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January 21, 2017
Bob Turel
Pitch Your Product Idea or Business Perfectly Each and Every Time with Bob Turel.
January 21, 2017

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Podcast Notes

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0:00everybody and welcome to inventors 0:07launchpad we are in season two of our
0:10podcast and that we have a special guest
0:12for us today on the launch pad and I
0:16wanted to welcome my partner Rick
0:19 Valderrama he is an air force that he's
0:23an invention expert he is a patent
0:25holder and like I said he is one of the
0:29major partners here at the launchpad he
0:32helps a lot of people take their
0:33products to market and I wanted to get
0:35him on here so we could explain a little
0:37bit about what he does and how he's
0:39helping investors
0:40hey Rick there i had to do I don't know
0:44if you heard my little intro I did for
0:47you earlier i just wanna let everybody
0:48know rick is in the same building as me
0:50is across the hall
0:51I come and sit in the office with me but
0:53I wasn't gonna let them and yeah I don't
0:56know you're my little intro as I said
0:59try to fill into guess what i missed and
1:03you know we'll get it right into what
1:06you do here at the launchpad
1:07that's not good oh my good mornings were
1:10all drama
1:11oh I start off my career in the military
1:15force of 11 years as a network engineer
1:19a focusing on a data engineering and
1:23very well it was very clear out there
1:28and began running a nike arm out of
1:32nowhere and exporter of the dead for
1:35five years built after about to keep
1:38going you're welcome you and then moved
1:41over to a telecommunication of which
1:44house where we sold telecommunications
1:47in actually over the world uh when I'm
1:51at Comic Con enesco we can be your
1:55friends and started to work together
1:59um I was always inventor continue you're
2:04always trying to invent things and make
2:06things better
2:07oh but at the time are now becoming
2:09friends started
2:10relation to work together and had a very
2:15important person in men on a community
2:18of logic hospital was the host of
2:22features and uh and I worries office and
2:26we were in a small room alright i saw
2:31was feeling nothing but of fucking
2:36people submitted to them to to put into
2:38HSN at that point we immediately saw the
2:43opportunity and this was in the in the
2:46list of the shortcake revolution i
2:50should say everyone was offshore tank
2:53conventions work the big things in
2:56common i thought about possibly the
2:58bulking being a rolling so we did we
3:02would also help and is we started
3:07developing small products and marketing
3:10we're very lucky
3:11first first product was a very simple
3:14product had mad men actually three
3:17months of development and in-store
3:20within six months it was very special
3:23and very well and and since then been
3:27trying to locate that over again it much
3:30um so I first want your business for
3:33three years you were a traditional puppy
3:35and what we did was we did a real moment
3:40company for life that were paying for
3:43specific part of a process meeting dad
3:49works for patch to look like suicides
3:54were slightly all variations of gay a
3:58plot of ready to go to market what we
4:00found was that most of our hearts were
4:03running out of my arm after spending
4:07tens of thousands of dollars developing
4:09a prototype and getting the intellectual
4:12property sport away and will always
4:15stuck in the same one as a that point is
4:19great where they can't watch straight
4:22when they can
4:23really test the market so my perspective
4:28of we face and because we didn't give
4:32them the opportunity to actually test
4:33their products so well we didn't want to
4:37show your clients that have the ability
4:40for manufacturing so we choose a model a
4:43little bit group of it and you said okay
4:45you want to be able to find that really
4:49had the resources investors or whatever
4:52to go all the way to the end up having
4:55already parts and test bark bark once
4:58you started that are we realized one
5:00major thing much of the work that was
5:02done running the prototyping the design
5:05work at work was actually done like 12
5:10defined by our designers and I came back
5:13and then everything has to be redone
5:17father met by our factory to get it
5:20ready for manufacturing because one of
5:21the things they don't tell you that the
5:23design shops in traditional development
5:24company is that all because you design a
5:28product that works well in those well
5:30for me for that perspective does it mean
5:32to manufacture and cost-effective way
5:35that can actually travel by market so at
5:40that point of the work i do we stop and
5:43read about and the interesting part was
5:45found that our factories would offer
5:48these resources and no pause it there
5:51was a water be so what we did was
5:56involved again and we eliminated all
5:58upfront costs and we said okay if we
6:01eliminate back off all that all of the
6:0450-50 over a thousand dollars that was
6:06that was charged and invested to develop
6:10products can be just used for
6:13manufacturing and all the benefits on it
6:16and as US Department you get a free
6:19version and we would be able to get that
6:22test market here it's worth for that and
6:26the best part about it is then every
6:30penny spent become real trouble
6:32investment because the end of
6:34today the process you have a reader 85
6:37and you can you senator buyers should
6:40send it to a potential life and you can
6:43send it
6:44I'm even using sams on and you just saw
6:47your education here usually close your
6:50money and that's the big difference
6:52I'll grab those people at the beginning
6:53of our of our company that
6:56ten-thousand-dollar there was no way for
6:58them to recover you know they're having
7:00a on the wall and have a point that show
7:03their friends but there was no way that
7:05direction over their money order to get
7:07your investor out of what we did was we
7:10created a solution process that enables
7:13the best inventor do that and that
7:17doesn't really get right on it alright
7:21that's that obviously an interesting
7:25system that you have come up with and
7:27that we've come up with that event is
7:28Launchpad now obviously everyone has
7:31systems that they profess that are
7:35working that are the best need the
7:37street is anyone else doing this type of
7:40i want to say sequence for this type of
7:43process in the industry and since you
7:48switched over
7:49has it been as successful as you think
7:52it or wanted to be
7:54oh well that's a good question so are we
7:58I don't believe that anyone doing it the
8:01way we are and that is not to say that
8:03they are special in you in any way i can
8:08probably do anything that special what
8:11we did was oh we're just not businessmen
8:15and we are objective get up to majak
8:19right there are our number one intention
8:21of five developers are typically
8:24engineers that want to the wellness
8:26products that they have no wheelchair a
8:28real desire on how I actually write the
8:31manufacturing side all they want to
8:34chance it will care about don't want to
8:37find yourself right they there will
8:39eject it is to take the chance and
8:41manufacture do this
8:43do it can and that they're they're not
8:47they really don't care that much about
8:49designing it when they really work there
8:51you know what we did with you that from
8:54a high level and we saw the application
8:58and working in traditional regional
8:59speeds back and you said hey you know
9:02let's try to eliminate as much as
9:05yes giving the inventor the best
9:07opportunity to bring the pot hole until
9:11inaccurate bleep did I don't know only
9:14one drinking that way now
9:16uh we've been successful in that the
9:20client that have gone all the way have
9:22you know I i believe them to be
9:24successful because they have inventory
9:25they calculated and go to retail it will
9:29eat you to go on TV shows go on to send
9:33do everything they can do their part for
9:35all himself right but you have the
9:38ability to go to trade shows and their
9:41best my respect around all that you know
9:44are all the millions
9:45no but they're expensive thousand
9:48dollars and have have a nice little
9:50asian guy on the wall and closer to
9:52their friends and that's it you know
9:54what we want to know is do you sleep at
9:58night and we know that everyone that has
10:00money with up to support us
10:05yeah so again I go back to it in just
10:08the last couple items that you mention
10:10it seems like you guys are we and by the
10:13way Rick runs most of the front end of
10:17the officers speaking with adventures I
10:19so you pretty much talked with
10:20adventures daily or who it seems to me
10:24that there is a a certain sequence that
10:27is beneficial for an adventure to who
10:31follow a lot of inventors get this
10:34guided or misinformation I'm sure I'm
10:36sure you hear these horrible tales
10:39everybody was right right so that
10:44obviously I don't want you have to cover
10:46the whole sequence in your mind and in
10:48your system is there a certain sequence
10:50that adventure should follow that I mean
10:53definitely need the
10:55he is armed is too
11:00try not to spend as much money on the
11:03beginning with full intellectual
11:04property big things from investment
11:06perspective this dish and it's difficult
11:08for metrics because they're so
11:09emotionally attached to the product the
11:12reason you know we have invented
11:13yourself become emotionally attached to
11:15you become wider and and and you get
11:18this process that there's no using to
11:21get a patent individual market you know
11:24their original package there for a
11:26reason right there are there are
11:29consumer markets in my testing for a
11:32reason they're ancient to just that you
11:35can really test at a little not invest
11:38every investment you can make a real of
11:40a little way possible that there's no
11:43getting around it there's no easy way to
11:45shortcut you understand and acknowledge
11:47somebody to draw an animation and get a
11:52life and we're going to be rich
11:53I mean back to happen but they just
11:56usually people also won the lottery flat
11:58right so those things are coming but the
12:01chances are a licensee is going to need
12:05to expand the numbers going to connect
12:08doesn't definitely digg product i want
12:10you caught on with you had in the past
12:12they want to know there are real also
12:15list for the best time and you doing you
12:19know arm and and go and I can guarantee
12:23you know retailer is going to place of
12:26purchase or idea digital that so there
12:30is a sequence you don't want to you know
12:33and again a little negatively on on our
12:36competition on the other invention
12:38copies debut with agent Holly well they
12:41do the one little niche of the entire
12:43project we have this step in this
12:46process but we do well is we look at
12:49everything from my level and conditions
12:51to be 10 where they had a little
12:53snippets and they focus on that goes
12:55well if you pay smaller companies a five
12:59ten fifteen thousand dollars or imply
13:00they do with a single page do you know
13:03day just had they don't know actually
13:06doing a lot we don't know about
13:09I do or it's not marketing or anything
13:11like that so in all you know it's very
13:16definitely points and you have to do it
13:18in the right water
13:19uh you're a real shot mr. banning do
13:23investors you have like yes finally all
13:26events you can go out when you could buy
13:28a person do a real toilet I said that
13:33everything perfectly and 100,000 all
13:36sporting life and it then we'll see that
13:39process you should do you do a little
13:42place in the office and a couple hundred
13:44thousand dollars and know-how no real
13:46shot but you know tomorrow and try to
13:49get the most out of your other inventors
13:51now that's exactly right and you know
13:55just to kind of jump off subject and and
13:57I know where we're going to have recon
13:59do is just several subjects a great
14:01cover we could turn this into a several
14:03hour of session but I kind of jumping
14:06off a job something off subject here and
14:09i wanna wanted to ask Rick something
14:11real quick about you know I know that
14:13policy or the motto for inventors
14:15Launchpad is everything from from Mac in
14:18store shelves so I wanted to just kinda
14:21he probably and and I hear a lot that
14:24people always want you to tell them if
14:27they believe that their ideas good or
14:28not this end and I get this a lot and I
14:32wanted to you know Susan if there's a
14:35certain product that sticks out of your
14:36mind that was good or bad and I just let
14:38listeners know what does it matter is
14:41you believe that this product is good or
14:44absolutely not now oh it's hard to tell
14:48you and we always say the ongoing same
14:52here is only would the shoot that fit
14:55our office and the little chance that
14:58that bothers me a somebody's doing is
15:01all right so there there there no way
15:05knowing different apartment well from
15:09that perspective and you are right
15:11marketing is your right relationships
15:13you can make anything going to get rain
15:15like that mean if you have money you can
15:17you get really
15:19pretty sloppy you are without being said
15:22some of the best parts out there not got
15:25any kind of because there are the
15:28resources or the lost wages do it great
15:31so you know there's no telling which one
15:36you know we promote each other what you
15:38know go out it's gonna cost you anything
15:41that's going to do it invested money we
15:46can meet your lady five different people
15:48and then you don't think decide that you
15:52don't you'll be able to seat if you get
15:54it out and put in a bar listening though
15:55they don't you feel like you can put a
15:58real chance out there and then again you
15:59wanna trade shows and you can refusing
16:02to do so your father and his army base
16:04on the very process that don't sell at
16:07all right eventually do fire or because
16:10you're typically finish that they are
16:12are solving problems that they had that
16:15someone else had as well and your
16:17particular product which I'm probably
16:19mention the name of that we thought
16:21originally was not a very good that
16:24you're here and you know every month you
16:28know we just fly by all the people have
16:31loved this spot right and and in my mind
16:34I wasn't talking about you guys a lot of
16:36publicity stunts it
16:38we got a lot of business in several ways
16:42and do with one that from the beginning
16:44I thought was doing but it's very well
16:48for us and hopefully back and on against
16:52the little ones involving the best in
16:54doing so you know no way of knowing I
16:56tell everyone to go or are you know if
17:01the main thing is like it's not the
17:03money but keep the cost factor that's
17:05really more important than actually like
17:07if the product cost if you can still
17:11order for five dollars and costume for
17:14also make that right there is no that's
17:16that's set it right
17:18there's no getting around however our is
17:22in the observations and you can beat it
17:24for a percent of what you need to
17:28recharge for there's no no
17:31wanna try okay good see it seems like
17:35everything we're talking about these it
17:36just falls back onto the the correct
17:39sequence and taking your product to
17:41market like not jumping ahead and as you
17:43said earlier you know investors are
17:45mostly attached i mean i get emotionally
17:47attached to my ideas i think all my
17:48ideas are great but you know once i once
17:51I look at him and I and I really go back
17:54and I and I say old man you know last
17:55week I thought this idea was great but
17:57it turned out that you know after i
17:59thought about it wasn't so great but you
18:01know we have people and inventors that
18:03that are out there that have been
18:05working on their products for years you
18:08probably see and and get inventions that
18:10come to you after five or six years of
18:12having this idea in their head and one
18:15of the big things that I run into when i
18:17talk two inventors is that is that they
18:20always want to be first to market like
18:21it's so important for them to be first
18:23to market it seems like your sequence it
18:27really doesn't take that into account
18:28because it doesn't really matter if
18:30their first to market and and in the
18:32other cases is it is it a good idea to
18:34be first to market so you know most of
18:37the time it is
18:38I mean it's really not that important I
18:40mean there's exercise where you know
18:42where it is beginning of january of
18:44dollars everything and every day this
18:47month they'll be on us going to have and
18:51most of them come out for certain
18:53variations and all of them are going to
18:54make money
18:55it's just the way it fresh people buy
18:58products of their marketing directly in
19:01this month people will make money i'm
19:03being first-to-market definitely can
19:05give you an advantage is if you're
19:07looking at licensing is very important
19:09to that pitch to be able to to have
19:13intellectual property on a certain
19:14product right that's important but the
19:18reality is a beautiful product and it's
19:20good it will be hot right
19:23there's nothing wrong with that you
19:24don't walgreens is the thousand
19:27locations of it and a prostitute
19:29everyone wins yet competition is not
19:32about that are you know they can help
19:34push this can help you make more sales
19:37so never be afraid of other products
19:42from the market or you
19:43being a comparison part that you know
19:45you think you could pop and complete go
19:48for ok that's good that's actually good
19:52advice i mean we get people that they
19:54are so dead set on being first to market
19:56that they're actually fearful about
19:59people about their product and then what
20:01happens is that when you don't tell
20:03somebody about your product could never
20:05move ahead
20:06oh then you know they see it out there
20:09they see it on TV and they somebody
20:10stole my product but the reason it think
20:14about it really wasn't there so they're
20:15fearful about selling it and go from the
20:17invention from the adventure side and
20:19the the information that you're giving
20:22to potential investors in ventures out
20:25there i think this is a good advice
20:27because being first market in the long
20:30run isn't as important as rick i just
20:33pointed out about that
20:35so Rick real quick I'm you know we're
20:37kind of getting low on time once again
20:39we're going to have you on the show you
20:40know several times throughout the year
20:41but is their product out there right now
20:44that that you guys are kind of proud
20:47over that you're working on some stuff
20:48for that maybe we should be looking out
20:51well I mean we have a couple products
20:54are launching this year
20:56oh the movie bro bro this is one airing
21:00our HSN and the bottom one we think
21:03that's going to have a huge impact into
21:05the second Corps awfully third quarter
21:08oh and you know that's one of the the
21:09hot 100 we also have a few that are that
21:13you know we hope the watches meeting in
21:16the middle of the year but you know it
21:18as long as you know on the operations
21:20side manufacturing fail another there's
21:24some issues that come into what we do is
21:26we focus on only a couple good one
21:28we have some that we can talk about that
21:30our area south national TV shows here
21:32soon and we can mention those because uh
21:35until it airs on TV but i do have some
21:39good talks with your product that's
21:42great that's awesome done there anyway
21:43or what's the best way for people to get
21:45in touch with you if they need some help
21:47with a product or they wanted to get
21:48moving with the product what you think
21:51to get you well I i won the development
21:54of home for my office
21:56different but obviously if you go on to
21:59our website and you fill out a the
22:03information there it will mention gets
22:06me Marshall people call contact you but
22:09I I review everything i'm a part of that
22:12whole process voices you email me
22:14directly a Rick adding bits on
22:17i'll be happy to answer any questions
22:20anybody may have over or the right
22:23direction in our little talk about this
22:25even if you can use another company i
22:28can give you some insight or we already
22:31are going to help somebody with somebody
22:32you can be called i can i can definitely
22:35use me like you look out for
22:38oh you know we don't mind helping people
22:41okay great so I mean if they're going to
22:44contact you do with you guys signed a
22:46nondisclosure agreement where you climb
22:47the sauna really working after it
22:50doesn't matter if you sign this
22:51non-disclosure agreements signed yet we
22:54do not forget we have no problem signing
22:57the non-disclosure oh that is something
23:00that you know we found that many
23:05companies and industries refused to sign
23:07NDA's and we have no idea why we have no
23:10intention of stealing an idea
23:12copying idea doing anything that idea
23:14that this outside of making our company
23:17makes money in our inventors hall
23:21particular market oh that's it is this
23:25is it all the process not not part of
23:28our company so there's no reason
23:30uh not find someone shares an idea with
23:34our team are you don't never leave the
23:37doors or RT
23:40well very good man i mean i know that
23:44some of the some of the questions that
23:46we get all the time about a
23:47nondisclosure agreement is important for
23:49disclosure purposes if you are going to
23:53go for a patently around but the actual
23:55non-disclosure agreement that i know
23:57that we are never ever have a problem
23:58sign when it notes said have no
24:02intention of copying someone's idea and
24:05its most people don't you know the the
24:08actual amount of products that gets old
24:09it probably solo but people are very
24:12scared and fearful about it so so in
24:15closing Ricky I mean is there anything
24:16that we haven't covered anything you
24:18want to just mention before we close out
24:20this podcast and let you get back to
24:23no I thought it was great talking to you
24:26hold your listeners you know start off
24:30because 17 trying to get their paws off
24:32me and you know it you got it you got
24:34one shot go for you know having to do
24:37that never remove your your home to do
24:41it any good
24:42you know that the world any good so we
24:44need as much as many innovative products
24:46we can also share them with us and
24:48hopefully we can show them the world
24:51alright well thank you thank you spend
24:53that time with our listeners there was a
24:55Rick balderama he is definitely an
24:58invention expertise the patent holder is
24:59an inventor himself and again if you
25:02need some help with a product with some
25:04help with any of the steps and getting
25:07your product out there i urge you to
25:09reach out to Rick or somebody on the
25:10scene go to Venice launchpad website
25:12invented lunch bad dot-com i could find
25:15probably on facebook but reach out to
25:19them before you move forward even if
25:20you're engaged with another company
25:22again I urge you to find some help get a
25:26second opinion as we as we heard the
25:30sequence of taking your product to
25:32market is very very important not only
25:34in timing budding providing and keeping
25:37those needed funds to move forward so
25:39for us over here and vendors launchpad
25:43for myself I had invented launchpad
25:46podcast we thank you for listening in
25:49and looked up again and tell your
25:51friends about our podcast
25:54you can go on out to IQs and leave us a
25:56review we could really use the help and
25:59we'll talk to you soon take care