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March 1, 2017
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March 1, 2017

Russ Barnes, USAF Colonel (Retired), MBA, MS Colonel Russ Barnes is Senior Business Advisor for Systro Consulting, an organization design firm specializing in small businesses. He has more than 30 years’ experience drawn from military service, franchise ownership and consulting.
During his military service, Russ flew combat missions and held senior leadership positions at Air Combat Command Headquarters, The Pentagon, US Strategic Command, US European Command, and US Central Command…to name a few. He has been awarded the Legion of Merit, Air Medal, Defense Meritorious Service Medal and more than 20 other decorations. http://systro.org

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Podcast Notes

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i everyone and welcome to invented
0:01launchpad roadmap to success
0:04I am calm I Dennis go your host and
0:07today on the launch bed we have a
0:09retired highly decorated Colonel he's a
0:12business owner he's an entrepreneur he's
0:14got his master's green he's currently
0:16working on his ph.d
0:18he's a public speaker he has done it all
0:21he's currently the founder and CEO of
0:23sister Oh consulting i have them online
0:26his name is Russ Barnes hey rusty over
0:27there ya go to be a rough thank you
0:31thank you for coming over today I am I
0:34wanted to ask you to fill in banks the
0:37blanks you kind of heard my little quick
0:39intro and let's give the people that are
0:41listening in just a little bit of
0:43background on you what you have going on
0:44and what's your plan for the future
0:47alright thanks for my no thanks for
0:49having only been too long said that he
0:52began my journey I grew up in New York
0:55came from that environment and the
0:58environment we established the mindset
1:00for you myself
1:02you always cheating the growth of things
1:04and being able to be successful wherever
1:08you go in the world and so my aunt
1:10always going to be an entrepreneur and
1:12with with no resources coming out of my
1:16community in which you need challenging
1:18figure out how to do that so I had this
1:19brief 27-year detour in the military
1:22which helped me develop some leaders to
1:26capabilities and capabilities in terms
1:28of structure train works and how to get
1:31people to perform at a high level and
1:34put together a high performing teams
1:35when I beat eyes any military that was
1:39my opportunity to stay
1:41this is my chance to be an astronaut and
1:45even though i had more experiences ahead
1:47when I look around I still couldn't find
1:50the information I needed to know that I
1:53could be successful with this and I
1:56understood that there was some personal
1:58development and growth that has to
1:59happen but what surprised me was that
2:01the framework for the pathways and it
2:05even though they've been well-traveled
2:07we're not well documented and I i read a
2:11ton of books and common human podcast
2:13that you can see behind me the the
2:15library that I have here in my office
2:17and I rain and I working people and I've
2:20when I got into business for myself to
2:23learn and what I found was that real
2:28challenges in the know how and how do
2:31you connect with people who can help you
2:33with the know-how and I just was not
2:35able to find that's why I decided to
2:37create the solution that I thought would
2:40work for people starting out living to
2:43know resources
2:44maybe they're integrated personality
2:45like myself maybe they just don't have
2:48the background the experience and have
2:52we become successful and that became my
2:54passion that's what's more efficient
2:56consulting and it's more than just
2:57helping small business owners help with
3:00small business on the way they have an
3:01impact on the community with live and
3:05that brings me to hear my value my
3:08primary value to the business strategist
3:10I'm thinking long-term of thinking while
3:14organization and how do you take the
3:18steps that you need to take may continue
3:20that you need to make to be successful
3:21so that's who I am so so end and I know
3:25you've done so so much since your days
3:28in the military and we have worked with
3:30Russ I need listeners out there we have
3:33handed off clients to us large
3:35businesses small businesses to rust what
3:38you're doing in the organizational side
3:40was how can you really take someone who
3:43has no business knowledge or they're
3:45just starting out what's the what's the
3:47quick first steps or recommendations you
3:49would let them do the most important
3:52thing any person can do starting out in
3:55business is still something and it makes
3:59no sense to try to build a company if
4:03you don't have the capacity to exchange
4:07value for value my definition of being
4:10in business is value for value exchange
4:12and it's so important to take a look at
4:15your customer base to look at the
4:17problem that you're solving and whether
4:19or not that's a problem that's being
4:22experienced by the masses
4:24and most importantly intent of that
4:27whole other thing is is this something
4:29that you're so passionate about that
4:32you're willing to you know run through
4:34walls to do that you will you do it for
4:36free if it came down to it but it comes
4:41from your from your soul you know that
4:43that's the only thing and I'm book
4:45hopefully the graces
4:47what can you be the best in the world at
4:49what do you believe it can be death in
4:51the world that so my short answer to the
4:54question is find out what you can be the
4:56best in the world at in terms of solving
4:58some of the problems connect with the
5:00people who have that problem and i'm
5:03willing to pay you to to solve the
5:08yeah i agree i mean that's really get
5:10out there and as you said if you don't
5:12sell something or somebody doesn't want
5:13to buy your product you shouldn't be in
5:15business yet so there you don't want to
5:17put that cart before the horse type
5:18thing in the preparation of testing the
5:22product they're testing an idea is there
5:24some steps that you might recommend
5:26someone who calls you on those first
5:29steps stations is there are a variety of
5:33mechanisms out there that you can use
5:34one of the most powerful a focus group
5:37and you can get a few your friends
5:39together start out with that and sit
5:41down in a room and say this is what I
5:43was always different table is the
5:45problem that i have to solve another and
5:47very important piece of that is the
5:49story what's the story behind it is that
5:52you're trying to do and you don't get
5:54some incredible feedback which you and
5:57the most important thing is to miss you
5:59have to listen to what they're telling
6:01don't deny it and don't say well you
6:04just don't get it I understand we have
6:06to take apart look at tell you and make
6:08improvements to the solution provided to
6:10the committee for building so the focus
6:14with a very powerful tool and then i
6:17would take a look at others in the
6:18community who is doing something to be
6:20plated competition is good competition
6:25help you
6:27true so take a look at who's already out
6:30people and who's doing it and model
6:32yourself after events that and sometimes
6:36that I here and you might hear it all
6:38time to that people want to be first to
6:40market and they say they're trying to
6:42rush you're trying to get their product
6:44done it but they really don't know the
6:45path to take
6:47and it's all about for me first to
6:48market that they overlook those needed
6:50steps or how to test the products or how
6:53to test the market or even if the
6:54product is ready and I know that a lot
6:57of organization a lot of things that you
6:58do kind of prepare them but is it really
7:01that important for people to have that
7:03product of the first market if they're
7:04not prepared knows matter of fact it's
7:08the detriment because if you get first
7:10to market with a bad product usually get
7:12the reputation and it's very difficult
7:14to recover the reputation once you done
7:18damage to it so it's more important to
7:21get out there with a product that is
7:24very effective at solving the problems
7:27that success the potential customers or
7:30clients have now you may be solving that
7:33problem at a basic level but then as
7:36time goes on they will begin to tell you
7:38know i love what you do and i wish you
7:41would add this or I wish you to do this
7:44well I wish you had that and in that way
7:46you can begin to grow your product
7:49expanded and at the same time keeping
7:51the reputation intact
7:53now there's somebody out there who is
7:54passionate as you about the solution
7:58that you are bringing to the market
7:59solution that you're providing then this
8:03couple of things you can do a lot of
8:04that you can collaborate with them if
8:06you know they are for the if
8:08geographically you so this first then
8:10you're not really competitors you just
8:12serving you know different areas of the
8:15country and i'm a firm believer that no
8:18one business can share the need for the
8:21entire population in the US or in the
8:24world if that was the case we only have
8:26one car trip we'd only have one computer
8:30because somebody get out there and then
8:33we have cornered the market but because
8:35different people have different taste
8:37your approach may be different than the
8:39other approach
8:40for the person who has the same idea
8:43so go forward with your passion and
8:45don't worry about the competition for
8:49cooperation happening in this
8:50interesting quick summary you know even
8:53muster with paypal and he started out
8:56with x.com detail that paper out they
8:59said that they were doing something
9:00similar but they have different
9:02approaches to the problem they
9:03collaborated together and they both want
9:05something really incredible to the
9:07market so don't overlook the the at the
9:09fact that cooperation is very powerful
9:12particle only healthy
9:14no I i totally agree there's no doubt
9:17about it you know you just one of those
9:18things if you can't beat them join them
9:20tight things because you don't spread
9:22yourself way too thin and it wouldn't
9:24matter if you got your first market or
9:26not if you aren't it is over so I i
9:28agree with that are essential backing up
9:30a little bit here
9:31your current company i know you've done
9:33so much over the years and and you'd be
9:35speaking engagement and you do sitting
9:38up pitch competition you helped a lot of
9:40veterans groups we do a lot of
9:41volunteering your company right now mr.
9:44consulting why did you start it i know
9:48you kind of give a little bit of
9:48background in and you know what it would
9:51need you see that the Phil yeah I came
9:55to the development assistance in solving
9:58the same way many people come to the
10:01reasons they going to pick these things
10:03because i had a problem and actually not
10:05find a solution to my problem i do
10:10public speaking
10:12I'm always out there in the community
10:13but I'm an introverted person and I was
10:16very concerned when I decided to go into
10:19business if what we're not have to be
10:23they're going to be extroverted people
10:25the ones who was in community making
10:27connections doing with people being
10:29excited people motivated and academics
10:32I'm just mass text that cannot be
10:34successful i was in the Second World I
10:37had no reason that little had very
10:39little resources and I really had no
10:41connections i had plenty of connections
10:44in the military that I had no connection
10:46to the community so I started to look
10:49around and find out what actually do too
10:53increase my chances of being successful
10:55and I can find people as I and I
11:00actually like I actually spent know
11:02hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay
11:05for his education in and get involved
11:08with into a franchise company to get
11:10some experiential learning how to be a
11:12business and I still being funded by
11:14interviewing people I worked with with
11:17small business on the side different
11:19consulting work you do you have
11:22advantages mistake gave me a great
11:23launch because you were able to bring me
11:26in and give me exposure too many
11:28business owners alike work with and talk
11:30to it and help them with their
11:32challenges and at the end i found that
11:35the cheese was no house and then the
11:39challenges have you connect with the
11:42people who have the know-how and are
11:45willing to transfer that to you then the
11:50other aspect of that is some of the
11:52people who are out there looking to help
11:54small business really doing great things
11:56small business among the administration
11:58is outstanding the score possible ones
12:00are outstanding you get help from nickel
12:02free but there's still focusing on what
12:06all the trappings of small businesses on
12:11there who spend time working on a
12:13business plan or marketing plan or some
12:15of those things is taking time really
12:18away from the process of making money to
12:21do things with the promise that
12:25eventually it's going to bridge the gap
12:27and you going to begin to make money and
12:30that's it
12:31when I started talking to small business
12:33owners that were successful and ask them
12:36what did you do things that I found the
12:37customer and i work with that customer
12:40anything I'm satisfied that customers
12:42needs that customers happy and told me
12:44about others and then they told me about
12:46others when they told me about others so
12:48they were actually doing on a daily
12:50basis what was needed to achieve the
12:54profitability that needs to become
12:57successful so when I started to create
12:59sister'll I said okay I'm going to look
13:01at what successful business on the
13:03actually two and i'm going to strain the
13:05processes and
13:07on what is actually successful and
13:11that's what's called at the end of the
13:12day many people and I wear this term but
13:15that's what's called organization design
13:17and the phone it's taking a purposeful
13:21path taking purposeful progress to watch
13:25tackling ability or what it you desired
13:27outcome will be so my PS and what I do
13:30need organization designed for small
13:33business because the small business on
13:35the driver's seat
13:36it was me in the passenger seat I showed
13:38them how to operate that vehicle they
13:40may start with the W the existing want
13:43to get into it myself you know it sounds
13:47like and what of mind nine or at least
13:49ninety-five percent of the small
13:52businesses out there and how they
13:53operate and there's nothing wrong with
13:55what they're doing as you said it's just
13:57that they're so used to operating at
13:59what they did when they first started
14:00they don't have that they don't believe
14:02they have the time to organize and get
14:04things running right but they're used
14:05their leaving so much product
14:07productivity on the table that coming
14:09you coming in and bolting on what they
14:11need to do
14:11seems like it'd probably make some
14:13pretty big changes and he said I think
14:16that's important incredibly important
14:17call minds and that is the word
14:20organization and people especially small
14:23businesses and entrepreneurs tend to run
14:25away from that word because they believe
14:27that organization means restriction and
14:30that it means systems and processes that
14:33prevents them from being creative and in
14:36my experience it's just the opposite
14:39you need to have a structure you need to
14:41have a framework but if you can create
14:43those structures so that they function
14:45and operate without restriction then you
14:48can get all that creative stuff that you
14:49need to do I into your program and still
14:53of achieve the fulfillment that you're
14:56looking for
14:57so organization design is all about
15:00making that happen in and it's very dead
15:04that's very chi Chi think that you know
15:07this i'm glad that we can know again we
15:10pointed out because I believe that
15:11organization and prod prod productivity
15:16is really what slows a lot of the growth
15:18of small businesses i mean they're
15:20some great businesses out there that you
15:22run into that if you walk in you
15:24probably say oh my god this is this is
15:27insane what they're doing in people who
15:29work in you know 20 hours a 24-hour day
15:33and at the end of metairie hours they
15:35feel like they had gotten anything done
15:38frustrated they're overwhelmed I'll be
15:41handling urgent problems putting out
15:44fires get people working hard but at the
15:47end of the day they never feel like is
15:49that any traction and they're making any
15:51progress towards the goal set that makes
15:53it out with himself and that's where
15:56organization company you know you
15:59establish that path you understand how
16:02to manage your resources moving forward
16:07and so yes
16:09yeah it's 52 challenge that we've had
16:14rough work with some inventors and the
16:16best time for him to get involved with
16:19the inventor right at the beginning
16:22stages because you can structure it down
16:24the whole sequence and said it's just
16:26not about inventing a product right Russ
16:28it's just like yeah you can make a
16:29product into a prototype you can do all
16:31these things but if you don't have the
16:33ability to get out there and organized
16:35and sell and have that business
16:36structures it up
16:37I mean you kind of setting yourself up
16:39for failure in some ways yeah because
16:41I'm real fun will be here as part of
16:43organization in progression and the
16:48helps you manage resources so much more
16:50effectively if you have not me
16:52identified what you're clear product is
16:55through your marketing and you start
16:57going out and trying to do marketing
16:59then you raise the money because you may
17:02be targeting the wrong community you may
17:04be looking in the wrong you may be
17:06spending money in the wrong places on
17:08the wrong things whereas if you have
17:10clearly identifies the product in
17:14solution and then you identified where
17:16the who your customers are where they
17:18live where they hang out and where they
17:20look for solutions to problems now you
17:22can manage resources so much more
17:23effective and it's so increased so
17:26incredibly critical in the very early
17:28stages like you stay because at that
17:30point you don't have a lot of resources
17:32you do have time but you have a limited
17:36amount of time to prove yourself so that
17:38others will begin to come on board with
17:39you and believe that you can actually
17:41get it done
17:42you make too many mistakes in the very
17:44beginning and people have skepticism we
17:47got here but we get done so you want to
17:49prove that you know what you're doing
17:51you want to prove that you just bring
17:53this product to the market successfully
17:56and make it profitable than the only way
17:58you do that if you if you understand
18:00what the progression it and you make
18:02efficient use of resources so yes out
18:06for us and if you click and how does
18:09what you do and this is very important
18:12because most inventors are looking for
18:14some type of investment or some kind of
18:16licensing or company to come in and
18:18really help them out with funds or
18:20resources how does what you do help them
18:23achieve that when you can put together
18:28an effective story
18:32that hits an emotional buddies people
18:35getting bored but if you're not clear on
18:38the framework out what will be the
18:41impact you want to have won the world
18:43with having impact do you want to have
18:45on your community and let's find what
18:48that emotional connection is and then we
18:51can say okay that's where you want to be
18:53and i encourage everyone to set big
18:57and if that's where you want to be let's
18:59walk it back and he said and determining
19:02how we can get from where you are to
19:04where you want to be and it's it's it's
19:07an incremental process again is a
19:11progressive progress process and where I
19:13come in
19:14is is helping you to use your skills
19:18challenge abilities and experiences to
19:20create that that pathway to create that
19:24roadmap to create that that that that
19:28process the best slow that you need to
19:31go cyl i agree and in when an investor
19:36or company sees that you're organized
19:39that you're ready to be successful
19:41you're ready to be in business it makes
19:43it that much easier for them to invest
19:45in you and because really they're
19:46investing in the person the product is
19:49is is always important but they're gonna
19:51invest it i always feel like they're
19:53investing it the business own yeah they
19:56are absolutely investors not in the
19:59course of building fistral i slowly
20:02business only viable with investors are
20:04socially with adventures i sold with
20:06coaches and consultants and just various
20:10people who are involved in this process
20:13in the pastures tell me that bill
20:18against the management team before they
20:20actually look at the product because of
20:23good management team can take abby
20:25product and make it successful
20:28whereas AC management team contain a
20:30product and driving into the ground so
20:33that management team is a very cheesy
20:35critical part of the investment decision
20:37to put money on to a project now if they
20:40look at the management team and say well
20:42you get that down will you know guys and
20:44girls doing can we have a whole lot of
20:45experience but they can match that up
20:48with someone who doesn't have the
20:51experience and as long as those also
20:53willing to listen and collaborate too
20:55many investment people say we have
20:58confidence that you can bring this off
21:01you have somebody who has the experience
21:02you can help you walked out this tab you
21:05can help you maximize your own personal
21:08creativity and passion
21:10change target those resources in the
21:13right way to bring this thing to go to a
21:16successful launch successful clothing
21:19scalability now that's great right now I
21:24know you work with a lot of you do a lot
21:26of volunteer work and work with a lot of
21:29different organizations are their song
21:31that people can look for that our
21:34national or local in areas that they
21:36should look for for for help I know you
21:38mentioned score but other some other
21:40ones that may need to teach your
21:42philosophy or words something around
21:44those months definitely question because
21:49i really have it i still haven't seen
21:51other organizations that has taken the
21:55yeah that I'm taking official results i
21:59encourage everyone to take advantage of
22:02in every resource that you can take
22:05advantage else to help you in the very
22:08beginning so I do you recommend take all
22:11the classes Small Business
22:12Administration has to offer their the
22:14low low cost take all of the advantage
22:19of all of me which was best for as
22:22available to use to go get into the
22:24universities and it takes some of the
22:27internship programs and I think you're
22:29really something absolutely thinking
22:30universal story they all have great
22:34programs at the end of the day you still
22:38need to be able to pull your creativity
22:41together and you need a coach you need a
22:44consultant need someone who develops
22:47relationship with you of mentorship
22:50relationships because once you have
22:53developed those basic technical skills
22:56then what makes the difference is now do
23:00you have the personal development skills
23:04in order to be able to succeed to become
23:08acceptable then it becomes a matter of
23:10taking all those skills and becoming
23:11adaptable and creative and have someone
23:14who's been down the half they can help
23:17you use your creativity and adaptability
23:20to achieve success that's where that's
23:22where I come in
23:23step ya it just didn't make it
23:27number one to demonstrate your passion
23:29when you take advantage of all the
23:30resources you have available to you and
23:33then it makes it easier for someone
23:34might need to accelerate your growth and
23:38as we will be able and I would agree
23:41right thigh
23:42I've worked with a lot of business both
23:46on and teams out there but i have not
23:49met any organization that does what you
23:53do out there and that's kind of why we
23:55want to have you on the show today to
23:56prove how important it is and talk about
23:58how important it is to be organized to
24:01be ready to run your business to make
24:02money being organized and ready to make
24:04money is one of the things you're doing
24:05incentives are doing we don't support
24:08have that opportunity and to be ready
24:10for the opportunity is just as important
24:13we have a few minutes I and I want to
24:15talk a little bit about I know that
24:17there's we have a lot of listeners that
24:20our veterans and i was wondering if on
24:23there was anything out there to to give
24:26some advice to the veterans that have
24:28idea to get a lot of veterans that's
24:29that call
24:30ultimately they have and I know that
24:33obviously you're better you do a lot of
24:35work with veterans it was some advice
24:37for them to get up and get moving
24:38yes as you know my husband 27 years in
24:42the individual in the in the Air Force
24:44and during that process
24:48I work with great people i will people
24:52who birth
24:54committing themselves to something
24:57larger than themselves and when you have
25:01experienced that once did something that
25:04becomes all your DNA and then you affect
25:08the powerful thing that is hard to set
25:11less hard to work with people who don't
25:14bring the same since the commitment and
25:17self- selflessness to that to the
25:20project and it's one of the things that
25:24I mean we have to work hard on with the
25:28veterans as they were traditionally from
25:30activity to civilian community and tend
25:33to gain an understanding of the fact
25:36that they do have tremendous value but
25:39what is that value and how do they bring
25:42it to the community and situated in that
25:44hearing people off the intensity of
25:47their desires to do great things to show
25:51my my recommendation to the veterans is
25:56to become part of the community in such
26:00a way that you can you can connect the
26:04one of the ways i did that was we told
26:05masters and I was getting ready to
26:07retire from the military and join
26:08Toastmasters because i have been
26:10communicating with the military
26:11community and as they need to learn how
26:13to communicate with not going to be in
26:16them what the difference is our terms of
26:18how we like so that's very important for
26:21the very first recommendation now we get
26:24the veterans will connect with the
26:26community and then the second most
26:29important today that there anymore
26:32anyone transitioning from one machine to
26:34another industry has to do is be very
26:37clear on who you are which one would you
26:39want to time and if you want if you want
26:41to go with you know for company if you
26:44want what you want to go look for
26:46yourself by creating your own business
26:49sit down and take the time and talk with
26:52people and become very clear on one what
26:55it is that you want to do and how you
26:57bring those shipments steals and values
26:59to solving problems within the community
27:03that's some great advice and we do our
27:06veterans have some tremendous skills
27:07that he said there's no doubt about it
27:10in my mind I mean we we work with some
27:12some very very talented veterans and
27:16boil they are driven and they know what
27:18they want so I am NOT by happenstance
27:21because the process of becoming a
27:25military service member is difficult to
27:28just buy virtual getting through that
27:30very first process you've already
27:31identified yourself that a certain type
27:33of personality type of Dripping
27:35motivated individual once you've gotten
27:38too bad then the training at the
27:40military provides you to help me develop
27:42your skills talents abilities leadership
27:45management all things of the government
27:49puts a lot of money into you into the
27:52training programs in their best in the
27:54world you know someone coming out of the
27:56military is already to convert me
27:58demonstrated that they have motivation
28:00they already demonstrated that they've
28:03been trained and it's a tremendous asset
28:05this is the non-military community
28:08really with your great service if they
28:10figured out how to have to bring that
28:13those assets to manage assets into your
28:16organization's oh no I appreciate that
28:19very much and we have a few minutes left
28:21us some out can someone who's listening
28:24and once again 251 you want you to
28:26services are actually questions
28:28what's the best way for them to get in
28:29touch with people the absolute best ways
28:31to send me an email on little bit also
28:34very connected to go to school but the
28:40very best way to send me an email
28:42because you as you mentioned i have many
28:45irons in the fire
28:47I'm involved in so many different things
28:48that tryin to catch me on the phone may
28:51be a challenge but email if you send me
28:56an email at ross at fistral that org sys
29:00ero trust that position that or i will i
29:04will respond very quickly if not
29:07immediately been rapidly responsive and
29:11the whole idea from that point would be
29:14to coordinate conversation I love having
29:16conversations with business honors
29:18nothing much me nothing makes my day
29:21more than to have a conversation with a
29:23very modest baby dedicated is only know
29:27now in and I can definitely attest to
29:30that huh
29:31you speak with Russ no matter what you
29:33talking about you will walk away with
29:35some values from knowledge and some
29:37education that you wouldn't get anywhere
29:39else he's not only experience he's done
29:41it goes what he doesn't read a book and
29:44then come over and then just tell you it
29:46wasn't done it and that's what's so
29:47important about having someone like rust
29:49being able to help you are having you on
29:51your team so I appreciate your us being
29:53on the show so much i commend everything
29:56you're doing
29:56I thank you for your service and now if
29:59it's ok I would like to be the
30:00invitation open to invite you back on
30:02and give us some insight into what
30:04you're working on and and your future
30:06plans to me I think you're gonna have a
30:07book in the book and the work somewhere
30:09in the future but we'll have to see
30:11about that there is definitely a book in
30:13the works fantastic work i'm super
30:18excited about what I pulled together
30:21choose to be able to go into this book
30:23as you know i'm going to create programs
30:25so many of the scholarly research work
30:28that I'm doing within the framework of
30:30that program is going to be the
30:32foundation for some of the framework
30:36that will really come up with
30:37yes and the at all right my friend will
30:41again this time we'll talk to you soon
30:43as we thank you take care buddy
30:46alright have you there