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August 10, 2017
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Podcast Notes

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0:00all righty welcome to another episode of
0:03the juice box mom show I'm always
0:05excited but I'm extra excited today but
0:07I say that everyday but it's not as fun
0:08when I get to interview a family member
0:11which is really cool so this is Kristen
0:14and I shall ISIL Kristen that we start
0:17every one of our episodes with a prohm I
0:18call it a prayer in a poem because you
0:21know I love poetry I really love to pray
0:22but I really like people to be able to
0:24find something that suits them in
0:27whatever they do and into the juice box
0:29on show for today so are you ready for
0:31your prom I wrote it especially for you
0:33about 15 minutes ago while I was in the
0:35shower oh wait super funny story so
0:37seriously our circuits like upstairs in
0:39our house they blow if we put like too
0:42much power into them right so we've been
0:45outside like doing yard work all morning
0:46and come upstairs I'm showering super
0:49quick thank you my problem drying my
0:51hair the circuit blows I'm like okay
0:52forget it I'm just gonna have one hair
0:54so my hair's wet I throw a headband on I
0:56go downstairs and then I'm like okay I
0:58have to move and come upstairs random
1:00situations so I come up and I turn off
1:02all the fans and I'm like why that noise
1:04I can't figure out why I have all this
1:06background noise so my hair dryer inside
1:09the cupboard has been running for like
1:1015 honest because my husband bless his
1:14heart he flipped the switch turned it
1:16back on so there's like this I swear we
1:18probably would have cut set the house on
1:19fire if I had not been talking to you
1:21today no I would have left and burned
1:24down house so you saved my life we
1:26started on a good note okay here is your
1:28prom that I won't wrote earlier today
1:31all right they say that our health
1:33affects everyone that we know and
1:35everything that we do today's momma
1:38works extra hard to make sure that her
1:40rocker kids health is rock star too we
1:45happen to have the very same
1:46grandparents and we sometimes meet up
1:49when we're out and about yep you guess
1:52that she's one of my favorite cousins
1:54without a doubt
1:55welcome to the show Kristen oh I love
1:57that thank you
1:58you know it's pretty easy if you pick a
2:00word like now due to it's really not
2:02that hard for ya so I'm really happy you
2:04joined us and I'm just praising God and
2:06thanking him that you took the time out
2:07of your busy day today I know how busy
2:10every single mom
2:11is and the purpose of my show is always
2:12to take or do what many people would
2:15call ordinary moms but never single mom
2:17is extraordinary in our own way and
2:19bring that out and help them tell their
2:21story about what they're passionate
2:22about what they're excited about and I
2:24when I was thinking about what to do on
2:26the show today I'm like I know a mom
2:28who's really passionate about a few
2:30so will you introduce yourself to our
2:32listeners yes I am Kristen and I am a
2:36wife and a mother I have two great
2:38children my son Eddie is five and
2:40Annabelle is 2 re acting 3 she's my
2:45three major okay oh oh my gosh I love so
2:50we have things I love about your
2:51families we have big Eddie and little
2:53Eddie so they're literally I might have
2:54to title the show like the cousin Eddie
2:56show or something there you go I know
2:58you probably hear all the time but um
3:00but I love that about you so I like to
3:02talk a little bit about kind of past
3:04present future and I know that you have
3:06some really researched and passionate
3:10viewpoints about foods and health and
3:13what we feed our kids and everything
3:15from vaccinations to red dyes to things
3:19that grow from the earth all kinds of
3:20stuff and you know me I kind of err on
3:24the side of convenience which I'm really
3:26trying to change but you know it's like
3:29I think every mom especially when it
3:31comes to food you have to do what's
3:33working for you and everything I mean I
3:36totally catch myself just like eat
3:38whatever you want okay take a
3:39multivitamin and go to bed
3:40right and I also that I need to get
3:42better about that so I'm hoping to learn
3:44something more from you today I'm always
3:45inspired by how hard you work to
3:48research and understand faces but before
3:52we get started tell us a little bit
3:53about mothering 101 so in the world of
3:57Christian when you were younger did you
3:59know you always wanted to be a mom what
4:01what did you think about mothering
4:03honestly no I love to work so children
4:08wasn't ever really in the plans like I
4:10knew I wanted a boy and girl exactly
4:13when I had no idea but I love to work I
4:17as many hours as I could fit in I would
4:20work at one point I had three jobs Wow
4:23so what were they what
4:24what type of work were you in um I've
4:27done a lot at that time I was a vet tech
4:30I was working at a seed store and I
4:32think I was a barista oh my goodness so
4:34holy cow
4:36like a visionary coffee maker that's
4:38amazing I suppose you did all that and
4:39you didn't have kids at this time so it
4:41was you just I want to work yeah
4:44people person I want to be out and about
4:46I just like to stay busy I didn't like
4:48to get just sit at home and do nothing
4:49you know yeah so I felt like I was
4:51meeting new people making new friends
4:52and just well motherhood is all about
4:54sitting at home and doing oh my goodness
4:56oh I'm sure it's working out well it
4:58definitely don't worry lesson exactly so
5:01did your mom work like did you have a
5:03viewpoint that once you have kids you
5:06stay home like what were your
5:07impressions from your experience with
5:09um when we met my son's for younger she
5:12was at home or when she had my brother
5:15who's 6 years younger than that or
5:17younger than us then she went back to
5:19work so as we were growing up she was
5:21there to cook the meals clean the house
5:24and do all that from her so I learned
5:27you know that asked us where she had the
5:30house cleaned and been already by the
5:32time my dad got home so her name is
5:35Susie and it fit her she was Susie
5:37homemaker she good at it you know it's
5:41surprising how many women really
5:44struggle with that rule like the idea
5:46that I should be the one to have to make
5:48the dinner and do this and do this and
5:50do that and you just you know go to work
5:51all day and you know that kind of dare I
5:55say hierarchy in a family but it really
5:58comes down to I think the two that has
6:01been and the wife working together right
6:02because I mean and some women love that
6:05role and always knew that they wanted to
6:06do it the women like me hate it for the
6:09first five or six years and then go into
6:11it and go okay I can't seem to get these
6:13children off of my couch or my back or
6:17at mic so I have to learn to embrace
6:19this I have to get good because I can't
6:21change it so I think some of us go in
6:23kicking and screaming screaming and some
6:25of us kind of go in thinking this is
6:27what I want this is why I live I had an
6:28interview on a couple of episodes ago
6:31and she was like oh no I knew I was I
6:33mean my bread is from scratch
6:36my kitchen counters are always clean we
6:39make our bed you know I mean you do
6:42crash you just love to be a mom
6:44so you just was made for it and that was
6:45what she wanted to do and I think I love
6:48that it takes all of us to make these
6:50great children do all different things
6:52in the world completely it takes a
6:54village for sure yeah so okay so you
6:57love to work so we've established that
6:58you love to work and now you have you
7:00kids and work you didn't work for the
7:03first few years did you with when Eddie
7:06was born I worked for a year retail
7:07supervisor standard manager so and my
7:11schedule is one to 10:00 p.m. okay so
7:13it's really hard transitioning to you
7:15know getting what is what do they give
7:17you like four weeks off with her kids
7:18yeah you know guys yeah I did go back
7:23early cuz there's a mandatory meeting in
7:24San Diego oh I remember that okay yeah
7:27did is something somebody traveled with
7:29you down there with the baby yeah my
7:31husband went down that's who yesterday
7:33yeah that's a good that was a good
7:34choice like I said so and then you go
7:38back and I don't know I felt like I
7:40didn't really get to know my child and I
7:43found myself going home from work you
7:44know at 10:00 p.m. he Eddie would
7:46already be asleep but during the day
7:48when he'd wake up and I'd be doing the
7:50baby stuff if he got fuzzy I would hand
7:53him to my husband Mike I don't know what
7:55to do and he was with him all day so he
7:58was just like oh you just need us let
7:59him in this little swing and he'll go to
8:01sleep I'm like okay and that bothered
8:04oh it did yeah I you know I had this
8:06baby who assists me I would naturally
8:08know what to do and I had no idea yeah
8:12so I would work more yes oh that sounds
8:16yeah yes because I think we all feel
8:20like we are supposed to know right words
8:22the but we we birth the baby we're the
8:24ones that are supposed to feed the baby
8:26we're supposed to have this nurturing
8:27there's mother's instinct and mother
8:29nature and yeah so did another Mike you
8:32know and we're like okay but I don't am
8:34I'm frustrated and I'm tired and I want
8:35my freedom back yeah it's got this great
8:38job and I just fit in my jeans and now
8:39you know we have all the excuses and
8:41things rolling through our head and so
8:43we get to that moment that's hard and
8:45we're like but wait and so we feel like
8:47a failure and you want to immediately go
8:50places where we feel good and we're
8:51going to contribute exactly times is our
8:54work and yet I find so often in my
8:58consulting and women that I meet that
9:01you can run but you cannot hide from
9:03absolutely web so the truth jammu
9:05because you just carry this weight and
9:08you know they talk about mothers guilt
9:10and guilt that moms feel and I loved
9:13watching the evolution of you roll into
9:16embracing the role while your kids are
9:18still very young and really caring and
9:20wanting to do its best for them and
9:22taking that work drive right that work
9:24ethic and putting it into things that
9:26you feel very you want to advocate for
9:30you feel passionate about yeah and
9:32bringing that in motherhood because that
9:35guilt we can either let it bury us and
9:38help us begin to cope and make poor
9:40choices hi Brad I totally see you back
9:42there hahaha
9:44Brad is babysitting today to dinner and
9:51so we can either like roll that into you
9:54know that guilt and let it bury us and
9:55then we become unhealthy or we can stop
9:57and marry okay how do i how do i listen
10:00to this whisper like how do i make
10:01changes yes presently where are you now
10:05so motherhood hit you had some ideas it
10:07was in plain heart you were working so
10:09Eddie tell us a little bit about the
10:11situation at home with your husband okay
10:14so he's a firefighter in another state
10:16so essentially he works nine months on
10:19and then he gets three months off so
10:21usually is off from November to January
10:22and he goes back early February or into
10:25the January the long three months yep
10:27and then so the once he's working fire
10:31season fairly slow so we've done medical
10:33AIDS or vehicle accidents and so
10:35sometimes he'll come home for the four
10:37days off and he works three days but now
10:41you know full-blown fire season there's
10:43really no guarantee so we're pretty much
10:46home alone most the time or now piles up
10:50so fast like day one oh all right I got
10:53activities I got schedule yep
10:55doc good five o'clock you're like done
10:59done gone grandma's naptime
11:02ready I'm turning on the cartoon exactly
11:06exactly so oh he's gone for three solid
11:10months and then he's around yeah so you
11:13though now tell us a little bit about
11:15working and the different things you've
11:17tried and kind of where you're at now
11:18with your work so when I quit my retail
11:22job you know thinking I was gonna be a
11:25stay-at-home mom now I immediately
11:27jumped into something else
11:29and stay at home business with fitness
11:32and health so I poured all of my energy
11:35into that into the focus and I'll stay
11:37at home mom because honestly they had no
11:38idea what to do and I felt like I had to
11:41be do contributing in some way I guess
11:42is how I felt like I went from this high
11:44paying job to sorry babe I'm not making
11:47any money so I poured all my energy into
11:50that and then I did that for about five
11:52years and then when my daughter was I
11:56think it was two years ago now so she
11:58was one I just one day I woke up I'm
12:01like what am i doing like what is all
12:03this for you know like why am I doing
12:05this it's not it's not helping me it
12:07stresses me out trying to make these
12:08online videos you know while my children
12:10are quiet or occupied you know a duct
12:14tape - those yeah always you know a huge
12:16door I love this sorry I you probably
12:18have a similar one with my I just become
12:21a mom and I was trying to videotape
12:22something and my kid started screaming I
12:24literally took all of his clothes off of
12:26him put him in the bathtub with a jar of
12:28peanut butter he loved peanut butter and
12:31I was like this is perfect he'll be
12:33quiet ya got me like 20 minutes of
12:35course I had spent two hours cleaning
12:36and oh yeah but I mean the things that
12:38we do right you keep doing it and out of
12:41the way don't make it look like I'm
12:42actually mothering right yeah exactly
12:44and that's where I was like I'm trying
12:46to get ten minutes of peace but like
12:48what is it doing to them like go sit
12:50over here and be quiet when mom tries to
12:51make a video like it just felt wrong to
12:54me after you know I don't know so I
12:57guess selfish let me ask you a tough
13:00mm-hmm so in that space you know you
13:03mentioned briefly the wanting to
13:05contribute financially and I think that
13:07that is one of the key areas that Drive
13:11a lot of women in to work and it's truly
13:14not necessarily because they need to
13:16a tribute to keep food on the table it's
13:19more about the spending right so there's
13:21this feeling of like if I want to go out
13:23and just even doing the grocery shopping
13:25or buy myself something or something for
13:27the house or go on a trip or whatever it
13:29is it's easier for me to spend if I make
13:32less how much in that decision when you
13:35took so you quit retail you're home you
13:38want to go back to work
13:39I mean you know if you had a scale it is
13:41it 50 percent I wanted to work 50
13:43percent we needed the money did you look
13:45at a budget at that point in time or
13:46were you just like I just had to
13:48contribute or I can't
13:49I don't feel whole I think it was I had
13:52to contribute or I didn't feel whole
13:54I just felt guilty that you know we're
13:56sending bills or whatever vacations and
13:59then I wasn't contributing to that it
14:02was prices so I was trying to find
14:03something where I like well at least if
14:04I could pay the mortgage a month I would
14:06feel good about myself - yeah it wasn't
14:10that my husband was asking me to work or
14:12that he felt like I wasn't doing
14:14anything at home it was just all 100
14:17sent me I'm not sure where that mindset
14:18came from but I think it's very
14:21prevalent I'm sure it probably came from
14:23some things that you saw other
14:25girlfriends doing some things on social
14:27media some things you watch on TV I mean
14:30I think that we really very much live in
14:32a culture where a lot of moms are being
14:35inundated with look at me and have it
14:37all right and nobody sees behind the
14:39scenes you know that a marriage is
14:41falling apart or that there's addictions
14:43or whatever it is is truly breaking
14:45people down because they're trying to do
14:48it all and my philosophy is always that
14:49you can't have it all in life but you
14:51can't have it all at once and you have
14:52to make tough choices and mothering you
14:55know being home during that time
14:56especially when they're home is a season
14:58know how did the transition go when you
15:00told Eddie what am i doing I don't want
15:03to work it anymore
15:04how did that way that look like he
15:07honestly was supporting it you know it
15:11wasn't making that much money it was
15:12just maybe a paid groceries or half the
15:15mortgage at that time and it was just
15:18basically busy work it wasn't really
15:20contributing to anything it was just
15:22keeping me happy I guess and in shape
15:24because I was doing the work out
15:28so that was a quite an idea paid to work
15:30out yeah it was so what's it like now so
15:33how long ago was that and how were those
15:35first like few weeks was that hard it
15:38was I believe it was two years ago now
15:40and the first wael is just like well
15:44what do we do all day you know so I
15:48started trying to do other things I kind
15:50of went into something else like the
15:52Pinterest mom I guess you could say
15:53we're like who live these fun activities
15:55everyone else oh yeah you know and so
15:59that lasts a while and I was like spent
16:01a fortune just in crafts trying to mimic
16:03all these Pinterest moms and and now you
16:08know I have a really good friend we
16:09travel a few times a summer with the
16:11kids taking to the beach or whatnot the
16:13kids are the same age and I've just you
16:18know accepted that this isn't the time
16:19to work like I have my whole life to
16:21work after they're gone or in school
16:24high school whatever I don't need to
16:26right now so why why do it
16:30why forces do you carry any of I mean do
16:33you feel that guilt or that frustration
16:36or the spending issue or do you think
16:39that it really comes down to I mean I
16:41know for me when I am so grateful that
16:44my husband does not nitpick apart how
16:47much money was spent and there's no
16:49feeling and I think so much of that
16:51comes from them and you know I think if
16:53you would ask any any man would you
16:55rather have you know a happy wife when
16:57you came home with food on the table
16:58kids are doing well you're getting
17:01everything you need weekly life is
17:03pretty good yeah or you know do you want
17:06her to be able to spend money or feel
17:09this or not spend money or you know and
17:11I think there's most men would agree
17:14that they really want to feel that
17:16wholeness at home and it's that balance
17:20and I think it's almost a daily like
17:22choice decision but sometimes yeah so
17:24snarky little things that people say oh
17:26honey do things like that adds up I mean
17:29have you encountered them any of that
17:31sometimes like in regards to food
17:35choices or whatnot I'll hear well you
17:37know your stay-at-home mom you have all
17:38the time to do all that and it's you
17:41know it's true
17:42home a lot more but having the time to
17:45do I don't know because I tell you a
17:47five year old two-year-old keeps me
17:48pretty busy and it's hard to stay in the
17:50kitchen and cook you know just things
17:53come up and you know things like that
17:55I've learned to just brush them off my
17:56shoulder it used to really bother me but
17:58you know I've been there too I used to
18:01be that working mom like so stay-at-home
18:03mom they have it's so easy and I tell
18:06you what a retail supervisors job sounds
18:07pretty pretty darn good you can go eat
18:10your lunch you know uninterrupted and
18:12that's awesome perspective that's really
18:14good yeah so okay you mentioned the
18:18kitchen so this is one of the topics
18:20that I want to spend a little bit of
18:21time on with you today tell us a little
18:24bit about I'm so I don't even know like
18:26is it so Annabelle I know specifically
18:30your youngest was very sick for quite a
18:32while and you tried a lot of things to
18:36help her where tell us a little bit
18:38about what she had and some of the
18:42emotions and things that you first
18:44worked through in the beginning okay so
18:47try guess her symptoms started poking
18:50out around two to five months she was
18:53just she literally screamed 24/7 if I
18:57wanted her to go to sleep I had to drive
18:58her and she would scream until she fell
19:00asleep in the car and she never slept
19:03more than 30 minutes and this went on
19:05until she was over one I want to say 12
19:0814 months and once she hit one you know
19:12things just started getting worse she
19:14would stop breathing at night for 25
19:17seconds so we would take her to the ER
19:18and they would say it's a normal infant
19:22breathing pattern and she should grow
19:25out of it but at that point she was 31
19:26and she wasn't really an infant anymore
19:29so I knew that just wasn't right
19:31she would have bowel issues where she
19:34wouldn't go to the bathroom for up to 13
19:35to 15 days oh my goodness yeah so she
19:38would literally only go to the bathroom
19:41like twice a month and things just got
19:45started and worse she started getting as
19:47we introduced food things even got worse
19:49I started her on rice cereal and oatmeal
19:53which I did not do with my son he didn't
19:55eat till he
19:57solidly with 12 months and she started
20:00at five months because I had a seminar
20:02in Nashville so she had to stay behind
20:03so we introduced food early so of course
20:06was a lot of mom guilt for that yeah
20:07driven by that word yeah
20:09yeah so we finally took her to we found
20:13a naturopathic doctor because at this
20:15point we've seen probably around ten who
20:18told us these were all normal
20:19even the pooping every thirteen days at
20:22it added twelve month old we said it was
20:24good man normal and she did some blood
20:28tests she did like an allergy panel and
20:32all that and like in some sort of immune
20:36test and basically basically she had a
20:39leaky gut which is where your gut if
20:43it's not in a ideal state you will get
20:48gaps in your gut walls which will allow
20:50nutrients and whatever you eat to pass
20:54through without basically being properly
20:58absorbed or digested oh wow though she
21:03was eating foods but she wasn't getting
21:05nutrients and she was very tiny she's
21:07still small she's starting to gain
21:09weight better and she was immune
21:14compromised because 80% of your immune
21:16system is within your gut so your gut
21:19health also determines how healthy and
21:22how strong your immune system is so she
21:26was getting 104 fever from the time she
21:29was five months old until I think those
21:33ended well she hasn't had a fever in
21:35about four months now so we were just
21:37now getting out of that base and she's
21:40two and a half but basically her
21:42internal her internal system was so
21:46inflamed and so stressed out that she
21:49would just get constant fevers and so we
21:54would try to manage those as naturally
21:56as we could once she would hit you know
21:59hunter 1 I would give her Tylenol she
22:02was give him so often I didn't want to
22:04yeah so the tylenol and like the typical
22:08prescription you know
22:10over-the-counter type stuff so how do
22:12you so you did try that for a while when
22:15she was sick I mean when she got to a
22:16point you had something for her safety
22:18yes okay so when she would hit because I
22:21knew her fevers once they hit a hundred
22:22two they usually rise pretty quickly
22:24even my natural doctor she told me not
22:27to do tylenol ibuprofen because it what
22:31it does it interrupts your body system
22:32telling what it's doing it's wrong when
22:34in reality it's trying to burn out the
22:36virus but at that point you know she
22:39already wasn't sleeping much and she was
22:41just completely miserable so for the
22:43sake of her at night risk absolutely at
22:47Tylenol or ibuprofen works better yeah I
23:08think it's always hard to figure out how
23:11to balance those needs between ibuprofen
23:13and a typical drugs that doctors tell
23:15you and then that balance of natural
23:18natural Pathak what your body wants to
23:20do what it was made to do and how it can
23:22heal that I think a struggle for every
23:24month it is and I think it's also
23:26important what I've learned is to know
23:28your limits you know I do a lot of
23:30things natural at home first and I also
23:33have a support of a great natural doctor
23:35for my kids but it's you have to know
23:38what you can and can't handle even when
23:41I think I am handling something well I
23:43will even take them in and be like you
23:44know can you just check them out make
23:46sure this is actually going away or
23:47getting really good advice I think that
23:51is such good advice Kristen because I I
23:53love that knowing your limits of I want
23:56to do this I want to try these things
23:57but my limit is if we reach a fever if
23:59we've gotta this if there's you know
24:01four days of this or you know and
24:03setting those boundaries when you want
24:04to begin to pursue any type of a special
24:07diet for kids exactly and and having
24:11finding a doctor that supports you I
24:13don't know how many pediatricians I have
24:15gone through but I think one person
24:18another mom had told me is they work for
24:20you so if you're not if you don't
24:23feel like what you're being told is
24:25enough or correct for your child you
24:28know as long as we know best
24:30just you know keep looking around you
24:32don't have to sell for the first person
24:33you see even if you know it's there
24:35great for your best friend's child they
24:37might not be great for yours everybody
24:38has different needs so your limits the
24:42doctors work for you those are two great
24:44pieces of advice so what happened next
24:47so she's got this issue the leaky guts
24:50happening you're trying you're seeking
24:52doctors you found a naturalist I know
24:55now that she's better so how did that
24:58how did that pass the healing really to
25:01it was definitely trial by error because
25:04along with finding out that she had
25:05leaky gut so we got things leak in her
25:07bloodstream that shouldn't be because
25:08they're not being digested she also had
25:11you know the constipation and then we
25:14found out she had some pretty severe
25:15food allergies to basically eggs all
25:19grain oatmeal Wow
25:24so literally she could probably have
25:26meat vegetables and fruits which you
25:28know how do you get a whole 14 month-old
25:31child to do that so I had found my
25:35sister had a friend on Facebook who was
25:38a nutritionist and she was in Oklahoma
25:41so we reached out to her and as a family
25:44we're like hey create a nutrition plan
25:46for us and I told her was blown off of
25:50my daughter and it was kind of different
25:52than what she's done before because
25:54Annabelle had to be juiced young you
25:58know she can't sit there and eat a bunch
26:00of cable yeah we had to invest you know
26:04that's really everyone's going away guy
26:06I hope there's kale in my day yes so we
26:12started juicing for her and she got her
26:14fruits and veggies juiced and I she
26:17wouldn't drink it because again she was
26:1914 months and it's not the best tasting
26:22stuff because it has ginger and tumeric
26:24in it and so I literally syringe bent
26:28her with like the tylenol you know Sarah
26:30mom Wow for six months you know it was
26:35hard Oh
26:36and but we saw progress she would she
26:39start to go in the bathroom like once
26:41every two weeks or once in a week and a
26:44half so it was working but the key when
26:49healing like the immune system and the
26:51gut and everything is persistent and
26:53consistent you can't it was it didn't
26:56happen overnight and it wasn't going to
26:58heal overnight and you know we're
27:01getting to a point two years is she's
27:04pretty much yeah normal functioning my
27:08knees are so machines and and habitual
27:14and so many people want to be able to
27:17pop a pill or start a new diet for a
27:20month or you know something whatever
27:22they're struggling with and have it just
27:24begin to work then my personal life I've
27:27got a couple of teenagers running around
27:29here and Friends of teenagers and we're
27:31dealing with the acne topic right so why
27:34can't we get rid of it where is it
27:36coming from topical to and you know we
27:38have friends that are putting kids on
27:40medications and other friends that are
27:41taking them to foreign countries and
27:43other friends that are using like
27:44yes you know I mean well I'm just my
27:46teen you're just like I don't want have
27:48to go away you know and I totally get
27:50that and so we're just reaching out and
27:52you know it's one of those things that
27:54they want it instantly you know they
27:56want the on the spot to work on the spot
27:58yeah exactly
27:59and there's you know that frustration
28:02that follows through and as parents we
28:03know because we've been through it all -
28:05it takes time and consistency and I
28:08really don't know I mean teenagers and
28:11tween eight three majors as you said you
28:13know they're pretty impatient people are
28:15you know persistency is another great
28:17tip I'm making a list of all yours
28:19afterwards for you persistency so over
28:22time you started to see it get better
28:24now are you six months of a syringe oh
28:27my goodness yeah you know I'd give her
28:29other things that she could handle on
28:31her own like stuff that wasn't leafy
28:34greens she could eat a banana on her own
28:36but then again bananas also constipate
28:37you there was really a trial and error
28:39she was in a lot of different
28:40supplements probiotics which actually
28:43made things worse because now I know
28:45that prebiotics are more important to
28:47research to grow the bacteria do
28:50having your gut where I was trying to
28:52force other bacteria so there's pre and
28:55probiotics there this is epic I need to
28:59take a minute with that because I I was
29:01really only I had no idea yeah
29:04the prebiotics do you take them together
29:06or like are they like the offense
29:08defense like makes a great game or how
29:10does it work yeah you could
29:12so prebiotics are like food so your
29:16onions your garlic your leeks a lot of
29:19your root vegetables scallions onions
29:23and what happens is they create a
29:25environment in your gut that makes it
29:28good bacteria friendly so that they can
29:31grow and thrive and they all care like a
29:33potting soil exactly how Dean feels
29:35right i everything has to be an analogy
29:37for me so you know I'm growing a happy
29:39tummy first I need the potting soil yep
29:41is the prebiotic the prebiotic and so
29:46once your gut is in the correct
29:50environment where good bacteria can grow
29:52the bad bacteria cannot grow in that
29:55environment so they in turn began to die
29:57which is great but also if you do it too
30:00quickly you can get die-off symptoms
30:02which are very much like the flu so you
30:04can get the fever the chill I mean it
30:07depends how bad your gut environment is
30:08and how many toxins be of carrying
30:10within your body we have 10 times more
30:13bacterial cells in our body then we have
30:15humans all wow yes I know any people
30:19that I think have a few extra bacterial
30:22cells I just you know what the next time
30:24some bees coming to me I'm going to be
30:25like you need some prebiotics you have
30:27some bad bacteria in you and not good so
30:30I'm gonna introduce to my cousin
30:31Christmas so that's that's best it's
30:33okay so that's why I mean I've heard
30:36everybody's heard right the gut where
30:38you said art you know and everybody just
30:40wants to have a fancy you know coconut
30:42Greek yogurt in the morning and call it
30:44good right I'm happy robotics today
30:45which I am totally guilty of i black
30:48seed in mind I'm trying to make progress
30:49okay time for the buck but the point
30:51being I love that the the work that you
30:54did to truly understand what's what's
30:57been going on and then the beautiful
30:58part is that it's working I mean there's
31:01healing and she's growing
31:03her food allergies which were high are
31:06now gone she can by reversing the gut or
31:09reversing the bad health ticket she is
31:11also reversing her allergies because
31:13allergies are a signal that there is
31:16something wrong within your body even
31:18seasonal allergies there's something not
31:20right there linking gut health directly
31:22to your brain health now whereas if you
31:25have horrible gut health or leaking it
31:27to like dementia Alzheimer's you know
31:31foggy brain that we all get occasionally
31:33down great nebula curing everyone stop
31:36dropping oil mom needs yogurt this one
31:39thinks I'm thinking correctly that's
31:43that's awesome okay so I love that you
31:45so where you at now how do you manage so
31:48let's talk about how this fits into the
31:49diet for the rest of your family
31:50okay so you've got Eddie who is a you
31:54know give me a Twinkie and Mountain Dew
31:56like he be of course like every other
31:57kid his age he wants that and you've got
32:00Dad and you've got you yeah I'm and I'm
32:02sure they walk down the wall the you
32:04know aisles of the grocery store oh you
32:06have every other kid like I love that
32:08I mean tell us how you manage that as a
32:10whole for everyone during that time
32:13where we had to be extremely strict and
32:15we don't really have a choice we stuck
32:17to local farms we're blessed to be in an
32:20area where that is an option so farmers
32:23markets in the summer or I would just
32:26sort of natural grocers because even
32:27their junk food is at least gluten-free
32:29you know yeah I saw so they would get
32:32their one dough stick to the natural
32:34because you can you can still get it you
32:36can get better versions of the tree
32:38exactly treat had a super treat a
32:41charged-up treat alike you know
32:43javi queen of treats so that's good and
32:46then the big thing for us is if we don't
32:49buy it we don't eat it because I'm not
32:51going to go buy it when I'm craving it
32:52right yeah so instead of chips I would
32:56make kale chips which I thought my kids
32:57would absolutely hate and they loved it
32:59just you know smear some butter on it
33:01some Himalayan salt and bake it for ten
33:04minutes and they're super crispy and
33:06they absolutely love them you know I
33:08think one of the things that I know with
33:10my own kids and I'd be curious to hear
33:12your thought on this but I think as moms
33:14especially moms that are you know
33:16now that we've embraced that it is our
33:18role to prepare the food and get excited
33:20about it and you know all these things
33:22it didn't take very long I am NOT I
33:24assemble right so my kids still are like
33:26mom cooks things ago ding so I've tried
33:28to get like you know three or four food
33:29groups I'm yeah we need to love my
33:31crock-pot like yeah it'll kind of in
33:33that season but I always feel like ho
33:36this again or that again or what the
33:39reality is if your kids like it and
33:41they're eating it and it's bad like how
33:44do you argue just sometimes like you'll
33:47have the same meals or snacks like three
33:49or four days a week because it's good
33:50for them yeah we have a lot of yogurts
33:54now they eat a lot of yogurt I try to
33:56get coconut milk yogurt but honestly in
33:58the summertime it's gogurts because
34:01they're on the go yeah
34:02all right why is like all over my face
34:06because you're so healthy no I came
34:09there and I've learned if you are
34:13completely stressed out about your diet
34:15and planning and everything then you're
34:17doing it wrong it shouldn't be that hard
34:21cooking you know fresh foods is really
34:24simple I can make a dinner you know
34:26chicken broccoli and a salad or a potato
34:30in under an hour you know it doesn't
34:32have to be gourmet well and I love what
34:35you said if you are truly stressed out
34:37about it
34:37then your desire to change it have not
34:40yet met your capacity to do so exactly
34:43or you're finding yourself in this duct
34:46space yeah so so many of us have to hit
34:48that place of I'm willing to change
34:51something I talk all the time about our
34:52life being a closet and you're going to
34:54put something in you have to take
34:55something out I don't know if you're
34:57going to try and you're like I need
34:59something new I need my kids eat
35:00healthier I want these issues to go away
35:02I keep hearing all these things you know
35:04whatever it is give yourself that
35:07capacity to have that learning curve to
35:10go through that to recognize there may
35:12be moments at the table that everyone
35:14goes oh my god badly and you just have
35:19to be like we're going to try it and
35:21here's why and we're going to give it
35:23time and I know for me anytime I drop
35:26something new on my kids I try to give
35:28them a
35:28I'm frame so I'm like look for two weeks
35:30this is how we're going to do things
35:32this this problem does not resolve
35:35itself or feel better or we can't work
35:37through this you know or whatever amount
35:38of time you feel is appropriate and
35:40literally put it on a calendar like you
35:42know June is cucumber month is going to
35:46be squash month you know whatever it is
35:48because they love that they they don't
35:50like kids already feel so out of control
35:52and they crave consistency you know it
35:54they can get some sense of like okay you
35:57know what's going on and we know what's
35:58coming and then that follow-through peas
35:59which is so for moms to get them excited
36:02about like what's much more but I love
36:07that a place that can really help them
36:10to if a mom is feeling like I need to
36:12make some changes
36:13yeah so do you do it all like the whole
36:15vegetarian vegan but we all hate bacon
36:18like how do you handle any of that no so
36:21I truly believe that you know God has
36:25given us everything on this earth to
36:27both feed and nurture ourselves and to
36:29heal ourselves but the problem is in
36:33order for our bodies to work as they
36:34were designed perfectly in His image we
36:36have to be feeding them as a man to be
36:39fed yeah and that's not by completely
36:42cutting out a certain food group I mean
36:45Isis believe everything is meant to be
36:47eaten but in the proper portion so it's
36:50not like you know I mean going to eat
36:52nothing but red meat for a week that's
36:55just not healthy
36:57yeah and I love what you said about God
37:00gave it to us meaning it grows from the
37:02earth it was it came from this
37:04environment it requires sunlight and
37:06water and food to grow you know it's
37:09everything I can do sometimes my
37:11children will laugh at me and be like
37:12that state is found on a vector if I'm
37:16sitting folks what makes oh my gosh mom
37:18I really just want to have some bugles
37:20today give me a break
37:22yeah I'm trying to like balance that and
37:27there's that like counteract of a little
37:29treat here and there and you know and
37:30yet we know his mom's where you know
37:33what's going to happen to that food and
37:34what's coming out of the other end and
37:36how do you okay so sometimes I'll try
37:38with them and I'll be like okay you can
37:40have that but you have to wash it down
37:42you know five lakh in the water yeah a
37:45vitamin C tablet you know what aquent
37:47it's so hard to just find that balance
37:51and you don't want to be that mom and
37:53you know I had I've had some kids that
37:55we've run into through the years that
37:57come to our house and they're just like
37:58devouring foo as my core yeah unis at my
38:02house yeah oh you know and I'm like oh
38:06how do I handle this and yeah I think
38:08one of the greatest things we can do is
38:10you know his mom's is like you said it
38:12shouldn't be that hard you if you really
38:15have to want to make the change you know
38:17do it in a way that is going to work for
38:20balance things from the earth these were
38:22all great great tips talk to a doctor
38:24who can absolutely advocate for you help
38:27you through allergies be on your side
38:29you know really good places of advice
38:33because I think that this is the food
38:35thing is one of the things especially a
38:36lot of the listeners that I have are
38:38working moms she's not the weekend to
38:40try to go to convenience can you do have
38:43a couple quick tips for like how do you
38:44get a healthy stuff in like for a mom
38:47that's gone eight to five um food prep
38:51is going to be key so on Sundays we do
38:54our shopping and then if I have a busy
38:57week then I'm going to food prep so I'll
39:00have you know it's easier if I do the
39:03same thing for three days volume these
39:05three meals foods for three days and
39:07then the next three days will be
39:10something else
39:11everybody's pizza right exactly Frankie
39:15you made it through healthy yes so you
39:20have to treat yourself because if you
39:21don't then you're just going to
39:22completely not do it you're going to
39:24binge one day and you're like well you
39:26know I had a tub my cream why eat
39:28healthy in the morning and you know like
39:30you said if you truly have done the work
39:32to prepare your potting soil right and
39:35you've got a healthy place once that
39:37food comes into it all of the the health
39:39in there is just going to be like oh
39:40okay we got a little bit of this let's
39:42put it through and push it out and get
39:43it out of the way yeah I didn't tell you
39:45just start throwing tons of that on it
39:48that it can keep up but you know the
39:50factory can't work and they begin to get
39:51stuck and people start quitting and now
39:53there's a strike yeah it's truly you
39:55know that place
39:56of like we just have to keep the machine
39:58moving and that way when you have a day
40:00that something you know indulgent came
40:02in or we were out or whatever it was
40:05that it's okay and what a great thing to
40:07teach our kids to you know anything in
40:09extremes is not going to last not going
40:12to work and get makeover do you always
40:14regret it
40:14yep yes my love is awesome so we usually
40:17go there yes that wait what were you
40:19going to say about that snack so I have
40:21a kids snacks your that's at their level
40:23and it's filled with like just healthier
40:27food bars some oatmeal like organic oat
40:32meals that they like right now they're
40:33really stuck on this Quaker dinosaur egg
40:35one their limit is one a day to that
40:37because the sugar is outrageous but it's
40:40a drawer that they can go in and out of
40:42themselves and they have one in the
40:43fridge too that they open it and it's
40:44like approved snacks for them so it'll
40:46have like there are yogurts there string
40:49cheese apples bananas but it will be up
40:52or reach so they can go in and out as
40:54they want because you know you want to
40:56promote them grabbing the healthy
40:58choices too and so you just always pay
41:01you need to eat this Apple before you
41:02can go you know have that like I love
41:06that so do they have like free access to
41:08that anytime they want they can get a
41:09healthy snack they do you do that too
41:12and I've heard that you're not supposed
41:14to do that and so I'm just like you know
41:16what I just sometimes it's like no they
41:19won't eat their meal if you let them sad
41:20I mean everybody's got all these
41:22different philosophies and I think that
41:24you and I what can agree on is that it's
41:26got to be truly what is going to work
41:29for your family what you can feel good
41:30about and I mean we are all going to buy
41:33someone else's standards we're going to
41:35screw up our kids in some way right so
41:37draw I mean what you can't you have to
41:40do what allows you to be present what we
41:43really believe in if you're just trying
41:44to empty you know you're trying to bring
41:46somebody else's parenting philosophy
41:47into your home it's not going to work
41:49it's not going to work it won't be
41:50generally enjoyable yeah it'll be
41:52stressful your kids will feel that
41:54they'll be like well mom used to be
41:55great but no that's her all the time and
41:58she's horrible to be no eye contact yeah
42:00yeah exactly
42:01luckily not good totally yeah so that's
42:03that's fantastic I love the such good
42:05advice I can't wait to write some of
42:06these things down and share them I love
42:08the snack idea
42:10so Annabelle is healthy growing and
42:12doing well she is she's on some vitamins
42:15now that are really helping her to and
42:16she's eating eggs without Oliver allergy
42:19foods without any issues now and I got
42:22to tell you the gut mind behavior link
42:25is so real because she used to be I
42:27remember calling my doctor at one point
42:29and saying my baby five month old baby
42:32is rageful like she's not upset like
42:35hungry you know how you have that oh my
42:37dad is 100 it was like rage and she
42:41still I mean when she was healing those
42:44mood swings and everything that she had
42:45to go through to heal it was unreal but
42:49now you know she has normal yeah yeah
42:52you know every but oh I know a lot of
42:56people are going to be able to take this
42:58advice in and really think about it
43:00because I believe that to be true I mean
43:02it's funny that everybody wants to stop
43:03it - stop it sugar right well if you
43:05have to whenever you're going to be
43:05hyper well why can't you also if you
43:08have too many grains or if you have so
43:09many of that you're going to be Ashley
43:10you know or if you have something going
43:11on it's the exact same concept and your
43:13grains breakdown - sugar yeah yeah okay
43:16so um I want to ask you are you working
43:19now let's just go back to that subject
43:21real Kogan when we close up no I'm not
43:23working on that all so you guys have a
43:25home-based business you've been making
43:27wine right I want to mention that
43:30because they're super cool yeah she's
43:32helping Eddy a little bit in his wine
43:34barrel chair what's the name does their
43:36name um not not officially we would call
43:40him like Ed Wood Werks but well yeah I
43:43noticed that he like put his little his
43:44initials in the corner when I was like
43:46good that's great
43:47he's been burning it into the furniture
43:49yeah good for him awesome I love that
43:51you have something to do to just kind of
43:53stay busy and fun and get excited about
43:54I love that your kids are doing well and
43:57what a great contribution to the world
44:00of mothering that so early on you were
44:02able to make that choice
44:03that it's working for you and
44:05recognizing that it's where you are
44:06right now you might want to go back
44:08full-time sometime you might have to go
44:10yeah and you're just really in that
44:12place of loving what everyday brings you
44:15and I love seeing your face coming
44:17through in that and knowing that you
44:19know God is watching you and waiting and
44:21blessing you and you know
44:22I think whether or not as moms are
44:24working you know 12 hours a day 12 hours
44:27a week 12 hours a year whatever it is
44:30the presence the genuine heart to just
44:33want to be a mother is my goal with
44:35everyone that I talked to to want to
44:38love the act of mothering more whether
44:40it's you know involve food or crafts or
44:45time or sport you know someone's loved
44:46to do activities with their kids come on
44:48you know everybody loves different
44:50things yeah
44:51so that presence is really I love seeing
44:54that come through with you and the kids
44:56and I'm so grateful that you took time
44:58to share today so I want to ask you one
44:59more thing before you go so I just left
45:01there like a couple things that you
45:04would you love you can't live without
45:07so what multibyte or what vitamins are
45:09you using what books did you read that
45:11changed your life what websites do you
45:12love like it can be anything it can be
45:14like your favorite wine like any me I
45:17love okay so let's see the assignments
45:24were using right now are called smarty
45:25pants and I've heard they're available
45:26at Target although I've been buying them
45:29on Amazon fine clothes party man I'm a
45:31prime addict
45:32meet you my name is smarty pants with
45:34fiber for because Annabelle needs that
45:36help and then but they do not have an
45:39iron so they take a separate iron
45:42dissolvable children okay once a week
45:45and then so that's about all the
45:49supplements they're on now except for
45:50fish oil they also take this oil okay my
45:53favorite wine I'm impressed I always am
45:57like the one that's in my glass yeah a
46:00favorite wine has this red I like red
46:03red red is good for you it's great like
46:06but you know glass a day your heart I
46:08will and I've told you my Jesus wine
46:10identify until you my Jesus wine
46:12drinking theory but nice boys I mean I
46:13talk about because people are like you
46:15love Jesus and he's requiring what's up
46:17with that and like listen Jesus has wine
46:20in the Bible for celebration so if you
46:22are celebrating relaxing things are good
46:26and well I mean you're at a wedding
46:28you're coming at what unwinding after a
46:30big day everybody else's mood you know
46:32Jesus is not applying or teaching the
46:34Bible when you're grumpy you're green
46:36being your lonely your rageful you're
46:38sad you're angry and that's the point
46:40I'm like if I ever feel like oh my gosh
46:42I need lots of wine I have a problem
46:43yeah and I didn't have a pass away yeah
46:45my husband will be so funny good looks
46:47like I'll come home from work and we'll
46:49be all ready to like oh and have a glass
46:51wine with dinner and they'll get an
46:52argument with a kid and I'm like God I
46:54know I can't even do a set so I love
47:00that you unwind and unwind how did you
47:02want a bitter press plan enjoy that and
47:04I think that's a fantastic thing which
47:06is a nice gift to a big hard day of
47:09mothering so that's very good as well so
47:11anything else books you read websites
47:13you love books I read uh currently
47:17reading a book called spiritual
47:18housecleaning actually intended not to
47:21read novels I tend to read yeah other
47:23things spiritual haha Cellini okay cool
47:26bit more about like objects in your home
47:28and just like getting your house clean
47:31virtually both objects and you know
47:33physically mentally so you can raise
47:36your kids and especially clean home
47:38awesome cool yeah good thank you so much
47:43I know you have kids to get back to and
47:46I'm just grateful I love that we covered
47:47this topic you gave me a lot of good
47:49stuff for me to write up so it looks
47:50good you know listen to the whole
47:52podcast they can at least kind of listen
47:54through the tips and and pull some of
47:56the good stuff off the top and I just
47:57hope you know what a blessing you are to
47:59your kids for all that you do to care
48:01about their health and your family and I
48:04love you and I don't get to see you
48:05enough I know thank you for a nice yeah
48:08we felt like we caught up a little bit
48:09it was fun
48:10so well thank you first and enjoy the
48:12rest of your day tall uncle Brad thank
48:14you for baby dad the day I did Jess and
48:17the rest of the family awesome thank you
48:19so much thanks Kristen love you but I do