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February 10, 2017
The Kids Cooking Network
World Renown Chef Michael McDermott is Re-Inventing How Children Look at Food “The Kids Cooking Network” Helping Kids Eat Better Live Better
February 16, 2017

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Podcast Notes

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0:00that hi everyone and welcome to
0:04inventors launchpad
0:05this is Carmine Dennis go your host on
0:08the inventors launchpad half hour
0:11segments here today we have a an
0:14inventor and author an athlete a person
0:17that's been around the invention world
0:19of business world he's a true
0:20entrepreneur he has product he's selling
0:23he's doing everything needed to make his
0:26product his life his business successful
0:29his name is john hobbes he is a resident
0:33here in Florida the tampa florida st.
0:35petersburg area
0:36I've known for a while he is the real
0:38deal he's got it going on
0:40I think he's on now and let's bring them
0:42up look at his story hey John you over
0:44hey don't call my John how's it going my
0:48buddy it's great to see you great to
0:49talk to you again I appreciate you
0:51taking some time to be on the show today
0:54well the car might have especially
0:56appreciate you having me it's a honor
0:58I mean you taught me a lot of my journey
1:00so it's going to be an exciting show
1:02hopefully we provide some information
1:04that's going to help somebody out there
1:06take their there i should do it to the
1:09next level
1:10well that's what we're hoping John and
1:12the reason I wanted to bring on the show
1:14and give some information out is because
1:15again I as i talked about you have
1:18pretty much done the whole gamut you've
1:20done it all you started grassroots
1:23bootstrap you can use all the acronyms
1:25all the students everything you need but
1:27you've got to go i mean you even have a
1:28book out there other secrets of
1:30successful inventors and you use that
1:32book too kind again help people not at
1:35and I don't even like you the word
1:36mistakes I don't like using that word
1:38but again you're trying to help people
1:40not make the mistakes and the pivots and
1:42the failures of things that you can door
1:44now these have made you stronger and
1:45made you a better business person a
1:47better inventor but being able to use
1:50that knowledge to help people is one
1:52reason i want to bring on the show what
1:53did you give some of the viewers viewers
1:56and listeners uh some background on how
1:59you got started and what you've been up
2:00to what was interesting when I got
2:03started I was making pretty decent money
2:05but at the same time I didn't like it to
2:08charge the professional charge so
2:11I came up with an idea then I study
2:13patent filed my first at wow i began
2:18business i studied all the different
2:20form the business and decided that I
2:22needed to be a corporation is that
2:25security well decided that i wrote my
2:28first two private placements that were
2:31both / attorney then of course what I
2:35couldn't do is the engineering i did
2:37have to have engineers do the
2:39engineering and everything and then I
2:42asked that I had to find people like i
2:44was fortunate with indentures launchpad
2:47you know somebody that had the
2:48connections that could have my product
2:51made and critique it where I had some
2:54slight flaws in the design they were
2:56able to push it through make sure
2:58everything is correct and i have water
3:02bottle so was really important that they
3:05did not leak so they were able to push
3:06through to make sure that i ended up
3:08with high-quality product that i could
3:10sell not something that would be so
3:15close that i would be embarrassed
3:16selling so anyway I got that I raised
3:19little capital and it was not enough
3:22that has less than i had I knew already
3:25but i did apparently didn't learn it so
3:29now i'm in the process of raising
3:33another million dollars so i can do a
3:36nine-month marketing campaign so i can
3:38reach a hundred ninety seven million
3:40people over that nine not much i have a
3:44meeting today that is for 900,000 and i
3:49also have two other meetings between now
3:52and the end of the mop all up that could
3:55possibly do the whole investment to the
3:58things that what what i find that the
4:01investors like is the fact that i have a
4:03whole plan
4:04I understand the marketing i understand
4:07how the investors are going to get paid
4:08back i understand that although i have a
4:11single product understand how I can't
4:13expand that product line very quickly
4:15especially as we get out there and start
4:17building list and we can go back to the
4:19same people and sell them other products
4:21that they're already by the way because
4:23i'm selling a fitness
4:25water bottle of water bottle for runners
4:26and walkers so we can go right back to
4:28them with the clothing line electrolytes
4:31with when we find out they're interested
4:33there I career when we start expanding
4:35that way something that way
4:37something with yoga so we can expand it
4:39so we can keep expanding its so my eyes
4:42although i have a flagship idea i still
4:46a a plan around that so that a company
4:50can grow and investors can see that is
4:54not going to be a company that just self
4:56what about but don't get me wrong a
5:01camelbak when they say did I believe it
5:05was a hundred and fifty seven million in
5:08revenues cups two years back a hundred
5:11forty million was water hydration system
5:14and if i'm not wrong Nate and the 28
5:18million in revenues the couple years ago
5:21and they did out 15 million the
5:24hydration devices so hydrating devices
5:27allowing isn't that bad of a deal but
5:29when you start adding other product line
5:32your company starts becoming very
5:36yes sounds like it's john real quick and
5:38and because you have so much knowledge
5:40and you have so much experience you know
5:42I mean that's that information just
5:44flowing out of you because you do study
5:46the market you learn and you do what
5:48needs to be done i just want to kind of
5:50go back a little bit too when you were
5:52developing your idea and a lot of
5:55inventors a lot of first-time adventures
5:56are a lot of people that you know
5:57thought of an idea of months ago two
5:59weeks ago or even a year ago they think
6:01that it's easier they think because they
6:03have a great idea a great product that
6:05people are going to be banging doors
6:07down or not going to do is either gonna
6:08get a licensing deal with it and edit
6:11it's got to be fun but it's not easy so
6:14so can you give a little bit of
6:15retrospect but when you first got your
6:17idea like the first several maybe months
6:20and and and what you had to go through
6:22just to let people realize that it's not
6:24as easy as people think well it's
6:27definitely not because basically you're
6:29in a state of unknown and no one's gonna
6:32walk in any place I had 11 course i love
6:36the guy but he thought he got his
6:38product in a a a a hardware that it's
6:42don't walk in there and seeing this
6:44product and just seeing it go
6:45wow I'm gonna buy that in reality that
6:49is not the case to go to it you know
6:52people after understand it so there's a
6:54gradient to the understanding of a
6:57product so even even for that matter
7:01from your concept to get into an
7:03engineer for example what I did is I
7:05took four and a half an inch piece of
7:07cutting board and i want to show my
7:10father took a four-and-a-half inch piece
7:11of cutting board and I actually should
7:13get that product for your car line
7:15because I have it right back there and I
7:17cut it out bored it out drilled it and
7:19and put stuck it together and then so in
7:25the engineer could get a really good
7:26idea of what I had and then I said look
7:29I need you to take this take this top go
7:32on and off you know just stop here just
7:35so your viewers that the top goes on and
7:38can I need a trigger to go right here
7:40take that why not here at the Little
7:41Indians left and right heat this way it
7:44doesn't matter and so I game that and
7:48then they made from what is that clunky
7:50thing I made from a drill press and a
7:53yeah in four and a half inch piece of
7:55cutting board they took and turned it
7:57into this
7:58ok but they had a really good idea and I
8:01really direct him because I game not
8:04physical start with not gonna yeah and a
8:08lot of and not only because you have a
8:10lot of people think that the people
8:12there talking to have the same knowledge
8:15of the same sought process and it's hard
8:17to explain your idea sometimes that
8:19person who is going to make a prototype
8:21out make a 3d print or even do casual
8:24and things like that so that process as
8:27you kind of shortened because of of your
8:30I don't want to say prototype but the
8:32way you explained it that kind of helps
8:34the process
8:36yeah i would call it a mock-up
8:37definitely not a prototype yeah yeah
8:42definitely not a prototype but yeah so
8:44so that was the first beginning stages
8:47of bars the product side of it and how I
8:52was able to explain it and people
8:53understood it
8:55what and then I still wasn't explained
8:57in a well mind you you know part of my
8:59idea was always a water bottle that
9:01involves the hand that you don't really
9:03have to hold it just sits there but I
9:05never explained that body
9:07I didn't think I thought it was I
9:09thought messy this is where the
9:11adventure company and you're going to
9:12love it i thought people would just get
9:14it but the reality is until this water
9:18bottle goes in your hand you've had a
9:20hundred or two hundred different water
9:22bottles in your hand thousand whatever
9:24it is once you put this in your hand
9:26correctly it's like wow before you put
9:29it in your friend correctly like if you
9:30hold it like that it's nothing and I
9:32thought people naturally would
9:34understand but what I found out is like
9:37one out of every hundred literally that
9:40touched the bottle will put it in their
9:42hand right well those it had something
9:44that has to be shown because it's not
9:47natural because all all your life you
9:50can grab a water bottle like this
9:53let's get and you're going to thank you
9:56need to grab and hold that that's not
9:58the design you know the design is
10:01yeah so so envious just something so
10:04that's the other thing about the product
10:06you're going to need to continue to be
10:09able to convey it in a way that is
10:12interesting to the person you're
10:14speaking with now get this you're going
10:17to go through a lot of different
10:18iterations of your pitch now there's
10:22going to be a lot of different ones and
10:24then you're going to find out what now
10:26really works
10:27what I found out really work with mine
10:29especially about pitching in person i
10:31have my product i put it in there him
10:34before I start talking about my product
10:36we're going to do and I show it to him
10:39with their in their hand like this
10:41morning i did it with two people right
10:43away and they're both girls those girls
10:45both writers in both they like like
10:49very super impressed and Danielle the
10:54other knowledge i have about running a
10:57hydration and stuff like that i started
10:59sharing with them and realize that part
11:01of the problem solving which is
11:05hydration most people don't understand
11:08that you start becoming dehydrated as
11:10soon as you start sweating and the
11:13us-backed build Organization states that
11:16if you're not hydrate on a regular basis
11:18approximately every 10 minutes
11:20you're literally becoming slightly
11:22dehydrated so if you think you can go
11:24running start used to drink and then you
11:27go running for I'll directly to get back
11:30at good note your first of all you're
11:32developing that happen
11:33second of all you are slightly
11:35dehydrated and give you want to increase
11:37your distance say you're going 10 minute
11:40miles you're going to start hitting the
11:41wall around 45 minutes 45 to 50 minutes
11:45I don't care who you are and some people
11:47will learn and finally pushed herself at
11:49wal me until i started hydrating I could
11:53never get past seven miles mean I was at
11:56the wall at 7i really six and the last
11:58mile was terrible
12:00once i started hydrating properly i went
12:04from seven miles to in a relatively
12:07short time to a marathon runner
12:09well done this so and it was just
12:12hydration it was that simple and I would
12:16have never thought it because hey I
12:18drink plenty of water before I went on
12:20human everyone while I had a little
12:22water on the chyron so good John that's
12:28one of the great reasons that i was
12:29excited to have you on the show today
12:31because you have so much knowledge in in
12:33so many different aspects of not only
12:35the invention side I know you've been on
12:37television I know you sold your product
12:39but you actually immerse yourself in the
12:42industry that you're in you participate
12:44in math and exercise and sporting events
12:46which is great and being able to have
12:48that nice i don't even really see your
12:50bottle being in a specific place because
12:52Walker's can use it
12:54runners can use it i can't even see kids
12:56using it while they're out playing
12:58around just having that bottle
12:59I mean a water bottle you said it's so
13:01important for people to stay
13:02hydrated so yeah there is a specific
13:05uses for your product but there's also
13:08uses that can be utilized you know
13:11throughout all different individuals i
13:12mean there's no definite because it fits
13:14inside your hand so well and you don't
13:16have to carry and I see people can what
13:18about all the time so that people have a
13:20phone in one hand and then I got a water
13:22bottle in the other hand it's like they
13:23can't even carry anything else it's just
13:25so crazy out there so having that water
13:27bottle just sits in your hand like that
13:28it's not like you're that carry it
13:30around so I think it's really cool I
13:32mean the way that you designed it and
13:34going through that process of designing
13:36you do any kind of testing people like I
13:38know that you just you're doing it now
13:40but during that process your first
13:42iterations and things you know how did
13:44you go about testing it if so as far as
13:47with my market
13:49ya te conversations and the the need and
13:53at the same time understanding the
13:57bottom so those the real testing that
13:59are part of my downside one of my
14:02weaknesses i didn't test it super super
14:04super strong but what I did find out is
14:08I did a had an earlier version of this
14:10bottle we won't get into that backstory
14:13but I had an earlier version of it and i
14:15was able to do 13 commercials not what i
14:18can tell you that happens after the
14:21thirteen commercial was phenomenal other
14:23likely keep that going because the
14:26product was flogged
14:27ok it's not the product i have now just
14:30don't want to be real clear their the
14:32the product was flogged and the but
14:37after the commercial what happened is I
14:39sold the catalog in order i sold about
14:43online which they're real slow online
14:46and after push really hard without doing
14:47anything i sold quite a few online and
14:50then I was at it then and I sold 44 and
14:53literally hundreds of people stop by my
14:55boots on so 44 ok but now which is all
15:00all that is great experience because now
15:03that with that now i know what i need to
15:06do instead of me to understand that
15:07we're going to do the commercial and
15:10then we're going to target the expo
15:13and the answer they're already there so
15:16now they can get a MasterCard or to
15:18master carton at their event because the
15:21people know that there they will be able
15:24to say now have a product that you know
15:26no one else has an event or haha that
15:30brand-new that they'll be able to sell
15:32so instead of us doing it will be we're
15:34going to be targeting one of our
15:37distribution channels will be targeting
15:39at what once we started commercial will
15:41be targeting the expo vendors and in
15:44accordance catalogs and other places too
15:46but they're just one of our Evans yeah
15:49no I mean I could again and as you you
15:52you probably talk to people and they see
15:53that product selling in different
15:55locations and being yourself and just
15:57like anyone you really at first don't
15:59want to spread yourself too thin i mean
16:01i think the way that you're preparing it
16:02and the way that you're moving forward
16:03is you're picking if you want to say
16:05you're picking your battles because you
16:07want to be able to not only deliver the
16:09product but also be able to slowly
16:11orders of other you know avenues that
16:14you're representing so for all anything
16:16the new adventures of people at our
16:17event adventures or when thinking about
16:20her getting the point we're going to
16:21selling product mastercard is a box full
16:24of other boxes of small boxes of the
16:27product itself but John so how did you
16:31approach and again I know you research
16:33and you learn so much about this how did
16:35you approach the best way for the best
16:38avenue to take your product first
16:41well some products are to Moscow and
16:44they need TV okay because you need to
16:47repeated exposure like just a really
16:50quick side story
16:51I'm see I was speaking to an executive
16:53of asics that I have personal friend
16:56introduced me so a really close
16:58relationship so we're talking he loves
17:00to pry but is that look at my cooking in
17:03my stores how are they going to know
17:04it's there I said well I don't have any
17:07market that I can't help you now once
17:09you start marketing once you're out
17:12there and you're on TV
17:13he said we can have another conversation
17:16and i will put in my stores so I already
17:18have a red a new right into a 6 into
17:23their distributions their stories and of
17:25course they'll be putting their life
17:26go on but i have a avenue straight into
17:30their as but it's that like that needs
17:33to be advertised so that's something
17:35that most inventors need to understand
17:37is no one knows your product is this
17:40so you're going to have to make it known
17:42so it's attracted to the people that
17:45already have the distribution channels
17:47so they can sell it now what was your
17:49question before my side story so that's
17:51that's actually answering some of it so
17:53my question was basically how did you
17:55choose to do the best avenue for your
17:58product to go to market and and that was
18:00a great side story because it falls
18:01right into it because a lot of as you
18:03know and I'm sure you talk to a lot of
18:05adventures they believe that just like
18:07you know the saying if I build it they
18:09will come
18:10and a lot of people because I have a
18:12great idea or because they made a
18:14prototype or maybe they need 5,000 units
18:16they stood you know I want people to
18:19know and I want to just you to give your
18:21experience because it's great is I
18:24wanted to know once you get your product
18:25it's still a lot of work
18:27oh yeah definitely is still a lot of
18:29work and here's another thing that even
18:32the funding platforms out there like
18:34IndieGoGo and stuff like that people
18:36don't realize once you start going to
18:38research the people that raised forty
18:41thousand dollars they put 10,000 in
18:44tomorrow getting so they're doing it a
18:48on some really small small budget you
18:52know and by the way it planned out it's
18:54not something they just throw out there
18:56so the way I planned it was for maximum
18:59exposure for maximum impact
19:03so I could grow all my my different
19:05distribution channels more more or less
19:10simultaneously because I know different
19:12distribution channels require different
19:15timelines on when they would need it
19:18so what what the my approach was no get
19:22out there with 25,000 commercials that
19:24will be viewed by a hundred and ten
19:26million people and then because of that
19:30it opened your other channels up cuz now
19:33Lucy's you have the buyer some stores
19:36seeing you have the buyers the catalogs
19:38you have
19:39of course the expo vendors you have to
19:41in product people in the market at will
19:44actually use the product so mind what's
19:48so cool about mine is at for all the
19:51views you know for the out of the
19:53hundred all the views at it one of every
19:56four thousand people of every four
20:00thousand views by my product we don't
20:04lose money
20:0511 yes yeah yeah so that to a 2000 we
20:10make pretty decent money but that was
20:13would still want better but one for
20:15every thousand we're rocking it was
20:18something that was funny when you talk
20:21to plan based on the numbers and at the
20:25worst case scenario 1 14 thousand what
20:29do what I thinking well because it was
20:32wondering why you were talking about
20:33that i thought you had said you were
20:35running around 25,000 commercials now
20:38there's 25 air airing 25,000 times
20:42wow yeah so over nine month period that
20:48actually you want to get really specific
20:49it's 25 out in 220 that's amazing
20:54I don't yet realize you know when you
20:56know when i'm watching television
20:58I think everyone seeing the same
20:59commercial that I am but there's so many
21:01channels in so many different places
21:03that commercials run and in different
21:05parts of the world that yeah i guess
21:07those 25,000 commercials can get used up
21:10pretty quickly Arabia and so it's spread
21:13out over nine months and then it's in
21:15every air major metropolitan area so
21:18it's not a national commercial
21:20it's in every major metropolitan area
21:23but now what's so cool about it you
21:25really study and understand your market
21:27one foot thing I know is there's a into
21:31certain places in the u.s. they hardly
21:35pie any hydration systems at all
21:39so what are we going to do in those
21:42areas i'm going to pull the commercials
21:44from those areas and the social media by
21:47the way and target the areas that they
21:52didn't buy
21:53hydration devices which is big-time in
21:56the summer spring and summertime like in
21:58Chicago still don't go like hotcakes
22:02but for us you know is being a floridian
22:04any place in Florida any place in South
22:07a callous any place in South Carroll
22:10County California any place in Texas you
22:13know there's a lot of runners in these
22:15places and walkers up so but ask one of
22:19the other things up when you're studying
22:21your market you need to start looking at
22:24what they're buying so for example i'm
22:27in the sporting good business so as a
22:31member of the sporting goods
22:32manufacturers association i can get so
22:34much data so depending on which area
22:38you're in you need to do join an
22:41association that has the data you need
22:43that you can look at so it enables you
22:46to make the smart decisions on where
22:51your marketing dollars are going to go
22:53because at the end of the day you're
22:55going to have to spend marketing dollars
22:56and when you spend the marketing dollars
22:58at the right place you can get the
23:00biggest bang for your buck and and when
23:05you when that happens you have other
23:08headaches but those are the headaches
23:09you want you huh
23:11oh there's no doubt about it i mean have
23:13any issue of running out of product is
23:15bad but you also want to be able to make
23:18those sales so how important is I know
23:20you mentioned the tour and this is great
23:21information because the kind of feeding
23:23right into the old we're going to try to
23:25talk about towards the end of the show I
23:27mean you've done so much it's how
23:30important is it to have that television
23:32data because it sounds like retailers
23:35like everybody thinks they have a
23:36product they want to go right to retail
23:38but it sounds like the retailers are
23:40looking for the inventor or somebody to
23:43get the eyeballs on it whether it's to
23:45television newspapers magazines or
23:48whatever it is even maybe TV shopping so
23:51yeah definitely
23:52they want the product to be known why
23:54why do you want a product unknown so now
23:57list on the store okay on the store
24:00ok now for example mine is not a long
24:03heart product know if I put my product
24:06Walmart Walmart on technique though we
24:09want a big order i would not solve the
24:11walmart auto who was found attractive he
24:13would bankrupt me now a dick's sporting
24:17goods contact me that would be a
24:20different story at the end i would very
24:24quickly find out a way that i could
24:26market and help get people in there so
24:28there are people would know the product
24:31existed course they probably wouldn't do
24:33the deal without asking
24:36yeah so so the point is is the retailer
24:43really needed a product known because he
24:46knows is no one's looking for and
24:48they're just into store divide this and
24:50that and they happen to see it when
24:52you're walking by the first time you
24:55know very few for even all the impulse
24:57buyer all the info
24:59sighs I know have been out for a while
25:02which is why they're in all side of them
25:05to achieve and they're not that
25:06expensive anything new and innovative
25:10that helps you in any way that need the
25:15slightest bit of explanation is not
25:20going to just pop off the shelves why
25:24now just keep in mind there's a lot of
25:27smart people out there but they have
25:28other things on their mind so you know
25:32unless they're totally focused on on
25:35that product when they see it they're
25:37not going to get it the first time and
25:41it probably is they're going to have the
25:42kid over here and so on the phone here
25:45so so their intention is going to be a
25:50hundred percent
25:51yeah that's not a lot of sense it really
25:54does i mean a lot of times you'll see
25:55commercials you'll see a tear and I'll
25:57see commercials two or three times
25:59before you can pay attention to that
26:00commercial especially since I'm in the
26:03retail business I mean you're in the
26:04product business and there's sometimes
26:05where I notice that commercial but on
26:07the bottom will say you don't go get
26:09yours or where to get it you know what
26:11store what we tell her so I could see
26:13what you're saying I mean then and we
26:15talk to clients about that all the time
26:16is again just because you have an idea
26:19have a price
26:20no one's gonna beat your door down you
26:22have to make it where people want when
26:25you build up the need when you build up
26:27the eyeballs on it that's when you're
26:28going to get to reach the interest of
26:30the retailers and is that kind of the
26:33reason you're doing the TV those
26:35children's television i know you can
26:36make a lot of money on on television
26:38there's no doubt in my mind but do the
26:40is a television really a primer to try
26:42to get into retailers that kind of one
26:44of the plans you have lost actually the
26:47private television is the primer
26:48especially for product that has so much
26:50to offer like mine because you know it
26:53yummy you can add way in a later on
26:55we'll have a flashlight stun gun no
26:58bluetooth speakers are those things
27:00maybe add so the television it gives you
27:05that repetition hear the difference out
27:09there anyone watching this I want you to
27:11ask yourself questions how many times
27:13and you went online watch the video and
27:16then watch that video game hand again I
27:21don't think I i think there might not be
27:24one of you that let's do this let's do
27:27that so I know I personally do not if I
27:31actually do so simply click on a video
27:34that came before i clicked right off of
27:36it in the matter of seconds so there's
27:43that out there that says the new product
27:45needs exposure six to eight times
27:48some people will say five some people
27:50will say nine ok so I'm just saying
27:53six-day but so that the or or be able to
27:59have their attention for some reason for
28:02a period of about five to eight minutes
28:06like even home shopping channel they
28:08don't start selling a new product
28:10doesn't start selling until a few
28:12minutes in like you have your you we
28:17have a mutual friend bob costas and
28:20he'll tell you he's got a lot of times
28:23we'll be there is nothing happening on
28:25the kicker because they can see all the
28:28dad okay by the way the host on shopping
28:31channels could see all the data binding
28:33Walter company and all that so you'll
28:36see the ticker will be 23 minutes ago
28:38line and all the boom the phone the
28:41lineup but there's another important
28:43aspect about that because when you're
28:46really good like oh he'll remember what
28:49he said five seconds before the five or
28:52ten seconds before that phone that long
28:54so he knows who drive that point
28:58yeah dude it is for anybody that like
29:02you said anybody that hasn't really seen
29:04the back workings of a of the TV
29:08shopping channel it's pretty amazing and
29:11bob is probably the best at it out there
29:13so the so it's good job we got a little
29:17bit of time with John and and again the
29:20reason I want you on the show because I
29:22mean we could cover almost any any
29:24aspect of the invention process because
29:27you've done it all
29:28I know you have a book out there you
29:30tried to help people i know you travel
29:31the country speaking gigs you do a lot
29:34of things not only to to talk about your
29:37product in your experiences but also to
29:38help inventors I know you're out there
29:40doing that
29:40what else are you doing out there I know
29:42you had some some some charity work you
29:46were doing it and I pull it up the other
29:48day what's going on with that
29:50oh yeah so I just teamed up with Bob
29:53homes and Bob Holmes has three decades
29:57of experience doing this but Bob homes
30:00is a one-man volleyball played over
30:0319,000 games of volleyball one over
30:0618,500 us so you can go to be off com or
30:11you can go to my website which will give
30:13you later that I and you'll be able to
30:15link straight to the page but so anyway
30:18the charity targets school bullying and
30:23teen suicide because it's really bad
30:26seventeen percent of school students are
30:28fully annually and it leads to over a
30:32half-million suicide attempt annual ok
30:36so that's a terrible terrible statistic
30:40and what Bob knows and we have hundreds
30:43literally have hundreds of testimonials
30:45he just did invent two weeks ago and all
30:48the letters came in you know all the
30:53testimonials talking about how he helped
30:55them it was result interesting was there
30:59was a few really and really really
31:00interesting but one of my love it said
31:03it was good to finally see you Bob
31:06I ran across your video three years ago
31:09when I was a junior i guess middle
31:12school he wasn't he wasn't the seventh
31:16grade he said I ran across your video I
31:19was cutting myself and i tell my suicide
31:22planned well I had everything put
31:26together i watched your video and it
31:29changed my life and that point on I've
31:31never tried to kill myself I quit
31:33cutting myself I told my parents and i
31:36was able to get past this and it was
31:39really great seeing this now this is
31:41three years later it was really great
31:43seeing you in person and I want to thank
31:45you for saving my life
31:47yeah so this is what he does day in and
31:50day out so we started a charity upbeat
31:53Bob calm on the board of directors and
31:57we are just going to going to help more
32:02and more people i was going to be doing
32:04a a series of a way we're going to
32:08highlight shooting a pilot and a another
32:10month and a half the first you know
32:13first material for a pilot for a for a
32:17little series for for for us to really
32:20expand and grow and to help more
32:23individuals overcome whatever issues it
32:29is whether it's bullying teen suicide
32:31drugs or alcohol in there in school you
32:34know and get that pass them so they can
32:35go on in and build a life because a time
32:39in their life a lot of kids feel they
32:42have nobody even if they have their you
32:45know I i agree and it sounds like a like
32:49a great cause that you've got involved
32:51in and that's why I kinda wanted you to
32:53mention that of the story that you're
32:55not only on the website but just now
32:57we're pretty touching stuff and it's
32:59being able to reach out and help people
33:02instantly is really really important
33:05because as you said sometimes they can't
33:07talk to somebody they can make a phone
33:08call whatever but being able to watch a
33:10video or instant be able to get some
33:13help i think it's a it's a great cause
33:15and and I thank you for getting involved
33:17in that
33:19yeah but I'm excited and I'm really
33:22happy that it Bob reached out to me and
33:25we build a relationship and we build a
33:28UH you know so we can help each other so
33:31basically yeah well fuck you my website
33:35and if you give me a half hour
33:39well you're not hearing this right way
33:40so when it airs will be good let might
33:44also add just let me know will also add
33:47all of the information that John giving
33:49us and going to give us onto the show
33:52notes on the launchpad website so you
33:55don't have to go and scribble down real
33:57quick if you're listening to this in
33:58your car rollover and write it down but
34:01just go ahead John give him any
34:02information the way they can contact you
34:04well it's really simple my company's
34:07athletes performance gear so use the
34:09initial appt dot rocks rocks as a domain
34:14so r 0 cks so 80 g dot rocks and Natalie
34:20due to pay and the first link on that
34:22page will lead you to be dot to beat the
34:26hot days which is the nonprofit that
34:30we're starting and you'll see there's a
34:32bunch of different options that you can
34:35actually donate a run some right now is
34:39you really don't get your is donation
34:43you still get product you get like
34:45t-shirt and water bottles and everything
34:47else but you do not get the tax write
34:53off until we become the official
34:54nonprofit which which is going to be
34:57less than nine months from now but at
34:59the same time we can't give the
35:01certificate at this time but anyway it's
35:04a really great cause i mean when you
35:06give product and it's going to tell
35:08people and it's going to expand
35:10help help save the life and expand a
35:13making better me there's nothing better
35:16well no no I i agree with you a hundred
35:18percent now are the bottles and I have
35:21mine here by the way everybody are the
35:23bottles available anywhere else besides
35:26that decides that website
35:29yeah I mean well basically gonna just go
35:32to website that will lead you there led
35:34to eat place you need to go that way
35:37there's not a bunch of confusion so
35:39there they are on hamazon but i prefer
35:42the bird by through my website because
35:45that the same time I'm able to to get
35:47the input the person's information so i
35:50can I can take care of them and treat
35:52you as a true customer when you find
35:54someone by to Amazon there's a big
35:57disconnect because now we can't
35:59communicate with the customer we can't
36:01you know a if you know make anything
36:04right it's not right and you know we
36:07can't even give you an instructional
36:09video for comfort
36:11I mean I'd like you said you're you're
36:13trying to make this a personal
36:14transaction and you know that you're
36:18emotionally attached to these bottles
36:20this product because I mean basically
36:21you've made this from the beginning and
36:23I think it's awesome that you call this
36:26are we not only with the bottles in the
36:27product but it seems like through this
36:30journey it is really just increased so
36:33many things your knowledge your
36:34experience everything you've done
36:37it's not about a product anymore about a
36:39lifestyle it's about living the
36:41entrepreneurial journeymen and really I
36:43commend you John for all the things that
36:45not only are you doing but that you've
36:46done for for not only yourself but for
36:48everyone but i really appreciate it
36:52appreciate that combine but I couldn't
36:54have done it by myself is taking an
36:57external team and as you know so it is
37:02not all by myself although not to push
37:05behind it
37:06I haven't done it by myself nor could I
37:09have done it myself so a and they might
37:13be able to tie myself I would probably
37:15would have a product that that doesn't
37:18leak at warehouses and it's a it's a
37:21true meter that recognizes that they
37:24can't do everything by themselves and of
37:25course they recognized
37:2613 so again I I appreciate everything
37:29you've done and we're we're pretty much
37:32at a time right now John I again I thank
37:34you for coming on the show I wouldn't
37:36leave it we'd like to leave an open
37:37invitation that you can get you back on
37:39the show not only to get some updates
37:41what's happening with the charity with
37:43you would also how you're progressing
37:45that with the bottles I'd like to know
37:47about how those television ads works how
37:51they ran and you know give some viewers
37:53a lot of our viewers want to get product
37:55on television commercials and I want to
37:57really be able to give them to the
37:59lowdown and the nuts and bolts and how
38:02it's done so if you can get you back on
38:03the show that would be great
38:05well thats i love doing shows i love
38:08being able to give share knowledge that
38:09may help somebody even get one piece of
38:12knowledge help somebody like that that's
38:15great for me I agree
38:18all right now i agree on a percent thank
38:20you very much John you have a great rest
38:21of your day
38:22I appreciate it you can thank you call
38:24my man