The Master of Buy and Sell Brad Kugler Talks How to Get Your Customers to Find, Want and Purchase what You Have

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Podcast Notes

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0:00hi everyone and welcome to inventors
0:04launchpad I am carmine disco your host
0:08and today on the launchpad we have
0:10someone that has such deep knowledge in
0:13selling acquiring and really being able
0:16to look at products and know how to get
0:19rid of them in a mass-produced way like
0:21will take a product sell it in single
0:24form or in large scales warehouse-style
0:26you've been doing this for so many years
0:28that I wanted to bring them on because a
0:30lot of our clients a lot of our viewers
0:33and listeners send questions about how
0:35to sell products whether they're online
0:38in stored in warehouses or how to
0:41accumulate them so wanted to bring them
0:43he's a top seller for amazon he's a
0:46wholesaler he's an entrepreneur
0:48he's a business owner for many years
0:50he's also an inventor which is one of
0:52the great things about this so he knows
0:53what to look for when he's looking at
0:56his name is Brad cooler and I believe he
0:58logged on a few minutes ago hey Brad you
0:59over there i am here combining well
1:01thanks for the leader and I hope I can
1:04live up to your your client tells
1:07expectations here but yes I think I have
1:09quite a bit of knowledge i can share and
1:11hopefully help some people out there
1:13well I'm sure about that i mean we have
1:15talked Brad several times and just the
1:17little insights that you have given me
1:19to help our clients has been awesome so
1:22I want to have you on a lot of times we
1:25feel questions from inventors are people
1:28that have products on you know the best
1:30way to approach but before we get into
1:32that I want to see if you could just
1:34give some clue quick background on not
1:37only how you got into this industry but
1:40also what's been happening all too many
1:43yeah absolutely it's an interesting
1:44story and it sort of meanders a bit but
1:47i'll try to keep it to a few minutes but
1:49you know I I I came out of college back
1:51in the early nineties and and my dad had
1:54bought a business that was specifically
1:56selling to we had one customer and one
2:01product we were selling VHS inventory a
2:04new blockbuster stores the franchise's
2:07that were open around the country and it
2:10was a pretty good sized business but it
2:12was the it was the recession
2:1391 90 91 during the first Gulf War and
2:18the business is slow to get in and in my
2:20dad said he wanted to come help out you
2:22know i can't pay you much but you know
2:24maybe we can do something here and and I
2:27jumped in and you know if it was that it
2:30was still growing it it has gone they
2:33had bought it was doing about a million
2:35dollars and they got enough to step 6
2:37million and kind of peeled back to about
2:392 million and what I did is I said you
2:44know we've got this this video product
2:46that is is proliferating at that point
2:48people are buying VHS where else can we
2:51sell it and we started going to truck
2:54stops we started going to libraries and
2:57schools they were using there
2:59and-and-and I would take a product out
3:03of its normal situations such as the
3:05video store today where else can we sell
3:07this and and it transformed over the
3:10years obviously VHS turned into DVD DVD
3:13is turned blue rays and to take 25 years
3:17and condensed into about two minutes
3:19here of dvds and blu-rays sort of
3:24turning and nothing and it went digital
3:26and because I dealt physical products
3:29there was really nothing to sell anymore
3:31so I i had to get real right real fast
3:35we have built the business up to 25
3:37million dollar shift the employees we
3:39have three warehouses and now things are
3:43challenging because on market was
3:45disrupted by new technology there was no
3:48way I'm going to peddle the same product
3:50because nobody wants to buy it so I
3:52started looking for other products and
3:55anywhere from liquidation products to
3:57find products that we are selling well
3:59and going over to China and copying them
4:03or taking and twist or change on a
4:05product but I started working with
4:08adventures and helping them actually
4:10launched products on Amazon and and and
4:13the reason why I gravitate towards
4:15online is back in the late 90s I was one
4:18of the first people that started selling
4:20VHS and DVD online back in 1997 i was
4:26selling on ebay
4:27I would ask this should be one of the
4:29first outside sellers on amazon and
4:32built up by the business I met Jeff
4:34Bezos a couple of times that the Amazon
4:36headquarters and and over the years I
4:39mean we moved several hundred million
4:42dollars worth of products not just
4:44online but we have clients such as
4:46Walmart Target and and sears and kmart
4:50and and big-box business with big mass
4:54retailers show my experience is sort of
4:57run the gamut of emotions humor goods to
5:00liquidation items to two newly invented
5:03products and i have bought it from
5:06everybody on the top 500 retailers in
5:11the United States to 12 other countries
5:13so I'm here to see if I can impart some
5:15of this knowledge and to help them guys
5:17who want to move some product i've got
5:20some answers
5:21well that's a very I mean the background
5:24is so impressive and i know you say very
5:27nonchalantly but really very much have
5:32to commend you on being able to go
5:34through all of those different changes
5:36and pivots and being able to stay still
5:39stay in business and being able to
5:40figure out how you can still get product
5:43move it make money keep things moving
5:45along and I can tell just by how you
5:47were talking about it that you are
5:48condensing it but you know there was
5:50some probably some big ups and downs
5:53within that industry and that you fought
5:55through and again I think it's very
5:57commendable that you come this far
5:59yes thank you you know one of the things
6:01i think i've learned in the 25 years of
6:04doing this
6:05there's really two secrets to making a
6:08lot of money in selling anything you
6:12have to own the content which would be
6:15the intellectual property or the rights
6:18to something or only channel which is
6:21if you look at the biggest companies in
6:24history the ones that make the most
6:26money it's the one thing you own the
6:28content or they own the channel which is
6:31it sold for example look at AT&T or any
6:35of the media companies
6:37they now own boat owned content and they
6:40own the channel which is distributed on
6:42and they're becoming the biggest
6:43companies on the planet you've got
6:46companies like Apple they they actually
6:49there is a proprietary content
6:52nobody's been able to duplicate it and
6:53they control their own distribution
6:55channel with their stores and their
6:56online marketing so if you really really
7:00want to be successful you can control
7:02the content and the channel distribution
7:05you you can write your own check and and
7:09it's not possible for everybody you know
7:11it takes a lot of money a lot of
7:12infrastructure but to me that's the
7:14secret of going big in selling any help
7:18yeah and again that you know it will
7:20emphasize you know it takes you took you
7:22even anyone a long time it's a lot of
7:25work and people want to have a get rich
7:28scheme quick you know they want everyone
7:30wants to make money quick and get this
7:31thing quick and just by how again how
7:33you're explaining it seems like it's a
7:34process and making sure that you're
7:37doing the right things and making
7:38mistakes which I don't like the word
7:39mistakes but learning from those and
7:41doing it better each time and i do want
7:43to back up a little bit when you
7:44mentioned amazon i know you around for
7:47so basically the beginning of amazon
7:50even though they're around a little bit
7:51before that but can you tell us a little
7:53bit about the beginning and how would
7:55you seen a change and how it benefited
7:58your business or if it even did
8:00yeah it's I'll tell you a quick little
8:02story so back in 1997 DVDs were just
8:07coming out in fact i think it was Warner
8:09Brothers i had put out wizard of oz on
8:13DVD and we have racks and we were
8:16considered a rack job and sold to
8:18libraries and at that point
8:20not many people were buying DVD so you
8:22know I put him on first went to ebay I i
8:25put these 50 dvds and wizard of oz on
8:28eda and you know one of the sales when
8:32we sold to the store solar 30 seconds
8:34but i have the auction up i walked with
8:36my desk in 10 minutes later every single
8:39one of them sold out for like thirty
8:41dollars each and i knew it was from that
8:45moment I knew there was something there
8:47and I had started building the business
8:51more towards the online thing and we
8:54started telling everything on long you
8:56know not that we didn't sell on our
8:58physical world but I saw it I saw it is
9:01going to be honest our business couple
9:03big on ebay back in 97 that we got
9:07approached by amazon they asked us to
9:10come sell on their auction site they
9:12didn't have a you couldn't sell out
9:14there was just books and they asked me
9:17would I mind selling VHS and dvds on
9:20amazon and their auctions and i did so
9:23I'd like you know I I was right there on
9:26the beta for their market plate they had
9:29something for marketplace of the shops
9:31obviously before the shops with the
9:33option to Matt eventually morphed into
9:35what they have today we're at a
9:38multicolored platform and again going
9:40back to it
9:41amazon own channel they don't really own
9:44any products or content but they control
9:47such a large channel of distribution
9:49that they make money and everything they
9:52touch you know get on their channel and
9:55piggyback off them it's an easy quick
9:58way to make money and they have the
10:01eyeballs who is which is actually what
10:03most sellers need you need high balls
10:06and they have the eyeball so I just like
10:09my parting here would be
10:12amazon is a great place to launch a
10:15yeah and i agree with you they do have a
10:17lot of eyeballs is no doubt about it
10:19so going back and again I know that
10:22being able to talk to somebody who was
10:24at the beginning of the Amazon world
10:28it's pretty amazing that you have come
10:30this far with it and I know that the
10:32technology that Amazon uses and their
10:34internals have changed so much can you
10:39give us we only get we get a lot of
10:40inventors and product developers and
10:42people have product just some quick
10:45hints on the best way to really with
10:47products in amazon's and I don't want to
10:48get into too much as I know it's a whole
10:50thing but just some just some quick tips
10:53on the best way to to go after putting a
10:55price on amazon her or the best way to
10:57do it
10:58i would say it depends on the product
11:01you know amazon has a i think it's
11:03called Amazon fine for four people that
11:05have invented products to help them get
11:07going but i would say the amazon has mr.
11:12it may not be good for all products
11:14products that require a demonstration
11:16like an infomercial are harder to sell
11:19on amazon i'll give you that right off
11:21the bat because amazon doesn't let new
11:23sellers put instructional videos and
11:26there's only so much content you can put
11:28up but but small package consumer goods
11:31items that are under a hundred dollars
11:33that way under 50 pounds and you know
11:37aren't figures in the size of a shoebox
11:40are probably the best suited for amazon
11:43if there's keywords and and a problem
11:47that it solves that you can isolate
11:48keywords like on any search engine
11:51you're going to get those eyeballs and
11:53you know when it's they have so many
11:57people coming
11:58yeah i was trying I think there's a rope
12:01trying to get the facts and I don't want
12:04to cook it but there's almost as many
12:06searches on amazon now is there are on
12:08google for certain things
12:10so if you're going to sell a product and
12:12you actually want to sell a product and
12:14many people taking off my product on
12:15google but people going to google
12:19necessary there to buy something every
12:21single person that goes the Amazon
12:23they're gonna buy something they're not
12:24there to really learn or wash or
12:28research 99% make a buying choice or
12:33something within a hour to of searching
12:36for an amazon so if you really want to
12:39sell something you have a much higher
12:41likelihood of selling it being on amazon
12:44than you would on google yeah that's
12:47great great you just use for most of the
12:50people that are thinking about some of
12:51your product giving that information is
12:53important because again there you have
12:55to have a big product or or they have a
12:58small product now that least know which
12:59way to do that now i know that amazon
13:02offers several different ways to sell
13:04things and if you're a new seller on
13:07amazon should you send your product to
13:09them she delivered yourself
13:12what would be your recommendation when
13:13you're first starting out with the
13:14actual shipping and i know that a lot of
13:16cost of shipping that I mean that's a
13:18great question and it depends again on
13:21your own personal infrastructure and
13:23ability to warehouse ship and service
13:26your customers the beauty of amazon is
13:29they'll do it all
13:31all you have to do I mean obviously
13:32there's many fine details and setting up
13:35an item on amazon and sending it but
13:38they will warehouse it they will ship it
13:40they will handle the customer service
13:42they will take payment and all you do is
13:44basically hit back and wait for the for
13:47the money to a lot assuming you have a
13:49selling products but if you're
13:52challenged in terms of creating a
13:56distribution and customer service
13:59amazon offers on the overall in it it's
14:02a turnkey operation there's very few
14:05other places that can do it and if
14:07they'd even do it
14:08who's got that kind of experience that
14:10amazon has so if you're if you don't
14:12guys starting out and you're like how am
14:14I gonna be going to ship these out of my
14:16garage every evening when i get home
14:18from work and deal with customer service
14:20and you know what
14:21amazon google it they will do it and it
14:24is for about thirty percent plus or
14:26minus of the total revenue they will
14:29handle all warehousing all shipping off
14:31funds capture and transfer as well
14:34customer service it's it's a no-brainer
14:36for me you know what is a no-brainer in
14:40a sense because I mean if you if you
14:42really add up the numbers as you're
14:44doing anything information that you're
14:45giving everyone it's like having your
14:48own business and Amazon is your whole
14:50infrastructure a show there your whole
14:52team and the great part about amazon is
14:55a backup everything they do with their
14:58team with their service with our
14:59industry and with their name so using
15:02amazon as your team or your distributor
15:05seems like it's probably the easiest way
15:07to get a business start it's one-stop
15:10shop you know they'll handle everything
15:12and let's say your product or your
15:14invention is a little more complex and
15:16requires demonstration explanation in
15:20the form of a video or or interaction
15:23with it with a salesperson there's still
15:26nothing stopping you from having a
15:28website with that video instruction or
15:31or extended contact and then just send
15:34the customer and amazon for the final
15:36transaction that can absolutely be done
15:40let them handle that and you can do all
15:42of your selling or demonstrating on your
15:46own website because Amazon does restrict
15:49how much information you can put up on
15:51their site
15:52yeah well that's great information
15:54because again just being able to give
15:56them all the information they're looking
15:57for and then send them to Amazon to
15:59actually conduct a sale and the shipping
16:01again the whole infrastructure is there
16:03you're basically exiting the matter
16:05website sent Amazon where Amazon taking
16:07the order for you again for a small fee
16:10which i get i think is a small feed an
16:12Amazon is charging to run your whole
16:14business for you
16:15absolutely you know what one of the
16:17things I've learned in business is you
16:20take the Creator adventure products are
16:22passionate about their product they
16:23understand it like no one else touch so
16:26to try to become an expert in customer
16:30service where housing and infrastructure
16:31it it's not needed if it's a distraction
16:34will be the salesperson pdx cleaner or
16:38the founder or the genius of the product
16:40and let Amazon do the seller ok don't
16:43distract yourself with that don't take
16:45the time spend that time and energy
16:47pitching your product improving your
16:49product and let Amazon do the rest
16:52you know it's good definitely good
16:53advice because again any listeners out
16:56Brad's not just talking about this it's
16:58not a theory he's been doing this for
17:00years so that's why I wanted to have on
17:02the show today I mean what he's talking
17:04about is something that he does every
17:05day at the end of the show i'm sure it
17:07will be about some contact information
17:08if anybody ask some questions or want to
17:10contact him about what he does but again
17:12he does this this is not a hurry so
17:14that's why it's so great to have him
17:15giving this advice so gradual quick I
17:17want to kind of backup to is their
17:20product that or I a type of products
17:24that you believe cells that are unlike
17:25either ebay or
17:29amazon or one of the other side roads it
17:31is there a way to know if I had a
17:33certain product is there a better site
17:35where does amazon basically cover
17:37everything I know it's interesting i
17:40vacillated between the two you know I've
17:42been selling on the almost 20 years and
17:45and and they have different audiences
17:47and they have both for different
17:50purposes and I wouldn't even suggest one
17:54sells on one versus the other
17:57you're talking about a couple hours for
17:58additional involved so why limit
18:00yourself and why limit exposure put your
18:03product on board there's really you
18:06there's even software that it that will
18:09take your fulfillment from amazon put it
18:12on ebay and handle the entire
18:15transaction it's a product called Joe
18:17lister dot-com at Joe like the guys name
18:21mr li ste so it will do all the
18:26work it'll take your Amazon listing and
18:28it will pour it over to your ebay
18:30account and it will take care of
18:32everything so customer goes on ebay
18:33order the product it actually pushes the
18:36order through your amazon store charges
18:39the person to fill the order on amazon
18:43you do nothing it for thirty nine
18:46dollars a month it is probably the and
18:50that's the multiple product if you only
18:51have one product i think it's $39 one
18:54but I gotta tell you it there's no
18:59want to do it either i'll put it up on
19:00voted the more exposure that more places
19:03the more eyeballs the more chance your
19:04products going to sell bottom so agree
19:07and you got to look back and say what is
19:08my time worth it will be having a system
19:11that can do that in systems are very
19:13important and maybe we can go over that
19:15a little bit with Brett systems to me
19:17away you're talking are very important
19:19for everything to be done right and
19:20quickly especially have multiple
19:22products like Brad does having those
19:23softwares having the system seems like
19:25it's very important to have absolutely i
19:28can't stress it enough but you can also
19:30go too far you can go into sort of a
19:32software overload to where you're you're
19:35you're paying for and managing so many
19:38tools that your profit and absorbs all
19:42your time so there's certain software
19:45and again the list of software i use is
19:47that wouldn't necessarily work for one
19:49of your guys
19:50it depends on the person I love the fact
19:53that things I put on amazon are also
19:55selling on ebay that Joe lister to me is
19:58a no-brainer
19:59now when i'm searching for products to
20:01sell there's a product that I use called
20:04Jungle Scout which basically find
20:07similar or certain types of products on
20:11Amazon and it gives me all the
20:13statistics of how many keywords how many
20:15searches and we sailed the number of
20:18reviews they've got the cost amazon
20:21charges to ship or handle that product
20:24and it gives me financial information to
20:26know i'm going to be able to sell
20:28something possible that may not be
20:30something everyone needs somebody got
20:31one product or pitching
20:33you can go on the amazon and see what
20:35the competitors products are doing what
20:37are the best seller Rex how many reviews
20:39today up and i'll tell you very very
20:41useful to people developing products is
20:46look at competitors products and look at
20:49the negative reviews
20:51what are the items that your competitor
20:53is having a problem isolate those
20:56problems and build a better mousetrap
20:58come out with a product that doesn't
21:01have those problems and you will
21:03eventually get those sails away from the
21:05competition it's that's great advice is
21:08exactly the way that they should
21:10approach it
21:10I mean this again guys
21:12this is not something that Bradley just
21:14making up this is a science he has so
21:16many products and you know will give out
21:19all the information that he's mentioning
21:21all the websites all the software will
21:22have that on our website but if you get
21:24a chance go out to graduate of sites and
21:27listen he had so many products that he
21:29has turned this selling products into a
21:31science and he needs to go to do that
21:33because he had so many products but
21:35again don't overwhelm yourself don't get
21:37discouraged if you list the product and
21:39it doesn't sell gangbusters the first
21:40day i'm sure it takes some time Brad
21:43right to get this that absolutely like
21:45it like anything else whether you have
21:47your own website or you put a product up
21:50on on amazon or ebay and this is not the
21:54only reason it doesn't sell from day one
21:56but it takes time for those search
21:58engines to index those listings and then
22:01as those listings get traffic those
22:04rankings of those products and listening
22:07to improve now there's lots of tips and
22:10tricks and people come up with ways to
22:12beat the system you know by sending
22:14traffic from your friends and family are
22:16paying for traffic there's no doubt
22:18those things health and can speed it up
22:20but those things also cook money and
22:23every time that a somebody thinks of a
22:25way to kind of be our trip the internet
22:30systems like Google or Amazon or Ebay
22:31into getting better ranking or better
22:33exposure product
22:35well those companies figure out a way to
22:36stop those things so short of top-notch
22:39customer service good product quality
22:41and instantaneous response to customer
22:45questions and of course price there's
22:49there's really its old-fashioned
22:51fundamental always apply / / tips and
22:54tricks for sure I agree especially if
22:57you want to be in business a long time
22:58you want to build up a real sustainable
23:00business tips and tricks will not work
23:02in the long run like you brad is a is a
23:06testament to that he's been around said
23:08for I mean over 25 years which again is
23:10is unheard of in this industry in this
23:12business and that's why it's so great to
23:14have him on the show
23:17two reviews and and ratings count in a
23:21amazon ebay today really absolutely it's
23:24the social proof you need I'm not saying
23:27that if you have no ratings are no
23:28reviews you can sell nothing but its its
23:31its bootstrapping you're going to have
23:34to sell stuff and get those ratings and
23:36those reviews and it's sort of like that
23:38snowball you roll down the hill it
23:40starts the size of a golf ball and and
23:42within a time to get to the bottom Lil
23:45it's got the momentum and it's the size
23:47of a beach ball so they're absolutely
23:52invaluable you have to have good
23:53customer service your product cannot be
23:55garbage your price has to be competitive
23:58if you have all those things then
24:02success isn't guaranteed but failure is
24:06also hard to deny you're not going to
24:10have a you may not have a super success
24:12but you're not going to fail eat it if
24:14you have good customer service good
24:15product your pricing is right you will
24:17not fall off you know it's almost
24:21it doesn't guarantee you're going to be
24:22the next billionaire but those
24:24fundamentals are important so anything
24:27you can do some quick responses to
24:29emails to instant resolution of customer
24:33issues customers acknowledge that and
24:37they like it if they send you an email
24:39about a problem and you ignore it or
24:40tell them how much they're using your
24:42product all guess what you're going to
24:44get you're going to you're going to get
24:46a bad review and then the next guy who
24:47comes in was going to buy the product is
24:50going to go huh you know forget it i'll
24:53go to someone else show absolutely
24:56invaluable refuse
24:57absolutely and and and listening after
24:59just a just let you know how important
25:02those reviews and ratings are brad is he
25:04/ multimillion-dollar company and i have
25:07seen him walking around checking product
25:09and talking to customers online himself
25:12to make sure that they got good customer
25:14service so customer service the right
25:16product making sure you take care of
25:18your customers is probably one of the
25:20biggest foundation everything's to do to
25:22build a legitimate company you know Brad
25:25doesn't think he's above talking to a
25:27customer about
25:28absolutely in fact it is hard it is to
25:31hear criticisms on a product that you
25:34worked on or created or felt was amazing
25:38you've got to feel yourself to absorb
25:41and listen to those criticisms you know
25:44if because the product that you've been
25:47nurturing for a dozen years and you get
25:49a bad review that you have to swallow
25:53your pride and say hey I'm sorry
25:56what could we do better what could I
25:58have done that could have avoided and I
26:01trust me and nobody likes to hear it
26:05becomes an invalidation of yourself but
26:07it's something that you have to mature
26:09as a business owner and a product
26:12developer to brace yourself for that
26:15because if you're not willing to hear it
26:16and you're not willing to listen to your
26:19customers and you know what it's it's
26:22your you're already two strikes against
26:24you so off I went somebody return
26:27something or write a bad review
26:29I get on there myself whether it's a
26:31customer comes in dark brick and mortar
26:33stores somebody comes to my amazon store
26:35my website it happened where they've
26:38even if they see something ridiculous i
26:42bring myself to apologize for the
26:45experience they had and if there's
26:47anything I can do to fix it
26:49I say well so it's it honestly it's
26:52probably still sometimes one of the
26:54toughest things and it takes practice to
26:56overcome that that feeling but it's
26:58absolutely necessary as a business owner
27:00an adventure or or the developer
27:02products very well setting you you know
27:05again as a product developer some of the
27:08song products you have to remember that
27:10not everyone has the same passion for a
27:12product that you have so don't take it
27:15personally try to get that emotion out
27:17of it if you want to be successful in
27:19you're not going to please everyone
27:20because they're not your target customer
27:22as Brad's to explain lock-in who your
27:24target customers either using the
27:26software that he's talking about or
27:28three sales see who your customers are
27:29and those are people who go after don't
27:31try to please somebody intel- if they
27:34don't like canoeing and it's just not
27:36going to happen so you know it's great
27:38advice that that Brad is giving because
27:39again who does this
27:41yeah an old adage apply the customer's
27:44always right no matter how ridiculous
27:46believe me you will have some customers
27:48that are pretty trippy and you you you
27:51you know what you want to say to on the
27:53deuterium you gotta bite your tongue
27:55yes and it's going to affect later sales
27:58yeah it's not worth having a bad review
27:59out there for a couple dollars so if
28:02there's no pepper customers going to
28:03return our product take it back with a
28:04smile don't it's not worth the bad we do
28:07absolutely not and and speaking in mind
28:10let me feel good for the minute it's
28:13going to hurt you in the pocketbook
28:15correct correct i agree but just train
28:17switching gears a little bit bread and
28:19you know a few minutes left we have so
28:21much actually cover
28:22I know you're an adventure to and you've
28:24been to China and things in that sense
28:26that something that you like to do I
28:27know you invent product is that
28:29something you just like to do on the
28:30side or you actually making make your
28:33industry because i'm actually in my
28:35sense i didn't have to be honest I
28:38didn't have a driving passion to create
28:39a product i get it i was trying to apply
28:44my only thing because I've been selling
28:46other people's products for most of my
28:48life and I realized that the two keys to
28:51success our own the contents are on the
28:54channel i actually owned nothing so I
28:57went and I found products that had a
29:01good demand and I developed my own you
29:03know maybe I'm not that creative guy who
29:07had the passion or idea that nobody's
29:09ever thought of in this area i see
29:13trends I match those trends with what I
29:16feel as a as a as a growing consumer
29:19demand and then I go out and I seek and
29:21I make those products which is great
29:24because you are not emotionally attached
29:26that product you're doing it for a
29:27business which makes total sense
29:29yes you know i got i got three kids in
29:31college I got a mortgage you know Paul
29:35my motivation maybe a little difference
29:37some of your listeners sometimes i wish
29:40i had the motivation you know that
29:42passion counts for a lot
29:44it's actually probably one of their
29:47strongest points you know if that could
29:49be focused and directed the right way
29:51and add some some business acumen to
29:53that there's
29:54no limit to the success they can shape
29:56now i agree and and that's kind of why
29:58I'm glad you're on the show because I'd
29:59love to take some of the clients that we
30:01have and and your knowledge experience
30:03and involve those together and it would
30:05be unstoppable and i think that you know
30:07some of the things that you're driving
30:08towards I know you've met a lot of
30:10inventors you you purchase products from
30:13inventors you help the adventure sell
30:14your big advocate to help inventors
30:16which is another reason i want to be on
30:18the show who let people contact you and
30:21will give out your contact information
30:22if they do have products or if there are
30:24looking for some help in what they
30:26should develop or how they should
30:28developing that's why i was so great
30:30that you mentioned to look at their
30:31competitors reviews it's so important to
30:33know what your competitors are doing
30:36it's not so important to be first to
30:37market it's better to be second reserved
30:40because of you exactly what your clients
30:43want with your target once so we get a
30:45lot of inventions that want to be first
30:46to market and we asked them why it was
30:49first to market just means you've got a
30:52bigger Mountain decline you know it's an
30:53on it's an unpaid pass it's more money
30:57needed marketing more money it's it's
31:00it's a but you know what there's always
31:03got to be a first but if you know if
31:06there was never first then we would
31:07never have any forward project but in
31:09terms of ease second is definitely
31:12easier and more people money being
31:14second and make it being first
31:17yes but i would i would agree and it's
31:19nice to be first nice to say that so you
31:20gotta ask you what your motivation is
31:22brad said what's your motivation you
31:23want to be known as the inventor this
31:26market that's great and I appreciate
31:28that I i have done it
31:29I'm an inventor brands and adventure and
31:31we all want to be first to market but
31:32your motivation is to get your product
31:35out there with the right way and you
31:37know build a successful company
31:39sometimes second and third is not an
31:41there's no doubt about it right
31:43absolutely no grab we've got about half
31:46was there before Apple wasn't the first
31:48company you know two computers & and
31:50look at them you know you're exactly
31:51right i mean you a hundred percent right
31:54Apple got into the market when they saw
31:55the need they saw the gaps that wasn't
31:58being fulfilled and they blew it out the
32:00door because they delivered a good
32:01product and you what people want it but
32:04get out we really so probably got a
32:06couple minutes left
32:07is it possible that you can give out
32:09some information for this contact using
32:11different variations they might have
32:13absolutely no probably the easiest way
32:16is because I'm so multifaceted and and
32:20and call it multiplied entrepreneurial
32:22this you know that I can help advise on
32:28getting products online also if there's
32:32there's product failures there's a i
32:34have a large business that that
32:36liquidate products where people are just
32:39like look I made this and it's time to
32:41move on and cash out on liquidation but
32:44the easiest way to contact me is brad
32:47trad at dv8 a dot-com that's David
32:53Victor alpha it's my old legacy company
32:56used to get for distribution video and
32:57audio which we no longer really do but
32:59it's a nice short email so i keep it and
33:02three letter domains are hard to come by
33:05these days happen again it it's brad at
33:09dv8 David Victor and what
33:15we'll just leave one point of contact on
33:17that if you go to the website
33:20you'll see other ways to contact us but
33:23you know common I'd love to help again
33:26if you wanna have with and we can we can
33:30chat like this for days hours and hours
33:32on that so I got a lot of material i can
33:35cover with you guys and mugs help your
33:37your listeners know again we appreciated
33:40this is this is the end result everyone
33:43anyone else out there listening you can
33:45make a product you can make a perfect
33:46you can package it looks really pretty
33:48but no one does anything until somebody
33:51buys your product and that's where
33:53somebody like Brad comes in the
33:55experience that he has a phenomenal and
33:57being able to reach out and ask him a
33:59question and Brad we're going to get a
34:01whole bunch of questions and yeah we'll
34:02go over and then we can get you back on
34:04the show to a specific questions and
34:06spend a half hour as you can see the
34:07time goes so fast
34:08absolutely coming at any time we can do
34:11it again we can we can take a list of
34:12a-listers questions and we can do one by
34:16so if you want that would be great that
34:18we would be so Brad I know you're busy
34:21guy so I appreciate it
34:23and again thank you so much for being on
34:25the show today awesome common thank you
34:27so much for having me and and I really
34:30enjoy working with you and love to help
34:33people knowing my friend to take care
34:35okay Cameron