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Mike Pepper Inventor of The Ultimate Cup Talks How to Move Your Invention into Retail by Finding Your Niche
June 15, 2017
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July 7, 2017


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Podcast Notes

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0:01hi everyone and welcome to inventors
0:04launchpad roadmap to success I am Carmen
0:08Dennis co your host for today's episode
0:10and today we have a guest who has given
0:16over I mean 11 12 13 years to the
0:20inventor industry he is the president of
0:23the Tampa Bay inventors Council he's an
0:26inventor himself and also you know in
0:29the real life in the real day he is a
0:32broadcast director we'll get into that a
0:34little bit and he can explain what that
0:35means as we progress through our talk
0:39today his name is Wayne
0:41resonant and I believe he is on the line
0:43now hey Wayne are you over there I'm
0:45right here nice to see you hey Wayne
0:47how's it going out there man how you
0:49survived the holiday yeah absolutely
0:52you know avoided blowing up anything so
0:55my hands are still intact you know I
0:59learned that at an early age when
1:01firecrackers go off in your hand it
1:03hurts so uh yeah tend to avoid doing
1:06that anymore yeah for any of you
1:08listeners we are recording this podcast
1:13a day after July 4th 2017 so we were
1:17just talking a little bit about the
1:18holiday we just got off a long weekend
1:20and Wayne and I were talking a little
1:23bit before before we started the
1:24interview Wayne is the president of in
1:27impended Inc which is his I think it
1:30probably a company based around his
1:33invention and also as I said earlier he
1:36is the president of the Tampa Bay
1:38inventors Council way before we get into
1:42that you are a you're a Florida resident
1:44I would do I think I read that of on
1:47your resume you sent over to me well
1:49yeah I've been been here for a majority
1:52of my life so I originally from New York
1:56so you can tell from my New York accent
1:58but oh you re always an inventor or you
2:03always like taking things apart and
2:04breaking them as that like me when I was
2:05a kid always curious always you know my
2:09dad was really mr. Fixit and he would he
2:13would take apart TVs
2:17dishwashers and when we would go on
2:19vacation and whenever we would get to
2:22you know relatives or friends house or
2:24something like that my dad you know one
2:26of his first questions is alright what's
2:27not working and and he men him in the
2:31you know typically the other dad would
2:33would go into the garage or go into the
2:35and they would open it up and fix it
2:38you know he was he was just that kind of
2:41guy and he always wanted to help people
2:44out you know did it for the love of
2:48helping people and you know I think that
2:51they kind of spread I love I love being
2:54able to tweak things and fix things and
2:57help people too so great yeah it's kind
2:59of a kind of a lost art I mean as people
3:02they seem to more specialized in certain
3:04things now you know people still come to
3:06your home and fix things but as you said
3:08as you're talking about that it's kind
3:10of a lost art to be that handyman
3:12all-around guy this coming to fix
3:14everything which you know it is still
3:16needed but I don't think that those guys
3:18are out there anymore I replaced my
3:20first car engine when I was 17 so you
3:23know learned a lot from dad and you know
3:26it was nice having the tools and that
3:28kind of stuff to not not that we had
3:30money but you know we were able to put
3:34together what we did you know and then
3:36he got into the electronics all the
3:41components and stuff like that and that
3:42was that was more of my brother's forte
3:44my brother got more into that I didn't
3:47didn't dive into the electronics as much
3:49yeah well I mean cars electronics a you
3:53know obviously the car has some
3:55electronic but back then you know yeah
3:56as old as me there wasn't too many
3:59electronics in those vehicles that pull
4:01apart oh so that's good so now you're
4:05living in Florida you're living in the
4:06Sunshine State I'm glad I also moved
4:10into Florida you know back in 2000 area
4:14vicinity and I just love the warm
4:17weather it's just glad to be down here
4:19in the Tampa Bay area now you are the
4:23the president of Tampa Bay inventors
4:24Council which i think is one of the
4:29running inventors councils or inventors
4:33groups probably in the country that
4:35well I'm sure there are some that if you
4:39know can claim that they've been around
4:40longer I think that we could probably if
4:44we wanted to really put a stake in the
4:46ground we can say we've probably held
4:47more meetings than most other inventor
4:50groups because during the course of our
4:53almost 34 years we hold meetings twice a
4:57month most most groups only meet once a
5:00month so if we really want to put a
5:02stake in the ground we can say well
5:03we've probably held more inventor
5:04meetings than than any of the other
5:06groups but yeah other than December
5:11November and December we only hold one
5:12meeting on those dates because of the
5:14holiday obviously but 22 meetings a year
5:17for 30 33 and a half years yeah I think
5:22we've would probably probably topped out
5:27quite a bit on that yeah well you know
5:29you've been at the helm for almost half
5:31of the amount of time it's been in
5:32existence which is awesome I mean being
5:34able to donate your time your experience
5:37your knowledge to help inventors which
5:40we you know inventors I'm an inventor
5:41you're an inventor we all need help
5:43there what about it and having that go
5:45to groups is is phenomenal you you have
5:48any people that connect remotely or that
5:52you know that you they have to come to
5:54the meeting live well it's funny it's
5:57funny she should ask one of a one of our
6:01newer members who's actually a product
6:04developer he's been he's been out of
6:09town for the last couple of meetings and
6:11so I've been using my phone to go on
6:13skype or just you know connect through
6:16the phone so that he can listen in
6:18so really haven't done a whole lot of
6:21the remote meeting stuff but I think
6:24it's it's probably coming we really want
6:27to get members to come to the meetings
6:29and we share things kind of exclusively
6:32at the meetings I do a an opportunity
6:35list and if you are a paid member if
6:38you're a you know in good standing will
6:42email it
6:43so you don't have to come but anybody
6:45that comes to the the meeting you know
6:47they've got access to it they can they
6:49can read it and take pictures or
6:51whatever and and they've got the links
6:54to engage in all the contests and stuff
6:57that the that we find going around on
6:59around that that can help inventors
7:01blast oh it's that yeah and and we'll
7:04talk about this later we were talking
7:05earlier about the technology and how it
7:07has advanced in all different industries
7:09obviously so yeah people that want to
7:12join an invention group now and if
7:14you're not in the Tampa Bay area find a
7:17group that's close to you I would
7:19definitely recommend if you are in
7:21first-time inventor or new inventor seek
7:23out some help from an inventors group
7:26and counsel or somebody in your area
7:28there are a lot of them probably spread
7:30out throughout the United States
7:31absolutely I was there were more but and
7:35also there's probably throughout the
7:36world and wait you get people who are
7:41and I don't even like use word kind of
7:43fearful to approach an invention group
7:45as because they have an idea they don't
7:47really want to tell too many people
7:49about it or or how do they get there and
7:51if they are fearful and and how do you
7:53make them feel comfortable with joining
7:55the group well you know that absolutely
7:59we we definitely get people that are
8:02concerned about revealing what they've
8:05got and and we we don't press anybody to
8:08tell us what they're what they're
8:09working on or what they're doing and
8:10quite frankly we tell them right at the
8:13at the beginning of the meeting that
8:15this is a public forum if you disclose
8:19your invention here that would that
8:23would technically start the clock and
8:25you would have to have your invention
8:29filed within one year of any kind of
8:32public disclosure so we we don't we
8:36don't press people to tell us what
8:39they're they're working on or give us
8:40any details on it so it's completely
8:43open to you know if you want to share if
8:47you've got some kind of formal
8:48protection if you want somebody to sign
8:51a nondisclosure agreement you know that
8:54can be done afterward or something
8:56but if you haven't happy if you haven't
9:00filed a for provisional patent
9:02application or or filed for the patent
9:05in full then you know we advise people
9:08to keep their secret sauce secret
9:11because once upon a time we were a
9:16nation of first-to-file I mean first to
9:20invent and now we've become first to
9:23file so it's a lot easier for for
9:28inventors to get ripped off and not have
9:30any recourse the you know we're we're
9:35pretty active and concerned about some
9:37of the patent laws that have transpired
9:40and we try to get our our members
9:43informed about what what's going on and
9:45and you know we want them to be active
9:47in addressing some of the litigation
9:51that's going on in Congress and talk to
9:53other senators and talk to the
9:54congressman and make sure that we don't
9:57take what was the spark of genius in the
10:02United States the thing that made this
10:04country great for over 200 years and
10:07flush it down the toilet just so that we
10:09can be just like all the other countries
10:11you know that that spark that that gave
10:15the individual the right to profit you
10:19know was unheard of in the world prior
10:21to that it was you know you came up with
10:24a great idea and the king would say okay
10:25well duke henry is going to going to
10:27build that and you know thank you very
10:29much and go away or I'll cut your head
10:32off and so giving that into viven
10:36individuals that ability to profit from
10:39their ideas has been huge in the United
10:42States and that's that's why we've
10:44become the the innovative world country
10:46that we have and unfortunately some of
10:49the litigation the American Invents Act
10:52a lot of a lot of patents are getting
10:56overturned and some of them are getting
10:59overturned strictly by a judge you know
11:03one judge without any formal review
11:05without any any argument will just look
11:07at it and say man I don't think that
11:09she's gotten a patent
11:10that's wrong and so we're you know we're
11:13doing what we can to help support
11:16organization you know that that
11:20addressed those situations and try to
11:21correct it yeah and this is that your
11:24your explanation and what you just
11:26talked about is exactly why people who
11:29have an idea having invention should
11:30seek out a club such as yours because
11:34that little bit of information which is
11:36all which is huge I mean you could have
11:38I know that you could talk for two hours
11:40just on that because it is so important
11:43it's what is it one of the things and
11:45one of the reasons why people even
11:47outside this country want to come here
11:49or wanted to come here and and get a
11:51patent here because it was so important
11:53it it was worth something and these laws
11:57are being changed real quick and without
11:59the innovators out the inventors real
12:02interests in mind it seems like so it's
12:06important that that inventors that
12:08innovators seek out help as we always
12:11talk about on the show no one does
12:12anything which is truly important by by
12:16themselves they need help they need a
12:18team behind and they need people to help
12:20and I'm really glad that you guys are
12:22around I know that we've come to some of
12:24your meetings a lot of our clients that
12:26come to us have been to your meetings
12:28they are the right way to do things I
12:31make mistakes everyone makes mistakes I
12:34don't like word but you learn from them
12:36because you have something like yourself
12:37and I really applaud what you guys have
12:39been doing especially for the time that
12:41you've been doing it Thanks yeah you
12:44know and I think it was a it was either
12:48Bill Gates or Google said that they're
12:50not really worried about the next thing
12:53from Samsung or or any of the
12:55competition they're worried about what's
12:57taking place in individual garages
12:59around the world that's that's the
13:02innovations that change the world that
13:05upset the balance and and that's that's
13:08why companies like Google and Intel and
13:12you know all the big big corporations
13:16are a real
13:18kind of pressing for the the litigation
13:20that that prevents the individual from
13:23from coming up and being successful so
13:26it's a little disheartening but you know
13:29they they climb to the top and they want
13:32to pull up the ladder you know and so
13:35we're we want we want to make sure that
13:38the little guys got a chance to to get
13:40on board yeah absolutely we're all
13:42little guys when we're starting out and
13:44said it's having people like yourselves
13:47being able to get that information out
13:49to the masses I know that you were just
13:51um you just spoke in the Tampa Bay area
13:55at ignite was that something that is
13:57related to innovation or invention
14:00well ignite is a really kind of cool
14:02organization something I went to first
14:06started up I embraced and I did the
14:10first videos for them and you know
14:12really wanted to encourage it
14:14ignite is passionate speakers talking
14:18about you know whatever it is that makes
14:20them passionate it could be any topic
14:23from from mental health to science to
14:25you know astrology to you know whatever
14:29you know whatever it is that really kind
14:32of irks you and the way the presentation
14:35works is you have five minutes you get
14:3920 PowerPoint slides that auto-advance
14:42every 15 seconds and so there's a slide
14:46that's up before your presentation and
14:49then your your slides come up you do
14:52your five minutes and then two slides
14:54have come up after you're done and then
14:57then then the next presentation starts
14:59so it's just rapid-fire we did this last
15:03Thursday and so we had 21 speakers you
15:10know with a half an hour intermission in
15:13between but the wonderful event really
15:16really great really positive stuff and
15:19some some really heady discussions going
15:25on to my presentation was talking about
15:29building a Hyperloop
15:31from Tampa to Orlando you're not
15:34familiar with the Hyperloop it's
15:35essentially a tube system kind of a
15:39pneumatic tube like you see at the bank
15:41or on Futurama or the Jetsons if you're
15:46if you're as old as me but this is more
15:51of a vehicle traveling in a tube and my
15:55presentation was talking about doing a
15:57Hyperloop using renewable resources
16:00green energy and the power of falling
16:04water - to help generate the electricity
16:06create the pressure and and you know
16:10utilizing different aspects of that and
16:13so after after I did the ignite
16:16presentation I you know it's an idea
16:19that I want I don't want to keep to
16:20myself so I submitted it to the create
16:22the future contest that's that's also
16:25going on I've submitted three other
16:30times I've made the top 100 once before
16:32for my keyboard but you know it's it's
16:39the idea of if the idea has merit then
16:42let's get it out there and let's let
16:44other people toy with the idea and make
16:48use of it see if see if we develop
16:51something it's pretty interesting that's
16:53one thing that I have noticed in the
16:56last several years in the invention
16:58industry is that a good number of them
17:00are about renewable energy or some type
17:03of energy device not only from this
17:06country we get submissions of inventions
17:08from all over the world
17:10don't forget perpetual energy exactly
17:13and and you know it just seems to me
17:16that you know the mind shift is changing
17:18I was wondering if you see that at the
17:22council and obviously I know that you're
17:23you help inventors personally but if you
17:26see that where a lot of people are
17:28looking to really help the world um I
17:32think that that's probably been going on
17:35since uh Benjamin Franklin you know did
17:38the Franklin stove they've always been
17:40inventors that that do what they do
17:43because they want to benefit
17:45the world so I don't know that there's
17:48you know a tremendous shift but yeah
17:53there there is an altruistic aspect to
17:56inventing some people invent you know
17:58because they want to retire some people
18:00invent because you know they want to
18:02make the the world a better place and
18:04and some people invent because you know
18:06it puts them in the garage and away from
18:09their spouse you're giving away to be so
18:16yeah people invent for all sorts of
18:18different reasons and a lot of them
18:21don't go anywhere you know the the
18:25phrases first first they ignore you then
18:29they mock you and then they attack you
18:33and then you win and there are a lot of
18:36lot of inventors that you know they
18:38don't like being ignored and that that's
18:40when they quit you know or when they get
18:43mocked that's that's when they quit or
18:44when they're attacked they say you know
18:47hands up but I quit it's it's the
18:50inventors that that face the outrageous
18:53slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
18:56that persevere and you know hopefully
19:01have some semblance of success at the
19:05end of the end of the road nothing's
19:07guaranteed you know and you know one of
19:10the things I I tell our inventors that
19:13you know if you're if you're coming in
19:15this just to make money just to be
19:18successful you know there are a lot of
19:22easier ways to make money and a lot more
19:25Shore ways of being successful so if
19:28you're if you're going to get into the
19:29invention game do it because you want to
19:31enjoy the ride and it's a hell of a ride
19:33so it's it's a lot of fun and you'll
19:36need a lot of people you'll do a lot of
19:38things you'll just see a lot of stuff so
19:41inventing is terrific
19:42you know but you know you got to be
19:46there for the ride you know it don't
19:48don't be looking at the horizon the
19:50whole time you know enjoy the view that
19:52you're at now so I agree and I want to
19:56get into your invention which i think is
19:57super cool in a couple minutes
19:59which is I think it's amazing add we're
20:02talking about this do you see a specific
20:07type of thing or items or maybe multiple
20:09that our roadblocks for inventors that
20:11as they come up with their inventions
20:15that are moving through phases is there
20:18something that is the largest issue that
20:21they run into and if so are there ways
20:24to that that you have learned to maybe
20:27help our listeners to get around that
20:30that largest hurdle uh well you know of
20:34course largest hurdle would have to be
20:37financing you know most most people
20:40don't have the money to to build
20:42prototypes to you know to follow suit
20:45and and develop those the kind of stuff
20:47that that they imagine you know they're
20:52the whole angel investor idea friends
20:57and families and fools
20:59one way to get money but you know nobody
21:03wants to alienate all of their their
21:05family members and not being invited to
21:08Thanksgiving ever again so it's a lot of
21:14it is uh
21:14you know looking for the angel investor
21:17that that's really kind of moved on the
21:19the venture capitalists but that used to
21:22be interested in early-stage stuff now
21:25the venture capitalists only one second
21:27round stuff they they're moved away from
21:30it and so the angel investors kind of
21:32moved up the upper chain - they're
21:34they're less interested in something
21:36that's just an idea and so - fell in at
21:41that resource that gap they're a
21:45crowdfunding has has sprung up so you've
21:48got IndieGoGo and Kickstarter and you
21:52know only about 800 other crowdfunding
21:55uh groups that are out there but they're
21:59you know that's that's the venue that
22:03some people try to choose and and go
22:06ahead and do and it's not an easy course
22:08either you know
22:11um it's funny I tell people don't don't
22:16take yourself too seriously because
22:18nobody else will
22:19of course if if you're asking for
22:23somebody for money they're going to take
22:25you very seriously and at that point you
22:27had better be serious
22:29you know because what they want to know
22:32is how am I going to get my money back
22:33and how am I going to get more money out
22:35of this operation so if you don't have
22:38those answers if if your answer is well
22:42I'm going to use your money and I'm
22:44going to build inventory and then I'm
22:45going to see if it sells that's that's
22:48not a great argument you know you've got
22:50to have you've got to have all the
22:53details about you know who wants to buy
22:56your product why they want to buy it and
22:58how it's going to be the next big seller
23:01so no that's awesome advice because yeah
23:05I I agree with you and you just you know
23:08the days of saying hey I have this idea
23:09give me a whole bunch of money I think
23:11that has gone going wayward is there a
23:14certain point that an inventor has to
23:17take his product to say a certain space
23:21or stage before they should really start
23:24looking for funding or or for an
23:27investor obviously friends and family
23:29that's different because it can be an
23:30idea but if you were going to go to seed
23:34funding or an angel investor is there a
23:36certain point that you should reach
23:38before you start doing that well I mean
23:42I would say yes but then then you've got
23:44the stuff like uh what is it uh magic
23:50magic leap who just got uh you know one
23:56point four billion dollars in the in
23:58funding or something ridiculous like
24:00that and they haven't produced a product
24:02yet you know they did it with
24:05promotional videos and they they got uh
24:08you know a lot of people really excited
24:10about it and so having a having friends
24:17in high places helps for sure but
24:19generally you want to have your proof of
24:22concept you want to at least
24:24have a prototype have something that
24:27that is a semblance of yeah this will
24:30work and this is why it will work and
24:32this is the industry that needs this you
24:35know we we tell inventors don't invent
24:39something because you think it's a cool
24:41idea invent something that has an
24:44element that somebody needs look for a
24:48pain point something that is painful for
24:50people that causes an issue that causes
24:53a problem the bigger the pain the better
24:55and come up with a solution for that
24:57then you've got your your target market
25:01you know you've got your audience that
25:03that will be interested in your product
25:05no pain no gain basically yes the great
25:10part about this is this information you
25:13could tell you've been doing this for
25:14years this information just flowing out
25:16as you're talking you don't even have to
25:18think about it because obviously you
25:19live it daily I know that you are an
25:22inventor and I love the name of your
25:26company intended it's the input
25:29nomenclature 10-digit interface device I
25:32was just about to say that little geeky
25:36it's a great little name I love the day
25:39when you said send me information over I
25:40was like that is really cool name you
25:42know and obviously you spent a little
25:44bit of time thinking about it which is
25:46good you and I both have probably seen
25:48you know inventors or people come up
25:51with a name that you just say what yeah
25:55but let's talk a little bit about your
25:58invention and give their listeners and
26:02if you are viewing on youtube or on our
26:04website you'll get to see what the
26:06invention is for we know kind of
26:07obviously going to explain a little bit
26:09too and and maybe tell us how you came
26:11up with it as you're kind of going
26:13through it sure well basically I've
26:16reinvented the keyboard I was taking a
26:19typing class the first day of class the
26:21the teacher said or one of the students
26:24asked why are the keys where they are on
26:26the keyboard and the teacher said well
26:28according to maybe speaking teaches
26:30typing they were arranged that way to
26:32slow people down so that the mechanical
26:34hammers didn't jam on the keyboard it's
26:37not exactly the
26:38it's actually kind of a myth because the
26:41key if that were the truth then the
26:44keyboard would have had to been
26:45redesigned it hasn't it's the same
26:49design that came out in 1869 so we're
26:54talking before Edison's light bulb
26:56before Tesla's AC power and before
26:58Bell's telephone so the QWERTY keyboard
27:01has been around that long it's it's
27:04almost 150 years old and the the couple
27:09of reasons in the QWERTY keyboard the
27:11way it is designed one Charles late
27:14impose who invented it was a type
27:17settest so he you know he wanted to keep
27:19blocks of type you know similar to where
27:23typesetters would utilize it that that's
27:25what we envisioned as his target market
27:28was type settest s' it was going to
27:30replace typeset us for for putting a
27:35type I'm on paper and and then all of
27:40the vowels for I mean all of the letters
27:43for the word typewriter are on the top
27:45row and that's why you know all of the
27:49vowels are on the top row except for a a
27:51is not in typewriter so he buried a
27:54underneath Q and W because you're not
27:56going to use Q and W very often so a
27:59would have a free-throw for it so kind
28:02of kind of some crazy ideas and I
28:04thought this is this is really nuts
28:06there's got to be something that makes
28:07more sense I found the Dvorak keyboard
28:09which just rearranged the keys a little
28:12bit and was tinkering in the garage one
28:15day holding on to a ball I thought well
28:17wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have
28:18to move your hands you know kind of
28:20lamenting the fact that you know when I
28:22type a I'd hit two keys or I'd hit the
28:24wrong key if you didn't have to move
28:26your hands how would that work I said
28:28all right well you got ten fingers two
28:31opposable thumbs
28:31so if it'd you do one one key for ten
28:35letters hold one thumb for eight and
28:38then hold the other thumb for eight
28:39eight and eight is 16 plus 10 is 26 so
28:42it's so the Latin alphabet right there
28:45and you know wow that's amazing that
28:49works like that
28:51somebody must have come across that and
28:53I went online and searched and didn't
28:55find anything
28:57I figured that it had to be more than
29:00just the letters so I figured alright
29:02well where am I going to put the enter
29:04the space the backspace and and so much
29:07of that just kind of fit in with where I
29:10originally put the letters like t for
29:13tab C for comma all of that just fell
29:16into place so so amazingly I said well
29:19it's it's almost like this is really the
29:21way typing was intended and then I came
29:26up with the name of the company is
29:27typing the way it's intended you know
29:29it's the input input is of course input
29:32nomenclature is the science of naming
29:34things 10 is the number of keys digit in
29:38there you know digits interface device
29:41so it's an input nomenclature 10 digit
29:43interface device are intended and I
29:46brought a couple of samples this was the
29:48the very first device that I built based
29:52on the premise of it if you if you look
29:56up the patent that's the image that's on
29:58there it's a just a wooden keyboard we
30:01did you know like large piano keys so
30:04that it would be one key for each each
30:06hand and you know then it evolved over
30:12nothing nothing stays quite the same and
30:14and now this is the actual product that
30:16that we're selling on Amazon it's called
30:19the Decca text so Decca Decca for 10 and
30:22texts for texting txt and so it's a b c
30:27d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w
30:32x y z Wow base backspace enter period
30:36postmark exclamation tab come ' so
30:38you've got 108 keystrokes a Bluetooth
30:43low-energy and you know we saw them now
30:48on Amazon getting ready to to revise it
30:53probably go to version 2 and I'll
30:56probably have to do a Kickstarter to to
30:58get the money for for doing all of that
31:00so I cannot believe when you just held
31:04from the first version to what you held
31:06up how small but that is a working
31:09product you're selling that product on
31:11Adam yes yeah actually when we were
31:16playing with different designs I did one
31:18kind of similar to this showed it at the
31:21CTIA show and wearable wearables in
31:26unfortunately the artist that was
31:30walking it out on the stage to show
31:32everybody was wearing a bikini so nobody
31:34even looked at the the keyboard at all
31:36and then one other design that I did we
31:40we took the interface and we wrapped it
31:43around an Xbox 360 controller Wow and so
31:46that the idea is you'd be able to type
31:49and play your game all at the same time
31:52and still USB at the time and the
31:57distributor's loved it
31:59people loved it but Microsoft and Sony
32:02were selling keyboards for $30 and the
32:05distributor was like well can you get it
32:06get it close to $30 I can't even make it
32:10for $30 you know so so it's it's one of
32:14those ideas that I'd love to pursue but
32:16I'm afraid it's on hold until so we can
32:20you know get some kind of a win behind
32:24the sales on that one
32:25yeah no I mean just think how far you've
32:27come with that I mean I'm still in in
32:29awe when you held up that that finished
32:32product are you making that is that
32:34us-based where the manuscript
32:36yeah built right here in Florida and you
32:39know we're primarily we're looking at a
32:41target market for people that either
32:44have lost a limb somebody that's a low
32:49vision so they can't really see a
32:50touchscreen too terribly well but we're
32:53also looking at the virtual reality
32:55because you know once you got that
32:57goggle on how do you control the
33:00computer how do you interface how do you
33:02do a search and stuff like that right
33:05now what they're doing is they've got a
33:07little thing where you point you click
33:08and that's that's miserable you know and
33:12if you're searching for movies on
33:14Netflix and you have to you know
33:17arrow this way and arrow down and click
33:19in an arrow up in there it's tonight mer
33:22and so we think that this product can
33:25can help solve a lot of those issues so
33:28I'm still I still I got to get my hand
33:32just to test it I made it it's so
33:34cool-looking um so a target market if
33:37you were going to say this would be my
33:39target market I mean I can see it for
33:42for like you said maybe even in special
33:45needs or lost a limb or something like
33:47that movement it cuts down the movement
33:50I don't have both hands typing I can
33:53I mean how what kind of time frame would
33:55it take if I got that in my hand and I
33:57said I'm going to learn how to use this
33:58you know is it a huge difference if you
34:02change or pretty quick um you know you
34:05you it's a different type of skill so
34:08you don't lose your you know if you're a
34:11fast QWERTY typer
34:12it's completely different skill it's
34:14it's not that muscle memory not the same
34:17so you can carry on both skills at the
34:20same time and it's it's really because
34:24it's alphabetical in nature it's it's
34:26really a quick learn mastering it of
34:29course is going to take a little bit of
34:31practice and you know when I tell you
34:34that out of 10 keys there's a hundred
34:36and eight keystrokes you know with all
34:39the F keys and and everything else in
34:41there it's going to take a little bit
34:42but as you can see I don't know how well
34:46you can see that the label has 96
34:49keystrokes on it it's all color-coded so
34:53that you know you don't have to carry
34:55something around in order to find out
34:57how do I make a less than symbol or a
35:01greater than symbol or a % but they're
35:05all printed on the label and it's
35:08color-coded so you can you can see how
35:10to do it that way you don't have to
35:11carry something around of course the
35:13object is to type with one hand you can
35:15type while you're walking you know a lot
35:19of the emphasis is not sitting anymore
35:23they say sitting is the new new smoking
35:26so if you're going to be up and moving
35:27around to having a one-handed keyboard
35:31that you're a
35:31to keep moving in you know maybe a gyro
35:33Mouse or something like that so you
35:35could conserve stuff so you know it's a
35:40new way of doing things it's a it's a
35:44new world
35:44yeah well the great part about it is I
35:46mean I've been typing on on keyboards
35:49since the mid 90s and I still screw up
35:52when I'm typing so to me learning
35:54something that's new it it can't be any
35:58worse than what I'm doing now I mean I'm
35:59hunting and pecking onyx I've been doing
36:01it for you know over sir just absolutely
36:04that great part about what you're saying
36:05it's just a new way of doing things but
36:07I walk a lot and as you were talking
36:10about that I mean I keep my hand down
36:12and having that in my hand and being
36:13able to walk pose an email or maybe just
36:18you know jot notes on your thoughts you
36:22know I also built it into gloves so he
36:25had had little buttons on the fingertips
36:28and the idea was if you were a skin
36:31diver you know you could be taking notes
36:34you're just typing on your legs
36:37and I actually did a presentation over
36:42at the Kennedy Space Center for a whole
36:45bunch of rocket scientists showing them
36:46how they could type with gloves so that
36:48was you know when I said you know enjoy
36:51the journey enjoy where it's going to
36:53take you you know that's that's one of
36:55the places that it took me and I went to
36:58to Finland and engaged novel concepts in
37:03the keyboards for the human-computer
37:10mobility hosted by Nokia and it was
37:15really neat it was yeah yeah inventing
37:18inventing can take you lots of different
37:20places you know and you know going to
37:23CES we did a did a booth at CES
37:27unfortunately at the time I had
37:30engineers that said oh yeah yeah well
37:32we'll have it we'll have it done in time
37:34and you can throw money at engineers and
37:39if if it's over their head that it
37:42didn't work so we wound up
37:45at CES I had one device that was working
37:48bluetooth and they couldn't even
37:50duplicate it they couldn't even get the
37:52other ones working so unfortunately I
37:54lost a lot of time and money on some
37:57engineers and fortunately I was able to
37:59find some other engineers that were able
38:01to do it but when you've when your
38:04resources are you know when you're
38:06bankrolling everything yourself losing
38:10losing time and money is painful
38:12yeah and for all you inventors that are
38:14out there and inventing a product a
38:17plastic product or something that
38:19doesn't move but something that that
38:21Wayne is creating it's an expensive
38:24undertaking there's no doubt about it
38:26every little change every little update
38:28I mean you're talking some some big
38:30changes it's expensive so your eye
38:33I applaud how far you've made it so far
38:35I mean you actually have a working
38:37product you're manufacturing it here in
38:40the US I mean there's not too many
38:42people that have taken a product as far
38:44as you have yeah well you know that's
38:48whether it's successful or not I can
38:50rest easy and knowing that you know I
38:52didn't think about it and say what could
38:55have been I actually did it and put it
38:58out there not giving up yet and so you
39:03know we'll see whether or not I can find
39:06the the the magic ingredient that that
39:09makes it popular so that now do you have
39:12inventory on some of our viewers want to
39:14try to get your product or purchase it
39:15they can go on Amazon and got about a
39:17dozen left not too many more so you know
39:21if you if you're interested in the first
39:23generation of a new technology then you
39:27know grab it quick $125 on Amazon so you
39:33know not not the cheapest keyboard you
39:35can get for sure but if you look at
39:38competing keyboards that are similar
39:40it's called a cord keyboard the
39:44competition would be the bat keyboard be
39:4780 there's also the twig ler which is
39:51now on Twitter 3 they're both about $200
39:56and and then there's
39:59there are other keyboards the the
40:01one-handed QWERTY half QWERTY I think
40:06they call it almost 600 bucks so so
40:11we're it's relatively competitively
40:14priced if you consider the actual market
40:17for it is that that's great and you know
40:20a lot of people that are portable are
40:22going mobile if they're thinking about
40:24getting a product definitely I mean
40:25looking up no reason not to I mean great
40:27part so if you're a road warrior and you
40:29don't have enough room in the in the in
40:31the coach seating you know to have
40:35something that you can just keep right
40:36there in your hand and be able to type
40:38without having to you know do one of
40:40those things and get your elbows in
40:42everybody's way also you know if you've
40:45got ALS you don't have that broad motor
40:47skills you can't move your hands out but
40:49you can keep them in close to you you'd
40:51be able to to navigate it and be able to
40:55use it too and you know it's a it's a
40:58Bluetooth device so even if you were
41:00just doing a PowerPoint presentation and
41:03you wanted to change the slides you know
41:05you could advance the slides you could
41:07do old tab to to a window and open up a
41:11website and so lots of different things
41:14you can do at a keyboard obviously no
41:16doubt about it now we're getting a
41:18little low on time is one good one
41:19question obviously before we go so you
41:21talked about going to CES and you
41:22mentioned shows do you recommend if an
41:27inventor it seems like their shows for
41:30every product you recommend an inventor
41:32should go maybe to one or two shows
41:34before they get out there too far into
41:37their invention to see what's out there
41:38and maybe there's some competing devices
41:40or get out there and with their product
41:43and maybe pick up either in investment
41:45sales or licensing is it is it good to
41:47visit those shows
41:48absolutely absolutely uh you know you're
41:52going to meet so many people you're
41:55going to meet the people on the on the
41:56plane on the bus you know it's a it's
41:59incredible the amount of people that you
42:01can meet just the and then going booth
42:04to booth and seeing what other people
42:05are doing and saying well you know
42:07here's here's my idea and how I believe
42:10it can be incorporated in with your idea
42:12how it's the perfect product for your
42:15distribution company or something like
42:17that that that's invaluable you really
42:21need to be able to get out and do those
42:22sorts of things now there are
42:24opportunities where you can do that for
42:27there are we've got just right now
42:29coming up the Orlando Maker Faire is is
42:33coming up there just started accepting
42:36applications I think it's through August
42:38that they'll be accepting them so if you
42:42look for the Orlando Maker Faire and put
42:45in an application you can get a table
42:47for free set it up you know show your
42:50stuff get people to come by and and you
42:53know fill out a survey what they like
42:56what they don't like maybe you'll have a
42:57giveaway or something like that if you
42:59want to sell your product I think it's
43:01$100 for the two days of the event so
43:04it's it's really you know a great great
43:07opportunity to test market there's also
43:11the New York Maker Faire is in September
43:15the Orlando Maker Faire is going to be
43:17October 21st and 22nd I know because the
43:2021st is my birthday so I haven't decided
43:23whether or not that's what I want to do
43:25for my birthday yet but but yeah the the
43:28New York one the San Francisco one just
43:31took place if you're not familiar with
43:33Maker Faire look it up it's it's
43:35tremendous it's it's makers it's people
43:37that do things that build things and and
43:39that would be one free opportunity of
43:42but there's also the oh the hardware
43:48show in Vegas the CES if you can get to
43:51that I've been to a three out in
43:55California you know brought the key
43:57brought the deck the tech skin out to
44:02CES III rather and you know got lots of
44:07lots of great reactions bring a camera
44:10record people's reactions because that's
44:13that's marketing gold you know you want
44:16to you want to get people to give you
44:18their their honest opinions you know
44:20don't don't press them to say
44:26you know no scripted stuff you know you
44:29want it to be honest because that's
44:32that's really where it counts yeah and
44:34you know I where you're going with this
44:36is before you put your life savings
44:39before you order 50,000 units all yeah
44:41where you develop get out there and get
44:43some feedback on your idea on your
44:46product and and you know hopefully we'll
44:48back up on it don't fall in love with
44:50your idea you would as a business it's
44:51great to have an invention it's great to
44:53have idea we all love ideas but if
44:55you're going to put money into it make
44:56sure that there's a need for your
44:58product out your garage is not for
45:00inventory don't do that there's there's
45:03too many people that say oh well you
45:06know let's let's get a thousand of these
45:07things because it's cheaper that way no
45:10you know a hundred hundred at a time if
45:13if that you know just keep it keep it
45:17easy don't don't
45:20divorced over it just that's really
45:23expensive yeah no doubt about no way
45:25we're going to wrap up a little bit you
45:27have so much to give I mean time has
45:31gone by so quickly if somebody wanted to
45:33get in touch with you had some questions
45:34for you they want to maybe hear more
45:36about the inventors Council how could
45:39they get in touch with you oh sure okay
45:41well if you if you're interested in
45:44looking at the deck of text you can look
45:46at that for Decca text
45:48Dec 18 one website or Intendant comm is
45:55another for the and there's there's
46:00contact information on those pages and
46:02for the inventors council were tibi I
46:06see dot u.s. so Tampa Bay inventors
46:11Council TB ICUs somebody else had the
46:15dot-com unfortunately so but yeah great
46:18and that's that's where you can get a
46:21hold of us and like I say we have
46:22meetings twice a month that's great
46:25really helps people get out there since
46:27it twice a month and all of the
46:30information everything Wayne has talked
46:33about all the contact information the
46:35web sites will all be available on the
46:38vendors inventors Launchpad website our
46:42show notes if you're driving or you
46:45don't want to stop to write that stuff
46:46down and you know again if you have a
46:48question reach out to Wayne
46:49the guy has been doing this for so long
46:51you've got the inventors Council there's
46:53no reason to think that you have to go
46:55this invention route alone there's
46:57people out there that will help you
46:58there's people out there will give you
47:00advice you don't have to take it but
47:02they will so don't use fear to stop you
47:06from talking about your idea or getting
47:08help Wayne thank you so much for being
47:11on a show today your invention is
47:13awesome I'm going to go on Amazon right
47:14now and take a look at it by the way oh
47:16and and all the information everything
47:18you gave is great I again applaud you
47:20for being on even accounts for being the
47:23president where were 13 years helping
47:25people move their products forward it's
47:27it's really a great commitment that you
47:30made Oh Carmen thank you so much for for
47:33inviting me on and the
47:34we love you guys love when you guys come
47:37out and do presentations for us to at
47:39the the inventors council so you know
47:42it's it's good to have good to have
47:44these resources you know Tampa Bay is as
47:46rich as a rich area this is the
47:48birthplace of home shopping and and so
47:51much more commercials and infomercials
47:53and you know it's it's a hotbed so we
47:57love being here now I agree and I thank
47:59you very much and we'll see you soon Lee
48:01all right thank you