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January 21, 2017
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January 22, 2017

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0:00hi everybody this is Carmine Denisco 0:04welcome to another edition of inventors 0:07 launchpad and today we have an expert in 0:11the field of prototyping he can make 0:14almost anything you need out of whatever 0:16material that you're looking for I mean 0:19he is awesome we do some ourselves that 0:21the launchpad 0:22he's always come through for us and 0:24again he really knows this stuff and I 0:26wanted to have them on the show because 0:27we get a lot of questions about 0:29prototyping materials how things should 0:32be made and of course the way to lower 0:34pricing this gentleman came here from 0:38Switzerland actually bern switzerland in 0:40a 90 in 98 since then he's really making 0:45a name for himself not only locally but 0:47i know he traveled the country and 0:49probably you know in internationally of 0:53showcasing his stuff on his expertise I 0:56know he's recently opened up his own 0:58business we'll get into that a little 1:00bit on the prototyping side and he's 1:03really branched out into other forms of 1:06prototyping let me bring him on his name 1:08is Fri Reider and a free over there i'm 1:13hearing the morning Carmen morning 1:15thanks for being on the launchpad this 1:17morning and I i don't know if you heard 1:20that little quick little intro I'm sure 1:22I left some stuff out if you want to 1:23just kinda fill in the listeners about 1:26your to move here from Switzerland and 1:29maybe quickly what you've been doing 1:30since then 1:31yeah absolutely as thanks i was out yeah 1:34i'm moving over here in 98 and it's 1:38basically in the printing industry for 1:40most of my life before and I'm with the 1:43printing industry not got a lot of 1:45engineering mechanical stuff on the 1:48printing press and it kind of got me 1:50into a into the field of mechanical 1:53engineering and of course all the atomic 1:56components and I didn't started to 1:58actually working prototypes and before i 2:01started using 3d printing technology i 2:03made the prototypes by not going home 2:06beat on by apartment thing apart the 2:09part that i needed for my photos like 2:11this 2:12machine and whatnot so with the mighty 2:17learning about 3d printing I was then 2:21able to actually generate those parts of 2:23myself 2:24drawingwithheart making the part and and 2:26and testing you right away 2:28oh wow so I mean 3d printing seems like 2:32it's a new technology but it seems like 2:36on your and you've been doing it for 2:38quite a while 2:39well it's not really that new which 2:41about it started in the eighties 2:43actually and bumped the patents are many 2:46of the machines on the spm a technology 2:50of it sell about to think content for 2:52years ago that's when those machines 2:55became affordable also somebody at the 2:58the plans you know the drawings of the 3:00machine came available people can 3:02actually produce machines themselves can 3:05I motors in electronics and everything 3:08actually came out increased considerably 3:11which made it a two in some ugly 3:14affordable and now it's on its way to 3:17the main screen 3:18okay good yeah i mean we hear a lot 3:20about 3d printing and prototyping 3:23inventions and products now real quick 3:28question 3:28you know we can talk about the 3d 3:30printing stuff you know as we progress 3:32were always you know short on time on 3:35some of these podcasts because something 3:37interesting as this and something as 3:40needed as well here at once we get a lot 3:42of people that come in and have an idea 3:44to have a drawing they're not sure of 3:47how big should be what it should be made 3:48of and things in that sense and that's 3:50where somebody like yourself comes in 3:52because when somebody bring something to 3:54the launch pad yeah we can we can 3:56prototype we can do the drawing we can 3:57do that but we like what we do like is a 4:01client that comes to us who has had a 4:03professional such as yourself not only 4:05think about how the product should be 4:07made but also do the design work because 4:09I mean just looking over your resume and 4:12things that you sent me it seems like 4:14you have a pretty broad knowledge on not 4:17only the prototyping drawing subatomic 4:19CAD programs and give me a little 4:22background on how many has had programs 4:25are out to excite here 4:25about so many and they seem like they're 4:28pretty tough to get used to using yeah 4:31and I think if it's a very interesting 4:33point you bring up here we can maybe 4:35talk about this later when we talk about 4:373d printing and basically the gap 4:40between a person that doesn't have any 4:43knowledge about cad and I think 4:45depending what are you what are you 4:46getting out of the 3d printer if you 4:48don't you cannot create your own baby 4:50models so what the compact your question 4:53about the cat files and the cat program 4:55serves you know this is agitated 4:58probably about 20 or so programs out 5:01there that are used widely used and I 5:05say there's there's just a few that we 5:09i'm also not considered myself open 5:11source mean the community of makers we 5:13use open-source bra at products because 5:16we can and its really beautiful to have 5:19its available knowledge there's that 5:22blender is one of them actually it's not 5:25really a cat and programs more like at 5:28the modeling software but there's other 5:31programs such as fusion by all the best 5:33that is readily available and very 5:36inexpensively over four starts including 5:38shipping free so as you know this 5:43of course there's the solidworks we got 5:45autocad there's a better and United 5:50there's a variety and and sew them are I 5:53say all of them are so much tribute to 5:55learn but once you see the concept 5:57behind it becomes fairly simple 6:00yeah of course depending on what your 6:02model is I remember brother we were 6:05actually working together and had the 6:07interior of a lot of all pen and that 6:11was somewhat challenging as you know 6:14especially since we're kind of 6:16reinventing the wheel off it 6:19d-did this course with a more complex 6:25heart 6:27a and more sophisticated software is 6:30gonna make it a little easier to 6:32actually to get done correctly so that 6:36means and again will like you said we'll 6:38get back to it and we could probably 6:39discuss all show about some of these 6:42cats softwares and you know there's just 6:44one of those everyone that comes to us 6:46they may use terminology that they've 6:48heard you know most people don't know 6:50what the what can't even stand for which 6:52is ok we know it stands for but a lot of 6:55people they come thinking they know what 6:57they are and what we found out in this 7:00industry and you know inventors and 7:02product developers or first time 7:04adventures they are very knowledgeable 7:05very smart they do a lot of research and 7:07the internet is a huge piece of 7:11knowledge for them while they're 7:12watching videos are or the reading books 7:14and things in that sense but somebody 7:15like yourself who is in this day in day 7:17out at me through like like like if 7:20someone comes to you with an idea or a 7:23product or or join what is the best time 7:26for somebody like yourself to get 7:28involved with someone who has an 7:31invention idea like before they get 7:33crazy before they spend a lot of money 7:34like what is the best time for them to 7:36get here 7:37well of course that depends a little bit 7:40on how far their idea is already 7:42developed you know some people have just 7:45a thought 7:47and some people have a very 7:49sophisticated cat i'm already i say you 7:52know all the involved works fine i mean 7:55i'll be glad to help from stage one 7:57actually really just thought of 7:59something and maybe a rough sketch that 8:02they made on a napkin with him the night 8:05before and our that or have or over 8:09sophisticated casting I think either way 8:12with no we can take that that idea and 8:15and get it through and interests may 8:18cast as the the necessary files make the 8:22messages are some parts are not even and 8:24needed a mistake part i mean i will 8:27create a model and print model of the 8:30customer has something in his hand that 8:33he can actually the first one see how a 8:36tangible version of this idea 8:39and it looks like people like size is 8:42always and a very important and a factor 8:46many people when you start out they have 8:49no idea what the actual sizes and 8:52including myself actually I know how 8:54what the thighs but it's kind of hard to 8:56see exactly what what your dimension 8:58it's gonna it's gonna be at the end 9:01because if you're looking at something 9:03on the screen if you can hold that army 9:05or 250 millimeters created that it gives 9:09you okay that's about that much it just 9:12really decided something and it's really 9:15great to see and it gives you real good 9:18idea of what something is going to look 9:20like when it's pretty print 9:22ok so it's so you heard it here folks 9:25tree has told us that size does matter 9:27but getting back to it so so I 9:32understand so you get up you get an 9:34adventure that comes in he has a drawing 9:36as an idea like you said sometimes you 9:38know people just think of it that night 9:41before you know in and there's a lot of 9:43times that they'll come to you with it 9:45with an idea and is there is there 9:48something recently that someone's come 9:50to you and instead hey whats and this is 9:52going to be a million-dollar idea and 9:54you know I need you to partner up with 9:56me or I need you to make this product 9:58and it's just you're just not gonna make 10:00it 10:01so what kind of doing that situation 10:03where you have a product that you know 10:05you know it's just it's just way out 10:07there they have really put the time or 10:10the money into it to really bring it to 10:11you is there some way that you can let 10:13him down easy 10:14well I gotta be honest with you I i 10:18don't i don't and i think you know 10:22because aligned to determine that this 10:25is you know not going to be the next 10:27this thing and what i usually do and I 10:31pass this along to my customers i make a 10:34quick search online because I've noticed 10:38that not everybody is doing this and I 10:41think it's always at the first stage of 10:44an invention actually focus this thing 10:46already out there because over here 10:48then you you know building something 10:51that's been built for many years and 10:53even it may not be as you know very well 10:58you call familiar to you may not 11:00actually know it but it may be out there 11:02for quite some time so that's that's 11:05what i usually do i do a quick search 11:07step back that the customer John well 11:09there were something like that thumb in 11:11the eighties never really should see 11:12that I but i'll be glad to get out in it 11:16you know take it from here or together 11:17with you and and see if we can modernize 11:20this and get you the cost and then I 11:23make the files 11:24otherwise I'd look for any of the 11:26products and if you want to part to it 11:28tangible objects we will you print that 11:30then he's got at least a prototype that 11:33team show or or Orleans and find 11:39financing but I honestly I got as I I 11:44don't turn them down unless I think wow 11:46this is something that I'm not gonna do 11:49ya know I think that's a great and 11:51honest answer because like you said we 11:53just don't know and to be able to give 11:56the client that's coming to you the 11:58ability to test the market to make 12:00something that maybe they've been 12:01thinking about only for a day but maybe 12:03they've been thinking about it for five 12:04years and finally coming to you and 12:07saying hey let's get this going 12:09you're exactly right I I think that's a 12:10great answer and I think that that's the 12:12most unfair thing that somebody like 12:16yourself a private developer should be 12:17able to listen and also you know I think 12:21it's even if product was it's maybe not 12:25the first time this was kinda looked at 12:27and they may not be packing for it but 12:32it and even if there is if you change 12:35yours and you get your own path or if 12:37it's just unpack or not but you still 12:40have a shot at it because you know how 12:42hard it is to get something actually out 12:44there from the idea too is a point that 12:47it's all that is on the shelf in in the 12:50store 12:51that's a whole different ball game show 12:53is somebody fill before it doesn't mean 12:55that you 12:56now that's the best practice that's 12:58perfect I never set just because 13:01something didn't work you know whether 13:02like he said it could have been any 80 13:04where that product wasn't wanted or it 13:06was too it was too expensive to 13:07manufacture you could make a great 13:09prototype I'm sure but when the client 13:11takes a product to the manufacturer at 13:13that time in it just might have been to 13:16a sensible manufacturer manipulator 13:18material may be too expensive so it 13:21might be a launch a different product or 13:23a different variation so i totally agree 13:25with you even here at the launchpad we 13:27say the same thing you know people bring 13:29us and they brought us some some far-out 13:32products but who are we say that product 13:35will not make it in the market when 13:37people are buying a pet rock or a 13:40product that you know we would laugh at 13:42even-even and again I think this is a 13:44great product or even the chia pet we 13:46talk about all the time we left i mean 13:47if the chief that came into my desk that 13:49I probably would have been like this 13:51product will never make it stand out and 13:54selling for millions and millions of you 13:56there is absolutely no I so agree i'm 13:58glad you I'm glad you're honest with 14:00with your clients that come to you and 14:04say hey with this product make it and 14:06like you said who are you to say either 14:08way but all you can do is your best to 14:11give them a good shot at absolutely and 14:14you know this that customers can either 14:17come from any stage of conduct in no 14:22event thing if you want some people just 14:24want to part they saw something online 14:26they want printed at others and I really 14:29committed themselves and inventors are 14:32it may be having 45 products already out 14:36there 14:36patents already out there so it is 14:39totally different there's no no 14:42particular and customer that it comes to 14:45you that it will ask for something 14:48really weird not suggest that really 14:51something out there i have not 14:53experienced huh 14:55I i believe it will be like yourself you 14:57probably see and it's probably a great 15:00business to be and you probably see some 15:01cool stuff and being able to make things 15:03each day I'm sure it's not boring 15:06uh-huh not not at all now 15:09no not at all sometimes your number 15:10there's that is going to get started 15:12looking of course we do something that's 15:14right do we have never done it before 15:15most of them actually are like that and 15:18you don't really knowledge know what's 15:20gonna what's going to be involved but 15:22it's kind of hard to estimate goes those 15:25kind of jobs as well and then on the 15:28other hand like you said it's a lot of 15:29phones a lot of fun to work with there 15:32could be inventors the customers are 15:34they have you ever see there there there 15:39there 15:39there's been a niche for a product that 15:43you see the need for it and all it takes 15:46to make this up you know product that 15:49actually can sell ya know not agree so 15:51so again I know you've been doing this a 15:53long time and and you've seen a lot of 15:55different Protestant in in your 15:57experience in the industry that you're 15:58in what is some of the hurdles and 16:01inventor ones before they come to you or 16:07maybe after you're done with that 16:08prototype and they run out the door and 16:10go I'm holding my idea my hand 16:13you know I mean that must be such a 16:15great feeling for you to be able to when 16:16they walk in the door say here your 16:18products done you know it must be really 16:20cool because it's the first time they've 16:21ever seen a physical version of their 16:23idea after all that excitement wears out 16:26what is something that you think they 16:28run into you know the next step 16:32well I had a good question i mean some 16:36some of the customers say they they do 16:39their homework they really well-prepared 16:40they know they had you know talking 16:44people from the sharp and go and not you 16:46know they got there stop there and oxen 16:48row 16:49some people are looking just for that 16:51some people try to manufacture 16:53themselves and you know you know you 16:57know all of the above right and so I i 17:01think the biggest hurdle is for them 17:04once they got the tangible object and 17:06the that the data files the drawings 17:10that they can actually build 17:11mass-produced product and it to to 17:16really to find the right way to go in 17:20what are you going to do you know that 17:21here's where are you going to join 17:22afternoon mass-produced this thing you 17:24know exactly what's going to be on the 17:25market over there is no time before it 17:28is on the market over here it is 17:31you got any got 30,000 of something what 17:34you're going to do 30,000 something i 17:38could see this being being the biggest 17:40struggle but some people really have to 17:42run well and then people helping them 17:44they basically company for I'll and part 17:47and then once they leave they passed 17:49this onto the people that they were 17:51actually already and working with and 17:55move on and then come back with another 17:58with another idea 18:00yeah i mean it too so I mean from what I 18:03hear you saying the preparation it 18:04sounds like you know if the people 18:06wanted to be a business there next step 18:08is I mean you've got to treat it like a 18:09business you know you're you're giving 18:11them that animal you're giving that 18:13product will be able to prove their 18:15product exists that made it a I can be 18:19made so that next step is to you know 18:21that plan that strategy of what to do 18:24next afterward like like what you do 18:26seems like it's just a step in the chain 18:28if they're prepared 18:29yes it has absolutely i mean i'm not 18:31further involved after that for the most 18:34part you know always there helping them 18:36out if they need to change based on 18:38whatever material but they choose or or 18:41mold coach original articles and 18:43in about know once they leave here they 18:48they're there they're on their own 18:50pretty much if you want to unless they 18:52already have partners that they were 18:54committed bunch of yourself 18:56yeah okay i see i'm not that's great and 18:59sometimes that's probably good for you 19:01not in a bad way i don't mean it but you 19:03know you don't want to be responsible 19:04for all that you say I'm going to make 19:06this product for you i'm going to give 19:07you this prototype 125 whatever it is 19:10and i'm going to the drawings and then 19:12here you go and it exactly i mean i 19:14can't 19:15yeah i can and cannot do you know what 19:18once it's done unless it's something 19:19that is somewhat on a very simplistic a 19:23level that I can produce many parts you 19:28know with with our tenorshare we hear 19:31you can actually produce quite a lot but 19:33as that Ben could be a finished product 19:37that can sell i mean i could be involved 19:39in something like that such as micro 19:41manufacturing if you want so but really 19:43for manufacturing purposes that's that 19:46then 19:47most people going to injection molding 19:50that or whatever 19:52however the problem is actually makes me 19:54dangerous 19:55yeah and i think i see that you have 19:59some pretty big prototypes I mean you've 20:01done some pretty cool stuff that I don't 20:03see that mean no I know there's a lot of 20:05things you can't mention what you're 20:06working on but just let the listeners 20:09and viewers know that i have seen some 20:11pretty cool stuff come out here your 20:12workshop so okay it's it's one of those 20:16things where I want want people to kind 20:18of listen to this podcast and realize 20:20that there's people out there that can 20:22really really help them they're experts 20:24in the field there's people that do this 20:25work 20:26there's no doubt about it but people 20:28that do prototyping those people that do 20:30your manufacturing this people do that 20:32with somebody like you who is an expert 20:34and and I and I don't usually don't use 20:35that word like that in several fields 20:37it's hard to come by so if I would 20:41stress that people are looking for some 20:42help in any set of the prototyping phase 20:46in even Michael manufacturing to the 20:49real in searches be out there is no 20:51doubt about it 20:53I appreciate that certainly have a BF 20:56CNT capabilities here's where all that 20:58we can really remind you putting cnc 21:02quick very fast manufacturing methods to 21:06get something turn around its really 21:08something that I'm kind of proud to is 21:10that we usually take it and make 21:13something really fast turnaround times 21:15it's very passionate 21:16that's compared this in this particular 21:20market because once once our customers 21:23you know make the decision okay now I 21:27want that plane now I want to have a 21:29drawing i want to go to the production 21:32but I want to have a prototype first 21:34once they make that call they wanted 21:35tomorrow you know they're all like that 21:37you know we wanted yesterday actually 21:38yes all be able to turn parts around in 21:42sometimes 24 hours and it is it's really 21:47an advantage that's unheard of the end i 21:49totally agree speech market is a huge 21:52issue a huge problem that people want 21:54and and most people again that come into 21:56the launch pad their first question 21:57their biggest question is how places we 22:00get this done because they have the idea 22:01they might have some funding sitting in 22:04background that is saying if you get to 22:05this point we'll get your pointing so a 22:07lot of times speed got anything step 22:10through any step is super important so 22:13you know I want to kind of backtrack a 22:15little bit for you mean we can you again 22:17we could talk about this stuff it's so 22:18exciting for for several hours probably 22:20but you only have a little bit of time 22:22and and I wanted a one step back a 22:26little bit and you know the listeners 22:28are getting some good information but 22:30what I want to do is I want to talk 22:32about like it's if you're looking for 22:35the perfect client for you or someone 22:37who's going to be prepared to come to 22:39you what would he like to read 22:41we hit or is the things that they should 22:45be prepared for when they come visit 22:48somebody like yourself should have one 22:50photo titan we like what are three tips 22:53for them to be prepared 22:55well i think is no there is not one 23:01gigantic schedule or the tips on who 23:04they just you know how what they should 23:05be doing like what to be looking for a 23:07lot of people lost in this industry or 23:08if we're just reading about things that 23:10are going by some of the guys in the 23:12being so so it's just some tips on on 23:15how to find the right person and when 23:17they do what what they should be looking 23:20for you know something like you super 23:22honest but as we all know this this 23:24invention game prototype game almost 23:27immediately so to find the right person 23:28such as yourself 23:29it's very anything I was help for them 23:34great hereafter and I mean I just kinda 23:37hard to tell you know what what how to 23:41find the right person to do that but i 23:44think what was that what the customer 23:47needs to have for me and coordinates the 23:49idea and maybe a sketch is it's it's 23:52pretty that's really got a quick deal at 23:55a catspaw will be good already been most 23:59people ask that most people don't even 24:00have access to those kinds of things to 24:02the kind of software to create 24:03themselves as and to find somebody to 24:07make you part that you can usually and 24:11know that this is connect work out that 24:13the files are going to be doing an opera 24:15masters optional whatnot and it's just 24:20basically have to kinda games will be 24:22into the community and learn about 24:26people that are luminescent see if your 24:31issue here if you like i might even part 24:33of me goes really give you a better and 24:37fair and how do you how do you find 24:39people think you doing an online search 24:41first annual you know locally and and 24:44and and go to a couple people and kind 24:46of compare quotes 24:48yeah not at that that's true and then 24:50again I know there's some inventor clubs 24:52and better communities out there may be 24:54locally and i can say that almost every 24:56person in the intervening in these areas 24:59in the temporary around from if you ask 25:02yourself whether they're gonna they're 25:03definitely gonna send you over to help 25:06out I mean it's just that important to 25:08find the right person 25:09because they're the person that gets 25:11involved with your prototype it gets 25:13involved with your drawings make or 25:16break your project those drawings have 25:18to be correct if you're going to send 25:20those off you a factory and get mold or 25:24tooling or anything made those longings 25:27have to be correct so it was important 25:30but i can tell you that brings in that 25:34all-important prototype to test your 25:38product is so important that this set 25:40will be so hot again find something like 25:43free is is definitely very very 25:46important and and listen to what I mean 25:47there's no doubt about it people know 25:49you can do all the research you want 25:50somebody who's in this industry and has 25:52since well as long as him had some great 25:55experience 25:56we are running out a little bit of time 25:58I just wanted to talk a little bit about 25:59another business that you are involved 26:02in and was pretty cool about this is 26:04that you actually are partners in a 26:07company that makes 3d printers that 26:10correct can you give us a little bit 26:11information on that I think it's awesome 26:13here absolutely we started a couple of 26:15friends of mines we started a business 26:18in the 2013 cold free fatty do we make 26:22an influence and i think i can say that 26:26only the dinner or at least only ask the 26:29and printer and I'm so of course you two 26:33go hand-in-hand what what undoing but 26:35it's it's really a cool and projects we 26:39love it community when we started doing 26:42this I mean being so new that you could 26:45walk around one of those interesting 26:46felt like a rockstar it because people 26:49didn't know what that what it was right 26:51and also you know strange i mean they 26:53still do love to see one here in the 26:55background but a yes so we do it shows 27:00locally and your local company were not 27:04really shaping nationwide or even 27:07statewide somebody wants machine they 27:09come to us we offer training and they 27:13come to us to pick the Machine up we 27:14primarily sell for schools libraries and 27:18the small manufacturing about anybody 27:21can buy a large 27:22and I think our biggest advantage of 27:26course that we are local that 3d 27:28printing is still especially the FB mvd 27:31think that thing's refuse deposition 27:33modeling and means basically built those 27:35machines that make plastic parts a and 27:38that kind of prison technology is still 27:41not quite plug-and-play so our biggest 27:44thing is that we teach here offer help 27:47and get them over the first sometimes 27:50very annoying agonizing is visiting 27:55hours so you have two hours to print and 27:59you know two hours training with every 28:02machine is to get them you can 28:04yeah i was i was one of those guys if 28:06you actually mentioned if you look over 28:08what is this one of those 3d printers is 28:12is from free and i had no idea how to 28:16use that machine but i can tell you it's 28:18awesome and we constantly using 3d 28:20printers here at launch that so yeah we 28:23were talking earlier about that the cat 28:26files and how to get from a cat file to 28:29reprint and for us as a big printer 28:34manufacturer I could see one of the 28:36biggest hurdles for this to really go 28:40mainstream there it really does more and 28:43more but here's the fact that people 28:45cannot make their models so they have to 28:49go and download something that's been 28:51made by somebody else and acid i'd say 28:55maybe not the majority of people having 28:57people finish right now I'd say the 28:59majority of those guides they know i was 29:02doing part of that the the majority of 29:06people out there that are possible 29:07customers they don't so then slaughters 29:10the 3d printing it's not and it's 29:13quickly taking on as some people 29:15accepted 29:16yeah you're I totally one hundred 29:18percent agree there's a myth out there 29:20that if you have a 3d printer you can 29:22just yell turn it on and it's like 29:24printing a piece of paper but it's not 29:26like that as free said it takes a little 29:29bit of ingenuity and and sometimes luck 29:32you'll be able to get a file and print 29:35it out but that's again you know it's 29:37coming along technology is moving along 29:39but that's why you have your first 29:41people like free who are experts in this 29:44field there's no doubt about it that 29:48this gentleman if you contacting will be 29:50able to help you in any stage so I mean 29:52I don't use this person that we have 29:54here an expert in prototyping and cad 29:57drawings and things like that but we 29:58actually make printers which is 30:01something that is unheard of so you know 30:03you have the best of both worlds he's 30:05gonna make us we print for you you know 30:07it's going to be correct so we really 30:09have really a couple minutes left 30:12they just want to ask you you guys have 30:14anything going on in the near future any 30:17kind of events that you're going to be 30:18going and doing or speaking at that we 30:20could tell people about and maybe they 30:22can come too 30:23yeah we're going to be as the make on in 30:27painful that's a trail 30:30I don't have the date right now I think 30:32it's silly but it's called the Gulf 30:38Coast mega com 30:40that's okay good that's great that's a 30:42definite going to be there with three 30:44fat babies from say hello 30:46no yeah hopefully we'll get some people 30:49over there talking to you and doing that 30:52self that the last thing and again it 30:55has been really really informative 30:57I'd love to have you back on the show 30:58just a kind of thrill bound to some of 31:01the point you're making this very 31:04important for people that are one invent 31:06products i want to manufacture things to 31:10help you and also follow the right 31:13sequence sequence when you have 31:16resources your funds in place is so 31:18important so how can people get in touch 31:21with you email phone number uh social 31:25media 31:25what's the best way for people get in 31:27touch with you have to get email is 31:29perfect again by company name is free 31:31dimension x FR e di & E and it's I oh 31:37and and my email address is free and my 31:40first name is 31:42as well F R I so it's if RI act three 31:46dimension dotnet and you can also call 31:50me telephone number 72 74 15 23 24 31:57that's great and we'll we'll put some of 31:59this information in the show notes also 32:01know that people that out we'll we'll 32:07make sure they'll be able to get that 32:08information so so again free I'm i do 32:12appreciate you being on the launch pad 32:13today some great information for would 32:16be inventors people that are moving 32:18forward their projects and of course 32:20people that are ready to move forward 32:21you're really giving them a shot at 32:23taking their invention to market and I 32:25think it's often the work that you're 32:27doing and hopefully you can help them so 32:30what we call me just go here to launch 32:33pad free i thank you and hopefully put 32:35on the show at some point in the future 32:37alright sounds perfect thank you so much 32:39common care