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It all began back in 1977 when an advertiser traded units of a product in lieu of payment in cash for his advertising bill. AM radio talk-show host Bob Circosta was asked to sell avocado-green-colored can openers live on the air by station owner Bud Paxson. Circosta invited his listening audience to call him up, reserve one of the can openers and come down to the studio to pick it up.
The phone lines started to light up…
And on that day… 112 electric can openers were sold and the home shopping industry was born!
Today, the phenomenon of TV shopping channels generates over $12 billion a year in product sales.
Ever since then, businesses, companies and entrepreneurs have looked to Bob Circosta to help them find the words that work. And boy oh boy, do they work! 25,000 hours of live selling on television and 75,000 separate product presentations later and Bob has accumulated a whopping ONE BILLION DOLLARS in personal sales for entrepreneurs and businesses all over the world.
As Marissa Shipman, Founder and CEO of The Balm says “If selling was an art, then Bob Circosta would be the modern day Da Vinci.”
A strategic thinker and pioneering force in the television home shopping revolution, Bob is bringing Fortune 500 “Big Brand Thinking’ to businesses and products of all shapes and sizes. The business world, celebrities and a multitude of national media outlets have featured Bob in a variety of roles ranging from appearances on NBC’s Today Show and 20/20 to promoting products with stars such as Suzanne Somers, Fran Drescher, Florence Henderson, Ken Paves, Jennifer Flavin-Stallone, Carol Alt, Jillian Barberie, Dixie Carter, Patti LaBelle, Bob Hope, Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett, Cindy Margolis and more!
Now you can tap into the wealth of knowledge that has made Bob Circosta “TV’s Billion Dollar Man!”
Whether you’re anxious to learn how to sell on the air or want Bob to come and speak at your next big corporate event or share his proven selling secrets to your sales team and entrepreneurs, Bob Circosta Communications, Inc. offers a variety of solutions customized to fit your needs.
BOB CIRCOSTA: TV’s original home shopping host and one of the individuals who helped create the TV home shopping industry. Over the past 36 years, Bob has logged over 25,000 hours of LIVE selling on TV, made over 75,000 separate product presentations and has–individually–sold over $5 billion worth of merchandise. Just recently, Bob sold over 40,000 water filters–almost $1.8 million in sales–in ONE DAY! He is the recipient of the first ever HSN LEGEND AWARD for his lifetime achievements. In addition to TV, Bob helps corporations, small business owners, entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life sell more of what they have–in ALL different forms of marketing – from face-to-face to on the phone to making presentations in front of a group or in making a video. Bob shares his unparalleled expertise and knowledge on how to MASTER YOUR MARKETING MESSAGE–teaching how to pitch anything to anyone–anywhere!

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Podcast Notes

1You Tube generated podcast notes, please excuse any typos.
:00hi everyone and welcome to inventors
0:03launchpad roadmap to success
0:05I am carmine danesco your host and today
0:09on the launchpad
0:10I have a privilege of bringing on a
0:12guest who was the original TV
0:15home-shopping host I mean this guy has
0:18sold over 1 billion dollars in
0:21merchandise that is a huge number and
0:24throwing that number around is amazing
0:26he's an entrepreneur he's an inventor
0:28he's an author he's also the first ever
0:32HSN Legend Award recipient which is a
0:36huge honor
0:37for that gentleman I tell you what he's
0:39known as a billion-dollar man and he is
0:41mr. Bob Circosta hey Bobby over there
0:44hey carmine I am here there's always a
0:47pleasure to be with you and all the good
0:48folks of inventors launchpad thanks for
0:51having me on the show I appreciate oh I
0:52love it thank you for finding some time
0:54I know you're super busy over there you
0:57got always have things going on and I
0:59know you have a show going on with HSN
1:01American Dreams and we can get into that
1:03in a little while which I hear all over
1:06the place how American Dreams is really
1:08helping inventors in exploding but I
1:10wanted to get you on the show talk a
1:12little bit about your background what's
1:13been happening I know that you have a
1:15book out you have so many things going
1:17on I don't even know what to start with
1:19first maybe you can just give us some
1:21happening what's happening why don't we
1:23just start at the beginning yeah that's
1:25always a good blend right at the
1:26beginning of how this whole thing that
1:28all of us see on TV TV shopping how it
1:31all started and believe it or not this
1:34is the 40th year the 40th year
1:37anniversary of HSN and which really
1:41started the entire TV shopping industry
1:44and I had the very good fortune to be
1:46there at the beginning and it's it's
1:49just been a terrific terrific journey
1:51throughout all of my life to see it go
1:54from the beginning by the way it all
1:56started on radio started on a very small
1:58radio station maybe many people are
2:00surprised to hear that they think you
2:02know it started on TV and it did not it
2:04was a small radio station in Clearwater
2:07Florida it was on right on
2:08Hercules Avenue for anyone who knows the
2:11area and it was called
2:14wwt 1470 on your am dial I mean we
2:18thought we were a big time you know what
2:21everybody has to understand is that this
2:23was possibly the world's worst radio so
2:28awful and the radio station had nothing
2:31to do with selling products it was the
2:32news talk formatted station so so I had
2:36a talk show every day from noon to 3:00
2:38and just like on every talk show we
2:41talked about politics we talked about
2:43what was going on in the world the
2:45issues of the day and things like that
2:47but but once again since this was
2:49possibly the world's worst radio station
2:52we we had a difficult time selling
2:55advertising if you don't sell
2:57advertising you don't stay on the air
2:58back in those days so we had to do that
3:01so the owner of the radio station a
3:04gentleman by the name of Bud Paxson
3:06bud would go around town and he would
3:09visit businesses and knock on doors and
3:12try to sell advertising to this radio
3:14station that nobody wanted to have
3:16anything to do with and he'd sell a few
3:18contracts here and there and one time he
3:21sold a 13-week advertising contract to
3:24an appliance store and as a matter of
3:27fact the appliance store is still there
3:29for the years later but so anyhow so he
3:32went in and he sold a 13-week
3:34advertising contract and so for thirteen
3:37weeks on my talk show we advertised the
3:40supply and store and I would urge people
3:41to go in and I would tell people about
3:43the specials and the sales and all of
3:46that so this went on for 13 weeks at the
3:48end of that cycle bud went back to the
3:51store to collect on the bill because you
3:53know you get paid and the owner of the
3:56appliance store met bud at the front
3:58door and the guy said to bud he said
4:01what are you doing here ahead bud but
4:03right away he knew he was in trouble and
4:05he said well I'm here to collect on the
4:07bill and to renew the advertise and the
4:11guy who owned the store said renew are
4:13you kidding me he said now one person
4:15not one has come in here and even said
4:18they heard my commercial and then he
4:21said you possibly do have the world's
4:23worst race ha ha ha
4:25and then he said of
4:27at Altru now he said but you know what
4:29I'm not going to pay you for the
4:31advertise and but you know took a few
4:33steps back and said wait a minute
4:35that's not how this works we had a deal
4:37they went back and forth back and forth
4:39about an hour later the guy who owned
4:42the store said the but you know what I
4:43tell you what up instead of pay you in
4:47I had a big shipment look back by the
4:49door and a big shipment of products that
4:51came in a couple hours ago take a box of
4:53merchandise instead of cash I'll give
4:55you a buck so bud by this time was so
4:57frustrated I think he felt better he was
5:00going to leave with something you know
5:02in his hands so he picked up the box and
5:04I had no idea what he was going to do
5:06with it got in the car drove back to the
5:07station now meanwhile I'm on the air
5:10going my talkshow newsroom and every
5:13hour of my talk show they took like a
5:15little break and they did the local news
5:17local weather and so forth so I would
5:19take a break and I would have a cup of
5:21coffee or something and so here I am
5:23sitting in this little booth all by
5:26myself you know not bothering anybody
5:27okay and and the door opened up an in
5:30walked but now bud was about six foot
5:33eight so when he came in a room you knew
5:36he was in my room and he walked in this
5:38little booth and he's holding in his
5:40hands the see electric can-opener now
5:44this was 1977 so this was an avocado
5:49green it was an ugly electric in work
5:52and he looked at me and he said Bob when
5:54you come out of the news I want you to
5:56sell this can okay yeah I looked at him
5:59like get three heads I said you only do
6:01what he said I want you to sell this kid
6:03I said sell in fact I remember saying to
6:05you you want me to sell wait a minute
6:08I'm a newsman you know I have morals and
6:10ethics what do you mean you want me to
6:14sell us and then he proceeded to tell me
6:17the relationship between me selling the
6:19can opener and me getting a check and
6:22instantly that can opener look pretty
6:24good and so I came on after the break
6:26and I said well get back to our topic in
6:29just a moment you'll never figure out
6:30what happened during the break I've
6:32recounted the whole story and I I
6:34started describing the Cannell and I
6:36said if you call me up right now call me
6:40up reserve a
6:41and over here come on down in the radio
6:43station and pay for it it's yours and
6:45pretty soon the you know those lights on
6:47the phone back then where they started
6:49to light up in fact I don't know what
6:51they work because nobody's ever called
6:53me before on the show yeah and it was
6:56that day was actually August 28 1977 we
7:00sold a hundred and twelve electric
7:02candle and that was the beginning of
7:05what we all now know as the TV shopping
7:08industry even though it's started on
7:10radio we did radio for five years and
7:12for anybody who knows the area in
7:15Pinellas County in 1982 it got wired for
7:18this thing that was called cable TV and
7:20back then cable had nothing to do with
7:23with programming it means tech to do
7:25with a reception to get the you know
7:27reception of the other stations better
7:29and so we went in we said Wow
7:31you know the TV pictures this has got to
7:34be better than talking about something
7:35on the radio so we went in to the local
7:37cable company was vision cable and we
7:40went in we leased a channels channel 52
7:42and we call it the Home Shopping Channel
7:45and we started selling products on local
7:48TV just in Clearwater Florida
7:51just in clear West and then fast-forward
7:53a couple of years in 1985 we said wow
7:56this was working locally so well and it
7:59was why wouldn't it work nationwide so
8:01we bought time on the galaxy satellite
8:04five hours on July 1 1985 and we went up
8:09and that was the birth of it was called
8:11the home shopping club no no and then
8:15QVC came in the next year and then in
8:19the late 80s there were as many as ah
8:21there's many as 28 other companies that
8:23we're trying to do this thing called TV
8:25shopping and and and and we have about
8:29three or four main ones today there are
8:32some local ones that are still out there
8:33but the amazing thing carmine is that TV
8:37shopping is now in almost every country
8:40in the world it is all if you name a
8:43country and chances are they have their
8:45own TV shopping channel and it all came
8:48from the sale of a hundred and twelve
8:51electric can openers and so many people
8:53have asked me over the years
8:55what why do I think it was so successful
8:57and I keep coming back to one thought
9:00and it was the thought that it combined
9:02two of America's favorite pastimes one
9:06Bing shopping and the other being
9:08watching TV at that time so combining
9:11those two things I think had a lot to do
9:14with making it so popular at the
9:16beginning now today we add the element
9:19of social media and all the various
9:21platforms and people ordering under
9:23phone on the tablet and in all sorts of
9:26ways it is a is an incredible incredible
9:30industry and having seen it from the
9:33beginning it's just so rewarding to see
9:35where it is today and where it's going
9:38for for the future because we're just
9:40scratching karma we're just scratching
9:41the future on this front on this whole
9:43industries but that's how it started
9:45that's how sorry and that's where we are
9:47today well it's so amazing a feeling
9:50that you must have had when you were at
9:52that beginning selling those candle
9:54burgers after you were done you probably
9:55sat back and said you might have
9:57something here
9:58well I wish I could say actually right
10:01and I wish I could say I was that smart
10:04I had no bud was but Paxton was he knew
10:08he had the vision he knew exactly what
10:11it was me and no idea didn't have a in
10:14fact I didn't tell people where I worked
10:16for about a year because because I I
10:20didn't know what I was doing if I went
10:22in one day I remember saying the but I
10:24went in one day and I said but you know
10:26I can't do this anymore
10:28you know I I I remember saying if I see
10:31one more cubic zirconia diamond I'm
10:33going to scream I mean what else can I
10:35say about it that I haven't already said
10:37and I said but I've got to look for a
10:40job okay I got a fine he said no no no
10:42you stay with this this is way back in
10:45the early eighties he said one day
10:47you're going to look out beyond that TV
10:50camera and you're going to see row after
10:52row of operators taking orders Wow and I
10:55thought he was you know well you know
10:58maybe maybe a little too many I don't
10:59know but I I said no way and you know
11:03what he knew he had the vision from the
11:05beginning and enix because if you go
11:07into the operator
11:08poll at at HSN the operator area is like
11:12the size of a football field and people
11:15take orders you know at the beginning of
11:16TV shopping
11:17it was row after row of offers like a
11:19telethon mmm now they're you know people
11:22can take orders while they're still at
11:23home and you know we progressed but he
11:27has a vision so I wish I could say
11:29carmine yeah oh I knew this right now I
11:32I have no idea yeah but I mean just
11:35sticking with it and growing seeing it
11:37grow I mean over the years I mean I
11:39can't even imagine how many products you
11:42have put on I mean the main headed up
11:46one time they I think it was during one
11:48of the celebrations 20th year 2050 or
11:51something but they added it up one time
11:53and and they they proved to me because I
11:56didn't believe it either
11:57they said that I've been able to present
12:00make over 75,000 separate product
12:05presentation Wow
12:06all these years now immediately I got
12:09tired yeah
12:1170 are you kidding I said that can't be
12:14right and then they mapped it out and
12:16showed me how they came up with that
12:17number so yeah it's been three you know
12:20I am as as excited today as I was way
12:24back then enemy because the industry is
12:27changing I just unlike you I'm an
12:30entrepreneur at heart you know and I
12:32just I this country was built on that
12:34entrepreneurial spirit man and that's
12:38why the United States is the greatest
12:40country in the world and and that
12:42entrepreneurial feeling is alive today
12:45and and TV shopping has had so much to
12:48do with that so it's been my honor and
12:50my pleasure do a play play a role yeah
12:53well we appreciate everything you're
12:54doing I mean the amount of time and
12:58energy and every tenacity just to get
13:00things done and taking products to
13:02market and putting products on TV I know
13:04that you started you know just fast
13:06forwarding and there's so much I just
13:08want everyone to know there's only limit
13:09amount of time I'd like to keep Bob on
13:10for hours but he's he has some heart
13:12stops and he's got a lot of things going
13:14on but it's fast forward I know you've
13:15been helping a lot of inventors and you
13:17have a show that's going on on HSN you
13:19can do it for a year or two now and
13:21here is really exploding maybe you can
13:23give a little bit of information on what
13:25all I would love to i HSN came to me it
13:28was a year ago August they came to me
13:30and they said you know we want to put
13:31together a show on the air that focuses
13:34on entrepreneurs I said that's great
13:38you know let's do it and then they
13:40looked at me and they said we want you
13:42Bob to go out and find these
13:45let's bring their products and bring
13:47them on the air so we can share their
13:50story with everybody and and because
13:53entrepreneurialism and that
13:56entrepreneurial feeling that's that's in
13:58the DNA of HSN you know what I mean oh
14:01that's that's how it all started so it
14:03just made all the sense in the world and
14:05so HSN said please Bob go out and find
14:08entrepreneurs so the segment which they
14:12viewed like I said a year ago August it
14:14was on once a month that's how it
14:16started once a month then it went to
14:18once a week and now it's on three times
14:21every single week and and the response
14:25when the public has been absolutely
14:28the entrepreneurs love it obviously so
14:31HSN asked if I would find the
14:33entrepreneurs bring them on and then
14:35also facilitate that process to get them
14:39on the air because you know being
14:41accepted to go on the air is one thing
14:43but being able to have the warehousing
14:45the fulfillment being able to understand
14:48all of the logistics along the way that
14:51can be not only intimidating to the
14:54entrepreneur but it's not in their
14:56wheelhouse at all they can't really
14:59afford it and Jim have to afford so so
15:02I'm able to set that up and really
15:05create a one-stop shop for the
15:08entrepreneurs to get them on the air
15:10take all the risk out of it so there's
15:12really no risk for the entrepreneur
15:14whatsoever and it's free how much it is
15:18I can put away to submit which is
15:21incredible all you have to do is just
15:23submit to the website and and then it's
15:26reviewed by HSN and then it may go in
15:30that American dream segment we have some
15:32mega hits we've had many many products
15:35been ordered and reordered and ordered
15:37more over the year I mean we have one
15:40product that's been on it came on about
15:42a month after the program segment
15:44started and it's still on the air so
15:47this is and another part of carmine a
15:49lot of people on the outside think well
15:51I've got to have 20,000 mm of something
15:54to be it but I wanted to work that out
15:57with HSN and HSN has just been so
15:59supportive on this I mean they're making
16:01it all possible but we are able to get
16:04entrepreneurs on with as few as 500
16:07units to test it to see if it does well
16:11I mean I mean what what what an
16:13opportunity to be able to test your
16:14product in over 95 million homes across
16:19this country and not lose any money I
16:22mean it's it's it's an incredible
16:24opportunity well it does it doesn't
16:27happen and that's what's so great about
16:28obviously when HSN approaches they knew
16:31that you'd be able to handle all that
16:32not only the warehousing you know
16:34getting the product on you know look at
16:36the product making sure that that
16:37product fits into the category you have
16:40the other thing that HSN did a great job
16:42with is finding somebody like you now a
16:44lot of people don't realize this because
16:46they don't deal with the entrepreneur or
16:48the inventor mindset now all of us
16:51inventors we're all emotionally attached
16:53to our product and in the industry so
16:55long you know when an inventor comes in
16:58the product has to be handled a certain
17:00way you can't you know can't you start
17:01changing it around on them and things
17:03like that so having that having that
17:04experience over these years being able
17:06to talk to the inventor in the lingo in
17:09the knowledge with experience that you
17:10know must really help you being able to
17:12get those products in yeah that's a
17:14great point that you make because I
17:16really view my role as being a
17:18facilitator being able to facilitate for
17:21that entrepreneur you know to get a
17:24product through QA Quality Assurance is
17:26a is a mega deal and you can get on the
17:29air unless it goes through that well
17:31throwing an entrepreneur from the
17:33outside into that you're not going to
17:35understand certain things so we get
17:37products on the air in as little as
17:40three weeks from submission you can be
17:42on the air in over 95 million homes so
17:45not every product falls into that
17:47because QA will come back
17:49with certain things that you need to
17:51change maybe on the packaging or it
17:53needs to have a sticker here or whatever
17:55which we take care of in our warehouse
17:57but sometimes those things will slow it
18:00down so I don't want everyone to think
18:02that every product goes on within three
18:03weeks but we have done that many many
18:07times so being able to facilitate that
18:09for the entrepreneur is is it really
18:13warms our heart and it really it really
18:15makes it worthwhile for us to see you
18:18know so many times I've had the
18:20entrepreneur on the air and I would look
18:22at them after we've been on the air and
18:24they'd be in the green room and and and
18:26just a couple of weeks ago and I walked
18:28in and the end lady she was crying and
18:30and I said you know I don't want to use
18:33her name and I said what's wrong she
18:34said nothing she said I can't believe
18:36that I've been able to do this this has
18:38been a lifelong dream come true man
18:42that's what it's all about it it's that
18:44entrepreneurial spirit that I know you
18:46believe in deeply I believe it
18:49HSN certainly believes in it and once
18:51again all you have to do is submit your
18:54product it has to be a finished product
18:56okay it can't just be an idea you know I
18:59mean if it's an idea they should all be
19:01going to you guys at a vendors launch
19:03pad definitely and saying you know how
19:05do I take this idea and make it a
19:07reality because there's nobody better
19:09than you guys for that so but if you
19:12have a finished product that's ready to
19:13go and just have a few but if you don't
19:16have any made they should get in touch
19:18with you too because you can help them
19:19in that part of the process as well so
19:22it's just it's such a great opportunity
19:24it really is no and I know and I can see
19:27the excitement just like I am when an
19:29inventor comes to it and it just being
19:31able to move their products forward a
19:33little bit a lot of inventors are stuck
19:34in a certain position and you're being
19:36able to encompass all the business
19:38aspects of it because you know most
19:39inventors they're not the business type
19:41of people that they need to be and
19:43that's one of the roadblocks that they
19:44face so you being able to take that all
19:46out of the equation and just say here's
19:48my product and you say I'll take care of
19:50it I mean again I think the show's name
19:52it is a dream and I don't think people
19:53realize how much red tape and things you
19:57guys are cutting out and putting that
19:58product on TV it's tough and it's not
20:02the fault
20:02any organization no it's you know so
20:05many layers to it which benefits the
20:08consumers and that's good because the
20:10consumer needs to be protected of course
20:12but to work through all of those layers
20:15from the outside and never being exposed
20:17to anything like this can truly be
20:20intimidating so we try to like take that
20:23intimidation away make it easy for the
20:26inventor and also it's an opportunity to
20:28get the inventors story on the air
20:31because HSN wants to showcase the
20:34product of course but they also want to
20:36showcase the inventor and and and you
20:40know their story and the struggle and
20:43how they had to overcome it because
20:44there are people out there watching in
20:46the same situation thinking it's only
20:49them but it's not we all run into these
20:52challenges day after day and we've all
20:55heard the saying it's not what happens
20:56to us it's how we respond and how we
20:59react to it that's what makes the
21:01difference so knowing that you're
21:04watching somebody on the air who had the
21:06same hardships and same challenges but
21:08they were able to overcome it makes all
21:11the difference in the world and so it's
21:12just so gratifying it my particular
21:15stage in life I mean I'm getting up
21:17there okay but I'm enjoying it every
21:19single day don't get me wrong but this
21:21is such I mean I love absolutely love
21:24being involved in something like this
21:27and seeing an entrepreneur succeed maybe
21:30it's just I don't know that that's what
21:32it's all so many people have been so
21:34good to me along the way and whatever
21:36I've achieved it's not because of what
21:39I've done it's because of what others
21:41have helped me do and if you call this
21:44payback then it's payback but it just it
21:47I absolutely love seeing the
21:49entrepreneurs take that take that
21:51product and expose it you know to the
21:54rest of the country no better way no
21:56better way than this no I agree and and
21:59you made a good point and a lot of
22:00inventors or innovators entrepreneurs
22:03believe that they have to do everything
22:05by themselves and it's reality nothing
22:08worthwhile or great was done alone it
22:11just doesn't happen so being able to
22:13bolt on a
22:14team that is so experienced so
22:16knowledgeable and so connected if you
22:18want to say it like you I mean it's
22:20instant success there's there's no doubt
22:22about it because you guys are cutting
22:24out all the mistakes all the missteps
22:25all the problems yeah I mean you get the
22:27best shot I mean this is my way but you
22:30know you said something earlier so true
22:32is that an entrepreneur nine times out
22:34of ten they're emotionally attached to
22:36product and you are so right when you
22:39say that and and you know I always say
22:42that that I understand that and with all
22:45respect you you cannot get that
22:48emotional attachment you know you may
22:51think that what you have is the best in
22:53the world and it might be I'm not saying
22:55it isn't it might be but if you are
22:57operating from the mindset that hey what
23:00I have is the best of the world all I
23:02have to do is just show this to somebody
23:04and they're going to want it that's the
23:06wrong approach you know one of the last
23:08things I say to myself before I go out
23:11on the air is you know what no one needs
23:14this product let me tell them why they
23:17need it so focusing on that why you
23:20still have to you know share with
23:22somebody what it is you have I'm not
23:25saying you don't tell people about your
23:26product you have to share what it is but
23:28you've got to really focus on what your
23:31product will do for others because every
23:35product is nothing more than a vehicle
23:37that's what it is it's a vehicle that
23:40will enable the user to achieve
23:43something so as an entrepreneur you've
23:46got to take a look at your product when
23:48you're marketing and when you're selling
23:49it you have to take a look at it from
23:51the perspective of what is this going to
23:53do for the other how's it going to make
23:55your life easier are they going to
23:57benefit from it so it's that why then
24:01why creating that why it's just so very
24:04very important that and I hope because
24:07that's been proven to me over the years
24:09I hope that kind of maybe helps a fellow
24:12entrepreneur out there you know or even
24:16a female or anything out there of course
24:18you know look at what they have
24:22differently and maybe get different
24:23results and what they've been able to
24:25achieve up until now
24:27you know I agree and famous words and
24:30don't don't fall in love with your
24:32product or don't fall in love with your
24:34idea I agree with you is there not a
24:36product one time sir I had they brought
24:38in a product one time for me to go on
24:40the air and sell it was an am/fm radio
24:43telephone toilet paper dispenser so I
24:48said to myself before the show I said
24:50how the heck am I going to sell this and
24:52and who is going to buy this alright
24:55when out on the air we sold about 8,000
24:58of them in less than 10 minutes and the
25:01valuable lesson that I learned that day
25:03it's not important what I think all
25:05right my role was to talk about the
25:08benefits the benefits of that product
25:12why does somebody need it of course this
25:14was way before cellphones so I naturally
25:17would talk about how many times is the
25:19phone ring you know a rings and the very
25:22inopportune time when you're not around
25:24that you can't answer now you'll never
25:27miss an important phone call again so it
25:30but then it's not important to point
25:32what what I think about the product is
25:34the role of how somebody going to
25:37benefit from that's what you got a key
25:39yeah and you a great point is you've got
25:43to know who your target market is when
25:45you're you're probably don't make their
25:46product for yourself it's for your
25:48target market so I agree with you and so
25:51the point so one of the questions I have
25:53is you know for the listeners out there
25:54is that is there a certain type of
25:56product that you guys are looking for
25:59you know and what would those products
26:01look like or is it kind of anything no
26:03no great questions yes the answer is yes
26:05and because something that we all forget
26:09sometimes about TV shopping is that it
26:12is a visual medium all right sometimes
26:15we think just talking about it will
26:17we'll make it go
26:18that's not it's a visual medium so to
26:21have a product really nine times out of
26:24ten succeed on the air in the TV
26:26shopping world it needs to be
26:27demonstrable okay it needs to solve a
26:30problem but it has to be a universally
26:34understood problem all right because
26:37you're dealing with the masses so it
26:39also has to appeal
26:41Scipio has to be easy to use easy to
26:44understand because on TV shopping
26:46everything is about time you know
26:48everyone thinks well if I bring my
26:50product on a TV shopping channel I have
26:53to sell out know that that's not really
26:55the process the goal is to sell the most
26:59amount of units in the least amount of
27:02time that's what it's all about so you
27:05have to sell more in less time so your
27:08message has to be easy to understand it
27:10has to be easy to use and then the end
27:13user also has to see clearly how this
27:16would fit into their everyday life so to
27:19speak you know we should all go outside
27:22the comfort zone that's how we grow as
27:25individuals by trying new things but if
27:27you go too far outside the comfort zone
27:29with showing your product people are
27:32going to back away from it so how are
27:34they going to use it it has to be
27:35demonstrable it's got to solve a problem
27:38that is easily understood if you have to
27:41go in-depth on explaining the problem
27:44you're going to have a problem ok in
27:46selling your product it has to be a
27:48problem that people get the connection
27:50right away then showing how you solve it
27:53but but being demonstrable is very very
27:55critical because many products have sat
27:58on the Shelf of the store and they just
28:01sat there but they've been taken into a
28:03TV Shopping Channel and you can bring
28:06the story to life and you can show it
28:08and it does extremely well yeah I think
28:11that's obviously the the history of home
28:14shopping and HSN and I think that's part
28:16of it people love to be connected with
28:18the product they see it working they say
28:20that's the problem I'm running into and
28:22you know so so I think like you said I
28:23mean it's so important to be able to
28:25explain the product very briefly you
28:27know the old if you confuse them you do
28:29some type thing it can't happen you know
28:32there's no doubt about it you know a lot
28:35of the people are like myself or I would
28:39be scared to go on I mean is there you
28:42know you go on I mean what would you do
28:45to prepare me or do you go on with me I
28:47mean I've seen the show and I've seen
28:48you guys and it looks like you're having
28:51well you gotta have fun I mean that's
28:53the main thing
28:54if you go out and you're just so stiff
28:57and robotic and everything it doesn't
28:58translate so you have to have fun but
29:00you're right you know most entrepreneurs
29:03have never done this before they may
29:05never do it again like this who knows
29:06but they certainly have never done this
29:08so if they are accepted to go on the air
29:11we certainly my company will train them
29:14my company will give them direction on
29:17how to do it we create the presentation
29:19flow we have a great team here and we
29:23create the flow with the props and all
29:25of that so the individual knows it but
29:28in addition to all of that I'm able to
29:30go on with the entrepreneurs so it's the
29:34host from HSN on American Dreams their
29:37host is there then I come on and then I
29:39introduce the entrepreneur and so I'm
29:43out there with the entrepreneurs so we
29:44start to go south on anything I can kind
29:47of get things back on track so to speak
29:49and I get involved in the product as
29:51well and I talk about it just as much as
29:53the entrepreneur many times so I'm out
29:56there as a as a maybe a security blanket
30:00type of thing but but I'm out there to
30:03help the entrepreneur and because hey
30:05then when the red light goes on and
30:06people change middle and no and I can
30:11understand it because again this could
30:13be the first time that entrepreneurs
30:15ever been on TV and it can be very very
30:19intimidating when you look out and you
30:21see all those cameras and all those
30:23lights are on and you start to think wow
30:26there are 95 million people watching you
30:30know that can be unnerving you know I
30:32mean if an entrepreneur wanted me to
30:34come in and and create his product for
30:37him I'd be intimidated than doing that
30:38because I don't know how to do that but
30:40I do know how to do this and so it's the
30:42combination that I hope adds a comfort
30:46level and provides a comfort level to
30:48the entrepreneurs itself so we take care
30:50of you know setting the entire
30:52presentation then the day before they go
30:55on the air when they come in HSN puts
30:58them through their on-air training
31:00programs so takes them in the studio
31:02gets them in front of the cameras you
31:04know prepares them that way we're able
31:06to go through the demonstrations
31:08through the presentation so nothing is
31:10you know well things do happen that
31:12aren't supposed to all the time but many
31:15bases are covered
31:16so the entrepreneur really has a great
31:19deal of clarity and understanding of
31:21what they are to do and like you said
31:24they are not alone that's important you
31:28know it's sad it sounds like this is
31:31like a once-in-a-lifetime experience I
31:34mean they're coming to Clearwater for it
31:35it's beautiful down here they're going
31:36to HSN which they watch they've dreamt
31:38of having their product on HSN sure they
31:41not only have their pros and HSN but
31:43they have the best person to read them
31:46they have their product I mean this is a
31:48combination of all their dreams of
31:51having this and I can see them saying
31:53this is it I mean this is this is it
31:55nothing better okay it's life-changing I
31:58mean it really changes lives when you go
32:01through this experience because what
32:04what better way to have your product
32:06tested then to put it up and we know
32:08right away if it's going to work or if
32:10it doesn't work and not all products
32:12work but aren't you glad that you know
32:14that and that you have that information
32:16it can save you a lot of money in the
32:18long run maybe TV shopping isn't the way
32:20for what you have maybe your brick and
32:23mortars better or the internet or what
32:25have you it's finding that out it is an
32:29RN once again it's free to find out it's
32:31free to submit you don't have to you
32:35know pay any money upfront you don't
32:37have to go to a workshop or a seminar
32:39and go to another town and then pay for
32:42airfare it's at that town now you do
32:44have to pay for airfare if you get on
32:46the show of course through what you pay
32:47for that but you don't have to you know
32:50seminars or anything and I'm not taking
32:52anything away from seminars I think
32:54they're terrific but this is free all
32:56you have to do is submit you can do that
32:59from your home you can do that in your
33:01underwear I don't care if I owe you is
33:04no worth finding out finally finding out
33:08any could this work could this work how
33:11many times have you said maybe saw a
33:12product on the air you know late night
33:15or whatever and saying well you know
33:17that's I could have thought of that or
33:20you know I did think of that I never did
33:22anything isn't it time that you find out
33:25what it is that you have and that's what
33:27makes this opportunity so phenomenal and
33:30different than anything else you know
33:32they're great shows out there Shark Tank
33:34I love Shark Tank it's a terrific show
33:36and there are a lot of entrepreneurial
33:38type shows out there and and that really
33:41has in the last few years it's raised
33:43the level of thinking about you know
33:47being an entrepreneur and it's a 40
33:50great opportunities however would we do
33:52different than any of these shows is we
33:55provide that part that's missing so many
33:58times which is the distribution you can
34:01have a great product you can have a
34:02great idea but if you're in front of the
34:05wrong people or you're not getting out
34:06to the people what you have you're going
34:09to end up spinning your wheels so we're
34:11offering that distribution and when I
34:13say we I don't speak for HSN and as
34:17again HSN has been so supportive on this
34:21support me just think about it for a
34:23second their airtime is extremely
34:26valuable no question about so for them
34:29to say you know what we're going to give
34:318 minutes 9 minutes 10 minutes of our
34:34airtime we're going to give it to an
34:36entrepreneur and we really don't know if
34:39the product is going to work or not
34:40that's a big given on their part that's
34:43a big sacrifice and and I applaud them
34:46for taking that that chance and and
34:50affording entrepreneurs a
34:51once-in-a-lifetime like you said
34:53once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I agree
34:57and I am so thankful for HSN to do this
35:00and yourself I mean you know I know
35:02you're given a lot of lots of these HSN
35:04and also you have a great team behind
35:05you and you know having you being able
35:07to put your time and to do this it is
35:09it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity it
35:10takes away the excuses it takes away the
35:13fear the inventor has let's get this
35:16done get the product in and anyone
35:18that's listening if you have a product
35:20it's ready to go stop making them
35:21excuses go to Bob's website and we're
35:24going to give all that information out
35:25to agenda to show and apply put the
35:28product and it doesn't cost anything
35:30there are so much misconceptions and
35:32things going on within the inventor
35:34industry that it's so great that Bob
35:37you're not charged anything because
35:38you're not trying to get anything out of
35:39anyone it's it's unbelievable
35:41exactly I mean there there's no upfront
35:43cost there's no I mean I I've often
35:47thought okay I'm an inventor and I have
35:49a product why would I not want to do
35:51agree well I mean what's the worst I'm
35:54going to get out of it is okay they
35:56weren't interested
35:57okay next move on you know at least you
36:00found out from people that know what
36:02they're doing you know but think for a
36:05moment wonder if it works wonder if it
36:09happened for you how would your life be
36:11what would your life be like if now
36:14you're selling you know tens of
36:16thousands of something and coming back
36:18and going on the air every couple of
36:20months it can happen but it won't happen
36:22until you take the first step yeah no I
36:25agree and I know you donate your time
36:27and you travel around the country you do
36:29a lot of keynote speaking and all you
36:31talk about is and I have to stand back
36:33in my head is nothing happens until
36:35somebody sells something and offering
36:38that point you can talk about it you can
36:39make it you can prototype it you can do
36:41everything but you have to sell it you
36:43got to do it eventually red red modely
36:46made that statement famous years ago he
36:48said nothing happens in America until
36:51somebody sells something and many
36:54entrepreneurs I have found I don't know
36:56about how you feel about this but I
36:58found many entrepreneurs are maybe it
37:01goes back to the emotional connection
37:03again but they're so involved with your
37:04product or whatever that they don't give
37:07really that much time to okay how am I
37:10going to sell this where am I going to
37:12summons how am I going to get it out to
37:14the market that's a missing piece and
37:16that's what HSN American Dreams provides
37:19yeah they they do what they know and the
37:24other things are just going to happen
37:25and it doesn't happen and that's where
37:27they don't know what they don't know and
37:29you guys can fill in that gap there's I
37:31mean they have to go on Bob Circosta
37:34calm and we'll again we'll put this on
37:36before we've done and just just go out
37:38the food just up just do it yeah if you
37:41go you just click on product you'll see
37:42the logo for HSN American Dreams on the
37:45homepage just click on that don't take
37:47you to a page
37:48we'll ask you a series of questions you
37:51know when can you ship how many do you
37:53have various other questions about your
37:56product a brief description and then
37:58that comes to us we look at that right
38:00away and then we will get back in touch
38:03with you one way or the other is you're
38:05going to proceed to the next level or is
38:08at this time it's just not the right
38:11time for it on HSN and and you know if
38:14your product doesn't work on TV shopping
38:16that doesn't mean it's a bad product at
38:18all it just means you haven't found the
38:21right method of distribution for sure
38:24and it happens there's no doubt about I
38:26mean I and I know if I know you guys in
38:28your team even ones that don't make it
38:30I'm sure you're somehow giving some
38:32information giving some guidance because
38:34that's what you guys do I mean just love
38:36industry and also you know for those out
38:39there that maybe don't have a finished
38:41product if you have an idea or whatever
38:43I mean get in touch with carmine and Ric
38:46and inventors launchpad no question
38:47about that because you got to get that
38:49expertise not just when the item is
38:52finished and being able to be marketed
38:54but that expertise and that guidance is
38:56imperative from the very beginning and
38:58it will save you a tremendous amount of
39:00time it will save you a tremendous
39:02amount of money if you get that proper
39:05guide so you know anyone out there think
39:07you want to see I don't have a problem
39:08here's something else maybe you don't
39:10have a product maybe you don't have an
39:12idea all right but you're going to run
39:15into somebody who maybe has a product
39:17and so you should get in touch with us
39:19when you do that because if you have the
39:21connection I have individuals out there
39:23they're called product finders no they
39:26will go and they'll just find products
39:28and they'll recommend them to me and
39:30then I pay them a commission you know
39:32for that so so they make I have an item
39:36on the air right now we sell over 10,000
39:38every single month 10,000 units
39:39everybody when the person who told me
39:42about the item gets paid on every unit
39:44okay because he found it and I haven't
39:46seen that person five years right so
39:51there are so many different ways to get
39:52involved but you know what if you don't
39:54take that step if you don't get involved
39:57I guarantee nothing will happen you know
39:59if you never asked a question the
40:02there will always be no all right if you
40:04don't take that step forward you're
40:05always going to stay in the same place
40:07that you are today but if you want to
40:10move you want to make that progress as
40:12you know you got to do things that you
40:14haven't done before so come to the
40:16website just yeah amid what you've got
40:18let's go from there no I hear I mean you
40:21guys are doing everything except going
40:22out and knocking on people's doors I
40:23mean you're giving them everything you
40:24know not him again yeah here is get that
40:34guy out of here man so so Bob I mean we
40:39got just a couple minutes left I mean we
40:41spoke up about the website uh you know
40:42Bob Circosta com they're going to see it
40:45oh yeah that's right Bobby I mean like I
40:48said we got to cover so much stuff let's
40:49talk a little about your book I read it
40:51the other day I thought when it came out
40:53give a little bit about it it breaks the
40:55rush you know so many people over the
40:56years they've come to me and said Bob
40:58you know is there any way that you could
40:59you know write a book about you know
41:01I've had people want to know about kind
41:05of a kiss-and-tell book you know about
41:06celebrities in the back so that's just
41:08not me I you know I've never been into
41:10that and and and so finally a publisher
41:13came to me and said you know why don't
41:14we put together a reference men why
41:17don't we put together a sort of a book
41:19yes it tells the story and it gives some
41:22tips for entrepreneurs but it also gives
41:25people a guideline on how to present
41:28their product because we talked a lot
41:30today about distribution and the
41:32importance of having that distribution
41:33the other key to success in marketing
41:37anything happens to be the P word which
41:40is called presentation the pitch you've
41:43got to have the right pitch to I mean
41:44you could be in front of the right
41:46people and have the wrong pitch and
41:48you're not going to get the results you
41:49could have the right pitch and be in
41:51front of the wrong people and you won't
41:53get the right results you got to have
41:54them both so the distribution we talked
41:56about but I want to put together a book
41:58so that somebody could really refer to
42:00on okay what do I say about my product
42:03how do I you know talk about or whether
42:06I'm trying to raise capital as an
42:08investment what do I say whether it be
42:11you know a tangible product and how do I
42:14communicate what my
42:15product will do for others or maybe it's
42:18an idea how do I get somebody to join me
42:20and my idea or whatever it's all in the
42:22book so I wrote the book it's called
42:24life's a pitch and it is if you think
42:28about it like as a pitch alright because
42:30you've got it you've got to be able to
42:31effectively communicate no matter if you
42:34know our parents if you're a parent you
42:36have to try to get your kids to do
42:38something because you want them to do it
42:39no it's not going to happen you've got
42:42to show them the benefits of them doing
42:44it so we get into all sorts of
42:46communication keys well within the book
42:48and so I invite you know if you want to
42:51get it I think there's a special on the
42:53website or something like that where
42:55it's free shipping or autograph I don't
42:58know what it is but check it out on the
43:00website because it's had great reviews
43:02and it's helped a lot of people and in
43:05fact a lot of hosts have read it as well
43:08and come to me and said we really
43:09enjoyed it so it's really truly a labor
43:12of love and it's it's another way to pay
43:15back an industry that's been so good to
43:18me but you know if you're into any type
43:20of communication whatsoever I it's
43:23designed to help you yeah and and again
43:26sorry to mention ER because it was on my
43:28list to talk about it's just that when I
43:30read through it not only was it talking
43:31about the history which I love history
43:33history buff who went through all the
43:35history of which stuff but I read
43:36through a ones quickly and then I went
43:37back and read through it and it is
43:39sequential I was looking at other
43:40products that I develop and I was seeing
43:42me if I was following the right sequence
43:43yeah book is very beneficial for that to
43:47see where you are with your product what
43:49you might have missed or where you're
43:51going to do it and put in the right
43:52sequence so I mean you could save
43:54thousands and thousand dollars thousands
43:57and thousands of dollars just by getting
43:59the book dropping your product into the
44:00sequence of it so it's if it doesn't get
44:03a clarity on what you do and again it's
44:06not for TV I mean it works in TV but
44:09whether you're talking to somebody
44:10face-to-face or on the telephone or or
44:14if you happen to be a marketing through
44:15the internet these are principles that
44:18can really guide you like you just said
44:21it tells you what you've left out what
44:24you need to put in what's going to cause
44:26the response
44:28others but it's not a book built on
44:30gimmicks or tricks or anything like that
44:32it's built on integrity it's honest
44:35communication that that's what it is
44:37yeah the communication part of it no
44:40matter what is so important whether
44:41you're talking to buyers we're talking
44:43about these shopping you need to be able
44:45to communicate your ideas your dreams
44:47everything it has to be done the correct
44:48way and you know people listen
44:50differently so everyone listens in a
44:53different way you're so right so yeah
44:55it's super important so again yeah I'm
44:57glad you mentioned that book course I
44:58always forget something but I just glad
45:02that you brought that up so that's
45:04um I'm thinking I think we covered most
45:06of the stuff I do want to cover how
45:08people can get in touch we do we talked
45:09about the website Bob Circosta com we're
45:11going to put that on the screen we're
45:12going to put it on our show notes on a
45:14vendor's launch pad is there any other
45:17ways to get in touch with you or is that
45:19the best way to not only pack because of
45:22the overwhelming response we've received
45:25that is the quickest and best way if you
45:28just go to Bob Circosta calm and like
45:31carmine said he's going to put it on the
45:32screen and the notes but dlb cir cos t
45:37a.com if you go there and then you'll
45:40see the HSN American Dreams logo and
45:43just click on that it will again take
45:45you to that page that'll take you
45:47through all the questions and all the
45:48information that we need it makes it
45:51easy for you to submit and by the way
45:53again it's free it doesn't cost you
45:56anything so it gives you an opportunity
45:59to quickly submit and it gives us an
46:02opportunity to get the information that
46:04we need to be able to get back to you to
46:06let you know the stats so I invite you
46:08all to take advantage of that you know I
46:11appreciate it Bob and thank you so much
46:14for being on the show today I know
46:15you're super busy and dead already
46:18right yeah man we're we're doing it
46:20right got to go my friend you got to go
46:22you got a lot of part of your girls that
46:24like you're a pleasure thank you and
46:26thank you and Rick and inventors
46:27launchpad your whole team for everything
46:29you do for intense day in and day out
46:32you're helping people all the time and
46:35and then that is terrific so I I
46:38congratulate you as well thank you thank
46:40you so much Bob and we'll catch
46:42with you later we're looking forward to
46:43seeing your products on TV alright
46:45thanks everybody