Listen Live While Inventors Pitch to TV’s Billion Dollar Man Mr. Bob Circosta and his Guest Pros for a Chance to put their Products on TV

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July 11, 2017

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Pitch 2 the Pros, The Inventors Launchpad Network and Guest Host TV’s Billion Dollar Man Mr. Bob Circosta are on a nationwide search to discover the next Big Thing. In each episode, Inventors, entrepreneurs and product developers are given the unprecedented chance to make their businesses grow immediately. Pitch 2 the Pros is looking for entrepreneurs who can pitch their Inventions and products in hopes of landing that big break. If selected your product could be place on a TV Shopping Channel, Retail Store shelves, in an Infomercial or featured on a major Ecommerce site. The Inventors Launchpad Network and Host Carmine Denisco – Is proud to present The Pitch 2 The Pros Podcast, With Special Guest Host The Legendary Mr. Bob Circosta.

Podcast Notes

1You Tube Transcription
01hi everyone and welcome to pitch to the 0:04pros 0:05I am call mine the Disco your host or 0:07co-host for the show today and with me I 0:11have the man himself TVs billion dollar 0:15man mr. Bob Circosta he is with me today 0:19hey Bob you over there hey carmine good 0:22to see you as always my friend how are 0:24you I'm doing good I'm doing good I'm 0:26glad you made it on the show I know that 0:28just recently if if you're listening to 0:30this show after it's recording we just 0:33had a huge storm roll through I'm glad 0:35that you survived there Bob yeah I wish 0:37I had some umbrellas so about an hour 0:39ago you know about it I you you you were 0:45on TV at all today no not today but in 0:49the office you know getting ready for 0:50next week and we've got about five or 0:53six products on the air next week so a 0:55lot of preparation goes into it so that 0:57we spent most of the day today in the 0:59office one Gustav yeah I know that you 1:02guys are getting products from all over 1:03the country and yeah yeah which makes it 1:06exciting of course you know your ideas 1:08tonight to do something like this is 1:10just genius you know giving people an 1:13opportunity to pitch their products 1:15without leaving the comfort of their own 1:16home I mean why travel somewhere when 1:19you can do this you know you don't even 1:21have to have pants on don't tell anybody 1:26you're going to start a whole trend Bob 1:29then we'll sell fast well listen you 1:33know I talk up the show I think HSN and 1:37you are doing a super job helping out 1:40the American inventors American Dreams 1:42is exploding I know that you get tons of 1:44products you really got a lot of shows 1:46going on we have a couple people that 1:48are going to pitch their products to you 1:49live which is going to be awesome once 1:52you just give a little bit of background 1:53on the show and kind of you know what 1:56you guys are looking for what's been 1:57going on yeah I'm very very proud of 1:59American Dreams and since the beginning 2:01of HSN which by the way is celebrating 2:04his 40th birthday Wow but we started 2:06back in 1977 on the radio and I sold 112 2:11electric can openers and I know I 2:13eeeh that we were starting an industry 2:15but we certainly did and here we are 40 2:18years later and still going strong of 2:22course so but but ever since that 2:23beginning HSN has always been the 2:26entrepreneurs best friend because there 2:29was always a place where the 2:30entrepreneur could tribe could test 2:33their product and bring in their product 2:35and so I'm so proud of the team that 2:38they just send the King to me that was a 2:40couple of years ago now they came to me 2:42and they said Bob we've we so believe in 2:44the entrepreneur then we want to start 2:47this new program that's called HSN 2:49American Dreams and they said we would 2:51like you to go out and find 2:53entrepreneurs find products and bring 2:55them on the air and share them with the 2:57world well it was music to my ears 3:00because I just I'm an entrepreneur at 3:03heart and I have so many friends who are 3:06entrepreneurs and I just respect so much 3:08what with the entrepreneurial process is 3:11and and so for the last couple of years 3:14I've been going out and then reaching 3:16out and people have reached out to me 3:18with their products and we have we have 3:20put ourselves I think the last count was 3:24210 or 211 entrepreneurs on the air that 3:29have never had an opportunity would 3:31never have an opportunity have not have 3:33been for American Dreams but sharing 3:36their product into over 95 million homes 3:39and we really worked out a very good 3:42process where there's virtually no risk 3:45for the on computer we take care of all 3:48the warehousing the fulfillment the 3:50internal navigation getting it through 3:52QA and doing all of that good stuff then 3:55maybe an entrepreneur would not be that 3:57comfortable with because they don't have 3:59the knowledge obviously to do that and 4:02we tried to really minimize the adverse 4:06effect on them and maximize the 4:09potential of getting their product out 4:11there so we do it a couple of times 4:13every week and and it just it's just a 4:17wonderful experience to be able to bring 4:19on we had a lady just last week bring on 4:22a product and within seven minutes 4:24you know she sold out 4:26and like 1,500 units within seven 4:29minutes and I don't know where you're 4:31going to sell that volume and that 4:32amount of time anywhere else and that's 4:34a great thing about TV shot but you know 4:38not every product is right for TV shot 4:40and if the product doesn't work for TV 4:43shopping that doesn't mean it's a bad 4:44product you got to find your niche you 4:47got to find your market you've got to 4:48find where the people are I always say 4:51you know if you're if you want to catch 4:53a shark chances are you're not going to 4:55go to Montana 4:56there aren't any sharks Amman no matter 4:58how great of a shark gets here you are 5:00you're not going to catch any sharks so 5:03you have to identify your market and 5:05who's out there for you and so that's 5:08what we try to do it and that's what 5:11American Dreams all about so I'm excited 5:13I thank you carmine for coming up with 5:15this idea again to really have the 5:19entrepreneurs have an out in a platform 5:21to be able to bring their product to 5:24life and who knows what can happen I 5:26mean we've had I don't have the numbers 5:29in front of me I've had people come on 5:31American Dreams and now they're in 5:33retail I mean they've done that whole 5:35rap so it's getting that start it's 5:38getting that boom because we all know 5:40those magic words as seen on TV well 5:44once you go on American Dreams you can 5:46brand yourself as seen on TV which is 5:49which is great in marketing and and 5:51great in the retail space so I'm excited 5:54and I'm ready to go well good good and 5:57you're exactly right I mean I love the 5:58name of the show because it really is a 6:00dream I mean being able to put a product 6:02on primetime television is a dream no 6:06matter what whether you sell it doesn't 6:08sell that much you sell it I mean it is 6:10great you know you you know a lot of the 6:12inventors think they have arrived at 6:13that point so I think it's great I think 6:15everything that you're doing HSN is 6:17doing and it's unbelievable 40 year 6:19anniversary is crazy so 40 years crazy 6:22and which is really odd cuz I'm only 25 6:25that's not I don't know how it works all 6:31right we're ready to go we're going to 6:33hear from a couple of folks right a 6:34couple people that are raring to go and 6:36guys have great products they've been 6:39selling they know 6:40to do they're great great products great 6:42pictures and and I think we're going to 6:44be good the one thing I want to let all 6:47the listeners though people viewing is 6:49that you're not going to make any 6:50decisions on the product now you're 6:52going to listen to the pitches you're 6:53going to hear some hear from them we're 6:55going to ask some questions and then we 6:57are going to evaluate you're going to 6:58get your team together all your people 6:59right look one team will watch this and 7:02then they'll determine what we need to 7:04do next step ok I just wanted to make 7:06sure you can wear the rules carmine is 7:08tell them at how many minutes you 7:09ditched for three minutes sir yeah we're 7:11getting about three minutes it's not 7:12like the elevator one minute pitch type 7:14thing because you know again I believe 7:16that the people come on the show with 7:18you so it's not like a rap but I want 7:21them to be able to relax give give them 7:23all around about their product I just 7:24think everyone has to worry and then 7:27we're going to go back and forth maybe 7:28seven ten months the most will ask some 7:31questions and and then we'll go on to 7:33our next guest and see how the person 7:36let's go right good so if people who 7:39might be watching this if they want to 7:40participate in future ones do they get 7:43in touch with you or yeah yeah so we'll 7:46talk about at the end but yeah so if 7:49they want to get in touch to do future 7:51shows here they can either go to Bob 7:53Circosta comp I know Bob has a great 7:56they can contact him where they can go 7:58to inventors launchpad comm go to our 8:00comic pages let them know favor LinkedIn 8:03you know the whole deal everybody hears 8:05at all time but we were here so all 8:08right all right I get it all in and our 8:11first guest is or product picture I 8:14should say I don't know what name are 8:15you going to use to call those guys but 8:17Lois Morgan and it's my shirt date from 8:23Grand Rapids and I mean I'm going to 8:26introduce his product and let him do it 8:27and I'm going to unmute his mic and 8:29Louis your Amba man all right cool why 8:33carmine and bata really appreciate this 8:35opportunity is awesome and my product is 8:39the golf shoe grabber a little 8:42background the golf shoe grabber really 8:44came out of frustration I was going on a 8:47golf trip with some buddies up north I 8:50would get picked up early in the morning 8:52had my my bag of clothes I have my golf 8:55bags and I just want to grab them and go 8:57and my shoes were over there hanging to 9:00the side and I just didn't have enough 9:01hand between grabbing my luggage 9:03grabbing my golf bag and then grabbing 9:05my shoe that was just cumbersome and 9:07dark and I'm thinking can I just hook 9:09these things onto the bag and be off and 9:11running and and that's where it all kind 9:13of started and so from there over about 9:16five years I really just kind of 9:19casually tool around with prototypes and 9:22CAD and 3d threading the wife helped me 9:25a little bit with some market research 9:26he's got a legal background she was 9:28doing some patent research to see what 9:30we might have on grounds for patent and 9:32about last year and really just went 9:35into overdrive and we came up with the 9:38with the golf shoe grabber and basically 9:41what it is here at the clamp and handle 9:44and one and so a quick demo here is you 9:48behave grab your shoes here pick up your 9:52shoes grab your golf shoe grabbers you 9:55clamp your shoes you got your shoes 9:57hands they're kind of handle 360 10:00carabiner on the end here allows you to 10:02clamp it on your golf bag clamp it on 10:05your duffel bag 10:06crap on your backpack put it in your 10:08locker put it really anywhere you want 10:11and that's the great thing about this 10:12product since we've gone live and that 10:14we've heard so many different ideas on 10:16how this could be used in different 10:18shoes and we know we have different 10:19markets you could probably tap but 10:21really just focused in on the golf shoes 10:23in the golf market to really start to 10:26find a niche really go in so last year 10:29really when it overdrive got the logo 10:31got the packaging got the tooling worked 10:33out and we went alive to the market 10:36January down in Florida and you guys 10:38have neck of the woods in Orlando at the 10:40PGA Show and now with heels you know 10:43that was our first experience to the 10:44market really went hard there we got a 10:46lot of love there we got Golf Digest 10:48gave us a shout out of one of the cool 10:51products of the show one of the 10 cool 10:53products of the show so they did a 10:54write-up for us and from there we've 10:56just been working and I got a lot of 10:58contacts and you know really just worked 11:01our contacts we've sold about 1,300 in 11:03the last five months 11:04I'll 11:06so orders retail orders we cannot custom 11:09printed here with will do these custom 11:11orders 40 guests will put logos on there 11:13if people want 11:15we got the golf shoe grabber logo on 11:17there just to kind of show it it looks 11:18like but we basically can pad for any 11:20logo on there to do custom the packaging 11:23we've got it all packaged up here this 11:25is what the packaging looks like it's on 11:27a cardboard with a little shoe to kind 11:29of show what it does and it sits there 11:32and it just hangs in a retail real nice 11:34but a little hole there for retail and 11:36so we've just been really trying to 11:39build a build a product and get 11:42awareness out there and getting the 11:44feedback from from everybody that's been 11:46using it and really just trying to like 11:48basta find our kind of niche in the 11:50marketplace I came across this show 11:51through 11:52Jeff mangas who like took on is a 11:55licensing coach couple months ago to 11:57really try to find ways to maybe get the 11:59licensee market so then really kind of 12:01in the early stages of that I got a 12:03sales sheet down and really getting the 12:05market so that's what we're at we're 12:07looking for the future to see where the 12:08future takes us and just taking it 12:10casually and it's been a it's been a fun 12:12ride so that's the golf shoe grabber 12:14right there nice very very nice Louis 12:18very very nice very nice let me let me 12:21throw a couple of things edge okay first 12:24of all you can imagine how many pitches 12:26I heard over the years right you started 12:29perfect weight and everybody should do 12:31this is you started with the problem 12:34okay and too many times people come in 12:38and they're so emotionally attached to 12:40their product that they think what they 12:43have is the greatest in the world that 12:45might be I thought not saying this could 12:47be but if you assume that everybody is 12:50going to want it so great then you're 12:52you're fighting an uphill battle you 12:54came in with the problem problem 12:56solution is one of the oldest most 12:58impactful way to sell anything but the 13:00challenge with that is most people talk 13:02about solution their product is the 13:05solution they don't talk about enough in 13:07the product of the problem and think 13:09about it this way if you don't you know 13:11if I don't have the problem then I don't 13:12really need your solution right but if 13:15you can this we have the problem now I 13:17want your soldier there's a big 13:19difference between 13:20needing and one so that was great I mean 13:22the way you start with just super so you 13:23know keep doing that whenever you're 13:25talking about the problem or your 13:27product talk about that the problem 13:29first obviously it's a very visual 13:31product which is great for TV a lot of 13:35people forget the TV is a visual media 13:37and they think conversation sells in 13:40this effort 13:40you got a demo demo demo and so demo 13:44your product is great I would I would 13:48think about and I know you mentioned a 13:52little bit expanding your market if 13:54you're going to go into an HSN or a TV 13:56shopping channel you're going into 95 or 14:00100 million homes so you don't want to 14:03say it's just golfers ok though that is 14:07a tremendous market by itself there's no 14:10question you should pursue that but on 14:12an HSN I would like to adapt it to all 14:16shoes okay hang them up in the closet 14:18hang them you know hanging when you're 14:20traveling which you can do very very 14:22nice so I would just do a little spin on 14:25on what you have done already what we 14:28can be done you said 30 you've sold 1300 14:31yeah okay do you have available limited 14:34tour I do yeah I have available 14:36inventory now and we've manufactured 14:38right here in Grand Rapids so I have a 14:40production guy we've got the tooling and 14:42he can spit them out very easily very 14:44quickly so we can make thousands and you 14:47know very quickly so but if we had to 14:49make the packaging more generic would 14:53would that cause a big problem not at 14:57all right in the line that you would 14:58kind of noted I've already you know from 15:00my five six months being in the market I 15:02definitely need to make it more general 15:03bill golf is a great niche oh yeah just 15:08too many 15:09there's too many uses I feel like we're 15:11leaving potential on the table at this 15:13stage so you know I think the packaging 15:16at you know the name that comes up that 15:17is really kind of been sticking as my 15:18shoe grabber exponent well I should grab 15:21it I think we can easily keep the same 15:23logo should easily change you know and 15:27back here from the golf - you know what 15:29I think it's a bear we do the packaging 15:31right here locally as well too 15:33so everything is made locally right here 15:35in Grand Rapids gives me a lot of 15:37control and maybe notice the price point 15:39of this so the MSRP is in 1999 okay 15:44okay and your costs are pretty good I 15:46mean since you manufacture them here are 15:49you paying a lot more or I feel like for 15:52USA trust me all for making it right 15:55here you know so I'm at about a 25% cost 15:58of that you know of that $19.99 I think 16:01we've gotten a little bit of resistant 16:03on the retail side that that might be a 16:04little I and then until if I wanted to 16:07play in a retail world I feel like I 16:08would definitely have to probably get my 16:10cost down and make margins work for 16:12everybody right you know kind of same 16:14finding your niche you know I've gotten 16:17the International and the kind of logo 16:19custom logo has really been kind of that 16:21what is written risen to the top so 16:24those will more in a higher kind of cost 16:26you know versus maybe retail so you know 16:29if we were to expand a retail I think we 16:31would definitely have to look into 16:32manufacturing elsewhere than in the 16:35heart of production you know Michigan 16:37ends itself I think geographically 16:39probably has some of the highest 16:40production cost you know anywhere in 16:42phones a slow even going south we could 16:45probably trim you know yeah yeah okay 16:48all right okay good 16:50Lenny I mean I like it I like it we call 16:53it my shoe grabber or whatever making 16:55them more generic but then again I don't 16:57want you to misunderstand golf it's a 16:59great market do not give up on that 17:02don't else not yeah yeah yeah did you 17:05like the PGA Show down here you know 17:08while it was just so much going on you 17:11know I mean it was so there's just so 17:13much commotion and just sales and 17:15energetic busy madam it is just so you 17:19know I went a couple of years ago it I 17:22was worn out yes about an hour you know 17:25that's a good way for this exciting okay 17:28I like it let me have the team look at 17:30it okay and and then we'll be in touch 17:33with the next step 17:34awesome awesome okay nice job very nice 17:37thank you carmine do you have anything 17:39you want to add but all right no no you 17:41covered most of it which i think is 17:42great and I totally agree golf is a huge 17:45mitts off 17:46and you know I know that products are 17:51are hard to get into the golf industry 17:53but I think that Lewis's is definitely a 17:55unique product so I could see why I 17:58didn't really have trouble selling that 18:01particular product but I thought the 18:02same thing 18:03expand let me just give some sod Louis 18:06to other ways you could demo it yeah you 18:09know hanging in a closet hanging here 18:12there you know just identify different 18:15areas we can all we can go to Bob's 18:18house got my hearty hang stuff all over 18:20the place we get hanging Bob when you 18:24know what the hell no Lewis excellent 18:29excellent and I like I like the product 18:30I think it's great yeah can go upstream 18:33I mean being able to hang any kind of 18:35sneakers or shoes football any kind of 18:38sports off the outside of your backpack 18:40or your sports bag because they're all 18:41muddy instead of put them in the bag 18:43I thought man you can almost hang 18:44anything off of that off of those guys I 18:47did forget to ask Louis when you went to 18:50where is it out there in retail to the 18:52golf pro shops right now or yeah like it 18:55really that's it yeah okay auto shops 18:58you know try I did that retail channel 19:00just the price point off the margins 19:02just weren't making it here in Michigan 19:03it's just there's no way I can make it 19:05work I met some really good contact the 19:07PGA Show that could scale me to retail 19:10or have those contacts at retail but you 19:12know where they needed it at their 19:14doorstep and what they had to give it to 19:16their retail partners and alright you 19:19know to be able to produce it here in 19:20the world I don't know if you've done 19:21this than you you should talk to carmine 19:23I mean he's got a wealth of information 19:24when it comes to manufacturing and stuff 19:28like that so I'll definitely do that I 19:30appreciate that hate to put you on the 19:32spot carmine but that I know you do so 19:34you know you can possibly help Louis go 19:37talk to him yeah we'll talk to my ticket 19:38very great product I love you I love it 19:41like and I don't mean it that way 19:43simple solving a problem awesome the key 19:46the key and I'm sure David is going to 19:49do the same thing what I was feeling 19:52David's next and he's going to solve a 19:54problem I like it we're excited 19:57all right cool I'm going to ask first 19:58which you Luis I'm going to put you on 20:00mute 20:00and that was great huh Bob that was a 20:03pretty pretty good yeah very nice 20:06I could see different adaptations yeah 20:09look we were going to do it just as a 20:11purely a goal fighting it would be tough 20:13if that's not the demographic that's not 20:16the audience basically but if we broaden 20:18it out I think you know it's competition 20:20that's great all right I'm going to I'm 20:23going to reset my clock here not that 20:25really no one was really counting no one 20:27can essentially me over here and I am 20:32going to introduce my man not David what 20:35was was on my podcast see the awesome 20:39inventor he helps invent from her 20:41ovaries he's all over the internet he's 20:43great I believe that he did a trial for 20:47shark tank you might not be able to tell 20:48us how he did but david frankel i'm not 20:52going to introduce his product 20:53David you ready over there 20:56yes sir David nice to meet you let's 20:59meet you about thank you for having me 21:00our pleasure our pleasure but thank you 21:03carmine as well I appreciate that 21:04portunity go ahead my man well excellent 21:07well thank you again the the company is 21:10perky LLC and we want to solve coding 21:14problems so we're a clothing innovation 21:16company so back in 2005 I was getting 21:19ready for work and I looked in the 21:21mirror after I got a shirt right on the 21:23dry-cleaning bag put the shirt on and 21:25unfortunately my collar was looking 21:27awful it was a straw repeated or sagging 21:29I had a blazer it looked even worse the 21:31collar actually started talking under my 21:32blazer I started talking on my collar I 21:35couldn't go to meeting looking like that 21:37so I said okay so that shirt back on the 21:40on the shelf in the closet get another 21:42shirt right from the dry cleaners still 21:44in the bag put it on same problem so 21:47what I had to do was I to find a 21:48solution for that droopy saggy collar 21:50and since so many offices are now going 21:53business casual it's become a bigger 21:54problem well through any downtime any 21:56major city 21:57ladies and gentlemen have this root be 22:00saggy collar or flat collar I want to 22:02find a solution I'm with my friend perky 22:04perky pulse show you and demonstrate it 22:07for you that's perky who this is perky 22:10Paul murky ball oh so this is how you 22:13this how you well look so all the 22:15viewers can see nice my collar and just 22:19gives a nice clean professional look and 22:21this really looks like when you first 22:22buy a shirt and that's why every time 22:24you buy new clothes you're at the very 22:25next day precious I get swag your 22:28confidence you're just out you get tons 22:30of compliments or then a month later 22:32five washes later you don't look so 22:35great and the compliments top and then 22:36you don't have the same swag ahead about 22:39a month ago so the products actually on 22:41the shirt right now you have no way of 22:42doing that you can't see it but I can 22:44tell you real quickly if I take on 22:46prologue you can see how quickly that 22:48the product starts to show the 22:49importance oh wow I'll talk under you 22:52can see how the placket right here 22:54starts to fold and if I was walking this 22:56would actually start to match it as well 22:58and this is a kind of your typical look 23:00is that droopy saggy for the placket 23:02sloppy look and this is Woodrum a crazy 23:04and this would motivated me to find a 23:06way to solve this problem and how it 23:08works is very simple you lift 23:09the collar up you add the perky collar 23:13with long tapered ends on top and simply 23:17drop it back down so now you go from sad 23:20to sexy in a matter of seconds and since 23:23a mannequin doesn't have shoulders I got 23:25pulled back to steams a bit but now 23:27we're back to that nice clean 23:28professional look nice nice very simple 23:32but very effective and again it helps 23:35people regardless their budget help them 23:37look as great as possible now is it only 23:40for men of course not we're talking 23:41about HSN so it works for women as well 23:46here's a young lady with a nice blouse 23:48nice crisp clean collar but even for her 23:51if she took her collar off you'd see 23:53quickly how the blouse kind of flattens 23:55out and definitely doesn't look the same 23:57as it did beforehand so again same 23:59concept lift the collar up drop the 24:01collar down high collar professional 24:04look back to where you want to be so you 24:08can you can wear that without wearing a 24:10blazer or anything correct so it can be 24:12rigger dress shirt or direction with 24:14Blazers the Blazer magnifies the problem 24:16which is why I like to use it as you 24:17demonstrate oh sure sure because it's 24:19definitely any my ideal customer is 24:21someone that wears a dress shirt with a 24:22blazer 24:23really because they are the most 24:24frustrated with the problem the second 24:27most ideal customer is someone that wear 24:28stress shirt now one thing you mentioned 24:30earlier is packaging this is one place I 24:32did not cut a corner I hope you can see 24:34it pretty well there beautiful elegant 24:37packaging out actual white box and has a 24:39foil stamp front it's got a magnetic lid 24:41here so it kind of opens up like a 24:42treasure box and the perky collar stays 24:45in here so I didn't want is I didn't 24:46want to throw a box I want a box that 24:49people could use to store the perky 24:50collar between uses but also other 24:53accessories so if you're traveling for 24:54work male or female give other 24:56accessories you have in a nightstand or 24:58the kitchen sink they can all go right 25:00here in the perky color box so it 25:02becomes a nice little storage as well as 25:05a great little tool to make sure you 25:06don't lose it or leave it behind or drop 25:09it or you know misplace and so on so 25:11forth so the box is equally important as 25:13a way to store your 96's fries when 25:16you're traveling for work so is it I 25:18it's out there right now it's out there 25:20now we've solved with 8000 units 25:23we're in 2 or 90 stores across 40 25:25different US states and a handful of 25:26international stores as well okay I'm 25:30sorry I haven't even so I was eight 25:32thousand we've had seventy nine hundred 25:34and some of the course of what a year uh 25:36we have to market July of 2015 is kind 25:42of soft cuddly heaven doesn't have the 25:43right box yet good really a quiver of 25:462015's really when we had the Box 25:47annulled humans are ready to rock n roll 25:49a little over a year and a half 25:50what's the price point of it then it 25:52raced from 95 to twenty four ninety five 25:54depend on the store in the market any 25:57resistance in 1995 no no okay there's a 26:01one-time purchase use it for every shirt 26:03in your closet sure sure 26:05well just like I was mentioning to Lewis 26:07um you hit the problem right out the box 26:09and made it very relatable 26:11you know excellent on that the visual I 26:15mean that's obvious it's very visual but 26:18I also liked what you did on what we 26:20call a BA a before and after you can 26:23really do a compare and that's a strong 26:25strong selling tool in TV shopping is 26:28that they put a before and after that 26:31always causes a spike in sales so your 26:34product can fit very nicely into that my 26:37question at the beginning which you 26:39answered later was the male versus 26:41female because as far as TV shopping is 26:44concerned it's it's primarily female um 26:48and and I I liked it and I had a lady on 26:55the once called safety pin we bought you 26:59we've all used to safety dinner one time 27:01enough to hold things together to you 27:04know what whatever test this lady came 27:07up with the only fabric faster device 27:10ever to receive a patent 27:12besides the safety did she came on the 27:16air she had only sold them on her 27:18website she came on the air sold out 27:20today we've sold over 100,000 of these 27:23on HSN okay so I kept thinking of that 27:27category when you were talking about 27:29email and showing like this magnet it's 27:33called my Maggie's and it's a magnet 27:36it holds cards together Belk together 27:39you know clothing accessories together 27:41your product falls into that same 27:43category so I I love it I think it's 27:47great great very creative and way you 27:50came up with it because of your own 27:52frustration as you said and and but you 27:56know I've seen that too you bring them 27:57home from the cleaners and they're all 27:59crumpled or or they're not even in the 28:01back you know they're they're all raised 28:03up that they don't care and so yeah so 28:06you're solving a problem in a very 28:08simplistic but creative way and that's 28:12the key so yeah I'd love for the team 28:15you see this one do okay now we might be 28:18back in touch with you and Lois you may 28:23need to do like a 60-second video or you 28:27know whatever on your eye you can do it 28:29on the iPhone production doesn't matter 28:31but if HSN has a lot of interest in this 28:36they may want to see it you know make it 28:38you make a video but also I tell you 28:41both of you would be very good on the 28:44air you know which is great not 28:47everybody is great on it's hairdressing 28:49but if it both of you would be very very 28:51good so yeah I mean you you've answered 28:53everything you have available inventory 28:56I would imagine yes sir 28:58okay cover sell just subject integers 29:00right now yeah they're actually not the 29:02place no we're in front of 10,000 its 29:03yeah I mean one of the advantages of 29:06American Dreams because most people 29:09think you got a thousand for thousands 29:11to get on the air but one advantage of 29:13American Dreams is they look at it as 29:15test for exactly know so they're 29:17allowing people to come on with like 500 29:20units you know depending on price point 29:22and everything which doesn't put the 29:25inventor out you know and then if it 29:27tests well then they reorder from that 29:29point so okay very good are mine no I 29:34told him I thought it's great and I you 29:35know like as you said I thought Lois and 29:38David both the great Dave real quick 29:39what's the what's the manufacturing cost 29:42that you're that you're seeing right now 29:43on that well right now it's around 350 29:46that's a pretty color and the box 29:49as a real order the next unit from how 29:52you can push the 10,000 units might drop 29:53slightly but it's roughly what it cost 29:57to get here and very just about total 30:03cost so 350 landed that's not your yeah 30:06laying low at the desk on your profit in 30:09that's not my profit no right right 30:12that's okay - yeah wholesale I sell it 30:14for 10 and then retail like says here 30:151985 - 2495 and it does help immense 30:18adventure earlier I just I did audition 30:20for Shark Tank about I guess two months 30:22ago almost required into a video that 30:25was between five and ten minutes long so 30:26if your team you like to pull up the 30:28perky collar page on YouTube I took 30:30several pieces from that shark tank 30:32audition okay on YouTube okay perky 30:36collar and just go to youtube right or 30:38you can just go to my website which is 30:39perky Telecom some of the videos are 30:42there as well on the media page as well 30:44as a home page and the perky collar page 30:46okay somewhere just spend a half summer 30:49minutes I broke up that video into 30:51smaller clumps that's good that's good 30:53well I mean tiny is very important 30:55because in the world of TV shopping it's 30:58all dollars per minutes short got to be 31:00up and running right away because the 31:02only commodity that the TV shopping 31:05channels tab is that of time and and so 31:10they have to maximize every minute on 31:12here so you get the message out you get 31:15the demo out time is is really powerful 31:19years ago when we first went to 24 hours 31:22a day we sat around the table when we 31:26figured out you know what no matter how 31:27good we are we can be on any more than 31:2924 hours a day no matter what we try and 31:32do that pathetic work maxed out all 31:34right so how do we increase sales and 31:37the answer is we decrease the amount of 31:40time it takes to make this a so there's 31:43a there's a formula and everything that 31:47you would need to learn what you would 31:48not have any problem doing on how to 31:50present that it would be different than 31:53how we're doing it here right okay so 31:56but I mean part of the whole processes 31:58that you learn that you know and that 32:00you're taught that so and you probably 32:03got some 32:03of it insuring as well because their 32:05time is very critical to okay 32:09did you know you can't talk about chart 32:10okay I waited through two rounds so the 32:13first round was in Charlotte 32:15we're picked as the top 10% of the Tudor 32:17eighty eight companies tried out I had a 32:19week to develop a video and set a big 32:21fat stack of paperwork back to them and 32:23they were paperwork I just sent out 32:25Monday like at six o'clock it had to be 32:27in their hands by Tuesday at the 32:29deadline to head it I shot the video 32:31edit the video talk about it very 32:33stressful week she has all that done 32:35writes script and have it all done and I 32:37just want to come off just genuine and 32:38come off as informational and I said 32:41hope you check out the videos because I 32:43think they turned out really nicely and 32:45I think it conveys a short sweet way 32:47what the product is not work what the 32:49problem is what the solution is and then 32:52again we're a clinician companies we 32:53have lots of the products out now that's 32:55all other problems so we're excited 32:57about the additional revenues coming 33:00from those new products and once they're 33:02you know logging in for the perky collar 33:04like oh by the way you can get a felt 33:05pen oh by the way you can get a pocket 33:06square holder and oh by the way come 33:08very belts it really nice too okay no I 33:10know I'm smelling here on the show but 33:15you said yeah have we're gonna solve but 33:19ass you're right that's right okay good 33:21good good yeah we got to make it for the 33:23women and I like I just like the 33:27versatility isn't we had a go we had one 33:31product on the stays that fit in the 33:33collar these were metal stays that 33:36somebody came up with it had kind of a 33:38tough go I just don't think that people 33:42related that well to metal stays but 33:46this I think they would relate to 33:48because we all know what the problem is 33:50right a woman's dress are men so I think 33:52women need help again more so yeah yeah 33:55yeah themselves yeah okay yeah all right 33:59David very good thank you thank you 34:01velvet preciate yeah my pleasure 34:03right alright great so let me mute you 34:06guys and Joaquin finally made it we're 34:09going to give Joaquim a shot with his 34:11product I'll do a quick intro and basic 34:14watching our team what 34:17what a G the J is silent 34:20no the J is pronounced oh ok Jackie 34:24yucky dead ok Jackie yes alright nice to 34:29meet you great nice to meet you too sir 34:31where'd you go mine and the rest of you 34:33know the folks here alright my party you 34:36have three minutes let's hear your 34:37product and we'll go game all right D 34:41all right so so good afternoon good 34:44evening everybody my name is Jackie 34:46Malik inventor of the world's first in 34:49somber clothes hanger this is a clothes 34:52hanger I introduced to you all it's a 34:54brand new clothing clothing hanger that 34:57is a solution to an old hang up in our 34:59living spaces millions of us of course 35:02you know around the world have a common 35:05problem properly storing and hanging up 35:07our clothes neat and organized in our 35:10closets so what we have here is is this 35:16beautiful desired chicken in yoga yeah 35:20thank you 35:21all right and what it does here use this 35:25hangers just like you you know you dress 35:29yourself undergarments like 35:30undergarments first being simply placing 35:34them here you know and then it acts as a 35:38a sharkbite it catches and holds and 35:42then you use your regular use of the 35:45hanger with your you're overlapping 35:47garments of pants see the t-shirt and 35:51the shirt and the jacket and what you 35:54have you know is a complete ensemble 35:57hanging all on one hand some people 36:02decide you know well you know they'll 36:04use it for scarves you know whatever or 36:07you know the ladies like my wife here 36:12she uh she has her complete her dress 36:17and her slip and a scarf I wonder if you 36:24guys can can really see so it's not you 36:28know I'll have to 36:30I have to demonstrate one of the eye I 36:33get it yeah 36:34so anyway as you can see all of my 36:38clothes here are hung up nice and neat 36:40no dresses and drawers I'm prepared for 36:44school work travel of any kind 36:46and I'm neat and organized 36:50and this wonderful anger is the first of 36:53its kind ever offered to the market 36:55it's a dynamite product I been a career 37:00trucker needed to find a solution to 37:04properly storing my clothes so I came up 37:07with the world's first and sample 37:10clothes hanger I patented in 2012 I 37:15started a business and started producing 37:19these and what happened is when I came 37:25to introduce these the larger companies 37:31of like a console and The Container 37:35Store was willing to accept orders but 37:38at this at that time ran out of money I 37:42was unable to produce you know the 37:44minimum $30,000 minimum $25,000 for the 37:48other store and so now I'm here with you 37:53guys pitching and hoping to you know do 37:56something you know around there that and 37:58get this thing into the homes of a 38:01millions of people this is a good 38:05product for those of you know of us who 38:09are on the gold constantly college bound 38:12individuals like I said you know any 38:16small and condensed spaces that people 38:19lives in this this is this is it you 38:22know no no extra furniture needed this 38:26is just take care everything so this is 38:30where I am alright 38:31okay good good good good good job to 38:33keep good job a couple of things yes 38:38because this is all about organization 38:41absolutely all about say 38:43space yes okay so obviously a lot of it 38:47could be done in the studio that would 38:49make it very visual I don't know if you 38:51ever saw or heard the movie called joy 38:53which was uh it was on last year ago 38:58Christmas he came out and it was about 39:01the life story of joy Mangano who is an 39:04inventor I'm aware of her right enjoy 39:07his very good friend and she's at HSN 39:11right now that one product that she came 39:13up with was called the huggable anger 39:15yes and they have sold almost 1 billion 39:21with a be 1/2 million of the hug morning 39:25all right then so that proves that the 39:29organizational category is there all 39:32right now her hanger your hanger are 39:34very different obviously yes and that's 39:36great oh that's because if it was too 39:39similar to hers then it would it would 39:41be tough to do yours very very different 39:44yeah then so that's a good thing and so 39:48she's done very very well with her 39:49hanger she's a great great just an 39:52incredible woman she has absolutely 39:55nothing she's a hard worker and she's 39:57she's terrific 39:59so anyhow so uh we know the categories 40:02there okay what I have found out for my 40:05wife which I was not aware she likes to 40:08plan out all of her outfits for the 40:10whole week yes all right 40:12not me you know then he does it that way 40:15right so this is perfect for somebody 40:17like that you're just looking you know 40:20on a Sunday night you can get everything 40:21ready for the whole week and you're a 40:23good time in the morning getting ready 40:25absolute about the the uncertainty of 40:28trying to figure out what am I going to 40:30wear did it right starts your day 40:32stressful like that right so right so I 40:35very very interesting you making you 40:38have a patent on it yes it on and are 40:41you selling them right now I am sewing 40:43right now individually what I do is I 40:47travel to college towns places of that 40:50sort because at this point you not only 40:54order 5000 you know Cheryl 40:56I'm you know and I'm not able to ship to 41:04the bigger guys yet yeah that's fine 41:06that's fine 41:06one good thing and I don't know if you 41:08were with us when I was talking about 41:09this or not but one good thing about 41:11American Dreams is you don't need large 41:14quantities to get started because this 41:17is all entrepreneurial a base this is to 41:19make it comfortable for the entrepreneur 41:21silk'n right 41:22no if HSN would want to do this Friday 41:25they're not going to come back and say 41:26Jackie we need 10,000 of these they 41:29might do it with 500 you know 300 you 41:32know they want to test it they want to 41:34test it and then if it does well then 41:36you know if it has history then then you 41:40can use that history to go out and raise 41:42money possibly you know to fund no it's 41:45going on okay I would suggest down the 41:48road not yet down the road maybe 41:51different colors yes you know of them 41:54because believe it or not hangers become 41:56addictive yes I know nobody understands 42:00how could a hanger be a dick it is 42:03because once you get organized in one 42:06part of the closet the rest of it looks 42:08like hell and so you want you want to 42:11say well I want to fix that and you want 42:12to fix that and so you end up redoing 42:15the whole cloth absolutely so I I think 42:19the categories there um so let me let me 42:23take it to the feet and see what they 42:24say and let's put it in front of them 42:27and then see what we can do on our next 42:29step okay all right fair enough fair 42:32enough okay I like it I like it very 42:35very lemony so register thank you so 42:37much carmine 42:39yeah just one quick question where are 42:40you making that now where the China oh 42:43you are not yeah I am making them in 42:46Shenzhen China and I use a independent 42:51Nam manufactured there it's our but I do 42:56intend to you know go with the best deal 43:00that I can get you know here you where 43:02possible there's great quality 43:05you know I hang these things up I put 43:08everything on there plus a heavy 43:09overcoat 43:10and will not say good good good okay 43:13because the one thing about the lower 43:16cell it also acts as a rebar you know 43:21that can come from sagging you know and 43:25that makes it you know I'm saying even 43:27stronger you know have any pounds it'll 43:29hold but I actually to if if I put the 43:36clothes on there which is the clothes is 43:38usually with all that closes usually two 43:41pounds yeah then what they overcoat or 43:44overcoat by itself usually way but maybe 43:48come and have two pounds to and have it 43:50I maybe five pounds toget a wool coat 43:53and so about seven yeah now we get on 43:57the air we could put awake we can put an 43:59actual weight well your I pound weights 44:02or whatever it is and we would have it 44:05hang from that yeah which showed us 44:07dirtiness of another finger yeah 44:09absolutely it I I know for sure I can 44:12take you know any easily ten pounds I 44:15know that for sure and behind that there 44:18it is yes well it looks like a it looks 44:21like a great product and I I can be 44:23sounds like you are kind of frustrated 44:26with the product but I tell you it looks 44:27like you did a great job and just 44:29selling your product is is awesome I 44:32think anyone that gets to the point 44:34where they're selling your product and 44:35people are buying it I think they're 44:37overcome some great odds so I think 44:39you're you're doing great yeah the only 44:42thing I would Jackie my would I would 44:44maybe tweak a little bit at the 44:46beginning presentation is give me the 44:49problem a little heavier at the 44:51beginning the problem that you ran into 44:53that caused you to create this product 44:57you've got a little bit later but if you 45:00start out that way it creates right 45:03creates that empathy it creates whether 45:05it makes sense missing something 45:08relate your problem to everybody else 45:10right everybody goes yeah I got it right 45:13absolutely I can do just that I know I 45:16know you can do it yeah yeah absolutely 45:18so so yeah and this is a this is a the 45:22first of 45:24of many to come so soon our plan I plan 45:28to make a serious dent in the in the 45:33hanger industry yes why not 45:39yeah so very good all right let's wrap 45:44up to any of our any of our guests all 45:47of you guys have been on any questions 45:49for myself or for Bob or Bob do you have 45:51any questions we're going to wrap up 45:52otherwise no I think I asked everything 45:56I was wondering about everything I need 45:57to find out what we need to do next 46:00we'll put in from the team time frame on 46:04that could be you know a week or so or 46:06in carmine you have all the contact 46:08information so I'm sure you'll you'll 46:11shoot them an email when we go but 46:13probably we're going to need the the 46:17video David already mentioned on his 46:20website Lois you may have to do a quick 46:23video on the phone which is no problem I 46:25mean don't worry I don't know Colin yes 46:28you can I don't care where you do it you 46:31may have to do a little video of your 46:33product may be standing up in the closet 46:35and putting stuff on it you know yeah I 46:38will I will I will have a demonstration 46:40done for you no later than tomorrow just 46:44also a great full demonstration I do it 46:47in and do it I would visualize you going 46:50in the closet having just like what you 46:52show your wife's hanger having 46:54everything on there may be taking off 46:56you know here's a hanger it looks like 46:58it's just the blouse right take that low 47:00stuff and you see something else take 47:02that off you see something else 47:04yeah dear oh yes yes okay no problem 47:07ready to buy a hanger on hey you know 47:10what especially you know Sam one there's 47:12where there's really no no other like it 47:16so you know that's that you know I think 47:18that all the time for you know his 47:20lessons of giving me you know the gift 47:22to uh you know create I do a lot of that 47:25I do games sorted everything but you 47:27know this right here has been you know 47:29it's a hangar but assassin II it's okay 47:32you know it really helps you know a lot 47:34of people around the world I've been to 47:36you know God I know they're going to you 47:39know places and I've seen you know 47:40people really small and then spaces and 47:44uh they look you know so do it and it 47:48works so alright alright sure I wish so 47:51much gentlemen everyone I appreciate you 47:54all being on the show today all did a 47:56great job Bob thank you so much for your 47:58time I just all appreciate all of us 48:00inventors everyone out there any of you 48:03listeners out there if you do have a 48:04product you know somebody that has a 48:05product please get in touch with us on 48:07inventors launchpad comm get in touch 48:10with one of these inventors they'll give 48:12you the guidance that you need they've 48:14all come a long way they've got a lot of 48:16knowledge of stuff go to Bob Circosta 48:17calm and contact Bob's team get your 48:21product on the air keep it moving and we 48:23appreciate all you guys and for me and 48:26Bob Circosta and all of our inventors I 48:29say thank you and good night everybody 48:32good night all right