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Tamara’s life is about breaking through the status quo for game-changing results – and, that’s what her audiences learn how to do, too!
Breaking The Status Quo
From being part of the elite group of TED speakers to completing three Tough Mudders (and counting) Tamara’s life is about breaking through the status quo for game-changing results – and that’s what her audiences learn how to do too!
Tamara Kleinberg top innovation SpeakerTamara Kleinber media and speaking sizzle packet top innovation speaker
Ad Agency Whiz Kid
At 27 she was the youngest person ever named to leadership in a leading global advertising agency. If you’ve walked the aisle of Target you’ve pushed your cart past products and brands that have benefited from Tamara’s innovative approach – everything from Cheerios and Johnsonville Sausage to Procter and Gamble and Clorox. As the driving force behind a global innovation and brand strategy firm, Tamara created and delivered new revenue streams that helped double revenues and land the big dog accounts in just 18 months.
Innovative Entrepreneur
As the founder of a thriving entrepreneurial business, TheShuuk.com – the testing ground for the world’s coolest, new ideas, Tamara knows what it takes to drive growth and innovation daily in an ever-changing market-place. Tamara is a business owner that speaks for the love of spreading innovative ideas and the entrepreneurial mindset. She brings a unique, real world, in the trenches perspective to all her engagements. As the creator of the Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) Assessment, Tamara has developed the only tool able to measure people’s natural innovation strengths and deliver insights and tools for performing at their peak, bringing more innovative ideas to the table, being a high value team member and creating game-changing results.
Published All Over!
She is the author of two nationally published playbooks, including her most recent, Think Sideways: A Game-changing Playbook For Disruptive Thinking. For the past 18 years Tamara has advised companies such as Disney, General Mills, RICOH and Otterbox and worked in industries ranging from healthcare and library to consumer goods and high tech on fostering innovative ideas and people. She has run multi-million dollar businesses and launched a few of her own, learning from her successes and, most importantly, her failures. Tamara has been featured on the TODAY SHOW, the New York Times, Denver Business Journal, Kitchen & Bath Magazine, Speakers Magazine, NBC 9News, C2 morning show and on radio stations across the country. As a kid in computer camp she won the “I’ll try anything once” Award—a motto she still lives by.

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Podcast Notes

1You Tube generated podcast notes, please excuse any typos.
:00hi everyone and welcome to inventors
0:04launchpad roadmap to success i am your
0:07host carmine minutes ago and today on
0:10the launchpad
0:11I am honored to bring someone on who is
0:14really someone that is out there helping
0:16people to move think so she's doing a
0:18lot of work in the sides of talking to
0:22people not convincing but bringing their
0:25strength and their professionalism
0:27forward she's really good at doing that
0:29she's the founder of launch street
0:31she's an author she does she has done a
0:34TED talk which is awesome
0:36he's been on numerous magazines you've
0:37been on a show she's a creator of a
0:40system called I 2e and i'm going to let
0:43her talk about that a little bit she the
0:45crossfit maniac
0:47she's a keynote speaker she does so much
0:49that i could go on Rufus intro for body
0:52probably about 10 minutes or so I'm
0:54gonna bring her on we're going to go
0:55through some stuff that she's doing that
0:56something she has done and what you're
0:58looking to in the future it would be
1:01great if if she can come on and
1:03introduce yourself and here's our guests
1:05for the show me
1:07thank you so much for having me on what
1:09can i say that you haven't already said
1:11I have to say I'm i will tell you i live
1:13we talked a little bit i live in denver
1:14colorado and I've got two young boys
1:17they're 8-12 which means that I if you
1:20want to see innovation and negotiation
1:22on a daily basis
1:24just look at your kids because they
1:25decide that they want something or
1:27they're going to go after something i
1:28will tell you they wear me down like
1:30nobody there so good use the tamper I
1:35didn't go through a few of the things
1:37that I look at you again because i was i
1:39was talking about this you know your
1:41intro can go on forever I mean I do a
1:44lot of work some background on you and
1:46just so the listeners out there this is
1:48tamara kleinberg she is the founder of
1:51one street and another arm another
1:53websites are called the shook my
1:55pronouncing that correctly
1:56yeah shoot so it's the hebrew word for
1:58marketplace and you know and i'll just
2:00tell you those two things came about
2:02because I gave kind of the Reader's
2:03Digest overview of my life and my career
2:06I've been innovation for 20-plus years
2:09now and I have helped companies like
2:11Procter & Gamble and clorox in general
2:13no and you know those guys launch new
2:15products into the marketplace if you
2:17push your car down the aisles of target
2:18you'll see products that i have had a
2:20hand in either branding or innovation on
2:23as well as with a lot of entrepreneurs
2:24and helping them get to that next level
2:27because i think if you know as inventors
2:29we have to work really hard to
2:31differentiate herself in the marketplace
2:32because we're competing against not just
2:34other inventors and other small players
2:36but the big players were already set in
2:38the marketplace so I'm and that's kind
2:40of a big passion a big love of mine
2:43because we actually have advantages
2:44small adventures to get things done to
2:47be nimble to be innovative but we've got
2:49a leverage that if we want to stand out
2:50now i have created and the way that
2:53you're talking about it you talking
2:55about some huge companies that use
2:57nothing for it and as we go back to when
3:01you started I know you've done some huge
3:03talk some large events you talked to
3:05hundreds and hundreds of people in front
3:07of that how did that translate down to I
3:09know you do some one-on-one work and you
3:11get some people on your website how did
3:13you really start and find out you wanted
3:15to be not only a keynote speaker but how
3:18did you get your mac of helping those
3:20inventors and innovators and forward so
3:23you know that's a great question i think
3:24it happened in a couple ways so in terms
3:26of the speaking and a little bit fell on
3:28my lap because as an entrepreneur I had
3:31to do it and here's the funny thing
3:33about us entrepreneurs and I just
3:35adventures all the time we love our
3:38product we know a lot about our product
3:41but at the end of the day if we're not
3:43good communicators we're not going to
3:45sell our product whether that's to the
3:47distribution center to our customers
3:50that key decision-maker whoever it is so
3:52I kind of had was forced into position
3:54of constantly trying to sell new ideas
3:56to people whether it's when I was
3:58running a consulting firm and working
3:59with function gamble Disney or whether i
4:01was you know working with adventures so
4:04so that's how that kind of came about
4:06and you know in the 20 years of all this
4:08work I just kept coming across
4:10entrepreneurs that have these brilliant
4:12ideas and then I people where are you
4:15going well i have sent me two talents in
4:17my garage and I'm stuck
4:19yeah like oh no so i would take all of
4:21these lessons and knowledge that I had
4:24from working with Fortune 500 and all of
4:26the snow
4:26an experience I had was working as an
4:28entrepreneur being one and owning a
4:29business and trying to launch my own
4:31thing down to the world whether it was a
4:32product or service it kind of brought
4:34those two together to provide some some
4:36guidance and insight that would help
4:38them get unstuck in those places that
4:40seems to kinda like mud that we all get
4:42trapped in you know I know there's
4:43always the right weight but but it's
4:45predictable but in a lot of ways so I
4:48wanted to help those people get out of
4:50yeah and you probably had saw it being
4:53repetition like most of the people you
4:55talk to and even here at the launchpad
4:57it's a different story but it seems like
5:00things circumstance right that's exactly
5:03right you know it's there's a couple
5:04places just to give some examples
5:06um I often get a call and someone says
5:08okay so here's the thing I've got my
5:10product like I know what it is I've got
5:12it they'll say done i would argue that
5:14it's never done you're always improving
5:17and making it better but you know that
5:18the mistakes that we make and I get it
5:20because you know this is our baby right
5:22please don't call it ugly it's not okay
5:24but you know I've built this cup so I
5:27went and I spent my money on the product
5:30and now i'm exhausted i don't have the
5:31results i want they don't happen
5:33overnight and I've got to overcome that
5:35and so but that's predictable and
5:37repeatable that is that's the place i'm
5:38sure you see it all the time with people
5:40you know and that's kind of it is an
5:43easy place to get stock because you put
5:47all your ID ideation all your innovation
5:49into the front end but this business
5:51isn't a sprint it's a marathon and that
5:54innovation has to go across everything
5:56and you gotta get out of that place of
5:58thinking but I've got my product because
6:00it's not enough
6:01yeah I i agree i mean you know obviously
6:04you have the knowledge in this because
6:06you are you saying is I think the crazy
6:09part is I know that our listeners are
6:12listening to what you're saying and
6:13they're probably shaking her head and
6:15what you would if you find out in this
6:17is click this even when you are
6:20explaining it to an inventor and
6:23entrepreneur do they get it like even
6:25when they get like how do they actually
6:27implement what you give them
6:29yeah so here's the reality and I think
6:32that's probably true costs everything
6:33some do and some don't some get really
6:36frustrated because what they want is to
6:38put their products on Amazon or get them
6:39to talk
6:40get to have him sell and that's that
6:43um but you know if you build it they
6:45will come as not true anymore me in any
6:48way whatsoever so those don't get it and
6:51they're still in the same place they
6:52were three years ago that's not the
6:54unfortunate reality on the ones that get
6:57it recognized they've got to build an
6:59innovative business their marketing
7:01their sales our consumer service the
7:03entire scene have to be innovative here
7:05kind of my example let's say you built
7:07the most innovative lipstick like it is
7:12amazing it happens to be on my desk
7:14first up I'm gonna grab it right like
7:16its revolutionary you know that this is
7:18going to change every lipstick every
7:21woman's life out there but you make it
7:24look like every other lipstick and then
7:27you put it on the shelf next to every
7:28other lipstick in exactly the same
7:30packaging with exactly the same
7:32marketing and then you get frustrated
7:33because nobody gets why you're looking
7:37at lipstick and selling but it's because
7:39you took all your innovation you put
7:40into the product and then you missed the
7:43whole thing apart for the one to get it
7:45really get it you know one piece of
7:46advice I'd love to throw out there
7:47because this to me is a very simple very
7:51simple tools or was very simple method
7:53that you can execute on quickly is this
7:55is what I tell all the entrepreneurs
7:56particular inventors I work with be
7:59where your customers are but your
8:01competition isn't oh don't focus on
8:04being next to the competition because if
8:05I've got this you know incredible water
8:08bottle that I've developed and I've got
8:10it next to 10 of the water bottles I'm
8:12now forcing my customer to go haha well
8:15what's the benefit of that one that said
8:16it better be amazing for me to buy it
8:18over that one and now i'm playing a
8:19price game so hold on that if you sent
8:21more expensive so why do I want that so
8:24if i created this incredible thermo
8:27water bottle whatever i'm making this
8:29stuff up as I go but you get the point I
8:31want to think about while who needs a
8:33water bottle
8:34well what about hotels when people are
8:36traveling what about airports what about
8:38what are other places I can be in where
8:40I can be for my customers and I can be
8:43the only choice its adventures took that
8:45one simple flip stop stop worrying about
8:47big box will come to you when you're
8:50already successful they don't want to
8:51give up shelf space yet that is
8:52expensive spaces
8:54you know that it is expensive for them
8:55so beware your customers are your
8:58competition isn't that will drive your
9:00growth very expensive space i agree one
9:03hundred percent that the thing about it
9:05is what you know again what you're
9:07talking about is so important and I'm
9:09hoping that the Wilsons are getting this
9:11it's all part of an overall strategy and
9:13ya think there is like to invent as you
9:16know and I know they like to invent
9:18things but they they believe that their
9:19product as you said we'll take care of
9:22my product is the best is all I need and
9:25but they don't realize how much is in
9:27the back end that they know no one can
9:29do this by on their own there is so much
9:31to getting a product on the store shell
9:33and you know just from what you're
9:35saying I know that you get it and your
9:37they realize it well I'll give you
9:40another example and this is where we as
9:42adventures have a huge advantage of a
9:45big companies so I was meeting with an
9:48ex client of mine who has a major dairy
9:51product i'll leave that back so i want
9:53to throw them under the bus but if I 780
9:55would all know it
9:55oh I'm meeting with her and we're
9:57talking about the retail environment and
9:59she was telling me that for her to get a
10:01new product on the shelf of any of the
10:03major grocery stores she wouldn't have
10:05that product done and in the sales
10:07channel 18 months ahead of time before
10:11it ever makes it to the shelf that's how
10:13long it's taking for them to any of the
10:16big-box retailers to turn over their
10:18shelf so we have customers don't know
10:19because we go in and look new and
10:21different but we don't know that that
10:22product was ready in 2015
10:25so so if I'm an adventure though here's
10:28where i go light bulb this is awesome
10:30I don't need 18 months and I don't need
10:34target because I'm nimble and I love
10:36targets and get me wrong I matter
10:37shopper and i would love to see all
10:39inventions and target i would love an
10:41end cap of all the things I think are
10:42cool but there's target if you're
10:45listening but but if I'm an adventurer
10:47have a huge advantage because I'm not
10:49locked into those channels like the big
10:50guys and I can go out and I can get into
10:52boutiques and hotels and transportation
10:55companies middle of a like whatever I
10:57mean that the distribution pads are now
11:00endless so why you know while they're
11:02waiting 18 months i'm gonna take my
11:04product and i'm going to get out there
11:06and get the customers to love it
11:07long before that happens direct and then
11:09you have sales numbers you're gonna have
11:11the ability to tell going to take this
11:12one of my product having all those
11:14little pieces accomplice talking about
11:17in in place when you go to the big-box
11:19stores and you can answer their
11:20questions because again right Tamara you
11:22only have a certain amount of time to
11:25answer that buyers question if you say
11:27I'll get back to you on that it's over
11:29but just try to accept but slowing your
11:32product going out there working out all
11:34the bugs and maybe that next version you
11:37have some problems
11:38it's always good to be selling your
11:39product so i agree time of 100 percents
11:42to sell that product so there's this
11:44great study i read recently and what was
11:46the book i think it was tree suasion
11:47which is one of the best books ever if
11:49you have you read it already bite eldini
11:51childe Yun never seen before and I'm
11:53sorry I think he's a master i think it
11:56was an app that I'm reading it and one
11:58is the ikea study did you read that one
12:00so the reason i mention this will all
12:02share with the study include why mention
12:03your adventures so basically the bottom
12:06line is they had a group of people
12:07create build ikea products basically and
12:10then another and then they said to them
12:12how much would you value that
12:13productivity value that they had another
12:15group that come in and say this was
12:17pre-made how much would you value the
12:19desk and basically the people that
12:21co-created valued it at higher than the
12:24people who got free made isn't as
12:27important to us as inventors this that
12:29means that we can go out and build a
12:31network of Advocates customers who are
12:34willing to go along for the ride with us
12:36and give us feedback and give us ideas
12:38and not be afraid to wait until it's
12:40perfect for salt never perfect so let's
12:43just let go of that now but also build
12:46them as our advocates they're not going
12:47to be frustrated when it doesn't work
12:48they're gonna be happy to help us make
12:50it better
12:51yeah made and then began corrective
12:53longer i think apple does that in some
12:55way first really growing back out
12:58thousands i think they did a great job
12:59at that their phone has so many kings
13:02and I will never leave you think it's
13:04ridiculous right i mean you know i'm in
13:06the part where the process we have
13:08launched street and we have a launch
13:09date for entrepreneurs and it's a
13:10membership site where you going to get
13:12all this incredible content about how to
13:13be where customers on your competition
13:15isn't how to create a kick-out 1p plan
13:17how to be in the know commodities own so
13:19I have all this stuff
13:20we're building that for intrapreneurs as
13:23well but instead of building it what
13:25I've actually done is created a
13:27one-pager marketing sheet and I've been
13:29going to old clients and saying what do
13:31you think they're helping me build it
13:34and they will be my betas and I'm not
13:36afraid to say that like look this
13:37spelling errors on this is not about
13:39like this being perfect this is about
13:42you giving me your wisdom so just know
13:44and what they have helped me built is so
13:47much better than what I started with I
13:48mean it's almost embarrassing where I
13:50started relative to what they told me
13:51that's fantastic what a great way to
13:54bring emotional connection in we can
13:56bribe or whatever you want to call
13:58because they're helping they feel a part
14:00of it
14:00yep yeah they loved it and they're
14:02willing to give you feedback and advice
14:03and then they share with their friends
14:05it's actually really its sales and
14:07marketing but it also will help you
14:08optimize your product
14:10yeah no no I agree and you also i mean
14:12you must have a book out or a couple
14:14books out that correct
14:1551 book and i'm writing a second on the
14:18first book is called think sideways it's
14:20a game-changing playbook for disruptive
14:22thinking or disruptive innovation that's
14:23the tagline here's how I think of it I
14:26didn't want to create a book that you
14:27read when I was really good and then put
14:29it up on the Shelf thought oh what was
14:31in that box
14:32I wanted to create a playbook so really
14:34what it is is a series of uh of
14:39innovation and examples of entrepreneurs
14:42and people shaking things up and the
14:43different way that they did it and then
14:45templates for you to kind of try to go
14:48down that path to so I wanted to create
14:51something like a coach's guy that people
14:52could pull up and say okay I'm trying to
14:54do something different
14:55flip open to this page oh wow this whole
14:57depart from the text concept that's
14:58really interesting
14:59oh and here's the template to be able to
15:01figure that out of my business so that's
15:03really what it is and its really i love
15:04going back and reading some of the
15:05stories you know everything from extreme
15:08forks to urban wine in there you know
15:11even if it's fun seeing the the book
15:13take shape and I don't think you know a
15:16lot of people have to say i want to
15:17write a book they don't realize how much
15:18time will it take us know when is
15:22somebody like yourself that has a book
15:24out there I always know my clients
15:26yeah it's and I always laugh because I'm
15:29not like I wrote a fiction that you know
15:30I didn't I I it's really an
15:32instructional book and i still have to
15:35lock myself in the cabin in Lake Tahoe
15:36out in California 45 days just to figure
15:39out what i was thinkin doing before I
15:42could even write it was really looking
15:43back it was kind of funny i mean i
15:45really enjoyed it on one hand on the
15:46other hand just like inventing a product
15:48it's it's a softening process now follow
15:51the same traits i agree with you the
15:53good part about is how you how you
15:54explained it is is that this kind of a
15:56book that people can walk around with
15:58Ortega with it in their briefcases their
16:00backpack because it has answers or you
16:02need me as a playbook
16:04you're not leaving it in oh I got
16:06another book to put on my little shelf
16:07exactly that was the whole goal is I
16:09just behind stuck I can't figure out
16:12this so I'm going to flip this open
16:14because this is relevant to me and oh
16:15great here's an exercise to help me
16:17think about it my business to I wanted
16:19that the how I mean I think we all know
16:21why we have to be innovative and then we
16:23see these stories like Dollar Shave Club
16:25for tough mudder and we know that they
16:28get it but i wanted to deconstruct what
16:30they did and we can be inventor of the
16:32chance to do that to ya I mean that
16:35that's great i I just again i'm playing
16:37that in my head that having that book
16:40which is you know having a playbook with
16:41eugenics oh yeah I think doesn't it i
16:45like it it's time for book you it's been
16:47a couple years i'm ready i think to do
16:48it again
16:49oh yeah they'll somebody like yourself
16:51and I end and again I don't know what
16:53kind of just met we did a brief look at
16:54it just seems like you know again where
16:57you're swinging products and I don't
16:59want to see not satisfied but you're
17:00always thinking ahead it seems like the
17:03bunch and I'm trying to the the
17:05challenge that we're in today is what
17:07worked yesterday doesn't work today so
17:09that would read all these books about
17:11why listen for successful but that's
17:14yesterday so we really have to try to we
17:17really got to try to connect the dots
17:19and more forward-thinking way that's not
17:20always easy to do
17:21yeah yeah now I i totally great tell me
17:24a little bit about and I don't even want
17:27to attempt to pronounce the IQ ease
17:29yeah yeah you gotta write the innovation
17:31closure edge so that's are really proud
17:33of it actually that's our proprietary
17:34assessment that tells people their
17:36unique or innovator archetypes so i'll
17:39give you a little bit of car
17:40text i have been in innovation for 20
17:42years in some way or another and I used
17:44to believe because this is what all the
17:46motivational speakers from the state's
17:48told that if we just you know dare to be
17:51starless and step outside your comfort
17:52zone that we'd all be innovative but it
17:55does not actually how it works so I kind
17:57of went down this this obsession of well
18:00how do we innovate if that's not how do
18:02we and what I learned about 20 plus
18:04years kinda blew the doors off my
18:05assumptions of this kind of like we
18:08could all do with the same what I
18:09discovered is that being innovative is
18:11actually universal we all do it but how
18:14we innovate is unique to each of us and
18:16there's actually nine human triggers of
18:18innovation and it's the combination of
18:20the top to that create your unique
18:23innovator are archetypes and what I
18:25think is important about that from our
18:26perspective as inventors and
18:28entrepreneurs is that when we understand
18:31how we innovate we can build a business
18:33that allows us to bring that to
18:35everything that we do and that is much
18:37more satisfying that allows us to
18:39perform or RPG that allows us to bring
18:41more of those innovative ideas to our
18:42solutions to our challenges or
18:44opportunities and its really a more not
18:47just a gratifying but I think higher
18:49impact way to to build your business
18:51because you know we were so many hats
18:53i'm the CEO and i also take out the
18:55it's and everything in between so it's
18:58we have a lot to do but if we can do it
19:01in a way that actually plays to our
19:03it's gonna be all hot pepper process for
19:05us yeah yeah and you know you
19:07it's great when you said sent that
19:09information over
19:10yeah at first i was like what is this
19:13you know it's another one of those past
19:15things that have yet another assessment
19:16yeah we ran our team through it and i'm
19:18not saying that just because you're on
19:20the podcast we went through it and how
19:23was amazed to see that we had some
19:25people in the right position that they
19:27were in some people that I did have in
19:30the world positions and who I always
19:32thought I wasn't giving enough direction
19:34I wasn't given the hate and but it
19:36really wasn't who they were
19:39Jack you know what I'm so glad you
19:40mentioned that too i'll give you one
19:41example maybe maybe this kind of is
19:43similar to what you were saying but one
19:45of the triggers is fluid and people who
19:47are fluid are not just good in a
19:50start-up environment I think a lot of us
19:51candyland sharp environment they can
19:53actually take
19:54awesome turn it into clarity I mean they
19:56they see the following the way they can
19:58navigate it in a way that the rest of us
20:00can and they bring innovation by
20:02bringing that simplicity back into it
20:04those people if you put them in a highly
20:07structured position you'll never get
20:09what you want out of them and you'll be
20:10so frustrated but if you put them on new
20:13initiative sticky situations messy
20:15projects they will thrive so it's your
20:20point it's you want to set people up for
20:22success and use with their best dad in
20:24the thing with innovation on our teams
20:25is it's not it's not a nice to have
20:28anymore we all have to bring that game
20:30to our work we all have to be innovative
20:32it is just simply not enough to do the
20:34baseline I mean do you like if your
20:35people just do the baseline are you
20:37happy no one knows yeah so and they're
20:39not right that's not what we're put on
20:41this earth to do so it helps you get the
20:44people in the right place and it helps
20:46you understand what they bring to the
20:47table so I my woman who works in Laura
20:50who you mentioned works for me know
20:53yeah she's an inquisitive which means
20:55that she innovate by asking questions
20:57for her innovations in the questions not
20:59answers when when she and I started
21:01working together I was super annoyed
21:04because I'm gonna come on like I'm I'm a
21:05risk taker so I'm like move it lets go
21:07like stop asking and I really struggled
21:10and then we took the assessment which I
21:12should have been right when I heard her
21:13but it took a couple weeks to get it
21:14done and I realized oh she's not
21:16challenging me she's not annoying me
21:19that's how she innovate now I give her
21:22permission to do what she does best and
21:23I get what she's doing so there's a much
21:25better interplay between us and she gets
21:27for me that I have to leave but I can't
21:29think about things too long i have to
21:31get a motion
21:32yes amazing and just implementing that
21:36and i highly recommend for any team even
21:39if it's just a company with the two
21:41yeah it's so important I always thought
21:43hey you know again I I'm what am i doing
21:46wrong to get a good more information
21:47they're just not getting it like just
21:49that you explain they're not getting but
21:50everyone because our team is highly
21:53innovative and they want to do things
21:54right way they want to go for highest
21:57levels they are being trust they're
21:58frustrated but now we found we went
22:01through it was a lot of fun and it
22:03really like you said it was a light bulb
22:04moment for all of us
22:06that is the great to hear and you know
22:07that small teams in particular I think
22:09it's in many ways even more important
22:11because you have to rely on each other
22:12even more you know we don't have room
22:14for people to not for everyone not to be
22:16in a player when we're small teams and
22:19if you can bring out the best in
22:21yourself as well as bring out the best
22:23in others
22:24everybody rises agree yeah and
22:27innovation spooky right i mean we can't
22:29we're talking about the beginning for us
22:30we can't do what everybody else is doing
22:32we're just adding to the noise and
22:34here's the the hard reality about the
22:35marketplace your customer and whether
22:38that's a b2b or b2c like
22:40business-to-business and
22:41business-to-consumer doesn't matter
22:42whoever it is on the other side of the
22:44table finding the check
22:46they're going to do one of two things
22:46they're either going to open up their
22:49we're gonna walk away and assume that
22:50you're one of the noise so we want them
22:52to open up their wallets but in order to
22:54do that we have to get their attention
22:56yes no I mean I love the way your
22:59explains it's obvious that you know you
23:01are publicly you speak very well I try
23:04to keep the clichés to a minimum that
23:06you know we talking about and that's
23:08what's so important and I want to listen
23:10to hear this you're just isn't like you
23:12didn't wake up this morning to say this
23:13is what i'm going to talk about it now
23:15every day you're helping understand well
23:18and you're also i know that youryour
23:20europe and i want to fit the somatic it
23:22but yeah maybe they have something you
23:24mentioned mothers and things like that
23:25and how does that translate into like
23:28your daily work environment and no faith
23:31in things like that but you use those
23:33kind of successes able to translate to
23:36oh my god I'm so glad you asked like my
23:38favorite subject in the world when it
23:40comes like another two hours you might
23:42have just over the whole can of worms so
23:43you know you talking about being a
23:45crossfit addicts which I am and it's
23:49actually taught me so aside from loving
23:51the fitness aspect of it it's actually
23:53taught me a tremendous amount about
23:54business and there's a couple things
23:56always point out because i do think as
23:58entrepreneurs we need that outlet as
24:01well so i go to I go at 5am that's my
24:04workout time but here's what i
24:07discovered happen on the days are going
24:09585 am I kick but for the rest of the
24:12day and it's not just because i woke up
24:14early yes I think I get before am so yes
24:16I think there's a lot of that but if you
24:19amaze yourself by doing one more push up
24:22lifting a heavy way running a little bit
24:23extra getting up when you didn't want to
24:26get up if you start your day by doing by
24:28amazing yourself everything else can
24:31everything else is possible it shifted
24:33my entire mindset and didn't have to be
24:36a big thing you didn't have to because i
24:37had a PR that day could be just because
24:39i actually got through the workout
24:41without dying like that is good to the
24:44other thing I'd say is what we can learn
24:47a lot about fitness and what I've kind
24:49of seen my own experience and from
24:50others is particularly in CrossFit as
24:52you measure everything everything that's
24:55what you get you know exactly where you
24:57are at any given time I know my progress
24:59that I've made on that particular work
25:01out on that particular move on that
25:02particular weight everything for time
25:05around or wait
25:07nothing is nothing is just done all that
25:10sounds micromanaging I've applied that
25:13to my business i can tell you to any
25:16given point the percentage from you know
25:18reach out to people are interested to
25:21proposal to close at any given time I
25:24can tell you you know our social media
25:26what's working what's not working I'm
25:29you know we tend to throw a lot of stuff
25:30to the wall and then were like oh that's
25:32stuck so let's go there but the fitness
25:35and all that is really taught me to be a
25:38huge priority on metrics in a way that I
25:40would have never before but it has
25:42changed my business you
25:43yeah you know in all kinds of exercise
25:47it seems like they help people not only
25:50you know like you said look four goals
25:52and performance but it is me it helps me
25:55I mean I'll go and I'll do a bike rider
25:57I'll go work out and I get my best out
25:59of gas
26:00I hacking the journal with me like I
26:03take it in my gym back I'd journal in my
26:04gym bag because i know it's something I
26:06would be like oh god do I learned
26:09interesting staff a friend of mine is a
26:10neuroscientist and he said that your
26:12subconscious mind is 40 times more
26:14active when you're not thinking about
26:16something so that's why when we're doing
26:18dishes taking a shower riding a bike
26:20that's why those ideas and to come to us
26:22because our consciousness finally shut
26:24down and our subconscious mind is going
26:26to work we just don't know it
26:27so then we see a knot we what we
26:29experienced in aha moment
26:31and you know what we do is stressful so
26:34we're putting ourselves out on the line
26:36whether you have another income or not
26:38you are putting your heart and soul out
26:39there and I think fitness is one of the
26:41best I'm just relievers out there and
26:44you just you need a you need a break and
26:47you know the other thing is given me as
26:48a huge community of people who are just
26:51wonderfully supportive and you know it's
26:54a nice thing to start your day with
26:55people like hearing on you yeah i'm
26:58gonna i'm gonna early i'm an early riser
27:00also and I just can't even get myself to
27:03not do something early morning is the
27:06best time of the day I don't care what
27:07anybody says we need it really soaked
27:10question you know add that and doing i
27:12don't want to get two of the subject
27:13what I don't not talk to other guests on
27:15the show about this and I'm you know
27:18pretty much no like what kind of what
27:20you're going to say but i think i would
27:22want to get your input on it is yes lot
27:24of the top leaders in businesses that we
27:27see on the news and and all over even
27:29people that we interact with all the
27:30time seem like they're in somewhat good
27:32shape they don't have to get married or
27:34but they all seem like they do something
27:36to take care of yourself and you think
27:38that really plays into how successful
27:40they are I I very much too and I think
27:44that also plays into most of them get up
27:45at four o'clock in the morning too so I
27:48mean I could get that I think this is I
27:50that have my trying to say this you are
27:53meant your physical state impact your
27:55mental state if you are eating crappy
27:59food and they don't feel your body and
28:02your mind if you are stagnant and
28:04sitting on the counter in the chair all
28:05day if you are not drinking enough water
28:08that breaks down not just your physical
28:10body but your mental body as well so you
28:13need to stand shape now that could mean
28:15taking daily walk that doesn't have to
28:17be doing clean and jerks and burpees
28:18right like it
28:19there's a lot of ranges of fitness so I
28:22I said that's incredibly important and
28:23then the other thing I'd say that is
28:25unfair but true is that we have very
28:29limited time to make a first impression
28:30and your primal so when we see someone
28:34who's in shape and I like I said that
28:37can be arranged i'm not saying you have
28:38to have abs by any means but when we see
28:41someone who clearly isn't shape we
28:44cinnamon studies on this we assume they
28:46have willpower and drive and
28:47successfully attached that to them so
28:50there's this physical reality of staying
28:52in shape that's important under mental
28:54and then there's this you know image
28:55compression issue that is just part of
28:58being human
28:59no yeah and i totally agree and you
29:02don't even it's not even like that it's
29:04not a conscious decision we just as we
29:06run into somebody it's just happens and
29:08it yeah its final it's in our primal
29:10brain it's the lizard part is not
29:12because we're bad people are judgmental
29:15it's how we're covered built to see
29:17things and you know and and what I just
29:20lost 30 pounds in the last nine months
29:23and as that happened my energy has gone
29:26up and up and up which means i have more
29:29energy for my business so there's a huge
29:31there's been a huge correlation I
29:33believe between how I've been taking
29:35care of myself physically and what's
29:37happening in the workplace
29:38that's great that's what do you see and
29:41and thank you for that I I boo i agree
29:44with you a hundred percent you see a
29:45like a queer for all the people you talk
29:48to is there something that you see a
29:51clear barrier that you see a barrier to
29:53their success is there something that
29:54always stands out
29:55oh um yeah so I i think there's actually
29:59a couple things that uh this that are
30:02various to success i think one is having
30:05that false goal of I've gotta get into
30:07big box i like I've got this one way
30:09that I need this to happen and Max my
30:11proof point so for adventures that's
30:13often some type of big-box retailer when
30:15there are million other channels that
30:17would get you the same results of the
30:19expense we set up false goals i think
30:22the other barrier i see a lot is um and
30:25I think we're taught to do this over
30:26time so I don't think it's because weird
30:28dumber bad i think this is what we're
30:30trying to do I think it's inaccurate we
30:32focus on the goal but not the activity
30:34so so you write out your goals and you
30:37say i'm going to sell a thousand units
30:38I'm gonna get on 10 podcast and i'm
30:40going to i'm going to be written up in
30:43one magazine so those are fantastic but
30:46on the day-to-day basis then what so
30:49then we start spinning our wheels
30:50because we don't really know how to get
30:51to those things when we set but if we
30:54said I'm going to make
30:55ten that podcast outreaches a week I'm
30:58going to connect with 10 in simple
31:00answers on length in who are in
31:02distribution channels and i'm going to
31:04reach out to X people my network and if
31:07I focus on that the outcomes are going
31:09to happen so but we get so wrapped up
31:13over here and we forget this front part
31:15and it sounds so when I say it out loud
31:17it sounds so basic but if you shift your
31:19thinking to the front end the outcomes
31:21gonna happen and frankly after time it's
31:23better than you thought it was gonna be
31:24uh-huh yeah and all you listeners out
31:27there if you missed any bit of that play
31:29it back again because it's exactly that
31:31kind of advice can could launch like
31:33he's like you say could you take that
31:35next level it sounds simple just
31:37implement it and it really does work
31:39it's working that what is it what is it
31:42they think and grow rich that leaders a
31:46work the plan the plan the work and work
31:48the plan if i said that right and i
31:50think that is one hundred percent true
31:52and you learn right us and you grow in
31:54table this didn't work and it didn't
31:55work but we focus and I've done this so
31:57I'm totally guilty that i created a line
31:59of t-shirts there now all in my basement
32:01by the way this one of my epic failures
32:03from years ago and I just said I'm going
32:05to sell a thousand t-shirt was like okay
32:09and then I throat I try one thing it
32:11didn't work i would try another didn't
32:14work i never got there because i
32:15couldn't I'd never really took taking a
32:17step back and said is that how do i get
32:20there do i really got there not kind of
32:23theoretically but truly step-by-step and
32:25it's made a huge difference and i still
32:28have all those t-shirts my face
32:30well you know discouragement is a part
32:32of this i mean it makes us a lot
32:34stronger if we can get past it i mean
32:36your own have something's gonna happen
32:38not everything is going to go light and
32:40as in right liberators we have to know
32:42that I mean just an invention alone
32:44could take 10 20 30 tries at something
32:47so if you're going to be in seeing you
32:49have to be able to take discouraging
32:51things together with it you can't let it
32:53really hold you back
32:55can I give you one other example that
32:56just kinda came to mind actually if you
32:58were talking so I timber comes amazing I
33:01you should have a mom he's an adventure
33:02he invented something called the super
33:03rope cinch
33:05so basically it's a tryst device so as
33:07opposed to having to tie a knot know
33:09to tie not just put the road through you
33:11twist it so brilliant brilliant i
33:14interviewed him ages ago and one and
33:16I've gotten to be friends with him over
33:17time and one of the things he said to me
33:19that has always stood out as you know
33:21part of the reason he was saying about
33:23his success was to him know what someone
33:26telling him no was just what he heard
33:28was oh you just need to find a different
33:30route and that's not love it
33:32yeah I so-and-so one of the mistakes i
33:34think we tend to make as we see no its
33:35final we look at we go
33:37ok that person said no that store said
33:39no that opportunity said no so that's
33:43done and he the way he said it was just
33:45like oh so I need a different talking
33:47point or I need a different chance ok
33:49got it and he would stack up all those
33:51nose and silly like violated was just
33:53kind of work his way around them and I
33:55think that was it just a genius mindset
33:58and why he's gotten so successful over
34:00time that is a good way to put it
34:01because as you know and a lot of people
34:03know people only hear what they want to
34:06so yeah train your mind to hear good
34:09hey you know what no it's just a point
34:12in time it's know right now that doesn't
34:16mean it's no a year he's got one who's
34:18I've already tell you about it but he
34:20had one huge opportunity was trying and
34:22trying was no no and then it was yes you
34:25know that time was right the person on
34:27the other end of the table is right so i
34:29think that's another mistake we make no
34:31it's not final it's just it's just a
34:32point I'm yeah i love i love hearing
34:35those stories and also experiment with
34:37our listeners it's because they need
34:39that boost a lot of our listeners you
34:40get discouraged quickly and i wanted to
34:42hear are possible out there really is
34:45it's hard work but but it is just a
34:48point x that's all agree so
34:51we're gonna start winding it down had so
34:54many things speaking about what is
34:56what's what's next for you like what are
34:57you striving for what you have big in
34:59the plan that you can tell us maybe it's
35:01a secret but what you have done a lot of
35:03the secret seventh book is probably the
35:06tickets at the awkward part about me yet
35:09so what I'm most excited about is
35:10launched street which is our online
35:12innovation platform so we have it for
35:13entrepreneurs and as I said we're
35:15building for intrapreneurs and the thing
35:17that I love most about it and what what
35:19people on the platform tell me is it's
35:22not just a great resource and we call
35:24these videos that we you know and
35:26anytime I find something that's of value
35:27i try to bring it to the community
35:29someone was asking us about pop-up
35:31retail the other day I went and found an
35:33expert and interview them for our
35:34podcast so that they can have that
35:36information because that's you know I'm
35:37not the expert there so I'm excited
35:39because what was happening prior and I'm
35:42sure you see this all the time with the
35:44kind of the one on the work is we get
35:46all the stuff done and then the their
35:48momentum would end because they didn't
35:50have that continual support and contract
35:52that they needed and I'm not building a
35:54coaching business I can't coach I take
35:56on two people three people to time at
35:58most because I really that's not the
36:01focus of my business i needed scale more
36:03I just can't do it
36:05so as much as I love people but but this
36:07way we're not forcing them into a launch
36:09an abandoned and that was driving me
36:10bonkers because I felt like we get those
36:12engines firing and then the engines cut
36:14off you know and they weren't up in
36:16space yet i wanted to keep going to
36:18launch it allows that to happen and
36:20allow them to have community and ask
36:23each other questions too because I don't
36:25have all the answers half of it as we
36:26talked about with the benefit of fitness
36:27to having people around you sometimes
36:30you just need to bounce ideas off people
36:32yes no doubt about it i mean we learned
36:34something almost every day we want to
36:36talk like yourself with so knowledgeable
36:38and I talked to an inventor what they
36:40tried but it didn't work
36:41I mean we don't know everything we all
36:43have different strengths or different
36:45experiences so I i totally 110 agree
36:48with you
36:49well and I bet you really see that such
36:51as I look at the awesome 3d printer
36:53behind you you know most of the success
36:55of our inventions is one week away
36:57it's one shift in the economic build of
37:00that pen or that the language on the box
37:03or the color or
37:04are who your target audiences so we need
37:07to talk to other people to figure that
37:09tweak out because once we get it that
37:11the success can be explosive but we
37:14gotta get to other people and other
37:15experts to figure that part out because
37:17we're too close to it I'm just close to
37:18my own stuff to we all are of course we
37:20know that about we eat you know I say
37:22don't be emotionally attached but it's
37:25exactly if you know we have to control
37:27it but it's very complex emotions
37:29because happened it's hard sorry baby
37:32depends not just tell me something that
37:34like I'm like not trying I'm fine
37:36the box thank you for the feedback know
37:38that's exactly you have any adventure
37:41anything going on where people might be
37:43able to come and see you live or even
37:46not get some training from you
37:48yeah so we'll launch street is the best
37:49place online because I pop in that place
37:52all the time it's an online platform but
37:53i'm i'm constantly in there
37:55I'm you know I speak all across the
37:56country I none of them are public right
37:59now I mean I'm in Miami I'm in Nashville
38:02I mean my gosh a'mighty right in front
38:04of me but I mean I love to come out and
38:06speak it's one of my favorite things
38:08because then I can impart a lot of this
38:09wisdom from the stage and if someone
38:11gets just one nugget that they can take
38:13away it's pretty exciting but i wish i
38:16could say i have some public ones i
38:17think they're mostly association or
38:19corporate right now
38:20well okay well that's exciting ok then
38:22you can actually see what's being
38:24implemented within that organization
38:26yeah and that's exciting well it's
38:29interesting here's the irony so we're
38:30trying to be more you know like the big
38:32dogs and they're trying to be more like
38:34us haha I you know we want to be more
38:38entrepreneurial more startup like yes
38:40we've got we've had some large companies
38:42approaches to do some prototyping for
38:44them in question they won't know you
38:46have a two billion dollar R&D department
38:49by you coming to us and if we just said
38:50you said we were stuck for agile than
38:53this stuck in the drive us
38:55it's gonna take him six months to what
38:57you can do in three days to catch the
38:59reality of it isn't it amazing and
39:01really you know the companies are good
39:03it is big do it more but sometimes they
39:05need something quick and yes that's
39:07great about it i love it that's why i
39:09love this business
39:09yeah let's call it what you guys really
39:11cool if I it really good i'm alright
39:14good well again any on
39:17any coaching opportunities that people
39:19can reach out the launch street seems
39:20like it's the real place that any of you
39:23guys are listening anybody need some
39:24help go ahead on with the Longstreet I
39:26think it's plus it's a great name i
39:28really like to thank you thank you i
39:29couldn't believe it was available to
39:30excrete uh yeah you know and you can
39:33connect with me on LinkedIn 2 i'm there
39:35to it if someone really wants coaching
39:37we can have a discussion there's a
39:38waiting list right now but you know
39:40sometimes people drop out or things open
39:42up and I love don't get me wrong I love
39:45doing it i just have to do it with a
39:47couple of the time % no i agree that
39:49this week so that's what is that one of
39:52the best way to contact you if we had
39:53some with students who want to link
39:55linkedin yeah that's great and I post a
39:57bunch of stuff there too but I like
39:59linkedin I think it's a great great
40:01platform yeah it's one of my favorites
40:03I've done i play on all of them I that's
40:06the one that you know just to show my
40:07age that's one that i really get and
40:09then snapshot just makes me feel old
40:10oh i know the feeling i'm right there
40:13with me about all right well we're gonna
40:15want we're gonna wrap up I you know it
40:18again I i truly appreciate you giving us
40:21some time today it was been a lot of fun
40:22i hope that I covered some things that
40:24helped some of our listeners and again
40:26at the need some extra help you want to
40:29ask tamara some questions reach out to
40:31her on linkedin and you got a podcast
40:33also if you want to give it to give the
40:35name of the podcaster yeah it's inside
40:37Longstreet so we do innovators both
40:39intrapreneur an entrepreneur you know
40:40I'd love to actually can I offer
40:42something to your audience i think would
40:43be super cool i just thought about it I
40:45have this thing called the seven tenets
40:46of sticky innovation and it's the 7
40:49things that your product meet or service
40:51needs to have in order to really rise
40:53above the noise in the marketplace so
40:54things like changing customer behavior
40:58have an innovation anchor so it's just a
41:01little one pager but it might be helpful
41:02because when i talked with adventures
41:04what I want them to have a majority of
41:06those because they don't they're gonna
41:08have a much harder time once they
41:10launched the product so I'm we can talk
41:12offline maybe i can give you a link or
41:14something to make that happen but i
41:15think that would be a value so I'd be
41:16happy to get that no no that'd be great
41:18any direction anyway to get get these
41:21innovators and inventors back into a
41:23sequence of yeah you know the
41:25operational plan direction is so
41:28well and if we just thought about the
41:30and the products that we love they were
41:32disruptive if we think about where we
41:34spend our money right look at Dollar
41:37Shave Club I didn't go to Dollar Shave
41:38Club because i couldn't get a good shave
41:40from the razors of the grocery store
41:42like that was fine i went to them
41:44because they did it told they did
41:46completely change the category they gave
41:48me a new way to do it and they solve the
41:49different need of mine so if we thought
41:53if we just listed out the inventions
41:55that we love the businesses that we love
41:57they stick to the seven tenths of sticky
41:59innovation so that's why God is I
42:00studied what everybody else get so so
42:03yeah okay Tom will be great so yeah i'll
42:06put it on our on our page notes i'll
42:08push it out there and our patients and i
42:10would think that would be awesome thank
42:12you so much for having me something
42:14however thank you thank you hopefully
42:16down the road we're going to invite you
42:17back on the show and love to hear what's
42:18going to be back all right you take care
42:20okay but ice