Mike Pepper Inventor of The Ultimate Cup Talks How to Move Your Invention into Retail by Finding Your Niche

Bob Greenstone
Inventors, Bob Greenstone Knows How to Get Your Product on TV
June 14, 2017
Wayne Rasanen
Wayne Rasanen, President of the Tampa Bay Inventors Council has the Answers Your Looking for
July 6, 2017


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Podcast Notes

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0:02hi everyone and welcome to inventors
0:05launchpad roadmap to success I am your
0:09host carmine the disco today on the
0:12launchpad we have a gentleman who's an
0:14inventor he has come up with a product
0:17that really is pretty pretty innovative
0:22and I know he's gone through the
0:24complete process of actually coming up
0:27with the idea manufacturing sketches
0:30went through the whole process and he's
0:32actually selling the product out on the
0:33market and I thought it'd be great to
0:36bring him on and talk about how he's
0:39going through what his experiences are
0:41and you know what's been happening since
0:43he brought the product on his name is
0:45Mike pepper and he's on the line hey
0:48Mike how's it going over there and
0:49thanks for coming on the show today I
0:50appreciate it things going well I'm just
0:54trying to keep busy and working at it
0:56everything yeah I'm and I understand
0:59that a lot of our inventors you know
1:02it's know the feeling I want to say oh
1:05you know breaking through that that
1:07threshold getting over those humps that
1:09was a sense when you first get your
1:11product on the market and you know and
1:14I'm glad that you're still working at it
1:15I know you've you've had some successes
1:18I know you've been selling your product
1:20and we'll kind of get into what the
1:21product is in a little while and and go
1:24through that but why don't you give us a
1:27little background on the product and how
1:30you came up with the idea and then we'll
1:32kind of introduce it on errands and see
1:34what the listeners think about no no it
1:37sounds good actually uh the concept
1:41basically came from you go into a store
1:45and you'll find me the Red Solo Cup
1:48which we've also we've all had that kid
1:51invention that someone's not had a soul
1:53cup in her hands but then you walk down
1:55the aisle and you see the little mini
1:56shot cuts uh they're out there now
1:59they're selling the shot cups as well as
2:01that so how do you combine the two of
2:05those you know so many times you'll see
2:07something maybe set into the bottom of a
2:10copy through the shop but on the
2:13me flip it over and but the key is to be
2:17able to successfully have a shot on the
2:23bottom as opposed to just maybe one side
2:25of the rim 3 on the side wouldn't be
2:27proportionate or anything else like that
2:29so through a lot of trial and error from
2:33talking to you through talking to you
2:35talk about successes originally off of
2:38that a tech country artist is very
2:40interested into the concept so it was a
2:43race against can we prove a concept can
2:46we get it done all at the same time and
2:49hopefully no pun intended ultimate
2:52couple is born and n I know is we kind
2:56of given to all looking to sit some of
2:58those things go but it was just ideas
3:01how can you have a very successful idea
3:04such as the red cup and make it better
3:07and I think that at least design wise it
3:11does changed up and allows many
3:15different things that we'll talk about
3:17here but to help make it better
3:21yeah you know and like you said there
3:25are so many steps from when you first
3:27had the idea to accurately launching it
3:31to finding something to make it to
3:33getting you correct because just because
3:35you have an idea and you have sketches
3:36you have CAD drawings was that something
3:39that was was was easily done and then
3:41going from those CAD drawings to having
3:44a product in your hand um you don't it's
3:48a long process that you know sometimes
3:50inventors forget that there are certain
3:52steps that you have to take right yeah
3:55you know and I think you're right and I
3:57think you to the idea of where we
4:00started where I started from at that
4:03point was it developed but the part of
4:09the beauty of the Red Solo Cup is the
4:11party of course ability and we're doing
4:14it it's also the stackability you know I
4:16mean is so many times you have the cups
4:18thrown about but it's just not one stack
4:20about many other thing you can dispose
4:22of that way the stack
4:25was a key part as far as making them
4:27symmetrical and I think when you kind of
4:30had it originally the idea and and one
4:33of the cups here will kind of show of
4:35its ultimate come up here you can see my
4:38thumb is kind of in it we get it set
4:41into it but it does allow that shot and
4:44as you can see originally if you kind of
4:48take the idea of a cone paper cup you
4:52know you final design what water cooler
4:53and it was let's see what we can do to
4:56make that because at this point it will
4:57make it equally around the bottom you
5:01can see at this point you can do a shot
5:03on any of those sides just triple or
5:07that ends you can see it holds that but
5:10interactive I love this show hope I
5:13don't feel like the good water
5:17not always in this happen today is water
5:19oh good good way however but you can see
5:24you go from any side and it does make it
5:26symmetrical at that point in time in but
5:29it was see coming to a point through
5:33that trial and error is you well aware
5:35two points in plastic don't necessarily
5:40go together well that just kind of made
5:43a little to thing meaning whatever and
5:45those the whole effort took a couple of
5:50months but you have someone is
5:51interested in and we did with Austin web
5:53who country artists his song raised them
5:59up so when you have the reason up coming
6:04to you he he wanted it but it didn't
6:09take that little plot of that process to
6:11get the plastic correct so you know
6:13concept to creation for many people can
6:16take a long time we didn't have at that
6:18that opportunity but it was a big one
6:21Austin uh love the cop got it women
6:25though that's where ultimate cup was
6:27created since we did created in such a
6:29hurry and so many other things that
6:31we've discovered that is advantageous
6:37yeah and and just just to back up a
6:39little bit those those cups were
6:41distributed at the Country Music Awards
6:44is what I thought they were they're a
6:46hint they were probably I think in the
6:48timing I mean this you had boxes of
6:50these cuffs means every word actually to
6:52the Country Music Awards I mean right
6:54just seconds before
6:57fanfare in June and you know we intended
7:00in trying to get it into April Nelson
7:03the the clutch what was getting them
7:05really set huge chunk of cups up there
7:09in Austin it was an up-and-coming artist
7:12really got himself going into maybe some
7:15of the pre events so the distribution of
7:19the 25,000 cups many one was made
7:24crunched into a little bit tighter
7:27crunch but you know what you
7:28understanding knowing that hey we gotta
7:30have to cut me it just made everything a
7:36little more compact but in the same
7:39respect if the cup has been born from it
7:42and you know hopefully people see the
7:46advantages of what is shaping up here no
7:49no I agree and it's kind of a great
7:53story because you had somebody who
7:55wanted the cup it kind of pushed you to
7:58continue your thought process of
8:00creating this invention and having
8:01somebody who wants a cup having a buyer
8:04ready for a product is a little bit
8:07easier to move forward because they're
8:10saying hey if you make it I'll buy it a
8:12lot of inventors don't have that but
8:15they believe that people want their
8:17product but having somebody like like
8:19Austin web or any kind of I want to say
8:23public figure it just adds to that fire
8:25and makes you want to move forward but
8:28you know as you you know mentioned on
8:30the air and just now is that you know
8:32sometimes you can't rush ingenuity I
8:34mean there's things that you couldn't
8:36rush right you know and you find out how
8:40much computers play into it and the
8:45renderings you know so well we can do it
8:48you put it to test the computer and just
8:50because in real life in order to create
8:53that mole or to create that the product
8:57of the jewelry is going to be the
9:00renderings if they fail and rendering
9:02then they're not going to create it you
9:04wouldn't want to create it because
9:05you're just going to make something that
9:07would be a failure as far as just many
9:11vacuum purposes so I think that that was
9:14some of the understanding because we
9:17know we all see it we all see the
9:19concept of like all I can see how that
9:20does work but then when we find an out
9:24that chances are it's got a 82% of not
9:29withstanding any kind of pressure so
9:31that was some of the chumps but it's
9:34been a great process yeah and people
9:37know a lot of inventors or innovators
9:40don't realize that utilizing
9:41computer-generated animations and cuter
9:44computer-generated systems where we can
9:46test a product viability before you go
9:49to production is not only a time saver
9:52but you can save a lot of resources
9:54including funds that's working and I
9:58know that with your cup it ran from
10:01several different animation several
10:02distant testings and the designs just
10:05kept failing because of the
10:07innovativeness the ingenuity in it it
10:10just hadn't been made in that sense and
10:12the materials and it could have been
10:14made I remember talking to you that it
10:16could have been made but then it could
10:17have been too costly so when you up
10:21against several different things whether
10:22something can be made
10:24it's got to be low cost high volume if
10:27hey Doc you can't say hey just make it
10:29because I want mine like that because
10:31there still has to be the ability to
10:32sell it so I know that the ultimately
10:37you know and again no pun intended I
10:39think it's a great product I really do
10:41and I think it's being used all over the
10:43country I know I mean it's great because
10:46I see it in convenience stores I see
10:47people using and then so much fun to see
10:49that Cup I've seen it at football games
10:51I know it's been on the news several
10:53the big product that is used at
10:57tailgating and also for different
11:00college games and I
11:02think that you had sent me a product I'm
11:04going to show it show it on the air and
11:06you can maybe explain a little bit how
11:08that came to be but it's a it's a great
11:11party pack and and and that what's this
11:14used for
11:15well I desiccated let me know written
11:18originally look at it is a cop you know
11:20music lyric up here I've got my water
11:23into what we had this is the thing we
11:25did according to the black to start and
11:27you know because of the cost and the
11:30time of the cost at the time engine so
11:32we knew what we needed Austin one of the
11:34black cup as we we did and at that point
11:37what is different well we didn't
11:38necessarily go wreck if you want to
11:40differentiate yourself from and I'm
11:42sorry inside traffic back here looks
11:44okay but forget you wanted to
11:46differentiate some orange is kind of a
11:48color that solar red sense but it is
11:52still a little bit different vibrant
11:54what I would say is it's a cup
11:57ultimately Cup period
12:00you can have it you can drink now I look
12:02at it here like can you do that with a
12:03regular cup to get home really you got
12:05your gun and you know I look at if you
12:08are drinking your water and you're
12:09driving in your car you just take the
12:14set it's simple but that's what it is it
12:17is a cup now what we discovered from the
12:20point ended that we know that we can do
12:22a shot it's just all earlier we took the
12:25shot into the bottom line but even more
12:27so and what we've done up for the
12:29colleges that may have an interest if
12:31you look at it you know there's a game
12:33currently at or much notes called st.
12:37any but it never heard of it very
12:40popular of those cosplayers but if you
12:42set these cuts around and you know they
12:45use the Red Solo Cup you can set this
12:47around into the same description but the
12:49nice thing is is on the throttle it
12:51changes you know where if someone's when
12:54you don't want to clip 3 ounces of 4,000
12:57a layer because it's minutes that's
12:59probably not the wisest thing if you're
13:01trying to have fun for the night maybe
13:04you're just trying to have fun for 15
13:06minutes maybe that's case but if you're
13:08going to turn it upside down a regular
13:09you put the liquor it doesn't make sense
13:11so do that makes it a difficult shot
13:14makes it a little bit different consider
13:16everything else and it changes the game
13:18and I think those are some of the things
13:20that when we were looking at maybe
13:23developed history a while that's that is
13:26a game chicken that is something that
13:28can change and when you start looking in
13:29the cup not just regret not just with
13:32disposability not just with stackability
13:35not with just the everyday cup purpose
13:37it is something that changed it up and
13:39because they are stackable you know as
13:42you can see just this completely into
13:44whatever it goes you can do a shot and
13:47if you have and then you can stack your
13:48urinal set so I think that's a lot of
13:52that when you start talking about what
13:54we were looking to create when we look
13:57at creative is the ability to do a shot
13:59and then to before your drinking to it
14:01is one cupcake you at all is it turned
14:03out you know it's it's really
14:06potentially a game changer when it comes
14:07down to uh the the college crowd they
14:14like you know what we don't have to go
14:16buy those little red ones we don't have
14:17to go out and buy trigger things we
14:19don't have to worry about measuring it
14:21out to like an introvert tonight for
14:23three or four it's or you know three or
14:25four ounces of shot I just point to
14:27where so we know it's 1.7 ounce 16-ounce
14:30glass so I think that was a big part
14:33yeah yeah which I like what I like about
14:36it is it's different
14:37mm-hmm and you know I was talking about
14:39this to someone the other day that you
14:42know when you're going to a barbecue or
14:44you're going to go to a party you know
14:46it's fun to bring something different
14:47even if it costed 50 cents more whoever
14:50was right yeah I mean you know whatever
14:53it was what I loved about this party
14:55pack is that it comes with everything it
14:57even has instructions on how to play the
14:59game now you don't even have to be a
15:01drinker it's still something to do it's
15:03fun no one is going to see this if you
15:07can walk into a party be like hey check
15:08this out they're not going to be ten
15:10other people with the same thing they're
15:12that process right I think that's what's
15:14so great about it here you're actually
15:16morphing into the different crowds like
15:18this product and it's a complex you said
15:20in me in the long run it's a cup
15:23you're not buying something that's going
15:24to be thrown out it's going to be wasted
15:26yeah it's going to be thrown out because
15:27it's of this
15:28was booked up with its it's not just
15:30like you're buying a game and if nobody
15:31plays the game it's wasted it goes up on
15:33a shelf you buy this and even if no one
15:35else will play the game he still has
15:37some cool cups right and actually you
15:40know because I mentioned obviously
15:42liquor into the top part but it's shot
15:45so you could but if you're talking about
15:47a game I mean why not just for 1.7 ounce
15:51of beer it just changed shot it changes
15:53in by a shot it changes to the toss you
15:56know on the beer pong or or bit of water
15:59we've done water right here you know
16:01right so it's there it just makes it a
16:03more difficult shot but it allows for
16:05the receptacle can be able to contain it
16:07at that point so you don't have to pour
16:12it with something that's very potent you
16:14can pour it with water even for with a
16:16pair make the rules it's different and
16:18that's the thing it's a conversation
16:20piece too and you know just again if I'm
16:23sitting there at a tech group I want to
16:25sit there and hold something like this I
16:27can hold my keys I can hold my phone I
16:29can sit there I'm holding like this I'm
16:31really else holding my keys or my phone
16:34my wallet or you know something else
16:36that's here
16:37I don't like any weighing to people like
16:39a little conversation piece and I think
16:43give it the creativeness other and the
16:48fact that it's simple and you know I
16:49finish you're with a group you want to
16:52toast your friends face so there you
16:54have it at the end all is so staggered
16:55sit there and pull it up and and do
16:59whatever your friends are doing and I
17:01think that form of fun over cup not
17:04great the universal abilities of it are
17:07awesome and I think again it's it's a
17:10cup what you've done is you've you've
17:12capitalized you have used innovative
17:14knowledge to you know make something
17:17different everyone's used to seeing a
17:18cup but you looked at it you saw
17:20something could be different something
17:21could be better and you made it and
17:23you've actually sold it which is really
17:25really huge I mean a small percentage of
17:27us inventors myself included very very
17:30tough to take a product from idea all
17:33the way through and so it having
17:34somebody buy your product is the
17:36greatest feeling and knowing that
17:38someone else wants it and as I said you
17:41is real quick your I know your website
17:44is ultimate Cup calm is that correct
17:46this is so so any of you people any of
17:50you listeners anybody that's out there I
17:52want to grab this cup I know that it's
17:54available in a lot of superman' on
17:56supermarkets a lot of convenience stores
17:57it's a lot of around a lot of college
17:59towns but if you don't see it available
18:00just jump online and order it up because
18:03it is something that is not available
18:06everywhere and not everyone at a party
18:08or a barbecue has seen it which i think
18:10is really cool to go to walk in with
18:12them and say hey check this out like you
18:13said it's a conversations PISA
18:15especially if you're a country music fan
18:17Austin web is the guy that helped my
18:20kick these off which is pretty cool
18:22stuff I mean being able to have that
18:23story well Mike I wanna switch a little
18:25switch gears a little bit and she's got
18:27a talk-show structure but you know lots
18:31of thing when we talk about to cut to a
18:33proof-of-concept you go into the
18:36creative process you haven't seen
18:38getting the design and drawing it out
18:40but then right around the same time as a
18:42coincidence that you know a similar cop
18:45medians appearance on a short tank and
18:48it getting big deal I would say to
18:50design wise we had a managed to being
18:53stackable we have avenged of vanilla to
18:56drink from the bomb at anything but all
18:59kudos to them on the cup they threw
19:03becomes they prove that people want a
19:05cup like that but it's the same risky
19:08respect are just also wide enough to
19:09change that game of pong what I'm going
19:12to do is that you can trigger any Sun
19:14and it is sacraments so the concept is
19:17improved and you know again credit to
19:21them but you know sometimes we get
19:23design it's an improvement and I think
19:27by all I can't anymore we've talked
19:28didn't seem booked out said have a green
19:31that the design is improved oh I totally
19:34agree and I know the couple you're
19:35speaking about those guys are awesome
19:36they got on Shark Tank your one percent
19:38right and graduations
19:41yeah and it's one of those things where
19:43as we said competitions not bad you
19:45don't need to be the only one in the
19:47game you just need to secure your part
19:49of the market we talked about that look
19:51at Apple you know they don't have a
19:54hundred percent of the
19:55for market so you know look at big
19:57companies they go for a certain
19:58percentage the people that like them the
20:00people that follow will buy the product
20:02and it's the same way you it's good to
20:03have it's good to have competition
20:05there's nothing wrong with that and as
20:07Mike said there was another cup that
20:09came out even though that count that cup
20:11jumped on the shark tank it didn't deter
20:13Mike because he knew he had a good idea
20:15and he's selling his cup and he's
20:18securing his followers the people that
20:20like his product and that's all that
20:22matters there's no doubt about it and
20:23and I would say like that your design is
20:26is better in a sense it is stackable it
20:28is much easier a lot of space-saving
20:32great you know great ideas about it so
20:34you know it's not it's not a it's not a
20:36bad idea so that's why sometimes it
20:37isn't even a good idea to be first to
20:39market sometimes in second to market
20:43really helps because you can capitalize
20:45on other issues that the guys who were
20:48first market ran into so yeah yeah I
20:51totally agree so mean to your site right
20:54I didn't know that you know into that
20:56perspective you know their success you
20:59know helps for you know what if you can
21:02make something better and we see that
21:03all the time you know me I mean the
21:05iPhone iPhone dozens itself you know and
21:07if you just point it out but yes you go
21:10from the I hold three to fortify there's
21:12always improved so they're a little weak
21:14steamed sighs conceptually we've seen
21:18this phone go from tiny conveyor back
21:20containing into politics that's right
21:23I mean competition drives innovation so
21:26you want there to be competition it
21:28really pushes us all to be better and
21:31that's a great part about competition I
21:33don't even like use what competition I
21:35like there to be other people in the
21:36market and they constantly push us to be
21:38better so you're exactly right
21:40and again we're just witching gears
21:42actually I was going to start talking
21:43about that we talked about all the great
21:45things all the good things what have you
21:47run into that are some of the things
21:50that were setbacks and and maybe some
21:53kind of words of wisdom for our
21:55listeners that may stop them from
21:58running into those types of things I'm
22:00sure you know and I wouldn't go back and
22:03change it obviously in a row
22:05but I think that the D I wouldn't save
22:08in hurriedness but knowing the urgency
22:10to get the cops produce would have done
22:13I would have probably done the entire
22:15batch today clear-cut because what we
22:18see is I mean if you see the clear-cut
22:20people can see the difference of where
22:24the difference you can see the idea but
22:28when you have a cup into here it doesn't
22:31tell you anything you know unless you
22:33see you can see the bottom there you
22:35don't understand it so I think trying to
22:37get that explanation to people
22:39originally was something that I would
22:41have done maybe maybe with a moment
22:44clarity that that clear cup would have
22:47been it and then you start looking at
22:49the other thing is just the cost
22:51producers start well know to get to
22:54higher number to do it but it's so
22:57that's been a challenge it hasn't been a
23:00day something is going to challenge I
23:02think the setback is we pointed out and
23:05talked about start with just like
23:06getting that design through in a hurry
23:08you know I'm trying to figure out what's
23:10going to succeed what's not going to
23:12succeed what will what will work as far
23:17as that goes I think that the cost thing
23:19and just getting people to understand
23:20what this difference in the cup is and
23:23how it can increase conversation how it
23:28can change that world into it you know
23:33for basically a similar cost eventually
23:37and again that comes with quantity we
23:40all know that you know higher quantity
23:42will bring a lower cost
23:43yeah cost is a huge factor when you're
23:46trying to go to retail and I'm glad you
23:48brought that up because it is very
23:49important to get a good price all the
23:52way from the beginning a landed cost is
23:53very important for a retailer even
23:55though retail might love your product
23:57they might want it and put it on the
23:58shelves it's all about dollars and cents
24:01and so you really need to watch those
24:04costs all the way from the beginning I
24:05would think right absolutely
24:07yeah be aware
24:09everything that may or may not be true
24:13through now so so question for you when
24:16you are all of us are very mostly
24:19attached to our ideas I mean I do I get
24:22a very Muslim passier ideas I mean I'm
24:24sure you are too when you find yourself
24:25explaining your product or showing it to
24:28someone do you think because you know it
24:31so well that they should get it right
24:33off the bat or is it really like every
24:36invention or every idea should we really
24:38have someone else kind of explain it or
24:40do we need video do we need you we need
24:42instructions because I know sometimes I
24:45get frustrated I'll show somebody my
24:46idea and then we go on you know what is
24:48and I'll be like it's so obvious it's a
24:50lot it's a widget you know come on you
24:52find yourself when you when you're
24:54showing the product of people that you
24:56have to explain it more than you really
24:57think you should yeah I mean I agree
25:01wholeheartedly what you're saying in
25:03that sense because you know you
25:06basically you know but it's also not a
25:10parent the sense is almost being respect
25:14up you know being married you you've
25:16given birth to this item you know to
25:18this being or to this idea and you know
25:21all the great things that your job can
25:23do but it's like trying to get them into
25:25it you still have to explain it and
25:27someone doesn't see that into the same
25:29respect yeah I mean upside down okay
25:34maybe someone isn't a pre-shop of the
25:38influx of little mini cops at this point
25:41and so they don't understand it this
25:42does eventually a safe space saves cost
25:46in our cup so yes I agree with you we
25:50all mean you have such a understanding
25:55and passion and you've simplified it to
25:59yourself but you have to remember every
26:02time and you tell that story how many
26:05times especially when you're up early on
26:07to it you're telling that story
26:09four five six times a day you know 20
26:13times a week you're telling someone
26:15about the cup but each time yes remember
26:18you're basically starting from scratch
26:20with each person
26:21so your expectations your thoughts are
26:26becoming stronger you know it but you
26:29have to remember that this person might
26:31be something for sure yeah I totally
26:33agree 100% and I get frustrated all of
26:37us inventors and innovative probably
26:39feels some frustration it's like that a
26:43stretch of my mind you know I mean it's
26:45not just into the inventors world but
26:48the inventors world is where I keep that
26:52I think that passion even does more
26:54because there's an excitement level that
26:57might not be there otherwise because you
26:59see something that you know that can
27:02change the way the world and I don't
27:05mean to be too conscious with that but
27:08it is it is changing the world you know
27:11me this is every product that comes in
27:13changes the way people think and see
27:16things and my other role I do
27:19broadcasting but it's almost like when
27:21you're telling that story even though
27:24I'm told that for 810 times it might
27:26need someone out there who hasn't heard
27:28it so you almost have to try to realize
27:30but you have to change it for those who
27:32have heard it a little bit so there is a
27:35challenge into whatever it is but that
27:38respect is up yeah you are everyone's
27:44overly into it if you can have someone
27:46else who oh you know I think that's why
27:48when you get to a point they have a
27:50sales team mate or soon but that's it
27:52and so they have to go and explain it
27:54every time they got someone else you not
27:56great especially when you got something
27:57new in the market and people have not
28:00been exposed to it you definitely need
28:03to be able to explain how it works or
28:06utilize media utilize something explain
28:09to us and I think that you've done a
28:10great job any of our listeners no head
28:12on out to ultimate Cup calm and and Mike
28:16and his team have done some great work
28:18with pictures and videos they even have
28:20an instruction manual in the kit which I
28:22thought was awesome
28:23but yeah you guys have seen that you
28:26needed to put some videos together and
28:28show people what they could do is I mean
28:30is there some media or some
28:33instructional thing that has worked
28:35and are there ones that maybe you can
28:37tell people hey listen stay away from
28:39that it doesn't it doesn't really work
28:40or they kind of all work in conjunction
28:42well I think that it obviously the
28:45influx of social be kidnapped there is
28:48huge I'm probably not as good at and I
28:52know about a zoo who are big into it and
28:56to social media will go like a bluff to
28:59be better yeah I know that it can be
29:01better G especially is the generation
29:07being younger you know the people the
29:09Millennials I can maybe the personal
29:12reason alone it's wrong you know because
29:15there are huge such a huge market and
29:17everything but I don't think understand
29:20date is second nature that you know it's
29:23they grew up with a smart phones you
29:25know the smart ones have been out for
29:26eight nine years in someone's 23 they've
29:29had a phone since they were 14 or 15 so
29:31they never saw had a Facebook they never
29:36not had Instagram or YouTube or Twitter
29:40whatever it is and I think that you know
29:43for for those of us who are a little
29:46older but to understand what that power
29:48when done correctly can be and even
29:52maybe more so that our we not done
29:54correctly you know because if you don't
29:57do it right and someone like that go
29:59back to it so I think that's where some
30:02of the mission up challenges maybe it's
30:06an understanding or you know or a
30:08finding cool who does that better than I
30:12do and right now that's a long list from
30:14years yeah I did the challenge and you
30:17put it you put it very good because it
30:20could work for you or against you the
30:23younger generations they see through a
30:26lot of the ads and and sales and type
30:29things right and and it's very very
30:32quick to get around and you know it's
30:35just better to give out information give
30:38knowledge and let the younger public
30:40decide because man they are smart they
30:42know what they want they're very very
30:44savvy on social media and India a lot of
30:46it in
30:47product-based - you know I mean
30:48obviously we're a disposable party cop
30:51and you know everyone uses disposable
30:53party consume you go to retirement
30:55parties and learning some disclose party
30:57cups but ultimate cup does allow
31:00something that changes of what maybe the
31:03more the college crowd would do and
31:05believing that college crowd is is way
31:08more into the social media sites then
31:11than I was heck when I was and we were
31:14still at a rotary phone I think I
31:16remember so it wasn't quite that bad but
31:19it is cell phones work or anything and
31:23we all know from that point heck even
31:25beakers and pagers work so much kids at
31:28one time and I realized I probably get
31:30lost you know 70% of the people watching
31:33this right now what is a because of pH
31:36or you know so that's amazing how much
31:39technology goes and just trying to keep
31:41up with it and make sure you don't do a
31:45disservice to yourself by the expense
31:48people just want you know content
31:50content content which is good but make
31:52sure that the content is relevant and
31:55and do veteran I didn't give you check
31:57out Ultima Capcom you'll see we need to
32:00uh need to be more on top of it and add
32:03something into it again that's probably
32:05some of the challenge that is a big
32:07challenge I guess yeah and I think it's
32:10challenge for everyone even the people
32:11that do it very well
32:12obviously they didn't do it very well
32:15when they're first starting out everyone
32:17it's a learning curve and I think social
32:19media depending on the age group
32:21depending on the target market I think
32:23it's very important understand there's
32:25different types of social media for
32:27different age groups right I think
32:29that's what really benefits all of us is
32:31to really find out what social media
32:33platform we should use what that target
32:36what that product should go and then it
32:38can grow from there obviously but but
32:40trying to do it all at once that could
32:42probably drive you a little crazy right
32:44yeah and you know I don't mean to
32:47overplay because I mean social media
32:50means I'll have a good product it
32:51doesn't matter if social media is going
32:54out I mean that's it people don't
32:55believe incredible probably dying faster
32:58however I mean
33:00I would say I mean your target audience
33:04you know what it is and I'm in that
33:07contest and you know what maybe I don't
33:09maybe I don't know well enough into the
33:11sense of what that answer may mean I
33:13love someone to think that we come out
33:15with a huge social media campaign and
33:17we're going to be great well we've seen
33:19some questionable things turn out great
33:22because of social media but we've also
33:24seen some pretty good social media
33:26campaigns not catch on because so I
33:28think it's just you know you get the
33:30lucky break here there you know and
33:32that's it none but you know a lot of
33:35that luck is created by yourself to
33:36continue to put things out and that may
33:39create that break that I can bring it
33:42stripping for yeah I agree you got to
33:45keep plugging along no one knows when
33:47something's going to break there's no
33:48doubt about it as we talked about all
33:50the time you know the Snuggie was around
33:52for years and years and years before it
33:54caught on a lot of products that people
33:57think were overnight successes they
33:59don't realize that they've been around
34:00for many many years they just did not
34:03catch on or they would market it the
34:05wrong way so you need to keep plugging
34:08along and you are going to have ups and
34:10downs is there's no doubt about it and
34:12just thinking if you're watching movie
34:14or you watching something in the movies
34:16- or even just walking down the street
34:19wherever they may be a true sunset is
34:21say here they've got Ultima company and
34:25it just totally changed oh no so
34:27seriously what is that what is that now
34:29the question you ask so sometimes again
34:32just finds the right opportunity for it
34:35and putting yourself what you've done is
34:39you put yourself in the position that
34:41when that opportunity comes around you
34:44can take advantage of it you've you've
34:45manufactured your product you have
34:47manufacturing set up you have inventory
34:48you've done it the right way you've made
34:50sales so you're ready for that
34:52opportunity you're not just talking
34:54about it you don't talk about a when I
34:56make that invention or or when I create
34:58my invention or my idea to solve your
35:01you're putting yourself in a position
35:02that when an opportunity arrives you can
35:05take advantage of it yeah I think that's
35:07a cheap suit you really set a point out
35:09that is someone knows goes into the
35:13love to the Internet to to wherever and
35:16someone needs to reach out to you fine a
35:18I saw you interviewing else makeup guy
35:20you know I get the email or whatever it
35:23is now it's like a it's not long it's
35:25not let's find out what what kind of
35:27what's going to work best for you you
35:29want you want a million cups of your
35:31storage around the country great
35:33you know let's figure out that price
35:34let's figure out though what we have
35:36with with that what that situation is
35:39going to be what where do you get
35:41success and create your business from it
35:43and amazing answers I mean again the
35:46logo on the side down the side whether
35:49it's there of that we can create that or
35:52you whether it's an opportunity that
35:55maybe the product helps grow your lists
35:59as opposed to you know the business into
36:03the products yeah I feel you're building
36:05a brand you know you've done several
36:08different types of cups we're putting
36:10that pack together and and putting this
36:12together to me is you're building a
36:14brand because you have different options
36:16different different demographics
36:18different age groups of people that you
36:20know yeah how many times you get it oh
36:22that's a solo cup but in reality your
36:25your differential yours inferential
36:28yourself because it can be used for
36:30other things or commutes for different
36:32age groups so I think it's pretty cool
36:33the way you're slowly building a brand
36:35and then do you have plans and you don't
36:37have to tell us about the product you
36:38have plans to branch into any other
36:40products as this one picks up the
36:44thought yeah at some point but I think
36:46you look what is let's let's establish
36:49this and I think there is some other
36:50things that can go with the ultimate
36:54name obviously plastic where uh you know
36:57the plastic disposable where is a big
37:01market you know I'm just a lot of
37:03patriotism Florida here and now you look
37:06around summertime there's so much I can
37:09do you look at the cups themself
37:11tailgate parties for colleges you know
37:14this is something else that for any
37:17inability and people are not taking out
37:19the regular cops or buy plastic cups so
37:22is there something yeah
37:25I would think you know me has the holder
37:28available but I it's amazing how time
37:33developed in three years like oh yeah we
37:36want to do this we want to do a play or
37:39something that matches with it but then
37:41you know that stuff either gets
37:42developed or or you know maybe it
37:46becomes obsolete who would have thought
37:48you know three years ago that many of
37:52the things that were big at that point
37:54or you know watering enrollment now
37:57that's true yeah and it all comes in
38:00time very tough to rush bring more
38:04products online I know several many many
38:07companies that try to grow too quickly
38:09and they ended up really floundering and
38:13having issues because they really spread
38:15their resources too thin by trying to
38:16grow so quickly and you notice sign up
38:22we had the we have a cup of ale and
38:24let's see on that develops media peaches
38:28whatever maybe picnic yeah yeah there's
38:36a lot of things that will come and go I
38:38think we've seen over the last 50 years
38:41that someone's going to need plastic
38:43drink where I know mr. at see a film
38:47there's always going to be some sort of
38:49improvement somewhere much like we did
38:51with the design of this so all same idea
38:56but it is an opportunity there for a
39:00name grow that that's my Grail it's a
39:05great product that really is so real
39:07quick I want to ask you about your you
39:10do a little side gig for soccer team
39:13maybe give us a little info on that
39:15coming obviously is adventure you
39:18mentioned that and heard indenture your
39:21city you're right face it a go through
39:23the process to create I'm also a realtor
39:26which here in the market but as pointed
39:29out you take pay rallies which is a
39:32professional soccer team in USL which
39:35condition to many of the
39:38LS Major League Soccer Fantine up on
39:43genes but to relieve second teams are in
39:45USL and the camp been around is
39:48currently sitting in second place in
39:49Eastern Conference I do the TV
39:51play-by-play and it came to when I will
39:54shave like with Ben Wyatt notice another
39:58camera Wow yeah hexina and quite some
40:01time but if someone is play soccer I
40:05graduated University of South Florida
40:07many years ago the game really chilly
40:11the game a lot love it about talking
40:13about it an opportunity almost on a
40:16weekly basis to describe the action to
40:20the fans and say as the game goes along
40:23well I mean what's great about it is I
40:26should have known you seemed very very
40:27relaxed wow talk about yeah I was gonna
40:33remember it where's the green dot not so
40:36much in that sense but if 20 20 plus
40:39years array or I can't seem to that was
40:42my background going into this you know
40:45what real estate would be good as well
40:47as going into the TV in the broadcasting
40:52part would soccer to the way is true
40:54they're just kinda really uh sometimes
40:57it - yeah that sounds great though we
41:00want to look for the Rowdies maybe you
41:01can not in our listeners wolf tune in
41:04and listen to you play-by-play is you
41:06know I will say just a couple of weeks
41:09ago I've got a lot of attention on a
41:13gold vault with rallies they played it
41:15home if our son under Porter was tremana
41:19story about how the visiting goalkeeper
41:21will buy bagels for hit us up for his
41:25defenders and a carcass the day after
41:28they get a shutout obviously that so if
41:30she's describing the bounties of women
41:32in the field and just as she finishes
41:34the story
41:35Georgie risk top words or something to
41:37be a striker for gratis to a shot good
41:40shot to the top corner and my first
41:43words were Georgie wrist out well not a
41:45lot available so he is got a lot of
41:50around the world I mean the Daily
41:53Telegraph rose article and very
41:56commentators with and now to sound
42:03egotistical here but they said maybe the
42:05greatest call in soccer history on a
42:08goal scored just because of the tiny of
42:12I am suggestible but I'm not going to
42:15argue so that's what about least
42:18compliment but the rowdy is a tremendous
42:22wood in the game to nothing so on that
42:25goal scored it was great see the extra
42:28attention that it had and it did get a
42:31lot of attention of them it is something
42:34that's fun to do and and it's just
42:36basically you know the broadcast and you
42:38have to play it as it goes obviously you
42:40can have a plan as an adventure but you
42:42know you have to adapt and that's the
42:44key it's like what's happened in this
42:46game do you have to again you go into it
42:48with a game plan but know you're going
42:49to be ready for many of the twists and
42:52turns it's going to take and that's
42:53basically the case with shires well now
42:56it's great and I think it's awesome
42:58bringing attention I mean that's what
42:59you're there for bringing attention to
43:00the game I think the Rowdies are an
43:02awesome team and as you know soccer is
43:05so up-and-coming that it's fantastic
43:07that you're involved with that wolf role
43:10of father's work we have in the United
43:13it still inspires thanks although
43:18everything but now there's there's an
43:20interest and there's no doubt that the
43:23soccer fan is as passionate or more
43:26passionate than basically under sport
43:29and is that number grows and this the
43:31kids continue to play and grow around
43:35the game the supporters for instance
43:38it's a good time in wherever you are
43:42around the country with the in your MLS
43:44team your USL team it's going to be a
43:48you go to a game you know it's going to
43:50be a couple hours I can't tell you
43:52anyone that's going hasn't enjoyed the
43:55atmosphere around it no matter what want
43:59to resolve us I agree and ask for the
44:01ultimate cup while you're at the game
44:03ya know I mention a little bit sometimes
44:06you don't like mixing your your day job
44:11with your extreme pleasure and again I
44:15think that goes back to me years saying
44:18earlier how much do you talk about it
44:23knowing and understanding you know I
44:25know I'm privileged to uh to do the role
44:28as a broadcaster for the rallies I don't
44:32want to you'll ever abused that
44:34privilege of calling names or something
44:38that I passionately believe in in the
44:42cup knowing that hey this can be this
44:45can be it but you know he has to try and
44:49balance that world you know I mean you
44:52can talk to it you can continue to
44:54mention it but you know maybe going
44:56above and beyond sometimes my voyage in
44:59you don't want that annoys him a problem
45:01no I totally agree you don't want to do
45:04that you're exactly right that's where
45:06the passion comes in and that's where
45:08you have to be out of control I would
45:10say that in a minute
45:11basically I wasn't in the world today
45:13I'm not going in your door
45:14I'm not going everyday on the door you
45:16have to you know you have to understand
45:18it but you're in a position that any
45:20certainly you know give them a chance to
45:24understand it and do it Leah in a more
45:28casual what at least as my Michael if I
45:30don't only meet the other people have a
45:32more aggressive stance and they've
45:34succeeded with it but that's just what
45:37with me on that on that angle know each
45:40person has to do it differently in your
45:42you know you've obviously it's going
45:44good I know you're doing it can sail and
45:46it's all working well and it's going to
45:47come when it's supposed to there's no
45:49doubt about it and I really think that
45:51you've done a great job and ultimate I
45:54love on this product and it really cool
45:56and again for for everybody that's out
45:59there anybody that's listening I would
46:01definitely recommend bringing this cup
46:03to a barbecue or a party it's pretty
46:05cool so if it's not available in your
46:07area one of the C stores on it
46:09convenience stores a lot of the coastal
46:12convenience stores have a West Coast
46:14East Coast you know beach towns the
46:17product apart you know college towns I
46:19know they're carrying it but if you're
46:21not near there or you don't want to go
46:22out there just jump on um ultimate cup
46:24comm order it up never no Mike Mike
46:28Metheny say that I was going to say that
46:32stinking mentioned the convenience
46:35stores you know there's a couple of
46:37distributors here in Tampa Bay area
46:39where I am but if you're around the
46:42country do you know one of those
46:43distributors at what a great great
46:46opportunity particularly cook up right
46:48now we have the black and and orange but
46:50I think is as I pointed out you know if
46:53you go to clear-cut people see that
46:55you're carrying that Anna party people
46:57understand what it is no nobody goes
46:59it's a great little uh I internet you
47:03know college students way to pick up
47:05that and around it but again constants
47:08it's it's a plastic cup period yeah now
47:12the second sentence can be that does so
47:15much more than just a regular plastic
47:17cup so but never forget that it is a
47:20plastic disposable part a cup because
47:22that's what it is no I agree and that's
47:25a great part I think that's the great
47:26part about it is you know I can't go
47:28wrong because you need cups anyway why
47:30not bring something that's different so
47:31that's innovated I mean it's definitely
47:33going to be a conversational piece at
47:34the end of the day is this workable cup
47:37right yeah I mean what you can go out
47:39and get a pack of 25 for four or five
47:42dollars through uh through the store
47:44then you can go buy your pack of 25
47:47little mini writing cups for another
47:49three bucks now you spent eight bucks
47:51here you go out and maybe four five six
47:54or five or six dollars you get the same
47:56thing so and they become a lot in the
48:00long run you may pay $2 more in that
48:02sense but if you're trying to go out and
48:04get user stuff and you can say summer
48:06sure and be the guy or girl that brought
48:08something cool right with you alright
48:11Mike well we are out of time
48:13I appreciate you spending some of your
48:17valuable time with us we will be or I
48:20will be tuning in I want to hear your
48:21play-by-play the realities I think it's
48:23awesome that you do that and it's real
48:25cool and we want to hear you know about
48:29how it's going with you maybe we can
48:31get you back on the show it would be fun
48:33and anybody that's out there listening
48:35if you have some questions for Mike
48:36again ultimate cut comm if you have some
48:39questions that you want to get the room
48:41you can you can certainly go to
48:43inventors launchpad calm and post your
48:45questions or post your questions over to
48:48Mike through his website again at
48:50ultimate capcom and mike from all of us
48:54here I appreciate you being on the show
48:56with us today and answering some of our
48:57questions Thank You Carly ninjas to
48:59Canada further on the Holton calm unless
49:02a female my last name is pepper
49:05the Egbe are and you do that at Holzman
49:08comm pepper at ultimate comms perfect
49:11you know she pointed out and there's
49:14launchpad site to redirect that to me as
49:17well and i'll be happy to answer any
49:19questions as far as a what is happening
49:25with the cup and now we see me answer
49:28out maybe some of your concerns that
49:30questions that maybe you have trying to
49:34get your product after as well sounds
49:36good my friend you take care and we will
49:38talk to you soon okay thanks