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March 1, 2017
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March 13, 2017

Candice Galek is an American model and entrepreneur who is best known as the founder and CEO of the online swimwear retailer, Bikini Luxe. She garnered notoriety after posting an image of a bikini-clad Miss Universe contender on her LinkedIn profile in March 2016. Galek is now a columnist for Inc. Galek began her career as a model in her early twenties but found that she didn't enjoy photoshoots as much as anticipated. Instead, she became interested in the swimwear brands and styles themselves. In 2013, she founded Bikini Luxe, an online retailer of swimwear, clothing, and accessories. Bikini Luxe's website went live in June 2014. The company achieved some early success largely due to Galek's use of social media and affiliate programs. In 2015, the company's Wanelo account had 30,000 followers and its Pinterest page had accrued 5 million impressions by February 2016. Galek has been interviewed for her business acumen[14] in a variety of publications including, Forbes,, American Express, BM Magazine, Inc.,, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Richtopia and many others. In March 2016, Galek posted a photo of Natalie Roser, a Miss Universe contender, wearing a bikini from Bikini Luxe on the business networking service, LinkedIn. The title of the post read, "Is This Photo Appropriate For LinkedIn?"[24][25] The photograph of the swimsuit model sparked a debate that would end up going viral. The post accrued 50,000 views, 500 comments, and 30,000 new followers.[1][4] LinkedIn's content algorithm, however, soon deleted the post and Galek's profile picture. Galek spoke to high-ranking employees at LinkedIn for several days and eventually came to an agreement that allowed the posts and pictures to return to her profile. She also received a "Follow" button on her profile.[4][24][26] As a result of the controversy, sales originating from LinkedIn spiked and Galek's contacts grew precipitously.[1][24][25] She also became a columnist for Inc.[5]

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Podcast Notes

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Hello everyone and welcome to inventors
0:02launchpad roadmap to success and today
0:05on the launchpad we have a special guest
0:08she is a disruptor if you have ever
0:10heard of one she's the founder and CEO
0:12of bikini lux
0:14she is a columnist for inked magazine
0:17she's a business consultant see the
0:19marketing maniac and she's got so many
0:22things going on i am honored that she
0:24took time to be on our show today
0:26her name is Kansas Gaelic and she is on
0:29the shot on the line right now he can't
0:31go there
0:32yes I am thank you for having me well
0:34thank you for being on the show Candace
0:36I know that you always have people
0:38pulling at you they want your
0:39information they want your knowledge and
0:41experience they want to know how you are
0:43doing what you're doing and I know
0:45you're all over the world i mean you're
0:46a big traveler and you not only travel
0:49for business but you like traveling is
0:51that is that something that correct that
0:53is very true that's one of my my goals
0:57and life is just and some time exploring
0:59new areas and trying new things
1:02yes and you started between lots few
1:07years ago and I did some you again doing
1:10some research on the show and is that
1:12one of the reason that you started your
1:13own business you kind of want to do have
1:15free time to travel or you thought that
1:18was going to help you be able to travel
1:20yeah definitely so what I had
1:23experienced early on with that I was
1:25getting sucked into working you know we
1:29all get stuck in that that rut of
1:31working nine-to-five and not having any
1:34time off to to do things you really want
1:37to do and I've always been of the
1:40opinion that i should wait until i was
1:42retired to enjoy my life so I thought
1:46hey why not create my own business and
1:49that will afford me the free time and be
1:54their income to travel the world which
1:58is a great idea
2:01however that's not exactly how it went
2:04and I have actually stayed home much
2:09hallways in my hometown much more than i
2:13expected because creating your own
2:14business is time-consuming and and
2:17getting it to become profitable and and
2:20worthwhile is not as easy a task as I
2:23had imagined it would be
2:25when I started out well that is a huge
2:28myth and you experience this firsthand
2:30that people who start their own business
2:33or they want to be an entrepreneur now
2:35people around them think that oh you
2:37have your own business you can just do
2:38anything you want you have so much free
2:40time but i believe in what you
2:42experienced probably is
2:43it's the opposite is true put so much
2:46more time into it and you probably found
2:48yourself working day and night
2:50definitely yeah and and i think that it
2:52is a lot to do with how much work you
2:55put into it you know I i have over the
2:59past three years worked way too many
3:02hours honestly and i think that there's
3:07so many opportunities there's so many
3:09new things to learn and I feel like I
3:11learned something new every single day
3:13that your to-do list never quite gets
3:17accomplished its never finished there's
3:19always something new to do it i look at
3:21my banner I should probably change that
3:23or let's have a sale or hey look there's
3:25no brand over there what are they doing
3:26and all these other things so it's it's
3:29never really finished when it comes to
3:32e-commerce because it's always changing
3:34but it's a really fun ride it's exciting
3:38and if you like to learn and you like to
3:41stay busy then it's a great area to jump
3:44into that I i totally agree with you and
3:48just again from I just looking at
3:50timelines of how successful you've been
3:52and your success of what you are doing
3:56it seems like a lot of people probably
3:57just see the success you know they think
4:00i got look how successful she is and
4:03she's an overnight success but what they
4:04don't realize is there's so many nights
4:06that were
4:08successful that took you to get there
4:09you know that's what people don't
4:11realize how much work it is to get to
4:14that successful point how much knowledge
4:15and experience that's true and it does
4:19it does take a lot of i want to say
4:22sacrifice because you start to sacrifice
4:25your your free time and let's say your
4:28time spent with friends and family
4:31potentially i was working probably at
4:35least 18 hours a day from the moment i
4:37woke up until i went to sleep at night
4:40and i would wake up first thing in the
4:41morning and check everything see how
4:43it's going
4:44I'm I in the beginning stages i think
4:48that i spent a lot of time learning and
4:51trying new things and kind of going
4:53through the trial-and-error process
4:54whereas now I feel like it's have a
4:58better understanding of what i'm doing
5:00but now i'm trying to do too many things
5:02at once i'm still working long hours but
5:05is it is a fun ride and and creating my
5:09company is something that if i had the
5:11opportunity to do again i would
5:13definitely do well it seems and again
5:16it's probably a great time for you to be
5:19doing this and trying to submit yourself
5:21into the things that you like to do and
5:23I know that you're just not a business
5:24owner you're not just running a very
5:26successful company you're really
5:27branching out into other media devices
5:31and doing other things so yeah I can see
5:33it being super busy I'm doing those
5:35things but what it seems like is that
5:37you like to do it and it's work but it's
5:40probably not as much work as just
5:42spending day and night on one single
5:44company that wasn't you know making the
5:47well fat and also it's different when
5:50you're working for someone else and vs
5:52working for yourself you know you have a
5:55sense of accomplishment and it's almost
5:58like when you're renting versus buying
5:59and you're paying that monthly rent and
6:02you're just like okay well i still have
6:04this place to live but they don't really
6:05own it and then you when you buy your
6:08house and you're paying your mortgage
6:09you feel a little more secure and and
6:14proud of yourself almost because you are
6:17working towards a goal that really does
6:19benefit you in the long run
6:20so I think it's a little different in
6:22that regard and what's interesting is
6:28it's i said is ever-changing but it's
6:31not just your business aspect that
6:34changes but other opportunities arise in
6:36the future as an entrepreneur and you
6:39have to kind of juggle those and
6:41determine what is a good fit for you and
6:43what is not
6:44what's worth your time what's not and
6:48and go from there and that's I think
6:50where I'm at now and that I'm not just a
6:54business owner
6:56I'm branching out into other areas like
6:57public speaking which is something I
7:01never thought that I would be doing
7:03yeah that's that's something I
7:06definitely wanted to talk to you about
7:07just cutting back a little bit here at
7:09at our company invented launchpad we
7:12have many clients that come in and
7:15they're at the point where they believe
7:17they they've done a lot of research they
7:19do a lot of work and we even have some
7:21people that we're launching swimwear
7:23line for and but it was right that you
7:26were going to be on the show
7:28it's just that they they believe that
7:29there's no one for them to reach out to
7:31you there's no one for them to ask
7:32questions to get help from and I believe
7:35that through your business into your
7:37education and knowledge and experiences
7:39you have kind of concord being able to
7:41reach out there and getting the help you
7:43need pretty quickly is that something
7:45that's happened
7:46yeah definitely next something that I
7:48learned early on with that when I was
7:50starting out I literally didn't know
7:52anything about running an online retail
7:56store i didn't know anything about
7:57purchasing inventory about managing that
8:02I didn't know so many things and and I
8:06learned because I i asked for help and
8:09how they do that I asked for help from
8:12google google every single question I
8:14ever had like the most ridiculous
8:16questions you can even imagine and I got
8:19answers to those and i joined forums and
8:22i joined groups and i joined facebook
8:24groups and all sorts of different things
8:26looking for that help because you can't
8:28expect that it's going to fall into your
8:30lap you have to actually search for it
8:32and there were a few people in the
8:36industry who were helpful to me I in the
8:40and that was really great but it wasn't
8:44it wasn't as if I could reach out to
8:46let's say a large company and say hey I
8:50want to talk to your CEO and I want them
8:52and tell me how they did it because that
8:54just wouldn't happen I would never get a
8:56response but now I think that a lot of
9:00entrepreneurs are more open and that
9:02they're not so competitive that they
9:04can't help other people
9:06yeah no I agree and in with the advent
9:09of social media and it seems like it's
9:11growing exponentially but it seems like
9:14people's attention levels on social
9:17media are shortening and when you put a
9:20question out there are you put something
9:21out there it seems like people are very
9:23reactive and I and I've been following a
9:26lot of things you doing social media
9:27which is excellent strategies I think
9:30you've done some great job on social
9:32media and different venues influence but
9:34just in order to get people to stop for
9:37a second and look and listen to what
9:39you're putting out there definitely and
9:42I think that every platform is different
9:44and that's 11 error that a lot of a lot
9:48of business owners and entrepreneurs
9:49make it they treat them the same and
9:52they're really not they all have
9:53different algorithms and different ways
9:56that people interact with them so what I
10:01do on linkedin doesn't necessarily
10:03translate well on facebook or or
10:07Instagram or Twitter even they're all
10:09they'll need their own love and
10:11attention mobile TLC and what I found on
10:16on lincoln is that I'm able to garner a
10:19lot of interaction and engagement on my
10:22posts simply by posing questions and and
10:30kind of engaging viewers with imagery
10:33that might take them back a little bit
10:36like what is this i don't know what i'm
10:37looking at and also pairing people
10:42together by let's say combining two
10:47different groups of people so what you
10:51can do to get a lot of energy
10:53auction and you can I ask the question
10:57because people on LinkedIn love
11:00answering love giving their opinion
11:02because it is rare for social media
11:04platform but what happens when you get
11:08people answering is that they don't
11:10always agree with each other and not
11:13only do they not always agree but some
11:14people take more time to formulate a
11:17response than other some people just
11:20look at the headlines look at the photo
11:22and shoot from the hip and just post
11:26something that may or may not be true
11:28I and then there's the other person who
11:31they took their time to actually click
11:33on the link read through what was going
11:34on and they know exactly what's going on
11:36in a comment about it and bend those
11:38people have different points of view and
11:42they kept talking to each other and
11:45sometimes bickering trying to educate
11:47the other person about what is right and
11:48what is wrong so so what has occurred on
11:51lincoln for me it's something that I'm
11:53calling oversight marketing and what
11:57that is to me is basically people short
12:01attention span isn't allowing them the
12:05right amount of time to formulate a an
12:07educated response before they they
12:11comment so it's it's really great i
12:15think to see that and I think that
12:17business owners and entrepreneurs really
12:19want that engagement and they want fat
12:22high comment count you know 500,000
12:26three thousand comments is something
12:28that we all kind of strive for and I'm
12:34trying to I'm trying to get that to
12:37occur on every other platform but it
12:39just doesn't work like that you have to
12:41kind of find the sweet spot but being
12:45able to distinguish this kind of new
12:47type of social media marketing called
12:50oversight marketing is really is really
12:53unique to me and it's been a fun
12:55experience to see that occur from start
12:59to finish
13:00that's something that I i was able to
13:02identify early on when when using
13:05and in again it requires that group of
13:07people who do not care to read the
13:09details of opposed to beforehand and
13:11also the type to make the educated
13:14decision before commenting and they kind
13:16of fuel each other's fire and produce a
13:18massive amount of engagement for the
13:21poster but this is only good for short
13:24short forum posts like linkedin updates
13:28twitter instagram things like that
13:32facebook but not long form so if you're
13:35spending in our writing an article and
13:37expecting that you're going to get that
13:39much engagement probably not gonna
13:40happen just because the attention span
13:44is so low now we literally have the
13:46attention span that's shorter than the
13:48goldfish's at this point i would totally
13:53agree with that now be the oversight
13:55marketing term is that a term that your
13:58your coining yourself when you're
14:00creating this yeah i'm creating it
14:03because I it doesn't seem to fit into
14:06the other marketing terms and I think
14:09that it's it's different from let's say
14:13engagement marketing which someone said
14:15they'd call it's basically engagement
14:17marketing right now I said well not
14:19really because it differs from
14:22engagement marketing i think that this
14:24is specifically for social media posts
14:27and it's also utilizing that lack of
14:30attention to create engagement and it's
14:34kind of its own thing so I'm calling it
14:37it's called oversight marketing and and
14:39we're gonna we're gonna roll it
14:41that's great i love it and i think that
14:43you have done an excellent job of not
14:46only managing the social media and the
14:49good and bad that you've experienced
14:51some learning from it and then
14:52capitalizing on it is just a it's a
14:55phenomenon and I'm sure that people are
14:57always approaching you're always asking
14:59you how you did it how you did something
15:01and you're basically giving them the
15:04road not to do that
15:06I can land and it does get hard when i
15:09first started i took the time to reply
15:11to every single person and that it's
15:13really time consuming but it's rewarding
15:16because you're you're creating these
15:18long lasting friends and and followers
15:22and and fans almost and they feel more
15:24connected to you so that really helped
15:27to grow a loyal following early on but
15:31over time scaling that has been
15:33increasingly difficult with just my own
15:38workload plus trying to keep everyone
15:41happy on social media business of i
15:44missed people all the time I have have
15:47thousands of requests and and messages
15:50and I just don't get too and I know
15:51there are people in there who are
15:53offering legitimate business ideas and
15:56and opportunities and I just can't I
15:58can't get through all of them myself at
16:01this point so I'm working on a way to
16:04help out with that but it also sucks
16:07because I do want to help everyone i do
16:09want to answer everyone's questions like
16:11I had a woman yesterday yesterday a few
16:14days ago who messaged me on instagram
16:17and she said listen I just created my
16:19Shopify store and I sell shoes and this
16:21has been my lifelong passion I just
16:23don't know how to get traffic to it
16:25what am i doing wrong and I'm just I
16:28feel I've got two story that I hear a
16:30lot and and it sucks you notice when you
16:33start out you have all these these lofty
16:35goals and you want you want your
16:36business to succeed but not everyone
16:40goes about the same way so I took a look
16:42at our site and I said in her social
16:45listen listen you know I took took a
16:48look at your social media and I noticed
16:49that I'm literally just looking at
16:53pictures of feet this rows and rows of
16:56shoes and feet and it's just I get these
17:00shoes but it's 2017 you gotta sell a
17:04lifestyle enough to sell why women are
17:07going to wear the issues and what
17:09they're gonna be doing in your shoes and
17:10what they're going to look like wearing
17:13these shoes and I said here look at
17:14these five other profiles and and take a
17:17look at what they're dealing their
17:18popular shoe
17:19retailers I said you don't see one
17:22picture of a foot and shoe you seem like
17:25you see a girl running up up a set of
17:29stairs and in some tennis shoes you see
17:31a girl dancing on the dance floor it
17:34this is what you gotta do and you know I
17:36honestly kind of amazed me that she
17:40didn't get that but not everyone does
17:43right away just need like a little push
17:45so just kind of offering that little pip
17:49was it's not much for my editor few
17:52minutes of my time but she said oh my
17:54gosh it can't believe it thank you so
17:55much and I really appreciate your help
17:57and I'm i feel revived and I feel
18:00motivated to make this change and it's
18:02like okay well that's great it's great
18:03to hear
18:04so I'm not saying that I'm like before
18:09most leader and in marketing and retail
18:11like I'm not trying to portray that but
18:15i have my own experiences and that I've
18:20done my own trial and error process and
18:22i know it works for me and that's all
18:24that I can offer people you know I think
18:27that's amazing that you can actually
18:30with the busy schedule that you have be
18:33able to stop and help someone that you
18:36really don't even know and give them
18:37advice give me your input
18:39I think that's normal that you can do
18:42that and not only not everyone is going
18:43to agree with what you're giving them or
18:46your advice you're giving them but you
18:47know in your heart that you told him
18:49what you thought and I think that's all
18:51that max
18:52yeah i think so and I mean if they're
18:55asking you for your help but then they
18:56probably value your opinion
18:58so I think that for them it's it's a
19:01good step and that's one thing that I
19:03always recommend everyone does is to ask
19:05for help you no you don't you don't know
19:07everything and and you won't know
19:10everything honestly but if you ask
19:12people who have experienced those things
19:16before you for a little bit of advice
19:17you might get it what's the worst thing
19:19they say no okay if they know you move
19:22on but i'm asking for help is risky i
19:26agree with you i agree not everyone not
19:29everyone knows everything and not
19:30everyone accomplishes great things by
19:33themselves no matter what that is
19:35you always have some type of help to get
19:37you over those hurdles with a sense so i
19:39totally agree with you just kind of
19:42switching gears and we got into a little
19:43bit of social media things and I i do
19:46want to ask about you know your your
19:48Linkedin things that kind of got you to
19:52be where you are I know you did some
19:54great stuff on social media and I know
19:57when you're in your previous life or
19:59your previous I don't want to call the
20:01job or it was probably one of the
20:03toughest thing ever did in your modeling
20:05career which was probably really tough
20:09and then your LinkedIn as you move into
20:11your new business
20:12did that help you kind of give you that
20:14thick skin when people were kind of
20:16going after you on LinkedIn or saying
20:18things that you didn't agree with did
20:20your modeling background help with that
20:23basically question I think that modeling
20:27for me which it was just something that
20:30I enjoy doing something that I always
20:32wanted to do and everyone has this ideal
20:37for this idea that modeling is this
20:40glamorous job and and it's fun and
20:43exciting and you get to roll around on
20:46the beach all oiled up where nice swim
20:48foods and it's fun but it's really not
20:51that much fun honestly from for myself
20:53I'm sure that other people love it but
20:54it's a lot of standing around and
20:57quickly changing and fixing your face
21:01and looking into the Sun but not trying
21:03to look unhappy but smiling and laughing
21:05but there really is no reason to laugh
21:08it's a very difficult job and and a lot
21:12of people don't think that I have this
21:16is my mother passes down to be working
21:19with the Philadelphia but you know I
21:20just sometimes when I'm not making any
21:23facial expressions i just look angry and
21:25I'm not angry i said yes i have that
21:28problem i have this like its resting
21:30face it just looks upset system so
21:34modeling for me was a little bit
21:36difficult but in terms of creating a
21:40thick skin
21:41I think that I've always had a thick
21:43skin I think that I'm I'm not easily
21:46angered or it's not very it's not very
21:50easy to make me upset
21:52so in terms of the people on LinkedIn
21:55what happened with that was that I was
21:59just getting a lot of a lot of attention
22:02and people weren't used to seeing
22:05swimwear on lincoln so some people were
22:08very upset by that they were upset that
22:11the platform is changing
22:12they were upset that they were at work
22:15and they were seeing women in swimsuits
22:18they were there there was a lot of
22:21animosity kind of towards what i was
22:24doing and then there was also a lot of
22:26positivity there are a lot of people who
22:28agreed with what i was doing and thought
22:30that was a business owner and my
22:32business was selling somewhere so at one
22:34hundred percent belongs on the platform
22:36you but you know it was very strange to
22:40me to start hearing people these people
22:43are coming out of the woodwork like
22:44marketing manager of so-and-so and
22:47entrepreneur and marketing marketing
22:51master guru of some company and I'm just
22:54like who are these people and why are
22:56they telling me that what I'm doing is
22:57wrong and it's never going to amount to
23:00anything I'm wasting my time and that it
23:03was it was bad for business and it's
23:05never going to see any good from it and
23:07I said well they're wrong I know that
23:10they're wrong because i'm getting
23:11engagement and getting publicity i'm
23:14building a following my email list is
23:17larger than ever you know who are they
23:20to tell me I'm doing wrong when they
23:21have no idea what's happening behind the
23:23scenes so that was really strange to me
23:27and it didn't
23:28sometimes I didn't want to comment and
23:31and kind of put them in their place but
23:33I didn't I always kept a very neutral
23:35stance a very professional classy stance
23:37because i think that people wanted me to
23:39break down and they want to meet you too
23:44almost kind of let loose on them over
23:48the internet so much would only create
23:50more controversy but I didn't do that
23:52and people were were signing the review
23:56three women they they started a petition
23:58to ban or to boycott my business and
24:03have me kicked off of lincoln yeah and I
24:08have everything but the other day and I
24:11thought that was so hilarious and Mike
24:12already three women who just hate what
24:15I'm doing so much that they want to get
24:18me kicked off of social media and like
24:20boycott my business like what am i doing
24:22that's so wrong and advertising that
24:25they're so offended so that was one of
24:28the only times that I did kind of
24:30respond and in a negative way and I i
24:34posted their petition and their
24:36businesses and all of their profiles and
24:39instead RC three women that what they
24:42think and and one of my followers bank
24:44and they
24:48the women very very quickly retracted
24:51their petition and their their posts and
24:55I guess the positive members and
24:58followers who really good support what i
25:01was doing told them that they were wrong
25:03in doing something like that so there's
25:06a lot of a lot of good that's come of it
25:08and i've created a lot of really loyal
25:10followers and people who really stand up
25:13for me and and they answer the negative
25:17naysayers for me almost and that's
25:20really nice cuddle have to be the mean
25:23yeah that is nice it's very nice and it
25:25just shows that people are loyal people
25:26that take the time to learn about what
25:28you're actually doing it is nice to have
25:31other people online even probably people
25:34look you're never going to meet or that
25:35you know obviously don't look to have
25:37them is phenomenal yeah a lot of them
25:40are never going to meet but what's true
25:42is that Americans who followed brands on
25:45social media are fifty three percent
25:48more loyal to those brands so if I'm
25:52building up all these these followers on
25:54different social platforms
25:56I mean linkedin you might not think that
25:58it's a huge shopping platform but
26:00guaranteed the majority of those people
26:03have salary jobs they have paid time off
26:07they do take vacations and when they do
26:09plan on taking a vacation
26:11who are they going to buy from they're
26:13gonna buy from bikini locks
26:14alright so so Candace on I know you're
26:17in New York right now and that we can
26:19appreciate you spending some time with
26:21us what are you doing over there in New
26:22York out for social media week social
26:26media week i'm excited about it's it's a
26:29week-long event or five days to think
26:31and i'm only going to be attending on be
26:36on the second which I'm guessing is
26:38tomorrow awake
26:40this isn't going to be live by benefits
26:43no okay okay can I said again sorry
26:46yeah well I was just asking what what
26:49you were doing up in New York for social
26:51media week
26:53angel for a weekend we can air this
26:55pretty quick if you wanted to you could
26:57probably get it up online tonight if you
26:59need assistance
27:00no it's not because ok so I'm excited
27:03about social media week i'm here for the
27:06Forbes panel and we're going to be
27:09discussing hot topics in social media
27:11and and kind of what my experience has
27:15been online and there's a few other
27:18speakers are going to be on the panel
27:19with me so that it will be exciting but
27:22i have i've never been on before panel
27:26before so I'm really looking forward to
27:28yeah that I mean the things that you've
27:30accomplished me anything when you were
27:32growing up I mean seeing yourself you
27:34know going and doing these things that
27:36made it must be so much fun every day
27:38you know what are we doing today I mean
27:40I know it's a lot of work and I know
27:41you're running around you're doing
27:42things but the excitement of being able
27:44to sit on these types of panels i know
27:46your column this Frank magazine and
27:49being able to go and interview people
27:51that you know we hear about in the news
27:53I mean being able to go and talk to them
27:55it must be so much fun
27:57definitely and it's something that I
28:00never thought I would be doing it when I
28:02started becoming luxe I never stopped
28:03but i would have my own column in a
28:05magazine in fact i was subscribed to
28:08that magazine we get delivered to my
28:09house every month so I never thought
28:12that I would be in it and I never
28:15thought that I would be speaking or
28:18being on a panel of of professionals and
28:21be sharing that knowledge that I have
28:23learned so it is really it's a great
28:26experience and it's it's definitely this
28:29bucket list things you know I ate it's
28:32almost like a dream come true and
28:34ideally i would i would like to write a
28:37book about my experiences as well and
28:40kind of share that also i've always
28:43wanted to write a book but I just didn't
28:44know what it would be about and and now
28:47I think more than ever i have i have
28:50some some fuel for that fire which is
28:53exciting i would think you did it was
28:55going to that we're going to be one of
28:56my questions is a book in the future for
28:59you you know a month your other things
29:01that you have going on you know get a
29:03I would assume that somebody like
29:05yourself would be having on the back of
29:07her mind to get actually definitely it
29:10is and you know what's so funny now as I
29:13feel like I'm coming across all of these
29:15different business leaders who who have
29:18written books and I'm even speaking to
29:20this this young man today he's 15 years
29:23old and he is talking to me about about
29:28it a TEDx you talk and he wants to have
29:34me join and i was looking at his link
29:36Danny 15 years old and he's an Amazon
29:39bestseller and he wrote a book about the
29:42things that he didn't learn in middle
29:43school and I was like this when I was 15
29:46I did not have a linkedin profile and it
29:49had not written a book I was like geez
29:53kids are starting out early if it isn't
29:56know again I think it's not only you
30:00know they're following you in seeing
30:01people like yourself we're doing what
30:03they say they're killing their crushing
30:05out there but having that internet
30:07having that high-speed internet having
30:08these platforms available to them these
30:10ones that these kids that really want to
30:13it just gives them the fuel to be able
30:15to do it guys and ever so blown away and
30:19and even in his professional manner he
30:22emailed me and I was like this is
30:23probably one of the better emails I've
30:25gotten in a while in terms of he was
30:27straight to the point he was well
30:29informed i was just like who is this kid
30:32and how where did you learn all this
30:35from because I didn't learn skills like
30:36this in school
30:37no I totally agree i mean i don't
30:40remember I've got the only thing I
30:42learned was trying to get out of school
30:43when it was going to be over so I can go
30:45on play that with me as i can go to the
30:48beach yesterday now for you guys i just
30:52started as I said you know I grew up in
30:54New York you know sidewalks and
30:56basketballs and you were you were close
30:58to the water and the beach so I don't
31:00know how you would have wanted to see
31:02it's cool i know and it was terrible too
31:05because i'm a third floor
31:06you could see the ocean so i would
31:08literally just be staring out the window
31:10not thinking about history or or
31:13anything that I was supposed to be doing
31:15yeah I think you and then and a bunch of
31:18people now a lot of people that you grew
31:20up with you run into them or have they
31:22moved or you know and they had they seen
31:24the things that you're doing and they
31:26keep in touch
31:27I there are few people who I keep in
31:30touch with and of course with social
31:33media I'm connected to a lot of people
31:35but we don't really actually talked we
31:38kind of just secretly stalk each other's
31:39lives apparently that's what facebook is
31:41but now I don't keep in touch with a lot
31:46of a lot of them but there are a select
31:49few who are doing some really cool
31:50things so I've I've kind of had grown
31:56and changed a lot since high school
31:58which i think a lot of us can agree with
32:01and in the past that I'm on is not
32:05necessarily a past that everyone is on
32:07and it's great though to see kind of
32:10what their bare up to and I was a little
32:14sad because we wouldn't be 10-year
32:17reunion rolled around a little while ago
32:20no we are classes and do anything and I
32:24thought that was strange that i was
32:27especially looking forward to going but
32:29I thought it would be interesting to see
32:31kind of what everyone was up to and that
32:34just didn't happen that was like oh well
32:36yes times are changing
32:37wow yeah that's me 10 years you would
32:41think that the 10 years everyone still
32:42you know around and excited to see
32:44everybody and kind of inquisitive like
32:46you were and then there's something not
32:48for nothing to happen that must have
32:49been on
32:50well if it's that not because of social
32:52media because they have all kept tabs
32:54with everyone and there is no surprise
32:57that's true they didn't think it would
32:59like that you don't show up and they're
33:00like oh my gosh look at that person that
33:02I haven't seen them in 10 years know
33:04you've pretty much seen everything he
33:06talked through and repressive you saw
33:09other children being born
33:12we've got a pet yesterday we can talk
33:14about them and you've heard all the
33:17political views so you don't even want
33:19to see them get and we won't talk about
33:22politics but you use probably talk to
33:24you not to get involved into politics
33:26stuff I think that just got so carried
33:29on the internet and it really just kind
33:31of heard a lot of a lot of things
33:33happened yeah I mean and it's a strange
33:38world out there
33:39I totally great no doubt but yeah I know
33:42just real quick i know we'll be wrapping
33:43up soon and I know you're you know you
33:45gotta go real quick i know you travel a
33:48lot you know there's some places that
33:50you are looking to go to in the future
33:52or you know don't give address or
33:54anything you know how social media
33:55they're crazy terrible i'm your favorite
33:57senses that you're going to be going
33:58back to the well I think that she has
34:02always been on my list of places to
34:04travel to and we did a shoot recently in
34:09bali but I getting get to join in on
34:12that so I'm a little bit jealous and the
34:15photos are amazing so the body is on my
34:18list of places to to go and where else i
34:23would love to go everywhere I want to go
34:24to Prague i heerd stunning and where
34:29else pretty much anywhere that's
34:32tropical it's on my to-do list and
34:36realistically though I i would love to
34:39go anywhere i would i'd like to go and
34:43kind of immerse myself in a neighborhood
34:46and eat all their food and kind of do
34:52everything they tell you not to do i my
34:54boyfriend I'd traveled quite a not as
34:56much as i want to but quite a bit now
34:58and we always get this almost lost in
35:00these cities and and the last one we
35:04went to we we went off roading this
35:07rental jeep oh my gosh
35:09and we were just we had travelled far
35:11into this this road that had been long
35:14forgotten about and we found him this
35:18car that had been burnt and it was like
35:22hid in the bushes it was covered with
35:24bullet holes and I was like I don't
35:26think we're supposed to be over here
35:27when I don't think we're supposed to be
35:31here so but that's that's fine i like an
35:34yeah well you know someone like yourself
35:36to travel I goes to different countries
35:38and you know third world country things
35:40like that a lot of people that don't
35:41travel out
35:42side of the u.s. don't realize how good
35:45we have it here you know and I'm sure
35:47that you run into some places that you
35:50know no electricity no TV for cellphone
35:53service i mean we could forget about
35:54internet I mean you've probably seen
35:56from some pretty cool thing
35:58yeah that's that's what makes it
36:00exciting I think when you travel and
36:03everything looks exactly as it does in
36:04your your home state it's boring to me
36:07at least I know where my parents travel
36:10they expect something far different than
36:12what i do they expect everything to be
36:13Christine and and easy to navigate and
36:18they want everyone to speak English and
36:20they usually it's the opposite for me I
36:23we can go to the same city and they're
36:25like oh my god it was parable is so
36:26dirty and I'm like what I thought of a
36:28gorgeous i would love to live there i
36:32think that having a sense of adventure
36:33is important and it had a it allows you
36:36to think creative creatively and you
36:40know it's just fun it's just fun to let
36:44loose and not to think about work and to
36:46try new things and eat good food that
36:50you would never make it home because you
36:52don't know how you've never even heard
36:54of it
36:54that's one of my my favorite things to
36:57do regular food that we make a new
37:02there's no doubt about it that true and
37:05yeah well okay help me once that you
37:08know me coffee kind of surround I'm a
37:12coffee maniac myself but that was great
37:15but you know we're going to start
37:17wrapping up I know that you're busy we
37:19got a few minutes to go
37:21now you've done so much you have so many
37:23things going on what's one of those but
37:25those things that you are working
37:26towards that you always in your sights
37:29that you think is going to be going to
37:30happen to think that doing a TED talk is
37:36something that I have always aspired to
37:40I mean I used to watch them religiously
37:42and I didn't necessarily think that
37:43would be doing one myself but now the
37:47option is there is something that I am
37:49doing i'm starting with the use talks
37:53and and fedex and all that moving on up
37:55and also writing a book is something
37:58that I've always wanted to do and and
38:01now I have more connections in that
38:04world than ever before and and more
38:06knowledge almost of it
38:08so those are two things and one else but
38:13get big
38:15yes and one of those you know been there
38:18done that cross foolish next people huh
38:21never really satisfied so i'm creating
38:25my own my own somewhere line not i think
38:29that a lot of people do that me if I'm
38:31creating my own mind because I don't see
38:33anything that i like and nothing fits me
38:35right and I don't think that's a good
38:37good best it
38:40yeah well I think that you see so much
38:44that you know you're not you know okay
38:48at what price and what color and size
38:50and job just working it increases profit
38:53margins sure
38:54oh no doubt about the great part is that
38:57you see you see so much and you know we
39:00talk about it here
39:01that's on the invention side that you
39:03know you don't have to be first to
39:04market you know you can do something
39:06better by getting all that experience
39:08and all that knowledge and and you see
39:10so much that you know you'll be able to
39:12create something that you like you'll be
39:15able to just skip over any little issues
39:17or miss not only much more mistakes but
39:19then things that people don't like
39:20because I know that you're big on views
39:22you're big on customer service and and
39:25that's really important in your line of
39:27ok it's definitely and and also i think
39:31that people now they want a quality
39:33product but for a certain price and and
39:36we're kind of stuck in this area of ok
39:39we have a good price product i think i
39:42read that the average the average cost
39:44of a woman from Sioux $24 in the US
39:47which is crazy to me because we don't
39:50have anything even close to that and and
39:54then there's the designer somewhere
39:56aspect which is what warm more more kind
39:59of knowledgeable about so trying to
40:01merge those two areas and have it makes
40:04sense is is a goal for me know
40:08yeah that's great i could see that being
40:09time-consuming you know just to do with
40:12the designs and materials and things in
40:14that sense so as I said we do we we've
40:16worked on some lines here and it was
40:18very time-consuming so you know I he I
40:21have to do that i mean that's a good
40:23luck with that i think it's gonna be
40:24awesome when you automatically option
40:25would be good
40:27yeah i mean putting everyone every
40:29woman's body perfectly is something that
40:31is not an easy task
40:33cool stuff no doubt about it and as you
40:37said I mean you know there are people
40:39are going to be your followers are going
40:40to be your target customers which is
40:42very important the other you please your
40:45target customers great their their
40:48loyalty you have to make them happy
40:50I totally agree and you know it's
40:52obvious you're doing a good job
40:54up to this point you your team with your
40:58products with your service and that's in
40:59the customers spaces is growing daily
41:01I'm sure thank you yeah it is it's it's
41:05bigger and better than ever and i think
41:08this month I'm sorry january-february
41:11was our-our third highest months ever so
41:14far and we're still in winter so I'm
41:17expecting this summer to just be it's
41:21aimed Wow mean that's yeah we went to
41:26the third-highest one that is that's
41:28amazing are you doing on any other
41:31advertising accepted social media type
41:34no I I really cut down on advertising
41:37over the wintertime just because I
41:40didn't feel like we had a great
41:43understanding of where we were actually
41:45making our money and where we were
41:46losing it
41:48so we kind of revamp everything and got
41:52a better handle on that and we're coming
41:55back now with with a new advertising
41:58budget night I have spoken to a few
42:01really prominent CEOs in this film or
42:04world and they give me some advice on
42:07where to spend your money almost and and
42:12how to manage that return on investment
42:15and and move forward so you know
42:19currently I'm trying to get ahold of
42:23facebook marketing and in that whole the
42:27whole video aspect of it I think it's
42:28really important but it's just something
42:31i personally don't know that much about
42:33so getting the right team in place to to
42:37really do that to accessibility is
42:39something I'm working on
42:41yeah and as you may have experienced the
42:43everyone promises that they're experts
42:46in it but you may have found out that
42:49not everyone's an expert in social media
42:51marketing or marketing at all
42:53yeah thanks Sharon and with so many
42:56different companies out there they all
42:58they all operate differently and they
43:01all offer they say one thing and maybe
43:05it's not really what it is because it's
43:07a business at the end of the day for
43:08them so being really wearing an
43:11understanding the cost of your product
43:14and the cost of shipping and your rate
43:16of returns and your budget and their
43:18percentages and all that can be tricky
43:21and it might sound like it's an amazing
43:24opportunity but it it might actually end
43:26up possibly breaking even in the
43:29best-case scenario so that is that is
43:33something to be wary of when working
43:35with marketing companies i would say
43:37yeah no i totally agree not totally
43:40all right Candice it looks like we're a
43:42little bit at a time I appreciate you
43:44for staying over time I think this has
43:47been a great conversation
43:48can I had so much more to cover and just
43:50chatting with you just ate up time on
43:55well thank you for having me i was a
43:57pleasure and maybe i'll be back
44:00why would love to have you back on i'm
44:02just going to say that just because i
44:04really want to catch up with you and see
44:06that you achieve the goals that you're
44:08striving for and I want to always know
44:10what's ahead in your future because I
44:12really believe you doing some amazing
44:13things out there and I'm myself proud to
44:16have you on our show that was a great
44:17thing that you came on
44:19thank you so much I appreciate it and I
44:22would love to come back if you'll have
44:24me in the future but let me accomplish a
44:25few more things first that we have some
44:27fresh content for you
44:28I don't gotta be tough for judgment but
44:32she take care about have a good one