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January 21, 2017
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January 21, 2017

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Podcast Notes

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0:00we go hi everybody and welcome to 0:03another session of inventors launchpad
0:06roadmap to success i am your host
0:09 Carmine Denisco and today on the launchpad
0:12we have an expert in the way that will
0:15allow you to pitch your product speak in
0:18front of people in the best possible way
0:21the name is Bob Turel you got over 30
0:24years experience in helping people not
0:27only talk about their product talk about
0:29what they need actually get their point
0:32across without letting the audience fall
0:34asleep got a lot of other tricks up his
0:37sleeve and things in his bag of tricks
0:39and again i'm going to let him talk
0:43about what he does for a living how he
0:45helps entrepreneurs and inventors and
0:48let me let me bring my mom real quick
0:50and let them kind of finish him finish
0:51what he doesn't want his businesses hey
0:53Bobby over there you know i'm going to
0:55come and thanks again for the invite
0:56who would be on your show they probably
0:58just a quick interview I intro and I
1:02don't know if you heard me use it any
1:04gaps that I left out go ahead and fill
1:06them in a little gas but insisted was
1:09hardest for a lot of people that have
1:10passions think about carmine is how to
1:13get their passion across it was great
1:15that invention or idea that you can you
1:18know that people can use but if you
1:20can't sell our condition or persuade
1:22them or even inspire them to go further
1:24then your product can sit on a shelf in
1:27your mind and never get past you know
1:29the state your development so hopefully
1:32what I do is ease people into but
1:35carline I don't like doing public
1:37speaking eat them from adding to the
1:40help of the try my comments with my
1:42ideas were always worth a shot
1:44yeah yeah let's meet again the public
1:46speaking part I how many people do you
1:48run into that really like public
1:51probably 021 it's not a lot of Carmi and
1:55you got yourself into gonna take you
1:57awhile differently than a me awhile but
2:00everyone's got a shot at it if they have
2:02a reason for yes now I i totally agree
2:05and if it to me it's a lot of
2:07preparation and you know the preparation
2:09really pays off window when that time
2:12that you
2:12get to pick your product picture idea
2:15where maybe talk to some funders or or
2:17even got a job interview really pays off
2:19and the point you were in the in the
2:21corporate world for a number of years is
2:23this something that you did in the
2:24corporate world or you transitioned into
2:26or kind of fit together when you when
2:28you left the corporate taxes together
2:31water within corporate because it became
2:33one of the many professional development
2:35courses and i use you know even then
2:37people inside ago I like to do that out
2:40speed for audiences and i was looking
2:42right in the eye and say that you forgot
2:43an interview never set across the table
2:46from one guy or you know three women are
2:48all met other words the point is it's
2:50about communication and what you're
2:52trying to sell us yourself not just
2:54about anything for money and that was we
2:57should you're going with video I'm going
2:59to become functional want to come across
3:00about your product your business in a
3:03way to static that everyone's going to
3:04be able to see as well as period
3:06yeah no it'sit's exactly right and it
3:10and and I you know again I I hear from a
3:12lot of people i know that you work with
3:14you know some big name people some some
3:17some people that are up-and-coming and I
3:18know you do a lot of work with the
3:21entrepreneur world and you're just
3:24jumping into the video side of it when
3:27you know probably when I started the
3:29speech side you know video probably
3:32wasn't there or was but it was just such
3:35a hassle to start idiot well now
3:36everyone has an HD camera on their phone
3:39or on their person at all times and and
3:42having the video really play into really
3:44trying to get your point across
3:46well there's something that happened in
3:48my business when I coach someone to make
3:50a presentation one of the ways video is
3:53very effective car line is that i use it
3:55as a feedback tool you know if I want to
3:57point out that hey it's a little cup of
3:59coffee and focus shifts to be able to
4:01say well that's right i can see that I'm
4:02screen I can see that
4:04so when i'm getting a big back they can
4:06see as well as here when I'm going to
4:08feedback about it you know what terms of
4:10the group when it comes to advertising
4:12your business think about it
4:14everybody likes to text a little bit
4:15everybody likes that there's something
4:17in a post on Facebook but it is a much
4:19more dynamic and compelling to say bye
4:22this is me i'm speaking about my
4:24business up here it is
4:25i'm in my studio or wherever I am and
4:28what I can show and tell some of my
4:30I mean nothing can be better than almost
4:32there right yeah i agree i mean-- being
4:36able to reach out and have somebody
4:38connect with the person speaking you
4:42know voice and text it is great and
4:45that's one of the reasons we even
4:46switched over from this podcast as we're
4:49doing some live video or getting some
4:52some requests are going to start doing
4:55something video podcast now ready at
4:57videos great
4:59there are some things that keep people
5:00away from videos want to edit that have
5:03two other no just scared but I mean I
5:05get a lot of people that just say I just
5:07don't like doing video because it's
5:09different with me in a different types
5:11of things in mind is there is there way
5:13for people just to shoot quick videos
5:15not have to worry about how great it
5:17looks or maybe a quick tips on the
5:19background or or or even any of that
5:21really necessary anymore i remember when
5:22we started out video and and you know
5:26everyone's worried about the lighting in
5:27the and how you're going to look at me
5:31it seems like we're kind of getting away
5:32to that word
5:33it's more of a right at the moment type
5:35thing and people are used to that so
5:37when you think about it a lot of people
5:39have Moustakas on the market the iphone
5:41whether assist you know I 77s whatever
5:44the point is you've got so many tools
5:46available for you and so many of these
5:48cameras automatically adjust for
5:50lighting excel even if they getting car
5:53most of these phones most mobile devices
5:56from a macro Apple come with iMovie and
5:59that you know that kind of like the
6:01devil automatically just let you drop
6:02photos or even video enter it
6:04practically does it for yourself but
6:06thank God days
6:08facebook is already incorporated based
6:12so when we standing here in the corner
6:13you can also a man-in-the-street
6:14interview will stay here with comic book
6:17we're coming to you live you know being
6:19alive whatever may be the play is now
6:21that you've got somebody tools that all
6:23you got to do is control device it's
6:25made for you and how how powerful is
6:28that I mean you starting up a business
6:30be able to just take your phone out grab
6:33a camera i think i think I mean a lot of
6:35people kind of shy away from that but it
6:38seems like like
6:39you and I it seems like anything fun to
6:42do yeah I think sometimes in our DNA car
6:45but i think some of the cisco it's okay
6:47to be a show man
6:49it's okay to be a show person and I'm
6:51going to do this to the best my photos
6:52you have to have a lot of technology a
6:54technology knowledge so you're able to
6:56incorporate a lot of what you want to do
6:58with technology there are people that
7:00are still scared and fear
7:02well I don't know how to make that we're
7:04gonna have to do it was just you know
7:05cut get coach from before people get
7:08some help
7:09didn't help online and one should do
7:11what I think it's like anything else
7:12come around once you get your feet when
7:14you go hey this could be fun
7:16I wanted to go surfing who knows i'm
7:17going to take it to the next though
7:19yeah i agree and and it seems like these
7:22days that people have businesses are
7:25people that are searching for business
7:27and in a kind of slow we get off of this
7:29subject because of the time he wasn't
7:31that we have but I think it's important
7:32to the people know out there these days
7:35because of social media because the
7:36video because the pictures it seems like
7:39people are very on aware of a company
7:43that they want to do business with their
7:44or being able to see almost becoming to
7:48your front door to fix your watch seen
7:50or do you paint your house or it just
7:53seems like people are so where and and
7:55kind of used to it now it and it really
7:57might help to make the decision night i
8:00do if you think about it carmine if you
8:02have a plumber come to your house
8:03tomorrow wouldn't be easy to hold of the
8:06gonna go hey guys i just want to ask you
8:08this will help your business can i get a
8:09no-can-do k my video testimonial the
8:12word Sovereign horrible that the world
8:15can see why a shotgun argue with that
8:17scientific implemented that can spread
8:19and furthermore develop you as a sort of
8:22the screen started say this is the way
8:24to give a girl live well then I so his
8:27finishing his work i am actually you
8:31read my mind i wanted to walk right into
8:33this part in your mind and I know a lot
8:36of people think of this differently and
8:37sometimes even myself
8:39how important is it to really get a
8:43client and and if they're right or wrong
8:45time to ask
8:47yeah a lot of people are shy use the
8:49word before about you know people being
8:50shy about this whole technology I've met
8:53people to know what I always forget my
8:56why is the person while the right
8:58well does it you know striking while the
9:00iron is hot combines the best time if
9:02you've got the device and what you guys
9:04do is click on it happen
9:06I mean you practically got design and
9:08ozone the dynamic way of getting some of
9:10the state's I loved what he did for me I
9:12just made a video with him it was great
9:14i mean why not captured while there's
9:16still glowing best thing into you know
9:19that what you just did the service
9:21yeah i agree and and not that she's not
9:26that you want to do it because you're
9:29worried something might happen in the
9:30future or they won't want to do it would
9:31make you said getting it done right
9:33there but allows you to not only take
9:35that using look at their enthusiasm
9:38they're going to talk about it but you
9:39don't have to go back or call them true
9:42big process
9:43yes you're not gonna do it unless you
9:45get it right there more that chance is
9:49lost involved
9:50yeah and Anna my end I believe that
9:52testimonials are super important events
9:56is Launchpad I could say we don't do any
9:58advertising we do this podcast intent to
10:01help inventors and entrepreneurs was
10:03almost all of our work or or client to
10:06client is is through advertising media
10:09types of things and and through our
10:11clients that are passing our name and
10:13great of you know you you're probably a
10:16testimonial to that I mean you've
10:17actually sent us some potential clients
10:19a lot of pulses into our model which is
10:22ok but we still help them i mean even if
10:24we don't bring a client in we are in
10:27touch with them all through the process
10:29and and being able to get and we get a
10:31testimony from so the testimonials on my
10:34end are super important and I was kind
10:36of glad that you you said into that
10:38because i was i wanted to the listeners
10:41to know how important it is to be able
10:43to grab a testimonial don't think about
10:45it because you really needed to grow
10:48your business whether it's an audio
10:49testimonial or video video is so
10:52important to grab your phone to hate we
10:54get a quick testimonial on it
10:55I have people will say oh yes they say
10:58people like seeing yourself on camera
11:00even though they act like oh no I gotta
11:02do my whore i got to get ready
11:03I think like to like it not only helps
11:06that the small business people but that
11:08you know they likely i think it's fun
11:09though senator friends and and you know
11:11if you can get a testimonial from
11:13someone who has a large following
11:15no more important so if your service guy
11:17or you know whatever and you get
11:19somebody that has a big network or
11:21somebody that might be popular in the
11:22city or town that you live in and you do
11:25some good work for him get a testimony I
11:28mean he you know if you get somebody has
11:30one person on their facebook page you
11:32get testimony might not help you too
11:33much the mayor and you walk into their
11:35house or you get hundreds of thousands
11:39of people that they can spread the word
11:40about their course so get that for you
11:44and it is large numbers of patients
11:46always border of everything we talk
11:48about social media I know the most
11:50popular social media Facebook but that's
11:54a combination of social / didn't i'm not
11:57knocking and I advertise their old I
11:59remember Lincoln is straight-up it when
12:02you go there you got business-oriented
12:05political hey there's an investor's
12:07launch there's a group is a discussion
12:09you gotta be able to work that never
12:11ever got Twitter a lot of people
12:13interesting twist Twitter little kitties
12:15are from millions and millions of
12:18dollars with the business from church
12:19and nowadays google+ is making a real
12:22you don't hit road into social media so
12:24whether it's socially whether you're
12:26trying to make multiple you know hosting
12:28work social media in total make sure you
12:31have several little platform to post
12:34oh yeah I I told he produced you you
12:37know so that's one thing that anybody's
12:40listening on this and the information
12:41about giving you guys is crisis I mean
12:43easy telling you exactly not only how to
12:46start and maintain your business but
12:48also grow not only your following
12:50following turns into businesses to more
12:52people watch your videos the more they
12:54listen to what you've been doing or
12:56follow you
12:57the more chances you have of them
12:59calling you or telling someone else when
13:01they need your service so don't think
13:03like just because you posted a video and
13:05no one has called you that gay that you
13:07posted it
13:09work don't give up that quickly you know
13:10is social media and internet you know I
13:13a every video everything that you put
13:16out there really gets in front of people
13:17and it takes time I thought she does and
13:20you think about something carmine we
13:22hate to admit this but how I could ask
13:24you how many times you seem to get what
13:26we want to go too many times i'm sick of
13:29that guy little guy and like somebody's
13:31gotta get away with whether it arises
13:33whether it's progressive quite is
13:35advertising is never one time shot
13:38people put something on Facebook gonna
13:40go well 20 hours later something will
13:42see it
13:43make sure you work it during the week
13:45working 30 months you've gotta repeat
13:48once your broadcast goes to be home
13:50sorry been admitted even know that they
13:52will eventually see it's hard to imagine
13:54going from the world of i want to create
13:57things in my do i want to add revised
14:00things all over the place and I wanted
14:02to it repetitively but that's the
14:04business were always no no I i agree
14:08with you and it is it's sometimes hard
14:09to separate separate that and push
14:12yourself not everybody likes doing
14:13everything and sometimes you need to
14:16take on a partner up to fill in those
14:18gaps of what your knowledge is and what
14:21their knowledge is of you know my
14:22partner here and marathons red Rick you
14:25know we we don't fight but we disagree
14:27on things we talked about it and and he
14:29has knowledge that I don't have and he
14:31helps me through things and I help them
14:33through things and you don't have to get
14:36along and you don't have to come to my
14:37house for Thanksgiving dinner partner
14:39and somebody that can help you work
14:41things out
14:42it's really helps and if somebody than
14:44to throw things again i can tell you
14:47that there's there's a you know in my
14:49network somebody like Bob if i have a
14:51question of something like that on video
14:52or something about speaking or I'm doing
14:54a big presentation i mean i can reach
14:56out to Bob will reach out on social
14:57media and be able to talk to somebody so
14:59that's why social media and starting a
15:01business is very important that these
15:03things that you don't want to do that
15:05need to be done
15:06I implore you to find somebody that can
15:08help you get the chance and that's what
15:11we're doing business for cryin out here
15:13not trying to deliberately blocked my
15:15business but even though it's not a
15:17popular suck it
15:18when it comes time for you to do even a
15:20slip even a little bit to get some help
15:22me you're gonna have a Polish maybe you
15:25wouldn't have just hell upon well i'm
15:28not sure the lights right maybe this one
15:29behind me point something if you come
15:32ahead a couple of tips it looks like I
15:34better all better it could make all the
15:36all the difference in the world just
15:38making eye contact and things that need
15:40to be done when you go to pitch your
15:42idea or bring your business to someone
15:45that could make or break when you're
15:47going to go say you have an invention
15:49you're gonna go jump in front of a seat
15:51on your agency an angel investor I mean
15:53you asked to knock it out of the park
15:55because listen to 10 20 people so hiring
15:58somebody like Bob just to help you with
16:00a small bit will take a video or listen
16:03don't say that say that that could be
16:05the difference in getting that needed
16:07funding and and that's one of the
16:09reasons I wanted to bring bond he's
16:10exactly right we're not pitching his
16:13we're pitching doing things the right
16:15way and that's what's so important about
16:17that it and just a kind of switch gears
16:19but i do want to get back to kind of
16:21what you have what you can offer those
16:23entrepreneurs in the ocean
16:24I'm whatever you do I know you had some
16:26some amount of years with toastmasters
16:30can you just go a little bit into that
16:31and and talk about that it's a great
16:34institution get anything about all the
16:37times we spent its cool car I a lot of
16:39its just oh thank you and I am so this
16:43is like the school is more like a
16:45support group that allows people to say
16:48karma if you want the shortstop you play
16:50shortstop playing first base
16:52we still on the same p support one
16:55another but you can do individual things
16:57differently than I do and talk this is
17:00at your own pace after the big deal
17:03because a lot of people go what I can
17:05make a sweet no problem
17:06you make it when you can but you always
17:09say progress because it's kind of one of
17:11those things where you never stop you
17:13just keep learning more and more and
17:15developing so what I say join
17:17Toastmasters to a lot of my clients
17:19really all you're trying to tell me
17:20about the sale
17:22it's more of a suggestion to say if you
17:24do this it's like your golf swing the
17:26more you practice the better you get
17:28agree and and and and
17:31through and again we're not pushing
17:32toastmasters power that the caliber of
17:35people that come to toastmasters that
17:37you can make connection with is probably
17:38pretty big
17:40there you go yeah i mean being able to
17:42go there and you probably run into
17:44people that you know you would go to run
17:45into anywhere else and if you think
17:47about a car i can vouch for this year
17:49for 20 years being in this organization
17:51it's not just your great series you know
17:54just how people to commit meaningful all
17:55Carmine's teacher goodies on camera does
17:58all this stuff but they forget that
18:00there's no Johnny the plumbers somebody
18:02you know Barry secretary everybody's at
18:04a different level and that's the point
18:05we will class we will support each other
18:09but we're saying you're developing your
18:11seat I'll do mine we're all coming in at
18:14different levels it doesn't matter we're
18:16on the same team we all support one
18:18another but we're going in different
18:19states and different rates now
18:22no no I agree so so yeah so I again I
18:24mean it seems like through your process
18:27of and starting business and things like
18:30that it seems like you've been preparing
18:32yourself for this business that you
18:34started down to help people like all
18:37your corporate work your toastmasters
18:39your video work it seems like you've
18:41been able to bundle all this up and be
18:43able to offer on a great product almost
18:46anyone do you think about a car and this
18:48might sound a little cocky but I
18:50sometimes feel that whatever is in your
18:52soul when we talk a lot about I have a
18:54passion to do this to that somewhere
18:56along the line I learned and that's why
18:58I'm dating myself here I got a passion
19:00to teach teach you a lot of the rotation
19:02to me like i was kinda no I don't mean
19:04that you in that kind of school but
19:06those are just want to help somebody
19:08else whether it's a golf swing learning
19:10how to see learning how to create
19:12something that's gonna go really shell
19:14is all about helping someone being
19:16assisted the military training guide
19:19venturi you fill in the word will send
19:21your soul and you want to do it
19:23people know it could smell it videos
19:26created go that guy seems to enjoy
19:28helping me with something that really
19:30scares me you know left and he does that
19:33what else can you will you're exactly
19:36right and and I've had people tell me
19:38I've been talking to him on the phone
19:40and everything that they've told me I
19:42can tell you're smiling while you're
19:44think me and I think that comes along
19:46right about what you're saying you have
19:48to enjoy what you're doing to do and
19:50enjoying what you're doing comes with
19:52getting the right training doing the
19:54right things if you're constantly
19:56fighting an uphill battle in to find out
19:59what you're doing I want to be doing
20:01now may not be preparing or jewel things
20:04in the way that makes it easier every
20:06business everybody every entrepreneur is
20:09going to have ups and downs there's no
20:10doubt about it is kind of the reason
20:12that were entrepreneurs because it is
20:14never told her so it's not you know so
20:16so don't so I i totally agree with you
20:18Bob one 1000% so so let's kind of go
20:22back to you on again your business
20:25because it's so interesting to me what
20:27you offer not only an inventor and
20:30entrepreneur but really even even in the
20:33corporate world did you do anything with
20:35that i want to say companies or
20:38corporations that that are going to put
20:40myself out of the trainer which you know
20:42most people take a corporate trainer to
20:43get cash and questions now they just
20:46like you pointed out to me you've done
20:48some women are occasionally called but
20:50the point is you've got the internet
20:52mode where I have like to be able to
20:54Train virtually in reality you know
20:57face-to-face and then be able to offer
20:59customers not only coaching so he can
21:01see your counsel or shark tank or
21:04whatever it's going before but also to
21:06do this to look at themselves in a
21:08camera wave it there's a large frame
21:09around maybe if I come in other words
21:12the more you learn about presenting
21:13yourself the easier it gets not that
21:16it's ever totally if you come online but
21:18like anything else so we struggle with
21:19practice practice practice makes
21:22progress so I try to train people in
21:25group small groups and offer that
21:26service like it's like to do webinars
21:28and certainly one-on-one makes it very
21:31individual and very customized for that
21:34client but no matter what if you were
21:36you work with someone who's going to
21:38help you they have to know you know your
21:40goals and other words to help you get
21:42there guy
21:44I agree it seems like you have that in
21:47you know your bag of tricks where you
21:49know anyone that calls you or anybody
21:51that needs some help
21:52it doesn't see where you're really and
21:54again only to see and like you said
21:56sound hope you everywhere you only have
21:58to turn
21:58way it seems like you we help almost
22:01anyone that call you in some way which
22:03include really important that sometimes
22:05people will make that one call it take
22:08from the rifle say I need help and it
22:11awesome buddy and that person will say
22:12oh I can't help you with that and then
22:14that you know it kind of puts them down
22:15and they won't make that next all good
22:17point so it's really important for
22:19somebody like yourself that says yeah I
22:21can help you and this is what I can do
22:24and because you probably know you know
22:26so many other people you might only go
22:27to take an eighty-percent there but hey
22:29I can help you with this and I have just
22:31the right person help with this
22:32specialized can explain to you know
22:34probably we're talking about like my
22:36medical conditions sometimes you can
22:38just go to a family practitioner us
22:40caught my eye is a specialist uses all
22:43the color communication is involved with
22:44this so you refer people you know like
22:48and trust me next standard phrase
22:50contract we will live by education we
22:53have to be able to accept that our
22:54business can handle all the business we
22:57got to share with the people we know
22:58like and trust your degree is a network
23:01and that's going back to your back to
23:03your photos on social media suggest you
23:05still having that that that Network it
23:07sounds sounds weird but having that
23:08network even people you've never met
23:10I mean that networking people not your
23:12friend or your neighborhood we can agree
23:14with you but those people that tell you
23:16how you pay distance you're doing this
23:18right you're doing this you know you
23:20might want to change it around and say
23:21that's different it's very important to
23:23have that networking of people and
23:24that's even though you know again I talk
23:26about the toastmasters and other groups
23:29are there any other groups that you
23:30belong to we haven't mentioned now known
23:32as far as developing your you know
23:34you're seeking abilities your
23:35communication passionate it's just it's
23:38like anything you know if I can get him
23:40started and a lot of times i can just
23:42try to make that recommendation and go
23:44off now I have a place to go where I
23:46don't have to pay a lot of money loser
23:48minimal I can work with people that are
23:50fun i said because nobody associate the
23:53word on carbon with public speaking what
23:56I no such thing unless you're on drugs
23:59now what about drugs it's about this
24:01year with the right angle their help you
24:03support either all the cattle car by the
24:06sort but you gotta believe that you can
24:08do it
24:09if you don't believe it you're not
24:10motivated from here you'll never take
24:12the first step that's not like i agree i
24:15mean again I I've known Bob for years
24:17now and he he sold me on the importance
24:21of presenting yourself in all different
24:23forms three-dimensionally he sold his he
24:27sold me from the first time I met him it
24:30is so important to present yourself
24:31correctly and i'm working on my
24:33presentation skills all the time I jump
24:35in front of a group not forget all about
24:37it sometime
24:38I into my pocket also I know what am i
24:42doing you know that's just it takes that
24:44like everything else it takes a lot of
24:45work and constantly staying on yourself
24:48and and it's it's very important but but
24:50the presentation side and that's why
24:52like I said Bob told me we we recommend
24:56Bob and his his company to any of the
25:01inventors entrepreneurs to come to the
25:03center that are really going to be
25:04presenting their product is going to be
25:06looking for crowds you know funding and
25:09they're going to be an extent of the
25:10crowds in front of people and they
25:12really need to get that message across
25:16not only just saying it but concisely
25:19and the correct amount of time and you
25:21don't want to be talking about your
25:22product for 20 minutes and you get to
25:26the product yet
25:27yeah and most so it's very important as
25:30like I said I Bob so be honest services
25:32his knowledge his experiences expertise
25:34from the from the first minute I met
25:36them so so it gets real quick go back
25:38real and we're going to be getting a
25:41time I at the end we got about them
25:42about another 10 minutes or so so I
25:44think we'll be able to maybe about five
25:46minutes or so sure
25:48quick box so you're perfectly i know you
25:52have trouble and I don't even use the
25:54word try to get the part where I'm your
25:56perfect client would be who maybe if you
25:59could describe that person i'm gonna
26:01slip the user into because there are
26:04people that are in corporate
26:05organizations that need help with just
26:08interviewing you
26:09I presented for the wall I work with
26:10them but in terms of what you you're
26:13working with people with really carmine
26:15even though there is bent or next to me
26:17that that whole category they're also
26:20wanting to be entrepreneurs who want to
26:23get their product or service and what
26:25so my crime market if you will are those
26:29are saying i got this great idea comment
26:32but i think what the camera
26:33no you gotta get to the point where you
26:35want the cap because you want the world
26:36to go Paulie smoke that's great who
26:40invented that in other words I I want to
26:43work with people that want to get their
26:45word out but want to be able to
26:47show-and-tell get out in a way that says
26:50I'm responsible with it
26:52this invention was my my ideas what
26:56and let's face it covered a lot of times
26:58when you're selling a product it's just
27:00as much to sales manager saleswoman
27:02that's responsible for getting the word
27:04out as it is if you hold it up and go
27:06looking agree it's pretty but what's the
27:09sky because don't it's got to be the
27:12person so I look at entrepreneurs
27:15especially slow businessmen you know
27:16small business people don't have a lot
27:19of money but have the desire to say I
27:21gotta figure out a way to get on camera
27:23before an audience go networking my
27:26crowds and be able to save another state
27:28clearly concisely and the most
27:30compelling way that I could have said it
27:34better myself
27:35I about this guy is unbelievable that's
27:38exactly right and you know he had a
27:40right on this right on the head you only
27:42get one shot at this and if you want to
27:44do it the right way you don't want to
27:45have any regrets no Bobby's is
27:47definitely the person you should be
27:48speaking with so Bob real quick i know
27:51that i'm not trying to rush you always
27:52you can order what kind of next for you
27:55have anything going on that you want to
27:57you know kind of tell people about these
27:59you speak anywhere you have any
28:00engagements going on we're going to
28:01obviously have you back on ya got
28:03anything going on there or anywhere
28:05people can be run into you i know you're
28:07from the Tampa area is that correct yeah
28:09a little bit we like to take the
28:10elevator Bell County because even though
28:13I got my start centers on working with
28:15Allison veterans council now working
28:18with you and going to expand my arriving
28:20in terms of letters with all the paper
28:22bags and virtually let's face it anybody
28:24could connect the interval Arkansas
28:26California doesn't really matter where
28:28the front so the point is I got a lot of
28:31physical network right now that's the
28:32medical issues but i'm going to get back
28:34into that but at least this part i could
28:36do like like I'm doing right now sitting
28:38right here in my home so I can work with
28:40anybody anyway and let's face it if you
28:43look at the camera you look at the
28:44street a person can stay back we're on
28:47point and work his whole presentation I
28:50could still say car my little to the
28:53left little to the right before I quite
28:56a whole point of the matter is you can
28:58work from anywhere so I'm ready to do
29:00whatever I we're hard on them but that's
29:06not all you know it started looking
29:07around I want to be able to do that no
29:09matter where it is physically concern me
29:12where it is virtually everything to rock
29:14and roll on any media platform that's
29:18great we shall show it was a sort of
29:20place that you that it's ok it's a
29:29perfect example anybody that's listening
29:31in of anything that can happen you
29:33notice that that was happening and Bob
29:36didn't even stop talking
29:37yes that's the difference you know you
29:40have to be ready for anything happen
29:41that's what's great about having a live
29:43show is we don't know what's gonna
29:44happen but having a guest on his
29:46experiences Bobby just didn't panic he
29:48just said something to soften
29:49immunization but you're exactly right
29:52about being able to utilize technology
29:54to speak with a client anywhere in the
29:57world on and actually sometimes I think
29:59some of the people would feel better not
30:01only cuts down on costs don't have to
30:04you don't have to drive they might be
30:05home they might have children you might
30:07be running a business from home
30:09hey Bob you can finally even though I
30:10live in the same town I can't get out of
30:12my house like I can but I i need to stay
30:14home i don't have to spend money on be
30:15my husband doesn't seem to come to you
30:17can we do this electronics we do is over
30:19the internet it's so important to be
30:21able to do that so i know that you
30:22implement a lot of technology in order
30:24to help your clients which is which is
30:26great i think is really good too
30:29probably helps in the long run everyone
30:31so if you think about a car when you and
30:34I met you know how specifically
30:35networking and there's no harm no foul
30:38that's where you get up front and up
30:40close personal you make your
30:41relationships but the three you have to
30:44see it not just go 70 but I just really
30:46actually hears this is where it's at
30:49use that old-fashioned expression you've
30:51got able to talk to somebody Germany you
30:53gotta be able to close to somebody
30:54wherever they are different times look
30:56like that with those texts and the point
30:58is you make the arrangements okay car
31:01i'll make sure at eight o'clock my time
31:03tonight it will be no more p and your
31:05time in forever Australia but that's how
31:07you make world-class business because
31:10you're doing world-class communication
31:12like totally agree and that's one thing
31:15that's awesome this is these days if you
31:17are an entrepreneur you think about
31:18starting a business you think it's not
31:20only locally anymore its successful
31:23local yes but you can work
31:24internationally you can work nationally
31:26very sick very easily so you have to
31:28believe that you can do that but you
31:30have to have the right people on your
31:31team and go to present and talk about
31:33your product right way and you need to
31:35be able to get out there and social
31:36media and tell people why they should do
31:38business with you so so okay Bob we're
31:43going to start wrapping up i do want to
31:45ask you to let people know how they can
31:49get in touch with you I'm sure that's
31:50what you're going to get some people
31:51that are going to want to reach out to
31:53you maybe our and-and-and as most of our
31:56guests on I'm sure Bob will answer your
31:58questions that you have been so please
32:01reach out to him but that what how and
32:03what's the best way for them to get
32:04inside can we start with you created
32:06since most people i'm going to hold my
32:08hand at the mobile device to use the
32:10phone going to find myself on my whole
32:12point is showing 275 175 753 we can put
32:19down the street church showing 275 175
32:22753 as my mobile and of course i have a
32:26personally no but i'll give you those
32:28the long version of my professional
32:30email and definitely coach the word
32:33coach a sign Bob Tyrell presentations and that's one with it but you
32:39know how to maintain no semantic
32:41I always get the one you want so Bob
32:43Terrell presentations is the
32:46formal domain where coach before the
32:48s-line that's the formal email to visit
32:51my website is simply praise coach no
32:54space credits which of course
32:56points or indicates to the bank site but
33:00the point is the phone call can begin
33:02this car like just like we're doing our
33:06tell me about your project was your idea
33:08what you need to do because if you can't
33:11discuss that you really can't discuss
33:13the lifetime we're going to work things
33:15out we'll see how much is the deal
33:17videos dependent your project what are
33:20you trying to accomplish you always have
33:22to start with the in gold by what do you
33:24want to do then work backwards face
33:26going to take this many hours its kind
33:28of work so all about project orientation
33:32and as long as it's willing to be
33:34discussed we can always work out turns i
33:38agree and and you're on social media I
33:40think that yeah you're under a ba bo be
33:42your last name is terrell else's URL 1l
33:47you are you looking up by doing that you
33:50know you get an idea of the video here
33:51that I do looking at facebook at the
33:53spot Terrell of course the type of it
33:55will always bring up the bass link is
33:57the same way and i'm looking for years
33:59and you don't know the basic ways to say
34:02if you go on linkedin in the old days
34:05carmine allows people a remember this
34:06they have recommendations not just like
34:09the lights and clicks and you know all
34:12that up but if you really go to my
34:13profile page you can read almost 200
34:15recommendations about how i teach how I
34:18promote you know how I work with people
34:20in Council know when you're looking for
34:23referrals testimonials that's one of the
34:25best places to go once we get business
34:28yeah well I'm at you know again anyone
34:30that's needing your services I would
34:32think that the hit
34:34that's what you talked about here is
34:36definitely a testimonial to again your
34:37knowledge and experience and and how you
34:39help entrepreneurs and inventors you not
34:42only their businesses forward with their
34:43products over and we're going to kind of
34:46wrap it up what i do should be bobbing
34:48on taking the time out of your busy
34:50schedule I know you got things going on
34:52i mean obviously people calling it
34:54they want to
34:54they want to hire your phone bring it up
34:57and we're gonna have you later you know
34:58we're going to have you back on the
34:59launchpad at some point we're going to
35:00cover three questions I had I had a
35:03whole list of questions I I knew that we
35:04would cover pretty quickly how I
35:08appreciate it and you take care and
35:11we'll see you again bed in the near
35:14okay thank you alright thanks everybody
35:16get your shot for having me on and i
35:18look forward to working with you in the
35:20thank you Bob take care buddy take care
35:21and again it is called mine i hope that
35:25you enjoyed this session here on
35:27inventors launchpad roadmap to success
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