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February 7, 2017
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Registered U.S. Patent Attorney. Work with self-motivated inventors to provide valuable experience for patent seekers in the US and Internationally.
Work mostly with startups and people having an invention or idea they wish to commercialize. Assist in figuring where to start, assist in managing risk (including reducing legal costs), and give some idea of the various steps.
Worked with more than 180 independent inventors over 19 years of patent practice.
♦ Describing an invention and getting a patent filed quickly with sufficient detail
♦ Writing invention disclosures with depth and breadth to facilitate enforceabilty
♦ Providing disclosure reviews and ghost writing for the patent paperwork
♦ Ensuring digital photographs and professional drawings are of sufficient quality and suitable for supporting a Utility format.
♦ Offering expert advice based on experience in setting up patent disclosures to support clearly-defined and enforceable claims
♦ Experienced in federal patent litigation, solid understanding of Cease and Desist letters and how to respond
Registered US Patent Attorney since 1998. Worked in both the US and Japan, both in business and academic settings.
• Experience with both the Utility and Provisional filing format
• Experience working with busy students and developers with other time commitments.
• Worked in Silicon Valley 2007-2009
• Worked in Tokyo Japan with large law firm 2009-2013
• Over 350 patent applications written and filed
• Assisted or took over entirely the prosecution of over 1500 utility applications
For more information please visit www.tannerpatent.com & www.fireyourpatentattorney.com

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Podcast Notes

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0:00hi everyone and welcome to invent is
0:04Launchpad roadmap to success i am your
0:07host car- go and today on the launchpad
0:10we have a special guest
0:12this is an IP attorney he's an
0:14entrepreneur he's a businessman he's
0:16done it off he really has it going on he
0:19spends most of his time helping
0:21businessmen helping inventors helping
0:24people stay on course to the right thing
0:27his name is chris panner and he is a
0:30resident of the st. petersburg area we
0:32got him on the show today and I'm gonna
0:34throw it over to him we're gonna find
0:35out his story what he's been up to hate
0:37Chris you over there over here
0:39hey Chris I don't know if you heard my
0:41little intro there was kind of quick i
0:42know you've done a lot of things can you
0:45give the listeners just a quick idea of
0:48how you got into being a patent attorney
0:49it's not so often that they get to
0:52really get the story of how you get into
0:54that ok boy i started all that idea when
0:58I was doing a software developer
1:00hardware developers semiconductor guy
1:02that I got involved in some patent
1:04disclosures and then I took the
1:06pacification exam imagination
1:09I went to law school became a patent
1:11attorney i want to see US patent office
1:13became a patent examiner and then after
1:15I got all I also got involving
1:17inventions and I have some Paxman oh I'm
1:20kind of hit with a cycle of the
1:22fascination doesn't pass an attorney of
1:24the patent examiner and I'm a patent
1:26better also a packet professor other has
1:29quite a bit and the reason is of more
1:32security people are intellectual
1:34property for that's that's pretty good
1:41to your boring i can see that happen
1:44both from what you just explain it does
1:46not sound boring to me if you made it
1:48sound easy like you just rattled off a
1:50bunch of things that most people will be
1:52scared of
1:53and you made it sound like disease you
1:56just decided to do it and you know can
1:59you tell a little bit tell us a little
2:00bit about working and there's so much i
2:03would like to ask you just from the
2:04first question working at the Patent
2:05Office everyone has a picture in their
2:08head of crazy things going on there
2:10could you guys are so busy like what's
2:11the process with
2:13the way you're looking at a patent like
2:14is it a long process your process how
2:16did the work is a long process on
2:19fortunately carmine and you know I wish
2:21I had better news for the audience of
2:23the show but unfortunately no matter
2:26what i do to bring prices down her what
2:28anybody does patents are time-consuming
2:31and a an annoyance and the half whole
2:33arm and they can be depending on certain
2:36aspects expensive
2:38alright as an examiner on my job listing
2:41look at you patent applications they
2:43come in and put our first off action and
2:46left the phone and betters and
2:49applicants know what it is we think of
2:51their application and how we'd like them
2:53to change it it's time consuming and we
2:55have a government production Laura so I
2:58had to do it fast
2:59I have to do one about every day and a
3:01half and that meant unreal limited
3:03search not a real leader idea of what
3:06the invention is but because the
3:08production requirements a lot of
3:11pressure and they were all always
3:14rejection because unfortunately on a
3:16first office action for new examiner's
3:19the walk will not let me do one a lot
3:21you have to reject a lot of projections
3:25were bad
3:26we're curious were poorly written and I
3:28didn't have a choice
3:29the production requirements are
3:31unfortunately high and you listening to
3:35expect your first off the factions or
3:37rejection but don't think that means
3:39you're a lot
3:40well that's that's greater than great
3:44information for people who if they do
3:46get a rejection will think that you know
3:48the house just caved in on them and but
3:50as you said that first rejection is
3:52almost certain to come the matter you
3:54know how good the patent was written
3:56real quick question for you now I here
3:59around it and you've got a lot of work
4:00for us here at amandas launchpad I hear
4:02that people refer to you as like to be
4:04inventors patent attorney and that
4:07there's reasons why they refer to you is
4:10that I know you do consulting i know you
4:12help businesses in stores now it's not
4:15that you're against patents or you're
4:17against IP protection just give this
4:19little reason is why you are called the
4:23you know inventors patent attorney
4:25well because
4:26profitability carmine a lot of times the
4:29relationship between fooling around in
4:30the past has been getting an invention
4:32to market and getting profitable is very
4:35disconnected so I tend to focus my
4:38vendors and they look at the minimum a
4:40long time you can on the patents in the
4:43battles rotation things do what you need
4:45to do and there are times when its
4:47time-consuming and you got to do it
4:49that's the beginning focus on getting
4:51the market focus on getting the
4:53profitability focusing on getting your
4:55parts made understanding your cross and
4:57in that process you'll probably discover
5:00the innovations and whatnot that will go
5:02into your later at usually the first
5:05patent for the second application first
5:07at-bat for the second are kind of just a
5:10rough idea of what invention it it's not
5:12until you get to market production that
5:15you really discovered here is what i
5:17really need to disclose and will be of
5:19interest to like be so I tell them look
5:21I'll anything just get file you don't
5:24even need to turn you can do it yourself
5:25get to mark didn't sue from dr. business
5:28and profitability and so a lot of people
5:31are like why doesn't that cost you money
5:33yeah it's a mighty credibility and the
5:35relationship a lot better
5:38yeah I would agree with you being being
5:40at the in the inventor industry for as
5:43long as I have I would agree with your
5:45process and again that's one reason we
5:47reuse Chris for thousands of our IP
5:51protection and so so Chris real quick
5:53is there away and and we get this mean
5:56we get this a lot of you know some
5:58events that are out there listening the
6:00biggest worry the most beautiful thing
6:02that they have is that someone's going
6:04to steal their idea now I don't want you
6:06to go too crazy because I know your mind
6:08is racing already but in the beginning
6:10is there a way for someone to protect
6:14their ideas to a point so that they can
6:16show some people and maybe you can see
6:18that they're sure
6:20carmine it's okay you're at $65 a
6:23hundred thirty dollar filing fee
6:24whatever beautiful food and crafts the
6:27chickens are there
6:28or point presentation on however it is a
6:31chronic disgusting just told me tales of
6:34other inventions through all that
6:35inhale PDF file and violent with the
6:38Patent Office 465 box r230 if they had a
6:42higher incomes and average arm but 65
6:45bucks not only consider that depending
6:47but here's the brother their idea of
6:50control there but you can still get full
6:52and even have a patent application on
6:54file but I got two pieces of good news
6:57oh I know you're reading states i'm
6:59going to finish your quick one super
7:03yeah United States give the one year
7:05grace period where you can make
7:07following disclosures and offers for
7:08sale where you are not required to power
7:10a dissolved as into with a $65
7:13provisional you know that a year to
7:15transform that into the utility that's
7:18two years of our google opportunity to
7:22enter the market for 65 box and still be
7:27I know you've got more sleep but I'm
7:29something of stealing ideas come on my
7:32experience has been one better get this
7:34idea into walmart or is agreed your or
7:37somewhere like that and then move the
7:39quarter million dollars a month
7:41yes you'll see not our competitors in
7:43Chinese competitors at the trade show
7:45but at the beginning
7:47while the invention is not that prove it
7:48or not yet school in 19 years of doing
7:51this between a former examiner I've
7:54never seen them and eventually gets
7:55stolen that way now because why why
7:59would they bother any money that should
8:03be an another concern but I have met and
8:06using it to a lot of people are really
8:08worried about this i try to talk him
8:11down but they're still worried
8:13ok if you're really worried file it's
8:15only 65 all
8:16wow that is so 65 hours or even a
8:22hundred thirty dollars is a drop in the
8:24bucket compared to I know personally
8:27inventors have come into my office and
8:30not have been moving forward for years
8:32because there was so worried about
8:33someone stealing your idea that actually
8:36stop them from moving forward for $65
8:39are hundred dollars or hundreds of
8:40dollars they could actually
8:41be taking their ideas have it tested
8:43show the people and the worry would be
8:44going and then on the other side you're
8:46telling me in your whole career at being
8:50an IP attorney you haven't seen an idea
8:53stolen from the lower levels
8:55I mean this is amazing and I i really
8:58would i need people to listen to this
9:01well thanks carmine yeah it is treated
9:04water isn't worst feeling I know that
9:07people talk about will be flash of
9:09genius with Gretchen hear from 2008 and
9:11how he got ripped off by the ford motor
9:14it really shouldn't put too much stock
9:16into that happening to be average person
9:18i'll tell you why in a minute look at
9:21the logic for people that are concerned
9:23about that I wouldn't want to see
9:25anybody get their invention stolen but
9:28it's expensive to get an invention to
9:30market particularly with some industry
9:32that you don't already working
9:34there's that problem and to truly cross
9:37your opportunities to get in touch with
9:40the right retailers and bring it to a
9:41level of profitability and usually take
9:4491 to hear 30 40 grand maybe more maybe
9:47less maybe 24 software for mobile app
9:50might even be quicker than that but in
9:5330 grand 30 grand a year before you see
9:56your money better cool one wants to
9:59steal it
10:02wow man i'm right with your you're
10:05exactly right one hundred percent and as
10:07you know as you know Chris and I know
10:09that you you consult with with
10:11professionals I know you consult with
10:12businesses competition sometimes isn't
10:15worried that bad
10:17yeah there's a lot of room for people in
10:19the marketplace
10:21oh my head better walk away from a
10:23certain invention regarding retail
10:25because he found the patent holder from
10:27apple from about eight years ago it was
10:29a not even that wholesome similarity so
10:32I can't do this
10:33Apple's join the market i thought no man
10:36not only validates the marketplace that
10:38the reason you should want to do you and
10:41also apple never do going constantly
10:44immature passing and actually converted
10:46into a viable product so in fact the
10:49marketplace which still wide open what
10:52happened for Bruce working with you
10:54internal combustion engines all stop in
10:5688 1995 there were already more than 200
11:00other internal combustion engines on the
11:04it shouldn't is it didn't stop him he
11:06just had to find a way to distinguish
11:08himself from the rest of those but those
11:10other guys validate the marketplace and
11:13actually aim the waist so the idea of
11:17competition people living must
11:18understand it now I died again i agree a
11:23hundred percent sometimes as we talked
11:25about here at the launchpad and i know
11:27you probably do
11:27it's super expensive and it's not always
11:30good to be the first one to market
11:33sometimes it's good to follow those guys
11:35will be the second or third because not
11:37only are they testing and validating the
11:39market but they're learning from the
11:42people who like or dislike that product
11:44that was first to market and then you
11:46can swoop in behind and have a product
11:48that not only functions better but it's
11:50a price right and it's what the people
11:52so again I agree with what this is
11:54saying is a hundred percent don't worry
11:57about competition he's already said
11:58don't worry about somebody stealing your
12:00idea and for a few few dollars you can
12:03protect it
12:04I mean Christmas is this is
12:05groundbreaking stuff for most inventors
12:07and Carmen let me also that you don't
12:09need an attorney that 65 bucks doesn't
12:11go to meet goes to the federal
12:13government and there's a video and maybe
12:16your investment fast and displayed on
12:18their site is played on my diet and
12:20patten.com that shows everyone how do we
12:23use the US Patent Office electronic
12:25filing services themselves
12:27I don't take anything off it I'd like
12:29people to use that and actually file
12:31their own path
12:32I wish more people just their own path
12:34would actually be good for business for
12:36me i knows old commentary is still a
12:39rotational kind of thing that people
12:41think i have a pattern i could never
12:44really understand the patterns of your
12:46process there's a school of thought
12:49there that has some credibility
12:51it's partly true but at the beginning if
12:54you were not a team competition and you
12:56made of our
12:57or your matter in a garage or in the lab
13:00and you've got a digital camera you can
13:02take photographs you can do it right up
13:04it doesn't have to be perfect and it
13:05doesn't have to be high level of
13:07professionalism to withstand the
13:10scrutiny for provisional format and so a
13:13little bit of good news better think
13:15they can't do it
13:16the wrong they can then we don't need an
13:19attorney or an agent haha this is that
13:22this is great information especially
13:24since some people a lot of inventors
13:26myself you know when you're when you're
13:28following or going for that patent
13:30information and not only are you
13:32overwhelmed but you're consumed by the
13:34caustic didn't happen so not only are
13:36you giving people the information but
13:38you're allowing them to say that they
13:39can file that pattern themselves what I
13:41love what you said is talking about the
13:43provisional patent process being able to
13:46have that one or two-year I don't know
13:49you want to call it a cushion or
13:51whatever to feel good and you can really
13:53test the market with that provisional
13:55patent now you said something earlier
13:57so when you file a provisional you get
13:59to say that your patent pending is that
14:00what he said I say that and I stand by
14:03yeah wow so so in a sense we say patent
14:08I mean what does that mean these days I
14:09mean is it something that you know you
14:11should do or is it something that just
14:13know people are just used to hearing
14:15well you should do it because it's best
14:18an effective way to show the proprietary
14:20nature of the invention and they asked
14:21about a lot of things like sharp pain
14:23now the problem is and I think what
14:26you're looking at getting out of some
14:27other people too and I didn't just want
14:29an experiment i do a stick me on a sheet
14:32of paper and I say 25 are and I got back
14:35in and out application number and a
14:37highly receipt and a filing date anyone
14:39has no bearing whatsoever the Patent
14:42Office just not need or even look at a
14:44professional content and people who
14:46cheat it and call themselves
14:48patent pending even though they have no
14:50basis whatsoever for any kind of the
14:52subject matter that's really rare and
14:56they're going to get found out
14:57defensively when they try to go to the
14:58utility or mess easy are trying to merge
15:02and market an invention that you can't
15:05lie and fake your way through a spending
15:07you have to have to move
15:09so it doesn't have the strength that it
15:12used to have
15:13that's true in a series of thousands and
15:1584 professional existence
15:17patent pending really meant a lot it
15:19usually meant that the better actually
15:21seven eight grand
15:2328 you to the app on file ok now it only
15:26means they spent 65 bucks and could have
15:28Jewish big man but people don't do that
15:31i never see that in terms of fraud and
15:34using patent-pending as a misleading
15:36exercise that soul rare as to be so
15:41marginal i would consider unimportant
15:43around lap have some great information
15:46so so up a provisional patent it sounds
15:49like to me it is a a like a placeholder
15:52just saying I'm was the first one in
15:54line this is my idea and no one's really
15:57going to look at that place holder
15:59unless it goes to that next step or need
16:01to go that next step so I mean as you
16:03said it's super important it's such a
16:05little cost our provisional patent to me
16:08it would be a no-brainer if I believe
16:10that my idea as much as most vendors do
16:13i'm seeing a little more catching on
16:16with carmine but I'm also seeing a
16:18growing contingent of virus resistant to
16:20it that you don't feel like they can
16:22handle the disclosure process or they
16:24look at the youtube video there's a
16:26really good one that's five minutes 12
16:28seconds long and they see I can do that
16:31I don't want to be in the format of the
16:32pdfs they require I don't understand how
16:35to press some of these buttons and some
16:37of the GUI think wow it was tough and
16:41it's not easy i don't disagree with that
16:43on but there are some a growing
16:46contingent better master it and you all
16:49are on backwards himself and it's small
16:51but it's growing and I'd like that don't
16:54mind that I don't get those guys
16:55business I'd like meeting my life
16:57working with them but unfortunately it's
17:00not a high percentage of people to sell
17:03well i just show your your
17:04professionalism I know that somebody
17:06like to sell a person that's busy person
17:08that really knows what they're doing
17:09like Chris he's not looking after
17:11walking business
17:12ok giving away information is already
17:14told you he's got information on his
17:15website he gives away as much
17:17information for him saying that he
17:18doesn't want to file those patents and
17:20doing this it just shows that he's
17:22trying to help out inventors and that's
17:24one of the reason that you again he's
17:26called the inventors IP attorneys who
17:28Chris Rock's real quick i would want to
17:30switch gears for you from you i know
17:32because again we usually have about 30
17:34minutes and there's so many questions I
17:36wanted you know and stuff and we'll
17:38probably in the patent back on the show
17:39with possible we had Lewis woman from
17:43inventus on the show a few weeks ago
17:46when he was instrumental in forming the
17:49American Invents Act did you have
17:52anything to put on that just real quick
17:53I you know which is something that you
17:55were four against or you have a quick
17:57quick information on what do you think
17:59about that i was very much for it i was
18:01really happy that it went through on one
18:05of the things was harmonizing up so we
18:07look a little more like the rest of the
18:08world i practiced a lot of different
18:10place by fractions in tokyo i speak
18:12Japanese I practice in Indonesia of
18:15practice to some expense with in the
18:18philippines on our international patent
18:21system isn't gigantic chaotic difficult
18:24things in master but the more we can all
18:26look like each other the better and the
18:29environment America Invents Act of 2012
18:31harmonize the mess and it made all of
18:34our rules a little here and a little
18:36easier to understand again benefiting
18:39the small and medium-sized betters
18:42without a lot of capital comment i know
18:44you're great mistake somehow always say
18:46that for a long time back and the union
18:49of patents pending the process and
18:51licensing and matching patterns let's
18:52consider largely key for the well the
18:55only people who could even afford to do
18:56it all over the wealthy but United
18:59States really let in changing that and
19:01making it past and the past protection
19:03and affordable even to lunch and better
19:06with cash
19:07aiaa American event that helps
19:10facilitate that always going on even
19:12before then again instead of the
19:15solutions and do it for this programme
19:17who you might not have the fun of an
19:20oral all already jobs type Apple energy
19:23on but even Mark Zuckerberg or steve
19:26jobs they started out with very limited
19:28amount of money to go and chill on I'm
19:32getting ahead of myself a little but the
19:34AE was a cruise
19:36piece of legislation overall the only
19:39criticism I have of it are really would
19:42have been more harmonizing on and
19:45implementation there was trying to be
19:47what we call a straddle curious because
19:50hard to explain
19:51yeah in july i really like a lot now
19:53that's great that's good information
19:55again most of the people who speak with
19:58that have to do with patent litigation
20:00and things like that are forward which
20:02is good
20:03real quick Chris I know that again this
20:05only things we uncovered trademarks and
20:09trade marks it woody
20:12what do you think about the trademarks
20:13or does it really mean to have a trade
20:15more you know I'm kind of people got
20:18another lot of misconceptions here but
20:20what I encourage all my letters to do is
20:23they have a trade identity brand
20:25identity were expressions are local
20:28market p.m. that's 3 episode of a
20:30common-law Marquis it's not as good as a
20:33federal registration but it's a nice
20:35place to start and put other potential
20:38competitors and printers on loaded my
20:41this belongs to me and that's free what
20:44I'm really seeing we want to have a
20:46whole show dedicated this next thing is
20:48in the use of misuse of google adwords
20:51and using trademark terms in there to
20:53own a cause traffic to come to one site
20:57that we should be coming there and it's
20:59the whole nice area of that being
21:02exploited by savvy investors and people
21:05that are misusing the trademarks two min
21:07away it wasn't designed for that reason
21:11i recommend getting federal registration
21:14if you're moving enough units online
21:16where the campaign harm you
21:20there are places where I'm seeing it
21:22better to the whole federal trademark
21:24registration and I like it i've seen a
21:27few examples where they grew up but not
21:29where they could recover from that
21:31figure out a way to restore it so in
21:33general I think what people do on their
21:36own trademark registrations as well it's
21:39hard there's mistakes you can make and
21:41you lose your money and you don't get it
21:42back if you screw it up but i like it
21:45one of them better comes to me
21:47I just my mark I don't want to do this
21:49again would you do it for me
21:52yes well that's good because when they
21:55have done it unto the first time they
21:57see that it's not as easy as everybody
21:59but again i agree with you i like when
22:02people get to see the process and she
22:04would it takes to really do it the right
22:07another question for you do you do any
22:09work with licensing products uh we
22:12always have clients that are looking to
22:14license their product and my first
22:17question is how easy it is is it to get
22:20a product license please call me is
22:23there things need to be done a lot of
22:25times people said they need to have a
22:26patent together a product prices
22:29no it's not easy at all first of all
22:31it's very just call this the real author
22:33shorter than against you you folks that
22:35are thinking about taking out a mortgage
22:37on your house for a second or something
22:39and put in 25 30 grand into an invention
22:42before being clearly shoot their
22:44customers i am for you please don't do
22:47it even if someone was to go to me i was
22:49still employing please don't do this
22:51like something is really difficult i'm
22:54going to answer your question one quick
22:55way that you don't try to not make this
22:58last too long
23:00what I will see in licensee develop
23:02interested in is a product where the
23:04users already been selling it on their
23:06own left eye on amazon or there's
23:08user-generated comments and things that
23:10show his true marketplace interest in
23:13this invention then a license he will
23:16say okay we could make that part of our
23:18product line and I know he's solid have
23:20two loyal committed customer base but i
23:23would say they usually want to be 42
23:25honored units the mark of whatever just
23:27and at least for six months or salt and
23:30then I realized okay he's coming from
23:31the developing unit to just get a
23:34license on right at the beginning
23:37no I've never seen that an investor
23:40should not drive for that that is on a
23:42realistic second part i was going to say
23:44is Steven key of Road Testament books
23:47and I really admire a lot license your
23:49idea with or without a patch
23:51this keeps with my feet over that was
23:54several times and i find it to be a
23:55highly cooperative groundbreaking book
23:59without a lot of pop and fluffiness on
24:02and really advocating how hard it is to
24:05get a license and what you need to do
24:07the vast majority of my better read a
24:10book do that adapter principles and
24:13never get a license so finishing her
24:16money i wish i had more licensing work
24:19to do for my clients
24:20the vast majority never get one
24:23licensing offer and you full solution
24:27out there you need to know that the odds
24:29are not good looking for a recent
24:31product i'd love to help you will try to
24:33put you in the best position possible
24:35but you should not go in there you
24:37should not plan on it so well again
24:40that's good advice this is coming from
24:41somebody who does this all day
24:44it does not emotionally attached to your
24:45product guys is all you listeners out
24:47there what he's saying follow the rights
24:51so the right sequence get everything put
24:53in place be ready and then again Chris
24:55interrupt me if I'm not so he may have
24:58to be ready to get a licensing deal you
25:01have to have the sales you have to have
25:03done things right in order to be in
25:05position to get that licensing deal a
25:07lot of people and hopefully Chris will
25:09agree with me by the way Chris Stevie
25:11great guy i believe in exactly right and
25:14everything he talks about i think is a
25:15great guy he's very knowledgeable
25:18so Christmas saying is be in position
25:20doing the right thing if somebody offers
25:23you like to do like Chris yes and
25:26everything else you said with solid to
25:27ya what is the problem with my customers
25:30is they try to go straight to someone
25:32take a walk in the shelter all mark
25:34Valley kinds of current who's got a
25:37little bit of votes on a lunch type of
25:40travel bag carry on kind of thing but
25:43i'm going to any just look at the
25:45shelves at walmart and follow their
25:47small market town once your carry-on and
25:49whatnot people on the address thanks ok
25:51we solve for preventable let's write
25:53each one of these potential life with
25:55these hey we got a great product almost
25:57like licenses and they all got ignore
25:59all because he had no sales to refer to
26:02know kind of validation
26:04customer base to reverse and I was a
26:07little disappointed because they got to
26:09cart before the horse and unfortunately
26:11I see this with a lot of inventors hey
26:13we could like the Apple we could license
26:16this duel of the water company on and it
26:19just doesn't work that way and here's a
26:22little bit of her combined I've got some
26:24clients now that her and many things to
26:26make a finished product
26:28probably the production line and
26:30expenses would be more like a hundred
26:31grandeur and they pretty well for all
26:34people and peace with a level of
26:36disclosure but there's no way in a
26:38million years they could ever build even
26:40want me to do that my disappointment
26:42with that was you know really think why
26:45did you choose something that greater
26:47than what we can scale up or even if you
26:50borrow every set you'll never be like
26:52them because you can't even build one
26:55minimal Viable Product to protect if you
26:59are sending something I level of a
27:01nuclear submarine or some kind of very
27:03complex device and you do not have the
27:05money to bring it to pollution to at
27:07least Minimum Viable Product data just
27:10out and invent something you can afford
27:13to completely build and ship with the
27:15money you have now otherwise it is very
27:18unlikely you're ever going to get a
27:20license or even a sale
27:22yes that's one on it 100% I i agree with
27:25you have to be able to have the
27:27resources to stay in it
27:30move your product forward and get the
27:32right people to help i mean again as we
27:33talked about on the show
27:35prior guests guests that we have on the
27:37show no one does everything by
27:39themselves so you could have all the
27:41resources you need to have people
27:43helping you you have to have not only
27:44when I say resources it's not talking
27:46about money
27:47these resources out there that you are
27:48going to need take your product to
27:51market so Chris real quick I we only
27:53have a few minutes a few minutes left
27:55what I would ask you is just imagine an
27:58inventor woke up six months ago we had
28:02an idea
28:03he's been sitting on it you really want
28:04to move that idea forward three tips of
28:07what that invention should do to get
28:10started alright hopefully he's got a
28:12digital camera and computer with an
28:14internet connection
28:16hopefully credit card let's see he's got
28:18that and I've had a couple of better
28:20don't we don't have those things do not
28:22use computers to ninety credit card all
28:24boy that much harder but supposed to eat
28:26at least in an ex-seal he should take
28:29some digital photograph getting
28:31converted into PDF try to do a write up
28:33a file for himself
28:34there's one file for yourself to get
28:38into either amazon a launch pad or work
28:40with you guys make up a little dinky
28:42site and look up with the credit card
28:44provider square strength whatever and
28:47cell unit or humans and the local swap
28:51shop or whatever or some trying to but
28:53oh no something like the ones grow there
28:55and kind of a swap shop to shop and sell
28:58unit so one also patent to tell you and
29:023a on it'll be honest with yourself
29:06permanently talk two minute ago a
29:09bolt-on where you know people got two
29:12years you kind of figure out look I want
29:14to go harvest or not and of course
29:16everyone in the listening audience that
29:18okay yes no maybe two years validate and
29:21no actually about eighty percent of
29:23those should have used those two years
29:25to realize this invention just isn't any
29:27good so 14 passes to make sales of any
29:31kind and three marketplace slaps you in
29:33the face and it tells you you know what
29:36we just don't seem to watch this
29:38invention very much please listen
29:41now that's very very good tips and that
29:45is one of the reasons
29:46chris is that why we started doing some
29:48of the micro manufacturing here at
29:49events on bet it's because we were
29:51allowing people instead of getting into
29:535,000 10,000 20,000 units where you get
29:55stuck with them we were doing lower
29:57quantity so they can test the market at
29:59a lower cost you know which is great for
30:01the micro manufacturing is a great way
30:03for you to for you invented out there
30:05too as Chris said test the market file
30:08for positional patent you know make some
30:11who's the market and then be honest with
30:13yourself after you put the market was it
30:15enough is it the right product for their
30:16we have to pivot you have to make a
30:18different price you have to change its
30:20flipped upside-down painted blue don't
30:22get emotionally attached to your product
30:24that is the end of the world you might
30:25have to change it so Chris that is some
30:29awesome advice men we thank you so much
30:31so so in closing crisp real quick how
30:35can people get in touch with you to have
30:37not either
30:38any other questions or if they want to
30:39bring you want to consult alright then
30:42go to my left hander patten.com ta nner
30:45my last name badge dat eint you know the
30:48thing that we're all striving for 12
30:50letters standard patten.com and i also
30:52have a site where people even on my
30:55tender patten.com there's a site for
30:57people at the inventors resources to go
30:59around me their own patent filings learn
31:02a lot of bad press never use me and in
31:05fact that i also have a website fighter
31:07your patent attorney dot-com fire your
31:10patent attorney dot-com where I want
31:13people to call as potentially against
31:15never hire me at all of the patent
31:17attorney says hire me as a product guy
31:20hire me as my company as someone to help
31:23you make sure that there really is a
31:25marketplace for this is your home depot
31:28kitchen green mission of the only
31:31mentioned better amazon's launchpad
31:33teach you somewhere where we can see se
31:36is another one isn't interest and where
31:39we can see is there an audience for this
31:41and if there's not i will be removed and
31:44say please stop spending your money
31:46this just isn't a product people want
31:48but it is that will know the right stuff
31:51for you and do so at relatively low cost
31:54they are here a lot of ways to get
31:56sheets and ripped off in the invention
31:58business so there are two ways to get
32:00ahold of me tender patten.com firing
32:02your patent attorney com
32:04there you got it Motel you listeners out
32:07there you see why Chris tanner is called
32:10the inventors patent attorney because
32:12he's really looking to help you moving
32:15you don't have to hire them to do your
32:16patented trademark registrations none of
32:19that he wants to help you move your
32:20product forward one percent and I can't
32:22tell you here at the launchpad we have
32:24to use them dozens if not hundreds of
32:26times because of that he's a great guy
32:28and Christmas and we really appreciate
32:30you coming on the show I want to reserve
32:32the right to have you back because you
32:34know from this episode we're going to
32:36have several questions that we're going
32:38to feel then we want to bring it back on
32:40look forward to
32:42thanks a lot Chris you have a good day
32:44my friend that you do