he's
15:32saying to keep back get back on
15:34back if you get off me get off the track
15:36you're gonna get lost and with this
15:39one-on-one coaching it's a it's a for me
15:42it's even a it's a great experience to
15:44see someone follow the program and to be
15:48able to actually see them progress in a
15:50positive way and the end they then they
15:52start feeling safe the inventors and I'm
15:55coaching right now every every single
15:56one of them you know they've also put
15:58testimonials on my webpage that I didn't
16:01ask them to do that they said we'd love
16:03to do that I'm so great i will put it on
16:04my webpage those are all real true
16:06testimonials to where you know how that
16:09what kind of benefit they get from the
16:10church approach
16:11wow that's and that's important to you
16:14need to have and you need to be able to
16:16show the success of of some of your
16:18clients because it's very important and
16:20i agree with you have and I'm and I
16:22don't know if you're able to to tell us
16:24exactly but you have some examples of of
16:27products that you looked at me whether
16:28good or some maybe some of those odd
16:31ones that have some yes yes well I do
16:35have that because I do get approached by
16:37a lot of inventors and and that's the
16:39other issue that I had before i'm doing
16:41this real quick format
16:42ok these inventors they i call it the
16:46shotgun approach they just did you shoot
16:49it out there and they send your
16:51information to anyone out there
16:53eat some are not afraid they're just
16:55they're willing to put out their product
16:57out there just try to find hope and pray
16:59it's called shoot and pray you know put
17:02it out there hoping price of one want to
17:03bite on their idea and but outside is
17:06one gentleman to me an idea he was
17:08trying to have had a product that was
17:10actually it was he was trying to license
17:13air air and ask except I'm not the sort
17:23of any event I don't do that it's just
17:25that the product was just so out there
17:27you know I was honest with him I was
17:30like I don't know how you're going to do
17:31this you know what you eat pretty
17:34adamant about it so I wish you the best
17:35and i'm not sure where he's at with that
17:37product that that was one of the
17:39whatever that will our most odd ones
17:41that I've run across now i have come
17:43across the really good good products
17:45unfortunately a
17:47I had invented come across space she
17:49sent a product of me as a large keyboard
17:52made for older people for large cheese
17:55and and those kind of things which is a
17:57great product but she was only
17:59unfortunate she was just a day behind
18:01those wasn't asking on TV product was
18:04just ahead of her so she missed it it
18:06was a good product a few things like
18:08yeah well you mentioned two things one
18:11is the product has to be marketable
18:13obviously now I like the whole air thing
18:14because you don't pay for samples
18:16suspect was hit but the actual good
18:21product that you mention come one of the
18:23most important things is speech market
18:24and you want to wreck that what i have
18:27found in and again Jeff you let me know
18:29what you thought is that that someone is
18:31working on the almost the same idea
18:33somewhere in the world somewhere really
18:34want to and that's where comes to get
18:36off get up get up and get your product
18:38going today is the day because if you
18:41wait you've heard all the time I thought
18:43of that product you see it on TV go
18:44that's my idea and you don't want to
18:47help happen to you if you have a good
18:49idea just right you don't want to be a
18:52day behind and you don't want to be that
18:53have that called inventors remorse when
18:55you go oh wow I had that idea that what
18:59i try to coach inventors and ideas ideas
19:03are great everyone has them and I
19:05encourage them but an idea is only an
19:07idea until you start to move forward and
19:09then start to see an actual product
19:11there's a difference you know you can't
19:13license an idea yet a license a product
19:15or you know something like that
19:17agree agree i'm real quick jeff and i
19:20don't know i want to get into the the
19:21licensing side just a little bit because
19:23I know it's such a huge subject if I
19:25have an idea or one of our listeners has
19:28an idea what is the first thing you
19:30think they should do they just thought
19:31of it they're driving to work and they
19:33get this idea really think the first
19:35thing we should do is the first thing I
19:37I coach my inventors to do is study the
19:41marketplace study the marketplace i'll
19:44say it again study the marketplace do
19:46the research it it don't just go past
19:50the first couple pages on on a google
19:53search you know that's the SR problem
19:56you know don't be afraid to look for
20:00similar products
20:01and if you find a product that's like
20:04that's not necessarily a bad thing
20:06that's obviously probably a good thing
20:08is you proud of a good idea i'll see if
20:10it's out there it's on the market so it
20:13do your research that's the first thing
20:15that I would say study the marketplace
20:17and do it well take the time to do it
20:20you know study your google images go to
20:22Amazon go to you there's so many places
20:25that you can look and send USPTO that I
20:28mean it's all free
20:29you can look in searched and searched
20:31and searched and now again you can spend
20:34months doing that and procrastinate but
20:36if you do is good through study the
20:40you look cute with it but that within
20:42our means you can get on and we could do
20:44a pretty good search and what's out
20:46there you know on the market
20:48yes in its pretty powerful how much
20:52technology and how much information is
20:54at our fingertips and as you said I mean
20:56Jeff you obviously do this there's no
20:58doubt i mean the information you're
20:59giving is right on the money
21:01don't be scared to actually search for
21:04that product you don't need to be first
21:06to market you know just think of the
21:08Apple Apple didn't invent the phone they
21:11didn't invent the cellular phone with a
21:12great mother
21:13so you don't have to be first to market
21:15don't be scared don't worry you're
21:17fearful that your product is out there
21:19if you have a better idea or a better
21:21mousetrap just adjust said and you could
21:23tell nose and talking about search for
21:25that product study the market is so
21:27important to do that it's some some
21:30awesome information you're giving yet I
21:31appreciate that because that's that's
21:33what I see
21:34unfortunately inventors don't do the
21:36research they run out they have an idea
21:38they suddenly they run into a patent
21:40attorneys obviously I'm i love patent
21:42attorneys told me wrong I'm not saying
21:43that but a patent a patent attorney does
21:47not determine marketability so a patent
21:50attorney is going to pay the cashier and
21:52you can have a patent or at least start
21:54the process and that's what I see better
21:57spent a lot of money on something that
21:59they don't know even marketable and they
22:02don't have any idea they just think it's
22:04a great idea and so that that's my
22:06advice again we'll go back to study the
22:08marketplace first he you're walking it's
22:11like this podcast is scripted yes you're
22:13walking right into my neck
22:15question is okay so that's what I wanted
22:18to talk to you about I know that you
22:19work a lot with licensing and and I
22:21think that almost every inventor or
22:23probably a good percentage that you work
22:25with would like to license their idea or
22:27product and having said that to patent
22:32side of it is super expensive
22:34yes so is there a way to get around that
22:37patent and i don't recommend the pattern
22:39right away either
22:40I'm right with you and then is there way
22:42to license their products while they're
22:43doing that or if they need to do that
22:45absolutely this coming
22:47the uses the beautiful thing about the
22:49USPTO they of course they've given given
22:52us what they call it the provisional
22:53patent application and with the
22:55microgravity status you can protect your
22:58idea for $65 and compared to five to ten
23:02grand for a utility patent of $65 and
23:05you can do a provisional patent uh on
23:07your own there i mean i'm getting ready
23:10to do a webinar on provisional patent
23:12the nose in the nose on how to actually
23:14do a patent application and do the
23:15correct correct way to do it there
23:17really is no correct way to do a
23:18provisional patent application but there
23:21are certain things that you need to do
23:23to set yourself up for later on for
23:26utility patent if that warrants now
23:28yes you can licenses you can license a
23:30product without having even a
23:32provisional patent application in place
23:34I don't encourage it to encourage having
23:36some protection and rely on that energy
23:39but yes you can license your products up
23:42every day all day it was that with that
23:44just having that type of protection
23:47yeah wow that means though so i know
23:49that there's different costs for
23:51provisional but even anything under two
23:53hundred dollars if you can protect an
23:56idea for under two hundred a hundred or
23:58$65 I mean it's so important to be able
24:01to get out there talk about your idea
24:03and look for companies of the businesses
24:05that might want to license it absolutely
24:07it's priceless there's no doubt about it
24:09means that cough if you don't have the
24:11way to put that in then your idea may
24:13not be worth it because to me that is
24:15$65 money c'mon you know it's totally
24:18worth and what our coaching vendors to
24:20do is you know you put coaching to get
24:23their marketing materials together get
24:25everything ready to go because once you
24:27saw the provisional patent
24:28application we have 12 months the clock
24:30starts to tick so what I find to is
24:33inventors even if they have protected
24:35their in convention with a provisional
24:37patent it takes them two three four five
24:39months to get all the market which we go
24:41next you know you're there into half a
24:43year and they wasted so i encourage you
24:46to get everything together and that's
24:47what I coaching centers on how to do you
24:49sell sheets how to do a video sell
24:52sheets mark get their marketing
24:54materials together and make it
24:56professional make it shine give them the
24:58leverage they need one takes is one
25:00thing but they're from a potential
25:02license e it's called a shot
25:04it's going to is going to speak out and
25:05it's better the chances for success i
25:09agree and then to think about you were
25:11just talking about is don't approach
25:13potential licensee or retail or buyer
25:17with your idea until you are ready
25:19because the world record that's an
25:22yeah if they actually want your product
25:24and then you say but I don't have a
25:26perfect or i don't i'm not ready it you
25:29have to get ready and that's a sequence
25:30that Jeff is talking about talk to
25:32somebody that actually knows what
25:33they're doing they have done it be ready
25:36the only way to take advantage of
25:37opportunities to be ready
25:39so Jeff is jeff is giving you guys that
25:42are listening some awesome advice I mean
25:44this is exactly the right way to do it
25:46thank you come on i appreciate that i
25:49can say i do take pride in helping all
25:50mine vendors with my coaching program
25:53and just like I say seeing seeing
25:57someone who you know who's coachable who
25:59wants to listen there's a difference you
26:01know their IDs I my interview inventors
26:04that they're just they're stuck in her
26:08ways and you know they you know it's
26:10hard for them to see the big picture but
26:13but when you find someone who wants to
26:15see the big picture you want to treat it
26:16as a business there's the there's the
26:19key to treat inventing as your business
26:21because it is a business because if
26:23you're going to make money from your
26:25invention you've got to treat it as a
26:26business and you gotta show up everyday
26:28and and whether it's an hour if you've
26:31got a full-time job and you work in the
26:33evenings on it
26:34that's okay always you show up that's
26:37totally agree
26:38like I keep saying I agree i'm always
26:40looking for an assistant couldn't say
26:42hey I don't agree with that or a
26:43specific place but you're right on
26:46target exactly i mean everything is a
26:48process you have to be ready to make
26:50money you can't just say here's my idea
26:52give me a whole bunch of money incorrect
26:53reading there's no doubt about it
26:55obviously it what real quick on that
26:57right there I see that's the number-one
26:59deal killer right there is inventors
27:01stacking the deal to how their side
27:03getting greedy not and that's where
27:06that's where the coaching comes into
27:08play to show in the manner how to
27:10negotiate a licensing agreement how to
27:13ask for the correct advanced look at
27:15look for the terms look for the world
27:16jeez you know what to do it the right
27:19way to set themselves up in the correct
27:21way and and and not kill a deal that's
27:23the biggest deal killer SI there's no
27:26doubt about it and don't be all hyped up
27:27is no doubt about it you know your idea
27:30is great but again you have to be
27:32realistic with your idea how much ram
27:34how much technology how much does the
27:36company you're likely to is going to
27:38have to put into making your product and
27:40testing it impacted there's a lot of
27:42information a lot of money that company
27:44that likes your products to do also so
27:45you have to be realistic
27:47that's correct absolutely and that's
27:49where again my program comes into play
27:53it starts from wherever the inventor is
27:55you know invitation to the end and i
27:58never guarantee licensing agreement with
28:00my I can't ever say that that would be
28:03lying to this but what I can't guarantee
28:05is they're going to get all the tools
28:06completely all the tools that they need
28:08to to run their business again failed
28:12business of it of inventing a product
28:14development that they want to be able to
28:17do it over and over and over and they
28:18won't need me anymore
28:19my goal is for inventors to not eat
28:22that's what I want
28:23perfect that is exactly right i agree a
28:26hundred percent Jeff we're running out
28:29of time here and all this information is
28:31awesome i didn't want to slow down at
28:33all but we have a few minutes left i
28:35would love for you to view the listeners
28:38on any upcoming events and also how they
28:41can get in touch with you
28:42well great februari 27 at three o'clock
28:46i can send oh well we can like that i'm
28:49doing a provisional patent webinar on
28:51how to actually do a provisional patent
28:53is called provisional patents knows
28:55and the nose I it goes into detail on
28:58how to do a provisional application and
29:00how to follow it and also a lot of
29:02things about those that people don't
29:04understand but my company website is of
29:07course a product coach and if
29:12anyone is interested in my programs are
29:14very affordable
29:15I even offer our professions to inventor
29:18so that they can email me at product
29:21coach USA @ perfect perfectly
29:25what what I'll do is we'll put all of
29:28that information jeff we'll put it in
29:30our show notes on our website inventory
29:32looks like it also so if you need to get
29:34in touch with Jacqueline i would
29:35recommend go to one of his online events
29:37definitely very informational and
29:42power-packed didn't know that about it
29:44so so Jeff we are running out of time I
29:47wanted to thank you so much for being on
29:49the show today thank you
29:51it's a real pleasure Club I really
29:53appreciate it very informational and i
29:55hope the listener itself take all the
29:57information you gave him to heart
29:58because it was waiting on track
30:00thank you have a good day take care