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January 25, 2017
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January 31, 2017

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Podcast Notes

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hey everybody this is Carmine Denisco here
0:04inventors launchpad roadmap to success
0:06and today on the launchpad we got a
0:09special treat for you all you listeners
0:10out there we have Brian kleinschmidt he
0:14is an inventor he is a television star
0:17he is a business entrepreneur he's
0:20pretty much done it all if there's
0:22someone out there who you need to get
0:24advice from who you need to listen to
0:26follow the weed of this is the guy to do
0:29it i could go on for probably ten
0:31minutes with all the things that he's
0:32done i'm going to throw it over to Brian
0:34we're going to go through some of the
0:35trials and tribulations that he's
0:37experienced through his road to success
0:39and we'll get started right away hey
0:42Brian you over there man don't know
0:44pressure on a special tree bad I got I
0:47got I got a lot to live up to on this
0:49object here it is man it is a special
0:52treat I mean you've done so much not
0:54only as an inventor but as an
0:56entrepreneur business owner even in the
0:58community so I mean we want to hear
1:00about what the secrets are what you've
1:02done and of course you know with every
1:04learning process with every good and try
1:06a good thing that's happened is always
1:08those failures and I hate using work
1:09failures but a failure is something to
1:11to learn by and if you're not learning
1:13from your failures you know you're gonna
1:15have some issues going on in the future
1:17so that's why I wanted to kind of have
1:19you on the show I know that you have an
1:21invention that's out there you're on
1:23shark tank
1:24you're on some some of the TV shows that
1:26are out there and I wanted to just kinda
1:28go from the start real quick we've got
1:31about 30 minutes
1:32tell us a little bit about your
1:33invention some of the quick things that
1:35you run into and how you got maybe over
1:37to I know you've probably talked about
1:39that shark tank a lot how you got to
1:40that and then we'll get into that that
1:42part of it that's a solo I think every
1:45good invention starts with a problem and
1:48I saw a problem when I was finding
1:49trading my little daughter and you know
1:52i was using the same old traditional
1:54donuts that kind of shit right on top of
1:56the toilet seat and i think it's going
1:58to be a better way to do this so i
2:00started raining for a little bit and
2:01that's why I came up with easy peasy
2:03it's basically a regular adult toilet
2:05seat and then the front of it looks back
2:08so it makes for a hole smaller child and
2:10then when the child is done includes
2:12back to the
2:13all four older brothers you can you so
2:15bent on with done with the whole process
2:18with the patenting process got the name
2:21trade large make sure that the idea was
2:23really protected and that's you know
2:25that's a lot of hard work there but
2:27that's really when the hard work starts
2:29um ok manufacturing is this is just
2:32another step and really this
2:34distribution part of getting a product
2:36market as we all know is the heart so i
2:40was always a fan of heartache and I knew
2:42that they were having an open casting
2:44call basically down to Miami and I said
2:47you know what let's go for you know baby
2:49I know the chances are slim but they've
2:52gotta pick somebody one of the meat i'll
2:55share interesting stat we with your
2:57listeners but 50,000 people each season
3:00try out to be on the show they pick
3:04about 70 and out of those 70 only 48 air
3:08so there's 12 a proposal for corruption
3:11wow that's a huge numbers i mean putting
3:14that into perspective that is insane
3:16numbers and you want
3:17let's now when you've got picked out of
3:19the seventies you have to try out or is
3:22there some kind of steps that so yeah I
3:24mean just didn't really like winning the
3:25lottery so i heard about the open-call
3:27down Miami and I logon learned all about
3:30it and the first thing that said is you
3:33cannot camp out in line okay i'll only
3:36go down the morning of it so I Drive
3:38down from camp all the way down and
3:40guess what a thousand people in front of
3:42me have already camped out so i would
3:44literally the last person in line 22
3:47pitch to the shark tank down there and
3:50actually worked out my benefit because
3:51being the last in line i can actually
3:54spend more time talking to the casting
3:55directors and I knew pretty quick that
3:59they like the idea they liked the
4:00concept and that's the process started
4:03it was about three months process after
4:05that you know fact checking everything
4:07um before they flew me out to LA and we
4:10actually shot the of the absolute Wow
4:12laughs oh did you know when you want to
4:14I mean you're right everything happens
4:16for a reason your last online but it
4:18worked out for you mean it's the that's
4:19a whole great part about this is you
4:21know these things are happening and it's
4:23meant to happen it would you go there
4:25you had a prototype you you have to
4:27yeah manufacturing place that little i
4:29did not i literally have a prototype and
4:33I had a little expandable signed kind of
4:35showed my idea of a little background
4:38i'm actually a general I don't know or
4:40anytime sentences and I guess you would
4:42call that like my day job but my mind
4:45never stops oh I'm a hero of your own
4:47adventure and I'm some people might
4:49disagree with me but I think and really
4:52believe that that's the best way to go
4:54I think you need you were reading butter
4:57when you're making really good money and
4:59then you just gotta be a hustler and be
5:00able to work 16 hours a day that's why
5:04do I i I'm the gym owner who on the side
5:06did all this stuff and it's workout
5:10yeah well it seems like it has now I
5:13mean you're awesome
5:14you know we're here we're taping and you
5:17know you're not stuttering I mean I hear
5:18you're doing better than me so he went
5:20what else have you done that kind of
5:22prepared you for this moment to be you
5:24know auditioning for shark tank was
5:25there anything else that you've done to
5:27get you did yeah we um I can't really
5:29never done one thing I think just a
5:31series of events in my life and just
5:34kind of led to the next thing you know I
5:36see the school shit sometimes it can
5:39always tell them and the teachers always
5:41shake your head i should don't have a
5:43carve-out concrete plant in your life it
5:47if you do that you set yourself up for
5:49failure because as you mentioned earlier
5:50there's always going to be hiccups in
5:52the road so the way I've now my life is
5:54I i know from opportunity to
5:56opportunities always gonna be another
5:58more than open and you have to be
6:00flexible that you have to be able to
6:02bounce a little bit left a little bit
6:04right it is gonna have a concrete path
6:07into this is the only way I'm going and
6:09you stubborn about it they could be in
6:12for a long road because it is a winding
6:14road to get from you know and i did in
6:16the prototype of the garage to pitching
6:18for the Sharks in front of slowly and
6:20people don't know that you're exactly
6:23right i mean my venture capitalist
6:24friend my god from Silicon Valley
6:26actually judge people by the amount of
6:28failures that they've experienced now I
6:31i I've had a ton of every you know and
6:35you can be afraid to say I mean some
6:38people you know they will shut down
6:40completely if they fail in front of 10
6:42people what I failed in front of 12
6:45million people didn't get chicken
6:47honestly while being the best thing that
6:50has happened for me my product it is
6:53open up with a ton of doors
6:55uh so yeah failing is actually a great
6:58thing and i'm one of the best failing
7:01and I'm even better coming back from
7:03philly love it then I love it that's the
7:05feeling is exactly right as long as you
7:07keep going you have to believe in your
7:08idea obviously have to know that this is
7:11a good idea so so when you got your idea
7:14created a prototype even after you after
7:17you went on Shark Tank I don't believe
7:19you got a deal but as you said it was
7:21the best thing that does nothing
7:24were there things that you should have
7:26done or that you say okay I I could have
7:29done this I could have done that like in
7:30preparation either before or after like
7:34when you got your prototype you got the
7:36patent is awesome that's a great start
7:37what are some of those steps that you
7:39said hey man I should have done that
7:40ever so some missteps that you learned
7:42from I mean hindsight is always
7:44twenty-twenty obviously you know when
7:46sharpening first came out season 120 i
7:49really believe that my product we got a
7:51deal because back then they really like
7:53those ideas where they can make them
7:56into business now the show is so popular
7:58is attracting multi-million dollar
8:01businesses that sharpshooter poor little
8:03bit gasoline on and they become 50
8:05million visits no
8:06so they're looking for different types
8:09of deals so uh it's a whole different
8:11game on the show now if you watch it but
8:14I got out of it when I was me to get out
8:16of it
8:16hindsight I probably should have had a
8:18college sales going in but I said I
8:21wasn't at that steps are willing to let
8:23that stop me from doing it like we said
8:26earlier everything happens for a reason
8:27I always feel like timing is do is
8:29perfect and there was it worked out and
8:34you're really starting to you know
8:36you're exactly right i mean you can't
8:38sit back and wait and see i wish i had
8:40this i wish i had that you have the
8:41Union forward and and that's what we
8:43speak when we speak with inventors i
8:45know that when you speak with adventures
8:46and kids up you can't sit back and wait
8:48you have to keep moving back code there
8:51is no perfect time it's probably just
8:53like having
8:54kid when's the best time when the best
8:56time to do this one yesterday
8:58yeah right now you should have done it
9:00already just keep moving forward every
9:03time you make a step you will feel
9:04better even if it's not the exact step
9:06obviously you want to have a plan what
9:08the plan is that you know you don't have
9:11to be stringent about it but you should
9:13always follow with an invention and I
9:15think that's kind of what you're saying
9:16about that and then you know what else
9:18is really cool in my life I'm yeah I'm
9:20going to sound like I'm Peters only 34
9:22but I've lived a pretty long life in 34
9:25years every time a door slammed in my
9:27face I'm always amazed at the two or
9:30three others that open up and you know
9:34you gotta look at those oars and say
9:36okay this is the right one to walk
9:38through and guess what if it turns out
9:39it wasn't the right one
9:41there's another door open and sometimes
9:44when no doors are open you gotta find a
9:46window to crawl through that you can't
9:49be afraid to call your windows I mean
9:51blows move forward and not looking in
9:54the rearview mirror
9:55I feel like you're gonna be successful
9:57in anything you do whether we're talking
9:59about now or you know anything in life i
10:02really miss my life
10:04oh I totally agree i mean it sounds like
10:06you're you don't like to use the word
10:07hustling but you always have something
10:09that the reason you have so many doors
10:10opening or window open it's because
10:12you're always her husband you always are
10:14not waiting for the opportune you're
10:15going out and getting it and no that's
10:18the one of the things that my partner
10:19and i talked with inventors about talk
10:21with business owners that you cannot be
10:23waiting if you have an invention you
10:24have a great idea
10:25do not wait move forward as much as you
10:27can whether it's for manufacturing micro
10:29manufacturing whatever you can do to
10:31move that product through it and you
10:33know you know I can't you have listeners
10:35that have dreams and other different
10:37aspects of the light like you can apply
10:39this to hold anything I mean what am I
10:41one of my kind of side hobbies and
10:43passion is singing and songwriting and
10:45performing and just yesterday I was up
10:48in Nashville working with a group up
10:50there and I wrote a song and um you know
10:53what I want to do something with the
10:55song not just gonna sit with the song
10:57and players my wife and daughter
10:59I want the world here right so most
11:01people take it crazy that why do it so
11:04uh making connections i was looking at
11:07sure we recorded a demo yesterday we're
11:09gonna start fishing at the artist so I
11:11mean that's just one thing but but if
11:13you've got something you really believe
11:15that you've got a dream go for you get
11:18the years you look back and say my god I
11:21haven't done anything i'm just here
11:22waiting for stuff to happen it's not
11:24gonna happen you have to make it happen
11:26wow so is this like the first time your
11:28song has been announced publicly that
11:30you have this is just like the dress but
11:33I'm not singing for us
11:35damn that was my next question no also
11:38man well congratulations you know
11:39singing public speaking is a huge fear
11:43of people are ya thinkin a song in front
11:46of people and things nothing to me is
11:49just unbelievable that you can do that
11:51I'm sure that is where I'm probably more
11:53comfortable singing now i am speaking
11:56bus up
11:57yeah i mean i can trace it back all the
11:59way when I was a little kid but my mom
12:01had any new musical theater and drama
12:03classes I was kind of strange nice cool
12:06i did for did draw my decor I was just
12:08kinda I guess well-rounded and
12:10everything kind of jack of all trades
12:13master of none but i can't wait to
12:16UCS in orlando and I made your radio
12:19television broadcast even though i'm not
12:20doing that in my life right now I still
12:24and using soon as the things I've
12:26learned in college so that's another
12:28thing to your listeners to to realize
12:29that that every little experience in
12:32your life if you pick up just a little
12:34bit and apply it to what's nextt what's
12:36nextt what's nextt arm to help you out
12:39in into just because you go through one
12:42discipline doesn't mean you do that the
12:44rest of your life maybe only that three
12:47or four you and take those experiences
12:49and what you learn and apply it to
12:52what's next
12:52so I know you can see it but I wear this
12:55bracelet and the bracelet literally said
12:58well it's not that's awesome that I i'm
13:01always you know you can never be
13:04complacent on anything and that's the
13:07way I live my life
13:09what's that now that's exciting and keep
13:11your address
13:12yeah well I'm hoping that you know
13:15there's a lot of inventors out there
13:16that listen to our show and give us
13:18cause they send out emails and
13:20the question is I had this idea or I've
13:22gone this far
13:23what do I do next and it's so important
13:25it's so great that you mention that
13:27because there's always something that we
13:29could be doing something they could that
13:31idea forward up real quick back to your
13:34idea and I know after shark tank on and
13:37i would even call it a failure after the
13:38Sharks know that they didn't get on your
13:41on TV I mean that is an awesome way of
13:44getting your product outer kept
13:45happening with your product now if
13:47you're able to talk about it and and you
13:49know what instantaneous kind of thing
13:51like what happened after the show I mean
13:53it must have been crazy
13:54yes I mean the cool thing about getting
13:56on the show I said it's like winning the
13:58lottery so they equate it to about 12
14:01million dollar pieces of ad states even
14:04if you don't get a deal
14:06the exfoliator is incredible another
14:09kind of you know little monster that my
14:10life by is everything in life if you
14:13look at it as either protection for
14:17you can't go wrong like so when I finish
14:20in front of the Sharks I wanted not
14:21getting a deal and you know some people
14:23be super bombed in an upset oh my god
14:26this is my only chance and go you know
14:28bury themselves behold and throw the
14:30idea way but I looked at it as you know
14:33what this didn't happen for reason for
14:36some reason I was protected from not
14:38going to deal with it and I was here
14:41when you're going to it you never know
14:44what's going to be coming but right
14:47after the episode aired my website is
14:49almost crashed with the amount of people
14:51who really wanted the product and i had
14:54a bunch of people email me is and today
14:56I'd like to invest I'd like to you know
14:58bring this part market when i started
15:00sticking through a lot of those a lot of
15:02those were not my call scam artists and
15:06they want legit except one guy's England
15:09found got to New York and pizza i was
15:13watching the show I love the idea I want
15:15to help you bring it to market so I said
15:17let's kill this guy out
15:19so if you have to New York of them
15:20showing his capabilities and it turns
15:22out he actually owns his own home goods
15:24manufacturing company got a factory in
15:26China you get distribution packaging
15:29retail engineers and long story short
15:32the deal
15:33I wound up doing with him with a much
15:36better deal than I was shaking in the
15:37first place with the sharp why he's
15:40gonna be able to bring it into every
15:41single major retail so is that
15:45everything worked out the way it was
15:46posted like i said earlier
15:48yeah you aren't kidding you now that
15:50you're telling I get the idea what you
15:52mean I mean being able to do that and
15:55having somebody flying up in New York
15:56you knew he was serious when you did
15:58that end
15:59yeah and we'll and emails when you're
16:02getting a hundred emails and your
16:03weeding through and you will you're
16:05gonna get people that are just know a
16:06little out there you know they might
16:08have good intentions but they just don't
16:09you know they don't have the
16:11capabilities or whatever you know when
16:13you're getting an email or something
16:13like that you need to go to move quickly
16:15with a product that was just on
16:17yeah and I interview you guys together
16:20the power of the sermon you have able to
16:22see and you know your listeners are
16:23probably gonna have people that approach
16:24and say I can help you well maybe they
16:27can fund with money but can they really
16:29help you get it to the next level
16:31it's two different things a lot of
16:33people out there with money but they
16:34don't have the connections like my guy
16:36mike has connections every major retail
16:38that he's already built up so why in the
16:41world would I try to reinvent the wheel
16:42and open up all the doors and he are you
16:45so long story short I wanted to win a
16:48World deal with them different from
16:49guarantee an onboard world key awesome
16:52how you know he's been taking over all
16:55aspects of that toilet seat idea and
16:57guess what
16:58now I can move on to my what's next my
17:01next idea which is exactly what i'm
17:03doing people you know you gotta look at
17:06your inventions as as not like a
17:09long-lasting love relationships we gotta
17:11love what you do but you've got to be
17:13able to to be able to see the exit
17:16strategy and the timing is you know what
17:17I have an opportunity
17:19why not take it and I cannot get get
17:22some of these other ideas out of my head
17:24so on a lot of people said I was crazy
17:26and I left a lot of money on the table
17:27in the world to do but you gotta think
17:31that this is a saying that that I want
17:34your listeners to really really taking
17:35the heart-machine you know it's the old
17:38saying that you know if you look at a
17:40watermelon a little chunk of that
17:43watermelon is a lot bigger than hot
17:46% of great and I think Mark Cuban
17:48actually said the same thing so ten ten
17:51percent of watermelon is bigger than a
17:54hundred percent of great and if you're
17:55trying to do not yourself by your but
17:57you know doing it in your smaller the
17:58world you know how to handle nothing
18:03you gotta look at the world and a huge
18:07place and there's a lot a lot of money
18:09lot of opportunities lot of the lot of
18:11places for your product to be so healthy
18:13don't think you're going to lose out by
18:16giving up some of your company on
18:18royalty or licensing deal sometimes it
18:20was the best thing god I one percent
18:23agree one of me
18:24I mean I i watch shark tank very
18:26sporadically and one of the reasons that
18:27it's hard for me to watch the show its
18:29kind of exactly what you just explain
18:31because there's people on their way and
18:34they're great people have great ideas
18:35but they won't take a deal because of
18:37one percent instant I mean I'm yelling
18:40at the television take the deal you just
18:43said and and go to move on to your idea
18:46you know very very wise person who the I
18:52probably can't mention the name but he
18:54came up with a small talk call the
18:55snuggie told me one time he said don't
18:57fall in love with your idea and it is
19:01huge it was huge it's always stuck in my
19:03head because here's somebody who sold
19:06you know you guys know the product and
19:08and he's onto several more products and
19:11didn't fall in love with his idea he
19:13denied you can die i learned that the
19:15hard way so i don't use on for Jim and I
19:18was great opportunity came up by a year
19:20ago and just one of my gym was not for
19:24the guy came and said I want this
19:26business for myself I want to bring them
19:29in to visit here just off the building
19:30from any one of the business as well and
19:33I told the weather for sale
19:34he came back a week later he said you
19:35don't understand i own the building now
19:37I want business is what you want i just
19:40threw a price out there and he didn't
19:42come on one penny and it was a
19:44bittersweet thing because I worked so
19:46hard to build up that business but what
19:49when that right opportunity
19:51exit strategies there you have to take
19:53you know now 10 months later I don't
19:55regret one thing
19:56yes I
19:57love the business not a lot of passion i
19:59was doing it but I didn't love it so
20:01much and I was like I I can't give it up
20:04back it up
20:05guess what it's right up to these days
20:07gone there was a UH an experiment they
20:11did I remember I learned this in college
20:12during the experiment that they did with
20:14monkey and they put a monkey in a room
20:17right and inside the room they had a ton
20:21of the jars i would say about 50 jars of
20:24the monkeys favorite snack which
20:26happened to be M&M look so they feel
20:31they fill the jars with evidence and
20:34most of the jar pretty good-sized charge
20:39right but there was one more that was
20:42just big enough for the monkey's hand to
20:44get in and guess what that jar had had
20:46more eminent that one jar so what they
20:50found is the lucky went in to look at
20:52all the jars and he saw that one jar
20:54that has the most and left he put his
20:57hand in the jar but when he grabbed all
21:00the other amenities it made it too hard
21:03that he couldn't get his hand that so he
21:06was going to grieve that rather than
21:08letting go of the M&M so he could get
21:11all the other ones around him he stuck
21:14his hand in there and I think that's
21:16what a lot of entrepreneurs do with your
21:18ideas are still stuck with that one idea
21:21that we're missing our always
21:24opportunities that are much easier in
21:26plain sight around them
21:28that is a great that's a great way to
21:32look at that you're you know you're
21:33exactly right and and in think i want
21:36people and listening to know is this is
21:37coming from somebody who is actually
21:39done what they started out to do
21:43he's experienced that he's not just
21:44coming up with this theory he didn't
21:46write a book and and theory this isn't a
21:48teacher telling theory is a person is
21:50experiencing things so you're giving you
21:52this information because he's done it
21:53and and that's what's so great that's
21:55what's so powerful about this message
21:57yeah i mean i-i do I think the best
22:03lessons are the ones you kinda learn on
22:05your own going to life and you go to all
22:08the schooling in college and all
22:10the read all the books and listen to all
22:12the self-help tapes but unless you go
22:14through those experiences in your own
22:16life you're never going to truly know so
22:18so some stuff you do have to do trial by
22:20error but be smart enough to really
22:23listen to the people who have been
22:24through it and learn from their
22:27yeah no no good so the real quick Brian
22:30look I know that you're working on a few
22:32ideas what's what's what's really next
22:34for you what's going on that if you can
22:36I know you got the song is there any
22:38ideas you working on earth you got in
22:39the that you can talk about I i always
22:42see how I was a little people that
22:43cannot sit still so i'm currently
22:45finishing up to real estate deals over
22:48and in st. Petersburg across the day was
22:51a new construction and another one is
22:52over by the beach in both those just
22:55completed and proud to say both offers
22:57on the table are like I said I i don't
23:01mean I don't minimize my view of just
23:04making money doing one thing you know
23:06something Charlie wants to use you know
23:08the living wealthy have about six or
23:10seven different streams of income so as
23:13long as there's motion and something I'm
23:17yeah i'm gonna happen today you know
23:18what do you do which I hate that
23:20question but I love a flight and then
23:22what you do and I said I i like to make
23:26money because there's really nothing
23:29wrong with that about any place where
23:31there is you know whether it's with the
23:33gym memberships rhetoric or houses or
23:37anything where they're large and I'm
23:39interested in right it's great now do
23:42you is the invention industry i don't
23:44even really the invention industry or
23:46product development is really kind of
23:48what you do now is this something that
23:51you would like you and I know you want
23:52to be spread out to do three is this
23:54something that you're going to keep
23:54endeavoring into new problem
23:57absolutely i mean as you will know when
24:00we first met I was at the kind of like a
24:04sharp pain convince where they had they
24:06had three or four different local people
24:08from shark tank along in front of a
24:10panel of the group and that kind of
24:12spoke about our experiences and once
24:14again that was not with you anywhere
24:16I didn't know where we're going to take
24:17me but it wound up opening quite a few
24:19doors open my life series the fact that
24:22i did not get a deal but I
24:24get pushing and I got an investor and lo
24:27and behold and other products at that
24:29event was brought to my attention and I
24:32look at these boxes oh my God he's a
24:34genius products that the person got
24:37patented they put a lot of work they got
24:39manufacturing and then guess what they
24:41hit a brick wall know if I can help
24:44those people get those products to the
24:46next level through some of my
24:47connections I made why not it's a
24:50win-win for everybody and there's plenty
24:52of money and margin to be made very much
24:54so I think that's probably my next
24:56direction is not only developing
24:58inventions and ideas different
25:01businesses in my head but also helping
25:03other people get their drinking on the
25:07road because as you know there's a lot
25:09of adventures where for certain reasons
25:11or you know whatever reason maybe
25:13they've got a closet hold of products
25:17that the world is never going to see you
25:20know who my goal is to help those people
25:23in for that people talk about the best
25:26out of the products in the closet and
25:28and help them get them to market of you
25:32you know that is designed the patterning
25:35the manufacturing all that that's just
25:37one part the distribution and getting it
25:40in front of the retailer's that's the
25:42hard that's what the real work begins
25:44and it's a long climb at that really
25:49smoke inventors is declined that may not
25:52be the smartest club so why not find
25:55someone who's already on top of the
25:56mountain who's already made that climb
25:58how to pull you up so I don't make those
26:01connections and I'm looking forward to
26:02helping out quite a few adventures here
26:05in the next year so get the arts market
26:07why that would be that would be awesome
26:09and a lot of people out there looking
26:10for that I know for one we get a lot of
26:12emails a lot of questions and being able
26:14to send them over to somebody like
26:16yourself again who's experienced it has
26:18lived it is done it and now has the
26:21yes sometimes prices so we're going to
26:24start wrapping up is there a way for
26:26people to get in touch with you i think
26:28that I mean I don't want to get my
26:30personal email out but um you could go
26:33to easy-peasy dot-com which is that you
26:35want to check out
26:36I am my product the websites about the
26:38revamped the email there
26:40I'm you know you and I have made a great
26:43relationship if someone if someone does
26:45have a great idea and they want i guess
26:47picture to me I think the best way would
26:49just be contact you guys and then you
26:52know you can picture me as if I love it
26:54i'll take it to the next level and you
26:56can help these people out why I
26:58appreciate it i mean that thanks for you
27:00know letting people know they can send
27:01them over to us also I as we both know
27:04this uh this industry this invention
27:07industry is kind of full of smoke and
27:09mirrors and find people that you can
27:11trust kind of find people you can bounce
27:12off ideas you without trying to sell you
27:15something or trying to you know feel
27:17your head up with you know butterflies
27:19and flowers that you know very important
27:21to find somebody like yourself so I
27:23appreciate that and you know just in
27:26closing by I really really appreciate
27:29you coming on the show today trying to
27:30help out our listeners and giving your
27:33experiences I think it's really going to
27:34help people move forward with your idea
27:37no worries i appreciate how do you know
27:39having me on one thing I learned a long
27:41time ago was if you really want to be
27:44successful in your own life
27:45um you have to help others become
27:48successful right so you know you don't
27:51always want to be you know begging
27:54begging and asking asking you only need
27:56to be helping somebody up at the same
27:57time because what i found is the more
28:00people that that I help out internal
28:03it's a good karma just come street you
28:05so the more people I help out in charger
28:08and I get help
28:10it's it is written I don't know how it
28:12happened but it absolutely happen so you
28:16know if I can help out anybody into
28:18buying up on you guys i would love to
28:19because I know that that might help
28:21becoming calm down the road so we can be
28:25on today
28:26you know it's uh it's an exciting
28:29process that allows people knowledge is
28:32scary process but life is short just
28:35know that was the fullest live fearless
28:37and then go for what's the worse it's
28:40going to happen you embarrass yourself
28:41on national television like I did
28:44don't kick I don't think embarrass
28:46yourself i think Alyssa's going to go
28:47back and watch the episode in there
28:49you can have fun now seeing that UIC and
28:51what you accomplished that think it's
28:52awesome i will tell you know if you go
28:55back and watching the experience just in
28:57a nutshell with incredible it was super
29:00intense part of the most intense i've
29:02ever done intense things I was only
29:04amazing raising years ago how I i
29:08submitted a commercial for the doritos
29:10superbowl competition which was super
29:12intense uh which are taking the motion
29:15said my heart was beating so fast i was
29:17in there and I was like in there for an
29:19hour and they edit it down like seven
29:21minutes that you seek
29:23yeah it's possible some ways than usual
29:26and one that I would never never change
29:29even outcome that will never change
29:31yeah I don't know know it sounds like
29:34you really made the most of it you know
29:35a lot of people gone like you said a lot
29:37of people have gone and they didn't get
29:38a deal and they would have went and hid
29:39somewhere under a bed and you made the
29:41most of every aspect everything you've
29:43done and that's why it's so important I
29:45was just so happy that you're going to
29:47be on the show just to show people it
29:48can be done
29:50yeah absolutely alright Brian I had a
29:53million questions for you were kind of
29:54running out of time but i do want to
29:56even open door that if we can have you
29:58on the show again to go over some more
29:59stuff and we wanted update not only on
30:00your song which is great congratulations
30:03on that but I do congratulate you on all
30:05your successes I know that you are
30:06responsible for what you've done and
30:08it's a great thing that you're doing a
30:10lot of help along the way what's up yeah
30:12I appreciate you gotta work hard I mean
30:15I wake up early stay late my mind is
30:18always going of one thing that helps me
30:20I have a little notepad so when I was
30:23younger he spilled memorize everything
30:24but i encourage you know your delicious
30:27that notepad and next time all the time
30:28whether it's next to where I stand on
30:30the bedroom sometimes your best ideas
30:33come little like three in the morning
30:34when you wake up you did right in battle
30:36they're gone and so how really get those
30:39ideas down and be amazed that
30:43opportunity may open
30:46that's great that's great you guys all
30:47heard it if you have an idea you have
30:50question you have something you want to
30:51ask brian get in touch with him itz pcs
30:54website or give it give us and give us a
30:56question online send us an email will
30:58make sure we get it over to Brian look
31:00at help people looking for product it's
31:02gonna be awesome
31:03and we're gonna have my show again so
31:04thanks a lot brian and we'll talk to you
31:07now we're getting common next time we do
31:09the podcast let's show them some of the
31:12ideas that were kind of taken from the
31:15dusty closet like i mentioned earlier
31:17into let's show them some of those ideas
31:19that we're going into a markup people in
31:21Georgian great idea Brian see that his
31:24mind is always going always have remote
31:27you take care buddy
31:28I think